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					  Homeland Security Information
 Network-Emergency Management
(HSIN-EM) Fire Service Community
 Technologies for Critical Incident
   Preparedness Conference
         September 8, 2006
            Atlanta, GA
                                                                     HSIN Strategic and Conceptual Framework

   What is HSIN?
                  System                      A sensitive, but
                                         unclassified environment
                                                                         Access to a suite of
                                                                         common services at
                  Architecture             to share information          greatly reduced cost

                  Alert/Warning             The capability to
                                                                        Extend reach of alerts,
• HSIN is a       Information                receive DHS-
                                                                         warnings, advisories,
                                          generated broadcasts
  DHS funded      Dissemination             and narrowcasts
                                                                        while tailoring delivery

  sharing                                 The capability to store,
                                                                         Knowledge base for
                                                                        sector access. Allows
  capability      HSIN Portal              search, and retrieve
                                           sensitive documents
                                                                        creation of sub council
                                                                           working groups

                                                                         Real-time problem-
                                            The capability to
                  Collaboration             conduct real-time
                                                                        solving and planning
                                                                          within and across

• Announced by Secretary Ridge, March 2004
• Operated by DHS/National Operations Center (NOC)
• NOC's primary suite of tools for information sharing, coordination,
  planning, mitigation, and response.                                                                2
                                                                    HSIN Strategic and Conceptual Framework

 HSIN and the Critical Sectors
 Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-7 identified 13 critical
  sectors and four key resources that were critical to the nation’s security
  and economic well-being (December 2003)

…From HSPD-7…

“Coordination with the Private Sector…

(25) In accordance with applicable laws or regulations, the Department and the
    Sector-Specific Agencies will collaborate with appropriate private sector entities
    and continue to encourage the development of information sharing and analysis
    mechanisms. Additionally, the Department and Sector-Specific Agencies shall
    collaborate with the private sector and continue to support sector-coordinating
(a) to identify, prioritize, and coordinate the protection of critical infrastructure and
    key resources; and
(b) to facilitate sharing of information about physical and cyber threats,
    vulnerabilities, incidents, potential protective measures, and best practices. “

 HSIN-CS is one of DHS’s mechanism’s in which it fulfills its obligations
  as stated in HSPD-7
                                                                                          HSIN Strategic and Conceptual Framework

  The HSIN Program (Conceptual)
Original HSIN Environment                          Evolving HSIN Environment

             DHS                                                           DHS

            HSIN                                                      HSIN

                               Federal/State/Local Gov’t                                            Other Sectors
                               and Law Enforcement

                                               Community 1   Community 2    Community 3       Community 4

                                                     Emergency Services Sector
   Federal/State/Local Gov’t
                                                     (initially led by Fire Service
   and Law Enforcement
                                                            HSIN Strategic and Conceptual Framework

  Sector-Driven Governance Model
 Each Critical Infrastructure Sector / Key Resource Area has “ownership”
  of its individual HSIN site.

 DHS seeks Emergency Services Sector insight and feedback to...
    Set the vision for HSIN in the sector including how, when, and why
     the various tools will be used
    Determine policies for content and user management
    Facilitate deployment of HSIN-EM to Emergency Services Sector
    Outreach to sector membership
    From sector perspective, initiative currently being led by Fire Service

 The sector and DHS’s roles in operating HSIN-EM Emergency Services
  Sector will be documented in an MOU between DHS and the sector

 Additionally, each user agrees to an End user agreement at time of

                                                           HSIN Strategic and Conceptual Framework

 What Can HSIN Provide the Sectors?
 Information sharing, connectivity, and coordination capabilities within
  each Critical Sector (in this case Emergency Services), as well as
  with Federal, state, and local authorities at both a national and
  regional level

 Built in capability for cross-sector information sharing as
  “communities” are established – ability to coordinate with other critical
  sectors (such as electricity, transportation, nuclear, etc.)

 Convenient and comprehensive channel to receive official DHS and
  other governmental information products during ongoing “steady-
  state” operations as well as in response to an all-hazards event

 Access to DHS information sharing platform with no financial

                                                       HSIN Description

HSIN Common Services
 Online Account Management    Individual Customizable Links

 Current Threat Level         News Feed to display current
  Information                   open source related news

 Urgent Alerts                Discussion Boards

 Document/Picture Library     Event Calendars

 Search Engine                Real Time Communication
                                such as Chat, Instant
                                Messaging, etc.
 Incident Reporting

 User Community Directory

              HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Home Page …

                   HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Home Page cont.…

                  HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Collaboration …

                     HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Info/Doc Sharing …

                          HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Situational Awareness …

                                            HSIN-EM FSC Screen Shots
Real Time Collaboration (Jabber Tool) ...

                                                           Current Status of HSIN-EM FSC

 Current Status of HSIN-EM FSC

 Currently in pilot being reviewed by Emergency Services Sector Fire
  Service Community leadership and dedicated working group

 Seeking volunteers to participate in working group to develop
  requirements and provide programmatic policy insight; DHS and its
  contractors provide all other required support

 User access governed by the ESS FSC, not DHS

                                                              Key HSIN-EM FSC Contacts

Key HSIN-EM Fire Service Community Contacts

 Chief Rebecca Denlinger,
    Cobb County, Ga. Fire Chief

 Michael Ferrara
    Principal, CSC (under contract to DHS supporting HSIN)


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