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                           Silverstone Golf Club
                     Host of the ACF Chefs 14th Annual
                    Golf Tournament & General Meeting
                         June 2011

                         The ACF Chefs of Las Vegas recently held the 14th Annual
                         Chefs Golf Tournament presented by the Associate
                         Advisory Board at Silverstone Country Club. What started
                         as a beautiful day for golf ended with some cool wet
                         breezes, but everyone enjoyed the day.
                         Check out our special Golf Feature and the teams that

                         made this day memorable on page 16.

                         LVF&B Professional would like to welcome BJ’s Restaurants
                         back on board and a special congratulations on their
                         soon to open 3rd location here in Las Vegas.
                         Look for the write-up on their newest location at
                         Centennial Center opening in June and featured in our

                         July issue. Good luck and cheers!

                         Yellowtail Japanese Fusion Restaurant & Lounge at the
                         Bellagio is an experience not to miss. With the talented
                         Executive Chef Akira Back in the kitchen, The Light Group
                         has a real winner. Join us as we travel through an extended

                         tasting menu with each course paired with a unique and

                         special sake complementing each delicious dish.

                         June brings back the most popular F&B Industry expo
                         dedicated to the world of tea.
                         The World Tea Expo is an industry only event which
                         includes seminars and an extensive trade floor featuring
                         everything you’ve always wanted to know about tea.
                         Don’t miss it!

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                Company                Names Brian W.

                                       Burton President
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                UNLV Beverage                                  Page 30
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                United States          Journey!                What’s Brewing?
                Bartenders’ Guild
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                Page 10                Meet the New Bull
                                       in Town                 Vegas Uncork’d by
                Food for Thought
                                                               Bon Appétit
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                Chateau Lagrange       ACF Chefs Golf          Page 36
                & Chateau d’Issan      Tournament              Taste of the Nation

www.lvfnb.com                         June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   3
                                                                                         The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional
                                                                                                        1200 S TORREY PINES SUITE 172
                                                                                                                Las Vegas, NV 89146
    June 2011

                                                                                        HOT OFF THE GRILL!
                                                                                        Share Our Strength’s Taste Of
                                                                                          The Nation recently held its
                                                                                        19th Annual Las Vegas event,
                                                                                          hosted by the Palms Casino
                              Mike Fryer                                                                        Resort.
                              Editor-in-Chief                                                 We want to thank all the
                                                                                         chefs, restaurants, businesses
                              Thank you for joining us in this                            and individuals who helped
                              issue of The Las Vegas Food &                             make this the most successful
                              Beverage Professional.                                       year on record to help stop
                              For any questions, comments or                                         childhood hunger!
                              advertising inquiries please email                        A special thanks to New Chef
                              mike@lvfnb.com                                               Fashions for their generous
                                                                                        donation of chef’s jackets and
                                                                                         hats worn by the lovely staff.
                              Bob Barnes
                              Associate Editor
                                                                                                                               May was a busy month in Las
                              bob@lvfnb.com                                                                                    Vegas for the F&B industry and
                                                                                                                               most of all, great food shows!
                                                                                                                               Las Vegas hosted the “Vegas
                                                                                                                               Uncork’d” by Bon Appetit and
                                                                                                                               was visited by many of the best
                                                                                                                               chefs in the country, including
                                                                                                                               our old friends Nobu Matsuhisa
                                                                                                                               and his Las Vegas Executive
                              George Fryer                                                                                     Chef Joel Versola.
                              Award-Winning Photographer

                                                                                          Recent visitors to Las Vegas
                                                                                             included an old friend and
                                                                                           former restaurant developer
                                                                                                  Eugene Yamada with
                                                                                                his associates Motohiro
                                                                                            Yanagawa, President of the
                              Juanita Aiello                                                   Tokyo Office, and Daine
                              Creative Director                                                   Eisold, CEO of Surge
                              juanita@lvfnb.com                                          Nice seeing Eugene, a fellow
                                                                                              student working summer
                                                                                           vacations together in casino
                                                                                        kitchens at South Lake Tahoe.
                                                                                          And welcome to Las Vegas,
                                                                                                   Daine and Motohiro.

        Contributor         Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor          Contributor       Contributor         Contributor
        Jackie Brett        Les Kincaid        Juanita Fryer       Shelley Stepanek     Chef Brian         Linda Bernstein     Beth Ellyn          Jan-le Low

       Contributors         Contributor         Contributor          Contributor        Contributor          Contributor        Contributor        Contributing
    Scott & Elaine Harris   Linda Duke        Michael Oshman          Chef Jet        Chef Allan Asch       Lara Baldwin     Simone Hammond       Photographer
                                                                                                                                                 Alyssa Mayhew
                                                                                                                                                 Alyssa Junehew

4     The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                                                      www.lvfnb.com
 The Preiss Imports name has been changed to Anchor Distilling Company
 effective April 18, 2011. The umbrella company, Anchor Brewers & Distillers,
 houses both Anchor Brewing Company and Anchor Distilling Company and
 will continue to execute its vision of providing the bridge between discerning
 buyers and the world’s best beers and finest premium spirits.
 The decision to utilize the Anchor name was not taken lightly. Anchor’s history
 goes back 140 years and represents a triumph, pioneering today’s craft brewing
 world as well as the artisan distilling movement.
 The Marketing and Sales main office will now be in San Francisco, and will
 be the point of correspondence for Sales and Marketing communication. The
 San Diego office will remain open, and should be used for any billing/ invoice
 The Anchor portfolio consists of the finest collection of beers and spirits
 from around the world. All are from family companies, most of which are
 multigenerational. These products are sought by enthusiasts for their superior
 handcrafted artisanal qualities.
 The portfolio currently includes:
 A.H. Hirsch, Anchor Beers, Armorik, BenRiach, Berry’s Own Selection,
 BlackBull, BrewDog, Briottet, Cachaça 21, Cadenhead’s, Château du Breuil,
 Château du Busca, Château Montifaud, Château Paulet, Chinaco, Chinchón,
 Christian Drouin, Coopers, D’Aristi, Darroze, Don César, Duncan Taylor, English
 Harbour, Etter, F. Meyer, Genevieve Genever, Glen Breton, GlenDronach, Glen
 Scotia, Granier Mon Pastis, Grupo Aamsa, Hazelburn, Hugo, Inchmurrin &
 Littlemill, Junípero Gin, Kilkerran, King’s Ginger Liqueur, Léopold Gourmel,
 Lepanto, Longrow, Luxardo, Mangoustan’s, Mitchell’s Glengyle, No. 3 Gin,
 Noyau de Poissy, Old Potrero Whiskeys, Old Raj, Pagès, Pastis Prado, Pommeau
 de Normandie, Pontarlier, Sathenay, Senior & Co., Soberano, Springbank,
 Toucano, Très Vieux Marc de Bourgogne, Van Hoo, Védrenne, Verveine de
 Velay and Ypióca.

  Should you have any comments or concerns regarding this matter you may contact Natalie
  Young at NYoung@AnchorSF.com. For any marketing related inquiries, please contact Rusti
  Porter at RPorter@AnchorSF.com.

www.lvfnb.com                                                           June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   5

               BY Linda
      Westcott-Bernstein            How to Catch a Thief (employee pilfering)!
                                    A frightening statistic for many of today’s companies is the cost of lost, stolen or miss-used company property. In this
                                    economy, when most companies must reduce expenses just to survive, the added expense of monitoring employee activities
                                    and prosecuting thieves can be frustrating as well as costly. Additionally, the scope of your loss exposure is not limited
                                    to physical property. Theft also includes miss-use of intellectual property such as client/customer lists, marketing efforts,
                                    confidential data records, on-line products, and/or cyber-services.
                                    To add fuel to the fire, employees are facing tougher and tighter financial times due to pay cuts and reduced hours, and some
                                    become susceptible to the lure of “easy” money, foster a belief that they are “owed,” and/or maintain the false precept that
         Linda Bernstein has        “the company can afford it.” According to recent studies, at least 2 in 5 employees have considered the theft of company
      provided sound human          property at one time or another.
        resources advice and
         guidance to Fortune        So then, how do you “catch a thief”? First, and foremost, you must start by being smarter than the thief. You must develop
          500 companies and         the understanding that thievery can and does occur, and that you CAN maintain control over all of your property. Next,
            others for over 25      you must be pro-active, not reactive to avoid undue loss. Making the assumption that your employees wouldn’t steal from
      years. She has helped         you or failure to pay attention to suspicious activity is just plain naive. And finally, you must be willing to take the steps
          these organizations
      review procedures and         necessary–including spending money and prosecuting thieves–to protect your possessions and future.
         implement solutions
         that are designed to       Here are some measures that may be taken to reduce/control
        reduce liabilities and      employee theft and property loss.
       increase their profits.
    She also assists with the       Assessment and Evaluation–screen your potential                 positions is legal under the law even if you do not drug test
      development of human
                                    employees to assess past performance and propensity for         as a pre-employment condition. The only problem would be
     capital through focused
           employee retention       honesty. You can ask situational questions, such as…“What       if you were using age, sex, race disability or other legally
      and training programs         would you do if you saw another employee stealing?”-as          protected characteristic as the criteria for these tests. If
    designed for all levels of      long as you ask the same question of all applicants.            you use sound business driven reasons such as screening
                                    Background Checks–conduct investigations. Make                  employees in those departments where a history of past
      Linda has written a self-     background checks a part of your employment process             problems exists, where a loss has been confirmed or where
     help book entitled “It All     for ALL individuals. These checks can cost from $15 for         there are safety concerns, you should be legal. Consult an
       Comes Down to WE!”           a social security number verification to $35 for state wide     attorney for your specific industry and situation.
        which offers guidelines     criminal history. Federal or financial checks can run you
       for building a solid and                                                                     Policies on Theft, with consequences–put into place
                                    even more.
      enduring personal work                                                                        a comprehensive policy on company theft, post it,
        ethic. You can find her     Character References–follow through on the hiring process       communicate it to ALL employees and include consequences
           book on the website      by calling all references provided by the employee in the       and a signatory page for ALL employees.
     (below) or on Amazon or
                                    application process. Clearly state on your application form
                 Google books.                                                                      Security Staff–if possible, maintain security personnel in
                                    for what purpose the references will be used.
                                                                                                    areas with sensitivity, financial assets and/or where valuable
                                    Computer/Cyberspace monitoring–communicate your                 IT equipment, products, supplies and inventory are stored.
                                    procedure and policy on use of computers as well as
                702-326-4040                                                                        Surveillance–if security staff is out of the question for
                                    intellectual property. This policy must clearly state that
                                    any and all uses of company equipment become company            you, install complete surveillance and camera systems and
    LindaBernstein@cox.net          property and are subject to review/monitoring/confiscation      monitor internally or hire a company to remotely monitor
                                    at any time, but especially in the event of an incident or      your workplace.
          Booksite:                 termination.
    .ItAllComesDowntoWE.com                                                                         The bottom line on employee pilfering is the importance
                                    Drug Screening including random–habitual drug/alcohol           of maintaining a pro-active stance when it comes to theft.
                                    use frequently results in a propensity for theft. Implement     Don’t hide your head in the sand! Keeping your eyes and
                                    drug screening at time of hire and for cause. Testing certain   ears open may just help you to catch a thief!

     Question of
                                  Next month’s topic: Easing the Challenges Faced by Relocating Employees.
                                  Has your company had to relocate some employees and what challenges have you
                                  faced? Explain. (Send responses to LindaBernstein@cox.net)
                                  (Responses may be printed in next month’s column.)
     the Month

6    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                                                        www.lvfnb.com
Signature Chef
       of Las Vegas                                                                      ®
                                                                                             LAS VEGAS CHEF AND SOMMELIER
                                                                                        A NEW CLUB created by Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet
                                                                                          (Chef JD) Executive Chef of Garfield’s on the Lake
                                                                                              in Summerlin and supported by Fork & Pour –
                                                                                                Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas.
                                                                                          An invitation-only gathering of Industry Professionals
                                                                                            in a relaxed, informal, no-pressure atmosphere.
                                                                                             This is THE venue to taste complementary new
                                                                                               and different wines, talk with the distributors
                                                                                           and winemakers, eat great food, and catch up
                                                                                                  with other Las Vegas Industry Leaders.
                                                                                                 Please contact us if interested in joining

                          Let’s Get Together at BJ’s!                                                  & attending or any questions…

                    Lunch Specials • Snacks & Small Bites • Fresh Salads • Enlightened Entrees™
     Signature Deep Dish Pizzas • New Culinary Creations • Pizookie® Desserts • Award-Winning Handcrafted Beers


                                     LAS VEGAS | 5881 Centennial Center Blvd. | 702-851-8050
                                                                           UPCOMING PRESENTORS INCLUDE
                                                       JOY ARMAGNAC
  join us for HAPPY HOUR Mon.– Fri. 3 – 7PM | LATE NIGHT Sun.–Thurs. 10PM–Close
                                             W W W.B J S RE S TAURA N TS . C O M |   “Wow – I love this place!”®

AD_GenHHR_Centenn_BJ4751.indd 1
                                                                                       K-Paul’s Mashed Potatoes                               5/31/11 2:37 PM

  You Work Hard on Your Menu . . .                                                     Yield: 6 servings
       Leave the MAGIC to Chef Paul!                                                   INGREDIENTS
                                                                                         3    medium to large potatoes, about 3 pounds, peeled
              Choose From 28 Magic Seasoning Blends Products
                                                                                         1/4 lb. one stick unsalted butter, melted
                                                                                         2    cup heavy cream
                                                    Chef Paul Prudhomme
                                                                                         2    Tbsp. + 1 tsp. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Vegetable Magic®
                                                    stands for quality and
                                                                                         or   2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Meat Magic®
                                                    he proudly offers his
                                                                                         or   2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic
                                                    line of all-natural, Magic
                                                                                              Seasoning Salt®
                                                    Seasoning Blends (17),
                                                                                       HOW TO PREPARE
                                                                                        Dice 1 potato into 1-inch cubes and the other 2 into ½-inch
                                                    Magic Sauce & Marinades
                                                    (4), Magic Chiles (7)               cubes.
                                                    and Smoked Meats                     Add enough water to a large pot to measure 1½ inches deep
                                                    (Andouille & Tasso)!                 and place over high heat. When the water boils, add the po-
                                                                                         tatoes, cover, and cook until the large-dice potatoes are fork
             Order Direct 800-457-2857 or request
                                                                                         tender, about 20 to 25 minutes. Drain thoroughly.
             products from your local distributor. Save $5
                                                                                         While the potatoes are draining, melt the butter in a small skil-
             when you order or send for mail-in certificate                              let, then remove from the heat.
             and save on your first order!
                                                                                         Place the drained potatoes in a food processor or mixer and
                                                                                         process until smooth (you may have to do this in batches). With
             Call Gregg Villarrubia (504) 731-3519 or gvillarrubia@chefpaul.com
                                                                                         the machine running, slowly add the melted butter to the pota-
                                                                                         toes, and when it is mixed in, add the cream. Process only until
             Las Vegas broker contact:                                                        CALL YOUR LOCAL SALES REP TODAY!
                                                                                         the potatoes are stiff but not dry, about 3 to 4 minutes. When
                                                                                         the potatoes reach the right consistency, add the Chef Paul
             Rick Mundy (Nasser Company, Inc.), (702)-873-4351 or

                                                                                                           (702) 400-1378
                                                                                         Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blend® and pulse a couple of
                                                                                         times, just to mix it in. Do not overmix!
    UNLV Beverage Club

    Experiment ESX with UNLV Beverage Club
    BY Ryan Wieczorek

    Las Vegas is known as a place to go wild and let loose. People come from all
    over the world to go on a weekend long party spur. Some have their bachelor/
    bachelorette parties here while others celebrate new job promotions or new
    marriages. What about the people who live in Vegas? Are they non-stop
    partiers or do they even go out at all? Would they be able to handle a full
    weekend full on non-stop partying? We are about to find out.
    The UNLV Beverage Club recruited the help of two researchers from
    Agency EXS to conduct an experiment that puts six very different local
    people in the shoes of what it would be like to be a Las Vegas tourist again.
    They will be forced to go out six days straight to a day-club (pool) and
    nightclub and enjoy complementary drinks, cabanas and tables while they
    are out. So they will be living like a Vegas VIP, but yet they will still have
    to live the life they normally do during the six days.
    To keep from naming people we have used alter egos to name our
    participants. Jenny is a mother of two and a middle-aged woman. She is a
    full-time student but was not attending school while this experiment took
    place. She currently is also unemployed. Marcus is a late twenty-something
    entrepreneur who is a college graduate. He is constantly updating his website
    and going on business meetings. He used to be a full-time partier while
    going to school, but for the past year he has restricted his going out time.
    Franklin is a senior in college and attends full-time summer school during
    this experiment. He has been known to be the life of the party and is also an
    excessive drinker. He also works full-time with a nightlife company. Mary
    is an early twenty-something single parent who has not attended college.
    She will be working part-time during this experiment. She often goes out,
    but not in excess. William is a full-time student who has recently turned
    21 and has not been to many clubs since. He is unemployed but will not be
    attending college during this experiment. Our last participant is Bill, who is
    21 and has been going out every night for the past two years. Bill, William,
    Marcus, Mary and Jenny are all born and raised in Las Vegas. Franklin is
    the only one born somewhere else, but has spent the past couple of years
    in Vegas.
    We found out that Vegas locals are no match for the hard partying tourist
    that visit the City of Sin. Results are below:
    Jenny – Gave up after one day. She could not handle the large amounts of
      alcohol. Tried to come back in after day 3 but gave up again.
    Marcus – Went four days strong but controlled his alcohol intake after
     almost quitting during a large drinking spur on day 1. Only missed 2
    Franklin – Went 3 days strong but barely fit in time from school and had to
      leave early on most occasions. Quit on Day 4.
    Mary – Over consumed and over partied for day 1 and half of day 2. Had to
     drop out on second half of day 2.
    William – Went four days with only missing one session. However, even his
     youthful energy wasn’t able to get through day 5. Came back for Day 6.
    Bill – Went 1 day strong and sporadically attended the rest of days.
8     The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                         www.lvfnb.com
                                                                                                                               June 2011

                                                   UNITED STATES
                                                 BARTENDERS’ GUILD
   About the USBG                                                            Mariena Mercer
   With over 60 years of presence in
   the United States and international           It is not unusual to find Mariena Mercer’s nose
                                                 in a book, whether it be perusing the parallels of
   coverage in affiliation with the              molecular gastronomy to studying the framework of
   International Bartender’s Association         pre-prohibition cocktails. Being a second-generation
   (IBA) in over 50 countries, the United        native to Las Vegas, Mariena has always been
                                                 interested in the food and beverage industry, looking
   States Bartenders’ Guild is the largest       to the glamorous allure of the Strip. The day she
   network of professional bartenders            turned twenty-one she secured a job in a casino as
                                                 the Tequila Goddess and boarded a plane to Jalisco,
   and is setting the standard for the           Mexico to work in the agave fields. Since then she has
   profession throughout the country.            described her life as a constant journey to quench
   The USBG is a non-profit organization         an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the spirits and
                                                 mixology field. Enriching her education through
   founded in 1948 and registered as a           terrior, touch, and taste, she’s traveled the world
   non-profit organization in 1967 in            studying first hand at all types of distilleries. Her
                                                 career has spanned from managing bars, designing
   Southern California. Over the years the       cocktail menus and traveling as a consultant.
   guild has expanded nationally and is          Active on the competition circuit, she’s been called
   now in the following cities and states:       a cocktail prodigy and a femme fatale competing
   Connecticut, Austin, Boston, Chicago,         in such current competitions as the USBG Cocktail
                                                 World Cup, 42 Below Vodka World Cup, Best
   Dallas, Denver, Hawaii, Las Vegas,            Bartender Domaine De Canton, Leblon Iron Bar
   Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New            Chef, The Pizza Cocktail Competition (where her
                                                 Molecular Mixology skills earned her the moniker
   Orleans, New York, Philadelphia,              “Ms. Wizard!”), Stella Artois “Draughtmaster,” Grand
   Phoenix, San Francisco and St. Louis          Marnier Mixology Summit and Jose Cuervo Platino
   and continues to grow.                        Margarita Competition. Mariena has been profiled
                                                 in publications such as Showbiz Magazine, Las Vegas
   With the resurgence and ever increasing       Weekly, Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Tasting Panel,
                                                 The New York Times, Las Vegas Luxury, 944, and ITEM
   popularity of the cocktail, there is a high   magazine, as well as being featured on such programs
   demand for creative and professional          on The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, NBC,
   bartenders. Bars are using higher quality     The Best Damn Sports Show, Good Morning San
                                                 Diego, Fox News and Las Vegas Minute. Known for
   spirits and mixers as well as fresh fruits    her molecular prowess and study of the physical
   and juices, and hiring knowledgeable          and chemical manipulation of states of matter, she’s
                                                 considered on the forefront of molecular mixology.
   and imaginative bartenders to create          Mariena considers her mixology style a well balanced
   and serve them. As an industry leader,        dichotomy of reverence to classic cocktails, methods
   the USBG is responsible for raising the       and ingredients coupled with incorporating new
                                                 inventive ingredients, techniques and flavors. Her
   bar and creating new trends to keep our       feet firmly planted in the foundation of perfectly
   competitive edge.                             made classic cocktails and her head in the clouds,
                                                 she is constantly dreaming of exciting ways to create
   The USBG is a national network of             innovative cocktails. Mariena prides herself on her
                                                 unconventional, often unpredictable style, but one
   bartenders who come together to share         constant remains-fresh ingredients and quality spirits.
   their common interest: the craft of           Mariena is looking forward to being able to coalesce
   mixology.                                     all of her unique talents, knowledge and passion into
                                                 her program at The Chandelier Bar. Whether she’s
   Our Guild is made up of exceptional           being the Progressive, with her frothy foams and
                                                 cocktail caviars or the Classicist with her perfectly
   bartenders who take great pride in the        made Negroni, Mariena feels she’s found the perfect
   cocktails they serve.                         place to hang her (many) hats at the Cosmopolitan.
www.lvfnb.com                                                                      June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   9

Attention Restaurants….Pay Attention!                                                                           BY Les Kincaid

 Picture a chef in his kitchen barking orders to cooks, managers, and any server who happens
 to be within earshot. Requests from the dining room for special preparations are declined on
 the spot, no matter the reason—it’s his way or the highway, baby! Now, turn off the television
 show you’re watching and return to the real world. Believe me; special requests do come to the
 kitchen from guests and for a wide variety of reasons.
 Some special requests are preference-driven—for instance, textural dislikes, a desire to avoid                 Les Kincaid is a
 physical reactions such as heartburn, diet/calorie consciousness, religious beliefs, environmental             food, wine, and
 concerns, or taste partiality. Others may come from guests with a food allergy, and this is                    golf expert and
 where it gets serious. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),                      cookbook author. He
                                                                                                                hosts a nationally
 there are eight foods that account for 90 percent of all food-allergy reactions: cow’s milk and                syndicated wine
 milk products, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, and so on), fish,                  radio show each
 shellfish, soybeans, and wheat (which also may be described as a gluten allergy).                              Thursday from
                                                                                                                7 to 8 pm. You can
 While 3.3 million Americans are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, 6.9 million have allergies to                enjoy his website or
 seafood. Combined, food allergies cause 30,000 cases of anaphylaxis (a reaction after previous                 his broadcast at
 sensitization), 2,000 hospitalizations, and 150 deaths annually. As reported by the Food Allergy               or email
 & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), currently more than 12 million Americans have a food allergy,                    les@leskincaid.com
 which represents four percent of the population or about one in 25. The incidence of food allergies
 has doubled in the United States over the last ten years, and scientists don’t know why.                       FOLLOW ME ON
                                                                                                                FACE & TWITTER
 ACTION PLAN                                                                                                    www.facebook.com/
 As a restaurant professional, it is more important           in their decision-making process to ensure        www.twitter.com/
 than ever to know how to handle requests and                 they understand their options. Consider listing   leskincaid
 create ways to prepare foods that you know are               ingredients for dishes on your POS system and
 safe to serve. With food allergies it boils down to          make printed recipes readily available so that
 the FACTs:                                                   any employee can answer specific questions for
 Familiarize yourself with the different food
  allergies and what trigger ingredients are used         Cook to order, and train your entire staff to
  in your recipes—in all stages of preparation             understand how to modify your recipes so that
  and cooking. By understanding different food             guests can enjoy safe alternatives to regular
  allergies, you can help guide your guests toward         menu items. Be aware of sources of cross-
  appropriate choices based on their needs.                contamination such as knives, cutting boards,
  Double-check ingredients in your pantry for              utensils, mixing bowls, grills, and frying oils.
  items you do not prepare from scratch. These             Make sure your staff understands that once an
  may include dairy items, frozen items (coatings          item is prepared with a trigger ingredient, you
  that may be used on prepackaged fried foods,             cannot remove it; it must be remade.
  for example), spices, and canned goods. You             Take care of guests with allergies, and you
  may be surprised at what you find.                       also will take care of your business and
 Ask the right questions of guests to ensure you           build sales. Once guests with allergies know
  understand their exact dietary restrictions. Both        they can trust you to prepare foods they can
  front- and back-of-the-house staff should be             enjoy, they will be more likely to return to
  comfortable in asking to clarify patrons’ precise        your establishment and recommend you to
  needs. For instance, if they are allergic to nuts,       others who may suffer the same problem.
  does this include nut oils and vinegars? If it is        Remember, if you don’t want to accommodate
  fish, is it all fish, including what may be found in     guests with allergies, there’s another restaurant
  stocks and sauces, or shellfish only? Ultimately,        down the street that would be glad to have your
  the burden of responsibility lies with guests to         throwaway business.
  choose what to eat, but you should participate          Also always remember Wine Is Food.

10   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                           www.lvfnb.com
                                                        Chateau Lagrange &
                                                            Chateau d’Issan
 It has been known almost from the beginning of recorded time
 that food & wine bring people together. In more modern times
 when people get together they share ideas and educate each
 other on their particular region or expertise. Many food & wine
 events offer guests the opportunity to learn from world experts
 in their field. Pebble Beach Food & Wine does this as good or
 better than any event we have attended.
 The very luxurious Spanish Bay Inn at                                                   flowers, licorice, currant, and smoke. These                  BY Elaine &
 Pebble Beach was the site of an educational                                                   lovely aromas were confirmed on the
 experience that we will take with us for                                                       palate with nice concentration, balanced               Scott Harris
 a lifetime. Pebble Beach Food & Wine                                                           acidity and a long finish. Still young, we
 offered us a historical retrospective of                                                       cannot wait to try this in 3-4 years and
 Chateau Lagrange and Chateau d’Issan,                                                           see its maturity.
 a vertical tasting of two famous classified                                                     2003 Chateau Lagrange: The 2003
 growths in Bordeaux. We joined the                                                         vintage was exceptionally warm. This
 tasting panel of Anthony Gold Author,                                                   2003 is big, bold and not typical of an
 Emmanuel Cruse Chateau d’Issan,                                                         elegant Bordeaux.
 Matthieu Bordes Chateau Lagrange,
 Robert Smith MS Bellagio Las Vegas                                                      2003 Chateau d’Issan: Issan’s 2003 exhibits
 and Robin Kelly O’Connor Head of                                                        this château’s classic style along with big
 Wine, Americas, Christie’s for an early                                                 aromas of black currants, earth, spice
                                                                                         and oak. Medium bodied in the glass with a          Elaine Harris, sommelier,
 morning exploration of these prestigious                                                                                                    owner of Vino Las Vegas
 Third Growths from Bordeaux.                                                            nice finish. Both winemakers agreed that their
                                                                                         2003 vintage would most likely not age more          LLC and Editor-In-Chief
 CHATEAU LAGRANGE:                                                                      that 10 years. They also noted that 2003 was                of The Cuisineist.
 Chateau Lagrange has been a Classified Growth since 1855. The      the first year that acidification was allowed in Bordeaux.
 property is located in the west of the Saint-Julien appellation    2000 Chateau Lagrange: The 2000 vintage is one of those
                                                                                                                                              Scott Harris, sommelier,
 right in the heart of the Médoc vineyards. Records of the          “Special” vintages that even the winemaker stated, “If you think                 President of Vino
 successive owners go back as far as 1631. In 1824 the total                                                                                    Las Vegas LLC and a
                                                                    this is good now, watch and see what it will be in 10 more years.”
 production was 120 barrels (12,000 cases). 1842 began a golden                                                                                 staff journalist for The
                                                                    This lovely Bordeaux was spicy, young and bursting with deep
 age for Lagrange, with the famous 1855 classification awarding                                                                                             Cuisineist.
                                                                    flavors of plum.
 the property the title of Third Classified Growth.
                                                                    2000 Chateau d’Issan: Just like the Lagrange 2000, this Issan
 CHATEAU D’ISSAN:                                                                                                                              Email:
                                                                    was full of flavors of plum and black currant. Ripe fruit and a
 Chateau d’ Issan is one of the oldest properties in the Medoc.     long finish were signatures of this nice wine.                             Cuisineist@gmail.com
 In the late 1400’s the property was called Teobon. At the time
 of the revolution, the estate was confiscated and put under the    1995 Chateau d’Issan: The 1995 vintage showed a deeper
 administration of Gustave Roy.                                     purple color in the glass. On the palate, more ripe fruit than the
                                                                    younger vintages. It also showed us the very classic Château
 With the help of the prestigious panel we began our journey        d’Issan’s elegance and style. The 1995 vintage can be drunk
 through Bordeaux and these Classified Third growths. Starting      now, but as they explained, it still has much more to say for itself
 with the 2005 vintage, our palate pleasing journey began.          as the years go by. This was the first of the “older” vintages that
 2005 Chateau Lagrange: Purple color in the glass. The nose is      really showed us the importance of ageing these very fine wines.
 feminine and elegant, with red berries and flowers. The palate     1996 Chateau Lagrange: In the glass the 1996 was dark red
 was concentrated with red flowers and berries with some smoke      to purple. On the nose, ripe fruit was coming through and very
 and a slight touch of oak. On the finish, balanced tannins and a   nicely balanced in acidity, fruit and tannins. A nice palate with
 long finish were impressive.                                       ripe red-fruit that was light and elegant. Much more fruit and
 2005 Chateau d’Issan: Many suggest that the 1900’s vintages        complexity provide a longer finish than the younger vintages.
 may be better. However, this 2005 vintage was very nice. A         1990 Chateau Lagrange: In a word, this wine was unbelievable.
 very deep purple color in the glass brought us to a nose of red    The blend of the 1990 is 44% each Cabernet Sauvignon and
                                                                    Merlot, with 12% Petit Verdot added in to finish. This historic
                                                                    wine was full of black and red fruits, rich and elegant with a
                                                                    finish that never seemed to end. This was classic Bordeaux and
                                                                    one of those wines we will remember for a lifetime.
                                                                    1985 Chateau d’Issan: The 1985 d’Issan nose was a perfume
                                                                    of lovely aromas of expressive red fruit, red flowers and currant.
                                                                    On the palate elegant and soft flavors of red fruit, oak and smoke
                                                                    slide into a nice smooth long feminine finish with soft tannins
                                                                    and long lingering finish. Advice from all concerned on the
                                                                    panel, DRINK NOW!
                                                                    Joining this distinguished panel tasting some of Bordeaux’s
                                                                    finest wines with a tradition that goes back centuries was a
                                                                    true educational experience. It just confirmed that one’s wine
                                                                    education is never over, but a lifelong process of travel, tasting
                                                                    and reading about the ever changing world of wine.

www.lvfnb.com                                                                               June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional                     11
                   DINING                          memorabilia.
                                                      Asian-inspired MOzen Bistro at Mandarin
                                                   Oriental has a new dining experience: Bento
                                                   by MOzen Bistro where guests craft their own
                                                   bento box.
                                                      Spago at The Forum Shops offers a
                                                   three-course pre-theater menu on Celine
                                                   Dion show nights.
                                                      The Country Fresh Farmers Market has
                                                   opened a second location at the Henderson
                                                   Pavilion every Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,       Steve Wyrick will return to a Las Vegas
                                                   which joins the Thursday operation running      stage with his “Ultra Magician” show at the
                                                   the past seven years.                           Las Vegas Hilton Theater on June 29.
    The Tropicana has a celebrity chef and            Radio City Pizzeria featuring gourmet            The Riviera has a new headliner showcase
 transformed Italian eatery… Bacio by Carla        pizzas has opened in Tivoli Village at          in the Starlite Theatre with Rich Little through
 Pellegrino. Brazilian-born, Italian-raised        Queensridge with indoor and outdoor patio       June 12 and other names following: Mary
 Pellegrino beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay         seating, a beer and wine bar, and walk-up pie   Wilson of The Supremes; Connie Stevens
 on his 2009 “Throwdown!” Christmas Food           viewing window.                                 with John Byner; The 5th Dimension, and
 Network special. In 2006, her culinary team          Quinn’s Irish Pub at Green Valley Ranch
                                                   has launched a pub menu for lunch and           David Brenner.
 opened Rao’s Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.                                                             Toby Keith will bring his “Locked and
    Treasure Island has signed a multi-            dinner daily with items $8 or less and $3-$4
 year lease with Señor Frog’s making it the        beer pairings.                                  Loaded Tour 2011” to the Red Rock
                                                                                                   Amphitheatre for the second time with
 second location in the contiguous 48 states.                ENTERTAINMENT                         special guest Eric Church on Aug. 6.
 Construction begins later this year.                 Rod Stewart will return to The Colosseum
                                                   at Caesars Palace on Aug. 24 for the first 18       Vocal group Mosaic seen on “America’s
                                                   concerts of his two-year residency featuring    Got Talent” is performing monthly in the
                                                   his five-decade-long career hits.               Silverton’s renovated event space, Veil
                                                      Enrique Iglesias will stop at the Red Rock   Pavilion.
                                                   Resort on Oct. 8 as part of his 25-stop tour        Tony Bennett, an artist with new albums
                                                   with special guest Pitbull.                     every decade since the 1950s, will perform at
                                                      Donny and Marie Osmond have                  the Pearl at the Palms on Sunday, July 24.
                                                   revamped and unveiled their show at the
                                                   Flamingo. One big change is the show’s                    MISCELLEANOUS
                                                   new opening number featuring “It Takes Two”        Casino MonteLago, the only gaming site
                                                   and “Vegas Love,” a song from the duo’s first   at Lake Las Vegas, has reopened under
    “The World of Las Vegas Dining” by             album in 30 years.
 husband and wife co-authors John and                                                              new operators Intrepid Gaming after being
 Laury Bakie covers the city’s internationally                                                     closed for a year.
 famous chefs and fabulous restaurants. The
 280-page illustrated masterpiece contains
 approximately 700 photographs.
    The Hotel California Restaurant &
 Cantina opened its first Las Vegas location in
 Summerlin featuring Baja California-inspired
 cuisine, signature Mezcal liquor, a “Man Cave”
 Cigar Lounge, and outdoor patio dining.              “The Magic & Tigers of Rick Thomas”
    On July 24, The Cosmopolitan and               opens June 3 at the Saxe Theater in the
 Cochon 555, a national culinary competition       Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood for
 promoting heritage breed pigs, will launch All-   a daily summer run at 3 p.m.
 Star Cochon, a new pork-filled Las Vegas             Sleight of hand Parisian artist Stephane        Hungarian native Mariann Mohos spent
 event featuring a “snout-to-tail” menu.           Vanel makes his headlining debut at Paris       four years as a concierge at a major Strip
    Putter’s Gaming Group is opening the           in “The Magic of Paris” at 4 and 6 p.m.         resort. The result of her networking is a self-
 South Strip Putter’s Bar and Grill in a           Vanel has had a seven-year run in the MGM       published book “You Want WHAT???,” a
 renovated building with vintage Las Vegas         Grand’s “Crazy Horse Paris.”                    compilation of more than 130 concierge tales.
12    The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                                         www.lvfnb.com
      Three Square Names
         Brian W. Burton
       President and CEO
   Food Bank’s Founder Julie Murray to
     Consult with Feeding America

                            LAS VEGAS – April 7,
                            2011 – The Three Square
                            Food Bank Board of
                            Directors announces the
                            appointment of Brian W.
                                                          Under Murray’s leadership, the start-up food bank
                            Burton as President and
                                                          succeeded in distributing 50 million pounds of food
                            Chief Executive Officer of
                                                          and grocery product into the community during the
                            Southern Nevada’s only
                                                          past three years through its more than 600 Program
                            food bank effective April
                                                          Partners serving over 100,000 individuals monthly.
                            25, 2011. Burton succeeds
                                                          She will continue to serve Three Square in an advisory
                            visionary and founder
                                                          capacity in addition to providing consultative services
                            Julie Murray.
                                                          to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-
 “We are thrilled to have an experienced non-profit       relief organization, working with President and Chief
 leader like Mr. Burton continue the great work that      Executive Officer Vicki Escarra.
 has been done at Three Square,” said Chairman of         About Three Square
 the Board Kirk Clausen. “Julie established a strong
 foundation and we are confident Brian will continue to   Three Square was established to end hunger in the
 build on that momentum and further expand operations     valley by providing wholesome, nutritious food to
 to meet the need for food in our community.”             non-profit organizations that serve a wide range
                                                          of Southern Nevadans in need. A national model
 Burton brings more than 20 years of non-profit           project inspired by Eric Hilton with a grant provided
 industry experience to his post at Three Square Food     by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Three Square
 Bank. He most recently served as Executive Director      is a community collaborative partnership with the
 of the Wilkinson Center in Dallas, Texas, a non-profit   gaming industry, businesses, non-profit agencies, food
 organization that empowers low-income families           distributors, higher education institutions, the CCSD,
 to break the cycle of poverty through emergency          governmental entities, the media and thousands of
 services including food assistance, education and case   volunteers to efficiently and effectively serve hope
 management. His professional expertise includes rapid    to those in our community struggling with hunger.
 organizational growth and development, program           Three Square currently provides more than 22 million
 sustainability, community engagement, public policy      pounds of food and grocery product – the equivalent
 work and diversified fundraising.                        of nearly 16 million meals – per year to more than 600
 Burton holds a Master of Divinity degree in Education    Program Partners including non-profit and faith-based
 from Southern Seminary, a Master of Business             organizations, schools and feeding sites throughout
 Administration degree from Louisiana State University    Southern Nevada. Three Square is a member of the
 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ouachita Baptist      Feeding America network of food banks. For additional
 University.                                              information visit www.threesquare.org.

www.lvfnb.com                                                 June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   13
                                         Restaurant Review

                                           TAKE A WHIMSICAL JOURNEY!
                                        BY Shelley Stepanek

                                        To walk into Serendipity, you are back in Alice in Wonderland.      such names as cotton candy martinis, diva daiquiris and Sin
                                        Located directly in front of Caesars Palace and the new tent for    City frozen hot chocolates. Great for families in the daytime and
                                        Absinthe, the show, this colorful restaurant with two outdoor       wonderful for bachlorette parties at night.
                                        patios is sure to delight. With movable walls it can accommodate    The menu has crab artichoke dip, mac & cheese, every kind of
                                        various size groups up to 600. Plan a visit and you will be sure    burger and even foot-long hotdogs. They serve a terrific crab cake
                                        to want to have your next event here. Owned by Caesars, they        salad, with blue lump crab, grapefruit and avocado. I tried the
                                        just celebrated their two year anniversary. Established in New      safe at home sliders, and the high heel pump sandwich with sweet
                                        York, the menu centers around their frozen hot chocolates, a mix    potato fries.
                                        between ice cream and malts, big enough to serve 4 people. They
                                                                                                            The sundaes feature a Golden Opulence filled with nothing but
                                        have just served their 100,000 delight.                             the finest ingredients, and featuring pure gold flakes. The price?
                                        The tables are decorated with old time tiffany lamps, drinks have   A mere $1000.00 per sundae. The Treasure Chest, pure chocolate
                                                                                                            shaped like a big box, and filled with cookies, berries, and creams
                                                                                                            goes for a mere $88. But not to worry, the standard is $11 for the
                                                                                                            rest of the desserts. And don’t forget brunch.
Photos Courtesy Caesars Entertainment

                                                   Call 702-731-7373 for reservations or just stop by for a great treat.
                                                     M-T 11am-10pm, Fri-12am-12pm, Sat 10am-12pm, and Sun 10am-10pm
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 Meat the New
 Bull in Town
                           When a person sits down to enjoy a fine steak at        direct supervision. Additionally, all elements of the production are done by
                           a local establishment, they usually don’t consider      family owned and operated businesses within Montana. This beef is truly a
                           the process that it went through to get to the plate.   “Made in Montana” product.
                           However, chefs and restaurant owners know the           This difference can be seen in their approach to raising and finishing
                           importance of this process.                             the cattle. Each animal is raised on grasses and alfalfa for two years and
                            With so many distributors and food vendors in          then finished on whole grains and grasses for six months with no added
                            Las Vegas, it is easy for a chef to feel as though     antibiotics or hormones. This attention to detail results in raising cattle that
                            every person that comes through the door is a          consistently rate USDA prime when graded at the time of processing.
                            pitch man trying to peddle the newest and latest       It is this attention to detail throughout the process that makes Montana
                            craze in food. The recent explosion in popularity      Wagyu’s “American-Style Kobe Beef” truly different. Starting with the
 of Kobe beef, or more accurately, “American Style Kobe Beef” is no                USDA Inspection, the rancher will oversee each component of the cutting
 different. With the arrival of The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company in Las            and packaging. Where other producers will process and ship as many cows
 Vegas, it is no longer “Beef As Usual.” Now it is beef as it should be: grade     in the shortest amount of time, The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company will
 A, dry-aged, USDA Prime.                                                          dry-age every whole carcass for 28 to 30 days. This enhances the flavor and
                                             The ranch, owned and operated         gives a rich buttery taste to the beef that is distinctive and bold. Where other
                                             by Rick Woienski, is located          producers just ship the cows to distant facilities, the rancher will travel to
                                             outside of Belgrade, Montana          the processing facility weekly and monitor, inspect, and taste test (the best
                                             in the pristine Gallatin Valley       part of the job) every unit in production.
                                             located north of Yellowstone          When it comes to getting the finished product to their clients, The
                                             Park. The Montana Wagyu               Montana Wagyu Cattle Company’s business model continues to maintain
                                             Cattle    Company        is   a       the integrity of the product and process. “Since we are a family owned
                                             business model based on               business, we treat our clients like family,” says Woienski. Once the product
                                             being exclusively made in             leaves the processing plant, it is either shipped directly to the client, or it is
                                             Montana with all aspects of the       sent through NKB Distributors, the local distributor in Las Vegas. If there
                                             production, raising, finishing,       is ever any question about a product, both the rancher and distributor are
                                             processing and packing, being         simply a phone call away. How many restaurants are only one step away
                                             done under the cattle company’s       from the ranch?

                                                            For More Information Contact James D. Gannett
                                               (702) 232-2972 • James@Vegaswagyubeef.com • www.vegaswagyubeef.com

                                                      Carlos Guía Executive Chef
                                                      The Country Club - A New American Steakhouse
                                                      Chef Carlos Guía chose Montana Wagyu Beef for his presentation for the 19th
                                                      Annual Taste of the Nation.
                                                                                      Creole Spiced Montana Wagyu Flat Iron
                                                                                         Steak with Chimichurri Emulsion
                                                                                     2 lb Montana Wagyu flat iron             ½ each lemon zest
                                                                                      steak                                    (microplaned)
                                                                                     ½ c New Orleans Creole spice             ½ tsp oregano leaves (dried)
                                                                                                                              1 tbs kosher salt
                                                                                     1 c Italian parsley (washed and
                                                                                                                              ½ c extra virgin olive oil
                                                                                      tightly packed)
                                                                                     ¼ c cilantro (washed and tightly ½ c corn oil
                                                                                      packed)                         ½ c water
                                                                                     ½ c garlic (roasted)                     1 tbs red chile threads
                                                                                     Break chile threads into ¼ to ⅓ inch pieces and reconstitute with ¼
                                                                                     cup very hot water. Reserve for later use. Puree roasted garlic, lemon
                                                                                     zest, oregano, salt and ½ cup of water. Add the parsley, cilantro and the
                                                                                     remaining ½ cup of water and puree. Continue to puree slowly drizzling
                                                                                     both oils in and make an emulsion. Remove the sauce from the blender
                                                                                     and add the reconstituted chili threads. Check the seasoning and adjust
                                                                                     if necessary. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Season flat iron steaks with
                                                                                     the Creole spice blend, and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Pan sear or grill
                                                                                     until desired temperature. Slice and serve with chimichurri emulsion.

www.lvfnb.com                                                                              June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional                   15
                                                                                    The 14th Annual
                                                                   ACF Chefs of Las Vegas
                                     IATE ADVISORY BOA
                                                                     Golf Tournament
                                                                                at Silverstone Country Club

                                         US Foodservice Team                                Southwest Gas Team

                                          LaFond Foods Team                                  LaFond Foods Team
Photos by Juanita Aiello

                                    Nevada Food Brokers Team                              Nevada Food Brokers Team

    16                     The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                    www.lvfnb.com
                Universal Bakery Team                   Ventura Team

                 Chef’s Special Team                 Buena Vista Team

                                              Food Isn’t Just Your Business,
                                                    It’s Your Passion.
                                              We’re Proud To Support You!

                More Than Bread Team

                                              U.S. Foodservice® Las Vegas
                                               1685 W. Cheyenne Avenue
                                             North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032
                US Foodservice Team         www.lasvegas.usfoodservice.com

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                     Wild Veggie Team                         Chef’s Special Team

                   Chef’s Special Team                        Farmer John Team

            Rick Albrecht
               (702) 884-2857

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                Chef’s Special Team           Sysco Food Service Team

                 Dawn Food Team                  Chef’s Special Team

                   Windsor Team                   New Harvest Team

                Chef’s Special Team           Cheesecake Royal Team

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                   Chef’s Special Team                              Kellogg

                   Chef’s Special Team                        Chef’s Special Team

                   Meadow Gold Team                               Javo Team

                   Special Guest Team                         Chef’s Special Team

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                Chef’s Special Team                            US Foodservice Team

                Food Sales West Team                          Food Sales West Team

        BakeMark, The Preferred Bakery, Dessert,
        Chocolate Ingredient Supplier in Vegas.
                   We carry a full line of foodservice products,
                            not just Bakery products.
                            Barry Callebaut | Dobla | Vanleer
                         BakeSense | Cacao Barry | Semper ASM

                       Remember our great family of Brands
                       Westco | Brill | Henry and Henry | Best Brands
                          Telco | Multifoods | Karps | Caravan

                 Your creativity our Ingredients! Your BakeMark!

                                               2570 Kiel Way | North Las Vegas NV 89030
                                              702-642-4500 | VegasCS@bakemarkusa.com

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                         Holten Team                                 Hormel Team

                    Desert Meats Team                             Desert Meats Team

                Cheesecake Royal Team                         Santa Monica Seafood Team

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 Chef Nate Gonyer
 As a declarative chef, I love what I do. I put my heart, creativity, passion,
 energy and knowledge all into one dish. I have worked for some of
 the largest catering companies and for some of the most renowned
 Yes, I am only 20, and nothing is slowing me down.
 With my dad (Dan Boyer) having a strong background and being a very skilled chef from the C.I.A,
 I have had an upper hand in the profession and give everything through my dedication
 and 110%. I am packing everything I can fit in my car and moving to one of the
 largest food service cities in the world (Las Vegas) to further my knowledge
 and background. I am looking for a sous chef position in this famous city. The
 lunch and dinner at the Silverstone Golf Club was a last minute catering job.
 Brian Froman came up to me while I was doing a tasting at the glamorous
 Palms Hotel for Executive Chef Henry Garcia. With all my resources being
 limited, I was still able to give the A.C.F members, including the president of
 the A.C.F Michael Ty, a lunch and dinner that they will not forget. I didn’t even
 know what I was walking into, not the menu, not even the number of people it
 was for or even who it was for until I got there. I was the chef in command in the
 kitchen. But I would like to tell my help in the kitchen thank you for all your hard work
 and delivery.
 Please contact me for any questions or interviews. Ngonye2618@sullivan.edu

                            For Sales Information Contact Brian Froman 770-294-4591
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                       Dietz & Watson                         J Brass Company

                       Condies Foods                           Wild Veggies

                   Certified Angus Beef                       Dietz & Watson

                    Detail Food Service                       Dietz & Watson

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                    Sabrett                      The Core Group

                Cheesecake Royal                 T&T Quality Food

www.lvfnb.com                      June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   25
                             Holten                           Sysco Foodservice

                  Gourmet Fusion Foods                         Meadow Gold

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                               2011 Directory
 ACES & ALES                          SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD
 www.acesandales.com                  www.smseafood.com
 www.BakeMark.com                     SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION
 Big Dog’s Brewing Company            Food Service Demonstration Center
 www.bigdogsbrews.com                 6355 Shatz Street
                                      Las Vegas, NV 89115
 BJ’S RESTAURANTS                     (702) 365-2445
 www.chefpaul.com                     THREE SQUARE
 www.deitzandwatson.com               US FOODSERVICE LAS VEGAS

                                      WORLD TEA EXPO

 Local Representative: Rick Willets

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                         Low Flow, No Flow, and the
                                     Art of the Ask:
                                                         Cutting Down on Your Water Use
                                                                                    By Jennifer Fleck, Green Restaurant Association

 The average foodservice facility uses nearly 300,000 gallons of water each year, and the water use of a single
 appliance in a kitchen can be greater than that of an entire residential home. When the GRA performs an
 environmental assessment on a restaurant seeking Certification, we look at the comprehensive picture of a
 restaurant’s water use, from the spray valves installed on the dishwashers to the catching and reuse of rainwater.
 To become a Certified Green Restaurant®, a restaurant must earn a minimum of 100 points spread over seven
 environmental categories, one of which is Water Efficiency. Certified Green Restaurants® have integrated
 hundreds of water efficiency protocols into their restaurants, from low flow aerators and waterless urinals to
 only serving water upon request. Here’s how some Certified Green Restaurants® did it.

 The Boiling Point                                               bottled water and replacing it with a tap filtration system
 Cost cutting in water and energy was the main reason Chef       like the ones produced by Vivreau and Natura, both GRA
 Jose Duarte of 2 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Taranta in    Endorsed Products. These filtration systems do more than
 Boston initially began implementing sustainable practices,      purify tap water; they can also carbonate water and often
 and the results have been astounding. “I started looking        come with reusable glass bottles to pour water for guests.
 into ways I could save money through cutting down on the        Not only can ditching the bottle save money, it can also reap
 restaurant’s operating overhead. The results were amazing,      profits. When The Fireplace in Brookline, Massachusetts
 so it snowballed from there. If you save water and energy,      stopped using bottled water, owner Jim Solomon found
 you save money—it’s that simple.”                               that the benefits were substantial to his guests, his staff,
 At Taranta, the restaurant found a water saving opportunity     and of course, his bookkeeper. Says Solomon: “Bill paying
 through an event most restaurateurs would dread—the             is easier, as the savings are generally greater than 25% and
 breaking of their water heaters. When their water heater        our revenue on water sales has increased by 100%. My wait
 tank broke, Duarte replaced it—and his other heaters—           staff is thrilled that the decreased cost of the water has
 with tank-less heaters that not only cost less than replacing   increased their sales.”
 traditional tanks, but also net the restaurant $300 per tank    Filtering your water does more than reduce inventory costs.
 in rebates.                                                     It saves the manpower necessary to stock refrigerators to
 From Low Flow to No Flow                                        keep the water ready to sell, as well as the time subsequently
                                                                 used to sort the bottles for recycling.
 General Manager Wes Richardson of 2 Star Certified Green
 Restaurant® Hyannis Yacht Club also turned to the GRA when      The Art of the Ask
 he was looking to replace equipment. Once the club had to       Oftentimes, restaurants live by the mantra that “an
 replace their urinals, they discovered the cost benefits of     exceptionally distinctive experience means never having to
 conserving water. The club spoke with a few vendors, one        ask.” To many, hospitality comes in the form of anticipating
 of which suggested a waterless urinal. “I thought it was a      the needs of guests and fulfilling them ahead of time.
 stupid idea,” General Manager Wes Richardson laughs.            Unfortunately, this can also waste resources when a guest
 “But then I talked to some others, and they told me how         decides not to capitalize on your generosity.
 efficient they were, so we got them.” Waterless urinals         To prevent this, Adam’s Sustainable Table in Eugene, Oregon
 like the ones installed at the Hyannis Yacht Club save an       decided that the best way to know what your guests want
 average of 1642.5 gallons of water each year, per urinal.       is to ask them. Instead of automatically filling each glass on
 They then expanded their water saving installations with        the table, the restaurant only serves water when a guest
 low flow spray valves on their kitchen equipment. Power         asks for it. If every restaurant followed their example and
 rinsers that run at 1.28 gallons per minute or less can save    only served water upon request, we could save 26 million
 an estimated 65,000 gallons of water per year, as well as       gallons of water per day—drastically lowering water and
 reduce the amount of energy required to heat the water,         energy costs.
 potentially saving up to $1000 per year.
                                                                 Remember: When you conserve resources, you also
 Kicking the Bottle Habit                                        conserve funds. Implementing sustainable practices into
 Several Certified Green Restaurants® have discovered            your restaurant’s operations reflects well on your guests,
 hidden—and substantial—savings by eliminating their             on the environment, and on your balance sheet.

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        Green Restaurant Association

                   Since 1990

        Thinking of Going Green?
                Take a strategic approach.

                         a non-profit organization
                           Phone: (617) 737-3344
                          Email: gra@dinegreen.com

www.lvfnb.com              June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   29
 Photos by George Fryer

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Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas offers Bavarian flair in the heart
of Las Vegas. An authentic Beer Hall and Beer Garden
feature classic German cuisine and live entertainment
nightly. The famous Hofbräu beer is brewed using original
recipes handed down over 400 years ago, and is imported
straight from Munich, Germany.

702-853-BEER (2337) • www.HofbrauhausLasVegas.com
      4510 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169
Keep It
To keep gambling fun, keep it responsible.
Responsible gaming is a social activity, best enjoyed with
family and friends. Set time and money limits, and stick
to them. Understand the odds, and know how the games
work. And please don’t gamble when you’re lonely, angry
or depressed. It clouds your judgment.

Responsible gaming is important to you and your business. For more
information about how to keep gambling fun, a free guide to responsible
gaming and other resources, visit www.americangaming.org.
                         YELLOWTAIL AT BELLAGIO
                         Executive Chef-Akira Back, Sous Chef-Michael Yi, General Manager-Young Lee, Japanese Sake Specialist-Yukiko Kawasaki
Photos by George Fryer

        www.lvfnb.com                                                                         June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional   33

        J’s Beer Dinner                                                                                                              BY Bob Barnes
        BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse hosted a beer
        dinner featuring beers of Sam Adams and a
        five-course repast; Bar Manager Pete Bowman
                            welcomed guests and Sam
                            Adams Rep Ivica Cvitkovic
                            prefaced each course with
                            descriptions of the beers we
                            would be enjoying.                                                                                    Las Vegan, associate
                              The evening’s festivities                                                                         editor of The Las Vegas
                                                                                                                                       Food & Beverage
                              began with a welcome beer,                                                                          Professional, regional
                              BJ’s Lightswitch Lager,          With more than 100 in attendance, this beer dinner                      correspondent for
 which logs in at only 135 calories, but with an ample         had the largest turnout to date for the BJ’s Henderson            Celebrator Beer News
 flavor profile. The first course matched Angus Beef           location. No surprise here, as the extremely reasonable                and covers the LV
                                                               price of only $30 is unmatched. To reserve your place                restaurant scene for
 Sliders with the Sam Adams flagship Boston Lager,                                                                             Gayot.com. He welcomes
 which Ivica says goes great with beef. He was not             at the next beer dinner, call the Summerlin BJ’s at                         your inquiries.
 mistaken, and the pine and citrusy aroma was joined           702-853-2300 or the Henderson BJ’s at 702-473-2980.
 by a nice balance of malt and hop flavors. Seared Ahi                                                                            Email:
                                                               Great Vegas Festival of Beer                                          bob@lvfnb.com
 Salad was paired with Sam Adams Imperial White, a             The inaugural Great Vegas Festival of Beer will take
 huge beer at 10.3% abv that pushes the boundaries of a        place at the new Tivoli Village in the Summerlin area
 Belgian wit. Its inviting spiciness is thanks to a range of   on Saturday, June 18 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Although it’s
 spices added during brewing and during fermentation,          during the Vegas summer heat, misting systems, cooling
 resulting in complex flavors of dry fruits, exotic spices     fans and the location’s temperature-controlled stone
 and floral blossoms. Shrimp Teriyaki was paired with          walkways along with the evening hours it’s scheduled
 Sam Adams Double Bock, which Ivica informed us                for should result in fairly pleasant temps. The fest is
 contains a half pound of malt in every 12 oz. bottle.         put on by Motley Brews, who in my opinion put on an
 Not surprising, when you taste it and are rewarded            outstanding event in its inaugural Craft Beer Tailgate
 with a huge mouthful of maltiness. A palate cleanser          Festival back in November. More than 25 breweries are
 of Sam Adams Summer Ale was well chosen, since                expected with a varied selection of beer styles. Cost for
 this pleasant light and crisp beer gave us a chance to        unlimited sampling and tasting glass is $27 online or
 catch our breath. The hoppy Sam Adams Latitude 48             $37 at the gate, with a portion of the proceeds going to
 IPA went well with Parmesan Crusted Chicken. This             benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas. To order
 6% hop bomb is named for the combination of German,           tickets, visit www.GreatVegasBeer.com. Tivoli
 English and American hops that are all grown near the         Village is located at Rampart and Alta, just south
 48th latitude. The dessert finale celebrated chocolate        of the Summerlin Parkway freeway.
 with a Triple Chocolate Pizookie served with Sam
 Adams Cream Stout, which Ivica calls ‘the Cappuccino          Beer Spotlight
 of Beer.’ With additions of roasted chocolate, caramel        This month the spotlight shines on Red Fox
 malt and roasted barley, this beer proved to be a perfect     Russian Imperial Stout, a locally made brew from
 companion to the richness of the chocolaty dessert.           Joseph James Brewing Company. Brewed with 9
 We were lucky to be blessed with one last treat, an           different malts, 7 different hops, and two yeasts,
 after dinner beer which turned out to be the brewery’s        the malts include Pale Malt, various caramel
 newest creation, Sam Adams Wee Heavy. This brew is            malts, Roasted Barley, Black Patent and a small
 quite earthy and a bit heavy, weighing in at 10% abv,         amount of wheat, which yield the 9.3% abv of this
                                                               beer. The malt is balanced by the addition of several
 with more than a hint of smoky aroma and flavor due to
                                                               hops giving this beer 70 IBU’s, but not an overwhelming
 its use of peat smoked malt.
                                                               hop profile. The high level of hops and alcohol in this
                                                               beer make it a good candidate for aging, with a shelf life
                                                               of 5 years or more. Expect rich flavors with high coffee
                                                               and chocolate profiles and small amounts of toffee and
                                                               vanilla, with underlying alcohol warmness. This beer
                                                               pairs with many sweet desserts such as crème brule,
                                                               chocolate cake, cheesecake, and complements many
                                                               glazes such as honey chicken. Look for Red Fox in 22
                                                               oz. bottles at major retail liquor outlets and several of the
                                                               restaurants that care about carrying a quality beer list.
                                                               As always, great beer happens in Vegas!

34   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                                               www.lvfnb.com
                         Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit
                         Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit is a unique, four-day culinary extravaganza featuring two dozen intimate luncheons, dinners, tastings
                         and other immersive and entertaining culinary experiences. Year after year, Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit draws gourmands, luxury
                         travelers and extraordinary chefs from around the globe to Las Vegas, all lured by the prospect of partaking in this epic foodie extravaganza.
                         Its five partner resorts include Bellagio, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and Wynn | Encore; the event is made possible by
                         its title sponsor, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, major sponsors Travelocity, Infiniti and other national brands. Among
                         the famous names joining Bon Appétit magazine Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport at this year’s events are chefs Paul Bartolotta, Tom
                         Colicchio, Alain Ducasse, Hubert Keller, Michael Mina, Rick Moonen, Bradley Ogden, Francois Payard, Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy,
                         Julian Serrano, Alex Stratta and many more.
Photos by George Fryer

        www.lvfnb.com                                                                                   June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional        35
                         TAsTE Of ThE NATION - A sNApshOT
                         BY Kismet Wagasky
                                                                     Taste of the Nation has come and gone, and all that is left is the long countdown to next
                                                                     year’s return of the gathering. It will be a melancholy wait before it is time again to attend
                                                                     the delicious evening charity bash that is a fun, eclectic party that blows away any white
                                                                     linen tablecloth and sleepy four-piece band charity event that we are used to avoiding.
                                                                     Las Vegas has one of the foremost collections of restaurants in the world. Every year for
                                                                     this affair, over 30 of the best in the city assemble to help a great cause while showcasing
                                                                     their finest offerings to willing patrons. We truly see the best of the best, in a slice of Las
                                                                     Vegas that any local would be proud of. Rain Nightclub inside the Palms Resort housed
                                                                     the event to great success this year. Proceeds went to Share Our Strengths, an organization
                                                                     dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the U.S.
                                                                     A few steps beyond the velvet ropes, a tantalizing maze of booths snaked around the pool
                                                                     and on to the dance floor of the club. The rows of booths continued up three levels like
                                                                     switchbacks on a mountain trail. Since these paths led to new heights overflowing with
                                                                     sushi, Kobe beef and exotic spirits, we hiked to try them all. Tasty offerings--glamorously
                                                                     arranged edible artwork and creative cocktails--literally jumped out at every passing party-
                                                                     goer. One could not take three steps without being offered another cocktail to sample or
                                                                     succulent treat to try. Chefs represented every booth and cooked before our very eyes.
                                                                     Along with the chefs, each restaurant brought some combination of owners, managers and
                                                                     servers ready to chat about their establishment. Learning about the food, the wine or the
                                                                     restaurant from someone who loves it is almost as amusing as sampling their fine wares.
                                                                     It was friendly and fun, dressed up but laid back in a distinctly Las Vegas style.
                                                                     If the visual and gustatory entertainment weren’t enough, local band The Jeremy Cornwell
                                                                     project was on hand to rock the party with cover music between the live auction and raffle
                                                                     giveaways. Talented chefs and mixologists kept the foodies happy down to the last minute
                                                                     of the event. One veteran patron commented, “This place is just beautiful. It is a great
                                                                     cause and a great event. I hope it continues to grow.”
Photos by George Fryer

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     Tea Stands Out in Fine Cuisine and on
           Restaurant Menus in 2011
            Organizers of World Tea Expo Say More Chefs Are Cooking with Tea;
              a June 26 Workshop at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole Demonstrates
                    How Restaurants Are Tapping into This Tasty Trend
     LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 24, 2011) --- With its                World Tea Expo’s “Cooking with Tea Workshop” is open
     four-story wine tower, Charlie Palmer’s Aureole at           to restaurateurs, chefs, hoteliers and other foodservice
     Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino certainly makes vino            leaders. Aureole’s Executive Chef Vincent Pouessel
     a focus, but it’s premium tea that’s also taking center      and Pastry Chef Megan Romano are set to demonstrate
     stage at the AAA Four Diamond and Michelin One Star          some of their restaurant’s offerings, which include both
     restaurant. Aureole is just one of many U.S. restaurants     savory and dessert dishes that feature tea. Following the
     that are bringing tea to the forefront, a notable trend in   Workshop’s demonstration, participants receive a private
     the culinary world, according to 2011 World Tea Expo         four-course luncheon --- each course infused with tea.
     organizers.                                                  Aureole uses tea in several dishes, including its: Green
                                                                  Tea Smoked Moulard Duck Breast with truffle parsnip
     To showcase the fast-growing movement of chefs turning
                                                                  puree, Glazed Fava Beans and natural duck jus; Tea-
     to tea as an ingredient in dishes as well as a premium
                                                                  infused Chocolate Ganache with mountain berry
     beverage for the menu, World Tea Expo is hosting a
                                                                  Chambord and Eros Peppermint with a blood orange and
     special “Cooking with Tea Workshop.” The event takes         vanilla bean scent; an Eros tea-infused Concord Grape
     place at Aureole on June 26 in Las Vegas, Nev.               Pound Cake; and a honey-orange pekoe-infused Crème
     “Tea is making giant strides in the culinary and             Brulee.
     foodservice world in 2011,” explains Kim Jage, a tea         The “Cooking with Tea Workshop” is a limited-seating
     expert and executive vice president of World Tea Expo.       seminar at World Tea Expo, which takes place June 24 -
     “We’re seeing restaurants offer premium tea drinks on        26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Registration for
     the menu and we’re seeing innovative chefs --- like          the Workshop and Expo is at www.WorldTeaExpo.com.
     the ones at Aureole --- present some exciting, flavorful     Attendees receive shuttle transportation from World Tea
     dishes that incorporate tea.”                                Expo to Palmer’s famous restaurant.

            About Charlie Palmer’s Aureole                                      About World Tea Expo
      Charlie Palmer’s renowned Aureole at Mandalay                 World Tea Expo 2011, which is the largest and
      Bay Resort & Casino enjoys a reputation as one of             most prominent event for the tea industry,
      the finest restaurants in the United States. Palmer,
                                                                    caters to tea retailers, restaurateurs, food service
      who has been honored as the “Best Chef” in New
      York by the James Beard Foundation, opened                    leaders, hoteliers, spa owners and other business
      Aureole at Mandalay Bay in 1999. Aureole earned               professionals who want to learn more about
      the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award each                   the latest opportunities and tea trends, which
      year since and received a .Michelin One Star for              consumers can expect to see more of in the
      2008 and 2009. The main dining room has views
                                                                    future. The event takes place at the Las Vegas
      of the one-of-a-kind wine tower that boasts an
      extensive collection of 4,500 selections with more            Convention Center, June 24 - 26, and conference
      than 60,000 bottles. For more information, visit              registration and details are available at
      www.MandalayBay.com.                                          www.WorldTeaExpo.com.

38   The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I June 2011                                                       www.lvfnb.com
       Featured Event for World Tea Expo
      June 24- 26, 2011, Las Vegas Convention Center
        Cooking with Tea Workshop at Charlie Palmer’s 4 Diamond AAA award winning restaurant, Aureole
                                                     June 26, 2011
                          Open to restaurateurs, chefs, hoteliers and other foodservice leaders.
      Aureole’s Executive Chef Vincent Pouessel and Pastry Chef Megan Romano are set to demonstrate some of their restaurant’s offerings,
      which include both savory and dessert dishes that feature tea. Following the Workshop’s demonstration, participants receive a private
      four-course luncheon—each course infused with tea.
      Aureole uses tea in several dishes, including its: Green Tea Smoked Moulard Duck Breast with truffle parsnip puree, Glazed Fava Beans
      and natural duck jus; Tea-infused Chocolate Ganache with mountain berry Chambord and Eros Peppermint with a blood orange and
      vanilla bean scent; an Eros tea-infused Concord Grape Pound Cake; and a honey-orange pekoe-infused Crème Brulee.
      The event is a limited-seating seminar for World Tea Expo attendees, which takes place June 24 - 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
      Cooking with Tea will be held Sunday, June 26, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

      For more information visit: www.worldteaexpo.com or call 702-253-1893                        Teas provided by:

      Dishes demonstrated:
                              Kitchen with Chef Vincent:                                             Classroom with Chef Megan:
                                 • Duo of Ahi Tuna                                                      • Dark Chocolate Tart with Earl
                                                                                                          Grey Tea Ganache
                                 • Baha Tuna Bohea Scented
                                   Tartare/Lemon Citrus Tea                                             • Lemoncello Gelato, Candied
                                   Crusted Loin                                                           Lemon, Pistachio Crème

                                                            Lunch Menu
                                            Duo of Ahi Tuna
                    “Baha Tuna”, Bohea scented tartare / Lemon Citrus Tea Crusted Loin
                                    Seared Diver Scallop with masutake mushrooms
                                         Lemon Gingersnap Tea Consomme
                                    Gunpowder Tea Smoked Muscovy Duck Breast
                                         rhubarb compote, herb spetzle
                             Summer Peach Sorbet Infused with Pear Spice White Tea
                                  Dark Chocolate Tart with Earl Grey Tea Ganache
                                Lemoncello gelato, candied lemon, pistachio crème

                  World Tea Expo is the Largest Trade Show and Conference in the
                           world for Specialty Tea and Related Products.
                       • More than 200 new products that                    • 24 educational sessions
                         haven’t hit restaurants
                                                                            • 6 Hands-on Skill Building Workshops
                       • 50 new exhibitors
                                                                            • Register to Attend and see why
                       • 6 Focused Tea Tastings                               specialty tea is growing so popular.

www.lvfnb.com                                                                    June 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional         39
Show off your special tea.

      We’ll show you how.
      Dedicated to creating a vibrant tea community, World Tea Expo is the largest
      trade show and conference in the world for tea; it’s the three days each year when
      industry professionals connect face-to-face to unveil new products, optimize
      merchandise and gain extensive product knowledge. Register to attend today.
      WWW.WORLDTEAEXPO.COM • (702) 253 1893

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