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									             Scope of Work for A/E’s LEED AP Administrator

                          MCPS LEED for Schools Projects

All MCPS new school construction or modernization projects require LEED for Schools Silver level
certification by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). The following represents MCPS expectations
for the person identified by the A/E as the LEED project administrator.

    1.   All projects need to be submitted to the USGBC with a minimum of fifteen percent more points
         than the minimum required for the project’s certification level determined by the MCPS project
         manager during schematic design.

    2.   The LEED AP administrator shall NOT also serve as the project architect/manager, unless
         advance permission provided by MCPS project manager.

    3.   The LEED AP scope for the A/E includes general management and oversight of the LEED
         process, with the following specific responsibilities:

         •   Administer LEED Online; review and verify all documentation and online submittals to the

         •   Review Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and provide Basis of Design narrative based
             on OPR.

         •   Arrange and conduct LEED kick-off meeting in early stages of design to review previously-
             developed preliminary credit scorecard. This can be part of Pre-DD or a separate meeting.
             Invite all involved team members including CM and provide minutes to all participants.
             Meeting should not take longer than 2 hours.

         •   After the project bid is awarded, conduct a LEED pre-construction meeting to review specific
             responsibilities of the General Contractor and establish timeline for credit templates submittal.

         •   Establish a regular LEED communication channel with all project team members required to
             participate. Provide action items/agreement notes via email.

         •   Provide LEED point tracking in all project phases. Provide MCPS with updated LEED
             scorecard at a minimum of every two months and/or every time the scorecard changes—for
             example, when a team member reports a point is not achievable. Note the status of pertinent
             tasks, assignments and deadlines in each update.

         •   Where appropriate, during the course of the project, suggest improvements to MCPS design
             guidelines reflecting LEED considerations.

         •   Provide results of LEED related product and technology research if incorporated into the

         •   Chair LEED team meetings and provide action item summary for same.

         •   Review in a timely manner contractors’ LEED submittals, suggest changes if necessary.
             Incorporate into the specifications contractor requirements for meeting LEED goals and
         establish timeline for same. Require contractor documentation to be submitted and reviewed
         by architect with monthly requisitions.

     •   Coordinate specialized services from consultants (for example, daylighting studies, energy
         modeling, acoustics, and indoor air quality testing ) These services shall be reimbursed by
         MCPS if found to be required after contract negotiations.

4.    The A/E is responsible for Online Registration Fees, Submittals and Certification Fees to USGBC
     as well as application fees for Credit Interpretation Rulings, if needed. These fees are to be
     included on regular invoices to MCPS for reimbursement. A maximum of two CIRs is permitted
     and owner must be consulted before filing.

5.   A/E shall provide one CD of all LEED credit narratives, documentation and submittals to MCPS
     after final USGBC submittal. The CD must include all narratives (in MS Word), LEED related
     graphics (Powerpoint and image files) tracking spreadsheets, scorecards of all phases, submittal
     templates and any back-up information such as Construction Waste Management Plan, etc.

6.   A/E shall provide Energy Modeling to LEED requirements. In order to document the different
     design approaches (including changes to building massing and envelope) and the impact on
     operational costs, the A/E shall provide analyses, energy models and/or iterative updates of the
     project’s energy model before design development phase, at mid- construction documents phase
     and a final energy model at 100 percent construction documents phase. Energy modelers must
     have experience with at least 2 certified LEED Silver projects.

7.   MCPS will hire commissioning agent to perform fundamental building commissioning to meet
     LEED-S prerequisite and Enhanced Commissioning if required. A/E will coordinate all related
     work. Commissioning agent is required to upload required information for commissioning-related

8.   MCPS agrees to provide A/E with all applicable and necessary documentation for owner-assigned
     credits in a timely manner.

9.   It is recommended that a matrix be prepared by the LEED AP administrator, to clearly identify
     who is responsible for each part of a credit’s design and documentation.

10. Deadlines for LEED documentation submission:

         •   Design Credits: Six weeks following bid
         •   Response to Reviewer Clarification Requests: 10 working days response provided to
             LEED online project administrator; 5 additional working days to provide to GBCI
         •   Construction Credits: 12 weeks following substantial completion

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