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Science Worksheets Grade 2


Science Worksheets Grade 2 document sample

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									GRADE LEVEL: 5 -3rd or 4th Six Weeks

ORGANIZING IDEA: In Sync With Systems / It’s a Balancing Act

TITLE / SUBJECT: Science Bibliography Project

TIME FRAME: multiple lessons (1-2 hours)

    To connect scientists with their experiments and concepts
    To find and identify information needed to list in a Bibliography.
    To find and research concepts while recording bibliographic
          information and creating MLA entries.

TEKS: 112.7 Science
       (3) Scientific processes: (E) Connect Grade 5 science concepts with
the history of science and contributions of scientists.
          126.3 Technology Applications
        2(D) Produce documents at the keyboard, proofread, and correct
errors; (E) Use language skills including capitalization, punctuation,
spelling, word division, and use of numbers and symbols as grade-level
appropriate; and
       4 (A) Apply appropriate electronic search strategies in the acquisition
of information including keyword and Boolean search strategies

MATERIALS: Science Bib Project for Students (Introductory sheet for
students) and Worksheets: Science Keyword, Science Words,
Bib Worksheets
(In the month preceding this project, take the time to introduce each type of
Bibliography entry to classes –use of the Bib worksheets gives the student
the type of information to find, in addition to the punctuation.)

1) Review the term Keyword and explain its use in research
2) Share the list of Science Words (these are taken from the list provided for
    5th grade from their science curriculum)
3) Pass out the Science Keyword worksheet (this assignment is best in pairs
or groups of three). Ask each group to fill it out choosing a keyword from
the list and defining it (science dictionaries are the best) from text or an
online source.

4) Introduce the Bibliography Project with the sheet that begins ―Finding the
Connection…‖ Introduce the assignment as a group project or individual
assignment, using the word chosen for the Science Keyword. (point out that
#1 is already completed) and use the worksheets for each type of entry.

5) Ask the students for an annotation (1-3 sentences) after each bib entry to
explain why they chose a certain book related to the science word. (Here’s
where your most creative students will think up fiction titles to go with a
science word)

You may make this assignment as easy or difficult as you wish by
eliminating parts of this lesson—some classes are just not ready for the final
typing involved in creation of a Bibliography. The goal is to identify the
pieces of information from each source to use in a Bib listing.

EVALUATION: Worksheets, typed bibliography (either individual or as a

RESOURCES: Online dictionaries, science dictionaries.
   Check individual collections for suitable titles as examples to go with
science words.

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