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Electronics and Electrical Engineering

What is Electronics and                                    “It was important to me that the                                   Electronics and Electrical Engineering at
                                                                                                                              Edinburgh has been awarded the highest
Electrical Engineering?                                    Electronics course at Edinburgh                                    possible ratings for both teaching and research.
Electronics and Electrical Engineering is about
                                                           was career orientated. The breadth                                 In the recent QAA HE subject review of
using technology to enhance the standard of                of the scope in the early years                                    Engineering we were awarded the top grade of
                                                                                                                              “commendable” in all categories. The Research
living for everyone. At one end of the scale               means that you gain the skills that                                Assessment Exercise in 2008 recognised
it covers the production and distribution of
electricity to homes, business and industry,
                                                           can harness nearly any path in                                     the excellence of our staff, with the Research
while at the other it covers ever more complex             Engineering. I particularly enjoyed                                Fortnight analysis placing us 3rd in the UK for
and clever devices on “chips”, the building block          the individual and group projects,
of nearly all electronic systems.
                                                           including a group project designing                                Students applying for an Electronics and
The subject is based upon the simple principles            an MEMS accelerometer to measure                                   Electrical Engineering course will find that there
                                                                                                                              is a great deal of flexibility in our courses, and
of electronics, but takes it to more exciting              vibration for a jet engine!
levels such as: the production of sensors;                                                                                    that they can tailor their final degree into the
developing and improving communications                                                                                       area that suits them best. Specialist degrees
and computation with high speed technology;                The University has many links                                      are available in communication systems,
control of mechanical systems; and production              with industry, and helped me get                                   microelectronics, and management techniques,
of reliable power sources, from renewable                                                                                     as well as joint degrees that allow the student to
                                                           a placement for 7 months with ST                                   study more than one subject.
generation to converting supplies for use in
consumer electronics. This is by no means an               Microelectronics in Edinburgh where
exhaustive list of the coverage of electronics             I developed a Computer Vision                                      What does the programme
and electrical engineering, and in today’s world           system for a CMOS Image Sensor.
it is hard to find an area of industry, business or                                                                           actually involve?
pleasure that has not benefited from the efforts           My placement led to a job with the                                 In first year students studying for an Electronics
of electronics and electrical engineers.                   same company when I graduated,                                     and Electrical Engineering degree will cover
                                                           and now I work on image quality                                    the basics of electronic circuits, and in
A good electronics and electrical engineer                                                                                    second year they will build on this knowledge
will understand how basic electronic circuits
                                                           tuning and system integration                                      by studying more advanced analogue and
operate, and will be able to connect the                   with several major mobile phone                                    digital circuits, semiconductor devices and
blocks together in a system that can meet                  manufacturers”                                                     power systems. At the same time they will
our needs. In today’s world, many problems                                                                                    learn structured computer programming (a
requiring electronics and electrical engineering           Recent Electrical Engineering graduate
                                                                                                                              vital skill for engineers). In later years they
solutions are very complex - to solve these                                                                                   will study a selection of subjects such as
problems electronics and electrical engineers              Why study Electronics and                                          digital communications, electromagnetics,
work together with other engineers, as well                                                                                   microelectronic devices, circuit theory,
as specialists in other relevant disciplines, for          Electrical Engineering at                                          advanced VLSI, power systems, signal
example medicine. This team-based approach                                                                                    analysis, and digital system design.
has produced amazing results, for example                  Edinburgh?
                                                                                                                              All students take three subjects during each of
in medicine alone: monitors that can be worn               Staff in the School of Engineering have been                       the first two years, and a single subject in later
during a normal working day and analysed                   at the leading edge of some of the most                            years. The exact details are discussed with
later; portable ultrasonic scanners; magnetic              interesting advances in Electronics and                            the student’s Director of Studies but the usual
resonance imaging (MRI) scanners that can see              Electrical Engineering. We work with companies                     choices are as follows:
individual cells within the body; pills that can           at the forefront of technologies such as mobile
analyse the body from inside; and ultrasonic                                                                                  1st year: The first year course will involve
                                                           communications, device fabrication, digital
scalpels that can operate on a patient without                                                                                Engineering, Mathematics and one other
                                                           and analogue design, power generators and
opening them up.                                                                                                              subject selected from a long list that includes,
                                                           distributors, and electronic banking. Our close
                                                                                                                              for example, Computer Science, Physics,
                                                           contact with industry ensures that our teaching
                                                                                                                              Economics, Fine Art, Astronomy and French.
                                                           is relevant and up to date, as well as providing
                                                                                                                              Note that joint honours students must take the
                                                           potential sponsors for industrial placements.
                                                                                                                              “other half” of their course, e.g. Electronics

  Degrees in Science and Engineering

  BEng/MEng Honours in:
  Electronics and Electrical Engineering                                                         Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy
  Electrical Engineering (MEng only)                                                             Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  Electronics                                                                                    Electronics and Computer Science (MEng only)
  Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Communications)                                        Electronics and Software Engineering
  Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Management                                         Computer Science and Electronics (BEng only)
  Electronics with Bioelectronics (MEng only)

                                    The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336
Electronics and Electrical Engineering

                                                                                                           technology into all forms of business,
and Computer Science students must take
Computer Science as their third subject.
                                                      Are there any opportunities                          commerce and health care opens up further
2nd year: Second year students must take              to study abroad?                                     opportunities for those who, at any point in their
courses in Mathematics (where the teaching            The Erasmus scheme has allowed a number              career, decide to take up employment in these
is shared between electrical engineers and            of our MEng students to carry out their major        new areas. Some of our graduates have found
mathematicians) and Electrical Engineering.           project in a European university, working on a       employment in the financial sector and find the
They must then take a further full course or two      research project. Others have worked with an         training they have been given at Edinburgh
half courses. The usual choices involve courses       overseas company on a commercially-based             invaluable.
in Business Studies or languages but others           project. There are also well-established links
                                                      with the University of Pennsylvania and the
are possible. Students taking joint honours
                                                      California Institute of Technology (as well as
                                                                                                           What are admissions staff
degrees must take a course in their other
subject. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering        links with other US universities), under which       looking for?
joint honours students, for example, must take        students can study for one year in the United        Applicants must have Mathematics to Higher
second year Mechanical Engineering courses.           States, and a similar scheme with Carleton           or A Level standard, and it is desirable to have
                                                      University in Ottawa, Canada.                        studied Physics or Technological Studies up
3rd, 4th and 5th years: The exact details
depend on the particular degree chosen,                                                                    to this level as well. Physics is a requirement
                                                                                                           for the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
but all include a programme of lectures from          Are there any links with                             degree programmes.
leading UK industrialists, individual design
project exercises and, in final year(s), a major      industry and commerce?                               All applicants who are made an offer to study
individual project (which will involve either         The Institution of Engineering and Technology
                                                                                                           this subject will be invited to visit us. A visit will
commercial work or work on a research                 re-accredited our degrees in December 2005,
                                                                                                           enable you to see the environment in which you
project).                                             for the maximum possible time, giving them
                                                                                                           may be spending the next few years of your
                                                      the top possible grades in every category. We
Further details of what is studied on each                                                                 life, as well as the opportunity to discuss any
                                                      have very strong links with industry through
                                                                                                           particular questions in a one-to-one session

                                                                                                                                                                    PDF version available at: www.ed.ac.uk/studying/undergraduate/information-sheets
particular degree programme can be found on           our scholarships scheme and our industrially
the web, or can be obtained from the School on                                                             with a lecturer. Visitors usually get to see many
                                                      sponsored MEng degrees (through a major
request.                                                                                                   other areas of the University, including student
                                                      industrial project). Students doing internal
                                                      projects often help us with our industrially
                                                      sponsored research. In addition to this, the         Students with strong A Levels or Advanced
What can I study Electronics                          Industrial Advisory Board works in partnership       Highers (or equivalent) may be given the option
and Electrical Engineering                            with us to keep our courses relevant for the         of starting at second year, thus completing a
                                                      needs of today’s graduates.                          BEng in only three years or an MEng in four
with?                                                                                                      years.
If students wish to study across two subjects
through to the end of their course they can           Are there any bursaries or                           We encourage applications for the MEng rather
do so with a joint degree. We offer three:                                                                 than the BEng whenever possible. At present,
Electronics and Computer Science, Electronics
                                                      scholarships available?                              an MEng degree is the simplest route to
                                                      All UK applicants who have obtained all ‘A’          ensuring that you will be eligible for professional
and Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics
                                                      grades in their qualifications will be given         qualification as a Chartered Engineer after
and Software Engineering. These degrees
                                                      a scholarship when they take up an offer             appropriate experience in industry. BEng
combine 50% of the material studied by
                                                      of a place on an Electronics and Electrical          graduates will need to undertake further study
Electronics and Electrical Engineering students
                                                      Engineering course at Edinburgh (UCAS codes          before they can attain such status. In practice
with 50% of the other subject. The specific
                                                      starting with H6). The scholarship is funded by      the ability to change to, or continue on the
modules studied are tailored to give the
                                                      industry and is given for 1st to 3rd years in the    MEng programme depends on performance
appropriate mix of subjects to the joint degree
                                                      course.                                              during the third year.
selected. Alternatively, students can study
‘Electronics and Electrical Engineering with
                                                      Students in 4th and 5th year will have the
Management’ where approximately 20% of the
                                                      opportunity to apply for Industrial MEng projects    How do I find out more?
course addresses management issues.                                                                        Further information can be obtained from:
                                                      which include paid work in the summer between

                                                                                                                                                                    Printed on recycled paper for Student Recruitment and Admissions – www.ed.ac.uk/student-recruitment
                                                      3rd and 4th year, as well as a nine month            Recruitment and Admissions Officer
What sort of teaching and                             project within the company. Students who are
                                                      well qualified, such as those on the scholarship
                                                                                                           School of Engineering
                                                                                                           The University of Edinburgh
assessment methods are used?                          scheme, are highly likely to be offered industrial   Faraday Building
Students are taught through lectures, tutorials       projects if they wish to apply for one.              King’s Buildings
and practical work. The lecture format allows                                                              Edinburgh, EH9 3JL
the efficient transfer of information from lecturer
to student, while small group tutorials allow
                                                      What can I do after my                               Telephone: 0131 650 7352
for individual questioning and explanations.          degree?                                              Email: ugenquiries@eng.ed.ac.uk
                                                                                                           Web: www.eng.ed.ac.uk
Practical work is spread throughout the course,       A degree in an Electronics and Electrical
making up 20% of the first year’s assessment,         Engineering subject gives a graduate a
but rising to 50% in the final year when the          very wide choice of careers - for example,           For more detailed information on degree
student’s knowledge increases.                        the requirement for engineers in the                 structure and content, please see:
                                                      communications and power generation                  www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/student-
Classes can be large in first year when
                                                      industries is far from being met at present,         recruitment/publications-resources/degree-
lectures are being given on a subject common
                                                      and these shortages are certain to continue          programmes
to many student groups. For example, first
                                                      for some time. While one of the first job
year Mathematics lectures can contain nearly
                                                      destinations for our graduates is the design
200 students. However, these lectures are
                                                      industry in the UK, many other employment
followed by tutorials with between ten and
                                                      opportunities exist in such areas as
fifteen students per staff member. In later years,
                                                      broadcasting, telecommunications, Government                                                  (May 2011)
when students are becoming more specialised,
                                                      research establishments and academic
lectures may be given to groups of as few as
                                                      institutions. The extension of information
twenty students.

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