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Overview                                                       General Features                                             Training
 YearbookFusion offers a fully-featured, all-in-one             YearbookFusion is based on FotoFusion::Extreme, the
 solution for laying out and submitting professional-                                                                        •   For schools:
                                                                acclaimed layout tool from LumaPix - with the addition
 calibre yearbooks:                                             of tools specific to yearbook creation.
                                                                                                                                  o Integrated video tutorials
                                                                                                                                  o Comprehensive written help in CHM and PDF
 •   PC software, installed in the school, for laying out       •   Powerful layout tools                                            formats
     and submitting yearbooks                                                                                                     o In-depth yearbook-advisor-specific video tutorial
                                                                     o Real-time direct manipulation. Amazingly fluid
 •   Connectivity from the software to your facility, for              and intuitive                                              o A la carte on-site group training
     receiving layouts to folders on your machines                                                                                o Out-of-box end-user experience includes
 •   Layouts, custom-designed for your book's page and          •   Powerful architecture                                            standard yearbook templates, with custom per-
     cover sizes, to eliminate layout errors                         o Non-destructive, resolution-independent                       publisher templates also available
 •   Licensing tools, accessible via the web, for your staff           composition environment. No layout decision is
                                                                       ever binding                                          •   For Publishers:
     to allocate licenses to schools
                                                                                                                                  o Additional publisher-specific video tutorial
 •   Training for your staff and end users, delivered by        •   Multipage                                                     o Access to live interactive video training event
     video or in person as appropriate
                                                                     o The entire yearbook exists as a single                     o If appropriate, a la carte on-site training
 •   Support, delivered by email and phone, on a second-               project (not 40 separate PSD files as in
     tier basis by LumaPix staff.                                      Photoshop)

                                                                •   Easy to learn
 It's everything you need to maintain annual
 relationships with schools while streamlining the end-to-           o Video tutorials, tooltips, extensive help.           Licensing
 end yearbook production process.                                    o No need to learn key bindings, most controls are
                                                                                                                             •   Designed for publisher resale
                                                                                                                                  o This is a special version of FotoFusion designed
                                                                                                                                    for use by schools
Yearbook-Specific Features                                                                                                        o You purchase an annual license (a fraction of the
                                                                                                                                    price of a full FotoFusion license)
 •   PSPA CD import                                            Output and Communications
      o Users can import an industry-standard                                                                                •   Licensed by school, per year
        “photographers CD”, which contains student              FotoFusion can render multipage projects to any
                                                                resolution for output at your facility. When the yearbook
                                                                                                                                  o The licenses are tied to a particular school and
        portraits and a text file describing them                                                                                    renew annually
                                                                layout is complete, the yearbook staff clicks a button
      o Users can easily query to find students in a            which uploads the project to your server, ready to edit           o Can be installed on up to 40 machines in
        particular grade / home room / last name / etc.                                                                              parallel:
                                                                or print.
      o Records can be re-imported to integrate or                                                                                       Filling a classroom
        replace existing student records
                                                                •   Rendering                                                            At the yearbook advisor's home
 •   Database manipulation
                                                                     o Output designs to layered PSD, multipage PDF,                     In the yearbook staff office
                                                                       JPG, BMP, TIF, TGA, PNG                                           At the yearbook staff's homes
      o Users can move students from one classroom to                o Output resolution can be locked to your
        another, integrate reshoots, remove students
                                                                       specifications                                        •   Can form the basis of an digital art class
        that have left the school, bulk tag images, etc.
      o Fully integrated with the FotoFusion user                    o Local rendering/printing by school machines can            o A valid substitute for inDesign or Photoshop
                                                                       be disabled at your preference
        interface, not a separate product                                                                                         o Position it to the school as a benefit of using
                                                                                                                                    your company for yearbooks.
                                                                •   Batch
 •   Automated panel creation
      o Integrated and automatic creation of classroom               o Render all pages in a project with a single           •   Simple 'kitty' approach to licensing
        panel pages                                                                                                               o Licenses are purchased in blocks
      o Filtering the database by criteria (home room,          •   Lab Editing
                                                                                                                                  o Publishers have access to web-based license
        grade, etc) drives the creation and population of                                                                           administration tools
        a grid of student images that span as many                   o Publishers can open and manipulate school                  o Schools are allocated licenses from the
        pages as required                                              projects, making edits up until printing
                                                                                                                                    publisher's pool of licenses by the publisher
      o Customizable label contents (First Name/Last            •   Upload                                                        o More licenses can be added to the kitty at any
        name/etc), positioning (below/edge), and                                                                                    time
        formatting (color/shadow/font/etc)                           o Schools can upload directly to your server
                                                                       (configured per publisher).                                o Each license will stamp the school's name at the
      o Knock out groups of cells and replace with                                                                                  bottom of each page
        candids                                                      o Uploads can be rendered files or raw projects
 •   Locked publisher-specific canvas size presets
      o Publishers can specify bleed/safe/spine/flap/page
        dimensions and then distribute locked-off
        templates to their customers                           Branding                                                     Pricing
      o Users "can't hurt themselves" by resizing pages
        or, if applicable, deleting pages from fixed-page-                                                                   •   Straightforward pricing
                                                                •   Add your branding to the CD & user interface
        count books                                                  o The software is presented it as “YearbookFusion            o Volume breaks based on number of schools
                                                                       – provided by <Your company>”
 •   "Paint by numbers" publisher templates                                                                                  •   Aggressively priced
                                                                     o Appears in title bar, splash page, and bundled
      o LumaPix design services offer a la carte design of             content page (if you choose to bundle a custom
        yearbook templates specific to your customers.                 layout)
      o Design once and distribute to all schools that you                                                                  Next Steps
        publish for
      o Anything from a starting point to a 'one-click-                                                                      •   Contact Bob Winkler, 888-753-4647
        and-done' album, according to your needs                                                                        to arrange a demonstration

                         Contact Bob Winkler 888-753-4647 to arrange a demonstration.

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