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					                               City of Airway Heights
                                 CITY COUNCIL
                           RETREAT MEETING MINUTES

                       Microtel Inn & Suites, 1215 S Garfield Rd.
                                  Airway Heights, WA
                               Saturday October 29, 2005

                                     1:00 – 6:00 PM

   1.      Invocation by Mathew Pederson
   2.      Pledge of Allegiance led by Donald Mitchell
   3.      Call to order by Mayor Dale Perry at 2:05 PM
   4.      Roll Call
                                          Mayor Dale Perry                          P
                                          Deputy Mayor Matthew Pederson             P
                                          Patrick Rushing                           A
                                          Stacy Daniels                             P
                                          Donald Mitchell                           P
                                          Rick Jacks                                P
                                          John Holloway                             A

Staff Present: City Manager Chuck Freeman; Public Works Director Albert Tripp; Clerk-
Treasurer Richard Cook; Police Chief Lee Bennett; Fire Chief John Schoen; Community
Development Director Tom Lien; Recreation and Community Services Supervisor J.C.
Kennedy; Assistant City Planner Marianne Morris.
Record show Councilmember Rushing arrived at 2:14

   5.      Agenda Approval
        Motion to approve the Agenda by Councilmember Pederson, Seconded by
        Councilmember Mitchell. Motion carried unanimously.

   6.        Workshop
        City Council Retreat – Chuck Freeman City Manager addressed the
        Council and Staff. Mr. Freeman gave a brief overview of where they left off in
        April 2005.
        Strategic Planning: Operate within the comp plan to achieve goals on a 2 to 4
        year term. Some of the stuff we are going to talk about today will help us have a
        better end product for the new comp plan we are working on.
        It is important for staff to have a clear understanding of where council is at
        so that when we are doing the day to day writing grants etc we have a clear
        sense from council that this is where you want to be, Council is the big picture
        you tell us where you want to go, staff is the nuts and bolts and whatever it
        takes to get it done and my job is to facilitate the communication of what we are
        actually doing as we get the big picture. The nuts and bolts have to do with
        budgets, projects, programs, services, it provides additional planning to relay what
we are doing to the public. Performance monitoring is what are the tax payers
getting for their money? You have to have a value, what are we getting that we
are paying all the wages for and all the programs for? We might have to train to
do the performance monitoring for the city.
Key Steps:
Vision – Each step has to have a realistic vision (example given of Arnold
Schwarzenegger coming to America who had goals set at realistic intervals)
Mission – Council has a great Mission Statement but each of our projects need to
have a mission.
Values – Governs the operation what you are trying to do and the relationships
that you are going to have with society, tax payers and voters. You must have a
good relationship with the public. Let’s raise the bar!
Objectives – What are the results that you want?
Strategies – Rules or guidelines for the mission and the objectives that we
Goals – Specific and ultimate time based measurements that will deal with
budgets etc.
Programs – Implementation plans and strategies to achieve.

Using Hindsight:
Determine City’s existing vision, mission, objectives and strategies. Are they
consistent with where we want to go?
SR2 – we have nothing
Treatment Plant – we have enough information now we need to figure out
Recreation Center – this will be a topic today, it lost the vote but we have
another plan.
Image – is something we have worked hard on and I believe it has changed
Community Design – Everything you want it to be: example store fronts, Rec.
Center. Etc. This is important, like the history of Leavenworth, they went from a
poor struggling town to with a hodgepodge of buildings to having a McDonalds
with a Bavarian theme, how did they accomplish this? I had a meeting with
Charlie Dodson who does Pathways to Progress he has given me a good place to
start, on how to get the support in the community.
Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities of each Project/Objective
SR2 - Mayor Perry suggested Chuck contact Keith Martin of Local Programs –
with the Dept. of Transportation. Councilmember Rushing suggested the City get
businesses on board, every business that is on Hwy 2 to work as a team and
include the secondary businesses since the image of Hwy 2 will affect them also.
Chuck verified with Council that the five objectives on the list are what they
want to focus on in the future. What are the barriers that we are facing? Finances
are the biggest barrier.
SR2 example - strength could be motivated Council and Staff that want to do
something different. Weakness could be washed up and not allow us to do
Councilmember Rushing believes if you put SR2 and Image together since your
first impression is when you enter the City. The image begins with SR2 believes it
is a large weakness but should become one of our strengths.
Councilmember Jacks – believes the businesses and public would want to
beautify SR2 and does not believe it would be a hard sell.
Mayor Perry – weakness past relationship with DOT, selling a plan to the
business owners depending about what vision you have for along there you need
to get them on your side.
Councilmember Daniels – weakness for SR2 is lack of safety due to the
Councilmember Jacks would like to see a median down the center.
Councilmember Pederson would like to have the parking in the back of the
Treatment Plant – removed from this due to the scope and complexity this is
as a separate and distinct item.
Recreation Center – We will bring this back to the public for another vote after
we achieve a site to build on. We believe we will be able to offer the citizens the
Recreation Center at $12.00 a month for 30 years.
Image – everything we do is related to Image, how do we want people to perceive
Community Design- What we do now?
Chuck Freeman mentioned one of the weaknesses is the type and quantity of
the signs along SR2.
Recap of the above per Chuck Freeman
SR2 –
Strengths                             Weakness
Community support to beautify         Image
                                      Past relationship with DOT
                                      Potential problems with the Business
                                      Safety issues

Recreation Center -
Strengths Will be                   Weakness
Economic Impact                     Funding
Raise Property Values
People will want to live here
More people live here more use our local businesses
Quality of Life
Great for builders in the community
Focal Point for activities
Image –
Strengths                             Weakness
Existing Community Center.            SR2 and signs
New housing                           SR2 Funding
Getting Better                        Trailer Parks
                                      Codes and Zoning

Community Design -
Strengths -                           Weakness

SR2 - Chuck Freeman presented a survey done by a class from Eastern
Washington State University with the Urban and Regional Planning Design Class.
The findings are as follows:
Based on street design the issues were the buildings sit back too far from SR2 and
SR2 is so wide. The typical building street ratio we have, you don’t want to put a
building up too high that will block the sun like Cheney, they discovered AH has
to much sky. In order for us to have a perfect design as the Urban Planners say
we need to have our buildings 30 ft high in the front, even if it is a façade. There
are other things we need to do because we have 100 ft of width then 14th street
and then the buildings which sit low. We are so far spread out that it contributes
to the tunnel effect. Cheney for example is closer to the ideal scenario because
they park in back of the buildings.
Discussion regarding the slide show provided by EWU

Key Strategies –
Chuck met with Kelly Dotson in Cheney of “Pathways to Progress” he introduced
Chuck to the “main street program”, Albert knows more about the program, so he
will explain it to Council and Staff.

Albert address the Council and Staff regarding the Main Street Program the local
example is the city of Cheney, Spokane is trying to implement it with
neighborhood centers in several locations. The focal and heart of it is
public/private partnerships. The public providing infrastructure to kick start the
project combined with infrastructure improvements that the private sector will
make, it is essentially an opportunity for the public and private working together.
Cheney took the form of a Pathways Director, they have a board there that
provides feedback, they have public meetings as any planning strategy would
incorporate. They start small and pick things that they can see a measurable
change in, to build the momentum. They create plans to get things done a little at
a time, having a long range plan that they keep chipping away at. This is a
non profit 501c3 that was created for the Main Street Program. Councilmember
Pederson is looking at helping to organize this with the Festival Organization.
There was more discussion regarding the Main Street Program, ranked as a must
Recreation Center
Location is the key, the fees to the public were not clear. How does the new
evaluation play into funding? Richard Cook addressed Council and Staff, Chuck
and Dick comparing 20 year vs. 30 year financing to the public. Discussion about
putting the Recreation Center on the next ballot and how to finance, keeping cost
down for the public.

Image/Community Design
Image -
Mayor Perry would ask that Council and Staff continue to be accessable to the
public. J.C. Kennedy would ask that the City put their brand (logo) on
everything they send out. The City needs to have a slogan for the City and use
it repeatedly until people recognize it. Chuck gave examples of negative and
positive comments from different sources. Chief Bennett said 80% of the people
he talks to have commented on the improvements in AH. Council and Staff
discussed the comments people have made about the small town atmosphere
where everyone is friendly.

Community Design -
Discussion amongst Council and Staff, Tom Lien informed Council of new
business inquiries in the past few months. Mayor Perry commented about
Spokane Tribe Casino coming in and the fact the Tribe bypassed the Council.
What can we do if and when they build? There was discussion amongst Council
and Staff.


Motion to adjourn by Councilmember Daniels, Seconded by Councilmember
Pederson. Motion carried unanimously.

Adjourned City Council Retreat at 5:57 PM

APPROVED:                                   ATTEST:

____________________________        ______________________________
Dale R. Perry, Mayor                      Richard G. Cook, Clerk-Treasurer

This meeting was audio taped. Anyone wishing to preview the tape may contact the
                          Clerk-Treasurer at City Hall.

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