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Scrap Metal Contracts - DOC


Scrap Metal Contracts document sample

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									The following is a list of the approved grantees receiving scrap tire cleanup
contracts under the program:

Grantee                                 County            Amount
A&L Iron & Metal Company                  Otsego             $15,250
American Metal Buyers                    Shiawassee          $24,000
Blue Lake Township                        Muskegon            $1,470
Boss Technologies Inc.                   Macomb               $5,750
Clare County                             Clare             $819,585
Danilowicz, Walter/Virginia               Jackson            $33,575
Detroit, City of                         Wayne              $18,306
Department of Natural Resources –
Forest Management                         Various              $2,924
Department of Natural Resources –
Waterloo                                Jackson              $1,363
Egelston Township                        Muskegon             $16,800
Genesee Township                          Genesee             $21,000
Gunn, Sr., Thomas A.                      Mecosta          $220,650
Hoyt, Lione and Mary                      Calhoun            $40,500
Jennings, Sarah                           Allegan            $27,000
Kotarski, John                           Genesee            $14,550
Leonard, Julie                            Allegan           $40,250
Leroy, Harm                              Allegan            $35,250
M-66 Auto Inc.                           Missaukee         $647,700
Marquette, William J.                     Livingston         $49,250
Maxwell, Earl                            Berrien                $589
Muse, Dorothy Mae                        Newaygo             $35,000
Northside/Town & Country                   Washtenaw         $204,500
Oakfield Township                         Kent             $132,300
Pennfield Charter Township                 Calhoun              $8,350
Quiter, Vern                             Branch            $342,000
Richland Township                        Montcalm            $35,500
Rockwood Auto Parts                       Monroe             $44,600
Schantz, Sr., Scott W.                   Barry              $20,850
Symborski, Joseph R.                     Arenac              $12,450
Thompson, Robert                          Iosco              $22,575
Wright, Sr., Gregory Allen                Jackson              $6,113

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