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									                     ST. JOHN’S WORD
     St. John’s Word is
published by and for the                               The Mission Statement of
members and friends of St.                        St. John’s United Church of Christ
John’s UCC, Orwigsburg,             As a Christ centered congregation we strive:
Pennsylvania. If ever you
read this newsletter and           To reach out with unconditional love and selflessness using our God
notice an error or oversight,      given gifts to provide a nurturing shelter for those seeking a
please notify the church           Christian home.
office. Comments, articles,        To provide opportunities for spiritual growth through worship,
drawings and photos for            education, fellowship, prayer and Christian action through out our
inclusion in future issues         community and the world.
may be sent to:                                              November 2004
     Susan McCartney
                                                                Altar Guild
       33 Little Mt Rd
  New Ringgold, PA 17960                                     Kathryn Heinbaugh                                       Head Usher
          Pastor                                                 Mike Nye
   Rev. Barbara Kershner                                Communion Assignments
      (570) 366-3876                                     November 28th
                                                Prepare - Barbara Skelding and Jamie Barton
  President of Consistory
       Tom Kramer                              Element Bearers - Toni Groff and John Foster
                                             Servers- Mike Nye, Barbara Skelding, Tom Kramer,
     Health Minister
        Kay Jones                                         John Jones, Jamie Barton
      (570) 366-1333                 Date          Acolyte        Altar Flowers      Nursery Att.
                                    Nov. 7      Markea Weller     Maggie & Bud        Sue Kramer
     Church Secretary                                                 Segl
       Eva Cresswell          Nov.        Ryan Foster       Bonni & John        Wendi
   Office (570)366-2255               14                             Fetterolf         Wheeler
    Fax (570)-366-2274
                                     Nov.       Keith Wagner       Elvena Riegel       Wendi
         Office Hours:                21                                               Wheeler
      Monday 8am - 3pm
     Thursday 8am - 3pm              Nov.      Brendan Harley       Laura & Pat       Linda Rice
     Friday 8am - 12 Noon             28                             Kimmel

                                      OUTREACH MINISTRY
Flu Shots Canceled
As you are aware from TV, radio, newspapers, & physician's offices the USA will have a shortage of flu
vaccine this autumn. The clinic at St John’s for Oct 21 was cancelled due to this reason. The CDC has
taken over control of all flu vaccines in the country and will decide where it is most needed .St John’s
Health Ministry is in contact with the VNA and if possible will be scheduling another clinic to give out
flu shots. Please watch the weekly bulletin to see if a date becomes possible.

Sponsor a Pantry Client
The Pantry committee is asking for 5 members of the congregation to sponsor a family for a $20.00
Thanksgiving Dinner. If you can become one of the sponsor families please give your $20.00 check to
Edna Hart, payable to the Orwigsburg Area Food Pantry before Nov.10, 2004.

Schuylkill Assoc. Meeting Feedback
On October 17, 2004 many members of the congregation attended the Schuylkill Association Meeting at
St Paul's UCC in Mahanoy City. Geneva Butz, with Wendi Wheeler as moderator, spoke to us about
becoming a welcoming church in the 'God is Still Speaking' initiative. We were reminded what the UCC
stands for, and the reasons we should be proud of our denomination. The aspects of our openness and
flexibility, characteristics of the UCC’s welcoming hospitality, are rooted in our history and in our
commitments to Jesus Christ and they stress an attitude of acceptance of others. This reminds us that the
Good News of Jesus Christ is not static---God is still speaking! And we are continually challenged to be
open to God’s call.
Edna Hart, Pastor Kershner, Tom Kramer, Bobbi Jo Foster, Susan McCartney & Paulette Peters
attended a workshop Oct 23, 2004 in Hamburg at First UCC on this very program. Ask any one of them
about it when you see them.
                                                                                  Thank you, Edna Hart

                                      PROPERTY MINISTRY
 Trees and brush under power lines at the                                                 t
  parsonage were removed.                                                                 r
 A cassette and CD player donated by the                                                  a
  Boy Scouts were connected to the church                                                  t
  sound system for use during services and                                                 i
  other events.                                                                            n
 Church doors are be repaired and painted
  in mid-October.                                                                         o
 We were asked to investigate getting a                                                   n
  handicapped parking space in front of the
  church.                                                                                 i
 Estimates for repairing the handicapped
                                               r anyone has work requests, please write
                                                e                                          t
                                                 b                                         e
                                                 e                                         m
                                                 n                                         o
                                                 g                                         n

                                                 s                                         t
                                                 o                                         h
                                                 u                                         e
                                                 h                                         s
                                                 t                                         h
                                                 .                                        e
 A fall clean-up day is being planned,
t                             e
e                             S
c                             n
o                             d
f                             a
f                             y
e                             s
m                             h
a                             o
k                             o
e                             l
i                             o
n                             o
t                             .
    Mike Nye, John Foster,
l   Tony Rice, Keith Riegel
                                                   Lift up your hearts.
                                                    We lift them to God.
                                          Let us give thanks to God Most High.
                              It is right to give God thanks and praise!

“It is right to give God thanks and praise.” These words of pastor and people mark the beginning of the
Communion Prayer. They are a reminder that the church gathers to offer thanks to God. November is a
special time of giving thanks with three holy days focused on thankfulness. On November 28, we will
celebrate the Lord’s Supper remembering that Jesus took bread and cup and after giving thanks he gave
them to the disciples. On Thanksgiving Eve, November 24, we will celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation
and community joining with other local congregations here at St. John’s to give thanks for the harvest,
for the gifts of freedom, for abundant resources and for life itself. And on November 14, we will
celebrate Consecration Sunday, a day when our gratitude is expressed in our generosity and our pledge
to give and live generously as disciples of Christ and members of St. John’s UCC.

Thanksgiving assumes that one is thanking another, someone outside oneself. We write thank you notes
to one who has given us a gift, not to ourselves after a day of shopping! Thanksgiving is not a time of
patting ourselves on the back, but of raising hands in prayer and reaching out to give back. In the
church we witness that it is God who has given us the gifts of life, freedom, safety, resources, talents.
The church points to God as the giver of all good things. The church witnesses by saying “thank you”
and by living grateful lives, imitating the God who has given in such abundance and generosity.

The church also helps us to see and confess our misuse and abuse of these gifts; our tendency either to
squander or to hoard, to use for our own pleasure and protection what God has freely given. The church
holds up a different model –the model of Jesus Christ–who although he had great power so as to work
miracles–he did not use those gifts of power to save, protect or promote himself. Jesus used his gifts to
reach out to the sick, to heal and comfort and accompany those suffering in mind and body, the widows,
the street people, and all those usually shut out of religious institutions. Jesus enjoyed and used the gifts
and the life he had been given, recognizing that there was only a short amount of time in that life.

May this month of Thanksgiving serve to remind us that all good gifts come from God . Let us give
thanks to God most High with glad and generous hearts, thanks for our abilities to read, to speak, to
drive, to remember, to think; thanks for all the things we take for granted, for all the things we think we
deserve, for all the things we tell ourselves we have earned. Let us thank God by striving to become
more like Jesus, not expecting to receive more, but willing to give our all.

     HEALTH MINISTRY                  research will be able to find a way to eliminate this disease.
Flu Shots
Please see the note under the         Medical Insurance
Outreach report regarding the             Anyone who needs information regarding Medicare,
cancellation of flu shots. We are     Medicaid, Medigap, Long-term Care insurance, and
very sorry for this                   preventive care can call APPRISE of Schuylkill Ministries of
inconvenience.                        the Dept. of the Aging at 1-800-783-7067.
                                          Anyone who would like to volunteer for this organization
Buy Breast Cancer Stamps              is more than welcome. To do so, contact Heidi Nangle,
Please     consider     purchasing    Program Coordinator at either 1-800-621-6325 or 621-7303, or
Breast Cancer stamps at 45 cents      email             her           at
each from the US Postal Service,          If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Jonna
instead of the usual 37 cents. The    Steinbrunn, who is a trained volunteer and counselor at 570-
difference will be huge, when         366-2295.
funds are collected in this helpful
way, and perhaps breast cancer
9 ST. JOHN’S WORD                                                                     NOVEMBER 2004

                                            PARISH LIFE
Collectibles - $20
The church block collectable with a screenprint likeness of St John's UCC on the front and history &
Mission Statement on the back is now available after church every Sunday for only $20.00. You may
also contact the church office or Barb Skelding at 366-7354. The proceeds of this project will be used
for our 175th Anniversary celebration to be held in 2006. We will be having many more fundraisers to
assure a memorable celebration.

Christmas Ornament - $15
We have received the proof for the Christmas ornament of the Gethsemane stained glass window in our
Sanctuary. It is in the shape of the window and shows all it's brilliant colors. You may preorder this
ornament for $15.00. Place your envelope marked 'stained glass ornament' in the offering plate. Or you
may stop by the church office.

Anniversary Planning Team
    The 175th Anniversary Group has been working on planning events and fund raisers for our
celebration for many months. If you have any suggestions or would like to join this group, please
notify Barb Skelding or Toni Groff. Meetings are generally the first Thursday of the month or as
announced in the bulletin.
    We also need to collect some history for the planned display. If you have any church related
pictures or articles, please share them with any of the planning group or take to the church office.
The planning group now includes Marie Deibert, Toni Groff, Darline Darosh, Sue Hartman, Pastor
Barbara Kershner, Donald and Lorraine Jones, Lori Moore, and Barb Skelding. There is always room
for more as we plan to have at least one event every month from April through November 2006. Many
hands and ideas are needed to make this celebration a memorable one.

Thanksgiving Filling Sale!
   Please watch the weekly bulletin for details about homemade filling to be sold in time for the
Thanksgiving holiday.

About a year ago we conducted a       of regular, programmed contribution
stewardship "awareness"
program at St. John's which we
called "Step Up to the Plate".        As of the end of September the St. Jo
The program was well received,        $18,000 (17%) short of the total week
and the pledges that members of       expected as of last year's budget. Ex
the congregation made became          most part been held down, with most
the basis for the budget prepared     staying at or below their budgets. Th
by consistory and for the plans       taken from our savings, which are ob
that the various ministries made      It is most important that we are awa
for 2004. As 2004 has unfolded,       the missions we are attempting to car
unfortunately, our collections        provide the money necessary for thes
have fallen below the amount          contributions.
predicted, and we are spending
more than we are taking in. We                            Treasurers Rep
need to do better.

                                         As of the end of September the to
                                     was $90,925. This chance.
                                    We will have anotherconstitutes a short
     Consecration Sunday             17% compared with the income proj
       November 14th                 "Other income" including special co
                                     Income, Special Offerings, and such
                                     shortfall to $8,830.
"Step Up to the Plate", is again         Regular expenses have been well
the title of our program of          currently $118,489. This is $6,751 be
raising awareness and pledging       the year to date. Special expenses, an
contributions to St. John's for      building expenses from our capital im
funding to carry out the             have taken $9,460 from this.
Church's mission. We will
hear from three of our                   The final result of this is we have
members about their thoughts         date of $6,166.
on St. John's and its mission.
We will then have an
inspirational guest sermon
from Reverend Nick Pence,
and again have the chance to
make pledges for our
contributions to St. John's for
the next year. This will form
an important part of our
planning for programs St.
John's will undertake. It is
also an important opportunity
for us to realize the importance

                              GUILD NEWS

                                            Covered Dish Din
                                            and Special Prog
                     St. John's will be starting the Christma
                     evening November 28th at 6 PM wit
                     in the Fellowship Center, followed b
                     Snyder, a well-known artist from Re
                     beautiful picture with her art in motio
                     and highlighted with lights and music.
                         Chalk Talk is especially appropri
                     plan to attend with your family and
                     favorite covered dish.

                     Next Guild Meeting
                     Guild will meet Tuesday, Novemb
                     Fellowship Center.

                     Just a thought: As the holidays appr
                     'just the right gift' for that hard-to-bu
                     perhaps a donation to his/her favorite
                     their day and make the season even mo
                     card could be forwarded from the chari
                     12 ST. JOHN’S WORD

                                                          the library shelves with as many books
                                                          provide during our time there. The shel
                                                          1999. Now they are certainly more full
                                                          children eager to read and learn on a da
                                                          become worn with time.
                                  YOUTH CORNER:                The 'buckets for baht' program that
                     Camper Comments                      promoted at St. John's will provide mo
                     Thank you very much to the           Thailand, that are of course written in t
                     Women's Guild for their camp         is the money system in Thailand, and o
                     sponsorship for me this past         approximately 42 baht. Our English bo
                     summer. I was very happy to          and the children will enjoy seeing the p
                     attend summer camp at Mensch         someone visits and reads the English to
                     Mill, and I encourage other of St.   translator translates into Thai. They tho
                     John's to try it next summer.        library, so any donation toward the pur
                                                          Thailand is greatly appreciated.
                                        Rachel Foster
                                                               We strongly encourage the young p
                     Join Us for Sunday School at 9       'earn' their money to be donated by hel
                     am                                   and grandparents. Then when they exp
                     Are you or your children or          donating their earnings to our mission w
                     grandchildren a part of the          children, we ALL win!!!Many thanks f
                     “buzz” of activity? There’s          cooperation.
                     always room for more. All ages                           Susan and Jim McC
                     are welcome!
                                                          Every Sunday is a celebration!! Come
  November 28                                             these exciting ways as we celebrate the
1 Sunday of Advent   Fund Raiser Continues -              us.
                     Buckets for Baht
                         Our mission work in              November 7    All Saints Day observe
                     Thailand continues into
                     November this year. We are                         Offering of Gifts and Pr
                     presently collecting money and       (Food Pantry Collection, Prayer with e
                     have a 'fill the bucket challenge'
                     for the Sunday school classes.
                                                          November 14 Consecration Sunday
                     The children are also encouraged
                     to donate one used book of no                    Guest Steward, Rev. Ni
                     more than a 2nd grade level,                      from St. Paul’s Summ
                     which will be sent to our
                     missionary in Chiang Mai, Meria
                     Jokinen.                             November 21 Christ the King Sund
                         When Jim and I lived in                        Fall conference Me
                     Chiang Mai and volunteered                       Immanuel, Shillingto
                     with Meria, we decided that one      November 24 Thanksgiving Eve
                     of our projects would be to fill

                                                        Recent Even
                                                        at St. John’s

      Community Service
   AT ST. JOHN’S 7: 30 PM
                                             October 17 - Jared Juni
                                             parents are Becky & Jar
  December 5         Christmas
      “Night of Wonder,”                                    Birth
     Directed by Judy Miller                  October 22 - Emma Gr
                                              parents are Sharon & I

                                                  New Members Rec
                                       October 10 - Hope & Mark Br

                                        October 2 - Richelle Cass &
                                       October 9 - Kelli Moore & Ch

                                 MEMBERSHIP NEWS:
                                 Thank you St. John's
                                 I wish to thank all of you who remem
                                 birthday. It was great to hear from y
                                 cards. I was especially happy to hea
                                 David Seymour.

      Laura A. Kauffman

      ALSPACH, Emma                       366-2999
                                      1000 Manor Rd
                                 Orwigsburg, PA 17961-1303

                                   KAUFFMAN, Laura
                                       (610) 374-0300
                                    Country Meadows Of
                                    1800 Tulpehocken Rd
                                  Reading, PA 19610-1240

                                     MILLER, Leroy
        218 S. Warren St.
   Orwigsburg, PA 17961-2118
                                 160 Red Horse Rd Room 107
                                       Luther Ridge
                                  Pottsville, PA 17901-4216

         (610) 927-8686
      9 Reading Dr. #I-011
   Wernersville, PA 19565-2026

    BINDLEY, Flossy (Mrs.
      36 Applewood Circle
   Orwigsburg, PA 17961-2329

        DAROSH, Ady
          226 Grove St
   Orwigsburg, PA 17961-1902


    SHUTTLESWORTH,             Pine Grove, PA 17963-1007
      Catherine (Kay)
   Rest Haven Unit 3A-Rm 313
      401 U University Dr
   Sch. Haven, PA 17972-2212

        SMITH, Janet
         (717) 600-1347
      63 Morningside Drive
      York, PA 17402-2617

 SMITH, Polly (Mrs. Annetta)
      300 Second Mt Road
   Orwigsburg, PA 17961-9007

        SMITH, Dolly
      930 Elizabeth Drive
   Orwigsburg, PA 17961-1506

      WEBBER, Russell
     129 S Warren St Apt B
    Orwigsburg, PA

      11 High St.
      School Yard Square

Poinsettias are being sold from now until December 1st for
$10 each. A special poinsettia bulletin will be published with
a list of acknowledgments. The flowers will be used to adorn
the altar during the Christmas season and then you may take
your plant home after the service on January 2nd. The small
profit from this sale goes into the “flower fund” which is used
to buy additional decorations.

2004 Poinsettia Order Form
22 ST. JOHN’S WORD                                                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2004

                                         ORDER DEADLINE - Wednesday - December 1st
                                                                COST - $10.00 EACH
                                  Please use a separate order form for each poinsettia ordered

The following acknowledgment will be printed:

"Presented by

in honor of

in memory of

                                       Payment @ $10 each must be enclosed with your order
                                                  make checks payable to St. John’s UCC.
                                                 Drop your order form in a collection box
                              (located on the coffee table at church beginning November 7th)
                                                                           or mail to:
    St. John's UCC - P.O. Box 216 -Orwigsburg, PA. 17961

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