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									                Request for Proposal (RFP) for Consulting Services

Five Illinois Library Systems have conducted sufficient joint planning discussions to determine
that a merger of the entities is preferable to each remaining independent. These five Library
Systems provide services to more than 1,500 public, private, university, and school library
members who represent more than 3,700 libraries. The Library Systems operate under the
Illinois Library System Act (75 ILCS 10/), are separately incorporated, and are governed by
Boards who have been elected by their members. The Library Systems are: Alliance Library
System, DuPage Library System, Metropolitan Library System, North Suburban Library System,
and Prairie Area Library System.

The Library Systems are jointly seeking consulting support to manage the merger process.
Consulting support will include on site participation in meetings. The Boards of the five Library
Systems have approved and signed a formal Letter of Intent to merge. A Merger Design Team
consisting of representatives of each system has been appointed and is ready to begin work to
shape the new merged system. The merger process will take place between October 1, 2010 and
May 1, 2011. In May 2011, the Library Systems will present a merger proposal to the State of
Illinois, and if approved, the proposed merger will take effect on July 1, 2011, the start of the
new fiscal year. This RFP is seeking consulting services for the period October 2010 through
June 2011.

Please note that all meetings of the Merger Design Team are subject to the Open Meetings Act of
the State of Illinois.

Scope of work

The consultant(s) will support:
      1. Development and implementation of a merger design plan including a Merger
          Design Team meeting schedule, key decision points, and timeline;
      2. Design and implementation of a communications plan for the merger process;
      3. Development of shared vision, mission, and values for the merged system;
      4. Design of a governance structure, including bylaws and name of the merged system;
      5. Identification and definition of the services that will be provided by the merged
          system in Fiscal Year 2012, including interlibrary loan delivery and Local Library
          System Automation Programs (LLSAPs);
      6. Identification and definition of the components of a facility’s plan for the
          merged system (currently all five organizations own their own buildings);
      7. Selection of the Executive Director and the definition of the staffing pattern for
          the merged system;
      8. Performance of due diligence and preparation of legal documents;
      9. Development of a Fiscal Year 2012 operating budget for the merged system;
      10. Development of a final merger proposal for submission to the State of Illinois;
      11. Identification and definition of the components of an implementation plan for
          the merged system; and
      12. Other duties and activities as mutually agreed to by the Merger Design Team and the
Proposal process

Proposals must be received in electronic format by the DuPage Library System no later
than 5 p.m. on September 29, 2010. The Merger Design Team is expected to make a
decision regarding the hiring of a consultant(s) prior to October 8, 2010.

       Please submit proposals to:
              Office of the Executive Director
              DuPage Library System
              127 South First Street
              Geneva, IL 60134-2771

Proposals must include the following:

          •   A statement that describes the expertise in merger negotiations of the
              consultant(s) assigned to the project;

          •   A statement that describes the experience of the consultant(s) assigned to the
              project with similar merger projects;

          •   A scope of work including an outline of each project phase, projected calendar
              for completion of each phase, and estimated contact hours;

          •   A description of the consultant(s) approach to providing support for the scope
              of work within the prescribed time frame;

          •   A description of how the consultant(s) will use technology to support the

          •   A statement of time and expense for consulting services to support the project;

          •   Contact information for at least three references.

For more information please contact Tom Sloan, Executive Director, DuPage Library System at:

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