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					                                                                                                         December 2010
                                                                                                         Volume 6 Issue 2

                                            On the Horizon
                                            Women and Children’s Horizons, Inc. Newsletter

                                               Celebrate with WCH at Mardi Gras 2011
                                                Join WCH for an ex-                                     Have an item that you
Inside this issue:
                                         citing evening as we trans-                                    would like to donate for the
Getting to know Greta                2
                                         form the UAW Hall into a                                       silent auction? Please con-
Spotlight Volunteer                  3   Mardi Gras Extravaganza.                                       tact Lori Bastian @
Help make a difference               3   Contact WCH to make your                                       656-3500
WCH Calendar of Events               4   reservation and bring your
WCH Annual Awards Luncheon
                                         friends. The evening will
                                         include a complete Mardi                                       Cash Raffle Tickets!
    A Word from Kathryn Comstock     5   Gras style buffet, music,                                      Tickets will be available for
                                                                         Where:   UAW Hall
                                         silent auction, raffle & cash                                  purchase beginning Jan 3,
                                                                                  3615 Washington Rd.
                                         bar. Dress in your favorite                                    2011. A limited number of
Special points of in-                    Mardi Gras Costume to real-     When:    Saturday 6:30 pm
                                                                                                        tickets will be printed so
terest:                                  ly enjoy the full experience!            Feb. 26, 2011         your odds of winning are
                                         Costumes are optional.                                         “better than the Lottery”.
                                                                         Cost:    $50/pp $400/table
    Follow us on Facebook Women                                                                        Tickets are $30/ea or
     and Children’s Horizons and click
                                                                                                        4/$100. Cash prize winnings
     the like button                               Sponsorship op-
                                                                         Event Sponsor:                 are $2,500, $1,500 &
                                         portunities available. All
    For updated information visit our                                                                  $1,000.
     website       wchkenosha.org        sponsors will be recognized
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Volume 6 Issue 2                                                                                      Page 2

                         Getting to know Greta Menke

                                  Holding her hand     to know what a cop does,     at gun point, with Greta
                         while she cries. Answer-      to assist how she - as an    sitting in the front seat of
                         ing the crisis line. Re-      advocate - could better      my car. As I walked
                         sponding to the emergen-      serve her clients. So she    back, I thought: “I hope
                         cy room at 2:30 am.           sacrificed a weekend         she’s not scared? I hope
                         Helping staff the weekend     night, leaving her very      it wasn’t too fast. I hope
                         shifts at the Shelter.        supportive husband,          she doesn’t hate cops
                         Mentoring new employees       Dave, home to fend for       now.” I asked her if she
                         and volunteers. Carrying      himself, and she jumped      was okay. Greta replied
                         the pager everywhere she      into my squad car. We        with a huge smile, “That
                         went - all week long. At-     talked all night about do-   was great!”
                         tending monthly Board         mestic and sexual vio-
                                                                                              Not many people
                         and Committee meetings.       lence, but we had a rather
                                                                                    are willing to risk their
                         These are all things Greta    uneventful night, until we
                                                                                    lives to help others. Gre-
                         Menke has done since          started chasing a stolen
                                                                                    ta Menke did exactly that
                         becoming a volunteer for      van. This van led us on a
   “I hope she’s not                                                                - literally - that night.
                         the victims of violence in    high speed chase that
   scared? I hope it
                                                                                    Greta wanted to learn as
                         Kenosha County. Greta is      ended with deputies ar-
                                                                                    much as she could about
   wasn’t too fast. I    one of those extraordi-       resting the two suspects
                                                                                    law enforcement, and
   hope she doesn’t      nary people in this world.
                                                                                    wanted to explain the vic-
   hate cops now.” I     If we are really fortunate,
                                                                                    tim’s (and the advocates’)
                         we will meet a person like
  asked her if she was                                                              side to officers. Greta has
                         Greta once in our lives. I
  okay. Greta replied                                                               recently retired from
                         am honored to know Gre-
   with a huge smile,                                                               Women and Children’s
   “That was great!”
                                                                                    Horizons Board of Direc-
                                  I met Greta many                                  tors, after many years of
                         years ago when she want-                                   services as a board mem-
                         ed to learn more about           Award of Appreciation     ber, on call advocate,
                         family violence. Greta              Greta Menke            mentor and supporter. In
                         adopted the Kenosha                October 22, 2010        her life, she has volun-
                         Sheriff's Department                                       teered at Pathways of
                         (where I work) in the mid                                  Courage, Kenoshans
                         1990’s and she met with                                    Against Sexual Assault,
                         us, talked about our in-                                   and the Domestic Vio-
                         vestigations, made din-                                    lence Project and most
                         ners for those working on                                  recently with Women and
                         Holidays, and ultimately                                   Children’s Horizons. In
                         rode in our squad cars to                                  recognition of her service;
                         see firsthand what a dep-                                  the Board of Directors,
                         uty does. Little did we                                    Executive Director
                         know that Greta was do-                                    Kathryn Comstock and
                         ing this so she could learn                                the Staff had dedicated
                         to be a better advocate                                    the shelter’s living room
                         for victims. Greta wanted                                  as the “Greta Menke
Volume 6 Issue 2                                                                                      Page 3

   WCH Spotlight Volunteer
                                                           As part of a forensic science course, I’ve at-
                              tended presentations given by a SANE nurse on domestic violence and
                              sexual abuse. I was horrified by the criminal details and astounding sta-
                              tistics she shared yet impressed with her sensitivity and empathy toward
                              the victims of abuse. When she died last year, I knew I could not re-
                              place her professionally but vowed to become involved in other ways.
                              So last summer when I retired and quit spending the majority of my
                              waking hours commuting to a job in Milwaukee, I decided to make WCH
                              part of my volunteer activities in the Kenosha Community. I feel hon-
                              ored to recognize Helen’s dedication to domestic violence and sexual as-
                              sault by working with WCH.

                              Linda Milson

 WCH thanks Linda for volunteering. She has helped with Mardi Gras and the Golf Outing and has
 been a real asset to both planning committees. If you would like to volunteer for Women and Chil-

 How you can help make a difference
  Pick & Save program for charitable giving, you must use your Roundy’s Card,
  visit the service desk and ask that a charity be assigned and they will donate
  1% of your cash register total every time you shop there.

  Spieglehoffs Kenosha Super Value will stamp your register tape with a we-care
  stamp. Then mail or bring the receipts to WCH (none older than 3 months)
  and we submit them for a donation.

  Does your company have a Matching Employee Donations program? Do you
  donate through that program? If so please make Women and Children’s the
  recipient of your donation.                                                           Maximize your

  Some companies do a matching fund drive for charities. The company an-                  donation!
  nounces to it’s customers, friends, employees, etc., that it will donate an
  amount, say $2000.00 to a specific charity, if people will donate the same               Ask your
  amount for that charity by a specified date. Would your office or company
                                                                                       employer about
  consider such a fundraiser for Women and Children’s Horizons? It’s a great
  way to support your favorite charity and give a good impression of your busi-        a matching fund
  ness being a concerned, active community partner.
Volume 6 Issue 2                                                                  Page 4

WCH Calendar of Events 2011
 Women and Children Horizons has a support group for victims of domestic vio-
 lence and sexual assault in Spanish. These groups are an opportunity to talk
 about the physical and emotional abuse, how it effects our children and how to
 identify a batter. Children may also attend the Children’s Witness Group while
 moms are attending their support group. Groups are Mondays 5:00pm-7:00pm
 and Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am. For more information contact WCH 656-3500
 Starting January 13, 2011 WCH will be hosting the common sense parenting
 classes. 6 sessions held on Thursday evenings from 5-6pm. 2525 63rd street.
 Contact the Children’s Services Coordinator at 652-9900 for all the details.
 WCH also provides a Safe Exchange Program for parent visitations - Contact the
 Children’s Services Coordinator 652-9900.
 WCH needs your help! We are in need of on-call volunteers. Please contact Lori
 Bastian and get signed up for the next training session! 656-3500

 February 26, 2011 WCH Mardi Gras at the UAW Hall
 April - Sexually Assault Awareness Month. Contact the sexual assault
         coordinator for more details 656-3500
 May 7, 2011 - WCH 2nd Annual Bowl-a-thon, contact Lori Bastian 656-3500
                for all the details. Sign up your team early!
 July 31, 2011 - WCH Golf Outing at Maple Crest Country Club
 October - WCH Annual Meeting at the Women’s Club of Kenosha
           Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Contact the domestic violence
           coordinator for more details at 656-3500
 December 1-22, 2011 Adopt a Family Program. Contact Sue Schmidt-Decker at
                     262-652-1846 and help brighten Christmas for those less

 For a complete listing of support groups contact the administrative office at
Volume 6 Issue 2                                                                                    Page 5

WCH Annual Awards Luncheon
On Friday October 22, 2010
Women and Children’s Hori-                                                The Awards went to:
zons held their Annual                                                    Corporate Award
Awards Luncheon at the Ke-                                                Johnson Bank
nosha Women’s Club where            2010 Award Recipients
Executive Director Kathryn                                                Lee & Lynn Copen Family
Comstock talked about how                                                 Justice Award
the affects of Domestic Vio-                                              Sgt. John Rohde
lence and Sexual Assault                                                  Outstanding Community
happen everyday in our com-                                               Supporter Award
munity & how it takes an                                                  Robert Nevoraski
active community to help end
the violence. WCH honored         Pictured from left to right - Kathryn   Dorothy Prewitt Service
5 citizens for their outstand-    Comstock Executive Director, Marissa    Award
                                  Gomez, Andi Connolly-Meyers, Greta      Marissa Gomez
ing dedications and commit-       Menke, Tom Mahoney, Sgt. John
ment to breaking the cycle.       Rohde & Sandra Riese WCH Board
                                                                          Outstanding Volunteer
David Craig, Field Repre-         President. Not pictured - Robert
                                  Nevoraski                               Award
sentative for Congressman                                                 Andi Connolly-Meyers
Paul Ryan also awarded each
recipient with a Certificate of                                           Award of Appreciation
Special Congressional Recog-                                              Greta Menke

A word from the Executive Director - Kathryn Comstock
 It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone so quickly. It has been a time of
 unrest around the world, including here in the United States. The economy is stagnant,
 employment is dismal and people are reacting to these stressors. People who never
 have had to ask for help are now seeking help for food, clothing, and housing. The
 number of reported domestic violence incidents and sexual assaults continues to climb.

 Domestic Violence is getting worse in Wisconsin, not better. 67 people in 2009 died as
 a result of domestic violence in our state up from 46 in 2008. This is the highest num-
 ber in the ten years this statistic has been tracked. Women who might have left an
 abusive situation in a better economy, now don’t have even the slim resources of three
 years ago to leave. They stay and as the frustrations of unemployment and a poor
 economy build these women are the objects of more and more violence.

 Sometimes it feels like we have the proverbial finger in the dam as the tide of violence
 pushes against societal safety.

 Women and Children’s Horizons continues to strengthen ties with other Kenosha social
 services agencies. Sharing information and resources between agencies better serves
 all of our clients. As donations and grant funding continue to decrease, WCH strives for
 ways to cut operating costs and yet meet the needs of our clients. We depend upon
 the Kenosha community for its generous support of our efforts.

 It has been a difficult year for much of our population but Christmas is almost here with
 all its joy and wonder. The Board of Directors and the staff of Women and Children’s
 Horizons thank you for remembering us in your Christmas giving. We wish you peace
 and prosperity in the coming year.
  Women and Children’s Horizons
       2525 63rd Street
                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
      Kenosha, WI 53143
                                                                                                        U.S. Postage Paid
         Phone: 262-656-3500
Crisis: 262-652-9900 or 800-853-3503                                                                    Kenosha, WI
   E-mail: admin@wchkenosha.org

           The mission of
 Women and Children’s Horizons is
  to provide Support, Education,
        Training and Healing
 for victims of Sexual & Domestic

 We’re on the web!

PHONE NUMBERS:                         National Women’s Health     Legal Advocacy Needs:     Nifty Thrifty
                                       Information Center
                                                                   Lawyers to provide pro-
                                       “Violence Against Women”:   bono services.
                                                                                             2333 Roosevelt Rd.
                                       800-994-9662                                          262-605-3326
262-652-9900 OR
                                       WCH Needs:                  Regina Cappitelli
National Domestic Violence
                                                                                             Wed - Fri
                                       Volunteers:                 li@wchkenosha.org         10AM - 6PM
                                       On-Call Advocates
                                       Shelter Advocates
                                                                   Office Needs:             10AM - 5PM
Hearing Impaired
                                       Special Event help
                                                                   2 pocket purple folders

                                                                   Orange file folders
National Sexual Assault                                                                      All proceeds go directly to
                                       Contact:                    General office items
Hotline:                                                                                     Women and Children’s Ho-
                                       WCH Office                                            rizons.
                                                                   Shelter Needs:
                                                                                             All donations of clothing,

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