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					                                                                                                                  February, Issue 8

                                          Psychology Advising Office (619)594-5412                 Location: Life Sciences Rm. 3

                                                     Featured Program of the Month:
         Ψ                                                            Where do Neuropsychologists
                                                                      As a Clinical Neuropsychologist
                                                                                                            How should I prepare?

                                                                                                            It is important to note that
                                                                                                            Neuropsychology programs are
      Important Dates                                                 Ph.D., you may be employed by
                                                                                                            competitive. You are going to
                                                                      a public, private or university
                                                                                                            want to concentrate on your GPA
 February 11th:                                                       hospital or medical group, a
 ADD/DROP Deadline                                                                                          and show strong grades in your
                                                                      specific rehabilitation facility, a
                                                                                                            statistical methodology courses (i.e.
 February 11th: Last day                                              specialty hospital (perhaps one
                                                                                                            A’s and B’s in Statistics, Testing
 to file for May & August                                             that treats children or one that
                                                                                                            and Measurement, and
 2005 graduation                                                      treats patients with mental
                                                                                                            Experimental Psychology).
                                                                      illnesses), or by a private
                                                                                                            Prepare for and take the GRE. You
 February 14th:                                                       practice. Although uncommon,
                                                                                                            may want to consider taking a prep-
 Valentine’s Day!                                                     some work for school districts
                                                                                                            course before taking the exam.
                                                                      and even nursing home facilities.
 February 17th:                                                                                             Getting as much research
                                                                      In addition, one may be
 Graduate School                                                                                            experience as soon as possible is
                                 What is Neuropsychology?             employed at a university as a
 Workshop GMCS 333,                                                                                         highly recommended.
                                                                      professor and/or researcher.
 3:30pm                                                                                                     Opportunities regarding research
                                 Neuropsychology, which has           Research may also be conducted
                                                                                                            experience can be found on the
 February 19th: WPA test         recently been recognized by APA at federal organizations such as           499-board located outside LS3 or
 date                            (American Psychological              the National Institutes of Health,
                                                                                                            by contacting an SDSU professor
                                 Association), is one of the most     or at a privately funded institute
 March 2nd: Applications                                                                                    about their current research
 due for Psi Chi                 exciting and fascinating areas of such as the Salk Institute. For a        projects.
                                 psychology today. There is a         Masters level Neuropsychologist,
 March 4th: Applications         high emphasis on brain damage        opportunities would include
                                                                                                            The following classes at SDSU
 due for Peer Advising           and diseased regions of the brain assisting in a research lab, testing     are good preparation:
                                 and its effects on behavior and      patients, coordinating data, doing
                                                                                                            Psy 410 (Experimental
                                 cognitive functioning, making it     data analysis, making
                                 a scientific discipline that bridges presentations and publishing.         Psy 360 (Behavioral Neuroscience)
  We’’rre on tthe Web!!
  We e on he Web                 the fields of neurology and          What will I make as a                 Psy 361 (Neuropsychology)
          Seee us a ::
          Seee ussattt:
           S u a                 psychology. Neuropsychology is Neuropsychologist?                          Psy 362 (Cognitive Neuroscience)
                                 an assessment of the brain/                                                Psy 370 (Testing & Measurement)
www ps ych o o gy sd u. ed u
         y        y              behavior relationship.               The pay scale in this field is
 adviissing//adviisiing...httm                                                                              Psy 380 (Cognitive Psychology)
  adv i ng ad v s n g h m
    v         d                                                       variable. To inquire about wages
                                 The job of a Neuropsychologist                                             Psy 388 (Sensation &Perception)
                                                                      visit the APA website or The          Psy 499 (Research)
                                 involves working with people         National Academy of
                                 both young and old.                  Neuropsychology
                                 Responsibilities range from                                                For more information check out the
  Special Recognition                                                 (                  following website:
                                 running scientific research labs,
  Congratulations to             conducting clinical interviews       What are the academic
                                 and assessments, writing up the                                  
Michele E. Villalobos, an                                             requirements?
                                 findings in a report, presenting                                           ection=PublicResources
undergraduate student in
Dr. Ralph-Axel Muller’s          the findings to patients, families, A Ph.D. in cognitive
lab. She has been                and healthcare providers, to         Neuropsychology takes 4 to 8
successful in placing a          providing rehabilitation services years plus 1 to 3 years of a
paper, as first author, into     to patients with serious medical     postdoctoral research fellowship.
the very top neuroimaging        problems such as head trauma or A Ph.D. or Psy.D. in clinical
                                 spinal cord injuries. Many                                                     What works even
journal, NeuroImage.                                                  Neuropsychology takes 4 to 8
                                 psychologists also earn a living     years plus 1-year clinical
                                                                                                                after it gets fired?
(continued on sidebar pg.2)      providing expert testimony in        internship, and 1 to 3 years
                                 legal cases.                         postdoctoral clinical fellowship.
  The paper is entitled:                                          Laboratory Spotlight:
Reduced functional                    Psychosocial, Medical & Multicultural Aspects of Adjustment to Chronic Illness
connectivity between V1 and
                                                             With Vanessa L. Malcarne, Ph.D.
inferior frontal cortex
associated with visuomotor                                             and spouses; and 5) examining         If you are someone interested in
performance in autism. The                                             relationships of cancer               learning about: cultural issues
study examined how the                                                 prevention practices of Filipino      related to chronic illness; quality of
visual cortex cooperates with                                          women with their cultural health      life issues related to cancer and
other brain areas during both                                          beliefs and values. Other studies     systemic sclerosis; spousal
a visual and motor fMRI task,                                          focus on childrens’ and adults'       caregiver quality of life issues;
& how autistic individuals                                             beliefs about physical illness and    cancer prevention; fatigue; and
express differences. What                                              psychological disorders; control      healing environment, this lab is the
they found is that visuomotor                                          beliefs are of special interest.      right one for you. Students who are
processing is intact in the                                            Measurement development and           interested in going to graduate
autistic individuals studied,                                          validation is also a focus of this    school will enjoy mentoring from
however, the inferior frontal     Research in this lab focuses on      lab.                                  faculty, graduate, and other
area does not appear to be        understanding psychosocial           Students who volunteer in this        undergraduate students from this
fully cooperating with the        adjustment to chronic illness in     lab have opportunities to conduct     lab. Students who are culturally
primary visual area during the    patients, and their family           literature reviews, assist with       aligned with the populations of the
task. This suggests that in the   members. Ongoing studies             data entry and coding, transcribe     different research projects are also
autistic brain, efficiency of     include: 1) evaluating problem-      semi-structured interviews,           encouraged to apply.
interregional functional          solving therapy for improving        conduct recruitment, assist in
cooperation between the           quality of life in men with          manuscript preparation, and
cortex processing visual input                                                                               For more information, contact
                                  prostate cancer and their spouses; present findings at conferences.        Dr. Vanessa Malcarne at:
& the inferior prefrontal         2) describing and treating fatigue Our former students have
cortex involved in action                                                                          
                                  in African-American cancer           attended conferences, and several
planning may be reduced.          survivors; 3) examining the          have contributed significantly to
Autistic individuals have                                                                                    You can also reach Celine Ko at:
                                  effects of healing environments      manuscript preparation. Students
been known to display             on pediatric cancer patients; and also have the opportunity to gain
disabilities in communicating                                                                                or call 858-335-4946 for more
                                  4) looking at the quality of life in 499 units for their contribution to   information.
& interacting with other          patients with systemic sclerosis     the lab.
people, & a set of neurons in
the inferior frontal area have
also been shown to be
involved in these types of                                Volunteer Spotlight:
skills. This paper helps
support the relationship                          Children’s Hospital and Health Centers
between the inferior frontal
area & deficits seen in
autistic individuals & will
hopefully provide insight into
future treatment that would
benefit individuals with
autism in learning to
communicate better. Michele
has a continuing research
interest in children with
developmental disorders &           Children’s Hospital offers an          to the professional and
neural correlates of the            abundance of volunteer                 support staff within the              For more information
disabilities these children         opportunities. Here are just a few     department.                           please call 858-966-4021
express. Her goal is to be          of the opportunities related to                                              or visit the volunteer
able to apply research              Neuropsychology:                       Radiology: Perform a                  website at,
findings to individual patient                                             variety of clerical and support       click on “Ways To Help”
                                    Speech: Assist in Early                duties for the department.
care & implement these                                                                                           at the top of the page.
                                    Intervention Programs for children     These duties may include
findings into more accurate
                                    with communication disorders,          removing x-rays from
treatment for these children to
                                    including speech, language and         alternators, filing, assisting
live happier & healthier lives.
She has recently applied to         hearing impairments. Provide           tech aid and other duties as
child clinical psychology           assistance within a group setting      assigned.
PhD programs with an                under direct supervision of staff.
                                    May assist in the preparation of       Physical and Occupational
emphasis in Pediatric
                                    materials for the individual and/or    Therapy: Provide support
                                    those in group therapy.                services to staff in
                                                                           maintaining an optimal
                                    Neurology: provide general             therapy and working
                                    assistance in their daily operations   environment.

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