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School Worksheet Workbook - Excel


School Worksheet Workbook document sample

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									                                    District BMI Submission Tool
Senate Bill 210 (SB 210) Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Legislation requires the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to
receive body mass index (BMI) data for students in grades K, 3, 5 and 9 from each school district wishing to participate in
screening. Each participating school district is charged with collecting BMI data from each school building within their district,
removing identifiers, and submitting the data to ODH. The following worksheets have been provided to assist with data
submission, however you are NOT required to use these worksheets. The “DISTRICT SUBMISSION” worksheet contains
categories corresponding to the information sent from all school buildings (grade level, sex and BMI percentile). Instructions
have been given to help you combine each school building’s data onto one worksheet. Please note: Only send the
information detailed on the District Submission worksheet. ODH can only accept and process BMI data that are submitted

1. This Excel workbook (District BMI Submission Tool.xls) has 2 worksheets, entitled "INSTRUCTIONS," and "DISTRICT
SUBMISSION." You can move to each of these using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The "DISTRICT SUBMISSION"
worksheet is where the data from each school will be copied and pasted for submission to the Ohio Department of Health.

2. Before entering any data, save this Excel workbook with a new name. The new name should be in the following format:
"(District Name) BMI Submission Tool MMDDYY". For example, "Columbus City BMI Submission Tool 060111". To do this,
click "Save As," select "Excel Workbook," select where you would like to save your data (e.g., C:\BMI) and enter the new file
name in the "File Name" box.

3. Click the "DISTRICT SUBMISSION" tab and enter the district name. This field MUST be completed prior to submission.

4. It is the district's responsibility to instruct school on the the submission process. At a minimum, the school should send the
"DISTRICT SUMMARY" worksheet of their "(School Name) BMI Collection Tool MMDDYY" workbook, or the equivalent. Open
the Excel file sent by the school and navigate to the "DISTRICT SUMMARY" worksheet. This worksheet contains the data
elements that must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Health (Grade Level, Sex, BMI %ile). Copy the data (not the
column headers) by highlighting all the data in the worksheet and clicking the "Copy" button or right clicking your mouse and
selecting "Copy." Please do NOT copy the name of the individual school building so that confidentiality can be protected.

5. In the "DISTRICT SUBMISSION" worksheet of this Excel workbook, select the first empty cell under the "Grade Level"
column. To paste the data, you must use the "Paste Special" option. This can be found in the "Paste" button drop-down list
or by right-clicking your mouse. When the "Paste Special" box opens, select the option "Values and number formats" and
click OK.

6. To enter data for another school, repeat steps 4 and 5. The data should be pasted in the first empty cell under the "Grade
Level" column, which will be right below the last line of data from the previous school.

7. Remember to save this workbook periodically so that no data are lost. When all data have been entered, click "Save"
before closing the file.

8. When the data for all the schools in your district have been entered, send the "(District Name) BMI Submission Tool
MMDDYY" workbook to the Ohio Department of Health no later than June 1 of the current school year. To do this, attach the
file to an e-mail message and send it to the following address: school.bmi@odh.ohio.gov.
    Send this worksheet to the Ohio Department of Health at School.BMI@odh.ohio.gov
                   Do not include school building names on this worksheet.

 District Name (required):

Grade Level         Sex         BMI %ile

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