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         Unlike Search Engines, Answers.Com Responds with Data, Not Links

                  Headline from the Wall Street Journal MarketPlace dated January 27, 2005

         Are Internet searches taking forever with your students? Do they end up spending most of
         their time sifting through unrelated websites?

         Find the answers to your Internet research questions quickly and easily with Answers.Com.

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         Answers.Com is different from a typical Internet search on Google or Yahoo. Whereas those
         search engines provide you with a list of websites which may or may not have what you are
         looking for Answers.Com provides dictionary and encyclopedia-like entries based upon your
         Keyword selection. For example, entering the keyword Seattle would result in a dictionary
         definition describing this US West coast city as well as an encyclopedia entry, a map and
         current information such as local time and weather. Everything is on one webpage and you
         can even link directly from the Contents at the top to the information you would like to view
         on the page.

         Bits and Bytes ‘o4-05                 2-14-05                            Jim Maxey
         Salem High School                                                        Lee Taylor

So what's the catch?

Here are the answers to your questions about Answers.Com:
Who came up with this?

Answers.Com was developed by an Israeli software company GuruNet. They started as a
reference utility which provided you with a tabbed window of answers for any word on a page
that you selected by clicking and holding down the ALT key.

How much does it cost?

Answers.Com is a free web service, and it does have advertisements. Unlike most            free
services, the advertisements run along the side of the page - not in the center distracting the
reader's attention from the information.

Is this a reliable source of information?

The dictionary definition comes from the American Heritage dictionary.
The encyclopedia reference comes from the Columbia Encyclopedia.
A longer, more detailed article follows from Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.
While for the most part the information is accurate, it is criticized because it’s heavy reliance
on Wikipedia which is not reviewed by experts.

Is it really that easy to find the information?

Yes, it is that easy to find most of your answers; however, Answers.Com is limited in
comparison to a true Internet search with only about a million possible entries.

Bits and Bytes ‘o4-05                    2-14-05                            Jim Maxey
Salem High School                                                           Lee Taylor

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