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Private Car Policy - Insurance


									Relax. We’ve got you covered

Private Car
Clubline from Aviva

Call us free on

0800 678 999
24 hour assistance, 365 days a year:
    • Following an accident/emergency
    • To make a claim
    • For windscreen breakage/damage
For our joint protection telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored
Customers with Disabilities
This policy is also available in large print, audio and Braille. If you require any of these formats please contact
your insurance advisor.
                                         Private Car Policy                1

Introducing Private Car from Aviva

Thank you for choosing Private        An insurer who looks after you
Car from Aviva, the motor             when you need it. An insurer
insurance policy that gives you all   who helps when you are out there
you need – and the option of that
                                      by the roadside... and after the
little bit more!
                                      event, with fast settlement of
You now have the reassurance of       your claim.
knowing that you are protected
by the UK’s largest insurer.          With Aviva, you are in safe hands.


Welcome to Private Car . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

     Enjoy automatic membership to club benefits
     Why Clubline is good for you
     If you need to claim
     Key Benefits

Private Car Gold/Club Section . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Contract of Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

Courtesy Car and Hire Car . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Policy Cover Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Cover for your Vehicle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Liability to Third Parties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Additional Covers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

General Exceptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

General Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25

Complaints Procedure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

Financial Services Compensation Scheme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28

Pages 12 to 25 include important information affecting your policy and your
policy wording.
                                                Welcome to Private Car                                                                  3

   Welcome to Private Car
   and automatic membership of our exclusive club benefits.

Welcome to Private Car from Aviva. This
policy forms part of your legal contract        If you need to claim                          The practicalities
with us and defines exactly what you
are covered against. Please refer to your   Simply phone the Clubline and a Club          If you are involved in an accident, phone
schedule for confirmation of the level of   Personal Incident Manager will record         Clubline and if the incident is covered we
cover you have chosen. Choosing Private     details of the incident you describe.         will arrange for:
Car, gives you automatic membership to      They will be able to confirm:
                                                                                             Your vehicle to be recovered
our Club Insurance service and access
                                               Whether your policy covers you for the
to the exclusive Clubline claims service;                                                    A safe passage home or completion of
0800 678999.                                                                                 your journey for you and your passengers
                                               Any excess that you will have to pay
                                                                                             Your Personal Incident Manager to talk
                                               All the steps involved in the process of      you through the claims process.
    Why Clubline is good for you
                                               making a claim.
                                                                                          If the incident is not covered under your
                                                                                          policy we can still arrange to assist you.
Clubline is a freephone number, offering                                                  However, a charge will be made.
help and assistance in the United
Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle                                                     If you have selected Club Gold Insurance
of Man and operating 24 hours a day,        You will be sent a statement of fact          from Aviva (outlined in the next section)
365 days of the year.                       and contacted by your Personal Incident       and you require Breakdown Assistance,
                                            Manager to confirm the details that           again call the Clubline and we will arrange
It is designed to ensure any motoring                                                     for RAC to be with you as soon as possible.
problems you encounter are resolved         you have already provided to Clubline.
swiftly and smoothly, keeping your          All you need to do is add any relevant
motoring life as stress free as possible.   information, check and sign it.
                                            It’s never been easier!
Welcome to Private Car continued

                                              Recovery of your vehicle to your           Free breakdown recovery whilst driving
    Important                                 home or any UK destination if you          in any EU country (other than Great
                                              are taken seriously ill and cannot         Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel
When telephoning Clubline, please try to      continue your journey                      Islands and The Isle of Man, unless
have your policy number ready (as shown       Child Seats – Replacement cover up to      ‘Gold’ cover is selected)
on your policy schedule). This will enable    £100 per child seat in the event of an     Customers have access to our
your Club Personal Incident Manager to        accident or loss                           Motor Clubline – a 24-hour emergency
find your policy records quickly and          Use our select repairer service and we     claims and legal helpline
provide the level of service that you         will book your car into an approved        Ability to identify and appoint the
expect. For our joint protection, calls may   repairer, provide you with a courtesy      approved repairer best suited to your
be recorded and/or monitored.                 car for the duration of the repair         requirements and location
Please ask your insurance adviser for our     (where your car is a ‘grey’ import a       Fast authorisation for repairs
‘Driving on the Continent’ booklet which      courtesy car will be supplied for a        One-call to report all claim types and
contains information on driving abroad        maximum of 7 days only) and                provide scene of the accident advice
and what to do in the event of an             guarantee the repairs for three years
                                                                                         Unlimited audio equipment cover on
accident abroad.                              All repairs form part of the               manufacturer fitted systems
                                              manufacturers warranty certificate
Key benefits                                  Replacement locks if keys are stolen     Optional Extras
  Full Courtesy Car – Car for 14 days in                                               Club Gold
                                              No claims discount (NCD) up to
  event of total loss                                                                  Provides RAC breakdown cover and
                                              70 percent, with Protected NCD,
   Uninsured Driver Promise – No loss of      offered subject to criteria              enhanced limits for Personal Accident,
   NCD and Policy excess refunded                                                      Personal Effects and Medical Expenses.
                                              Choice of Social, Domestic and
   following an accident that is the fault                                             Enhanced courtesy car
                                              Pleasure (SD&P), SD&P and
   of an uninsured driver                                                              Class D vehicle typically with 5 doors and
                                              Commuting, SD&P and Business use
                                                                                       an engine size of 1.6 litres with room to
                                                                                       seat 5 people.
                                                Welcome to Private Car continued and Private Car Gold (or Club Gold)                    5

Private Car Gold from Aviva
(or Club Gold)

                                             And if you breakdown away from home,
    The option that gives                                                                     Extended Accident and
                                             Club Gold provides a choice of:
    you a whole lot more                                                                      Theft benefits
                                               Free courtesy car
Gold, the same great service but               Overnight accommodation for driver         An accident is not only a shock, it can
with higher and more extensive levels          and passengers                             create havoc with your plans. If it should
of cover.                                                                                 happen to you, Club Gold offers one of
                                               Onward transportation of the car
                                                                                          these options to choose from:
Private Car Gold from Aviva, also known        plus driver and passengers
as Club Gold, goes even further,               Onward transportation may be                  Free courtesy car for up to 14 days
providing extra benefits to give you total     provided if the driver should fall ill        Overnight accommodation for driver
motoring confidence. You will have the                                                       and passengers
                                               Refund of the cost of public transport
security of extensive cover, whether on
                                               to enable the driver and passengers           Refund of the cost of public transport
the road or at home, in the event of
                                               to complete their journey.                    to enable the driver and passengers to
breakdown, accident or theft, supported
by an award winning claims service                                                           complete their journey
focused on restoring your enjoyment             Personal Cover                            Should the car be stolen and not recovered:
of car ownership.                                                                            Provision of alternative transport to
                                               If the policyholder is travelling in any      complete the journey.
    Full Breakdown and Rescue                  other car, you are covered for both
    cover, provided by RAC                     roadside and home assistance
                                                                                          If you want to know more, please contact
                                               Increased Personal Accident cover
It’s no fun being stranded when the                                                       your insurance adviser who will take you
                                               of £5,000 for you and your partner
car suddenly breaks down, especially                                                      through the detail.
when you have passengers with you.             Increased Medical Expenses cover of
Club Gold gives you the reassurance of:        £300 in respect of each person insured
   Roadside assistance                         Increased Personal Effects cover of
   At-home assistance                          £200 per incident.
Contract of Insurance

This policy, the information you have             facts eg. a change to the persons to be         If you do not exercise your right to cancel
provided and the schedule form the                insured, motoring convictions of any of         your policy, it will continue in force and
contract of insurance between you, the            the persons to be insured, a change of          you will be required to pay the premium.
policyholder and us, Aviva.                       vehicle or a change of use to the vehicle.
                                                                                                  For your cancellation rights outside the
In return for your premium, we will                                                               statutory cooling off period, please refer
provide the cover shown in the schedule               Cancellation rights                         to the General Conditions section of
for accident, injury, loss or damage that                                                         this booklet.
happens within the territorial limits during
the period of insurance.                          You have a statutory right to cancel your       Additional Covers - Refund of Premiums
                                                  policy within 14 days from the day of           If you have purchased additional cover
                                                  purchase of the contract or the day on          options with this policy, a refund may not
    Choice of Law                                 which you receive your policy                   be available on those additional covers if
                                                  documentation, whichever is the later.          they are subsequently removed after the
The law of England and Wales will apply                                                           statutory cancellation period.
                                                  If you wish to do so and the insurance cover
to this contract unless:                          has not yet commenced, you will be entitled
                                                                                                  Administration charge
(a) You and the Insurer agree otherwise; or       to a full refund of the premium paid.
                                                                                                  We reserve the right to apply an
(b) At the date of the contract you are a         Alternatively, if you wish to do so and the     administration charge of up to £10 (subject
    resident of (or, in the case of a business,   insurance cover has already commenced,          to Insurance Premium Tax where applicable)
    the registered office or principal place      you will be entitled to a refund of the full    for any adjustments you make to your policy.
    of business is situated in) Scotland,         premium paid, subject to a deduction for
    Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the      the time for which you have been covered.       Use of Language
    Isle of Man, in which case (in the            This will be calculated on a pro-rata basis     Unless otherwise agreed, the contractual
    absence of agreement to the contrary)         for the period in which you received cover.     terms and conditions and other
    the law of that country will apply.                                                           information relating to this contract will
                                                  To exercise your right to cancel your policy,
                                                                                                  be expressed in English.
                                                  please contact your insurance adviser at
Changes we need to know about                     the address shown on your schedule.
Please tell us or your insurance adviser                                                          Customers with Disabilities
immediately you become aware of any               You should also return your certificate of      This policy is also available in large print,
changes to your circumstances which may           motor insurance immediately following           audio and Braille. If you require any of
affect this insurance or any other material       cancellation.                                   these formats please contact your
                                                                                                  insurance advisor.
                                                Contract of Insurance and
                                                Homework introduction Definitions                                               7


Wherever the following words                Market value                               The certificate does not show the
or phrases appear, they will have           The cost of replacing your car with        cover you have.
the meanings described here.                one of a similar type and condition.
You                                         Excess                                     Changes in the terms of your
The policyholder named in the schedule.     The amount you will have to pay            policy. These are shown in your
                                            towards any claim.                         policy schedule.
We, us
Aviva Insurance UK Limited except           Accessories                                Fire
where otherwise shown for any policy        Parts of your car which are not directly   Fire, lightning and explosion.
section.                                    related to how it works as a car. This
                                            includes spare parts, audio equipment,     Green Card
Your partner                                multi-media equipment, communication       A document required by certain
The husband or wife of the policyholder,    equipment, personal computers,             non-EU countries to provide proof
or the policyholder’s domestic or civil     satellite navigation and radar detection   that you have the minimum insurance
partner living at the same address as the   systems providing they are permanently     cover required by law to drive in
policyholder and sharing financial          fitted to your car and have no             that country.
responsibilities. This does not include     independent power source.
                                                                                       Period of insurance
any business partners or associates.
                                            Certificate of motor insurance             The period of time covered by this
Schedule                                    The current document that proves you       policy as shown in the policy schedule
The document which gives details of         have the motor insurance you need by       and any further period for which we
the cover you have.                         law. The certificate shows who can         agree to insure you.
                                            drive your car, and what you can use
The period of insurance                     it for and whether you are allowed to      Personal belongings
The period of time covered by this          drive other cars. It is proof that you     Personal property within your car
policy, as shown in the schedule, and       can use your car on a road or other        including portable audio equipment,
any further period that we agree to         public place, as required by the Road      multi-media equipment,
insure you for.                             Traffic Acts.                              communication equipment, personal
                                                                                       computers, satellite navigation and
Definitions continued

radar detection systems not              Your car
permanently fitted to your car.          Any vehicle described in the schedule
                                         and any other vehicle for which
Policy Schedule                          details have been supplied to us and a
Details of you, your car and the         certificate of motor insurance bearing
insurance protection provided to you.    the registration mark of that vehicle
                                         has been delivered to you and
RAC                                      remains effective. Any vehicle loaned
RAC Motoring Services or RAC             to you or a permitted driver shown on
Insurance Limited as shown in the        your certificate of motor insurance by
relevant policy section                  a supplier we have nominated
RAC, PO Box 700, Bristol BS99 1RB.       following a claim under the policy.

Territorial limits                       Any vehicle loaned to you or a
                                         permitted driver shown on your
Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the     certificate of motor insurance for
Channel Islands and the Isle of Man,     up to seven days by a garage,
the Republic of Ireland, Andorra,        motor engineer or vehicle repairer
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia,     while the motor vehicle described
Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark,     on your policy schedule is being either
Estonia, Finland, France (including      serviced, repaired or having
Monaco), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece,     an MOT test.
Hungary, Iceland, Italy (including
San Marino and the Vatican City),
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,
the Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
(including Liechtenstein).
Theft or attempted theft.

The insured/you/policyholder
The person or persons described as
the insured in the policy schedule.

The insurer/we/us/the company
Aviva Insurance UK Limited
except where otherwise shown for
any policy section.
                                                  Definitions continued and Courtesy Car and Hire Car                                    9

Courtesy Car and Hire Car

Courtesy cars are supplied to reduce                                                        In order to avoid undue delays, please
your inconvenience and where possible             Important information                     advise us during the early stages of
ensure you remain mobile throughout the                                                     your claim if an automatic transmission
duration of your claim. It is not intended                                                  courtesy car is required. Automatic
                                              A standard courtesy car is a class A          courtesy cars can be supplied, providing
to be an exact replacement for your own
                                              vehicle, which are small hatchback cars       the car being repaired is an automatic,
vehicle. All courtesy vehicles have
                                              similar to a Nissan Micra.
comprehensive cover under your existing                                                     A ‘grey’ import is a vehicle that does not
policy for the period of the loan,            An enhanced courtesy car is a class D         comply with European Union vehicle type
regardless of what level of cover you         vehicle, which are 5 door cars with an        specification and which is imported from
requested for your car. (Please note that a   engine size of 1.6 litre, with room to seat   outside the UK (usually Japan).
courtesy car cannot be provided until your    5 people, similar to a Vauxhall Astra.
claim has been accepted and cover has         If your vehicle is immobile or unroadworthy
been confirmed).                              we aim to provide a courtesy or hire car
                                              within one working day (however, if an
The table opposite tells you what type of
                                              incident occurs during a weekend it may
courtesy car you will receive according to
                                              not be possible to provide a courtesy car
your policy cover and situation. This
                                              until the following Monday).
should be read in conjunction with the
Important Information.
Courtesy Car and Hire Car continued

What cover have I got?                   What is my situation?                      What am I entitled to?
• Standard courtesy car cover on         • My car is being repaired by a            • The Approved Repairer will provide
  comprehensive policies                   Aviva Approved Repairer                    you with a Class A courtesy car for
                                                                                      the duration of repairs
                                         • My car is being repaired by a repairer   • No courtesy car will be provided if an
                                           of my choice                               Approved Repairer is not used
                                         • My car cannot be repaired or has         • Your claims handler will arrange for a
                                           been stolen                                Class A hire car for up to 14 days, or
                                                                                      up until your settlement cheque is
                                                                                      received (whichever is earliest)
                                         • My car is a ‘grey’ import and needs to   • If your car is a ‘grey’ import (whether
                                           be repaired                                you are aware of this or not) we will
                                                                                      provide you with a Class A courtesy
                                                                                      car for seven days only

• Standard courtesy car cover on         • My car has been stolen or has been       • Your claims handler will arrange for a
  Third Party, Fire and Theft policies     set on fire                                Class A hire car, for up to 14 days, or
                                                                                      up until your settlement cheque is
                                                                                      received (whichever is earliest)

• Enhanced courtesy car cover on         • My car is being repaired by a            • The Approved Repairer will provide
  comprehensive policies                   Aviva Approved Repairer                    you with a Class D courtesy car for
                                                                                      the duration of repairs
                                         • My car is being repaired by a repairer   • No courtesy car will be provided if an
                                           of my choice                               Approved Repairer is not used
                                         • My car cannot be repaired or has         • Your claims handler will arrange for
                                           been stolen                                a Class D hire car, for you for up to
                                                                                      14 days, or up until your settlement
                                                                                      cheque is received (whichever is earliest)
                                         • My car is a ‘grey’ import and needs to   • If your car is a ‘grey’ import (whether
                                           be repaired                                you are aware of this or not) we will
                                                                                      provide you with a Class D courtesy
                                                                                      car for seven days only
• Enhanced courtesy car cover on         • My car has been stolen or has been       • Your claims handler will arrange for a
  Third Party, Fire and Theft policies     set on fire                                Class D hire car, for up to 14 days, or
                                                                                      up until your settlement cheque is
                                                                                      received (whichever is earliest)
                                                Courtesy Car and Hire Car continued and Policy Cover Index                    11

Policy Cover Index

                                                                                           Third Party
                                                                                                       Third Party
             Cover                                                         Comprehensive    Fire and               Page No.
             Loss of or damage to your car – if your car is lost, stolen                    Fire and
Section 1                                                                        ✓                         ✗         12
             or damaged                                                                    Theft Only
             Liability to third parties – covering other people and
Section 2                                                                        ✓             ✓           ✓         14
             their property
Section 3    Injury to you or your partner                                       ✓             ✗           ✗         16
Section 4    Medical expenses and emergency treatment                            ✓             ✗           ✗         16
Section 5    Rugs Clothing and Personal effects                                  ✓             ✗           ✗         16
                                                                                            Fire and
Section 6    Child Seat Cover                                                    ✓                         ✗         16
                                                                                           Theft Only
Section 7    Payments made under compulsory insurance regulations                ✓             ✓           ✓         16
                                                                                            Excluding   Excluding
Section 8    Emergency Treatment                                                 ✓           Vehicle     Vehicle     16
                                                                                            Recovery    Recovery
Section 9    No-claim discount                                                   ✓             ✓           ✓         17
Section 10   Glass in windscreens, sunroofs and windows                          ✓             ✗           ✗         17
Section 11   Suspending cover                                                    ✓             ✓           ✓         17
             Continental use and compulsory insurance requirements –
Section 12                                                                       ✓             ✓           ✓         17
             minimum insurance while driving on the continent
                                                                                            Fire and
Section 13   Replacement Locks                                                   ✓                         ✗         18
                                                                                           Theft Only
                                                                            If shown on
Section 14   Gold Club Benefits                                                                ✗           ✗         18
Section 15   Continental Breakdown and Accident Recovery                         ✓             ✗           ✗         20
Cover for your Vehicle

                                          claim to the owner described in that        the Isle of Man after the repairs
   Section 1
                                          agreement. Our liability under this         have been carried out.
   Loss or Damage to Your Car
                                          policy will then end.                     In providing accident recovery
                                                                                    assistance we will use our reasonable
If your car is lost, stolen or damaged,   Accident recovery                         care and skill when providing the
we will:                                  Within the territorial limits we can      service. We can, however, cancel
• Pay for your car to be repaired; or     arrange for the protection and            services or refuse to provide them if,
                                          removal of your car to the nearest        in our opinion, the demands made are
• Replace your car; or                    repairers. In the event of an accident    excessive, unreasonable or impractical.
• Pay you a cash amount equal to the      please ring our Clubline and we will
                                          arrange for the following at no           New car replacement
  loss or damage.
                                          additional cost:                          We will replace your car with a new
We may decide to use suitable parts                                                 car of the same make and specification
                                          • Someone to come out and help. If
or accessories not supplied by the          your car cannot be made                 (if one is available in the UK) if, within
original manufacturer.                      roadworthy immediately it will be       12 months of you or your partner
The same cover also applies to:             taken to our nearest approved           buying the car from new:
• Accessories                                                                       • the cost of repairing any damage
                                          • Your car can be taken to a repairer       covered by the policy is more
• Spare parts                               of your choice if this is nearer, but     than 60% of the car’s list price
                                            this may lead to delays in                (including car tax and VAT) when
relating to your car while these are in
                                            arranging the repairs to your car.        you bought the car; or
or on your car or while in your private
garage.                                   • Transport for you and your              • your car is stolen and not recovered.
                                            passengers home or for the
The most we will pay will be the                                                    We will only replace your car if:
                                            completion of your car journey.
market value of your car at the time
                                          • The onward transmission of any          • you or your partner own the car or
of the loss.
                                            messages on your behalf.                  are buying it under a hire-purchase
If we know that you are still paying                                                  agreement (not a leasing, contract-
                                          • Delivering the car back to your
for your car under a hire purchase or                                                 hire agreement, or other type of
                                            address in Great Britain, Northern
leasing agreement we will pay any                                                     agreement where ownership of the
                                            Ireland, the Channel Islands and
                                                                                      car does not pass to you);
                                                     Cover for your Vehicle                                                           13

• the Financing Company agrees; and                                                        Uninsured Driver Promise
                                                    Excesses                               If the driver of your car is involved in
• you or your partner are the first
  registered keeper of the car or you                                                      an accident caused by an uninsured
  or your partner are the second                 If your car is lost, stolen or damaged,   motorist, we will refund the cost of
  registered keepers of the car, if                                                        any excess you have had to pay. You
                                                 you are responsible for paying the
  your car has been pre registered in                                                      must provide:
                                                 excess shown on your schedule, no
  the name of the manufacturer or                matter how the loss or damage             • The vehicle registration and the
  supplying dealer, providing at the             happened.                                   make/model of the car; and
  time of purchase by you or your
                                                 The excess shown below will apply as      • the driver’s details
  partner, the mileage of the car was
  less than 250 miles.                           well as any other excess for damage       This promise only applies where the
                                                 claims, while the person driving your     driver of your car was not at fault for
• Cars sold as ‘ex demonstrators’ and
                                                 car is:                                   the accident.
  ‘nearly new’ do not qualify for
  replacement under this section.                  a) aged 20 or under        £250
                                                   b) aged 21 to 24           £150
Exceptions to Section 1 of your policy
                                                 These excesses apply in addition
Your policy does not cover the following:
                                                 to any other voluntary or other
(a) loss of use, wear and tear,                  compulsory excesses that may apply.
    depreciation, mechanical, electrical,
    electronic, computer failures or             If you are only claiming for loss of
    breakdowns or breakages.                     or damage to the glass in your car’s
(b) loss or damage arising from theft            windscreen, sunroof or windows,
    whilst the ignition keys of your car         or for any scratching of the bodywork
    have been left in or on the car.             arising solely from the breakage of
                                                 glass, the excesses set out above will
(c) damage to tyres by braking or by
                                                 not apply. You will, however, have to
    punctures, cuts or bursts.
                                                 pay the first £75 of the cost of glass
(d) loss or damage directly occasioned by        replacement. This excess for glass:
    pressure waves caused by aircraft or
    other aerial devices travelling at sonic     • will not apply when the glass is
    or supersonic speed.                           repaired rather than replaced
(e) loss of value following repair.              • overrides any other general
(f) confiscation or requisition or destruction     excess that would otherwise
    by or under order of any Government or         apply to glass claims.
    Public or Local Authority.
Liability to Third Parties

   Section 2                                   Liability of other persons
                                                                                         Legal personal representatives
   Your liability                              driving or using your car

We will insure you for all amounts          On the same basis that we insure you      If anyone who is insured under this
which you may have to pay as a              under this section, we will also insure   section dies, his or her legal personal
result of you being legally liable for      the following persons:                    representatives will have the cover the
                                                                                      insured person would have had under
(a) a person’s death or injury              • any person you give permission to
                                              drive your car provided that your       this section.
(b) damage to their property up to a
                                              certificate of motor insurance
    maximum amount of £20,000,000
                                              allows that person to drive
    (excluding claimant’s costs and                                                      Legal costs
    expenses and any other costs and        • any person you give permission to
    expenses) and up to £5,000,000            use (but not drive) your car, but
    for claimant’s costs and expenses         only whilst using it for social,        We will pay the following legal costs
    and any other costs and expenses          domestic and pleasure purposes          if they relate to an incident which is
    incurred with our written consent                                                 covered under this section:
                                            • any passenger travelling or getting
    in relation to damage to their                                                    • The fees of solicitors we ask to
                                              into or out of your car.
    property as a result of an accident                                                 represent anyone we insure under
    caused by:                              • the employer or business partner of
                                                                                        this section at a coroner’s inquest
                                              the person using any car for which
   • your car                                                                           or fatal accident inquiry, or to
                                              cover is provided under this section
                                                                                        defend any proceedings in a
   • any other car driven by you in           while the car is being used for
                                                                                        court of summary jurisdiction.
     Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the     business purposes permitted under
     Republic of Ireland, the Channel         the policy, except that we shall not    • Fees for legal representatives
     Islands and the Isle of Man which        be liable where:                          we ask to defend anyone we
     does not belong to you or is not                                                   insure under this section when
                                              – the vehicle belongs to or is hired
     hired to you under a hire purchase                                                 proceedings are taken for
                                                by such employer or business
     agreement, provided that your                                                      manslaughter or reckless or
     certificate of motor insurance                                                     dangerous driving.
     indicates that you can drive such        – the insured is a corporate body
     vehicle                                    or firm.

     – the vehicle has not been seized
       by, or on behalf of any
       government or public authority
       and is not the vehicle identified
       on your certificate by its
       registration number
   • any trailer while it is being towed
     by your car.
                                                   Liability to Third Parties                                                             15

Exceptions to Section 2 of your policy         1. Except to the extent that we are          In respect of terrorism, where we are
The cover under this section will not apply       obliged by the Road Traffic Acts to       obliged by the Road Traffic Acts to provide
in the following circumstances.                   provide insurance to;                     insurance, the maximum amount we will
                                                  (a) any direct or indirect consequence    pay for damage to property as a result
(a) If any person insured under this section
                                                      of an act or acts of terrorism,       of any accident or accidents caused by a
    does not keep to the terms, exceptions
                                                      whether or not such consequence       vehicle or vehicles driven or used by you
    and conditions of this policy. The cover
                                                      has been contributed to by any        or any other person, and for which cover
    will also not apply if the insured
                                                      other cause. Terrorism includes       is provided under this section, will be:
    person can claim under another policy.
                                                      but is not limited to:                      • £5,000,000 in respect of all
(b) If the death of, or injury to, any
                                                      • the use or threat of force and/or           claims resulting directly or
    employee of the insured person
                                                        violence and/or                             indirectly from one originating
    arises out of, or in the course of,
                                                                                                    cause; or
    that employee’s duties, unless we                 • harm or damage to life or to
    must provide cover under the Road                   property (or the threat of such           • such greater sum as may in
    Traffic Acts.                                       harm or damage) including but               the circumstances be required
                                                        not limited to harm or damage               to meet the minimum insurance
(c) For anyone we insure who claims
                                                        by nuclear, chemical, biological            requirements of the Road
    under this section, if the claim relates
                                                        and/or radiological means;                  Traffic Acts.
    to loss or damage to property that
    belongs to them or is in their care.       when any such act is committed by
(d) If the damage being claimed for has        any person(s) or group(s) of persons in
    happened to any vehicle covered by         whole or in part for political, religious,
    this section.                              ideological or similar purposes, or is
                                               claimed to be committed in whole or
(e) While any vehicle is being used on:
                                               in part for such purposes:
   – part of an aerodrome or airport used
                                                      • Any action taken in controlling,
     for aircraft taking off and landing;
                                                        preventing, suppressing or in any
   – aircraft parking areas including                   other way relating to (a) above.
     service roads;
   – ground equipment parking areas; or
   – any parts of passenger terminals
     within the Customs examination
unless we are liable under the Road
Traffic Acts.
Additional Covers

                                                                                          will contribute up to £100 per child seat
    Section 3                                   Section 4
                                                                                          towards the cost of a replacement even
    Injury to you or to                         Medical expenses
                                                                                          if there is no apparent damage, subject
    your partner
                                            If you, or any other person in your car,      to you making a claim under Section I of
                                            are injured as a direct result of your        your policy.
If you or your partner suffer accidental
                                            car being involved in an accident, we
bodily injury in direct connection with
                                            will pay the medical expenses arising            Section 7
your car or while getting into, out of
                                            in connection with that accident. The            Payments made under
or travelling in any other private car,
                                            most we will pay for each injured                compulsory insurance
not belonging to you or hired to you
                                            person is £100.                                  regulations and rights
under a hire purchase agreement, we
                                                                                             of recovery
will pay to the injured person £2,500 if,
within three months of the accident,            Section 5
the injury is the sole cause of:                Personal Belongings                       If the law of any country in which this
                                                                                          policy operates requires us to settle
• death                                                                                   a claim which, if this law had not
                                            We will pay you (or, at your request,
• irrecoverable loss of sight in one        the owner) for loss or damage to              existed we would not be obliged to
  or both eyes                              personal belongings caused by fire,           pay, we reserve the right to recover
                                            theft or accidental means whilst they         such payments from you or from the
• loss of any limb.                                                                       person who incurred the liability.
                                            are in or on your car.
The most we will pay any one person
                                            The maximum amount payable for
after any accident is £2,500.
                                            any one incident is £150 subject to
The most we will pay any one person         you making a claim under section 1 of            Section 8
during any one period of insurance          your policy.                                     Emergency treatment
is £5,000.
                                                                                          We will reimburse any person using
If you or your spouse/domestic partner      Exceptions to Section 5 of your policy
                                                                                          your car for payments made under the
have any other policies with us in          We will not pay for:                          Road Traffic Acts for emergency
respect of any other car or cars the
                                            (a) money, stamps, tickets, documents         medical treatment.
injured person will only be able to
                                                or securities
obtain compensation for their injuries
                                            (b) goods or samples carried in connection    Vehicle Recovery - (only available to
under one policy.
                                                with any trade or business.               customers with Comprehensive Cover)
                                                                                          If you or any named driver as shown
                                            (c) any rugs, clothing and personal effects
Exceptions to Section 3 of your policy                                                    on your certificate of motor insurance
                                                if your vehicle is a motor caravan.
This personal accident insurance does                                                     are taken seriously ill requiring
not cover:                                                                                treatment from a qualified medical
                                                Section 6                                 practitioner and cannot continue
(a) corporate bodies or firms.                  Child seat cover
                                                                                          your/their journey the following
(b) death or bodily injury arising from                                                   recovery service is available for your
    suicide or attempted suicide.           If you have a child seat fitted in your car
                                                                                          car as described on your certificate of
                                            and your car is involved in an accident
                                                                                          motor insurance:
                                            or damaged following fire or theft we
                                              Additional Covers                                                                    17

Transportation of your car to your        may lose your no claim discount           We will pay this refund when you ask
home or single address anywhere in        temporarily. Once our investigation is    for the cover to start again. If you
Great Britain, Isle of Man and the        complete and we have confirmed that       want us to suspend your cover, you
Channel Islands.                          the accident was the fault of the         must return your certificate of motor
You will be required to produce a         uninsured driver, we will restore your    insurance immediately.
medical certificate prior to the          no claim discount and refund any          During the period when cover is
provision of this service.                extra premium you have paid.              suspended, we will continue to
What is not covered:                      Where you have made a claim, we may       provide cover for loss or damage
                                          reduce your no claim discount in line     caused by fire or theft while your
• Any incident which occurs outside       with the scale that we apply at that      car is in a locked private garage.
  Great Britain, Isle of Man and the      time.
  Channel Islands.                                                                  A refund of premium is not allowable
                                          We do not grant no claim discount for     under a policy where the total period
• Any incident where your car is          policies running for less than 12         of cover is less than 12 months.
  within a quarter of a mile of your      months. If we allow you to transfer
  home address or place where your                                                  The cover is not available if your car is
                                          this policy to another person, any no     a Motor Caravan.
  car is usually kept.                    claim discount you have already
• Any incident where your car is          earned will not apply to the person to
                                                                                    Exceptions to Section 11 of your policy
  disabled, has suffered mechanical       whom the policy is being transferred.
  or electrical breakdown or failure,                                               We will not pay for the following:
  or is unroadworthy.                        Section 10                             (a) Loss of use, reduction in value,
                                             Glass in windscreens,                      wear and tear, or mechanical, electrical
• Any incident where illness is
                                             sunroofs or windows                        or computer breakdowns, failures or
  directly caused by or due to the
  effects of alcohol and or drugs.
                                          Any payment we make for repairing         (b) Loss of value following a repair.
A claim solely under this section will
not affect your No Claim Discount.        or replacing glass in your car’s          (c) Loss or damage arising from theft
                                          windscreen, sunroof or windows (or            while the ignition keys of your car
   Section 9                              for any scratches on the bodywork             have been left in or on the car.
   No Claim Discount                      caused directly by the broken glass)
                                          will not affect your no-claim discount.       Section 12
If no claim is made under your policy,                                                  Continental use/compulsory
we will increase your no claim               Section 11                                 insurance requirements
discount when you renew your policy          Suspending cover
in line with the scale we apply at that                                             In compliance with EU Directives this
time. Where the accident was not          If your car will be out of use for a      policy provides, as a minimum, the
your fault and the driver was             continuous period of 28 days or more,     necessary cover to comply with the laws
uninsured, you will not lose your no      and this is not a result of any loss or   on compulsory insurance of motor
claim discount.                           damage covered by this policy, we may     vehicles in:
                                          suspend your cover and refund part of
If your renewal is due and                                                          • any country which is a member of
                                          your premium for the laid-up period.
investigations are still on-going, you                                                the European Union
Additional Covers continued

• any country which the Commission           If you take your car abroad                 • the lock transmitter and central
  of the European Communities is             All countries within the territorial          locking interface.
  satisfied has made arrangements to         limits have agreed that a Green Card
                                                                                         Provided that you can establish to
  meet the requirements of Article           is not necessary for cross border travel.
                                                                                         our satisfaction that the identity or
  7(2) of EC Directive 72/166/EEC            Your certificate of motor insurance
                                                                                         garaging address of your car is known
  relating to civil liabilities arising      should, therefore, provide sufficient
                                                                                         to any person who is in possession of
  from the use of a motor vehicle.           evidence that you are complying with
                                                                                         your keys or transmitter.
In addition to this minimum cover, the       the laws on the compulsory insurance
                                             of motor vehicles in any of these           Your No Claim Discount will not be
policy provides the cover shown in the
                                             countries that you visit.                   disallowed solely as a result of a claim
schedule in any country in the
                                                                                         under this section.
territorial limits, subject to:              If, however, you contact your
• your car being normally kept in            insurance adviser at least two weeks
                                             before departure, he/she will be able          Section 14
  Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the                                                      Gold Club Benefits
  Channel Islands or the Isle of Man         to provide you with our ‘Driving on
                                             the Continent’ booklet. This booklet
• use of your car for visits to              contains useful information on driving      This section operates if you have
  countries outside Great Britain,           abroad, what to do and who to               selected Comprehensive Gold cover
  Northern Ireland, the Channel              contact in the event of an accident         as indicated in your policy schedule.
  Islands and the Isle of Man being of       and statements in the main European
  a temporary nature, not exceeding                                                      Hire car, overnight accommodation
                                             languages for presentation to the
  three months in any one trip.                                                          If your car has been disabled through
                                             police or other officials confirming
                                                                                         an accident covered under Section 1
Cover includes:                              that you have proper insurance to
                                                                                         of this policy in Great Britain,
                                             drive in their countries.
• transit by sea, air or rail in or                                                      Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands
  between countries within the               There is no cover for countries outside     or the Isle of Man, RAC may, at its
  territorial limits                         the territorial limits. We may,             discretion, offer you or any person
                                             however, be prepared to extend cover        permitted to drive as described under
• reimbursement of any customs duty
                                             to certain places by special request,       ‘5 – Persons or Classes of Persons
  you may have to pay after
                                             in which case we will provide you           entitled to drive’ in the certificate of
  temporarily importing your car into
                                             with a Green Card and an additional         motor insurance either:
  any country within the territorial
                                             premium will be required.
  limits, subject to your liability                                                      • a hire car of up to 1600cc for
  arising as a direct result of a claim                                                    24 hours subject to the hirer’s terms
  covered under this policy                      Section 13
                                                                                           and conditions. This free period of
                                                 Replacement locks
• general Average contributions,                                                           hire must commence within 48
  Salvage charges and Sue and Labour                                                       hours after your car
                                             If the car keys or lock transmitter of
  charges whilst your car is being                                                         was damaged and excludes fuel
                                             your car is lost or stolen we will pay
  transported by sea between any                                                           costs, parking fees and fines; or
                                             for the cost of replacing:
  countries within the territorial limits,
                                                                                         • overnight accommodation for
  provided that your car is covered for      • the door locks and/or boot lock
                                                                                           the passengers and driver up to
  loss or damage under this policy.          • the ignition/steering lock                  a maximum of £150 in total. This
                                              Additional Covers continued                                                       19

  does not include, however, the cost     Increased medical expenses cover           In addition, RAC will arrange for one
  of providing meals or drinks; or        The amount payable under Section 4         of the following options, at no
                                          of this policy if you or any other         additional cost, if your car breaks
• a refund of the cost of public
                                          occupant of your car is injured as a       down away from home and cannot be
  transport for the driver and up
                                          direct result of your car being involved   repaired within a reasonable time:
  to seven passengers to reach the
                                          in an accident is increased to £300 in
  end of their journey subject to a                                                  • onward transportation for the
                                          respect of each person injured.
  maximum of £150. You will need                                                       driver, your car, up to seven
  to produce receipts in order to         All other terms and exceptions               passengers and any caravan/
  claim for this.                         applicable to Section 4 continue             trailer on tow at the time, to the
                                          to apply.                                    destination of the driver’s choice,
If your car has been stolen and not
                                                                                       in one non-stop journey. This facility
recovered arrangements will be made
                                          Breakdown assistance                         may also be provided if the driver
to provide alternative transport up to
                                          Cover under this section is provided         falls ill and there are no passengers
a total value of £150 in order to
                                          by RAC Motoring Services and/or RAC          who can drive the vehicle so that
complete the journey.
                                          Insurance Limited. Cover is provided in      the journey cannot be completed.
                                          Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the         In these circumstances it will be at
Increased personal accident cover for
                                          Channel Islands and the Isle of Man          the discretion of RAC whether this
you and your spouse/domestic partner
                                          for you or any person permitted to           service is offered. Some form of
The payment indicated under Section 3
                                          drive as described under ‘5 – Persons        medical certification will be
of this policy in the event of death,
                                          or Classes of Persons entitled to drive’     required; or
irrecoverable loss of sight in one or
                                          in the certificate of motor insurance.
both eyes or the loss of a limb, is                                                  • a hire car of up to 1600cc for
increased to £5,000 for any one person.   If your car, or a trailer/caravan being      24 hours subject to the hirer’s
                                          towed by it, breaks down, ring the           terms and conditions to enable
The most we will pay any one person
                                          Clubline and RAC will arrange for the        you to complete your journey.
during any one period of insurance is
                                          following at no additional cost:             This excludes fuel costs, parking
increased to £10,000.
                                                                                       fees and fines; or
All other terms and exceptions            Your car
                                                                                     • overnight accommodation for
applicable to Section 3 continue          • someone to come out and help.
                                                                                       the passengers and driver up to
to apply.                                   If your car cannot be repaired
                                                                                       a maximum of £150 in total. This
                                            immediately it will be taken to a
Increased rugs, clothing and personal                                                  does not include, however, the cost
                                            nearby garage or a closer one of
effects cover                                                                          of providing meals or drinks; or
                                            your choice where you can arrange
The maximum amount payable for              for repairs to be made                   • a refund of the cost of public
any one incident under Section 5                                                       transport for the driver and up
                                          • assistance if your car will not start
of this policy is increased to £200.                                                   to four passengers to reach the
                                            while parked at home. If your car
All other terms and exceptions                                                         end of their journey subject to
                                            cannot be repaired immediately it
applicable to Section V continue                                                       a maximum of £150 in order to
                                            will be taken to your local garage.
to apply.                                                                              complete the journey.
                                          If your car needs to be towed it must
                                          display a valid road tax disc.
Additional Covers continued

Any private car                                 – is carrying a dangerous or illegal load   Cover is provided in the specific
The following cover is provided in              – cannot be recovered by normal             instances below by RAC Motoring
Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the              trailers or transporters.                 Services and/or RAC Insurance Limited
Channel Islands and the Isle of Man                                                         and is subject to an overall limit of
                                              In providing breakdown assistance RAC
through RAC for any private car you                                                         £2,500.
                                              employees and contractors will use
are travelling in as the policyholder,
                                              reasonable care and skill when providing      RAC will arrange for the following:
either as the driver or as a passenger:
                                              the service. RAC can, however, cancel
                                                                                            (a) If your car breaks down, or
• someone to come out and help.               services or refuse to provide them if,
  If the vehicle cannot be repaired           in their opinion the demands made are         (b) Is disabled as a result of an accident
  immediately it will be taken to a           excessive, unreasonable or impracticable.         covered under Section 1 of your
  nearby garage where repairs can                                                               policy whilst being driven by you or
  be carried out.                                                                               any person permitted to drive as
                                                  Section 15
                                                  Continental breakdown and                     described under ‘Persons or Classes
• assistance if the vehicle you are
                                                  accident recovery                             of Persons entitled to drive’ in the
  intending to travel in will not
                                                                                                certificate of motor insurance.
  start while parked at its normal
  residence.                                  If you have Standard Comprehensive            Whilst you are in the UK:
                                              cover, as indicated in your policy
                                                                                            • a self-drive hire car, including
Exceptions to Section 14 of your policy       schedule, you also qualify for
                                                                                              collision damage waiver and a
                                              continental breakdown and
Breakdown assistance will not cover:                                                          replacement Green Card if
                                              accident recovery.
• the cost of any ferry crossings or                                                          necessary up to a value of £750, if:
  toll charges                                No breakdown cover or accident
                                                                                              – as a result of a road accident,
                                              recovery applies whatsoever if you
• the recovery of any car if it is stuck in                                                     fire or theft within seven days
                                              have Third Party Fire and Theft or
  water, a bog, a ditch or on a beach or                                                        before your departure, your
                                              Third Party Only cover.
  if it has been overturned unless this                                                         vehicle cannot be repaired or
  forms part of your insurance claim          If you have Comprehensive Gold                    recovered (in the case of theft)
• the repair or recovery of any car if it     cover, as indicated in your policy                in time for the journey; or
  breaks down at the premises of a            schedule, you can also enjoy
                                                                                              – your vehicle breaks down on the
  motor trader                                breakdown cover in Great Britain,
                                                                                                way to the port you are leaving
                                              Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands
• the cost of spares, petrol, oil, keys or                                                      from and RAC confirms that it
                                              and the Isle of Man.
  other materials and garage labour                                                             cannot be repaired the same day.
• the carriage of any livestock which         This section provides breakdown
                                                                                                 Please note that any hired
  require special transportation facilities   cover and accident recovery for the
                                                                                                 vehicle provided in the UK
                                              territorial limits of the policy excluding
• any vehicle which:                                                                             cannot be taken abroad. Once
                                              Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the
   – is over 5.5 metres in body length                                                           you are abroad the cover stated
                                              Channel Islands and the Isle of Man,
                                                                                                 under section ‘Whilst you are
   – is a caravan or trailer over 7 metres    although the breakdown service will
                                                                                                 abroad’ will be provided.
     in body length                           be provided if you are on route to or
   – weighs more than 3.5 tonnes (gross       from a port immediately prior to or
     vehicle mass)                            subsequent to travelling abroad.
                                                   Additional Covers continued                                                      21

Whilst you are abroad:                         • a replacement driver, if a registered      abroad during the journey and
                                                 doctor declares the only qualified         has not been found, we will pay
• emergency roadside assistance
                                                 driver is medically unfit to drive and     indemnity against Continental
  up to a maximum of £175 (not
                                                 there are no passengers who can            or Irish Customs claims for any
  including the cost of any parts).
                                                 legally drive the car to complete the      liability for duty claimed. This does
  If your car cannot be repaired
                                                 journey. In these circumstances it         not include any import duties that
  immediately it will be taken to a
                                                 will be at the discretion of RAC           do not relate to your vehicle.
  nearby garage. In the event of a
                                                 whether a replacement driver is          Whilst you are abroad RAC may,
  breakdown we will pay either:
                                                 provided, to enable you to reach         at its discretion, offer you or any
  – a contribution towards labour                your destination or return home.         permitted driver:
    charges if it is possible to repair your
                                               • repatriation of the car to your home     • overnight accommodation expenses
    vehicle to enable you to continue
                                                 address or your nominated repairer         for the driver and passengers up
    your journey on the same day, or
                                                 in Great Britain, Northern Ireland,        to £35 per person per day, subject
  – inspection fees to confirm your              the Channel Islands or the Isle of         to an overall maximum of £560
    vehicle cannot be repaired by                Man, if your car cannot be repaired        in total. This does not include,
    your return travel date.                     before the end of your holiday             however, the cost of meals or drinks.
                                                 period, subject to the cost of the
• onward transportation, if your                                                          • If you are intending to camp but
                                                 repatriation not exceeding the
  car cannot be repaired within                                                             your tent is stolen or accidentally
                                                 market value of your car.
  12 hours, we will provide you with                                                        damaged so that you cannot use it,
  a replacement car to enable you              • emergency repairs to make your             we will pay up to £35 per person
  with up to 14 days self-drive car              vehicle secure again if the                each day towards accommodation
  hire (including collision damage               windows, windscreen or locks of            expenses to a total of £560 or, in
  waiver, delivery charge and Green              your vehicle have been damaged             certain circumstances, authorise the
  Card if required), or we will pay for          by somebody trying to break into           cost of a replacement tent. This does
  standard/second class rail,                    it. In this instance you must obtain       not include any damage to your tent
  or both, so that you and up to                 a police report.                           caused by weather conditions, or any
  7 passengers are able to continue                                                         cost if your tent was stolen and you
                                               • passing an urgent message from our
  your journey or return home.                                                              do not get a police report.
                                                 control centre to your relatives or a
  Any hired vehicle cannot be                    close business colleague if              If we have agreed to an extension
  brought into the United Kingdom,               your vehicle cannot be moved as          of the territorial limits and you have
  as we will arrange for a second hire           it has broken down or been in an         been issued with an international
  vehicle, costs for which are limited           accident, damaged by fire or stolen.     motor insurance card (Green Card) the
  to £250, to get you home once you                                                       breakdown cover outlined above is
                                               • if your vehicle cannot be
  return to the United Kingdom. RAC                                                       extended to apply to these countries,
                                                 reasonably repaired as a result of
  will use its best endeavours to find                                                    but only for the period shown in the
                                                 fire or theft which has happened
  a car of similar, but not exact,                                                        Green Card.
                                                 abroad during the journey and it
  specification as your own car to
                                                 has to be scrapped under Customs         In providing breakdown assistance
  ensure that you can carry the same
                                                 supervision in the country where         RAC employees and contractors will
  number of passengers and amount
                                                 it is situated, or it has been stolen    use reasonable care and skill when
  of luggage.
                                                                                          providing the service. RAC can,
Additional Covers continued

however, cancel services or refuse to                                                   • the cost of spares or parts, petrol,
provide them if, in their opinion the         Telephone Numbers                           oil, keys or other materials and
demands made are excessive,                                                               garage labour
unreasonable or impractical.                                                            • any vehicle that cannot be recovered
                                          If you are unfortunate enough to
We will provide emergency assistance                                                      by normal trailers or transporters
                                          require Breakdown and/or Accident
by one of our contractors in the event    Assistance, please use these telephone        • breakdown due to lack of oil or water,
of vehicle breakdown, accident, fire      numbers:                                        frost damage, rust or corrosion, or
or theft, or when the only qualified                                                      unserviceable/unroadworthy tyres.
driver is unfit to drive. This cover      Calls from outside the UK:
                                                                                        • the transportation of any vehicle or
applies in any country within the         (00 44) 161 866 4114                            trailer that contains horses or livestock
territorial limits or any other country
                                          Calls from within the UK:                     • the cost of any self-drive car hire
where we have agreed to an
                                                                                          collection charges
extension of cover and have issued        0800 678 999
you with a Green Card.                                                                  • any cost arising from an incident not
                                          For our joint protection telephone calls        reported to our control centre
Every effort is made to ensure a          may be recorded and/or monitored.             • the cost of any meals or any other
quality service is provided in Eastern
                                          Once your details have been taken,              extra hotel costs
European countries but this may not
                                          one of our Personal Incident Managers         • any vehicle which is carrying a
necessarily be of the same standard
                                          will ring you back, if possible, and            dangerous or illegal load.
as in Western Europe. The situation
                                          explain the appropriate action for
varies from country to country but
                                          your circumstances.
time delays may occur, telephones
are sometimes not available, garage
facilities may be inadequate, spare       Exceptions to Section 15 of your policy
parts are often not available, etc. You   Continental breakdown and accident
should also be aware that unleaded        recovery will not cover:
fuel may not be widely available.
                                          • the cost of any ferry crossings or
Remember: Always carry all vehicle          toll charges
and insurance documentation when          • the cost of recovery of your car if it is
driving and never leave it in an            stuck in water, a bog, a ditch or on a
unattended vehicle.                         beach or if it has been overturned
                                            unless this forms part of your
                                            insurance claim
                                                   Additional Covers continued and General Exceptions                                         23

General Exceptions

Your policy does not cover the following:               you had no knowledge of such                 • the radioactive, toxic explosive or
(a) Any accident, injury, loss or damage                deficiency.                                    other hazardous properties of any
    while any vehicle that is insured under       3. Any vehicle driven by you, unless you             explosive nuclear assembly or
    this policy is being:                            hold a licence to drive the insured               nuclear component thereof.

   1. Used otherwise than for the                    vehicle or have held a licence and        (d) Any consequence whatsoever resulting
      purposes described under the                   are not disqualified from holding or          directly or indirectly from or in
      ‘Limitations as to use’ section of             obtaining such a licence.                     connection with any of the following
      your certificate of motor insurance         4. Driven by anyone else with your               regardless of any other contributory
                                                     general consent who, to your                  cause or event:
   2. Driven by any person other than
      anyone who is described under the              knowledge, does not have a licence           1. War, invasion, act of foreign
                                                     to drive your car, has never held               enemy, hostilities or a warlike
      section of your certificate of motor
                                                     one or is disqualified from holding             operation or operations (whether
      insurance headed ‘Persons or
                                                     or obtaining such a licence.                    war be declared or not), civil war,
      Classes of Persons entitled to drive’.
      We will not withdraw this cover:         (b) Any liability you have accepted in an             rebellion, revolution, insurrection,
                                                   agreement which you would not have                civil commotion assuming the
      • while your car is in the custody or
                                                   had if that agreement did not exist.              proportions of or amounting to an
        control of a member of the
                                               (c) 1. Loss or destruction of, or damage to,          uprising, military or usurped power
        motor trade for the purposes of
        maintenance or repair, or while               any property or any associated loss or      2. Any action taken in controlling,
        your car is being parked by                   expense, or any other loss; or                 preventing, suppressing or in any way
        an employee of a hotel or                 2. Any legal liability                             relating to (a) above except so far as
        restaurant or car parking service                                                            is necessary to meet the requirements
                                                     that is directly or indirectly caused
                                                                                                     of the Road Traffic Acts.
      • if the injury, loss or damage was            by, contributed to by or arising from:
        caused as a result of your car                                                         (e) Any accident, injury, loss or damage
                                                     • ionising radiations or
        being stolen or having been                                                                (except under Section 2) arising during
                                                       contamination by radioactivity
        taken without your permission                                                              or as a result of:
                                                       from any irradiated nuclear fuel
      • by reason of the person driving                or from any nuclear waste from             1. An earthquake
        not having a driving licence, if               the combustion of nuclear fuel             2. A riot or civil commotion that
                                                                                                     happens outside Great Britain,
General Exceptions continued

      the Isle of Man or the Channel
      Islands except where such liability
      is required to be covered by the
      Road Traffic Acts.
(f) Any accident, injury, loss or damage if
    your vehicle is registered outside Great
    Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of
    Man or the Channel Islands.
(g) A seat occupied by a child would fall
    for replacement when:
   • the repairs include the renewal (not
     solely repair) of cosmetic or
     structural panels of the vehicle,
     excluding from panels such as
     superficial grill panels and cover
     panels OR
   • where the airbag(s) have deployed
     or the seat belts require
     replacement due to accident
                                                      General Exceptions continued and General Conditions                                      25

General Conditions

                                                     claim. The person who is seeking            to your last known address. You will be
    1. Claims procedure                              payment under this policy shall give us     entitled to a refund of the premium paid
                                                     all the information and assistance          subject to a deduction for the time for
                                                     necessary for us to achieve a settlement.   which you have been covered.
(a) As soon as reasonably possible
    after any accident, injury, loss or           (c) You must tell the police immediately if    If you do not pay the premium (or any part
    damage (including glass damage), you              any property is lost, stolen or damaged.   of the premium under the payment option
    or your legal personal representatives                                                       you have chosen), by the due date, we may
    must telephone us giving full details of                                                     cancel this policy with effect from the end
    the incident.                                     2. Cancelling this policy                  of the last period for which a payment has
    Any communication you receive about                                                          been made.
    the incident should be sent to us             Following the expiry of your statutory
    immediately. You or your legal personal       cooling off period, you continue to have
    representatives must also let us know                                                            Other insurance
                                                  the right to cancel your policy at any time
    immediately if anyone insured under           during its term. If you do so, you will be
    this policy is to be prosecuted as a          entitled to a refund of the premium paid       If at the time of any claim arising under
    result of the incident or if there is to be   subject to a deduction for the time for        this policy there is any other insurance
    an inquest or a fatal accident inquiry.       which you have been covered. This will be      policy covering the same loss, damage or
(b) You, or anyone else claiming under this       calculated on a pro-rata basis for the         liability, we will only pay our share
    policy, must not admit to any claim,          period which you received cover and there      of the claim. This condition does not apply
    promise any payment or refuse any             will also be an additional charge of up to     to personal accident benefits under Section
    claim without our written consent. If we      £10 (subject to Insurance Premium Tax          3, which will be paid as indicated under
    want to, we can take over and conduct         where applicable) to cover the                 that section. This provision will not place
    in your name, or the name of the              administrative cost of providing the policy.   any obligation upon us to accept any
    person claiming under the policy, the         You should also return your certificate of     liability under Section 2 which we would
    defence or settlement of any claim or         motor insurance immediately following          otherwise be entitled to exclude under
    take proceedings for our own benefit to       cancellation.                                  Exception 1. to Section 2.
    recover any payment we have made
    under this policy. We shall have full         We (or any agent we appoint and who
    discretion in the conduct of any              acts with our specific authority) may
    proceedings or the settlement of any          cancel this policy by sending 7 days notice
General Conditions continued

                                                                                               selected annual mileage basis. Where
    Your duty to prevent loss
                                                  Monthly premiums                             the annual mileage has been exceeded
    or damage
                                                                                               your premium will be increased to that
                                                                                               which applies to the mileage driven.
6. You shall at all times take all            10. If you have elected to pay monthly
                                                                                               If we become aware that the annual
   reasonable steps to safeguard your             premiums, the first two monthly
                                                                                               mileage has been exceeded at the
   car from loss or damage. You shall             premiums are due on the
                                                                                               time of a claim the additional premium
   maintain your car in efficient condition       commencement date of the
                                                                                               will be deducted from the claim
   and we shall have, at all times, free          insurance (this advance premium
                                                                                               payment. The higher premium will
   access to examine your car.                    is not refundable). The following
                                                                                               apply from the commencement of
                                                  10 monthly premiums will be due
                                                                                               the period of insurance.
                                                  on the same day of each month
    Arbitration                                   commencing in month two and
                                                  ending in month 11. At renewal,               Car sharing and insurance
                                                  monthly premiums will be due on the
7. Except for claims under Section 3,
                                                  same day in the month to which they
   where we have accepted a claim
                                                  relate. If the initial premium is not     (a) If you receive a contribution as part of
   and there is disagreement over the
                                                  paid we may cancel this policy with           a car sharing arrangement involving
   amount to be paid, the dispute must
                                                  effect from the commencement date.            the use of any car insured under this
   be referred to an arbitrator to be
                                                                                                policy for carrying passengers for
   agreed between you and us in                  If one or more premiums have been              social or similar purposes, we will not
   accordance with the law at the time.          paid, non-payment of any subsequent            consider this to be carrying passengers
   When this happens, a decision must            premium on the date it falls due will          for hire or reward provided:
   be made before you can take any               give us the right to cancel the policy
   legal action against us.                      with effect from the date to which            •   the vehicle is not constructed or
                                                 that premium relates.                             adapted to carry more than eight
    Your duty to comply with                                                                       passengers (excluding the driver)
                                                 You will be provided with one month’s
    policy conditions                                                                          •   the passengers are not being
                                                 cover for each monthly premium paid
                                                 during the period of insurance.                   carried in the course of a business
8. Our provision of insurance under this                                                           of carrying passengers
   policy is conditional upon you observing      In the event of a total loss claim under
   and fulfiling the terms, provisions,          this policy, all remaining monthly            •   the total contributions received
   conditions and clauses of this policy.        premiums for the period of the                    for the journey concerned do
                                                 insurance contract will immediately               not involve an element of profit.
                                                 become due. We reserve the right to
    Fraud                                        deduct this amount from the claims
                                                 settlement.                                    Important
9. If any claim is in any way fraudulent
   or if you or anyone acting on your                                                       13. If your car is used under a car sharing
   behalf has used any fraudulent means,
                                                  Mileage                                       arrangement and there is any doubt
   including inflating or exaggerating the                                                      as to whether this arrangement is
   claim or submitting forged or falsified    11. We reserve the right to establish             covered by the terms of your policy
   documents, all benefit under this policy       the mileage on your car at any time           you should immediately contact us
   shall be forfeited.                            where your policy has been rated on a         for confirmation.
                                                 General Conditions continued and Complaints Procedure                                     27

Complaints Procedure

                                                                                            a group annual turnover of less than
                                                 What to do should you
    Our Promise of Service                                                                  £1 million, a charity with an annual
                                                 be dissatisfied
                                                                                            income of less than £1 million or a trustee
Our goal is to give excellent service to                                                    of a trust with a net asset value of less
                                             Seek resolution by your insurance advisor
all our customers but we recognise that                                                     than £1 million. If, however, we do not
                                             or usual Aviva point of contact
things do go wrong occasionally. We take                                                    resolve your complaint within 40 working
all complaints we receive seriously and      If you are disappointed with any aspect        days, the FOS will accept a direct referral.
aim to resolve all our customers’ problems   of the handling of your insurance we
                                                                                            Whilst we are bound by the decision
promptly. To ensure that we provide the      would encourage you, in the first
                                                                                            of the FOS, you are not. Following the
kind of service you expect we welcome        instance, to contact the manager
                                                                                            complaints procedure does not affect
your feedback. We will record and            concerned. You can write or telephone
                                                                                            your right to take legal action.
analyse your comments to make sure we        us, whichever suits you, and ask your
continually improve the service we offer.    contact to review the problem.
                                             If you remain unhappy with the decision
    What will happen if                      you receive, you may write to the Chief
    you complain                             Executive UK Insurance, Aviva, PO Box 6,
                                             8 Surrey Street, Norwich NR1 3NS.
• We will acknowledge your complaint         If you are dissatisfied with our final
  within 2 working days of receipt           decision (from the Chief Executive Officer),
• We aim to resolve complaints,              you can refer the matter to the Financial
  following assessment and investigation     Ombudsman Service (FOS). Full contact
  as quickly as possible.                    details of both our Chief Executive and
                                             the FOS will be provided when we write in
Most of our customers’ concerns can be
                                             response to your complaint.
resolved quickly but occasionally more
detailed enquiries are needed. If this is    Note that the FOS will only consider
likely, we will contact you with an update   your complaint if you have given us the
within 10 working days of receipt and        opportunity to resolve it and you are
give you an expected date of response.       a private policyholder, a business with
Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are members of the Financial Services
Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be
entitled to compensation from this scheme
if we cannot meet our obligations,
depending on the type of insurance and
the circumstances of your claim.
For cover required by the Road Traffic
Acts you would be covered in full for
any claim, for any other type of claim
you would be covered for all of the
first £2,000 and 90% of the remainder,
in each case without any upper limit.
Further information about the scheme
arrangements is available on the FSCS
website or write to
Financial Services Compensation Scheme,
7th Floor, Lloyds Chambers, Portsoken
Street, London E1 8BN.
                              Aviva Insurance UK Limited. Registered in England Number 99122. Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street Norwich NR1 3NG.
BCOTR1258 (V28) 06.2009 (A)                              Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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