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									Intro. to Engineering
    Design (IED)
   Math and Literacy in IED

        Juanita Clarno
     Redmond High School
                 What is IED?
Like all Project Lead The Way (PLTW) classes,
  IED is:
     Activity
     Project

     Problem-Based

     National Standards based

    Appropriate for 9th or 10th grade students who
    are interested in Design and Engineering.
        A look at the Curriculum
Curriculum Structure
 • Title Page
 • Acknowledgements
 • Introduction
 • Course Implementation
 • Assessment
 • Teacher Guidelines
 • Standards Information
 • Glossary
 • Units with Lessons
         Examples taken from the PLTW CEA curriculum
A look at the Curriculum
          Exposes Students to:
   Design Process
   Research and Analysis
   Teamwork
   Communication Methods
   Global and Human impacts
   Engineering Standards
   Technical Documentation
     The course of study includes:
   Design Process
   Modeling
   Sketching
   Measurement, Statistics, and Applied Geometry
   Presentation Design and Delivery
   Engineering Drawing Standards
   CAD Solid Modeling
   Reverse Engineering
   Consumer Product Design Innovation
   Marketing
   Graphic Design
   Engineering Ethics
   Virtual Design Teams
             Communication Methods
   Engineer’s Notebook
   Project Presentations
       Power Points
       Display Boards
   Description of steps in the
    Design Process
       Direction to other students
       Description of objects to team
        members from other IED
            Email
            Web Cam
            Phone
   Students learn many
    types of sketching
           Oblique
           Isometric
           Perspective
           Multi-View
   Sketching skills are
    mixed with Math skills
    and terms like:
           Area
           Mass
           Scale
           Tolerance
            Measurement, Statistics,
            and Applied Geometry
   Students learn basic
    measuring and Math
    skills in the context of
    Engineering and Design
       Mean
       Mode
       Median
       Histogram graphing                 Dial Calipers
       Dial Calipers
       Unit Conversion
       Dimensioning
       Scale
                               Reading the Inch Dial Caliper
              CAD Solid Modeling
   Students learn 3D Solid
    modeling and new vocabulary,
    some of them are math terms
       Extend
       Extrude
       Tangent
       Parallel
       Radius
       Diameter
   Students learn the terms and
    know how to use them in the
    program and to communicate
    how they created their models
   Speak the same language and
    help each other
             Reverse Engineering

   Students choose any item
    containing 5 parts
   Measure, Sketch, and
    create a CAD Model
   Students are then asked
    to improve or redesign
    the object as Team
   Present their results to
    the class (Poster Board
    or Power Point)
                Virtual Design Team
                     The Desk Organizer Problem
   Design a Desk Organizer
    in a group of 3-4 students
    from 2 different IED
    classes or schools
   Students must
    communicate with other
    team members
   Decide as a team an
    attachment method, so all
    individual parts fit
    together when assembled
   Develop as a team a
    presentation and brochure
    for their product
           Other Information
   CTE Program, Perkins, & PLTW
   New Graduation Requirements & PLTW
   Recruitment tools for PLTW
   SkillsUSA
CTE Program, Perkins, & PLTW
   PLTW model meets CTE Program requirements
   Perkins can help get you started
     Designed to help bring new technology and
      professional development into CTE programs
     Can be combine with other funds for purchasing
      new equipment or professional development
     Based on a 5 year plan

     Leadership Opportunity -
New Graduation Requirements & PLTW
   Career Academies also emerged out of the State of
    Oregon’s new graduation requirements.
       credit requirements
       demonstrate proficiency in essential skills,
       personalized learning requirements
         Redmond High School
      Career Academies and PLTW
   Arts & Communication Academy
   Business Academy
   Engineering and Technical Careers
   Health Academy
   Human Resources Academy
   Science Academy
    Engineering and Technical Careers
   Each academy requires
        4 credits per pathway
   PLTW
        Math & Science
   Engineering Design &
    Development –
    Capstone for Advanced
PLTW Resources

  Promotional DVD provides real-life
     vignettes for principals,
     superintendents, parents, students and
     businesses interested in the Project
     Lead The Way program
Talk to them about EVENTS!
Talk to them about EVENTS!
 Women in Engineering Day @
   U of O Architecture Camp

    OSU Engineering Camp -(For ALL women and
         minority students (male and female))

  Google – “pre-college, college
Talk to them about EVENTS!
Engineering Expo’s @ OIT, OSU, RIT,
              and others
   National Organization
   Teaches Leadership
   Community Service
   State and National
   Scholarships, Prizes and

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