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					                                                                                                                                   Vol. 54 - No. 10                   March 24, 2000
                                                                                                                                   BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY

                                         Brookhaven Awards for Five BNL Staff
DOE Security Czar
Meets With                               A    t the BNL Employee Recognition Award Conferral Cer-
                                              emony in February, five BNL staff were honored with
                                         the Brookhaven Award. For their contributions, Susan
Lab Employees                            Briggs, Environmental Sciences Division; Ann Emrick, Bi-
                                         ology Department; William Medeiros, Environmental Res-
    “The vast majority [in the DOE
                                         toration Division; Lawrence Toler, Physics Department;
complex] is serious about secu-
                                         and Kenneth White, Community Involvement, Government
rity, but not as serious as they
                                         & Public Affairs, each received a commemorative plaque
should be.”
                                         and a pre-tax award of $2,000.
    With that statement, the De-
                                            The Brookhaven Award recognizes key support-function
partment of Energy’s security
                                         contributors whose achievements represent outstanding ser-
“czar,” Eugene Habiger, set the
                                         vice to the Lab over one or several years. Below are summa-
tone for his all-hands meeting with
                                         ries of the accomplishments of the five honorees.
employees on March 14.
    Director of the Office of Secu-
rity and Emergency Operations,
                                         Susan Briggs, ESD
Habiger is in charge of physical            Susan Briggs, Environmental Ser-
and cyber security and emergency         vices Division, received a Brookhaven                          BNL’s FY 2000
operations for all of DOE and its        Award for her leadership role in devel-                        Brookhaven
labs. Energy Secretary Bill              oping and implementing the Lab's                               Award winners
Richardson appointed him in 1999.        Environmental Management System                                are: (back, from
    As he explained to employees         (EMS). Briggs, who has been at BNL                             left) Susan
at the meeting, he has organized         for nine years, was named EMS Project                          Briggs, Ken-
his efforts into four stages: 1) visit   Manager in 1998. She immediately                               neth White,
the labs to assess security at each      began developing a system that is con-                         Lawrence
one, 2) develop policy, 3) return to     sistent with the rigorous, comprehen-                          Toler, (front)
the field to evaluate implementa-        sive and internationally-recognized                            Ann Emrick
tion, and 4) make sure that the          International Standard Organization                            and William
security policies and procedures         (ISO) 14001 standard.                                          Medeiros.
he puts in place will endure                Briggs developed the EMS project
through administrative changes.          strategy and approach from scratch,
                                                                                                        Ann Emrick, Biology                      Larry Toler, Physics
    Habiger stressed the impor-          and obtained buy-in from both DOE                                 Ann Emrick was nominated for a           Larry Toler, a technical research
tance of standardization through-        and BNL senior management as well                              Brookhaven Award by Biology De-          associate in the Physics Department
out the complex, particularly for                         (continued on page 2)                         partment Chair Carl Anderson for         who came to BNL in 1966 as a techni-
weapons, communica-                                                                                     being “a key contributor in the devel-   cian, is recognized for his long-stand-
tions equipment and ID                                                                                  opment and implementation of inno-       ing commitment to affirmative action
badging.                                                                                                vative solutions in response to Lab-     and community service. “He has a su-
    He also acknowledged                                                                                wide safety and management               perior record of activity on behalf of
that BNL handles very                                                                                   initiatives.”                            minorities in the Physics Department
little classified informa-                                                                                 In all her efforts, says Anderson,    and the Laboratory as a whole,” says
tion. He pointed out, how-                                                                              Emrick has found efficient and effec-    Michael Murtagh, Physics Chair.
ever, that DOE’s great-                                                                                 tive ways of meeting the initiatives’       Toler has been one of two affirma-
est vulnerability is in                                                                                                  (continued on page 2)                    (continued on page 2)
unclassified systems.
“What you do is too im-
                                                                                                        William Medeiros, ERD                    Kenneth White, CIGPA
portant. You have world-                                                                                    Project manager William Medeiros        Marge Lynch, Assistant Laboratory
class facilities and world-                                                                             of the Environmental Restoration Di-     Director for Community Involvement,
class people doing                                                                                      vision (ERD) received a Brookhaven       Government & Public Affairs (CIGPA),
world-class science. You                                                                                Award for the leadership role he took    proposed her Special Assistant, Ken
are an asset. You have to                                                                               in the Peconic River plutonium inves-    White, for a Brookhaven Award due to
protect that.”                                                                                          tigation.                                his ability “to perform high-quality,
                                                                                   Roger Stoutenburgh

         — Mona S. Rowe                                                                                     Medeiros joined the Lab in 1979 as   senior-level, multi-task assignments
                                                                                                        an Environmental Science Associate,      while making significant contributions
                                                                                                        first in the Biomedical and Environ-     to community organizations.”
                                                                                                        mental Assessment Division and then         “White’s activities on behalf of the
                                                                                                        in Oceanography. Since 1995, he has      Lab have helped bridge the communi-
         E u g e n e                                                                                                    (continued on page 2)                     (continued on page 2)

  BSA Distinguished Lecture on Wednesday, March 29
  Garman Harbottle to Talk on Recent Archeological Discoveries in China
  G     arman Harbottle, a retired BNL chem-
        ist and an expert in identifying and
  dating works of art and archeology, will give
                                                     ments. After earning a Ph.D. in chemistry
                                                     from Columbia University in 1949, Harbottle
                                                     joined BNL as an associate chemist in the
  a BSA Distinguished Lecture, titled “The           same year. He has spent almost his entire
  Origins of Chinese Civilization: Recent Ar-        career at the Lab, advancing to the position
  cheological Discoveries,” in Berkner Hall on       of senior chemist in 1968. He left Brookhaven
  Wednesday, March 29, at 4 p.m.                     briefly to become a Guggenheim Fellow at
     Harbottle was a member of the Jiahu             Cambridge University, England, 1957-58,
  research team that uncovered what is prob-         and, in 1959, he taught radioisotope proce-
  ably the world’s oldest playable musical in-       dures at the American University in Beirut.
  strument, a flute, at the Jiahu archaeologi-       From 1965-67, Harbottle was director of the
  cal site in Henan province, China.                 Division of Research and Laboratories, In-
     In his lecture, Harbottle will discuss this     ternational Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna,
  Neolithic site, which dates back to the eighth     Austria.
  millennium B.C., and describe the surpris-             In 1983, Harbottle was named a co-recipi-
  ing discoveries found there that profoundly        ent, with Edward Sayre, of the George Hevesy
  alter conceptions of the beginning of Chinese      Medal for outstanding achievement in ra-
  society. Harbottle will briefly review Chi-        dioanalytical chemistry. In 1995, Harbottle
  nese cultural and art history to place in          won the Seaborg Medal, one of the most
                                                                                                                                                                                 Roger Stoutenburgh

  context his work at Jiahu, and recent excit-       prestigious awards given by the American
  ing findings by the archaeological team.           Nuclear Society. Harbottle retired from BNL
     Garman Harbottle uses a technique               in 1997, but he continues to make significant
  known as carbon-dating to date and identify        contributions to his field as a BNL research
  archeological artifacts and historical docu-       collaborator.            — Diane Greenberg
Brookhaven Bulletin                                                                                                                                                           March 24, 2000

Susan Briggs                     (cont'd)
                                             DOE to Fund Summer Program at BNL                                                                      Ann Emrick                         (cont'd)
as the regulatory agencies. Briggs has       For Community College Students                                                                         objectives, thereby minimizing the
received national recognition for her                                                                                                               time devoted to such tasks while maxi-
knowledge of EMS and leadership                                                                                                                     mizing Biology’s participation. As
through her appointment to the ANSI
National EMS Council.
    The EMS project has been a major
                                             R    epresentatives from seven community colleges recently visited BNL to
                                                  learn about a ten-week summer institute which DOE will fund for highly
                                             motivated community college students who are interested in a career in biotech-
                                                                                                                                                    Anderson explains, “Ann recognizes
                                                                                                                                                    that, for scientists to be successful, their
                                                                                                                                                    primary focus must be on science.”
success. Last fall, the RHIC project         nology, environmental science or computing. The college representatives came                              Most recently, Emrick’s contribu-
received independent, third-party cer-       from schools in the Northeast, including New York’s LaGuardia Community                                tions have included the creation of
tification of its conformance to the ISO     College and Suffolk County Community College.                                                          Biology’s self-assessment plan and the
14001 standard, becoming the first              Students selected for the ten-week summer institute will be mentored by                             development of an experiment review
Long Island-based and first DOE Of-          Brookhaven scientists. During the program, they will learn how to solve                                form. Due to their success, both of
fice of Science organization to do so.       problems using the scientific method and how to use state-of-the-art instru-                           these have been implemented across
    “Sue’s planning and execution skills     ments in research projects. They will also be instructed on career options in                          the Life Sciences Directorate.
are exceptional,” said Bet Zimmerman,        science and technology. DOE will fund the students’ housing and stipends.                                 In addition, Emrick had devised
ESD manager. “She is very dedicated,                                                                                                                template R2A2 descriptions for use by
and her enthusiasm for this project                                                                                                                 the range of Biology’s staff, which al-
has been contagious.”                                                                                                                               lowed the department to complete its
    Zimmerman continued, “Under the                                                                                                                 R2A2s uniformly and efficiently on
EMS program, we are making funda-                                                                                                                   time. Finally, Emrick was cited for her
mental and systematic changes to the                                                                                                                outreach efforts: organizing Biology’s
way we operate on an extremely ag-                                                                                                                  open houses, publishing a department
gressive schedule. Many people from                                                                                                                 newsletter, and coordinating Biology’s
across BNL have been involved in de-                                                                                                                student program.
veloping and implementing the pro-                                                                                                                     Ann Emrick came to BNL in June
gram. Without this teamwork, we                                                                                                                     1987, as a biology associate in Biology.
would not have been able to register                                                                                                                She moved to an administrative posi-
the RHIC facility, or to prepare to reg-                                                                                                            tion in 1992, was promoted to a staff
ister the Lab as a whole to the ISO                                                                                                                 specialist in 1997, and, on March 1,

                                                                                                                               Roger Stoutenburgh
14001 standard.”        — Peter Genzer                                                                                                              assumed responsibility for operations
                                                                                                                                                    management within the Life Sciences
                                                                                                                                                    Directorate.           — Marsha Belford
Larry Toler                      (cont'd)
tive action representatives in Physics,
although Murtagh notes that Toler
                                                                                                                                                    William Medeiros                   (cont'd)
                                             DOE and BNL representatives who were on hand to answer questions                                       been the project manager overseeing
has been “an able representative for
                                             about the planned summer institute for Community College students                                      the environmental investigation and
everyone in the department.” He takes
                                             included: (from left) Peter Faletra, Einstein Fellow, DOE; Y. Renée                                    cleanup of Operable Unit V, which
an active role in assisting Murtagh in
                                             Flack, Educational Programs Administrator, BNL; Coppelia Tarantal,                                     includes the Lab’s sewage treatment
resolving potential problems involv-
                                             student intern, DOE; Karl Swyler, Head of Educational Programs, BNL;                                   plant and the Peconic River.
ing women and minorities within the
                                             and Samuel Rodriguez, Deputy Director, Office of Science, DOE.                                            After trace amounts of plutonium
   Toler also interacted on the                                                                                                                     were discovered in the river in 1998,
department’s behalf with BNL’s Di-                                                                                                                  Medeiros planned and executed an
versity Office to help Physics partici-        Information Technology Council Formed                                                                investigation designed to answer dif-
pate in various programs for hiring                                                                                                                 ficult technical questions about po-
minorities. Toler personally mentored
minority summer students and other
                                               D    onald Fleming, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
                                                    Division (ITD), has formed the Information Technology Leadership
                                               Council, which will develop a strategic plan for ITD and serve as an
                                                                                                                                                    tential environmental and human
                                                                                                                                                    health risks present. He also made
students who came into the depart-                                                                                                                  comparisons of the plutonium concen-
                                               executive body for major information technology issues at the Labora-
ment, and he worked closely with jun-                                                                                                               trations in the Peconic and environ-
                                               tory. Key individuals in ITD, the Information Services Division, the
ior technicians to help them develop.                                                                                                               mental background that stood up to
                                               Fiscal Division, and representatives of scientific programs serve on the
   An especially noteworthy effort on                                                                                                               considerable scrutiny during peer and
Toler’s part, according to Murtagh, is                                                                                                              regulator review.
                                                   “The new council is formulating a strategic plan, which should be
his work with others to establish a                                                                                                                    All through the process, Medeiros
                                               published shortly,” Fleming said. “Also, the IT Leadership Council will
foundation for a Lab-wide training                                                                                                                  participated in information exchanges
                                               review and approve hardware and software standards for BNL and
and employment program for minor-                                                                                                                   with employees, regulators and the
                                               publish them in a technology road map.”
ity technicians, which would augment                                                                                                                public that included roundtables,
                                                  He added, “We expect that Windows 2000 will be the standard
BNL’s minority recruitment efforts.                                                                                                                 poster sessions, house-to-house can-
                                               operating system for PCs at BNL later this year, and we are planning for
   “Larry is also an active and effec-                                                                                                              vassing, media briefings and presen-
                                               that. In the meantime, all other users should request Windows NT 4.0
tive voice for Brookhaven in a much                                                                                                                 tations to the Suffolk County Legis-
                                               operating system with any new PC purchases.”
broader sense in the local commu-                                                                                                                   lature’s BNL Oversight Committee,
                                                  Currently, Windows 2000 may be purchased for development and
nity,” adds Murtagh. Toler serves as                                                                                                                the Community Advisory Council and
                                               testing use only. It will not be supported by ITD in production environ-
the Lab’s envoy with community                                                                                                                      the Brookhaven Executive Roundtable.
                                               ments until later this year. Development users will be asked to share the
groups in Flanders and Southampton.                                                                                                                    “Skip patiently and methodically
                                               results of their testing with ITD for the benefit of the Laboratory.
                      — Mona S. Rowe                                                                                                                worked with all interested parties to
                                                  Microsoft Office 2000, the office automation suite, will be supported as
                                                                                                                                                    obtain consensus and support for this
                                               the BNL standard, effective April 3.
                                                                                                                                                    important and highly visible project,”
Kenneth White                    (cont'd)                                                                                                           said ERD manager John Meersman.
                                                                                                                                                    “He also skillfully guided this project
tions gap between the Lab and the
                                                                                                                                                    through many difficult issues without
community, thus fostering the Lab’s
efforts to rebuild credibility and trust,”      Integrated Safety Management Awareness                                                              sacrificing technical excellence.”
                                                                                                                                                                          — Peter Genzer
says Lynch.
    White is viewed as the most versa-
tile staff member and an essential part
of the CIGPA management team. Hav-
                                                                       H     ere are the second of eight “sets” of general
                                                                              questions that all BNL managers, supervi-
                                                                       sors and staff should be prepared to answer during
                                                                                                                                                    Omnipoint Demo 3/30
ing mastered the principles of risk and                                DOE’s Integrated Safety Management verification                                  On Thursday, March 30, 10 a.m.-
crisis communication and community                                     scheduled for May 1 to 14.                                                   2:30 p.m., in Berkner Hall, Omnipoint
involvement, he has successfully ap-                                    While each individual’s responses will vary de-                             Communications will discuss special
plied them to all aspects of his job.                                  pending on his or her work environment, the itali-                           rates for BNLers buying digital PCS
    Besides ensuring that technical in-                                cized text provides examples of processes that may                           wireless services on Omnipoint’s GSM
formation for stakeholders is accu-                                    be appropriate for reference.                                                network.
rate, complete and timely, White has                                                                                                                   All service plans include free caller
developed the communications sec-               Today’s question                                                                                    ID, voice mail, SMS messaging, and
tions of the Lab’s emergency-response              Managers/Supervisors: How do you ensure your staff works safely?                                 FOX News headlines. Plans include
plan. As community relations man-                      a) How do you know and communicate the hazards that are part                                 one from $15.99 monthly with free
ager of BNL’s Superfund activities,                       of the work?                                                                              phone, no minutes or contract; or
White is commended for handling an                     b) How do you know and communicate the safety/environmental                                  $16.99 monthly for 40 minutes; or
“extraordinary amount of work, above                      requirements and hazard controls that are part of the work?                               $26.99 monthly for 250 minutes, with
and beyond what is required.”                                                                                                                       unlimited weekend calling for the year
    Ken White began his BNL career in              Staff: Do you know how to perform your work safely?                                              of the contract.
October 1990, as a senior reactor sup-                  a) Do you know the hazards that are associated with your work?                                 Other options include special inter-
port specialist. Following a promotion                  b) Do you know how to protect yourself from those hazards?                                  national calling and roaming. Call Ri-
in 1994, he moved to CIGPA in 1998 to              The Experimental Safety Review (ESH Standard 1.3.5) and the Opera-                               chard Goll at 343-5900.
assume his present title. Involved with         tions Work Planning and Control processes (ESH Standard 1.3.6) are used
the community, White has been an                to identify and communicate hazards and controls. Standard Operating
officer of the East Yaphank Civic As-           Procedures identify requirements for safe operations. Staff training is kept                        Arrivals & Departures
sociation, made multiple presentations          current to ensure all are properly trained to control hazards.                                                   Arrivals
to various community groups, and rep-              For more information, contact Doug Ports at Ext. 2262 or                         Joseph R. Dennington ........ Plant Eng.
resented the Lab at festivals and other                                                                                                                         Departures
events.              — Marsha Belford                                                                                                               none
Brookhaven Bulletin                                                                                                                                      March 24, 2000

Under Sail to Antarctica
              Forsyth to Present Talk, Video on His Antarctic Voyage, Tuesday, 3/28

                                                               E    ric Forsyth, who has sailed the world’s oceans aboard his
                                                                    42-foot cutter Fiona, will present a talk and video
                                                               describing his recent journey to Antarctica. The talk will be
                                                               held on Tuesday, March 28, at 4:30 p.m. in Berkner Hall.
                                                               Sponsored by the Brookhaven Retired Employees Associa-
                                                               tion, the talk is free and open to the public.
                                                                  An electrical engineer who retired from the Lab in 1995,
                                                               Forsyth will describe journeying from Cape Horn, across
                                                               Drake Passage, to the islands along the Antarctica Peninsula.
                                                               He and his two-person crew visited a former British meteoro-
                                                               logical station at Port Lockroy and ran aground briefly at
                                                               Deception Island. They then navigated Fiona across the Scotia
                                                               Sea to the island of South Georgia, where they toured the
                                                               abandoned Norwegian whaling station at Grytviken.
                                                                  The scenery at South Georgia is magnificent, according to
                                      Forsyth on               Forsyth. “Gleaming white glaciers cascade in slow motion
                                      Fiona, Cape Horn         down valleys to deeply indented fiords,” he said. “The wildlife
                                      in the back-             is prolific; a dozen species of birds wheel and scream over-      Forsyth (back) and a crew
                                      ground.                  head, and on the beach, elephant and fur seals jostle for space   member follow one of the “pen-
                                                               and king penguins shuffle nervously at their approach.”           guin paths” built by penguins in

Pick Up Daffodils                                                                                                                Celebrate Holi,
   Pick up your reserved bouquet of
daffodils at the BERA Sales Office in
                                                  BERA Elections Next Week                                                       Festival of Colors
Berkner Hall on Thursday or Friday,                  Four BNLers are running for two spots on the Executive Board                   The BERA-Indo American Associa-
March 30 or 31, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Extra            of the Brookhaven Employees Recreation Association (BERA):                     tion invites all to celebrate Holi, the
bunches of daffodils will be on sale              Nancy Concadero, Human Resources Division; Tom Dilgen, Accel-                  Indian festival of colors on Saturday,
Thursday, March 30, from 11:30 a.m.               erator Magnet Division; Patrick Moylan Jr., Reactor Division; and              April 1, 2000.
to 1 p.m. in the lobby of Berkner Hall.           Laurie Pearl, Information Technology Division. See last week’s                    A free cultural program by local
All proceeds benefit the American Can-            Bulletin for background on each candidate, who, if elected, will               talent will begin at 3 p.m. At 6 p.m.,
cer Society. For more information, call           serve four-year terms, which begin May 1.                                      pizza dinner will be served in the Rec-
Andrea Dehler, Ext. 3347.                            BERA members include all BNL and on-site BSA and DOE                        reation Building in the apartment
                                                  employees, and those employed by permanent on-site contractors,                area. The cost of dinner is $3.00 for
IBEW Meeting                                      who are eligible to vote at the election times and places listed below.
                                                  Absentee ballots may be cast, contact Recreation Supervisor M.
                                                                                                                                 individuals and $10.00 max per fam-
                                                                                                                                 ily. For more information or to make
   Local 2230, IBEW, will hold its regu-          Kay Dellimore, Ext. 2873.                                                      reservations, call Kumi Pandya, Ext
lar monthly meeting on Monday,                        Date                 Time                     Place                        7734; C. Krishna, Ext 4025; Raj Rao,
March 27, at 6 p.m. in the Knights of                 Monday, 3/37         11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.     Berkner Hall                 Ext. 7607; or Achyut Tope, Ext 5672.
Columbus Hall, Railroad Avenue,                       Tuesday, 3/28        11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.     Berkner Hall
                                                      Wednesday, 3/29      11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.     Berkner Hall
Patchogue. There will be a meeting for
shift workers at 3 p.m. at the union                  Thursday, 3/30       10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.     Credit Union                 Amateur Radio
                                                      Friday, 3/31         10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.     Credit Union
office. The agenda includes regular                                                                                                 The BERA Amateur Radio Club will
business, committee reports and the                                                                                              next meet at noon on Thursday, March
president’s report.                                                                                                              30, in Room D, Berkner Hall. Note
                                           Summer Science                             Taiji Classes Begin                        change of day and room. On the agenda
Pot-Luck Supper                            For High Schoolers                            A new Taiji class will begin at noon
                                                                                                                                 will be preparations for the upcoming
                                                                                                                                 Field Day. All BERA members, guests
    The Hospitality Committee invites                                                 on Wednesday, April 19, in the yard by     and licensed amateur-radio operators
all on-site residents, their spouses and      Advanced math and science stu-          the Recreation Building in the apart-      are invited to attend. For more infor-
friends to bring the family and a dish     dents from local high schools who have     ment area. The class will meet there       mation, call Chris Neuberger, Ext. 4160.
to share at a potluck supper on Fri-       completed their junior or senior year      at that time on Mondays, Wednesdays
day, March 31, at 6 p.m., in the Recre-    are eligible to participate in BNL’s       and Thursdays. Classes last about half
ation Building. Plates and soft drinks     Community Summer Science Program           an hour. They are free and open to all.      EAP Outreach Program
will be supplied. For information, call    (CSSP).                                       Taiji, a traditional Chinese exer-
Vicky Chang, Ext. 1000.                       Applications for this six-week pro-     cise for mind and body, uses slow,           Learn Meditation 3/27
                                           gram are now available from the Sci-       continuous movements to support                  Meditating — focusing the
                                           ence Education Center, Bldg. 438. The      deep, rhythmic breathing. The natu-
Atlantic City Bus 4/29                     program, which includes internships        ral effect of this is to improve both
                                                                                                                                   mind to cultivate equanimity and
                                                                                                                                   balance in life — can bring a sense
   The next BERA-sponsored, one-day        and lectures presented by BNL staff,       cellular respiration and respiration in      of aliveness, reduced tension, abil-
trip to Atlantic City will be on Satur-    will run from Monday, June 26,             the heart-lung system.                       ity to concentrate, eased suffering
day, April 29, at an initial cost of $25   through Friday, August 4. The appli-          For more information, contact Jerry       from stress-related illness, and
per person. The name of the hotel-         cation deadline is April 21. For more      Tanguay at Ext. 2198 or tanguay@             improved self-esteem.
casino and the amount of the coin          information, contact Louise Hanson,, or Dejun Xue at Ext. 6358 or            In her presentation of “Learn-
return will be announced later.            Ext. 5849, e-mail:                                 ing to Meditate, Part II,” on Mon-
   The bus will leave the Brookhaven                                                                                               day, March 27, from noon until 1
Center at 8 a.m., with an extra pickup                                                                                             p.m., Cheryl Kurash will lead her
at LIE Exit 63 if requested. The bus                                                                                               audience toward achieving this
will return around 11 p.m.
   Buy tickets now at the BERA Sales
                                                 Celebrating Women’s History Month                                                 inner peace. The session will fo-
                                                                                                                                   cus on fortifying concentration and
Office in Berkner Hall, weekdays, 9                 BNL’s Women’s Program Advisory Committee (WPAC) concludes                      centering the mind, continuing the
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For more informa-              celebrating March as women’s history month with the following events:             guidance offered in Part I of this
tion, call Andrea Dehler, Ext. 3347.                                                                                               series held in January.
                                                              Workshops on                                                             Cheryl Kurash, Ph.D., is a clini-
                                                     “Surviving—Is Thriving Possible?                                              cal psychologist who has studied
                                                                                                                                   meditation with Eastern and
                                                  The Challenge of Motherhood & Career”                                            Western experts for the past 20
                                                                             Tuesday, March 28                                     years. She has led workshops at
                                                            Medical Department Small Conference Room, noon                         the State University of New York
                                                    The second of two facilitated discussions on motherhood and careers            at Stony Brook since 1985, and
                                                 will be sponsored by Dianne Polowczyk, Employee Assistance Program;               she offers meditation instruction
                                                 and Mary Wood, Health Promotion Program. Topics will include stress               at the Setauket Wellness Center.
                                                 and time management techniques, overcoming guilt feelings, juggling                   The workshop, which is spon-
                                                 multiple demands, balancing needs of work and family. Preregistration             sored by the Employee Assistance
                                                 is necessary as space is limited. Call Wood, Ext. 5923.                           Program, will be held in Room B,
                                                                                                                                   Berkner Hall. To register, com-
                                                                           Book Raffle                                             plete the form sent to all employ-
                                                    WPAC will hold a raffle for one of the following books: Women Who              ees and return to Dianne
                                                 Have Changed the World, 100 Most Important Women of the 20th                      Polowczyk, Staff Psychologist,
                                                 Century, and A Century of Women. Free raffle tickets are available at the         Bldg. 490, by Monday, or register
                                                 display in Berkner Hall lobby.                                                    at the door, space permitting.
                                                           Please, Don’t Feed or Provide Salt Licks for Deer
    Bulletin Deadlines                                        Environmental Services Division
                                                           (ESD) staff have been studying the
                                                                                                                                            No Salt Licks
                                                                                                                                               Naidu also reports that salt licks
    To Move Up                                             problems of feeding on-site deer and
                                                                                                                                            have been found at a number of loca-
                                                           bring a message for BNL staff now and
       To cut costs, the Brookhaven                                                                                                         tions on site.
                                                           for next winter: Please do not feed the
    Bulletin will start to be printed                                                                                                          “The New York State Department
                                                           deer. Feeding the deer population ac-
    on Wednesdays instead of Thurs-                                                                                                         of Environmental Conservation
                                                           tually increases starvation rates.
    days, effective for the Bulletin of                                                                                                     (NYSDEC) tells us that placing salt
                                                              Jan Naidu, ESD, explains:
    Friday, April 28.                                                                                                                       licks is illegal and therefore should
                                                           • Excessive numbers of deer concen-                                              not be practiced on BNL property,” he
       Therefore, all Bulletin an-                            trate at known feeding sites. Thus,
    nouncements will have to be re-                                                                                                         says.
                                                              the food supplied is not enough.                                                 This over-50-year-old law probably
    ceived a day earlier. Even the
                                                           • A casual observer usually sees sev-                                            was established to prevent hunters
                                                              eral deer around each food pile. But                                          from trapping deer by drawing them
       The new schedule will be:
                                                              a close observer sees one or two big                                          to the salt lick, making it easier to
       All Bulletin notices — ad-
                                                              deer dominate. Weaker deer wait to                                            hunt without the necessary permit.
    ministrative announcements,
                                                              sneak a mouthful. So, the bigger                                              Now, before salt licks may be placed,
    BERA items, concerts, lectures,
                                                              deer get the larger, more nutritious                                          special requests to the NYSDEC must
    etc. — must be delivered to the
                                                              share of the food, while smaller deer                                         be made and permits issued. These
    Editor by Friday, 4 p.m., for pub-
                                                              get only poor quality, partly decayed                                         permits also require frequent moni-
    lication in the following week’s
                                                              gleanings, mostly urinated on.                                                toring and reporting to the NYSDEC.
       The ads — must be received                             “Lab employees concerned about the                                               Therefore, to comply with best prac-

                                                                                                                       Roger Stoutenburgh
    by 4 p.m. on Thursdays, as they                        deer should consult ESD staff, who                                               tices for the deer and with the law, any
    will now be typeset on Friday                          are equally concerned, and we can                                                artificial feeding and placing of salt
    mornings.                                              investigate the situation together,”                                             licks should cease immediately.
       This dire warning will become                       says Naidu. “But I am happy to say                                                  “ESD staff thanks all BNL employ-
    fixed practice as of Friday, April                     that the BNL deer population is known                                            ees for their cooperation in this,” con-
    21, for the Bulletin of April 28.                      to be in good condition.”                                                        cludes Naidu.
        The Bulletin regrets losing
    some of its ability to accommo-
    date very late-breaking news,                          Source Department.
    but electronic communications                          NS 8311 MANAGEMENT ANALYST POSITION - Re-
    can now fill that gap, and the                         quires a BS in business or computer science with a
                                                           minimum of ten years' relevant experience. Prior
    savings will be worth the change.                      experience with PeopleSoft HR-based benefits and
              — Liz Seubert, Editor                        payroll modules is required. Reporting to the Manager
                                                           of BIS, individual will be responsible for the gap
                                                           analysis between PeopleSoft's HR, Base Benefits
                                                           and Payroll modules and BNL's requirements. Will
                                                           participate in the prototyping and Process Owner's
                                                           acceptance of the modules' initial design and manage
                                                           modification requirements. Will be responsible for the
                                                           coordination of implementation schedules and modi-
                                                           fication requests. Business Information Systems
                                                           Group/Financial Services Division.
                                                           NS7218. PUBLIC AFFAIRS REPRESENTATIVE PO-
                                                           SITION - Requires a bachelor’s degree in journalism,
LABORAT0RY RECRUITMENT - Opportunities for                 English, or a related field, excellent writing abilities,
Laboratory Employees.                                      strong computer layout and Web publishing skills,
NS8876. ENGINEERING POSITION - Requires a BS               and one to three years’ desktop publishing expe-
(MS preferred) in engineering or a technical discipline    rience. Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills
(environmental, nuclear, chemical or mechanical);          are necessary as is the ability to meet deadlines,
demonstrated project management skills with 15 years’      juggle simultaneous tasks and keep skills current.
related work experience in the nuclear or waste man-       Background in science and science-writing expe-
agement industry; extensive experience with facility       rience preferred. Will report for and assist in edit-
safety, occurrence reporting, compliance, and train-       ing and electronically laying out the printed weekly
ing and procedures. Knowledge of applicable federal,       employee newspaper and other publications us-
state and local regulations and DOE orders for man-        ing Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop and/or compa-
aging radioactive and hazardous waste is desired as        rable software. Will also turn written copy into
are strong supervisory, problem-solving abilities and      HTML publications for the Web using Adobe PageMill,
excellent oral and written communication skills. Re-       Adobe GoLive and/or similar software. Media & Com-
sponsibilities will include preparation of technical       munications Office/Community Involvement, Govern-
work documents, procedures and evaluation of op-           ment and Public Affairs.
erations in accordance with Safety Authorization docu-     DD7973. TECHNICAL POSITION - Requires an AAS
ments. Will provide ES&H oversight for Division activi-    degree in a technical discipline or equivalent experi-
ties, perform training coordinator functions and reviews   ence. A background in mechanical and electrome-
of non-routine events for ORPS and PAAA reportability.     chanical design, fabrication, modification and testing
Waste Management Division.                                 along with a working knowledge of standard machin-
OPEN RECRUITMENT - Opportunities for Labora-               ing practices is necessary; chemistry and electronics
tory Employees and Outside Candidates.                     background desirable. Will provide broad-range sup-
                                                           port to both scientific and professional staff. Chemis-
MK8374. SCIENTIST - We are seeking a Condensed             try Department.
Matter Theorist to join the Condensed Matter Theory
Group. Requirements include at least two years of          DD8356. TECHNICAL POSITIONS - Requires an AAS
postdoctoral experience and the interest of the can-       degree in a technical field or equivalent experience
didate to interact with the experimental groups in         and relevant field experience. Will provide health
condensed matter physics at the Laboratory. Current        physics coverage by performing, documenting and
areas of interest in condensed matter physics include      posting radiological surveys, performing contamina-
x-ray and neutron scattering studies of magnetism          tion and exposure surveys, collecting samples and
and correlated electron systems, surfaces and inter-       ensuring proper RCD and site-wide procedures are
faces, UV, IR and x-ray spectroscopy. The group is         followed. Must possess 40 hr HAZWOPER training or
currently interested in programs in strongly correlated    the ability to pass training, respirator qualification or
electron systems and in soft condensed matter, but         ability to be qualified. Additional requirements include
will consider other areas as well. Under the direction     the ability to obtain and maintain DOE clearance and
of P. Johnson. Physics Department.                         availability to work shifts as needed. Radiological
                                                           Controls Division.
MK8612. SCIENTIST (Project Appointment) - Will be
responsible for managing a new macromolecular              DD8375. TECHNCIAL POSITIONS - (term appoint-
crystallography beam line on behalf of the NIH/NIGMS       ments) Require an AAS degree or equivalent experi-
and directing an x-ray crystallography research and        ence in both electronic and mechanical technical
development program centered on the new beam               areas. Experience in the use of general shop and hand
line. Will oversee and support the development and         tools is required; electronic experience with analog
operation of the beam line and its experimental pro-       circuits, cable construction, controls systems con-
gram, which will include beam time for designated          struction of CAMAC and/or FASTBUS chassis de-
NIGMS investigators and programs, NSLS general             sired. Experience with medium or high-energy phys-
users, and the scientist's projects. Requires a Ph.D. in   ics detectors also desired. Demonstrated excellent
a relevant scientific field, background in macromo-        interpersonal skills and the ability to pay close atten-
lecular crystallography, familiarity with synchrotron x-   tion to detail are essential. Physics Department.
ray research and instrumentation, and excellent oral       DD8873. HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT
and written communication skills. Under the direction      TECHNICIANS (Term Appointments) - Requires an
of E. Johnson. National Synchrotron Light Source           AAS degree in chemistry, engineering, physical sci-
Department.                                                ences or equivalent experience. Responsibilities
MK8802. POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-                      include, but are not limited to, the pickup, packag-
ATE - Requires a Ph.D. in physical chemistry; experi-      ing, transporting, storing and bulking of hazard-
ence with Raman laser systems, sensitive detection         ous and radioactive wastes. Additional responsi-
methods and nonlinear optics highly desirable. Will        bilities include completing and maintaining
work on the development of laser-based detection           certifications required for the operation of the
methods for trace atmospheric constituents. Under          Waste Management Facility. The ability to operate
the direction of D. Imre. Environmental Sciences           handling equipment and the ability to obtain and
                                                           maintain a Commercial Driver’s License also re-
                                                           quired. Waste Management Division.
POSITION - Requires a minimum of an MSEE, or
equivalent, with broad hands-on experience or inter-
est in analog and digital electronics as related to
accelerators. Strong analog circuit design and data
acquisition skills are an asset; ability to make precise
measurements in an electrically noisy environment is
very desirable. Familiarity with VME and embedded
processors, experience with accelerators, both linear
and circular and pulsed power are a definite plus. Will
interface with engineers and physicists to design,
maintain and upgrade custom equipment and sys-
tems in frequency ranges from DC to 3 GHz. Recent
graduates with appropriate interest, educational back-
ground and willingness to work in these fields are
encouraged to apply. National Synchrotron Light

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