McLean is the Rolls Royce of Rehab Centers

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  C     arole Pagani made the decision to try to get in better shape before
        her knee replacement. She was in a lot of pain, so she thought warm
  water exercise could help her without putting stress on her knee. Carole
  enrolled in the McLean Healthy Living Program for a month and a half
  enjoying the pool and doing exercises personalized for her by a Physi-
  cal Therapist. After surgery, Carole spent a week in McLean’s Post Acute
  Rehab Center and went home having made wonderful progress.
      She then decided to accept her neighbors’ help to bring her to
  Outpatient Therapy skipping Home Care. Carole understood she needed
  to get out of the house having lost her husband six months prior. She
  explains that all the McLean staff and the McLean Hospice bereavement
  group were very supportive of her two challenges—recovery from the
  surgery and grief. Carole continues in Outpatient Therapy and is using
  the free membership in the Healthy Living Program, which all McLean
  Outpatient clients are given, to continue with her warm water exercises.
                                                                              2008 Annual Report
        S   hirley Heintzelman lives with her daughter Lori who brings
            her mother to the McLean Adult Day Center for a day of
        programs, medical care, companionship and her lunch. Shirley
        needs a safe setting while Lori works. Shirley’s favorite programs
        are Trivia, Pearl’s baking group, and Mary Mitchell’s Reminis-
        cences. Shirley loves living with her family especially with her
        granddaughters who run joyously into the Day Center to greet
        Grandma at the end of the day. The support from the Adult Day
        Center program and staff permits the family to stay together, as
        Lori explains, and keeps Shirley living in the community rather
        than a facility.

                                                C  omfort a
                         The Adu                               nd Comp
                                    lt Day C                             anionship
                     where sh                  enter pro
                                e is comf                 vides my
                                            ortable.                 mother a
                     companio                        She enjo                    place
                                 nship of                        ys the ac
                    Center is               people h                       tivities an
                                a safe an              er own a                         d
                                            d health             ge. The A
                    er so I ca                       y environ               dult Day
                               n work, d                         ment for
                   with my y              o volunte                        my moth
                               oung fam              er work a                         -
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                flower fill           joying th                       fireplace
                            ed patio             e warm s                          on
                                      in the nic           un on th
               misses g                                              e beautif
                          oing to M              e weathe                        ul,
                                      cLean on              r. My mo
               says it all                        the week            ther reall
                           .                                 ends. I g            y
                                                                       uess tha

                                                                  Lori Gail

2   2
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I  magine 14 couples dressed in their Sunday finest celebrating
   their marriages of 49 to 66 years at a very special Valentine’s
Day Luncheon organized by the McLean Therapeutic Recre-
ation staff in the newly renovated craft room. A small ensemble
from Sweet Adeline’s serenaded the couples. The dining services
staff served special beef filet dinners. The ladies each wore a rose
corsage. A photo editor from Channel 30 filmed the couples tell-
ing stories of how they courted and how they are still very much
in love even when one of them lives at McLean and one is in
McLean Village or living out in the community.
    Harry Deaton told us at the luncheon that it was love it first
sight, but Mary laughed that it may have taken her a couple of
dates. Harry lives in East Hartland and is one of the most fre-
quent visitors to McLean sharing each day with Mary. They have
been married for 66 years. This was a very special date.

                                                   xtra Mile
                            Staff G  oes the E
               McLean                                          n staff
                                                   w McLea
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                  is wa  s an exam                  eel impo
       To me th                       ke elders
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     goes th  e extra m                       u ty and h
                                   uth, bea                    or so
               that  values yo                 ing married f
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                 nore  d us for                   a bility wer
      party ho                        e and dis                    to do
                 e reali ties of ag                 e managed
      long. Th                           ll we hav
                              hours. A                       s part,”,
       gotten   for a few                       e ath do u
                                     ws “till d                       ne at
                        to our vo                         l. Everyo
       was to k
                  eep                         ry specia
                                e us feel ve                     people
                   ean mad                        ak ing older
        but McL                        ted to m                   n such a
                    seem    s dedica                  l attentio
        McLean                           em specia
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         feel spec                   of them.                            eaton
                     er . I love all                            Harry D
          this dinn

        J   ane Schlichter worked for McLean many years as Director
            of Human Resources. She was retired by the time the Vil-
        lage apartments were built, but she reports she toured them
        and remembered how lovely they were. Jane stays active on the
        Auxiliary Board and chairs the selection committee for the Aux-
        iliary Scholarship for a McLean employee each year. When her
        husband was deteriorating, Jane found the burdens of running
        the house while caring for him were too much. So she decided to
        move to the next available apartment in McLean Village having
        been on the waiting list for a while.

                                                It Feels L
                            It just felt                  ike Home
                                           like hom
                         my trees                 e right aw
                                   , but Mc                   ay. I thou
                                             Lean is f                    ght I’d m
                        every da                       ull of tre                   iss
                                   y on my                        es. I enjo
                        up our d            walks. W                         y them
                                  inners fr            hile Walt
                                            om the d              was alive
                       to our ap                      ining sta             , I picked
                                   artment                       ff and to
                                            so we co                        ok them
                          I was so                     uld eat t
                                    pleased                      ogether.
                      port from               with the
                                  McLean                excellent
                                             Hospice                care and
                     me. Then                          to keep                  sup-
                                when Wa                           Walt here
                     have the              lt passed                          with
                               companio                away, I w
                                           nship of               as so ha
                    restaura                          friends in            ppy to
                              nt. We ha                           the Burk
                   often din             ve such a                            holder
                              e with. T              nice grou
                                        he Villag               p of ladie
                  living com                      e is a spe                sI
                              munity. N                       cial indep
                  are there              o one int                        endent
                              when yo               rudes on
                                       u need th                you, but
                                                   em.                     they

                                                               Jane Sch

6   6
        P   at and Den Healy, of Canton, owned the Western Auto store
            in Simsbury for a decade then came to work for McLean—
        Den for 10 years and Pat for 23 years. When they retired in
        2002, they took on a weekly Meals-on-Wheels route in Granby
        and East Granby. Most volunteers drive a route once or twice a
        month, but the Healy’s love this time together each week. They
        do not just deliver food. They deliver a friendly visit to a home-
        bound person and a safety check.

                                      We Help
                                                 People L
                                                            ive Indep
                                      We enjoy                          endently
                                                   talking to
                                   we delive                    the peop
                                              r their m                     le as
                                   experien              eals. It is
                                             ce that w               a pleasa
                                                         e are help            nt
                                  to be ab                            ing peop
                                            le to live                          le
                                 someone               independ
                                             does not               ently. If
                                 we notify               answer t
                                             McLean                  he door,
                                can be m                so a safe
                                          ade. Eve                  ty check
                                we delive             ry once a
                                          r to frien               nd a whil
                                                     ds or for               e
                               tomers, a                         mer cus-
                                         nd it is so
                               again.                  nice to s
                                                                  ee them

                                                          Pat & De
                                                                   n    Healy

8   8
10   10
J  une Murli is a young, 51 year old, nurse who had a debilitat-
   ing stroke one day while working. Luckily she was at work at
UConn Hospital and had life saving surgery that day. After her
care at UConn and six weeks at the Rehab Center at Mt. Sinai,
June chose McLean for Post Acute, Home Care and Outpatient

                                                 So Carin
                                     cLean Is
                         e With M                        rd such
             Everyon                     e I had hea
                             n becaus                     Sims-
          hoos   e McLea                     d I live in
       Ic                       cLean an                   rogress
            hing  s about M                    g good p
    good t                      s of mak
               fter  six week                   o me with M
    bury. A                        , I went h                    and Mar
                an Po   st Acute                  py. Mary
     in McLe                          nal thera
                        o ccupatio                           re great.
      phys  ical and                          o nalities a
                                 heir pers                    were de-
             e so   special. T                  r me and
      Jo ar                      t match f
                       a perfec                                 pe to go
       They w    ere                             s ince I ho
                                     succeed                      me was s
                  d to   make me                   g  in my ho
       termine                        day. Bein                    arranged
                   nurs   ing some                   . So Mary
        back to                         concern                       for my
                     t saf  ety was a                   o come in
        good, bu                           lth aide t
                     Lean H    ome Hea
         for a Mc
                                                                   py. Again
                   rs.                                 nt Thera
          showe                          Outpatie                   tional
                      I’m in McLean                   d Occupa
               Now                       t Dot an
                             Therapis                            hey keep
           the   Physical                        t  match. T
                                     re a grea                         hate to
                         t Laura a                       at ing me. I
            Therapis                         er, motiv                   McLean
                         a nd, e ven bett                    e ryone at
             pushing                            cause ev
                          t some   staff, be
             single ou                                                  June Mu
              is so car

                                   McLean Annual Report in brief:
Healthy Living Program/Wellness Programs                 •	 53% of our Hospice patients resided in their
     •	 315 members with 14,582 visits                      own home and 47% resided in Skilled Nurs-
Adult Day Center                                            ing facilities: McLean, Duncaster, Cherry-
     •	 90 clients                                          brook and Avon Health Center
     •	 6,016 days of care                               •	 192 family members received bereavement
McLean Village Independent Living
     •	 98 current residents of apartments            Outpatient Rehab
        & cottages                                       •	 783 new clients
     •	 11 new residents over the year                   •	 11,259 total visits—8% increase
The Robinson - Assisted Living                        Home Care
     •	 16 Assisted Living residents over the year       •	 1,288 patients served—18% growth in
        —average 12                                         admissions
     •	 16 new residents over the year                   •	 9 local towns serviced
     •	 10 Home for Aged residents                       •	 Recognized nationally as one of the TOP
                                                            25% HomeCare Elite agencies based on our
Sorenson Adaptive Technology
                                                            clinical and fiscal outcomes
     •	 253 individuals served
                                                      Auxiliary & Volunteers
                                                         •	 275 volunteers
     •	 155 clients served in Simsbury, Granby,
                                                         •	 3,984 volunteer hours
        East Granby, Avon, and Canton
     •	 28,096 meals served                                 McLean Auxiliary:
                                                               •	 Gift Shop, open seven days a week,
McLean Health Center
                                                                  staffed by more than forty volunteers,
     •	 168 patients served over the year with long
                                                                  raised in excess of $30,000
        term care
                                                               •	 325 members
     •	 Plus 582 Post Acute patients
                                                               •	 Provided $25,250 in grants proposed
Hospice                                                           by staff
     •	 168 patients—a 42 % increase
                                                            McLean Foundation Golf Committee:
     •	 27.8 average daily census
                                                               •	 Raised $66,600 for Hospice in honor
     •	 10,124 days of service—a 49% increase
                                                                  of Barry Loucks

                                                                                         Non Profit Org.
                                                                                           US Postage
                   75 Great Pond Road
                   Simsbury, CT 06070
                                                                                          Simsbury, CT
                                                                                           Permit # 52


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