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					                                                                                                                            American Express
                                                                                                                                  Hotel Folio
       EXPENSE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS                                                                                                               Case Study

         WR Grace & Co.
         Using Hotel Folio reports to negotiate new F&B discounts, build new T&E spending policies

         Background of Company
         W.R. Grace & Co. is a leading global supplier of catalysts and other products and services to petroleum refiners, as well as catalysts,
         specialty chemicals, and materials for a variety of industries. W.R. Grace has annual sales of more than $3.1 billion, about 6,500
         employees and operations in more than 40 countries.

                                                     The Program                                                The Reward
                                                     Recently, Lorraine Rostanzo, Director                      Rostanzo’s water deal with her preferred
                                                     of Global Travel Services at Columbia,                     hotel netted W.R. Grace an estimated
                                                     Md.-based W.R. Grace & Co., got tired                      $10,000 per year in savings. “That may seem
                                                     of paying top dollar whenever the                          small, but when you have a mature business
                                                     company’s travelers purchased a bottle                     travel management program, you need to
                                                     of water from their hotel rooms. At $3                     look at new ways of reducing expenses,” said
                                                     per bottle – sometimes more – there                        Rostanzo. For her hotel on-site restaurant
                                                     had to be a less costly way to quench                      deals, Rostanzo has informed employees who
                                                     their thirst. So, Rostanzo, who oversees                   frequent the properties to ensure that they
                                                     about $6 million per year on business                      receive savings when dining. She estimates
                                                     travel lodging, studied American                           considerable savings from the discount.
                                                     Express Hotel Folio reports to find a
                                                     bargaining point. She focused on in-                       Future Plans
                                                     room beverage charges at one hotel                         Deals for discounts on food and water are
                                                     where W.R. Grace spends thousands of                       only the beginning of what Rostanzo plans
                                                     room nights a year. Armed with the                         for Hotel Folio reports. “With more hotels
                                                     Hotel Folio data, she negotiated a free                    providing folio data to American Express,
                                                     bottle of water per day for each traveler                  we’ll be able to find out information that will
                                                     – distributed at check-in time. At other                   help us make policy changes so that we can
                                                     preferred properties, Rostanzo turned                      save more money,” Rostanzo says. For
                                                     her attention from drink to food. She                      example, she plans to conduct studies of top
                                                     studied Hotel Folio reports and, based                     W.R. Grace travel destinations to determine
                                                     on significant volume at on-site                           how much employees spend on both valet
                                                     restaurants, she negotiated 10% off all                    parking and self-park at hotel garages.
                                                     W.R. Grace employee meals.                                 Rostanzo says valet parking often costs 25-
                                                                                                                50% more than self-parking fees. “We’ll
                                                                                                                extrapolate that data nationwide, and we’ll be
                                                                                                                able to estimate how much the whole
                                                                                                                company can save by self-parking.”
                                                                                                                Presently, W.R. Grace reimburses for both
                                                                                                                types of parking. But with folio data in hand
       “With more hotels providing folio data to American Express, we’ll be
       able to find out information that will help us make policy changes so that                               to illustrate high costs, Rostanzo says that the
       we can save more money.” – Lorraine Rostanzo, Director of Global                                         company will eventually change policy to
       Travel Services, W.R. Grace & Co.                                                                        say that, wherever possible, employees
                                                                                                                should self-park rather than use valet.