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Secondary Lesson Plan Template by dxc71264


Secondary Lesson Plan Template document sample

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									                      Lesson Plan Template for Secondary Education

Instructor:                                             Date:

Class:                                                  Grade Level:

Unit:                                                   Lesson Topic:

Instructional Objectives (written in measurable terms)
        Cognitive knowledge and/or psychomotor skills and/or affective attitudes:

Materials Needed (include everything you intend to use to teach the lesson)


        Additional resources:


Instructional Procedures (include time projections for each of the 6 lesson components)


        Development of Background (this may or may not be applicable to each lesson)

        Transitional Statement (Aim/the real PURPOSE for teaching the lesson)
      New Lesson (include sequential steps to fully develop the lesson)

      Closure (include either a statement that summarizes the lesson or a plan to extract the
                main point(s) of the lesson from the students)


Lesson Reflection/Evaluation

      Pre-lesson reflection
      How will I assess whether or not the instructional objectives were met during the lesson?

      Post-lesson reflection
      What evidence do I have to indicate that my instructional objectives were met?

      What changes might I make before I teach this lesson again?

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