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					                                            News Bulletin
                                                         School Development Planning Initiative
           SDPI                                 April 2005                                                                 

                                Programme Highlights for 2005
SDP Grant Scheme 2005: Last year, for the first time, schools were          Invitational Seminars: A one-day seminar for SDP facilitators and
able to apply to the SDPI Office for grant aid towards SDP costs. We        graduates of the Diploma course took place in NUI Maynooth on
are happy to announce that, in view of the success of this                  Saturday 9 April. The seminar, led by Dr. David Tuohy, was entitled
development, SDP grants will be available again in 2005.                    “Planning for a Culture of Learning”. In view of the high level of
The Grant Scheme has been modified for 2005 to make it simpler              demand for places, it is hoped to arrange further seminars during
and more convenient for schools. Key points:                                the next school year.
G A single application form covers both incidental costs and                SDP Summer School in DCU, August 2005: SDPI offers a summer
   facilitation expenses                                                    school that is open to all post-primary teachers. This year’s summer
G The amount per grant will depend partly on the total number of            school will take place in Dublin City University, 23–24 August. Turn
   applications. k500 is a baseline figure                                  to page 3 for further details.
G An initial payment will be made as soon as the grant application
                                                                            Services to Individual Schools: Regional Coordinators will continue
   is approved. A further payment may come later if resources               to provide information, advice and guidance on SDP and to
   allow when all applications are in                                       facilitate staff planning days/sessions. Book now for staff days in
G Application forms should be submitted as soon as possible, but
   no later than 1 December 2005
G An application can be made in advance of the SDP activity to              European Project: Since 2004, SDPI has been involved in a
   which it refers. It is not necessary to submit invoices with the         European project entitled A Study of the Development of Non-
   form                                                                     Curricular School Policies in a School Development Planning
                                                                            Context. The countries participating are Ireland, Norway and
A Grant Application Form and detailed Information Sheet                     Finland. The next joint meeting of project participants will take place
accompany this News Bulletin. They are also available from the              in September 2005. The project report will be published in 2006.
SDPI Office, from Regional Coordinators, and on the SDPI website
–                                                              Equality and the School Plan: The Education Act requires schools to
                                                                            state their equality objectives and the measures they plan to take to
Cluster-based SDP Support Groups: Cluster-Based SDP Support                 achieve them. SDPI is cooperating with the Equality Authority and a
Groups are part of a pilot programme to develop new support                 range of education partners in a project to develop practical guidelines
pathways for schools. The aim is to enable teachers engaged in SDP          for schools on the “How to” of meeting these School Plan requirements.
to meet, share experiences, and learn of good practice in other
schools. The first cluster groups, set up in Cork, West Cork, and           Regional Seminars: Regional Seminar materials from 2003 and
Carlow/Kildare/Laois in 2004, have been very effective – see page 2         2004 are available on the website. See page 2. A further series of
for a report on the activities of the Carlow/Kildare/Laois Cluster.         Regional Seminars will be offered in the autumn. As usual,
Following requests from schools, SDPI is starting a number of new           invitations will be sent to schools, and the schedule will be
clusters in the autumn. These will be in the North-East, the South-East,    published in the Support Services brochure and on our website.
the Midlands and Dublin. Full details will be published in the Support      SDPI Website – The website will continue to be
Services for Post Primary Education brochure and on the SDPI website        developed as a means of making information and resource materials
– Invitations will be sent to schools in the relevant areas.   readily available to schools. The Highlights column on the Home
More cluster groups may be set up early in 2006 in response to local        Page is a speedy way of accessing the most recent additions to the
interest. If you are interested in participating in a cluster-based         website. See page 2. Tá leathanach nua d’ábhar i nGaeilge á
support group for SDP, please contact your Regional Coordinator or          fhorbairt ar an suíomh agus tá leathnú á dhéanamh ar an réimse
the SDPI Office. See page 4 for contact details.                            ábhar acmhainne i nGaeilge. Féach leathanach a 3.
NUI Galway Diploma in School Planning: The 2004/05 Diploma                  Thanks: Our thanks to all that have shared their SDP experiences and
course will conclude with a national summer school in Galway, 20-           materials with us. Special thanks to Brian Fleming, Principal of
24 June. The NUI Galway summer school is open only to                       Collinstown Park CC, for his help with research on educational
participants who are registered for the Diploma with the University         disadvantage (Guidelines, Unit 10) and attendance issues, and to those
for the 2004/05 academic year.                                              providing case studies on partnership with parents and students for our
                                                                            forthcoming publication. Full details in the autumn.

 In this issue …
               Programme Highlights for 2005                                SDPI Summer School Programme
               – Including news of SDP Grants                     Page 1    – Apply for DCU, August 2005                                   Page 3
               Good Luck, Joe!                                    Page 2    Welcome, Anne and Jacqui                                       Page 3
               News from the Clusters                             Page 2    Leathanach Nua ar an Suíomh                                    Page 3
               SDPI Website News                                  Page 2    Meet the SDPI Team …                                           Page 4

                               School Development Planning Initiative for Post-Primary Schools
                                                           SDPI News Bulletin April 2005

  Good Luck, Joe!
                                     We congratulate our friend and colleague, Joe          for representatives of hundreds of schools, and
                                     Harrison, on his appointment to the Inspectorate       preparing resource materials on planning issues,
                                     of the Department of Education and Science. Joe        most notably on school self-evaluation, policy-
                                     joined the Inspectorate on 1 September 2004.           formulation, special needs, and planning for the
                                      Joe has been associated with the School               mixed-ability class. He liaised with a wide range
                                      Development Planning Initiative ever since it         of education organisations, responding to requests
                                      was set up. He was selected for training as an        for briefings and seminars on SDP for their
                                      SDP facilitator in 1999 before joining the full-      members. His final assignments for SDPI included
                                      time team as a Regional Coordinator in                a training day on SDP for a cluster of secondary-
                                      September 2000. His region was the Mid-West,          school boards of management and the SDP
                                      but in the days when the SDPI Team was very           Diploma Summer School in NUI Galway.
       Joe Harrison (SDPI Regional small, he was on call to serve schools from              We hope that Joe has as many happy memories of
       Coordinator 2000–2004)         Donegal to Clare to Dublin.                           SDPI as we have of him. We wish him success
       with Gerry Watchorn            Joe played a major role in the development of         and fulfilment in his new role with the
       (Coordinator for the Midlands) SDPI, providing advisory and facilitation services    Inspectorate.
       at NUI Galway Conferring to schools throughout the country, giving seminars

                                             News from the Clusters
 Cluster-Based SDP Support Groups are part           In addition, 4 schools shared examples of           What participants say about
 of a pilot programme to develop new                 their practice in relation to SDP coordination:     the Cluster Group:
 support pathways for schools. Each cluster          N SDP newsletter to students and parents
 comprises schools within a defined                      (Coláiste Lorcáin, Castledermot)                “These days are very useful because we
 geographical area that have accepted an             N Developing a homework policy through              get to hear what other schools are doing
 invitation to participate. Participating                subject planning (Heywood College,              and we can all learn from one another.”
 schools nominate one member of staff to                 Laois)                                          “I like the idea of different coordinators
 attend a series of cluster meetings – usually       N Compiling and using a development                 from different schools having an
 2 or 3 in the year. The aim is to enable                planning folder, and providing an               opportunity to let us know of what is
 teachers engaged in SDP to meet, share                  infrastructure and system of support for        working best for them. It is a good
 experiences, and learn of good practice in              teacher groups engaged in planning              inservice idea.”
 other schools. The programme for each                   (Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge,         “Planning is much more practical as a
 cluster group is determined by the needs                and Cross and Passion, Kilcullen)               result of these days. I can see how other
 and interests of the participants.                  The third meeting of the Cluster took place         schools are using the worksheets and
 33 schools are participating in the                 in mid-March. The agenda included:                  templates.”
 Carlow/Kildare/Laois Cluster. The Group met         N Looking at our School, Area 2: Quality of
                                                                                                         “I feel the availability of the Regional
 three times this academic year. The October             School Planning – follow-up to January          Coordinators to discuss issues about my
 meeting dealt with the following topics:                meeting                                         school and give advice and help to the
 N Moving up – transition from Primary to            N WSE – experiences of schools in the
                                                                                                         group is very good.”
     Post-Primary as a planning issue                    cluster and implications for planning
 N Mandatory school policies and how to                                                                  “I wish that all inservice could be as
                                                     News from other clusters in our                     practical and down to earth and as
     develop ownership of policies                   next Bulletin!
 N The Role of the SDP Coordinator –                                                                     focused as this – well done, more of the
                                                     In response to requests from schools, new           same please.”
     sharing experiences                             clusters are starting in the autumn. Details
 The topics for the January meeting were:            will be in the Support Services Brochure            “The "best practice" session was
 N Compiling the School Plan – SDP                                                                       especially useful. I would like to think
                                                     and invitations will be sent to schools. If
     Template                                        you would like to participate in an SDP             that support will continue into the
 N Looking at our School, Area 2: Quality                                                                future as I am surely not the only one at
                                                     Cluster Group, please contact your
     of School Planning – help in looking at         Regional Coordinator or the SDPI Office             the beginning of the process!”
     the process of planning in your school

  SDPI Website –
  New on the Resources page:                                                  G   Subject Department Planning
  G  SDPI Regional Seminar Materials 2004/5                                   A comprehensive Subject Plan Template is available to complement
  Workshop materials on the following topics can now be                       the workshop materials. See also Unit 9 of the Draft Guidelines,
  downloaded:                                                                 Curriculum Planning. For suggestions on the use of these materials,
                                                                              contact your Regional Coordinator.
       A. Subject Department Planning
                                                                              G  Planning the School Guidance Plan
       B. School Development Planning:
          Implementation and Evaluation                                       Resource materials for guidance planning, prepared by SDPI
       C. Planning for the Inclusion of Students                              at the request of NCGE, are now available on the
          with Special Educational Needs                                      Resources page. Links to reference works relevant to
       D. Attendance and Participation:                                       guidance planning are also provided.
          Towards a "Statement of Strategy"                                   To find the most recent additions, always check the
          [as required by the Education (Welfare) Act 2000]                   Highlights column on the Home Page.

                                  School Development Planning Initiative for Post-Primary Schools
                                                       SDPI News Bulletin April 2005

    SDPI Summer School Programme                                                                   Welcome,
2004 in a Nutshell                               Summer School, August 2005                        Anne and Jacqui
The SDPI Summer School that took place in        The 10th SDPI Summer School will take             We are delighted to welcome two new
August last year was the largest to date. 122    place in Dublin City University, 23–24            Regional Coordinators to the SDPI Team.
participants joined the SDPI Team in Dublin      August 2005. As in the past, accommodation
City University for a two-day programme of       and meals will be provided for participants                      Anne Tuohy is our new
presentations and workshops on school            on campus, and travel expenses will be paid                      Regional Coordinator for the
development planning.                            in accordance with rates approved by the                         Mid-West, serving schools
                                                 Department of Education and Science.                             in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary
The programme enabled participants to                                                                             NR and South Galway. She
explore different aspects of the planning        The programme for the Summer School will                         is based in Clare Education
process in the context of their own school       focus on major issues in school planning at                      Centre, Ennis.
experience. It featured focus-group sessions     second level. It will endeavour to take account
for principals and deputies, for school SDP      of the range of experience among participants     Anne is already well-known in her region
coordinators and planning team members,          as well as developments at national level.        and beyond through her work with
and for those involved in Further Education.     There will be ample opportunity for informal      Shannon      Curriculum      Development
                                                 discussion and networking.                        Centre, the Leaving Certificate Applied
                                                                                                   Support Service, and the Second Level
                                                 How to apply                                      Support Service. She has extensive
                                                 If you would like to attend the SDPI              experience of facilitation and of the design
                                                 Summer School in DCU this August, please          and delivery of in-service courses. She has
                                                 complete the enclosed application form            developed modules on Enterprise and
                                                 (which can also be downloaded from the            other topics with both NCCA and FETAC.
                                                 website – ) and return it to the      Jacqueline Dillon is our new
                                                 SDPI Office as soon as possible, but no           Regional Coordinator for the
                                                 later than 6 May 2005. Contact details for        West/North West, serving
                                                 the SDPI Office are listed on page 4. If you      schools in Galway, Mayo,
Guest presenters included Anne Looney of         have any queries, Jacqueline or Patricia will     Leitrim and Donegal. She is
NCCA on Curriculum Issues and                    be happy to assist you.                           based in Donegal Education
Developments at National Level, Mary             Criteria                                          Centre, Donegal Town.
Gannon of the CDVEC Curriculum                                                                     Jacqui is well-known in her region too,
Development Unit on Interculturalism as a        If the number of applications exceeds the
                                                 number of available places, preference will       through her work with the Leaving
Planning Issue, and Joe O’Hara and                                                                 Certificate Geography Support Service and
Stephen O’Byrne of DCU School of                 be given to those who are currently
                                                 leading or coordinating the SDP process in        the Second Level Support Service. She has
Education Studies on Developing a Positive                                                         designed and delivered a wide range of in-
Learning Programme.                              their own schools and to active SDP
                                                 facilitators. Thereafter, places will be          service courses, and she has been
Participants came away with a heavily-laden      allocated on a first come, first served basis,    involved in a mentoring programme for
‘goody bag’ of materials and resources.          so early application is advisable.                new teachers. She is noted for her work in
                                                                                                   relation to Anti-Bullying Programmes.
                                                 Waiting list                                      Both Anne and Jacqui are graduates of the
2005: Key Points
                                                 If the summer school is over-subscribed, a        NUI Galway Higher Diploma in Professional
N   What?      10th SDPI Summer School           waiting list will be maintained from which        Education Studies (School Planning).
N   When?      23–24 August                      any vacancies that arise will be filled.
N   Where?     Dublin City University            Disappointed applicants can also choose to
N   How?       Apply before 6 May                go on a standby list in case there are any
Early application advisable!                     last-minute cancellations in August.
(See Criteria)

                                                                          Leathanach nua ar an suíomh
                                                                          Tá leathanach nua d’ábhar i nGaeilge ar an suíomh. Cuirfear réimse
                                                                          leathan acmhainní um PFS ar fáil air i ndiaidh a chéile. Is iad seo
                                                                          na príomhacmhainní is féidir a lódáil anuas i láthair na huaire:
                                                                          G Pleanáil Fhorbartha Scoile – Intreoir do Scoileanna Dara
                                                                              Leibhéal (dréacht 1: tá dréacht feabhsaithe á ullmhú)
                                                                          G Reachtaíocht a théann i bhfeidhm ar scoileanna – téacs na
                                                                          G Ábhar acmhainne don athbhreithniú scoile
                                                                          G Léirithe PowerPoint i nGaeilge ó sheimineáir éagsúla faoin PFS
                                                                          G An Tionscnamh um Phleanáil Fhorbartha Scoile-Tuarascáil
                                                                              Náisiúnta Dul Chun Cinn
                                                                          Maidir leis na Treoirlínte atá ar fáil i mBéarla, tá cuid mhaith den
                                                                          ábhar acmhainne seo aistrithe go Gaeilge anois. Táthar ag súil go
                                                                          gceartófar na profaí sa tríú téarma agus go gcuirfear an t-ábhar ar
          “Pleanáil ar siúl i nGaelcholáiste Cheatharlach”
                                                                          fáil ar an suíomh idirlín go gairid ina dhiaidh sin.

                               School Development Planning Initiative for Post-Primary Schools
                                    SDPI News Bulletin April 2005

                                SDPI National Office
       Sinéad Breathnach                                                        St. Patrick's Hall
       National Coordinator                                                     Marino Institute of Education
       Mobile 087 2240793                                                       Griffith Avenue
       email                                           Dublin 9
                                                                                Phone 01 8057729
                                                                                Fax 01 8535112
       Jacqueline Daly                           Patricia O'Connor              email
       Administrative Officer                    Administrative Assistant
       Phone 01 8057729                          Phone 01 8057729
       email                       email

                         SDPI Regional Coordinators
        West-Northwest 1             Longford, Roscommon, Sligo, West Cavan, part of Donegal,
                                     part of Galway, part of Leitrim
                 Gerry Kielty        Sligo Education Centre                     Phone 071 9138700
            Regional Coordinator     Ballinode                                  Mobile 087 6307175
                                     Sligo                                      Fax 071 9141909
        West-Northwest 2             Mayo, part of Donegal, part of Galway, part of Leitrim
           Jacqueline Dillon         Donegal Education Centre                   Phone 074 9725562
            Regional Coordinator     Floor 2/3 Pier 1                           Mobile 087 2376068
                                     Quay Street                                email
                                     Donegal Town
                    Mid-West         Clare, Limerick, Tipperary NR and part of Galway
                  Anne Tuohy         Clare Education Centre                     Phone 065 6845504
            Regional Coordinator     Government Offices                         Mobile 086 1702012
                                     Kilrush                                    Fax 065 6842930
                                     Ennis,                                     email
                                     Co. Clare
                        South I      Cork (50%) and Kerry
           Jean Geoghegan            Cork Education Support Centre              Mobile 087 6469989
            Regional Coordinator     The Rectory                                Fax 021 4254247
                                     Western Road                               email
                       South II      Cork (50%), Waterford and Tipperary SR
                  Jim O'Leary        Cork Education Support Centre              Phone 021 4255604
            Regional Coordinator     The Rectory                                Mobile 087 2883088
                                     Western Road                               Fax 021 4254247
                                     Cork                                       email
                   South-East        Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Wexford and part of Dublin
                   Paul Fields       Kilkenny Education Centre                  Phone 056 7760212
            Regional Coordinator     Seville Lodge                              Mobile 087 2377471
                                     Callan Road                                Fax 056 7760250
                                     Kilkenny                                   email
           Greater Dublin I          Dublin South, Greystones and Bray
                Mark Fennell         Blackrock Education Centre                 Phone 01 2365011
            Regional Coordinator     Kill Avenue                                Mobile 087 9678832
                                     Dun Laoghaire                              Fax 01 2365080
                                     Co. Dublin                                 email
          Greater Dublin II          Dublin West, North-East Kildare and part of North Dublin
                 Anne Henry          Dublin West Education Centre               Phone 01 4528008
            Regional Coordinator     Blessington Road                           Mobile 087 9799724
                                     Tallaght                                   Fax 01 4528010
                                     Dublin 24                                  email
                    Midlands         Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath and part of North Dublin
            Gerry Watchorn           Laois Education Centre                     Phone 0502 72411
            Regional Coordinator     Block Road                                 Mobile 087 6429938
                                     Portlaoise                                 Fax 0502 61137
                                     Co. Laois                                  email
                  North-East         Louth, Meath, Monaghan, East Cavan, Fingal and part of North Dublin
             Dolores Mullins         Navan Education Centre                     Phone 046 9060831
            Regional Coordinator     Athlumney                                  Mobile 087 2833143
                                     Navan                                      Fax 046 9060831
                                     Co. Meath                                  email

            School Development Planning Initiative for Post-Primary Schools

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