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					                 Adult Services Case Study 2009/10 Quarter 2
Self-Directed Support

What were the issues?
Government policy clearly sets out the need to transform social care and deliver
personalised services with greater choice and control by 2011. Individual budgets
were first proposed in 2007 with the Department of Health‟s Putting People First
paper. Personalisation in Adult Services includes moving towards early intervention
and prevention. It also means that every person who receives support, whether
provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, will have choice and control
over the shape of that support. The Department took the lead in launching a
Commission of Inquiry into Personalisation in 2008. Evidence was given from a range
of people, including service users and carers as we all as national care experts. This
set out a model for „putting people first‟ in Hampshire. Self-directed support (SDS) is
a key element of the model and the main vehicle for delivering greater
personalisation, choice and control leading to improved quality of life.

What did we do?
SDS is a new way of supporting people with social care needs. Hampshire County
Council has made a commitment to implement SDS for individuals with ongoing,
eligible social care needs. SDS enables people and their families to increasingly shape
their own support, maximising choice and control over the way support is received.

Service users can opt to arrange and manage their own support by taking their
personal budget as a direct cash payment. Alternatively, they can ask Adult Services
to arrange their support on their behalf. Service users may also opt to do a
combination of both.

SDS has been successfully piloted in Basingstoke and Deane since May 2008. The
pilot in Basingstoke has provided invaluable learning and experience, by working with
staff, service users, partners and providers. Developing SDS in a single, geographical
site across client groups is now recommended as a best practice approach and the
opportunities to learn have certainly supported this decision in Hampshire. The
experience from eighteen months of development and testing have enabled us to
identify key learning points, all of which have been incorporated into a countywide
roll out plan

What have we achieved?
At the end of September 2009, 251 people were living their lives with a self directed
support plan. The pilot in Basingstoke has provided evidence to support the principle
that SDS delivers positive outcomes by enabling choice and control. Individual
testimony about the experience of SDS has certainly supported this (see below).
However, Adult Services has additionally been collecting feedback from all service
users, through a series of „Quality of Life‟ questions. This has allowed us to measure
the effectiveness of SDS, but has also allowed service users to reflect on their own
journey – and any changes they feel have been part of that. Staff in Basingstoke have
been comparing the responses given by people to the Quality of Life survey at the
time of their assessment compared to their responses to the same questions at

People using SDS increasingly feel safe, in control of their lives and choices and feel
they have enough money to lead the lives they want to.
On average, we are seeing an increase of 10 to 15% in positive responses. We will
continue to monitor and track this in Basingstoke, and around the county during
rollout. One service user, a young woman with multiple sclerosis, says:

“SDS has given me the choice to employ a personal assistant for a longer length of
time. It‟s given me the flexibility that I didn‟t have before. Having a PA for longer
means that I‟ve been able to go on days out. Art is a big interest of mine and I‟ve
been able to visit the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery in London. I‟ve also
been able to visit the aquarium, go up the Thames and on the London Eye.

I applied for and was fortunate enough to get an assistance dog to help me be more
independent at home. I needed training to manage and work with an assistance dog
and my direct payment enabled me to pay for a personal assistant so that I could

And the future?
An implementation plan for countywide roll-out of SDS has been developed. This is
a two year plan due to be completed by October 2010. Year 1 focuses on the design
and development of the new service model for SDS. This includes the design of
business processes, supporting tools, policies and procedures, training and the
development of the systems infrastructure.
Year 2 (commencing January 2010) will begin with focused training for frontline staff
on the mechanics of delivering SDS. This will be delivered locally, to maximise
coverage and minimise disruption. Following focused training, the locations trained
will „go live‟, offering SDS to new service users, and for existing service users as they
come up to review.
Training and „go live‟ will be phased geographically, in order to dedicate sufficient
resource to on-site training and support. This will commence in the North (January
– April 2010), followed by the South (April – July 2010) and then the West (June –
October 2010).

What people tell us
Gillian is a disabled women in her 70s and chose to get her care manager Hayley to
commission services for her rather than have a direct payment. She still has a say in
services and has found SDS has given her the flexibility to have care when she wants
it, such as getting up at a time that suits her. “Since I‟ve come into Hampshire
County Council I‟ve become a human being whereas I didn‟t feel I was before. For
me life began at 73, not at 40 as everyone says!”
Jackie has learning disabilities and describes herself as a „wild child‟. Since going on to
SDS Jackie‟s life has been turned around. With SDS she has been able to employ two
relatives as part-time personal assistants. With their help she has a new home which
is shared ownership and has also had the confidence to set up a social evening to

cater for people with learning disabilities. Jackie says of SDS; “I reckon everyone in
Hampshire should get it. It‟s given me my life back.”


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