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					                                   CROWVILLE SCHOOL
                                     Mission Statement

Crowville Middle & Elementary School is dedicated to academic excellence for all

                                  PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
         Greetings and welcome to a new school year. We, the faculty and staff of Crowville School,
are glad you are here and want you to know that we will do whatever is necessary to make this school
year positive and an enjoyable learning experience for you. We are all new to this school. Because
of the unique situation of reorganization, we have the opportunity to redefine our culture and climate.
We want this school to be one where students have positive educational experiences. We want you to
fit in and become a part of our family. If at any time you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.
         I hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to aim for new horizons. You should set new
goals, work toward these goals, and be prepared to buckle down and accomplish your dreams.
         Keep this handbook and refer to it often when you have a question about any situation. When
each of us knows what is expected, it makes it easier for everyone.
         In closing, I want to pledge to you my support, whether it be in the classroom or in any
athletic or extracurricular endeavor. If there is a problem that we need to work on together, then by
all means come by the office for a visit. I will make every effort to see you as quickly as time allows.
         Best wishes for a successful year.

                                                     Terri Shirley, Principal

                                 SCHOOL OBJECTIVES

            The objectives selected to support our philosophy were given consideration in
view of the diverse ecological pattern of the community as a whole.
Crowville School objectives are as follows:

1. To provide instruction for the differences in ability and interests by considering each
   student as an individual.

2. To prepare a student for higher education by providing a background of knowledge
   sufficient for his academic needs.

3. To offer a variety of supervised extra-curricular activities to stimulate cooperation
   and leadership in group activities.

4. To enrich the student's future life by developing his capacity to appreciate beauty
   in literature, art, music, and nature.

5. To establish an environment in which every child may experience the feeling of
   group and individual success.

6. To impress on the student the importance of the family as unit and the influence of
   the church on the individual success.

7. To develop in the student those qualities needed for him to participate in a
   democratic government.

8. To instill high moral standards and to insist on his/her abiding by accepted patterns
   of conduct.

9. To acquaint the student with facts that will give him awareness and understanding
   for safe, healthful living.

                         EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY
The Franklin Parish School Board adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal civil rights
laws and regulations that are applicable to this agency. Therefore, no one will be discriminated
against on the basis of race, color, national origin (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964); sex
(Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972); disability (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of
1973); or age (Age Discrimination Act of 1975) in attaining educational goals and objectives and in
the administration of personnel policies and procedures. Anyone with questions regarding this policy
may contact the Franklin Parish Superintendent, at 7293 Prairie Road, Winnsboro, LA 71295, (318)
                                   SCHOOL POLICIES
                           PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK
  This parent/student handbook should be read by both student and parent. Every effort has been
made to make the handbook as useful as possible. Please take time to review the information within.
Changes for 2004-2005 are in bold type.

                       PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT POLICY

         We, the faculty of Crowville school believe that you, the parents of our students, have an
integral roll in the success or failure of your child. In keeping with this belief, we are making a
commitment to better inform you of your child’s progress in their classes. We will initiate a
procedure in grades 1 – 8. We will send a test folder home every week on Wednesday. Each child
will bring it home with his/her test papers. You will then be required to review the papers and sign
the folder and have your child return it to school by Friday morning. If your child fails to return the
folder, we will call you. Your child will face disciplinary action. We fell that we are putting extra
effort in providing you this service and we intend to see that our students accept responsibility and do
their part to make it work. We ask your cooperation in making your child responsible for the test
folder each week.
                                      LOCKER POLICY
   Lockers will be assigned to students in grades 6 - 8. School locks may be rented from homeroom
teachers for $2.50. Upon return of the lock at the end of school, students will receive $1.00 of the
deposit back. Students should not allow other students to know their combinations or share lockers.
Materials not secured with a lock will not be “searched for”. If your child shares a locker with others
and spends too much time at the locker searching for items, thus being tardy, he or she will be dealt
with according to policy. We provide each child a locker. It I the student’s responsibility to keep it
neat and their personal belongings secure.

     Students will be allowed to go to lockers only at specific times during the day.

                                  LOCKER/HALL RULES

1.      Times to visit lockers, restrooms and water fountains will be determined by grade levels.
        These schedules will be announced in individual classes and posted in the hall. Those in
        violation of the posted policy will be disciplined accordingly.
2.      Students are to be orderly at lockers.
3.      Teachers will monitor their class while at the lockers and restrooms.
4.      Students may not be in the hall without a hall pass from a teacher.
5.      No food, drink or gum in the halls.

    Each student will be issued a textbook for each class he/she takes. It is the responsibility of the
student to take care of his/her books and see that they are properly stored in his/her locker when not
in use. Students will have to pay for lost or damaged textbooks. A student who does not pay for
his/her lost or damaged books will not have his/her record cleared. Any student who drops out of
school or transfers is responsible for turning in all textbooks before he/she drops out or transfers.
     Textbooks found lying around the school buildings or campus will be brought to the office and
kept until the student comes to the office to claim them. At that time the student will pay a fine of
50 cents for each book which must be paid before the books will be returned to the student.
Books not picked up from the office after one month will be returned to the bookroom, and the
student will have to pay the full price of the book at the end of the year.

                         OF A STUDENT

Because of liability issues, Crowville School will not assume
responsibility for changing a student from one bus to another or from
one bus to ride with an individual. Please do not call the school to
change your child’s after school location. We will not accept calls
requesting that a child ride a different bus or go home with someone.
Please make these arrangements before your child leaves home. We
will require a note signed by a parent or guardian to change a child’s
after school arrangements. If a note is not provided, the child will be
put on their usual bus.

                                  PICK UP PROCEDURE

Parents who arrive at school earlier than 2:50 must park and come in
and check out their children. Please do not call requesting that
students meet a vehicle. We will have a duty person who will send your
child to your vehicle after the bell rings as you pull up. If you must
come into the school in the afternoon at belltime, please park across
Highway 577 in parking area provided there.

      If your child does not ride a bus, you are to drop them off at the
west side of the campus. Enter the campus at the third drive off
Highway 577 (on the west side of the round buildings). Drop them off
between the round building and the Pre-K building. In the afternoons,
students are to be picked up at this same location. The bus ramp will
be located between the two brick buildings. No other vehicles will be
allowed in this area.

                                  STUDENT INSURANCE
    All students are insured for accidents that occur at school. They are also insured
while participating in any athletic event sponsored by the school. School insurance is
is supplemental to the primary insurance of the parent/guardian's. If your child is injured, an accident
report will be completed which must be submitted at time of treatment.

                                     LUNCH PROGRAM
1.     Students are provided breakfast each morning and lunch at noon. The cost is
       as follows:
         A. Cost per paid breakfast         30 cents
         B. Cost per reduced breakfast      15 cents
         C. Cost per paid lunch             65 cents Grades Pre-K - 6
                                            75 cents   Grades 6-8
         D. Cost per reduced lunch          35 cents
         E. Adults                          Breakfast $1.40              Lunch     2.00
         F. Free/Reduced                    Students who qualify and whose application is
                                             approved may eat free or reduced meals.
2.     Students must pay in advance. NO MEALS WILL BE CHARGED.

3.     It is the teacher's responsibility to get their students to the lunch room.

4.     Students will fill each table and seat in order and not sit at random.

5.     Students will be dismissed one row and table at a time so the teacher can monitor

6.     Teachers will follow their students to the designated area after lunch.

7.     Problems in the cafeteria, especially with noise, will result in the next day being
       a "quiet day" in which no talking will be tolerated.

8.     All federal rules and guidelines will apply while in the cafeteria.

9.     No food, straws, etc are to be brought from the cafeteria.

10.    Students who do not eat lunch in cafeteria must bring a note from home to
       be kept on file in the office.
                                     PLAYGROUND RULES
1.      Older students-grades 6-8 will not be permitted on the playground equipment.
        (except for using the basketball goals and volleyball courts)
2.      No horseplay at recess. This will include "play fighting, wrestling, etc.
3.      Problems with litter at recess will result in NO CONCESSIONS until the problem
        is solved.
4.     It is the student's responsibility to be able to see a duty teacher at ALL times.
5.     Students should report problems at recess to the DUTY teacher.

                               SCHOOL BUS REGULATIONS
1.      The bus driver has the same authority as a teacher.
2.      Students should be orderly at all times.
3.      Students must obey any bus seating arrangement.
4.      Students are to obey any rules of conduct established by the school or by the bus
5.      Students will be responsible for any damage they do to a bus.
6.      Gym clothes cannot be worn on the school bus.

Bus Violations will be handled in the following way.
1st referral to office.   Student will be reprimanded. Parent will be notified.
2nd referral              Student will be suspended from the bus for 3 days.
3rd referral              Student will be suspended from the bus for 1 week.
4th referral              Student will be suspended from the bus for 2 weeks.
5th referral              Student will be suspended from the bus for the school year.

        If the bus violation is serious enough, the administration at its discretion may skip any steps in
the preceding policy. For instance a child who fights on the bus may get suspended from the bus for
a week even though it is his first referral. Also of note is that if two students are involved, the
punishment will depend on each child’s bus referral history. In other words, both may not get
the same severity of punishment. It depends on their bus behavior history.
Students who are suspended from the bus are to be picked up by 3:10 in the afternoon.
        We will do our best to call parents in addition to sending bus referrals. When a student
receives a bus referral, he/she will not be allowed back on the bus without the signed referral form.
This way, we insure that parents know about problems.

                                 VISITORS ON CAMPUS
        Due to the amount of violence in the schools this past year throughout our country, we
are asking that parents report to the office immediately upon arrival on camput to sing in and
be given a visitor's badge. We hope that nothing of this magnitude will take place in our school, but
it could. Let's work together to lessen the chances as much as possible. If anyone of the faculty sees
you in our halls without a pass please don’t be offended when asked to first go report in at the office.
This is a precaution for your child and all children at our school. Safety is a number one priority.

                         UNSCHEDULED CONFERENCES
        If a parent is unhappy about any occurrence at school, he/she should contact the homeroom
teacher first. If necessary, a conference will be arranged with the child's teacher and the principal or
assistant principal. Parents should not call the teacher at home regarding complaints about grades.
Records are kept at school and it is not possible for a teacher to remember grades made by each child.
Appointments are necessary as teachers are responsible for an entire class and cannot be called out of
the class without notice. We will not allow a teacher to be pulled from a classroom of students to
conference with a parent who just shows up at school. You must call and schedule an
                           PUPIL ATTENDANCE POLICY
   All students must be present a minimum of 160 days of the scheduled 170 days each
year to be eligible to receive credit for courses taken. This includes all grades. Absences are
figured automatically by the computer. Thus a student who has come to school every day
might not necessarily have perfect attendance. The computer figures it by the hour. Checking
out 8 times for last hour could nullify a perfect attendance.

         Each first period teacher will check attendance. This will be done immediately after
the first tardy bell. As soon as possible, a list of all the absentees will be sent to each teacher.
The list will be used for the remainder of the day.
        It is no longer policy that students can miss 20 days of school. They cannot.
The school year for students is 170 days. They must be present 160 days to receive credit.

                             DEALING WITH ABSENCES
   Upon returning to school, each absentee will be required to present a note from a
parent/guardian consisting of the following information:
        (1) Name of student absent
        (2) date of the absence
        (3) reason for the absence
        (4) signature of student's parent/guardian

This will be given to the home room teachers, who will forward them to the office.

       If he/she fails to bring the excuse before 2 DAYS have passed, the absence will be
considered "Unexcused" with no right of appeal. Our attendance office may call
absentees daily to check on students who are habitually absent.

AFTER THE STUDENT RETURNS TO SCHOOL. These notes will be filed in the student
cumulative folders.
  Letters are formulated by the computer and mailed after students miss 3,5,10 days of school.
These reflect all absenses, excused with a doctors note or otherwise.

If at the end of the school year, a student has missed more than 10 days which are not covered
by doctor’s excuses, the parents and child will have to meet with the school attendance officer.
Students with more than 10 unexcused absences will be retained.

                                     MAKE-UP WORK
  1. Any student who has an "Excused" absence for one day or any part of one day will
have the following school day to make up missed work. Any student missing two or
more days with "Excused" absences will have the following three school days to make

2.    A student is required to take a test as scheduled even if he/she is absent the day
before the test if the teacher announced the test prior to the student's absence. If a test
is announced for the first time the day of the student's absence, the student will not be
required to take the test upon immediate return. However, it is the student's responsibility to request
make-up work and test. The student will be required to complete all work within one week after
returning to school. Work not completed in one week will be assigned a failing grade. Extended
absences may warrant special provisions for make-up work/tests. Make-up tests may NOT
necessarily be the same version of the test.

                           DEALING WITH CHECK-OUTS
        Students who must leave school during the day must be checked out in the office by a parent
or person designated by the parent on the enrollment form. Identification may be requested. Parents
are not permitted to go to the classroom when checking in or out a student without permission from
the office.
                                    LEAVING CAMPUS
        No student may leave campus without permission of the principal or assistant principal. A
student will not be allowed to leave campus on any school-related activity or school business without
prior permission from a parent/guardian. Parents must know that the student is going off campus
during the regular school day.

                             DEALING WITH CHECK-INS
    A student who arrives at school late must report to the office and receive an admit slip. Since
he/she was probably reported absent by the first period teacher, the student's name may appear on the
Students who are late to school will be admitted by presenting a signed, dated note of
request from a parent/guardian. As with early checkouts, students who are habitually tardy will
be reported to the child attendance officer. Students who are tardy for individual classes will
be disciplined as follows.
Teacher records tardy. On the second tardy, parent is notified and student reprimanded.
On the third tardy during any three-week period, the student will be disciplined accordingly.

                                   DISCIPLINE POLICY
Every teacher, assistant principal, principal, and supervisor is authorized to hold every pupil to a
strict accountability for any disorderly conduct in school or on the campus of the school or during any
school activity.

 A parent/guardian who does not wish a student to be paddled must
make this known in writing to the principal of Ward III School, and
that student will not receive a paddling. Alternative punishment will be
made and may include in or out of school suspension.
You must do this EVERY year and it must be in writing. Verbal
instructions will not be accepted.

                        TEACHER'S CLASSROOM RULES
    The establishment of this policy does not prevent any teacher from making and enforcing any
classroom rules he/she desires. The intent of the administration is for each teacher to make and
enforce classroom rules consistent with the policy established by Ward III School and the Franklin
Parish School Board. Each teacher has the right to decide on appropriate punishment for infractions
of classroom rules. Punishments may include, but are not limited to, paddling, writing reports,
picking up paper, or any other punishment consistent with policy. A student's refusal of a teacher's
punishment for breaking classroom rules will result in action taken by the administration that,
according to state law, may include suspension or expulsion.

   Classroom rules consistent throughout the school are as follows:

1. Come prepared for class with book, pen or pencil, paper, etc.

2. Do not be tardy.

3. Do not bring items which would distract from the learning environment.

4. Go directly to assigned seat.

5. You must have a hall pass to leave class.

6. Be polite, courteous and respectful to students and teachers.

7. No CD players, cell phones, trading cards or game boys.

                         DISCIPLINE PLAN FOR CLASSROOM

1ST TIME:         Warning by teacher.

2ND TIME:         Teacher disciplines as he/she sees fit.

3RD TIME:          Parental contact is made.

4TH TIME:          Trip to office.

**** If a student is habitually causing disturbances in an individual teachers' classroom, then
the teacher at his/her discretion may withhold privileges from that student including
prohibiting him/her from participating in extra activities such as field trips, parties, outings, or
special projects.

   1.    Possession and/or use of tobacco products including lighters, cigarettes, snuff, cigars, matches, etc.
   2.    Disrespect for authority
   3.    Disobedience
   4.    Cursing faculty or school officials
   5.    Fighting (either physically or verbally or instigating a fight verbally)
   6.    Assault/battery of faculty or school personnel.
   7.    Threatening faculty or school personnel (on or off campus)
   8.    Vandalism or breaking or entering school property.
   9.    Stealing or pilfering (going through belongings of others)
   10.   Profanity

   1.    Bringing sunglasses (wearing) caps, tape players, c d players, game boys, etc-Items will be confiscated and only
         given back to an adult.
   2.    Campus Disturbance: depending on severity….detention, expulsion, suspension.
   3.    Bullying: suspension, expulsion, detention…depending on severity.

The principal reserves the right to call law enforcement authorities at any time
there is a disturbance or threat to the security or safety.

                                USE OF METAL DETECTOR

Crowville School will from time to time employ the use of metal detectors to insure
the safety of the students. Items may be confiscated and appropriate disciplinary
measures used as a result of the use of metal detectors. This procedure and policy was
approved by the Franklin Parish School Board and is detailed in the Franklin Parish
Policy Manual. In addition, the school will conduct periodic checks with drug
detection devices and with drug dogs as deemed necessary. This is a continuing effort
to protect our students from violence.

                                 MEDICATION POLICY

       Students may not take medicines at school. Students are encouraged to take prescription
medicine before and after school. If it must be given during school, the parent must have a doctor’s
statement for the school to give the medication. All medication must be kept in the office and
administered there. If your child has asthma please get the appropriate paperwork completed
for he/she to take medicine at school. Prescription and over the counter drugs in the possession of a
student will be treated as a disciplinary matter and dealt with as such.

        Short-term suspension is the denial of school attendance for a period of five (5) days or less.
Long-term suspension is the denial of school attendance for a period in excess of
five (5) days but not more than twenty (20) days.
    A student may be suspended for behavior contrary to rules as outlined by the State
Department of Education, Franklin Parish School Board, and local school authorities. A
student may be suspended when he/she refuses other punishment for minor rule violations.

                             MANDATORY SUSPENSION
        The Principal shall be required to suspend a pupil who is found carrying or possessing a
firearm, a knife with a blade two (2) inches or longer, or other dangerous instrumentalities, or
possesses, distributes, sells, gives, or loans any controlled dangerous substance governed by state
law, in any form.
        Additionally, the principal shall immediately recommend that pupil's expulsion to the
Superintendent, as state law has mandated expulsion for certain offenses, except in the case of a
student in kindergarten through grade 5 who is found carrying or possessing a knife with a blade two
(2) inches or longer, the principal may, but shall not be required to recommend the student's
        School officials, in accordance with statutory provisions, shall have total discretion and shall
exercise such discretion in imposing on a pupil any disciplinary action authorized by state law for
possession by a pupil of a firearm or knife on school property when such firearm or knife is stored in
a motor vehicle and there is no evidence of the pupil's intent to use the firearm or knife in a criminal

        Whenever a pupil is formally accused of violating state law or school disciplinary regulations
by committing battery on any school employee, the principal shall suspend the pupil from school
immediately and the pupil shall be removed immediately from the school premises without the
benefit of required procedures, provided, however, that such
procedures shall follow as soon as practicable.

1.     A student may be expelled (dismissed from all classes for the remainder of the
       school year) for the following reasons:
         A. After being suspended for four times.
         B. When a single incident of serious misconduct occurs.
         C. All expulsions are recommended by the principal and administered by the
            Superintendent of Schools in Franklin Parish.
         D. Each expelled student has the right to due process which includes a hearing
            and the right to appeal.

        The Board shall authorize the Superintendent to expel a pupil from school if an offense
committed by the pupil is serious enough to warrant such action or is in violation of state law. Upon
the recommendation for expulsion of a pupil by the principal, the Superintendent or designee shall
conduct a hearing to determine whether expulsion or other disciplinary action shall be taken. At the
hearing, the principal and/or teacher concerned may be represented by any person appointed by the
Superintendent and the concerned teacher shall be permitted to attend and present any relevant
information. Until the hearing, the pupil shall remain suspended. At the conclusion of the hearing
the Superintendent or designee shall determine whether expulsion or other corrective action is
        School officials, in accordance with statutory provisions, shall have total discretion and shall
exercise such discretion in imposing on a pupil any disciplinary actions authorized by state law for
possession by a pupil of a firearm or knife on school property when such firearm or knife is stored in
a motor vehicle and there is no evidence of a pupil's intent to use the firearm or knife in a criminal
        The parent or tutor of the pupil may, within five (5) days after the decision to expel has been
rendered, request the Board to review the findings of the Superintendent or designee at a time set by
the Board. After reviewing the findings of the Superintendent or designee, the School Board may
affirm, modify, or reverse the action of the Superintendent or designee. Any pupil who is expelled
shall receive no credit for school work missed while he is expelled.
        State law requires the Superintendent to expel a pupil for minimum periods of time if found
guilty of certain offenses, as follows:

                                      A. 16 years or older

        If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of possession of , or knowledge of and
intentional distribution, or possession with intent to distribute, any illegal drug or substance on school
property, on a school bus, or at a school sponsored event, the pupil shall be expelled for a minimum
of twenty-four (24) calendar months.
        If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of possession of a firearm on school
property, on a school bus, or in actual possessions at a school sponsored event, the pupil shall be

expelled for a minimum of twelve (12) calendar months and shall be referred to the district attorney
for appropriate action.

                               B. Under 16 years, but in grades 6 - 12

        If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of possession, or knowledge of and
intentional distribution or possession with intent to distribute any illegal drug or substance on school
property, on a school bus, or at a school sponsored event, the pupil shall be expelled for a minimum
of twelve (12) calendar months.

       If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of possessions of a firearm on school
property, on a school bus, or in actual possessions at a school sponsored event, the pupil shall be
expelled for a minimum of twelve (12) calendar months and shall be referred to the district attorney
for appropriate action.
                                         GRADES K -5
        If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of possessions, or knowledge of and
intentional distribution or possession with intent to distribute any illegal drug or substance on school
property, on a school bus or at a school sponsored event, the pupil shall be referred to the School
Board with recommendation of appropriate action by the Superintendent.

       If after an appropriate hearing a pupil is found guilty of being in possession of a firearm on
school property, on a school bus, or in actual possession at a school sponsored event shall be expelled
from school for a minimum of twelve (12) calendar months and shall be referred to the district
attorney for appropriate action.

           Expulsion, especially those outlined above shall not apply to the following:

1.     A student carrying or possessing a firearm or knife for purposes of involvement in a school
       class, course, or school approved co-curricular or extra-curriculur activity or any other
       activity approved by appropriate school officials.

2.     A student possessing any controlled dangerous substance that has been obtained directly or by
       written prescription of a doctor. However, such student shall carry evidence of that
       prescription or physician's order on his person at all times when in possession of any
       controlled dangerous substance which shall be subject to verification.

1.     Any pupil, after being suspended for committing violations of any discipline
       policies or other rule infractions, depending on the severity of the behavior,
       may be expelled upon recommendation to the Superintendent by the principal,
       and after an appropriate hearing is held by the Superintendent or designee.
2.       Any student who is found carrying or possessing a knife with a blade which
         equals or exceeds two (2) inches in length.

3.       Any pupil, after being suspended on three (3) occasions for committing any
         suspendable offense during the same school session, shall on committing the
         fourth offense, be expelled from the public schools of the parish until the
         beginning of the next regular school year, subject to review by the School

4.       A pupil determined to have brought a weapon to a school under the Board's
         jurisdiction shall be expelled for a minimum of one year. The Superintendent
         may modify the expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis. A weapon, in
         accordance with federal statutes, means a firearm or any device which is
         designed to expel a projectile or any destructive device which in turn means
         any explosive, incendiary or poison gas, bomb, grenade, rocket, missile, mine,
         or similar device.

5.       The conviction of any pupil or a felony or the incarceration of any pupil in a
         juvenile institution for an act which had it been committed by an adult, would
         have constituted a felony, shall be cause for expulsion of the pupil for a period
         of time as determined by the Board: such expulsions shall require the vote of
         two-thirds of the elected members of the Board.

                         NOTIFICATION OF DUE PROCESS
    In addition to the due process criteria herein above set forth, the principals of each school shall, in
case of suspension or expulsion of a student, notify the following individuals by written notice of the
facts concerning each suspension or expulsion and the reasons therefore and the terms thereof:

     1. Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance
      2. Parent or legal guardian of the student
      3. The student himself
      4. The Superintendent of Schools

1. Student is to be given, in writing, notice of charges against him, by school principal or
2. If a student denies charges are true, the principal or his designee will explain the
    evidence the authorities have in their possession and give the student an opportunity to explain
    his version of the facts to the principal or his designee.

3. Any parent or legal guardian of the student suspended shall have the right to appeal to the parish
   Superintendent of Schools, who shall conduct a hearing of the merits. The decision of the
   Superintendent of Schools, on the merits of the case, as well as the term of the suspension, shall
   be final, reserving the right to the Superintendent of schools to remit any portion of the time of
    suspension. If the student is vindicated after the Superintendent's hearing, he shall be allowed to
    make up, with full credit, all time, tests, and subjects missed.
      Students who have been suspended will not be allowed to participate in or attend school
activities during the time of suspension. They may also loose the right to participate in end of the
year activities and trips.

1.     In the case of suspensions recommended for a period in excess of ten days, prior
       to the execution of the suspension, the student shall be afforded a hearing before the Parish
       Superintendent of Schools who shall conduct a hearing of the merits.                 The
       student will be advised of the date of the hearing at least ten days before the hearing date. At
       the hearing, the school officials involved will produce witnesses who have knowledge of the
       action, allow the student to secure counsel, if he desires, allow the student to cross-examine
       witnesses, to allow the student to call his own witnesses and to have the proceedings
       recorded. The rules of evidence in effect in the State of Louisiana shall apply at the hearing
       as much as practicable.

2.     Within five days of the decision rendered by the Superintendent, the parent or
       guardian of the student may request the parish School Board to review the findings of the
       Superintendent at a time set by the School Board. If requested, as herein provided, the School
       Board may affirm, modify, or reverse the action taken by the Superintendent of Schools.

                                 SEARCH AND SEIZURE
    Search and seizure is defined as the search of a student's person, desk, locker, vehicle, or other
    State Law: BE IT ORDAINED, ETC., That teachers, principals and other school administrators
are authorized to search any desk, locker, or any other public school property, land or buildings, or
the student himself in the presence of another adult witness. The search is authorized at any time
when there is probable cause that any school building, desk, locker, area ground, or student's person
contains any weapon, illegal drugs, stolen goods, or any other material which should not be at school.

                            SCHOOL VIOLENCE CLAUSE
Because of the incidence of school violence taking place across the United States, Ward III School
teachers and administration will take immediate and firm action against any students making
reference to the use of weapons within the school. Any student making threats of any form or
fashion, even in joking, will be counseled and dealt with as school personnel deem appropriate.
Professional counseling may be recommended.

        In the aftermath of a school emergency such as a bombing, shooting, or natural disaster,
where severe injury or death has occurred, support teams will be made available for students, parents,
faculty and staff. These support teams will consist of school guidance counselors, local ministers,
health care professionals and social workers.
        In the event that such a critical situation occurs, the contact person for each support group will
be notified. In a team effort, these caring people would enter the school environment to conduct
organized counseling sessions to encourage healing for the school and community.
        Our school's first priority is the general welfare of the students and the long-term effects such
events may have on their lives.

                                 SEXUAL HARASSMENT
The Franklin Parish School Board disapproves of and does not tolerate sexual harassment by
employees to students, by students to employees, or by one student to another student. No employee
or student , either male or female, should be subject to unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures or
conduct, either verbal or physical. Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a
socially acceptable nature. It refers to behavior that is not welcome, that is personally offensive, and
therefore interferes with the purposes of the employee and/or student in the academic, extracurricular,
and cocurricular atmosphere. Sexual harassment includes any type of sexually coercive or oppressive
conduce, including, but not limited to, threats, comments, jokes or overtures of a sexual nature.
Sexual harassment includes "quid pro quo" claims which an employee makes sexual advances toward
a student which threaten or imply retaliation if the student resists, or rewards if the student
It applies to all school employees and at all school sponsored events.

                              COMPLAINT PROCEDURE
        Complaints of sexual harassment should be made to the principal of the school. Should the
complaint be brought against the principal of the school, the complaint should be brought directly to
the Superintendent of Schools. After notification of a complaint, a confidential investigation will
immediately be initiated to gather all facts about the complaint.
        After the investigation has been completed, a determination will be made regarding the
resolution of the case. If warranted, disciplinary action will be taken. Any disciplinary action taken
in regard to an employee will be placed in the employee's personnel file which will reflect the action
taken and the grounds therefore. Any disciplinary action taken in regard to a student will be
maintained as any other student disciplinary violation.

         Retaliation against any employee or student who brings sexual harassment charges or who
assists in investigating such charges shall be prohibited. Any employee or student bringing a valid
sexual harassment complaint or who assists in the investigation of such a complaint will not be
adversely affected, discriminated against or punished because of the complaint.

                             PUPIL PROGRESSION PLAN
       Local criteria to be considered in the promotion of the student in grades 1-8 is as

1.     Satisfactory grades as determined by the parish scale given below.
2.     A grade of seventy must be obtained before any fractional parts are considered in
       rounding off averages. When the average of the six-weeks grades or final average includes 1/2
       point, anything 1/2 or higher goes to the higher grade; anything lower than1/2 point goes to
       the lower grade.
3.     A final passing grade shall be determined by the average of the numerical grades for each six
       weeks period. Grades will be assigned according to the parish scale given below.
4.     Failure of two major subjects, excluding enrichment subjects art, strings, band, music,
       choir, etc.) or failure in either reading or math constitutes failure.
5.     Franklin Parish Grade Scale
         95 - 100               A
         88 - 94                B
         80 - 87                C
         70 - 79                D
         69 & Below             F
6.     If a child qualifies, the IEP Committee, following guidelines in Bulletin 1508, shall determine
       future placement of the student.
7.     Students in grades 4 and 8 must pass the LEAP test in order to be promoted.

                     REQUIREMENTS FOR HONOR ROLL
1.     Honor Roll and GPA awards are figured automatically by the computer. Honor roll criteria is
       3.0 g.p.a with no “D” or “F”.
 2.   In grades K – 5, grades obtained in art, music, enrichment and p.e. are not calculated to figure
      honor roll or g.p.a.

                                       MEDICINE POLICY
        Only long-term medicine can be given at school. A medical form signed by the doctor is
required. A conference with the parish nurse is also required before any medication can be given at
school. Only a twenty-day supply can be kept at the school.
No other medication will be given at school for any reason. If your child has short-term medication
that cannot be taken at home, then it will be necessary for the parent or guardian to come to school to
administer the medicine. Students with asthma must complete forms signed by the doctor to be
given medication at school including inhalers.

                                   STUDENT RULES
1.    Students must follow rules established for classrooms, campus, athletic events,
      bus transportation, and school-sponsored trips. Students are under school rules and
      regulations at all school-related activities on or off campus.
2.    Students are to respect the authority of all staff members and any chaperones that the school
      may use.
3.    Students are expected to help keep the school buildings and campus clean.
4.    When a student arrives on campus, he/she is to remain until given permission to leave or until
      the bell rings for school to be dismissed.
5.    Students are not allowed on campus at any time without school personnel being
6.    Students must not arrive on campus before 7:15 because there will not be a duty teacher
      present until that time and must be picked up by 3:10 each day.
7.    Students are not allowed to go into any classroom during recess unless they are supervised by
      a teacher. Students found unattended in a classroom may be accused of pilfering.
8.    The Teacher's Lounge and workroom are for teachers only, unless students are
      invited to enter, they are to stay out.
9.     Relationships between students should be casual while at school. There is to be no physical
      display such as hugging or kissing. Students should refrain from any act that might cause
      embarrassment to himself/herself or others.
10.   No food/drink is to be brought on campus to be eaten before lunch.
11.   By order of the Franklin Parish School Board, all back packs must be clear or
      mesh. Backpacks with rollers are not allowed.
12.   A student's use of the telephone is limited to recess unless he/she has an
      emergency. ALL CALLS WILL COST THE STUDENT 50 CENTS. Calls to cell phones
      outside of the local calling area will cost students 75 cents per call.
13.   Students are not allowed to bring visitors to school. ANYONE other than
      students must report to the office before visiting on campus. Students who have left for the
      day and have returned are considered visitors and must check with the office.
14.   Final report cards/records will not be issued to students who fail to officially
      check out or who owe money to the school.
15.   Official school records will not be forwarded to the requesting school until all
      books are returned and all fees paid.
16.   Student's report cards will be held on overdue library books.
17.   Students must be current in their lunch account to participate in field trips, etc.
18.   Students may not use cell phones while at school.

Student dress, jewelry, personal appearance, and conduct are required to be of such character
as not to disrupt or distract from the orderly educational process of the school. The school
administration shall have the ultimate responsibility to determine the appropriateness of
student dress.

                              GENERAL REGULATIONS
1.     The Franklin Parish School Board expects all students in the parish to take personal pride in
       themselves by keeping their bodies and clothes clean and free from body odor. Students may
       be sent to the gym for showers when deemed necessary.
2.     Students should wear all conventional accessories from the skin out.
       (underwear, bras, slips, shoes, socks, belts, etc.).
3.     All students will wear a properly fitting belt with the shirts tucked in at all times. Belts
       may not hang but must go in belt loops. Pants are to fit and will be worn at the waist and not
       on the hips.
4.     No caps/hats will be allowed inside the building. Sock caps in the school’s designated colors
       only may be worn in winter. These must be removed upon entering any building.
5.     Sunglasses may be worn only under doctor's orders.

1.     Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. Make-up must not be excessive.
2.     Faces will be clean-shaven. Neatly, trimmed mustaches are acceptable.
3.     Sideburns must not come below the bottom of the ear lobes.
4.     Hair rollers, pin curls, or extreme hair styles are inappropriate and will not be allowed.
5.     Students may not wear excessive make-up including black or dark blue/black lipstick or
       fingernail polish
6.     Students are not allowed to wear hats, scarves, hair rollers, bandannas, etc.
7.     No grooming appliances will be permitted at school unless with special permission.
8.     No shorts can be worn to school by 6th, 7th, or 8th grade students.
9.     Boys are not to wear earrings of any kind.
10.    Students may not wear gang-related signs, insignias or distinctive modes of dress of
       gang-related activities. This includes carvings in the hair on the head and face and
11.    Students may not wear chains associated with wallets or any heavy adornment which
       could be used as a weapon.
12.    Body piercing is not allowed. Tongue rings, facial piercing and any other types of
       jewelry on the face is not allowed.
13.    Students may not have body art or tattoos.

                                    UNIFORM POLICY

The Franklin Parish School Board has adopted a uniform policy which will go into effect for the
2004/2005 school year. Colors for polo shirts are red, white and navy.

Khaki and navy blue uniform pants will be allowed. Pants cannot be “cargo style”. That is they may
not have large pockets on the side.
Skirts and jumpers for girls and shorts for students in grades pre-K through five are to be khaki or
navy blue. Skirts must be no shorter than 2 ½ inches above the middle of the knee.

Tennis shoes will be permitted, along with brown or black leather or leather-like boots or shoes.
Students may wear shoes with open heels but not open toe. Students may not wear tennis shoes with
rollers on the bottom.

Brown or black belts are to be worn at all times, with shirts tucked in.

Jackets are to be of the kind which button or zip completely in the front (no pullover-style sweatshirts
or jackets). No trench coats or dusters are allowed.

Spirit shirts such as athletic jerseys or club shirts may be worn on special occasions, strictly at the
discretion of each principal.

Socks or tights are to be navy, khaki or white.
Flesh-toned stockings or pantyhose will be allowed.
Knit caps in the school’s colors will be allowed in the winter months but they must not be worn
inside the school buildings.
                         ENFORCEMENT OF DRESS CODE
Homeroom teachers will inspect the students’ appearance each morning. Students who are not
dressed in accordance with the dress code will be sent to the Principal or Assistant Principal.
This includes students who do not have a belt on. The following procedure will be followed for
uniform policy violations and be strictly enforced.


1st offense    The parents of the student will be called. If the parent can be reached and can bring
               the student the appropriate uniform, the student will be allowed to go back to class. If
               parents cannot be reached, the student will be placed in in-school suspension for the
               day. Written communication will be sent to the parent concerning the exact reason for
               the dress code violation. In either case, this will count as the student’s first offense.

2nd offense    Student will receive disciplinary action.

3rd offense    Student will be given one day of out-of school suspension. (1st suspension)

4th offense    Student will be given two days of out-of school suspension. (2nd suspension)

5th offense    Student will be given two days of out-of-school suspension. (3rd suspension)

6th offense    At this point, the student has been suspended out-of-school three times. According to
               state law, he/she will be recommended for expulsion and will automatically be
               recommended for alternative school.

                               EMERGENCY DRILLS

                                           FIRE DRILL
1.     A fire drill will be held once a month.
2.     The fire drill alarm is the horn with emergency flashing lights as set up by the alarm system
3.     Lights should be left on.
4.     Teachers should appoint a student to close all windows, see that all students are out, and close
        the door(s).
5.     Students should exit the room and the building at designated doors. Teachers will know and
       inform students of the designated exits.
6.     Exiting should be done quickly and orderly.
7.     Students will remain in a group with their teacher at some distance from the building until the
       all-clear signal is given.
8.     Escape routes are posted in each classroom.

                                      TORNADO DRILL
1.     Tornado drills will be held twice a year. Escape routes are posted in each room.
2.      The tornado drill alarm will be given over the P.A. system by the principal or assistant
        principal by speaking the words, Tornado Drill! If there is no electricity, a bull horn will be
3.     Students should exit the room and proceed to a designated area inside the building.
4.     Teachers will know the designated area and inform the class.
5.     If the windows are open in the classroom, no one should attempt to close them.
6.     Upon signal or word from one of the administrators, students should kneel in the crawling
       position, facing the wall and covering the back of the head with the hands.

                                       BOMB THREAT
Upon the event of a bomb threat, teachers will proceed to escort all students to the far side of the
baseball field at the north end of the school campus where everyone will remain until notified to
return to the school building.

SAPE' (Substance Abuse Prevention Education)

1.     Any student in grades six through eight may join SAPE'.
2.     Dues are $10.00 per year.
3.     Students must abide by the objectives set up by the sponsor.
4.     Any student found guilty of using drugs/alcohol will be removed from the club.
5.     Members are expected to obey all school rules.

FFA (Future Farmers of America)

1.     Students who are enrolled in any Agriculture class are eligible for this club.
2.     Students who wish membership in FFA must display conduct exemplary of
       club regulations set up by the national organization.
3.     Dues are $10.00 per year.

1.    MEMBERSHIP: Each homeroom will elect a student to represent it on the
      council. Members must have a 2.5 overall GPA . No student will be eligible for Student
      Council who was suspended or expelled the previous year. The Student Council election will
      be conducted by September 15 by the homeroom teacher, who will send the results to the
2.    RESPONSIBILITIES: Each Student Council member will attend every monthly Student
      Council meeting and all specially-called meetings. Each council member will listen
      attentively to the student body for ideas of possible ways to improve student morale and the
      education climate in general. Each Student Council member will represent his/her class and
      voice his/her opinion in all meetings.
3.    Any abuse or neglect of the responsibilities of the Student Council member will be cause for
      dismissal from the group.
4.    The student Council is designed to be a very strong link between the students
      and the school administration.


1.    The purpose of Junior BETA is to encourage effort, to reward merit, and to promote those
      qualities of character that make for good citizenship.
2.    Any student in grades six through eight who has a 3.0 average with noD's or F's is eligible for
      consideration for BETA membership.
3.    Students who meet academic standards must also display leadership and character standards
      which are evaluated by the faculty and the administration.
4.    Students who are tapped into BETA must pay National dues of $10.00 (one time only) and
      local dues of $5.00 per year.
5.    Any member who fails to maintain a 3.0 for a six-weeks period is placed on probation for the
      next six-weeks period.
6.    If the member on probation does not bring his/her average up to a 3.0, the member is
      considered inactive. An inactive member cannot attend meetings or functions of the club.
7.    If after one six-weeks period of being inactive, the student fails to receive a 3.0, the student is
      dropped from the club.
8.    Any student who is suspended from school for disruptive behavior is dropped
       from the club at the sponsor's discretion.
9.    A transfer student who is in good standing with BETA in his/her former school
       may join at Ward III School.
10.   Students who show inappropriate behavior at club meetings or during school are subject to
      disciplinary action by the BETA club sponsors in addition to school discipline. BETA

       rewards outstanding behavior in addition to outstanding scholarship and will NOT tolerate
       inappropriate behavior.


Students meet once a week during recess and once monthly for an hour-long meeting. This student-
led group brings guest speakers and singers to our school to help those students who want to increase
their faith.

      The 4-H Club endeavors to interest rural and urban students in community leadership and
improvement. To do this, it sponsors contests in leadership, livestock improvements, tractor and farm
implements, maintenance, sewing and homemaking. Any student is eligible for membership.


        This student handbook is not all-inclusive of each and every policy written in the Franklin
Parish School Board Policy Manual. It should be understood that many times, policies are changed
by the board during the year which would become pertinent at that time. Due to the size of the policy
manual, it is impossible for us to reproduce all of it for our students. The administration of Crowville
School will refer to the Franklin Parish Policy Manual for anything not covered in our student
handbook. If there are any discrepancies, between our Crowville School Student Handbook and the
Franklin Parish Policy Manual, the policy manual will supersede anything stated in the student

                                             CROWVILLE SCHOOL
                                       SCHOOL/PARENT/STUDENT COMPACT


It is important that students achieve; therefore, Franklin Parish Schools will adhere to the following:

    1.   Provide a safe learning environment.
    2.   Provide students with professional, caring teachers.
    3.   Provide an environment that allows for positive communication among teacher, parent and student.
    4.   Provide activities in the classroom to create meaningful learning experiences.
    5.   Provide information about student progress frequently.
    6.   Provide an effective learning environment enabling students to meet the state’s student academic standards.
    7.   Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the educational process.

___________________________                                       _______________________
Principal’s Signature                                                    Date


I want my child to achieve; therefore, I will encourage him/her by adhering to the following:

    1.   See that my child is punctual and attends school regularly.
    2.   Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline.
    3.   Establish a time for homework and review it regularly.
    4.   Provide a quiet, well-lighted place for study.
    5.   Encourage my child’s efforts and be available for questions.
    6.   Stay aware of what my child is learning.
    7.   Attend at least one parent-teacher conference.

________________________________                                  ________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Signature                                              Date


It is important that I work to the best of my ability; therefore, I will adhere to do the following:

         1.   Attend school regularly.
         2.   Come to school each day with necessary tools for learning.
         3.   Complete and return assignments.
         4.   Observe regular study hours.
         5.   Conform to school rules.

_____________________________                                                        __________________
Student’s Signature

Franklin Parish School District
20___ - 20___

________________________ School continues to integrate technology throughout the
curriculum. At times we would like to display student pictures and student projects on
web pages. This means that your child’s picture could be seen by anyone with internet
access. For the safety and privacy of all students, individuals within photos of class
projects and events will NOT be identified.

Please sign and return this sheet giving or restricting permission for your child’s photo
and work to be displayed on the World Wide Web.

___ Yes, my child’s photo with NO identification may be posted on an instructional
___ No, my child’s photo may not be displayed on an instructional website

___ Yes, my child’s work may be displayed on an instructional website (check one):
      ___with his/her first name and grade
      ___without his/her first name and grade

___ No, my child’s work may NOT be displayed on an instructional website

Student’s Name: _________________________________


Parent Signature: ________________________________

Date: ______________


P. O. BOX 128                                                         Telephone 318-722-3244
CROWVILLE, LA 71230                                                   Fax       318-722-3552
Terri Shirley, Principal

August 19, 2004

       I have received a copy of the Crowville School 2004-2005 Student Handbook. I have read
and understand all of the policies and procedures in the handbook especially the policies and
procedures on the following pages.

                     Arrival & Dismissal
                     Early Checkout & Tardiness
                     Discipline Plan
                     Bus Rules
                     Family Involvement Policy
                     Franklin Parish Internet Usage Policy
                     Parent/Student Compact


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