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        “Contract Formation – Sealed Bidding”

Steven W. Feldman – Sealed Bidding in Tennessee

   1. According to Mr. Feldman, one of the most potentially corrupt parts of
      government is:

          A.   Giving contracts to those that are favored versus those that are not.
          B.   Political appointments to procurement positions.
          C.   Private ownership of companies by politicians.
          D.   The entire executive branch.

   2. Which of the following is not one of the elements of sealed bidding in Tennessee:

          A. Preparation of requiring agency’s procurement request.
          B. Approval by the internal agency central office and any additional agency
          C. Department of finance and administration budget approval as required.
          D. Establishing a payment method.

   3. Mr. Feldman displayed the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the Tennessee
      Rules of the Department of General Services, which one was thicker?

          A. Federal Acquisition Regulation
          B. Tennessee Rules of the Department of General Services

   4. True of false, when bidding for a government contract, you should include all
      relevant information whether the government asks for it or not.

          A. True
          B. False

   5. Bids can be how late before Tennessee will refuse to accept it?
         A. 30 minutes
         B. 24 hours
         C. Tennessee will not accept late bids
         D. 12 hours
6. True or false, case law has allowed government to accept non-responsive bids in
   limited situations.

       A. True
       B. False

7. The process where the government can clear up ambiguous bids is called:

       A.   clarification
       B.   explanation
       C.   elucidation
       D.   modification

8. Mr. Feldman feels that clarifications are:

       A.   a great idea
       B.   a bad idea
       C.   a necessary evil
       D.   makes no difference in the bidding process
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