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                The secret to profitable
                investing & trading
                                MAUS Stockmarket Plus is Australia’s             Information related to a trade such as
                                leading portfolio management                     brokerage rates, stock details and
                                software. It is a comprehensive yet              prices, the effect inflation may have
                                easy to use software application                 on your returns, capital gains tax and
                                which allows you keep track of your              your marginal tax rate, are
                                investment portfolio and make                    documented in clear, easy to follow
                                informed and profitable investment               tables
                                                                                 MAUS Stockmarket Plus is fully up to
                                The software allows you to generate              date with all the latest GST, CGT and
                                instant EOFY tax reports, such as, capi-         personal tax rates so you can rest
                                tal gains, brokerage, holdings, dividend/        assured you are monitoring your
                                distribution and profit/loss reports which       investments in accordance with
                                could save you hundreds of dollars in            government legislation.
                                accountancy fees, as all the work is
                                already done!                                    This award winning program also covers
                                                                                 other important activities such as bank
                                The program records and reports all              and trading accounts, the ability to
                                                                                 manage investment properties and other
                                activities related to trades or
                                                                                 investment types.
                                dividends, allowing you to manage
                                                                                 The program even includes a range of
                                and grow your portfolio like a true
                                                                                 financial calculators such as, home loans
                                                                                 and term deposit account calculators

“Seldom does a software
package completely outclass
competitors, offering users a
clearly superior product in     At a click of a button, MAUS StockMarket Plus
terms of sophistication         provides you with:
simplicity & obvious atten-
tion to detail”
                                •   Comprehensive End Of Financial Year reports such as Profit and Loss,
Review of Core Software             Capital Gains/Loss, Dividends/Distributions, Transaction and a Holdings
Smart Investmentor Magazine         report for any period
                                •   The ability to update the latest stock prices automatically into your portfolio
                                •   Live online charting and live online stock prices
                                •   A comprehensive overview of your portfolio’s worth
                                •   A Financial Term library explaining over 300 financial terms
                                •    The ability to perform Buys, Sells, Mergers, De-mergers, Stock Splits, Buy
                                    Backs, Cover Sells, Short Sells, Capital Returns and more!

                                Key Benefits:
                                •   Suitable for both experienced and        •   Easy to decipher data to help you
                                    part time traders                            make wise investment decisions
                                •   Tracks and monitors nearly all in-       •   Stock Trigger and Stock Journal for
                                    vestment types                               Buy/Sell recommendations
                                •   Powerful EOFY reports can help you       •   Supports multiple portfolios, great
                                    save on accounting fee’s                     for accountants and other portfolio
                           Manage, monitor & grow
                              your investments
                                        Easy Interface
                                        Navigate through the       MAUS Stockmarket Plus is ideal for
                                        program using the
                                        simple menu structure
                                                                   use by…...

                                                                   Self Managed Superfunds

                                                                   Individual Traders, large or small

                                                                   Accountants, to easily manage their clients portfolios

                                        Keep detailed and
                                        accurate records of all    Five Key Reasons Why You Should Use
                                        your investments
                                                                   MAUS Stockmarket Plus
                                                                   1. Powerful reports that will save you money at the EOFY on accountant’s fees
                                                                   2. Easily keep up to date with your portfolio’s worth
                                                                   3. Simple to use, yet has all the functionality you need to manage your stocks
                                                                   4. Covers all types of transactions, eg. equities, trusts, options etc.
                                                                   5. Save time and money while managing your portfolio.

                                                                   What does the software cover?
                                                                   MAUS Stockmarket Plus covers all aspects of portfolio management, including
                                         Reporting                 End Of Financial Year reporting, all common transactions, live online charting
                                         Instantly generate        and prices. The program can record equities, options, warrants, CFDs, bonds,
                                         powerful reports
                                                                   trusts and debentures.

                                                                   Other MAUS products for use with MAUS Stockmarket Plus
                                                                   MAUS Daily Downloader will automatically download the days share
                                                                   prices directly into your portfolio database at the click of a button.
                                                                   This enables you to have a detailed perspective of the value and
                                                                   performance of your stocks. This program is simple and quick and saves
                                                                   you time and money and ensures you can update your portfolios worth
                                                                   without any hassle!
                                        Charting and
                                        Plot and perform ad-       Other MAUS Products that may be helpful to you…
                                        hoc queries on shares
                                                                   MAUS Policies & Procedures Manual is designed to help companies
                                                                   develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures,
                                                                   workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference
                                                                   manual. Includes 90 samples policies ready to use for your business.

                                                                   MAUS SellBiz Pro is designed to help you get the best price for the sale of
                                                                   your business and has over 250 pages of contents, tools, tips, sample
                                                                   valuation reports, selling resources, due diligence checklists, business
        The step by step process>>                                 valuation calculators, cash flow calculators, password security, reports
                                                                   modules, publishing modules, tips on negotiation tactics and much more!

                                    Published by MAUS Business Systems -
Corprat Pty Ltd T/A MAUS Business Systems ABN: 55 084 644 208. Minimum System requirements - a Pentium PC or higher machine 256Mb + RAM.
                    MAUS software compatible with Windows XP and Vista. A hard disk with least 100mb of free space is required.
 Address: Suite 102, 39 East Esplanade Manly NSW Australia 2095    Tel: 1300 300 586        Fax: (02) 9976 2137     Email:

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