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									Stepping up Stepping Out:
The New Lawyer Experience
                                                       Featured Speaker

                                                       Roy Ginsburg is one of the most
                                                       experienced attorney coaches in the
                                                       Twin Cities area. He offers services
                                                       that help lawyers achieve practice
                                                       development goals and career
                                                       satisfaction, as well as outplacement
                                                       counseling for those who are
                                        in-between jobs. He also has an active solo practice
                                        and is legal marketing ethics counsel to Minnesota
                                        Law & Politics® and Super Lawyers®, and FindLaw, a
                                        Thomson West company.

                                        In his 25 years as an attorney, Roy has worked in
                                        large and small law firms and as in-house counsel in
                                        corporate legal departments. His well-rounded
                                        perspective benefits his coaching clients located
                                        around the country.

                                        In addition to coaching and practicing law, Roy is a
                                        frequent CLE speaker. Bar associations and law firms
                                        nationwide sponsor his popular programs, which are
                                        all designed to help lawyers achieve successful and
                                        rewarding careers.

   November 13 - 14, 2009 • Columbia, Missouri • Courtyard by Marriott

   MCLE hours
   Ethics hours
                                                                             CLE                                         49 Years       of   excellence
       Stepping up & Stepping Out:
   If you are a new attorney, here are just a few reasons you’ll want to attend

  The New Lawyer Experience
Multi-track programming offers 3 separate break-out sessions on
 substantive areas of the law, as well as law practice management and
 ethics courses.                                                          November 13

An expert faculty provides practical, how-to-do-it instructions.          M. Todd Miller
 They not only fill you in on developments, but will share practical      Law Office of Todd Miller, LLC
                                                                          Jefferson City
 advice from their extensive backgrounds and experiences—the kind
 of information no amount of research will uncover.                       Kristen H. Dickinson
                                                                          Dickinson Law Firm, LLC
It’s simply the best way to make sure you are up-to-speed on the latest   Columbia
   developments in your practice areas.
                                                                          Mary S. Erickson
Choose from 30 sessions that teach you how to really practice law.        Department of Insurance
 There are just so many choices—you plan a program that includes the      Jefferson City
 topics that you want to know about.
                                                                          November 14
It’s fun and a great opportunity to learn and also network with your
                                                                          Linda L. Lanning
   colleagues. Join your friends and instructors for a complimentary
                                                                          Attorney at Law
   reception.                                                             Jefferson City

The value can’t be beat! Your tuition includes two full days of           Sandra A. Mears
 instruction, valuable written material that includes checklists,         Supreme Court of Missouri
 and a fully searchable CD-ROM. Don’t forget your                         Jefferson City
 MCLE credit, which will be worth over 14.8 hours and
                                                                          Gretchen L. Yancey
 up to 6.0 Ethics hours.                                                  Law Offices of Edwin W. Orr, LLC
Complimentary Wine & Cheese Networking Reception
 All New Lawyer Experience registrants are invited.
 Join your friends, colleagues and instructors for
 about an hour of networking.

Register to win great prizes and gifts                                                 Enrollment
  throughout the two-day workshop.                                                     for the
  (Must be present to win.)                                                            program is

                                                                                       Register today!

Day 1
November 13                                               10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
                                            BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)
                                                                                                  11:10 - 12:10 p.m.
                                                                                    BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)
7:45 - 8:30 a.m.
                                            1) How to Advise a Client that          1) How to Evaluate & Select Civil
REGISTRATION &                                                                      Cases
                                            Wants to File for Bankruptcy
CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                       Learn how to advise a client wanting    Learn what factors should be
                                            to file a consumer or business          considered in screening and
                                            bankruptcy. Understand advising         evaluating cases. Learn to recognize
                                            your client properly, filing, trustee   and avoid the “dog” cases, and how
              8:30 - 9:50 a.m.              hearing, and much more.                 to investigate the good ones.
              Plenary Session               Speaker: Dianna C. Long,                Speaker: Michael W. Blanton, Law
                                            Mid-Missouri Bankruptcy Center,         Office of Michael W. Blanton, Lee’s
                                            Columbia                                Summit
Your First Trial: What You Need
to Know to Survive (and give                2) Employment Law in Practice           2) The Basics of Handling a
yourself a better chance to win)            Learn the basics of hiring, testing,    Criminal Case
A panel of experienced trial                reasonable accommodation, leaves        Do you know how to advise a client
attorneys will provide you with             of absence, wage and hour matters,      who has just been arrested? What is
practical tips and strategies on            employment handbooks, discipline        the first thing you should do if the
conducting your first trial, including      and termination.                        client is still in jail? If you don’t
pretrial preparation, opening and           Speaker: Marjorie M. Lewis, Brown,      regularly practice in this area, you
closing arguments, direct and               Willbrand, Simon, Powell & Lewis, PC,   should attend this session to learn
cross-examination, and other                Columbia                                about entering your appearance,
considerations.                                                                     arraignment, bail advocacy,
Speakers: Michael G. Berry, Berry           3) What You Should Know about           investigation techniques, and many
Wilson LLC, Jefferson City; Dana            Fee Agreements and Setting Up           other “must know” criminal
Tippin Cutler, James W. Tippin &            Trust Accounts                          procedures.
Associates, Kansas City, and John           Proper and ethical fee                  Speaker: Tina Marie Crow Halcomb,
W. Kurtz, Hubbard & Kurtz, LLP,             agreements are an integral              Walker Crow Halcomb, LLC, Jefferson
Kansas City                                 part of the practice of law.            City
                                            This session explores
                                            the different types of fee agreements   3) Using Negotiation and
9:50 - 10:00 a.m.                                                                   Settlement Skills to Your Tactical
                                            that you can use when forming
BREAK                                       relationships with your client. Also,   Advantage
                                            learn the basics of setting up your     Because the majority of cases settle
                                            trust accounts. There are numerous      before trial, your negotiating and
                                            unknowing and inadvertent trust         settlement skills are often a key
                                            account violations that commonly        component to your client’s success.
                                            occur. Even an honest mistake can       You will receive helpful tips and
       Register for a Chance                be both costly and embarrassing.        strategies designed to gain tactical
                                            Learn the common pitfalls and how       leverage and maximize your client’s
        to Win Great Prizes!                                                        position.
                                            to avoid them.
                                            Speakers: Denise L. Brown, Missouri     Speaker: James W. Reeves, J.D.,
                                            Lawyer Trust Account Foundation,        LL.M., Conflict Management Systems,
                                            Jefferson City and Sara G. Rittman,     St. Louis
                                            Legal Ethics Counsel, Jefferson City
   • Easy to use interface
   • Entire USA map built-in
                                                                                    12:10 - 1:15 p.m.
   • 1.6 million (POI) points of interest   11:00 - 11:10 a.m.                      LUNCH (on your own)
   • 3.5” touch screen display              BREAK
   • Text to speech (TTS)
     navigation (clearly
     pronounces instructions
     including street names)
   • Includes easy
     magnetic cradle


               1:15 - 2:15 p.m.                           2:25 - 3:25 p.m.                          3:35 - 4:35 p.m.
BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)              BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)             BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)

1) How to Take & Defend                    1) How to Draft Effective Pleadings       1) Keys to Effective Motions
Depositions in a Civil Case                in a Civil Case                           Practice in a Civil Case
Learn the tactical and strategic           Get instructions and analysis in          Learning how to write and respond
considerations behind effective            drafting appropriate pleadings to         to motions and to effectively argue
deposition techniques. Discover the        accomplish your client’s goals.           them in court is an extremely
various facets of the                      Obtain valuable guidelines and            important part of every litigator’s
deposition process and discover            practice tips, understand the             practice. Knowledge of the
what you must know in preparing,           drafting requirements for petitions/      fundamentals is essential to
taking and defending depositions.          complaints, answers/defenses,             successful litigation.
Understand that a poorly taken,            replies, counter-claims, and              Speaker: Charles A. “Chip” Gentry,
ill-prepared, or unnecessary               cross-claims.                             Carson & Coil, PC, Jefferson City
deposition is a waste of both your         Speaker: Nicole L. Sublett, Newman,
time and your client’s money.              Comley & Ruth, PC, Jefferson City         2) How to Represent a Client in a
Speaker: Timothy W. Van Ronzelen,                                                    Juvenile Matter
Cook, Vetter, Doerhoff & Landwehr,         2) Residential Real Estate                Learn more about issues that
PC, Jefferson City                         Transactions                              confront your juvenile clients or
                                           Representing the seller; representing     their parents. Hear about
2) How to Prepare a Deed                   the buyer; basic contracts; title         delinquency proceedings, TPRs,
Learn about document preparation,          companies; certificate of title           abuse and neglect cases, and other
types of tenancies, how to take title,     disclosure statement; closing             juvenile issues.
and defective acknowledgments.             documents. Learn to clearly analyze       Speaker: Elizabeth K. Magee,
Speaker: J. Worthen DeYoung, Law           purchase agreements and                   Attorney at Law, Columbia
Offices of J. Worthen DeYoung,             disclosures; avoid title problems;
Kansas City                                and prepare for the closing.              3) Fundamentals of Handling a
                                           Speaker: William M. Quitmeier,            Workers’ Compensation Case
3) Legal Ethics and the Internet           Quitmeier Law Firm, Kansas City           Gain an understanding of the
Any attorney, who uses a computer                                                    standards and principles you need
connected to the World Wide Web,           3) Achieving Balance: Strategies          when handling a Workers’
whether at the office or at home, will     and Resources for New Lawyers             Compensation claim. In addition to
benefit from this seminar that covers      The pressures of being a new lawyer       learning the basic principles, you will
the big ethical issues related to inter-   can be overwhelming. Learn                learn the procedures you need to
net use. From hackers and computer         strategies for managing stress, how       follow to shepherd your client’s case
viruses to the hazards of                  to develop a balance between your         through the process.
electronic                                 work and your life, and what              Speaker: Christine M. Kiefer,
advertising, you’ll learn                  resources are available to Missouri       Van Camp Law Firm, LLC,
what you need to know in order to          lawyers if they need help.                Jefferson City
protect your clients, your firm, and       Discussions will also focus on time
your career.                               management, leadership skills and
Speaker: William D. Piedimonte,            quality of life.
Piedimonte and Associates, PC,             Speakers: Jim Brady, MOLAP
Independence                               Director/Mentoring Assistant and
                                                                                   4:35 - 5:30 p.m.
                                           Linda Oligschlaeger, Membership         Wine & Cheese
2:15 - 2:25 p.m.                           Services Director, The Missouri Bar,    Networking Reception
BREAK                                      Jefferson City
                                                                                   Prize Drawings!
                                                                                   (Must be present to win)
                                           3:25 - 3:35 p.m.
                                                                                   Great                    Great
                            Course Materials
                                                                                    Prizes!     Great        Food!
                            Your registration fee includes                                       Fun!
                            the course materials in paper
                            format and also on a
                            fully searchable CD-ROM.

Day 2                                                 9:40 - 10:40 a.m.                         10:50 - 11:50 p.m.
November 14                            BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)              BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)

8:00 - 8:30 a.m.                       1) How to Advise Business Clients        1) Practice Management Lessons I
REGISTRATION &                         on Choice of Entity, Formation, &        Learned the Hard Way So You Won’t
CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                  Liability Concerns                       Have To
                                       Get an analysis of possible              Learn the tricks of the trade
                                       organizational forms and the             and some costly lessons from
                                       advantages and disadvantages of          someone else. No need for
                                       each. Learn what factors should be       you to attend the school of “hard
          8:30 - 9:30 a.m.             taken into account in selecting and      knocks” when it comes to many
          Plenary Session              forming the appropriate business         ethical law practice management
                                       entity for your client.                  issues.
                                       Speaker: Richard J. Magee,               Speaker: Thomas G. Glick, Danna
Client Development Strategies
                                       The McAuliffe and Magee Law Firm,        McKitrick, PC, St. Louis
to Weather a Stormy Economy
                                       LLP, Clayton
Attracting new clients and                                                      2) How to Proceed Through Probate
producing additional revenue is                                                 Step-by-step through the basic probate
                                       2) How to Draft a Simple Will
more important – and more                                                       administration process in Missouri,
                                       Simple wills may not be so “simple.”
difficult – than ever. The economy                                              what to expect and how to effectively
                                       Get tips on designing and drafting an
is unstable; competition is intense.                                            manage the process, the different
                                       estate plan for individuals with
That’s why it’s essential to ramp up                                            types of decisions that you’ll need to
                                       non-taxable estates. Plus, advice on
your business development efforts                                               make along the way. Learn about
                                       the use of contingent trusts for
to gain every possible advantage.                                               opening the estate, debts of the estate,
                                       children, health care directives,
This practical multi-media session                                              inventory of the assets, issues
                                       statutory short form powers of
delivers proven methods to build                                                regarding the surviving spouse,
                                       attorney, and coordinating beneficia-
your practice within professional                                               transfers and distributions, accounting
                                       ry designations with a client’s estate
and ethical parameters while you                                                in an estate, and the chronology of the
earn ethics credits. You’ll learn                                               administration of an estate.
                                       Speaker: Lisha A. Masters, Pratt,
how to:                                                                         Speaker: Reginald H. Turnbull,
                                       Fossard, Jensen & Masters, LLC,
• Identify the best ways to                                                     Turnbull Law Office, PC, Jefferson City
   connect with potential clients
   and referral sources                                                         3) Job Hunting Strategies for a
                                       3) How to Start a Law Firm:              Terrible Economy – The Good,
• Maximize networking within your
                                       The First Steps                          The Bad, and The Ugly
   comfort areas
                                       Meeting the legal requirements;          Finding a job is now your job. But is
• Create higher visibility for your
                                       creating a business plan, determin-      it possible to find your dream job in a
                                       ing the costs of starting a practice—    nightmarish economy? What are your
• Spend your marketing and
                                       these are just some of the things        options and are they realistic? Are
   advertising dollars wisely
                                       you will learn to create and grow        you wasting time on things that won’t
Featured Speaker: Roy Ginsburg
                                       your own law firm. The decision to       help? This practical session will give
                                       “hang out your own shingle” can be       you the tools to develop core
9:30 - 9:40 a.m.                       a difficult one. Gain information and    strategies for finding the job you want.
BREAK                                  practical advice that you will need to   It will provide you with effective
                                       become a                                 job-hunting tips that will help you
                                       successful lawyer-entrepreneur. Get      avoid the traps that add stress to an
                                       tips and solutions to management         already stressful situation. As
                                       problems and issues that arise again     Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way
  Register for a Chance                and again in the small office setting.   to predict your future is to create it.”
   to Win Great Prizes!                Speaker: Steve Scott, Scott Law Firm,    Here is some of what you’ll learn to
                                       PC, Columbia                             help you create your best possible
 A gift basket                                                                  future.
 containing a                          10:40 - 10:50 a.m.                       • Basic Do’s and Don’ts of job hunting
 variety of MoBar                      BREAK                                    • Surviving the emotional rollercoaster
 products.                                                                      • Myths surrounding the search for a
 (Must be                                                                       • Developing an effective network
                                                                                • Selling yourself and closing the deal
                                                                                Speaker: Roy Ginsburg
 to win)
                                                                                11:50 - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                LUNCH (on your own)
               1:00 - 2:00 p.m.                             2:10 - 3:10 p.m.                      3:20 - 4:20 p.m.
BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)                BREAKOUT SESSION (choose one)                        Plenary Session

1) How to Collect Debts in                  1) Avoiding Common, Real-World            Best Practices in Client
Missouri: Collection Litigation and         Ethics Problems & Preventing Legal        Service – Retain Clients and
the Fair Debt Collection Practices          Malpractice                               Avoid Ethics Complaints
Act                                         This session will explore                 Exceptional client service
Overview of the Fair Debt Collection        fact patterns that commonly               is the foundation of
Practices Act; steps to follow              present ethics problems for               professional success. Your
before filing a collection suit;            lawyers, such as failing to               reputation for great service will
considerations for filing the suit;         communicate with clients,                 build your practice, while poor
checklist for trial preparation. This       improperly contacting the opposing        service could lead to an ethics
session will provide and use, as a          party or the court, and mishandling       complaint. The session provides a
teaching tool, sample plaintiff             client trust accounts. Learn how          comprehensive roadmap to deliver
pleadings, discovery requests,              to work through the situations and        extraordinary service that will help
settlement agreements, summary              avoid conduct that would violate the      you retain and develop more busi-
judgment papers, and more.                  Rules of Professional Conduct.            ness from your current clients and
Speaker: Michele W. Bartolacci,             Speaker: Sam S. Phillips, Office of       increase referrals. While you earn
Thompson Coburn, LLP, St. Louis             the Chief Disciplinary Counsel,           ethics credit, you’ll learn to:
                                            Jefferson City                            • Apply best practices that
2) How to Effectively Handle                                                             will exceed your clients’
Traffic Cases                               2) How to Handle a DUI/DWI Case              expectations
As a lawyer, you will be inevitably         Learn important tactics and               • Eliminate the most common
asked a question about traffic              strategies that will help you                sources of client dissatisfaction
violations from friends or family.          effectively handle a DUI/DWI case.        • Handle angry clients and avoid
This workshop has been revamped             Become familiar with relevant                ethics complaints
and retooled so it is relevant to           administrative procedures and             Speaker: Roy Ginsburg
today’s traffic offenses environment.       collateral consequences of
Get outstanding pointers on what            convictions.
you should know to represent your           Speaker: Lawrence E. Wines
client in almost any traffic case.
Speaker: Lawrence E. Wines, Wines           3) How to Obtain Child & Spousal
Law Offices, LC, St. Peters                 Support/Form 14 Calculations               4:20 p.m.
                                            Find out what you should know to           Prize Drawings
3) Basics of Dissolution of                 support or defend your client’s
                                                                                       (Must be present to win)
Marriage                                    position regarding child support and
                                            maintenance. What about pensions           Adjourn
Gain substantive and procedural
knowledge on how to effectively             and IRAs? Examine the practical                                  Great
handle divorce cases. What should           applications of Supreme Court Form                                Prizes!
you know about when, where, and             14.
how to file? Get a firm grasp on the        Speaker: Sara C. Michael, Carver &
fundamental skills and approaches           Michael, LLC, Jefferson City
necessary to effectively represent
your clients.                               3:10 - 3:20 p.m.
Speaker: Scott A. Hamblin, Brydon           BREAK
Swearengen & England, PC,
Jefferson City

2:00 - 2:10 p.m.
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                                Stepping up Stepping Out:
                                The New Lawyer Experience
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             n An expert faculty
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          n Valuable written material and a fully searchable CD-ROM with helpful checklists and forms
         n Get up-to-speed on the latest developments in your practice areas
        n Choose from 30 sessions that teach you how to really practice law
       n It’s a fun way to learn and network with your colleagues.
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                                  November 13 - 14, 2009• Columbia, Missouri
                       Courtyard by Marriott • 3301 Lemone Industrial Blvd. • 573-443-8000

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