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Sdlc for Hospital Management - PDF - PDF


Sdlc for Hospital Management document sample

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									Client               Project Title           Project Synopsis                                            Technology Used
Bell Canada          Multi Phase Project     Development of a online project management PHP, OOP, SQL, SDLC, ColdFusion,
                     Management and          application. The application tracked and streamlined the Macromedia suite, W3C, XML, UML, Java,
                     Task/Time Tracking      project lifecycle; managed efficiency of team and CSS, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, Database
                     system                  individuals; provide collaborative "community of practice' MS-SQL 2000, MS-Access database, SMTP,
                                             resources; provided reminders, notifications and reports.  POP3, TCP/TP, Dia, MS-Project, Windows
                                                                                                        2000 Server, Linux, MySQL, 3 tiered
                                                                                                        application structure

                     Web Scheduling,         Development of a web based scheduling and billing ASP,ColdFusion, PHP, Visual Basic, Java,
                     Billing and Reporting   system. The system managed Bell Canada's audio/visual HTML, JavaScript, Windows NT Server, IIS,
                     Application             conference rooms across Canada.                             Linux server, Firewall, VPN, Mail Server,
                                                                                                         Apache, IIS, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS-
                                                                                                         SQL, MySQL, ORACLE
Environment Canada   GIS hazardous waste     Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) ESRI, CLF, W3C, Oracle 8i, ColdFusion,
                     location finder         for hazardous waste reporting. The system allowed for PHP, OOP, Macromedia suite, HTML,
                                             geospatial visualization of hazardous waste reporting data. JavaScript, CSS, Windows 2000 Server, IIS,
                                                                                                         FuseBox, SDLC
                     Hazardous waste       Development of a web based system for tracking CLF, W3C, Oracle 8i, ColdFusion, PHP,
                     reporting application hazardous waste across Canada. The system was used by OOP, Macromedia suite, HTML, JavaScript,
                                           Canadian organizations required to maintain detailed CSS, Windows 2000 Server, IIS, FuseBox,
                                           hazardous waste information.                           SDLC
                     Transboundary         Development of electronic forms for reporting movement CLF, W3C, Oracle 8i, ColdFusion, PHP,
                     Movement Branch       of hazardous waste across international borders and OOP, Macromedia suite, HTML, JavaScript,
                     Hazardous waste       across provincial borders.                             CSS, Windows 2000 Server, IIS, FuseBox,
                     tracking application                                                         SDLC

                     PCB inventory and       Redesign of a web based inventory and tracking system. CLF, W3C, MS-SQL, MS Access database,
                     tracking system         The system allowed organizations that manage Oracle 8i, ColdFusion, Cold Fusion Studio,
                                             polychlorinated biphenyls PCB materials to record all HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Windows
                                             activities within Canada, including information relating to 2000 Server, IIS, 3 tiered application
                                             storage, disposal and transport of such PCBs.               structure, FuseBox, SDLC
                           Email submission     Automation of a business process for (Transboundary Perl , HTML, JavaScript, IIS, Netscape
                           system for automated Movement Division) TMD's reporting procedure. The Enterprise Server, Oracle, Entrust PKI, SSL,
                           data upload          system allowed a company to export data directly from Java, OOP, Oracle Web Application Server,
                                                their database into a specified format which was inserted POP3, SMTP, HTTP, Windows NT server,
                                                into an email. When the system received the email it input Solaris
                                                data into TMD's database for further verification and
Grey Bruce Health Services Electronic health    Development of electronic health record software. The Delphi, Advantage database, chameleon
                           record software      software was used by family physicians to record patient HL7, Crystal Reports
                                                care and manage office productivity such as scheduling
                                                and billing. The system had an electronic interface to the
                                                local hospital to retrieve electronic lab results.

Human Resources Skills    Kiosk person locator     Redesign of an existing kiosk application. The application Windows 2000, Visual Studio, Visual Basic,
Development Canada                                 allowed users to search for a person by name. Once MS Access database 2000
                                                   found, the system automatically dialed the persons direct
                                                   phone line. This system is installed in the foyer of many
                                                   HRSRC buildings.
                          Electronic directory /   Conversion and upgrade of an internal HRSDC electronic Java, OOP, HTML, MS-SQL, POP3, SMTP,
                          iSchedule system         directory and development of intranet based scheduling IIS, CLF, W3C, MS Access database, ASP,
                                                   system.                                                    VB, ColdFusion, JavaScript, Windows NT
                                                                                                              server, 3 tiered application structure,
                                                                                                              FuseBox, SDLC
                          Automation of            Automation of a business process for the analysis of Borland C++ Builder, OOP, NT, DMSII output
                          unemployment data        unemployment data. The application reduced from files Cognos PowerPlay, Impromptu, MS
                          analysis                 processing time from 30 days to 15 minutes.                Access database, Visual Basic

                          MCIS Workplace           Development of an intranet based skills matching system. Sybase           SQL     Anywhere,     ColdFusion,
                          Connections              The system had an employee, employer and Macromedia suite, MS Access database,
                                                   administrative interface. The employee interface allowed DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Macromedia
                                                   for the creation of a skills profile and resume. The employer Flash, Macromedia Director, SMTP, HTTP,
                                                   interface allowed for the creation of job postings. The TCP/IP, Windows 2000 Server, Linux, 4
                                                   administrative    interface      provided    general   system tiered application structure, FuseBox, SDLC,
                                                                                                                 MS-Project, MS-Excel
                                                   maintenance and management functions.
Industry Canada           Click to talk internet   Development of a internet telephony call centre ColdFusion MX, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL,
                          call centre solution     application. The application allowed regional site users, at Apache, Windows 2000, Nortel IVB
                                                   Canada Business Service Centre locations to browse
                                                   Industry Canada content and at any time "click-to-talk"
                                                   with a subject matter expert distributed across the country.
                                                   The system routed requests to the optimal subject matter
                                                   expert and recorded the transaction.

Public Service Commission Analysis of Public       Application Review and Consolidation Study (ARCS). CLF guidelines based on W3C and GOL
of Canada                 Service Commission       Twelve departmental web applications were evaluated for standards
                          web applications         common look and feel and government online standards
                                                   and best practices.
Revenue Canada            Audit laptop system      Development of audit software. The software allowed MS Visual C++, OOP, Windows NT, DOS,
                                                   auditors, auditing both individuals and companies to Clipper, flat file data system
                                                   generate audit forms, collect audit data and submit audit
                                                   data to Rthe departments mainframe infrastructure.

Royal College of           Web based               Development of a web based system for conference ColdFusion MX, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL,
Physicians and Surgeons of conference              registration and scheduling. The system allowed Apache, Windows 2000,
Canada                     registration and        conference attendees to register for the Royal College of
                           scheduling system       Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and schedule their
                                                   activities for the three day period.
Sanofi-Aventis            Preventative care        Development of a data collection and reporting system. Delphi, Advantage database, chameleon
                          screening system         The system was used by physicians to collect lab results HL7
                                                   and patient data and perform screening reports.

Statistics Canada         Smart email              Development of an email management system for use           MS-SQL 2000, MS Access database,
                          distribution system      during peak demand periods. The system allowed for the      ColdFusion, Macromedia suite, HTML,
                                                   routing, distribution, tracking and performance reporting   JavaScript, CSS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3,
                                                   for all inbound and outbound emails.                        TCP/IP, Windows 2000 Server, Linux, 3
                                                                                                               tiered application structure, FuseBox, SDLC

                          Household survey field Development of a household survey tool used by MS C, DOS, Clipper, HTML, JavaScript
                          data collection tool   Household Surveyors (HSD). The system collected and
                                                 securely uploaded survey data to Statistics Canada
                                                 database applications.
The Ottawa Hospital   Mobile clinical data   Development of a secure mobile data collection, .NET, Java, Apache, MySQL,         Linux,
                      collection system      reporting and workflow system. The system, used by Windows Server, Chameleon HL7
                                             thoracic surgeons and residents at the bedside, allowed
                                             for the collection, workflow and reporting of patient data.

Treasury Board        E-Contact portal       Development of a web based project management ColdFusion MX, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL,
                                             system. The system provided a collaborative capability to Apache, Windows 2000
                                             track project status and share general project information

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