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March 2007

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                                                 Prince Mahidol Award to
Editorial Board                                  ICDDR,B alumni
Asem Ansari, M Shamsul Islam Khan,               Three former ICDDR,B scientists: Dr
MA Rahim, David A Sack,                          Richard A Cash, Dr Dilip Mahalana-
Peter Thorpe                                     bis, and Dr David R Nalin, have been
                                                 recently honoured for their important
Editor-in-Chief      : Peter Thorpe
Editor               : MA Rahim                  work on the development of ORS...

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                                                 We congratulate both Dr Firdausi
International Centre for Diarrhoeal              Qadri and Dr SM Faruque and echo
Disease Research, Bangladesh                     the voice of BAS Council: keep your
Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh                spirit of hard work high and make
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                                                 Black and White Ball 2007

                                                 Since 1992, the Black and White Ball
                                                 has been an annual event of ICDDR,B
                                                 to strengthen the Hospital Endow-
                                                 ment Fund....

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                                                 Tribute to
                                                 Dr. Stan D’Souza

                                                 ICDDR,B alumnus Dr Stanislaus
                                                 D’Souza, an internationally-renowned
                                                 demographer, statistician, and popula-
                                                 tion researcher, expired in Belgium on
                                                 8 September 2006 at the age of 72...

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 ICDDR,B                                                                                        GLIMPSE December 2006

Major General Dr ASM Matiur Rahman (Rtd), Hon’ble Adviser to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of
Bangladesh, presenting his inaugural speech at the 11th ASCON

The 11th Annual Scientific Confer-         Development Goals” and emphasized         to share our experience with others
ence (11th ASCON) was held from 4         the research and interventions under-     about where we are and where we
to 6 March at ICDDR,B, followed by        taken to achieve the goals of reducing    plan to go...”
the celebration of the 40th Anniver-      child mortality; improving mater-
sary of the Matlab Health and Demo-       nal health; controlling HIV/AIDS,         The inauguration ceremony of the
graphic Surveillance System (HDSS).       malaria, and other diseases; eradi-       11th ASCON was held on 3 March
The Conference was co-sponsored by        cating extreme poverty and hunger;        2007 at the Radisson Water Garden
the Government of Bangladesh, the         and reducing gender inequality and        Hotel, Dhaka. Chief Guest Major Gen-
Royal Danish Embassy in Bangladesh,       empowering women by 2015.                 eral Dr ASM Matiur Rahman (Rtd),
and the Mainstreaming Nutrition Ini-                                                Honourable Adviser to the Ministry of
tiative funded by the World Bank.         In his message, Professor Terence H       Health and Family Welfare, Govern-
                                          Hull, Chair of the ICDDR,B Board of       ment of Bangladesh, said, “ICDDR,B
This conference is an opportunity to      Trustees, said, “the theme of the Con-    is continuing their effort to dissemi-
bring together scientists, researchers,   ference could not have been more          nate their research findings to various
health professionals, and other stake-    appropriate and relevant for these        stakeholders in Bangladesh health
holders from around the world to          times.                                    sector.” He re-iterated that the Ban-
exchange their experiences, research                                                gladesh Government is an active part-
findings, inferences, and suggestions      While ICDDR,B is working towards          ner with ICDDR,B in its research to
on specific subjects of health and         achieving these goals as per the Cen-     improve public health in the country.”
population research. This year the        tre’s Strategic Plan, which encom-        He was pleased that the 11th ASCON
theme of the Conference was “Part-        passes a full spectrum prioritized in     focused on issues relating to achieving
nerships in Achieving the Millennium      the MDGs, it is extremely important       the Millennium Development Goals.

    ICDDR,B                                                                                           GLIMPSE March 2007

Dr William Henry Mosley, Professor of the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health, USA, presenting the keynote speech
He also highlighted his Government’s      oping countries. He said, households        Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
efforts towards achieving these goals     and communities are the primary             Public Health, USA; Dr Halida Hanum
within the targeted timeframe.            ‘producers’ of health, and not the          Akhter, Family Planning Association
                                          hospitals, clinics, or doctors and other    of Bangladesh; Dr Faruque Ahmed,
Dr Richard Cash, Harvard School of        health facilities. Especially women, as     BRAC; and Dr Sajeda Amin, Popula-
Public Health, Boston, USA and His        caregivers to the household members,        tion Council, USA.
Excellency Mr Einer H Jensen, Danish      are the key persons for the production
Ambassador to Bangladesh were pres-       of health. All health-related research      More than 500 participants from 15
ent as Special Guests.                    and interventions should be re-ori-         countries attended the Conference. In
                                          ented keeping this fact in mind. Also,      total, 184 presentations were made in
ICDDR,B’s Executive Director Pro-         a re-orientation of the health system       4 plenary, 12 scientific and one special
fessor David A Sack, Chair of the         is necessary to link households and         sessions. Dr Vani Sethi, Department of
Organizing Committee for the 11th         communities with care providers and         Foods and Nutrition, Lady Irwin Col-
ASCON, welcomed the participants,         managers of health facilities effectively   lege, New Delhi, India, was rewarded
and Dr Alejandro Cravioto, as Chair       so that resource allocation can truly       for the best oral presentation and Dr
of the Scientific Committee, made the      benefit the health producers. Learning       Md. Sirajul Islam, Head of the Envi-
opening remarks at the inauguration       and awareness-raising programmes            ronmental Microbiology Laboratory
ceremony.                                 should reach the household and com-         of ICDDR,B, was rewarded for the best
                                          munity levels, where nurturing of           poster presentation.
Dr William Henry Mosley, Professor of     leadership through research, monitor-
the Department of Population, Family      ing, and evaluation is important.           The 11th ASCON opened a new hori-
and Reproductive Health, Johns Hop-                                                   zon of interactions and sharing of
kins Bloomberg School of Public           Other dignitaries who made their pre-       knowledge among organizations and
Health, USA, presented the Keynote        sentations at the plenary and special       individuals concerned about multi-
Speech on the occasion. In his speech,    sessions include: Dr Michel Thieren,        dimensional issues of development
Dr Mosley presented a new idea on         World Health Organization, Geneva,          in the less-developed countries of the
the ‘production of health’ in devel-      Switzerland; Dr Abdullah Hel Baqui,         world.

 ICDDR,B                                                                                             GLIMPSE March 2007

ICDDR,B alumni awarded Prince
Mahidol Medal for Public Health
                                                        “Father of Modern Medi-      rehydrating diarrhoeal patients—their
                                                        cine and Public Health of    work forming an important basis for
                                                        Thailand.”                   further development of ORS world-
                                                                                     wide. While working at the Johns
                                                        The    Prince    Mahidol     Hopkins International Center for
                                                        Award (for public health     Medical Research and Training unit in
                                                        and medicine) is given       Kolkata, India, Dr Dilip Mahalanabis
                                                        annually to individuals,     carried out the first field trial on ORS
                                                        groups, or institutions      among millions of refugees taking
                                                        that have demonstrated       shelter in India during the Liberation
                                                        “outstanding and exem-       War of Bangladesh in 1971. Twenty
                                                        plary contributions to the   years later, Dr Mahalanabis headed the
                                                        advancement of medical       Clinical Sciences Division of ICDDR,B
                                                        and public health services   in Dhaka.
                                                        for humanity throughout
Three former ICDDR,B scientists: Dr                     the world.” The award is     Dr Cash is currently Senior Lecturer in
Richard A Cash, Dr Dilip Mahalanabis,      sometimes referred to as the “Nobel       International Health, Department of
and Dr David R Nalin, were recently        Prize for Public Health.”                 Population and International Health
honoured for their important work                                                    and Director of the Program on Ethi-
on the development of lifesaving oral      In his acceptance speech, Dr Cash         cal Issues in International Health
rehydration solution (ORS) in the late     thanked ICDDR,B for its “leadership       Research, Harvard School of Public
sixties and the early seventies. Each of   and support” and expressed his grati-     Health and is also on the faculty of
them individually received the 2006        tude to his Bangladeshi colleagues for    the BRAC University James P Grant
Prince Mahidol Award from Thailand.        their part in his early ORS research.     School of Public Health, Dhaka, Bang-
This is one of the most prestigious        Dr Cash also recognized the impor-        ladesh. Dr Mahalanabis is currently a
awards that the Centre and its scien-      tant continuing work of ICDDR,B in        paediatrician in Kolkata specializing
tists have received in the recent past,    public health, stat-
including the first-ever Gates Award        ing, “the lab contin-
for Global Health in May 2001.             ues to this day to do
                                           excellent research in
In addition to the award for public        child health, family
health, a separate ‘award for medi-        planning, and in
cine’ was presented to Professor           other areas of global
Stanley George Schultz in recognition      health.”
of his research on sodium absorption,
which provided an important basis          ORS is estimated
for the discovery of ORS.                  to have saved the
                                           lives of more than
The medals were presented to the           40 million people
recipients in a ceremony presided          around the world
over by His Majesty King Bhumipol          suffering from the
Adulyadej of Thailand on 31 Janu-          dehydrating effects
ary 2007 at the Chakri Throne Hall in      of diarrhoea since its
Bangkok, Thailand.                         first large-scale appli-
                                           cation in 1971.
The award is named in honour of His
Royal Highness Prince Mahidol of           Dr Cash and Dr Nalin
Songkla, who earned his Certificate         worked       together Recipients of the Prince Mahidol Award 2006; three of
of Public Health and his Doctorate         at ICDDR,B (then them are ICDDR,B alumni
in Medicine from Harvard Univer-           known as the Paki-
                                                                                    in gastroenterology and nutrition.
sity, and whose subsequent efforts to      stan-SEATO Cholera Research Labora-
                                                                                    Dr Nalin is the former director of the
improve public health and medicine         tory) conducting clinical research dem-
                                                                                    Vaccine Scientific Affairs, Merck & Co,
in Thailand earned him the title of        onstrating the effectiveness of ORS in
                                                                                    Inc, USA.

 ICDDR,B                                                                                            GLIMPSE March 2007

BAS Gold Medal to Dr Firdausi Qadri
and a fellowship to Dr SM Faruque
Dr Firdausi Qadri, Senior Scientist       children in the developing world. At      Dr Faruque has contributed exten-
and Head of the Immunology Labo-          present, two of her main interests are    sively to the recent understanding of
ratory of ICDDR,B has been awarded        to better understand the poor immune      the epidemiology, transmission, and
the 2005 Bangladesh Academy of            responses of this group to enteric vac-   ecology of V. cholerae and has pro-
Sciences (BAS) Gold Medal for her         cines and to train students in the field   posed models to explain the dynam-
research in biological sciences and for   of biological sciences. She has men-      ics of cholera epidemics. Of more
her excellent internationally-recog-      tored a large number of students from     than 100 original and review papers
nized research work and contribution      Bangladesh and abroad.                    in national and international peer-
to the well-being of people, especially                                             reviewed journals or book chapters,
in Bangladesh.                            Dr Qadri has more than 120 papers         which Dr Faruque has authored, as
                                          published in outstanding peer-
                                          reviewed journals; she is widely
                                          regarded at the international level
                                          as an expert in the field of mucosal
                                          immunology, enteric vaccines, and
                                          pathogenesis of enteric diseases. Col-
                                          laborative research studies in her area
                                          of interest are now being carried out
                                          with scientists in different research
                                          organizations, including Göteborg
                                          University, Massachusetts General
                                          Hospital, Harvard Medical School,
                                          Johns Hopkins University, and the
                                          Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Dr Firdausi Qadri                         Dr Shah M Faruque, Scientist
                                          and Head of the Molecular Genet-          Dr Shah M Faruque
Dr Qadri has been working at the          ics Laboratory of ICDDR,B, has been
Centre since 1988. She was Associate      recently elected a Fellow of the Ban-     many as 10 have been published in
Professor in the Department of Bio-       gladesh Academy of Sciences. Dr           PNAS, one of the top-ranking sci-
chemistry in Dhaka University after       Faruque began his research career at      ence journals. His findings have been
she had completed her PhD degree          the University of Reading in England,     highlighted and quoted in various
in 1981 from Liverpool University in      and conducted basic research in hor-      scientific reviews and in important
the UK. Her current work at ICDDR,B       monal regulation of gene expression.      news media.
includes: overseeing more than 100        He worked in the Department of Bio-
staff members in the Immunology           chemistry, University of Dhaka, as an     In recognition of his outstanding con-
Unit involved in laboratory and field      Assistant professor and later moved       tribution, Dr Faruque was awarded
activities on vaccine-testing and dis-    to ICDDR,B to head the Molecular          the TWAS prize 2005 in Medical Sci-
ease-burden studies relating to enteric   Genetics Laboratory.                      ences by the Academy of Sciences
diseases. Dr Qadri has been a pioneer                                               for the Developing World. He is also
in the field of mucosal immunol-           Dr Faruque’s research focuses on          the first Bangladeshi researcher to
ogy in response to enteric patho-         addressing health problems in devel-      be awarded the TWAS Award. This
gens, particularly Vibrio cholerae and    oping countries. His areas of interest    honour to Dr SM Faruque and more
enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. She     include microbial genetics, molecular     about him and his works were high-
maitains her research and her labora-     epidemiology, ecology, and evolution      lighted in the June-September 2006
tory at the highest level of excellence   of bacterial pathogens, particularly      Issue of Glimpse.
to equal other research institutions      those associated with diarrhoeal dis-
in the developed world. She has set       eases. Although he has contributed        We congratulate both Dr Firdausi
up immunodiagnostic assays using          significantly in understanding the         Qadri and Dr SM Faruque and echo
monoclonal antibodies prepared in         epidemiology of Shigella and diar-        the voice of BAS Council: keep your
the hybridoma laboratory in her unit.     rhoeagenic Escherichia coli infections,   spirit of hard work high and make
She has helped stimulate research and     his major contribution is in the epi-     more significant contributions in the
design study protocols which focus        demiology and genetics of Vibrio chol-    field of research.
and target the needs of infants and       erae, the causative agent of cholera.

 ICDDR,B                                                                                                 GLIMPSE March 2007

Black and White Ball 2007
Since 1992, the Black and White Ball       kind included: British Airways, SAGE         Events Committee, coordinated all
has been an annual event of ICDDR,B        Travels and Tours, The Travel Chan-          activities and made the event a success.
to strengthen the Hospital Endow-                                                       Dr Steve Luby, Head of the Programme
                                           nel, Guide Tours Ltd., Gulf Environ-
ment Fund (HEF). In 2007, the Ball
                                           mental Technologies, Tarafdar & Co.,         on Infectious Diseases and Vaccine
took place at the Radisson Water
Garden Hotel on 9 March.                   Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, Emirates,      Sciences was Master of Ceremony for
                                           Air India, GMG Airlines, Heritage Res-       an approximately 400 guests.
The Dhaka Hospital of ICDDR,B, on          taurant, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways,
average, treats 120,000 patients annu-     Epyllion Knitex Ltd., Grameen Phone,         In his speech, ICDDR,B’s Executive
ally free of charge. Patients are mostly   UNWA, UNOCAL Bangladesh, Cairn               Director Professor David Sack said,
children with diarrhoea often associ-      Energy Bangladesh, Contic, Partex/           “ICDDR,B’s lifesaving care is provided
ated with other complications. For         RC Cola, Sabir Traders, National Ware-       24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at an

ICDDR,B’s Executive Director Professor David A Sack, Mrs. Jean Sack, Ms Loretta Saldanha (Chair of the Events Committee), and
Master of Ceremony Dr Steve Luby as key organizers of the Ball

many years, the hospital costs were        house, Tos Bond (Pvt) Limited, and           average cost of just US$15 per patient
met by donations from governments          many others. The events also included        treated. You can do the math; although
of the western world and other donor       a silent auction of paintings, silver        the price per patient is low, the cost of
agencies. The Black and White Ball is      jewelry, and air tickets as well as a live   running our Matlab and Dhaka hos-
one of a few initiatives to raise finds     auction. The Radisson Water Garden           pitals is huge. We need your help to
from the local businesses and indi-        Hotel authority provided the evening’s       maintain this service…”
viduals as well as expatriates living in   venue free of charge and arranged an
Bangladesh. This year’s Ball, sponsored    exotic menu to go with theme.                The evening was graced by a fashion
by Standard Chartered, raised a total                                                   show and lively music by a popular
amount of US$30,000. Other organi-         Mrs. Jean Sack and her team, and Ms          local band Parthibo.
zations that contributed in cash and       Loretta Saldanha, as Chair of the HEF

 ICDDR,B                                                                                               GLIMPSE March 2007

Tribute to Dr Stan D’Souza
ICDDR,B alumnus Dr Stanislaus              Belgium. He was a prolific author and       for recruiting him to join and then
D’Souza, S.J, a Jesuit Priest and an       contributed greatly to both science        head the demography-related work
internationally-renowned      demog-       and non-science literature as well as      at ICDDR,B in the late 1970s. Several
rapher, statistician, and population       philosophy. His last book “Ethical         years we worked together. I found
researcher, expired in Belgium on          Approach to Population, Poverty and        Stan to be an outstanding statisti-
8 September 2006 at the age of 72.         Conflict with Special Reference to          cian/demographer, always extremely
He had worked with the Johns Hop-          Islam” was published in 2004.              careful about the scientific basis of his
kins International Center for Medi-                                                   work. We were, as a consequence, able
cal Research and Training in Kolkata,      Archbishop Henry D’Souza, younger          to co-author several papers together,
India and later at UNDP in Bangla-         brother of Dr D’Souza says: “Stan lived    especially those relating to gender
desh, and then at ICDDR,B.                 in a world of his own, which most of       balance in mortality and morbidity in
                                           us never experience. It was a world of     Matlab….Stan had great intelligence,
Dr D’Souza, was a brilliant student        ideas, ideologies, and policies.”          profound humility, and a hilarious
from his early Calcutta years, always                                                 sense of humour. He never advertised
                                                                                      his Jesuit background but rather pur-
                                                                                      sued his personal faith quietly. His tol-
                                                                                      erance of others was extremely gener-
                                                                                      ous….When Stan was in the Congo,
                                                                                      Belgium, and other locations, he and
                                                                                      I would reconnect, whenever feasible,
                                                                                      to re-live the grand times of travelling
                                                                                      and working in Matlab together. I am
                                                                                      not surprised that Stan carried the
                                                                                      burden of his illness quietly; he never
                                                                                      made demands of others. He was a
                                                                                      remarkable human being who led a
                                                                                      remarkable life.”

                                                                                      Dr Abbas Bhuiya of ICDDR,B says,
                                                                                      “I first met Stan in 1979 in response
                                                                                      to his search for a research assistant
Dr Stan D’ Souza (third from right) as Head of Matlab DSS (1980-1984) with the then   while he was in his beginning year
colleagues                                                                            at ICDDR,B...He was a man with very
at the top of his class and did his          Dr D’Souza lived a life of practical     strong feeling for the cause of the poor
Honours in Mathematics in College.           poverty and did not want his illness     and the vulnerable. Most of his work
He graduated from the University of          to be talked about. After his cancer     was around poverty and disparities
Calcutta and had his PhD degree from         was diagnosed he gave an impression      in health. He was a very meticulous
Princeton University in 1971.                that it was under control.               professional; always striving for excel-
                                                                                      lence. He possessed an extraordinary
Dr D’Souza was the UN resident             Professor Patrick Vaughan of the           mentoring quality and was always
senior demographer in Bangladesh           London School of Hygiene & Tropi-          helpful in finding avenues to higher
and consultant in many countries.          cal Medicine wrote: “He [Dr D’Souza]       training for junior colleagues. He left
While working as an Associate Direc-       was instrumental in my first ever visit     an enormous impact on the lives of
tor at ICDDR,B from 1980 to 1984, Dr       to Bangladesh and ICDDR,B in 1979,         many of us who had the opportunity
D’Souza was involved in analyzing          when together we planned a two-week        to be around him.”
Matlab data with Michael Koenig, Jim       short course on programme evalua-
Phillips, and Oona Campbell. He also       tion to be given at ICDDR,B later that     Ms Loretta Saldanha and Sentu B
worked with Dr Abbas Bhuiya, Lin-          year. It was great fun and a stimulat-     Gomes who closely worked with Dr
coln Chen, and Susan Zimicki.              ing experience….He also visited us at      D’Souza, when he was Associate Direc-
                                           our home in London but was quite           tor of ICDDR,B say: he was a man of
In the late 1970s, Dr D’Souza was          shy and kept his religious life qui-       principle and a great human being...
Director of the Indian Social Institute    etly to himself...he was a wonderful
in New Delhi. He also served on the        demographer and a most humane and          ICDDR,B pays a heartfelt tribute to Dr
faculty of Johns Hopkins University,       sympathetic Jesuit.”                       D’Souza for his humanitarian and sci-
was a long-term member of IUSSP,                                                      entific work and prays for the eternal
and acted as Coordinator for the Jesuit    From Harvard University, Dr Lincoln        peace of his departed soul.
organization—International Popula-         Chen stated: “Stan and I were friends
tion Concerns—based in Brussels,           and colleagues, as I was responsible


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