; How to plan a wedding step by step
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How to plan a wedding step by step


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									also means taking important decisions regarding clothes, church,
reception, flowers, favors and so on. All this needs to be prepared in

In order to plan a perfect wedding without the worry of having to do
everything in a rush and without getting stressed not only for the major
step you are taking, but also for the huge amount of things that you have
to care for, it is better to start planning things a year before the
wedding day. So, brides-to-be, as soon as your charming prince asks you
for your hand, you must hurry up, roll up your sleeves (and your
partner's sleeves as well, since we all know that men are not very
enterprising in this sense) and start making the list of the things you
need to do.
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The choice you must immediately make concerns the type of ceremony you
prefer: civil or church. Once you decide, you can speak with the priest
or the major of the city where you want to get married to fix the day.
You can also start thinking about the location for the reception and
visit restaurants, villas and castles. If the bride knows that she is not
a very decided person, she'd better start thinking about the model of her
wedding dress.

After you have dealt with these things, six months before the wedding day
you can already contact the florist for the ornaments in the church, in
the reception room and for the car. This is the right moment also to
request a quote to the photograph and to start making the guest list.
Then you can focus on the choice of the wedding dress, blessing and curse
of all brides!

After a few weeks, two months before the wedding, choose the destination
of your honeymoon, the wedding list and the reception menu. Looking at
the list that you should already have made, you can send invitations, to
give your guests the time to give you an answer concerning their
participation in the ceremony and reception. Order favors.

Now the wedding day is getting near: one month before the wedding day you
can try on your dress and make sure that favors are ready. If you wish to
have a special car, this is the right moment to order it.

Now almost everything is done and you can start relaxing and doing
something for yourselves: hair, face and body treatments are welcome to
go to the altar as beautiful and relaxed as possible.

Few days before the event you only have to make the last arrangements
with the photographs, the florist and the chauffeur and pack if you are
going on honeymoon just after the wedding.

Now everything is ready and you only have to think about saying "I will"!

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