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					                                                                             Message from the Director
                                                                                         By Seth Brenzel        “The Walden School,” replied Ilana. The
                                                                 Each May for the past several years,           professor was Michael Johanson, a Walden
                                                                 Walden faculty member Marshall                 student for eight summers, and a faculty
                                                                Bessières has created and shared a              member for four.
                                                                 “widget,” a countdown clock for                Carrie Mallonee was recently driving in
                                                                      your computer screen that tracks          Baltimore when someone behind her started
                                                                      the remaining time (down to the           honking. Carrie’s car sports the fashionable
                                                                    second!) until students start arriv-        Walden School bumper sticker; evidently
                                                                 ing at Walden for the Young                    fellow alumna Mattie Rogers, in the car
                                                                  Musicians Program. As I write this,           behind, had spotted it and had then recog-
                                                                   the widget reads 32 days, 13 hours,          nized Carrie.
                                                         52 minutes and 18 seconds. Having recent-              Recently, JCC alumnus Noel (Felde)
                                                        ly read a pre-camp letter issued by Grace               Benson was happy to discover that Marilyn
                                                       Newsom Cushman, founder of Walden’s                      (Braune) Crispell would be touring through

Recitative                                            predecessor, the Junior Conservatory Camp, I
                                                      can tell you that I am not the first director to
                                                      be relishing the annual ingathering of creative
                                                      young musicians and teachers; Mrs. Cushman’s
                                                                                                                Switzerland; he hosted her for several nights
                                                                                                                at his home in Freienstein.
                                                                                                                A collection of Waldenites — Cindy
                                                                                                                Harkum, Whit Bernard, Marguerite Ladd,
                                                      liberal use of exclamation points is a dead
        Vol. 13 No. 1 | Spring 2007                                                                             Alex Kotch, Pat Plude and I — attended
                                                      giveaway of her eager anticipation.
                                                                                                                the Music Educators National Conference
                                                      If the widget ran the other way, marking the              in Hartford this past March. Pat was lead-
                                                      time elapsed since Walden’s founding, it                  ing a workshop about the musicianship
                                                      would currently say: “Happy 35th                          curriculum that we teach at Walden, and
                                                      Anniversary!” In this landmark year, we are               we were there to help her out. Another ses-
                                                      thrilled to be welcoming more than one hun-               sion we attended was a concert of works by
                                                      dred Walden and Junior Conservatory Camp                  young composers, including a piano trio
                                                      alumni to the campus of the Dublin School                 Katy Waldman had composed at Walden.
                                                      for Reunion 2007. Walden staff and adminis-               Katy was quite surprised when our little
                                                      tration, along with the Reunion Committee,                Walden contingent came up to her after the
                                                      have been busily making preparations for                  concert to congratulate her.
                                                      what promises to be the best reunion yet. I
                                                                                                             As you can see, Walden and JCC reunions
                                                      am quite excited to reconnect with old friends
                                                                                                             abound. As Walden turns 35, these reunions
                                                      from my time as a Walden student, and I look
                                                                                                             are ones that will hold our organization in
                                                      forward to meeting many new friends with
                                                                                                             good stead as we look to the next 35 years and
                                                      whom I share this incredible enthusiasm for
                                                                                                             beyond. May you have one of these reunions
                                                      music, composers forums, mountain hikes,
                                                                                                             in your life in the not-so-distant future, and
                                                      dancing, and New England summers.
                                                                                                             if you think of it, please write to tell me
                                                      While there are many people attending the              about it —
                                                      reunion, there are hundreds more who will be
                                                                                                             While 2007 promises to be a summer of
                                                      sad to miss it. If you’re lamenting the fact
                                                                                                             reunions for alumni, returning concert series
                                                      that you have missed your chance to connect
                                                                                                             and residency artists as well as students, it is
                                                      with the Walden/JCC community, I urge you
                                                                                                             also sure to be a time of new connections. The
                                                      to take heart. Why? When you least expect it,
                                                                                                             New Orleans-based Panorama Jazz Band will
                                                      you may find yourself face to face with an old
                                                                                                             brighten our concert series for the first time,
                                                      Walden or Junior Conservatory friend, as I did
                                                                                                             and Vance George, Director Emeritus of the
                                                      recently. I was waiting for a taxi at Penn
                                                                                                             San Francisco Symphony Chorus, will visit
                                                      Station one day this winter, only to discover I
                                                                                                             campus to work with The Walden School
                                                      was standing in line with Laurie Kazenoff,
                                                                                                             Chorus. And of course it will also be a sum-
                                                      mother of Walden alumnus Alex Kazenoff.
                                                                                                             mer of first connections for the newest
                                                      Other “small world” reunions:                          members of our community: 21 students
                                                         Current student Ilana Rainero-de Haan and           entering our Young Musicians Program this
                                                         her mother (Walden vocal guru Ruth                  year, and 25 music educators attending the
Hi, Amelia! Bye, Amelia!.......... page 2                Rainero) were visiting Lewis & Clark                Teacher Training Institute for the first time.
Message from the Board Chair .. page 2                   College recently; they happened upon a
                                                                                                             But whether we are old friends anticipating a
                                                         music class that was letting out, and intro-
TTI Highlights ........................ page 2                                                               reunion or new friends attending Walden for
                                                         duced themselves to the professor. Ilana
JCC Corner................................ page 3                                                            the first time, we all eagerly await the chance
                                                         talked about her musical background,
                                                                                                             to begin creating community and making
Hazel’s Kitchen ........................ page 3          studying piano in San Francisco, and com-
                                                                                                             music. See you later this month! I’ll be keep-
                                                         posing at a summer music school, camp and
Family Ties................................ page 4                                                           ing an eye on my widget until then.
                                                         festival. “Which one?” asked the professor.
Calendar of Events .................... page 5
Contributors to                                                     The Walden School Receives NEA Grant
The Walden School .......... pages 6 & 7             Last summer The Walden School submitted an application to the Summer Schools
Faculty Spotlight:                                   in the Arts granting program at the National Endowment for the Arts, for support
Aurora Nealand ........................ page 8       of its musicianship program. In late March we learned that our application was accept-
                                                     ed, and that we will receive the full amount we requested: $25,000. Competition for
  See the expanded News and Goods
                                                     such funding is intense, and we feel very fortunate that the granting panel at the NEA
      in a special pullout section!
                                                     recognized the considerable merits of Walden’s offerings.
                                                                       So pop the champagne cork and celebrate with us!
                                                          Hi, Amelia! Bye, Amelia!
                              By Esther Landau             freed me to think about music more holisti-        Amelia says, “This program is entirely
Amelia Lukas has been part of the Walden                   cally for myself and teach in a more               unique and we are both so excited to start
year-round office for two years as Office                  nurturing and inspiring way, too.”                 classes in the fall! I look forward to focusing
Manager, as Project Manager for the Teacher                                                                                              on improving my
                                                           Amelia’s passion for
Training Institute, and this year she will join                                                                                          composition and
                                                           new music led her to
the summer staff. And at the end of the sum-                                                                                             improvisation skills
                                                           apply for a Graduate
mer, we’ll wave a fond goodbye as she goes                                                                                               while refining my
                                                           Degree in
off to New York to pursue her Masters                                                                                                    control of extended
degree (more on that below!).                                                                                                            techniques and
                                                           Performance, a new
                                                                                                                                         knowledge of con-
In addition to her work at Walden, Amelia is               degree program at
                                                                                                                                         temporary repertoire
a busy performing flutist. She plays with the              Manhattan School of
                                                                                                                                         with world-class
Presidio Ensemble, a chamber group com-                    Music. Both she and
prising strings and flute that focuses much of             her boyfriend Victor
its energy on new music and tours and per-                 (a violist and com-                                                         We appreciate
forms throughout the San Francisco Bay                     poser) have been                                                            Amelia for her dedi-
Area. Their first CD, Five, was released in                accepted to the pro-                                                        cation to Walden,
May. She also plays with Garnada, a                        gram, where the                                                             her hard work, her
Flamenco-Middle Eastern band.                              curriculum includes                                                         collaborative spirit,
                                                           Composition for                                                             and her friendship.
Amelia has participated in the Teacher                     Performers,                                                                 We wish her well in
Training Institute for the past two summers.               Contemporary                                                                New York. Bon voy-
She says, “Prior to ‘meeting’ Walden, I had                Performance Practice                                                        age, Amelia!
always believed that music was more than                   Class, and Performing with Electronics.
just playing notes on a page. While I myself
was not comfortable improvising or compos-
ing, I felt at my core that the best musicians,
no matter what their level, were able to
                                                                            Message from the Board Chair
incorporate and marry these three aspects of
                                                                                         By Ellen Bernard     making goat cheese and playing surrogate
creation. However, all of my musical studies
                                                                                                              mother to approximately 100 goat kids.
until this point, even at the highest level,               I am pleased to welcome Molly Pindell to The       Molly also writes about food and farming
seemed so compartmentalized according to                   Walden School Board of Directors. For those        professionally; her recent publications have
specific areas of talent and interest. Walden              of you who have been part of the Walden            appeared in Boulder Weekly, Colby Magazine,
                                                           community in the recent past, Molly will be        and Delicious Living. A professionally trained
                                                           no stranger to you. But for those of you who

                                                                                                              chef, Molly holds an M.S. in Agriculture,
                                                           are a few years out (or many years out!), let me   Food, and Environment from Tufts
                                                           give you a little background. Molly answered       University and a B.A. in International
              Vol. 13 No. 1 | Spring 2007                  a Walden employment ad in the Keene                Studies from Colby College. This summer,
   FOR THE STUDENTS, ALUMNI, PARENTS                       Sentinel in 1998; she has served as a staff        Molly and her husband, David Wilkens, will
   AND FRIENDS OF THE WALDEN SCHOOL                        member, administrative assistant, and has          be relocating to Stowe, Vermont, where
   AND THE JUNIOR CONSERVATORY CAMP                        acted as Director of Operations for the past 7     Molly hopes to start a goat farm of her own.
       Esther Landau              Board of Directors       summers. She has become such an integral
           Editor                Ellen Bernard, Chair                                                         She and Dave are expecting their first child
                               John O’Meara, Vice Chair
                                                           part of the summer community that it is hard       in late August.
    Anne Deane Berman
      Founding Editor          Andrew Jacobs, Secretary    to imagine what we did without her!
      Stillwell Design
                                Laura Mehiel, Treasurer                                                       Molly’s considerable and varied skills, her
                                     David Callan          A native of the Monadnock region, Molly            love for Walden, as well as her connections in
     Design and Layout
                                   Michael Cornog          currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, where
      Leo Wanenchak                Cynthia Harkum                                                             the Monadnock region make her a wonderful
     Marshall Bessières             Ruth Franklin          she works at Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy          addition to the board. Welcome, Molly!
        Photography                 Robin Kenney
      Administration                  Rita Mitra
         Seth Brenzel                Molly Pindell
     Executive Director              Susan Rosen             Teacher Training Institute Highlights: 2007 and Beyond
                                    Leslie Stephens
          Brad Evans               Leo Wanenchak
       Office Manager
       Malcolm Gaines             Advisory Council         August 2007 Workshop Newsflashes:                  Other conferences we hope to present
                                     Samuel Adler
      Database Manager                                      As we go to print, 33 music educators             at include:
                                   Martin Bresnick
        Esther Landau                Nansi Carroll          have already applied for the 2007 work-              The College Music Society Conference in
  Director of Development            Joel Chadabe                                                                Salt Lake City in November 2007 (Brooke
                                                            shop, which will run from August 7–13
        Amelia Lukas                    Chen Yi
                                                            in Dublin, New Hampshire.                            and Pat)
       Project Manager               Jeffrey Cohen
          Tom Lopez                 George Crumb                                                                International Association for Jazz
           Director,                 Leon Fleisher           Veteran Walden faculty members Bill
                                    Mona Golabek             Stevens and Brooke Joyce have been hired           Education conference in January 2008 in
  Computer Music Program
                                 Lynn Taylor Hebden                                                             Toronto and also at the MENC Convention
     Caroline Mallonée,                                      as TTI faculty.
  Assistant Academic Dean          Jennifer Higdon                                                              in April 2008 in Milwaukee, WI (Bill)
                                      Paul Lansky
        and Director,                                        Thomas Hecht, pianist and Walden alum-
     Composers Forums              Eugene O’Brien                                                               The MTNA National Convention in
                                    Elmar Oliveira           nus, will be the featured guest artist on          March 2008 in Denver, CO (Pat).
        Molly Pindell              Pauline Oliveros
   Director of Operations                                    August 10.
                                     Curtis Roads                                                             Workshop-in-a-Box:
        Patricia Plude            Christopher Rouse        Conference News:
           Director,                Allan Schindler
                                                                                                              Plans are in the works for creating a portable
  Teacher Training Institute      Joseph Schwantner        Pat Plude presented at the MENC Eastern            Teacher Training “workshop-in-a-box” which
    Pamela Layman Quist              John Weaver           Division conference in Baltimore in March.         will present Walden’s approach to pedagogy
     Assistant Director,                                   Her presentation was entitled                      in a concentrated 1- or 2-day format to inter-
                                 The Walden School
  Teacher Training Institute
                                  31A 29th Street          “Improvisational Music Theory: A Path to           ested colleges, universities and high schools.
       Leo Wanenchak             San Francisco, CA
      Academic Dean &                                      Creative Composition.”                             Luther College in Iowa may be the first
  Director, Choral Program         415.648.4710                                                               school to take advantage of such a program.

page 2 | Recitative Spring 2007
                                    JCC Corner: “I Owe It All to Grace”
Reflections on Mrs. Cushman’s influence by
Dr. Amy Catlin-Jairazhboy (JC ’61–65)                                      The Sidi Bow: Reviving a Tradition
                              By Esther Landau
                                                  The Sidi people are Indians of East African origin. During one of
Even though Amy Catlin-Jairazhboy and her         their research trips to Gujarat to study Sidi music, Amy and Nazir
siblings were “inundated with music” by par-      encountered the Sidi bow, a musical instrument built like a hunting
ents who sang and listened to all kinds of        bow with a gourd attached. In their decades of study they’d never
records on the stereo, she remained defiant for   heard of an instrument like this being used in India (although it is
11 years, professing a passionate dislike for     similar to Brazil’s berimbau). They were intrigued, but as they quickly
classical music. It’s not that she hated all      discovered, the few remaining practitioners of the bow were now very
music; she was known as a singer from her         old. The younger generation was not learning to play it, so together with the Sidi, Amy and
early childhood, and the first recording her      Nazir decided to hold a camp for young Sidi men to learn to play the bow. A Muslim royal
father made of her was at the age of six,         family they knew there offered to host the camp at their beautiful estate on a nature preserve.
singing “How Much Is That Doggie in the           And so it was that 16 young men from all over Gujarat, with newly built instruments, gath-
Window?” She also appreciated learning from       ered to learn to play the Sidi bow from these great masters. Highlights of the project are
the local band director, Bruno Laakko, a Finn     captured on a 45-minute film and CD, both available at the Apsara Media website, along with
                                                  numerous other items of interest. Go to to learn more.
who had played under Toscanini, who taught
her the fundamentals of percussion and
melody instruments in regular classes at the      daughters were grown and out on their own           years conducting ethnomusicology research
local public school in Sandy Spring, Maryland.    by this time, and Amy became Grace’s confi-         with refugees from Cambodia and Laos, and
Imagine her parents’ shock when for her           dante. “She had such an incredible                  then began to develop their own educational
11th birthday she requested piano lessons!        personality — she was so charismatic… She           materials for use by classroom teachers,
From that point on, music became her              exerted a lot of influence on me.” Amy had          eventually expanding their projects to
obsession. Her piano                                                close contact with Grace’s        include India, Southeast Asia, China and
teacher, Rebecca Snyder,                                            daughters, too, studying          Africa. In 1991 they started Apsara Media
began taking her to                                                 Martha Graham technique           for Intercultural Education as a vehicle to
Peabody on Saturdays;                                               with the brilliant and cre-       publish and distribute these materials.
Snyder was taking Grace                                             ative Flora, and Bharata          Looking back, Amy recalls how transformative
Cushman’s musicianship                                              Natyam (classical South           her relationship with Mrs. Cushman was. Amy
classes and thought Amy                                             Indian dance) with the            notes the strong ties between Grace’s teaching
would benefit from them,                                            adventurous Georgia.              and Indian music, both through its modal
too. From the start, Amy                                            As it did for so many in her      underpinnings and its emphasis on improvisa-
was hooked. “Grace was an                                           generation, the Vietnam War       tion, and how Grace had always encouraged
amazing teacher — she                                               had a profound impact on          her students’ interest in the musics of Asia.
really knew how to reach                                            Amy. When fellow Quaker           Taking a look at Amy Catlin-Jairazhboy now,
every student.”                                                     Norman Morrison immolat-          adjunct Professor of Ethnomusicology at
Mature beyond her years,                                            ed himself in front of the        UCLA, one can see the clear path that took her
Amy absorbed the musi-                                              Pentagon in protest of the        from the early study of musicianship under
cianship materials so                                               war, she says, “Suddenly,         Grace to her current passion for the musics of
thoroughly that Mrs. Cushman and Snyder           western classical music seemed an irrelevant        many cultures. It is no surprise that Amy says,
got her set up to teach musicianship classes      ivory tower pursuit. I knew I needed to figure      “I owe it all to Grace!”
in her hometown at the grand old age of           out the problems in Vietnam for myself and,
13. Mrs. C helped Amy attend Junior               perhaps, to fit music into the solution.”
Conservatory Camp by arranging for                Amy majored in music at Vassar College, but              Hazel’s Kitchen
scholarships and soon hiring her as               packed her weekends with classes in ethno-
assistant faculty. Amy recalls: “Grace really     musicology at Wesleyan and additional             Hazel Blanchard served as camp cook while The
mentored me. We would                                                 classes at Yale. She          Walden School was in residence at Vershire Center
go over every single lesson                                           received her Masters in       in Vermont. She served this soufflé every Wednesday.
plan, both before and after                                           voice at Yale, and by the     Hazel Blanchard’s Cheese Soufflé
each class. She wanted to                                             time she started her doc-     To serve 4 or 5 people:
know about every response                                             toral studies at Brown, she   3 cups milk scalded
from every student at                                                 had begun studying            3 cups loosely packed soft white bread cubes
every stage.”                                                         Carnatic (South Indian        3/4 pound Vermont cheddar cheese —
                                                                      classical) music. She trav-     preferably Grafton, grated
After Amy’s parents                                                                                 2 Tablespoons melted butter
moved the family to                                                   eled to India, and after
                                                                                                    1/2 Tablespoon salt
Chicago, Grace arranged                                               intensive applied study
                                                                                                    10 eggs separated
for her to move back to                                               and research, she wrote
Baltimore, finding hous-                                              her dissertation on           Mix first 5 ingredients
                                                  Indian classical sacred vocal music, and          Beat egg yolks until lemon color
ing for her with a rector’s family and
                                                  dedicated it to Grace and the Friends             Add to mixture
bringing her onto the faculty at Peabody,                                                           Beat egg whites until peaks form
where she taught some of Grace’s Saturday         Meeting in Sandy Spring.
                                                                                                    Fold into mixture
Musicianship classes. Amy then divided her        When Amy met her husband Nazir Ali                Pour into a 3-quart soufflé dish or 2 smaller
time between school, helping her host fami-       Jairazhboy, one of the leading experts on          baking dishes
ly, and studying piano and voice at Peabody.      Indian music (and onetime creative partner        Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
This gesture, this taking of Amy under            of Flora Cushman’s in England), they very
Grace’s wing, was indicative of how inte-         quickly became collaborators for the
grated their lives had become. Grace’s            Smithsonian and other projects. They spent

                                                                                                                     Recitative Spring 2007 | page 3
                                                                Family Ties
                             By Esther Landau        guilt-ridden: “With Rachel, I was horrid.               that one year on the way to camp, they
Families, particularly those with young              We could have had some amazing times                    missed their connecting train and got
children, have a way of absorbing other              together — she is just a spectacular girl —             stranded in Montreal for all of a Sunday. “I
families, out of both love and necessity. The        but I was going through the whole angry-                remember somehow getting us to the Y,
Junior Conservatory and Walden families              teen-angsty thing and felt like she was                 where we slept, and managing to get us
are no different; for decades we have                taking something away from me that was                  back on the train for Vermont. This sticks
absorbed families by gradually adopting the          absolutely sacred and of which she was com-             with me as an important part of growing
children, siblings and parents of campers            pletely undeserving. (I was a selfish,                  up. In those days one was pretty much
and faculty. The holiday card we received            self-involved brat — what can I say?).                  alone in such a situation. We probably
this year from Tom Lopez, Director of                Rather than pass along the good karma of                phoned my parents after we got settled at
Walden’s Computer Music Program, shows               Teddy’s generous behavior I was rude and                the Y, but not before.”
his baby daughter Kyra beaming at the                hurtful — but she is a tough cookie, and                For other campers, it was the very experi-
camera; on the back of the card Tom has              made a pretty cool place for herself at                 ence of separating from home and from
written “future Walden student!”                     Walden. I am glad she went.”                            their siblings that produced a growth of
The family tradition was established at the          You Thought You Knew Your Brother?                      independence and maturity. Sydney: “We
beginning: the Junior Conservatory Camp              For some siblings, camp afforded them an                wanted to be away from home and grew to
could just as well have been called                  opportunity to see a brother or sister in a             love not only the music but the people, the
“Cushman & Daughters.” And for all our               new light. Neathery (Smith) Brenzel says,               classes, the square dances, and the hikes.”
notable cross-generation connections (the            “The thing about going                                                     Marcus Felde says, “I
Hebden and Brouha families spring to                 to a summer camp with Nathan Felde asks: “Does anyone else                 remember being afraid I
mind), multi-sibling enrollment over the             a sibling is you get to        remember how flustered, yet persistent,
                                                                                                                                wouldn’t make it up the
years has been even more prevalent. Five             see them and the way           Reynaldo Reyes was in continuing to         mountains, as they
Feldes and three Govonses attended the               they behave with their         perform on the grand piano in the par- became progressively
Junior Conservatory Camp. Three                      friends. Since my broth- lor one Sunday after Mrs. Cushman had more challenging hikes.
Wassermans and two Smiths attended                   er was four years ahead        used furniture polish on the keys?”         What a wonderful feeling
Walden. And over the years, numerous                 of me in school, I didn’t                                                  of achievement, to stand
other families have “loaned” two or more             get to see him in his                                                      atop Mt. Washington a
children to the                                                              social environment              couple times!” Nathan Felde remembers,
JCC/Walden family.                                                           except at Walden. I’m           “We were always jammed together at home
                                                                             certain this added to           and while traveling. So we got to experience
On Not Paying
                                                                             my view of my broth-            being on our own a bit. That was different
It Forward
                                                                             er in a very positive           and rewarding.”
You might expect
                                                                             way.” Marcus Felde              Some students discovered a new talent at
the camp experience
                                                                             recalls: “I was very            camp. Noel (Felde) Benson was happily sur-
to draw these broth-
                                                                             impressed with the              prised by his affinity for dance. “It was
ers and sisters closer,
                                                                             stature my brother              something totally new and unexpected.
but of course fami-
                                                                             Noel seemed to have             Something exclusively mine.” He remem-
lies are more
                                                                             at the camp. As I               bers: “I got drafted by Flora (Cushman). I
complex than that.
                                                                             recall, he made work-           was working on the dish crew and she came
While some sibling
                                                                             ing in the kitchen              down and asked if I would come up to a
relationships were
                                            The Feldes                     (something he had to              class and check it out. I took to it immedi-
strengthened by
                                                                           do because he was on              ately and it became certainly the most
camp, most brothers and sisters spent very
                                                     scholarship) something                                                     important part of my
little time with each other while at camp,
                                                     others envied. He              Jeff Hebden remembers: “My brother          camp experience. I
and in some cases felt indifference (or even
                                                     seemed to be involved in Douglas was visiting camp during a                remember dancing in two
open hostility!) toward their younger sib-                                          raid by the girls on the boys’ dorm.
                                                     a lot of high-level                                                        pieces on the festival pro-
lings for encroaching on their territory.                                           According to an eyewitness he was seen gram that first summer, a
                                                     intrigue, like swiping
Neathery (Smith) Brenzel recalls, “I always                                         holding up his jeans with one hand and Lukas Foss thing with
                                                     oranges from the
enjoyed having Gabe nearby but I also                                               keeping the door to the faculty apart-
                                                     refrigerator.”                                                             Bob Weaver and Flora
remember feeling at times that it hindered                                          ment shut with the other!”
                                                     A Growing Up                                                               and a piece to Stravinsky’s
my freedom. But we had an unspoken pact
                                                     and Apart                                                                  Symphony in Three
and we respected each other’s privacy and
                                                                                                             Movements with a whole bunch of us.”
independence at Walden.”                             For some campers, the experience of attend-
                                                                          ing with siblings,                 A Second Family —
Emily Wasserman recalls:
                                                                                                             A Sense of Belonging
“Being at camp with           Jeff Hebden recounts a fond memory of particularly younger
Teddy was thrilling,          a tram ride down from Cannon                ones, helped them                  Finding kindred spirits outside of one’s
because he was the older      Mountain. “We decided to pull a             mature, as their sense of          family is exhilarating. Noel (Felde) Benson
sibling who I worshipped, ‘Sound of Music’ by singing some of             responsibility grew dra-           says, “What JCC meant to me more than
so I felt cool and special    the songs we had learned in chorus.         matically. Starting when           its program, its music, dance, theory, prac-
doing something he did. I The acoustics in the tram were excel-           she was 12 or 13,                  tice, whatever… were simply the friends I
think he was fairly aggra- lent and we really got into the songs.         Sydney (Govons) Kustu              made; finally I had friends my own age
vated by my presence at       We finished our last song as we             would take sisters                 who were showing me how to have fun
first — even though he        approached the bottom of the moun-          Roberta (Glassman) and             with music, with dance, running barefoot
never let on and really       tain. When we stopped we received           Marica, along with                 in the grass, climbing mountains, doing
took great lengths to         applause from everyone waiting to go        Jackie (Zuelzer)                   skits, and dancing the Virginia reel. I guess
make sure I was having a up. I can only speak for myself but I            Anderson by train from             the best way to put it would be that JCC
good time — but grew to       felt a lot of pride!”                       Detroit through                    became something of a second (alternative)
tolerate it and maybe even                                                Montreal to Vermont.               family for me.”
enjoy it.” Emily’s memory of how she treat-          She laughs now to think that her parents                Nathan Felde felt similarly, saying, “I am
ed her younger sister Rachel is a bit more           had no qualms about it, especially given                grateful for the consideration, kindness and

page 4 | Recitative Spring 2007
                         Family Ties (continued)
sense of belonging that everyone offered me.         The night after the fire, our amazing cooks,
It was fun to be in the company of such tal-         without any running water, prepared a
                                                                                                      Calendar of Events
ented and knowledgeable young people                 sumptuous buffet supper for 100 people and
while trying to figure                                                     the choral concert went    All events (except the August 3 Choral Concert) are pre-
out how and where I fit                                                    on as scheduled. Since     sented in the Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall on the
in the world.”               Nathan Felde says, “I remember…               the boys had lost their    campus of the Dublin School, Dublin, New Hampshire.
                             deciding, with Joe Zebley, that we                                       All concerts are free and open to the public.
Jeff Hebden even noticed should part our hair down the middle              hiking boots in the
how welcoming the com- right before the first dinner upon                  fire, there was no
munity was to visitors                                                     mountain climb that
                             arrival for the summer and then keep-
when his brother                                                           Friday and camp
                             ing it that way for years… setting up a
Douglas came for a brief theremin to surprise the anonymous                closed one day early —
stay. He recalls, “The                                                     Walden’s only conces-
                             inspector of our dormitory rooms…
Walden School always                                                       sion to what could
                             playing in an octet with Joe Somogyi,
seems to make you closer Larry Read and Carol Procter of the               have been chaos. That
to those who you share                                                     summer proved to us
                             resident string quartet… Reynaldo
the experience with.                                                       that Walden was not
                             Reyes pausing before singing out
Even when my brother         ‘FOURTEE ONE,’ (the last number of            just about music.”
Douglas was only there       the frequent head counts) on every bus        A Powerful                                  Peabody Trio
to visit, he seemed to fit trip one summer.”                               Connection                    Saturday, June 23, 7:30 pm
right in. The students of                                                  It is true that music is   Peabody Trio
Walden made him feel                                                       not the exclusive prod-    Works by Zhou Long, Charles Ives and
right at home.”                                                            uct of these weeks         Beethoven
Extended Family —                                                          passed together in New        Friday, July 6, 8 pm
The Egg Man                  Sydney (Govons) Kustu recalls: “We            England, but it is the     Panorama Jazz Band
Helps Out                    fell asleep and woke to John Weaver           reason for the communi-    Klezmer, Balkan and New Orleans jazz!
Sometimes the unexpect-      playing the organ.”                           ty. As Nathan Felde puts   Fundraiser for New Orleans Musicians Clinic
ed occurs, and the insular                                                 it, “Experiences like JC      Friday, July 13, 8 pm
little world of camp is                                                    become glued in your       Ha-Yang Kim, cello and electronics
compelled to ask for help                                                 memory. Music, especial-    Faculty Commissioning Artist —
from the outside world…                                                    ly live and original       new works by Walden faculty
Lynn Hebden recounts an                                                    music, ties knots that        Friday, July 20, 8 pm
example of this:             Noel (Felde) Benson remembers                 hold people together       Maho Nabeshima (TTI ’06), piano
                             belonging to the “Total Tea-ers Club,”        forever.”
“In the summer of 1979, a secret society presided over by Bob                                         Olivier Messiaen’s epic Vingts Regards sur
during the Festival                                                        New knots will be tied,    l’enfant-Jèsus
                             Weaver at breakfast time. The rituals
Forum at The Mountain and customs of the club had to do part- too, long into the future,                 Friday, July 27, 8 pm
School (in Vershire                                                        as new families are        The Walden School Players
                             ly with the witty sayings that were on
Center, VT) a fire                                                         enveloped by this legacy   Our own “house band” performs works
                             the tea bag tags. He also recalls,
destroyed Underwood,                                                       of connection begun        from their own repertoire
                             “Another object of devotion at meal-
the boys’ dorm, and the                                                    more than 50 years ago
                             times was John Weaver’s belt buckle. I                                      Festival Forums at 7:30 pm
Headmaster’s House.                                                        by Grace Cushman and
                             think this cult was started by Julie                                         I. Monday, July 30
Everything was lost.         Kabat or Leo Max.”
                                                                           her daughters. This
                                                                           unique JCC/Walden              II. Tuesday, July 31
Since many of the par-                                                                                    III. Wednesday, August 1
                                                                           family, one which allows
ents were there that                                                                                  The Walden School Players and
                                                                          for separation and
night, they were able to see what a sense of                                                          Guest Performers
                                                     togetherness, interdependence and inde-
community this group had. David Hogan                                                                 Moderator: Pamela Layman Quist
                                                     pendence, across the generations, will
kept the Forum going until the fire trucks
                                                     continue to grow.                                   Friday, August 3, 8 pm
had left and then told everyone what had
                                                                                                      Choral Concert
happened, stressing the terrible loss to the
                                                                                                      Peterborough Town Hall
Headmaster’s family. He bid the parents                 Families included in this article:
                                                                                                      (1 Grove Street)
good night and every one of them left                      Lynn Hebden ’73–94
knowing their children were in good hands.                 Ray Hebden ’73–94
The girls and younger boys got extra pil-                  David Hebden ’99–02
lows and blankets from their dorms and the                 Jeff Hebden ’74–80
homeless boys bedded down on the floor of                  Douglas Hebden (visitor)
the Common Room in Derby House.                            Taylor Hebden ’94
Early the next morning Tonya (Brown)                       Noel (Felde) Benson ’59–65
Ingersol’s and Debbie Bilezikian’s parents                 Nathan Felde ’63–65
returned to Walden with jugs of water —                    Marcus Felde ’64–65
the pump was out because of the fire, so we                Sylvelin (Felde) Bouwman ’59–64
had no water. Other parents stopped by                     Byron Luke Felde ’65
during the morning with tooth brushes and                                                                             Thomas Hecht
                                                           Emily Wasserman ’90–97
underwear, and in the afternoon the milk                   Teddy Wasserman ’89–93                       Friday, August 10, 8 pm
company sent a truck filled with water for                 Rachel Wasserman ’97–01                    Thomas Hecht, piano
our use. Our egg man called to check on                                                               Works by Hecht, Soler, Moussorgsky,
                                                           Sydney (Govons) Kustu ’55–58
the sizes of the boys who had lost their                                                              Poulenc, Albéniz
                                                           Roberta (Govons) Glassman ’53–56
clothes, and that evening he arrived with                                                             Support for The Walden School 2007 Concert Series
                                                           Marica Govons ’58–62
blue jeans donated by the blue jean factory.                                                          and Residency Programs comes from generous contribu-
The thrift shop in Fairlee donated tee-shirts              Neathery (Smith) Brenzel ’84–89            tions from The Morton and Sophia Macht Foundation
and other articles of clothing.                            Gabe Smith ’83–86                          and individual donors.

                                                                                                                     Recitative Spring 2007 | page 5
                  Contributors to The Walden School
    The Board of Directors, Administration, Faculty and Staff gratefully acknowledge the many individuals and organi-   Marc Marinaccio                      Dick Sacher
    zations that generously support The Walden School with their financial contributions. We make every effort to       Celeste Mehiel*                      Karen Shively
    ensure the accuracy of the donor list. If there are any errors, we apologize and would appreciate corrections.      Gloria Mehiel                        Erik Stuart and Melissa Wilson
    Notes:                                                                                                              Elena Messina and Richard Beagle     Yolanda Takesian
    * indicates a donor who has given for 5 or more consecutive years.                                                  Amanda and Charles Minsky            Kim and Adan Tejada
    ** indicates a donor who has given for 10 or more consecutive years                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Mulroy                  Margaret Thomas
    † indicates a donor who has arranged for a matching gift from their employer                                        Fiona and Frank Murray               Edward and Cornelia Trimble
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Nadel*          Jon Michael Varese*†
    FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE                      Denise (Dede) Ondishko, Ph.D.*    SPONSOR ($100 to $249)
                                                                                                                        Russell Nadel                        Joan D. Wallace
      ($10,000 to $49,999)                George Roche                      Anonymous
                                                                                                                        Charles and Jean Nauert              Frank Wallace
    Anonymous                             Susan Rosen                       Dr. Samuel Adler
                                                                                                                        Mary M. Nickerson                    Margaret Wanenchak
    The ASCAP Foundation                  Bob and Terri Smith               Stephen and Joan Ames
                                                                                                                        Loretta Notareschi*                  Marilyn Waterman
      Irving Caesar Fund and              Leslie Stephens and Geoff Lepper* The Beletic Family
                                                                                                                        J. Robert and Carol Ann Passmore     Michael and Fania Wanenchak*
      Irving Berlin Fund*                 Bill Stevens                      Hans Boepple
                                                                                                                        Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph           Cody Wright
    Ellen and Ed Bernard*†                Edward and Mary Jo Wiese          Gary and Helen Brenzel*
                                                                                                                           Carlton Petrone                   David Xiques and William Skaff
    Guy Haskin and Lia Fernald*                                             Michael Brotchner and Lori Cohen
                                          BENEFACTOR ($500 to $999)                                                     Terry Pindell
    William Margolis Jewish                                                 Josh Burdick                                                                     MEMBER (Up to $49)
                                          Phil Beachy and Kati Andreasson* Claire Chase                                 George and Catherine Plude*
      Legacy Fund*                                                                                                                                           Adam Albrecht
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bessières*                                                  Peggy and Ed Poe*
    National Endowment for the Arts                                         Chen Yi and Zhou Long**                                                          George and Frances Alderson
                                          Charles Chow and Kitty Man                                                    Pamela L. Quist and
    T. Rowe Price Associates                                                Catherine Cauthorne Closter*                                                     Ben Aldridge
                                          Peter M. Christie and Joan Corwin Jeff Cohen                                     Robert McClain**
      Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                                                       Alexis Alrich
                                          Lisa and Michael Coran*                                                       Fred and Rosamond Rea
                                                                            Aurelia and Dale DeMaison                                                        Deena and Curtis Ball
    DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE                     Jack and Lucy Henningfield                                                    Andrea G. Reister and
                                                                            Suzanne and Michael Devaney                                                      Paul and Susan Berman
      ($5,000 to $9,999)                  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Laporte                                                     Marty K. Ashley
                                                                            Deborah H. Diehl*                                                                Jake Bitzonis
    Anonymous                             Morton and Sophia Macht                                                       Thomas and Carol Ritter
                                                                            Toby L. Ditz and Mark Martin                                                     Tamar Bloch
    The Argosy Foundation                   Foundation**                                                                Rick and Frances Rockwell
                                                                            Peter Doheny and Angela Cheeks                                                   Linda Wilder Blondel
      Contemporary Music Fund             James Mobberley and Laura Moore* Patrick and Melanie Donnelly                 Victoria Roth
                                                                                                                        David Scharff and                    June Bonacich
    The Bitty Foundation                  National Federation of            Carol Thomas Downing
                                                                                                                           Christina Sabin-Scharff           Rachael Bowman
    Todd and Darcy Cleary †                 Music Clubs**                   Linda Dusman
                                                                                                                        Allan Schindler                      Harry and Carter Brigham
    Dr. Arno P. and Ruth L. Drucker**     Hugh Osborn and Claudia Wallis † Holly Babe Faust
                                                                                                                        Thomas Seiler and Eleanor Duke*      Eliza Brown
    Ruth and Danny Franklin*              Karen and Pete Rabins             Joaquin Feliciano and Ann Kelleher
                                                                                                                        Betsy and Carlton Sexton             Liz and Mark Bucko
    Joan K. Gallegos
                                                                                                                        D. Alan and Elisabeth S.             James Callahan
    Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
                                                                                                                           Shewmon*                          Mary D. Carr
    The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust
                                                                                                                        Paul Silvestri and Marcia Ribiero    Lisa Cella
    David Wilkens and
                                                                                                                        Rosie Smith and Linda McNeil         Russell and Joan Chesney
      Molly Pindell**
                                                                                                                        Karen Spar and Skip Kriss            Dominick Colandro
    FESTIVAL CIRCLE                                                                                                     Robert and Mary Summmers             Michael Coxe*
      ($2,500 to $4,999)                                                                                                John and Ruth Suter                  Nicholas DeMaison
    Anonymous (2)                                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Alan Sweatman           Michael and Connie Egan
    Matthew Prat Burkley**                                                                                              Noël Theodosiou                      Rachael Eliott
    The Aaron Copland Fund                                                                                              Scott and Jill Thompson              Lisa Essa
      for Music*                                                                                                        Marissa Tirona                       Shari B. Fleming*
    L5 Fund*                                                                                                            Michael and Patricia Tirona*         Stephen X. Flynn
    Charles and Barbara Mallonee**                                                                                      Margaret M. Vierbuchen and           Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gaines
    Mary and Jim Miller                                                                                                    John Woykovsky*                   Kris Getz
    The Negaunee Foundation**                                                                                           Margot and Jim Vincent               Cheryl Hampson
    Mary Anne Polk O’Meara and                                                  Genine and Josh Fidler*                                                      Chris Harkum-Jones
                                          David and Vivian Adelberg Rudow                                               May and Lingtao Wang
      John O’Meara**                                                            John Flickinger and                                                          Wilda Heiss
                                          William and Carla Stevens                                                     Bob and Anne Weaver**
    Patricia Plude and                                                            Doug Basinger*                                                             Stuart and Brenda Barnes Jamieson
                                          Hugh Wolff and Judy Kogan                                                     Dr. and Mrs. John Weaver**
      Steven Kusmer**                                                           Joan R. Friedel                                                              Brooke Joyce
                                                                                                                        William and Mary Westland
                                          PATRON ($250 to $499)                 Dr. and Mrs. William F. Fritz                                                Paul and Suzanne Krautmann
    LEADERSHIP CIRCLE                                                                                                   Elias and Nadia Zerhouni
                                          Logan Brenzel and Ernest Massiah*     R.S. Isaac Gardner                                                           Ralph W. Kuncl
      ($1,000 to $2,499)                                                                                                Amy Zucker and Cecil Key*
                                          Bill and Beverly Cooke                Dan and Judy Gilbert                                                         Charlton Lee and
    Anonymous                             Michael and Mary Cornog               Edward and Barbara Gilliss              FRIEND ($50 to $99)                    Eva-Maria Zimmermann
    The Amphion Foundation, Inc.          Sarah Cornog and Chris Chesney        Sue Gilmore                             Anonymous                            Lois London
    James L. Athey                        Evie Fass                             Susan Griffin                           Sydney Bearman Alberg*               Michele Etterbeek Long
    Preston G. and Nancy M. Athey         Peter and Jeanne Floeckher            Louis S. Halikman, M.D.                 Nancy Ancharski                      Laura and Tim Longacre*
    Elizabeth and Gerhard Austin*         Rosemarie and David Greenwald         Tom Hall and Linell Smith               Joan Axelrod*                        Amelia Lukas
    Bruce and Polly Behrens               The Haxo Family                       Anna and David Hargreaves               Cecily Bastedo                       Robert and Susan Mathias
    Marshall M. Bessières                 Melanie and Donald Heacock*           Paul and Cindy Harkum*                  Jonathan Burt                        Peter and Carol McElvain
    Rebecca Bien and David Poll           Lynn and Raymond Hebden**             Joan Hebden                             John and Joanne Cain                 Ursula McLean
    Seth Brenzel and Malcolm Gaines**     Hilary and Terry Hogan                Rodney J. Hemphill                      Ann M. Callaway*                     Chris and Susan Mehiel
    Carol and Baird Brown*                Larry Holmgren                        Charles and Rachelle Hollander          Lewis H. and Barbara H. Clark        Georgann Nedwell
    The Cadieux Family                    Mike Immerwahr †                      Kate Hollander                          Marilyn Crispell                     Miriam Null
    David and Alix Ann Callan             Jerry L. Maddox*                      Erika Homann                            Robert and Alfrieda Englund*         Craig and Beth O’Brien
    The Charlesmead Foundation            Medtronic Foundation                  John Immerwahr**                        Jennifer Collins and Mark Ettinger   Valerie Olson*
    Chris and Ann Conway                  Microsoft Giving Campaign             Judy Temkin Irvine                      Renée Favand                         Marcia Oster
    Fibre Marketing Group*                Mark O’Brien                          Carl and Ann Jacobs                     Carla Finkelstein and                Jefferson Packer and
    Alice and Joseph Giles**              Anne and Michel Perrault              Jack and Marion Jacobs                     Thomas Juhasz                       Marcel Gemperli
    Dr. Thomas Hecht                      Swarthmore College                    Petra Janopaul                          Stacy Garrop*                        Philip Polishuk and
                                                                                Beatrice Jindra                         Barbara and Larry Gerhardt             Mindy Williams
                   DAVID HOGAN SOCIETY                                          William and Mary Joyce                  Anne Hansen-Tribbett                 Barbara Prettyman
                                                                                Ali Khoramshahi and                     David Howard                         William and Kristen Schmitz
      Have you made arrangements for The Walden School in your                    Rina Steinhauer                       Katie Jewett                         Rudy and Marjory Spraycar
      will? Would you like to be recognized for this gift along with            Susan Koegel*                           The Kottenhahn Family*               Kate Stenberg
         other members of the David Hogan Society in the next                   George and Diana Korolog                Jennifer and Mark Lackey             Pam and John Weber
                                                                                Jesusa and David Krag*                  Christianne Bessières Lane           Robert Yamasato
         Recitative donor listing? Please contact Esther Landau,                Andy and Heidi Ladd                     Fred and Jean Leventhal
             Director of Development, at (415) 648-4710 or                      Esther Landau and Caroline Pincus       Eric Lindemann and Bonnie Mettler    IN-KIND GIFTS
                                              Geoffrey (Scott) Lapin                  Susan and David Lord*                About Time Cleaning Services
                                                                                David H. Lerner*                        Lisa Miller and Ronald Sarachan      Alexis Alrich
    Andrew Jacobs and Katherine Park*                                           Josh Levine                             Steve and Betsy Nelson               The Beanery
                                            Alumni Council
    Robin and Leslie Kenney                                                     Tom Lopez*                              Mr. and Mrs. Vince Notareschi*       Ellen and Ed Bernard
                                          Time Warner
    Kingsbury Corporation                                                       Abby & Malcolm Macdonald*               Stephanie Pessin                     Jake Bitzonis
                                          James and Regina Toner
    Ms. Edith Mehiel                                                            Charlton and Diana MacVeagh**           I. Meyer and Roberta Pincus          Black Oak Books
                                          Gregory Walton
    Laura Mehiel**                                                              Mr. Joel Mandelbaum                     David G. Post                        Tamar Bloch
                                          Leo Wanenchak and
    Carl Oberdier and Rita Mitra                                                Chakri A. Maneechai and                 Curtis Raff, DDS                     Body Treats
                                            David Ruschke**†
    The Thomas F. and Clementine L.                                               Katherine G. Grincewich               Ruth Rainero and Pieter de Haan      Rachael Bowman
                                          Edward F. Whitney**†
      Mullan Foundation, Inc.*                                                  David Manski and Shira Singer*          Anna Richert                         Logan Brenzel and Ernest Massiah
                                                                                                                        Sarah Robinson*†                     James Callahan
                                                                                                                        Joanne Rubin                         Dominick Colandro
               The Walden School’s programs are made possible in part by an award                                                                            Colours Salon and Day Spa
                                                                                                                        Kathleen Sabatier and
               from the National Endowment for the Arts.                                                                   Lewis Funkhouser Jr.              George Crumb

page 6 | Recitative Spring 2007
                                                                                                    This list reflects gifts received between April 1, 2006 and March 31, 2007.

Del Sol String Quartet                Our thanks go out to the many   Deena and Curtis Ball                Gloria Mehiel                       VOLUNTEERS
Nicholas DeMaison                    Junior Conservatory Camp and     Phil Beachy and                      Amanda and Charles Minsky           Ben Aldridge
Martha Dick                          Walden School alumni and par-      Kati Andreasson                    Shelly and Peter Mitchell           Ellen and Ed Bernard
Digidesign, Inc.                     ents who support our programs.   The Beletic Family                   Carl Oberdier and Rita Mitra        Marshall Bessières
The Exploratorium                                                     Ellen and Ed Bernard                 Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Nadel          Tamar Bloch
Gabriela Frank                      ALUMNI                            Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bessières          Charles and Jean Nauert             June Bonacich and Joselle Monarchi
The FruitGuys                       Anonymous                         Rebecca Bien and David Poll          Craig and Beth O’Brien              Buena Vista String Quartet
Jo Ellen Gaines                     Sydney Bearman Alberg             Gary and Helen Brenzel               Hugh Osborn and Claudia Wallis      David Callan
Kikka Hanazawa                      Mr. James L. Athey                Carol and Baird Brown                Patricia Plude and                  Michael Cornog
David and Deane Haskin              Elizabeth Rhudy Austin            The Cadieux Family                     Steven Kusmer                     David Drucker
Robin and Leslie Kenney             Tamar Bloch                       Mary D. Carr                         Pamela L. Quist and                 Renée Favand
Esther Landau and Caroline Pincus   Linda Wilder Blondel              Charles Chow and Kitty Man             Robert McClain                    Lia Fernald and Guy Haskin
Amelia Lukas                        June Bonacich                     Peter M. Christie and Joan Corwin    Karen and Pete Rabins               Ruth Franklin
Charles and Barbara Mallonee        Seth Brenzel                      Todd and Darcy Cleary                Ruth Rainero and Pieter de Haan     Dawn Denham Haines
The Marsh                                                                                                  Fred and Rosamond Rea               Cindy Harkum
Chris and Susan Mehiel                                                                                     Susan Rosen                         Lynn Hebden
Ms. Edith Mehiel                                                                                           Joanne Rubin                        Vincent Henningfield
Gloria Mehiel                                                                                              Allan Schindler                     Kate Hollander
Laura Mehiel                                                                                               Rosie Smith and Linda McNeil        Kendra Holmgren
Sally Lynne Mitchell                                                                                       Karen Spar and Skip Kriss           Andrew Jacobs and Kathy Park
Shelly and Peter Mitchell                                                                                  Kim and Adan Tejada                 Stuart Barnes Jamieson
Paul Nauert                                                                                                Scott and Jill Thompson             Beatrice Jindra
Aurora Nealand                                                                                             Anne Hansen-Tribbett                Robin Kenney
Loretta Notareschi                                                                                         Margot and Jim Vincent              Andrew Kisielius
Nnenna Ogwo                                                                                                May and Lingtao Wang                Morgan Kusmer
Opportunities Through Education                                                                            William and Mary Westland           Steve Kusmer
Jefferson Packer                                                                                                                               Marguerite Ladd
Richard Pennington                                                                                         GIFTS IN MEMORY OF                  Barbara Mallonee
Pheonix Salon & Spa                                                                                        Gil Cohen                           Caroline Mallonée
Sam Pluta                        Eliza Brown                          Catherine Cauthorne Closter          Alfreda Crutcher Cook               Gloria Mehiel
Pamela L. Quist and              Liz and Mark Bucko                   Lisa and Michael Coran               David Hogan                         Laura Mehiel
  Robert McClain                 Josh Burdick                         Michael and Mary Cornog                                                  Rita Mitra
Ruth Rainero                     Jonathan Burt                        Dr. Arno P. and Ruth L. Drucker      GIFTS IN HONOR OF                   Russell Nadel
Rosaly’s Farmstand               Ann M. Callaway                      Jennifer Collins and Mark Ettinger   Seth Brenzel and Malcolm Gaines     Georgann Nedwell
Susan Rosen                      Lisa Cella                           R.S. Isaac Gardner                   Matthew Prat Burkley                Loretta Notareschi
Ann Rudorf                       Jeff Cohen                           Barbara and Larry Gerhardt           Sophie Coran                        John and Mary Anne O’Meara
San Francisco Contemporary       Sarah Cornog                         Alice and Joseph Giles               Sarah Cornog and Chris Chesney      Bob Passmore
  Music Players                  Marilyn Crispell                     Rosemarie and David Greenwald
San Francisco Opera              Renée Favand                         Susan Griffin
The San Francisco Symphony       Joaquin Feliciano                    Anna and David Hargreaves
Sharon Arts Center               Carla Finkelstein                    The Haxo Family
Toadstool Bookshop               Shari B. Fleming                     Joan Hebden
Upton Tea Imports                Stephen X. Flynn                     Jack and Lucy Henningfield
Via Veneto Ristorante            Ruth Franklin                        Hilary and Terry Hogan
Frank Wallace                    Joan R. Friedel                      Charles and Rachelle Hollander
Pam and John Weber               Jo Ellen Gaines                      Larry Holmgren
Beverly Wells                    Stacy Garrop                         Jack and Marion Jacobs
                                 Cheryl Hampson                       Stuart and Brenda Barnes
CORPORATE AND                    Dr. Thomas Hecht                       Jamieson
MATCHING GIFTS                   Wilda Heiss                          Katie Jewett
Anonymous                        Kate Hollander                       George and Diana Korolog             Flora Cushman                       Patrice Pennington
Adobe Systems Incorporated       Erika Homann                         The Kottenhahn Family                Ruth Franklin                       Caroline Pincus
  Matching Gift Program          John Immerwahr                       Jesusa and David Krag                The Landau-Pincus Family            Molly Pindell
Digidesign, Inc.                 Mike Immerwahr                       Andy and Heidi Ladd                  Laura Giles Longacre                Samuel Pluta
Fibre Marketing Group            Judy Temkin Irvine                   Eric Lindemann and                   Laura Mehiel                        Ruth Rainero
Harcourt, Inc.                   Andrew Jacobs                          Bonnie Mettler                     Pamela Layman Quist                 Susan Rosen
iGive                            Beatrice Jindra                      Susan and David Lord                 Cliff Reilly                        Alan Shewmon
Kingsbury Corporation            Mark Lackey                          Charles and Barbara Mallonee         Leo Wanenchak                       Leslie Stephens
Medtronic Foundation             Christianne Bessières Lane           David Manski and Shira Singer        Bob and Anne Weaver                 Meighan Stoops
Microsoft Giving Campaign        David H. Lerner                      Peter and Carol McElvain             John and Marianne Weaver            Leo Wanenchak and David Ruschke
Pfizer Foundation                Laura Longacre                       Ursula McLean                                                            Bob and Anne Weaver
T. Rowe Price Associates         Amelia Lukas
  Foundation, Inc.               Jerry L. Maddox
Time Warner                      Marc Marinaccio
                                 Laura Mehiel
                                 Sally Lynne Mitchell
                                                                                              Two New Easy Ways
The Amphion Foundation, Inc.
                                 Fiona Murray
                                 Russell Nadel
                                                                                               to Give to Walden
The Argosy Foundation            Paul Nauert
  Contemporary Music Fund
The ASCAP Foundation
                                 Georgann Nedwell
                                 Loretta Notareschi
                                                                                        DONATE YOUR OLD CAR!
  Irving Caesar Fund &           Nnenna Ogwo                              Donate for Charity is an agency that facilitates car donations to Walden. They arrange
  Irving Berlin Fund             Mary Anne Polk O’Meara
The Bitty Foundation
                                                                          for pickup, take care of all the paperwork, sell the car at auction, take a percentage for
                                 Denise (Dede) Ondishko, Ph.D.            their work, and send the balance to Walden. We recently had a donor give a car that
The Charlesmead Foundation, Inc. Marcia Oster
The Aaron Copland Fund           J. Robert Passmore                       resulted in a $4,000 cash donation; it was an easy tax-deductible contribution for the
  for Music                      Michel Perrault                          donor and no work at all for us. If you are planning to buy a new car, please consider
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Sarah Robinson
                                                                          donating your old car to Walden rather than trading it in. For more information
The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust       Vivian Adelberg Rudow
L5 Fund                                                                   about the process, visit Donate for Charity on the web at or
                                 Dick Sacher
Morton and Sophia Macht          Alan Shewmon
                                                                          call (866) 392-4483. You may also contact Walden’s Director of Development Esther
  Foundation                     Bill Stevens                             Landau at or at (415) 648-4710.
William Margolis Jewish          John Weaver
  Legacy Fund
The Thomas F. and Clementine
                                 Bob and Anne (Conley) Weaver
                                 Hugh Wolff
                                                                                                           SHOP ONLINE!
  L. Mullan Foundation, Inc.     Cody Wright                              Every time you shop through iGive at one of their participating vendors (see the
National Endowment for           Robert Yamasato
  the Arts
                                                                          list at a percentage of your payment can go to Walden, with no
National Federation of           PARENTS                                  additional cost to you. Plane tickets purchased through Orbitz or Travelocity, cloth-
  Music Clubs                    Anonymous (3)                            ing from J.Jill, pet medicines, eyeglass frames, anything from iTunes or eBay —
The Negaunee Foundation          Preston G. and Nancy M. Athey            virtually anything you would buy online can be found on iGive’s vendor list. You
                                                                          can even download the iGive shopping window which pops open any time you start
                                                                          shopping at a participating vendor online. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it benefits Walden!

                                                                                                                                        Recitative Spring 2007 | page 7
                                                                 Spring 2007
                                                        News and Goods
The Walden School welcomes news and information from members of the Junior Conservatory Camp and Walden communities to include in our
print and online newsletters. News may be sent via mail or email. We will publish your contact information only if you specifically request that we
do so. Please send info to or The Walden School, 31A 29th St., San Francisco, CA 94110. We reserve the right to edit
submissions and regret we cannot publish all information provided. For more news and event listings, go to
Note: All alumni, faculty and staff who’ve registered at are indicated with        before their names. If you are an alumnus/a
and want to contact them, you can do so through the site!

  Dr. Rodrigo González Barragán (WS ’75)            Symphony Orchestra’s Elaine Lebenbom                singing madrigals and performing the role of
lives in Mexico; he recently played with the        Memorial Award. The commissioned work               Dido in Dido and Aeneas. She is currently in
Tampico Orchestra and is starting a Suzuki          was premiered in Detroit under the direction        her second year at the University of Chicago
program in the school where he teaches.             of Peter Oundjian. Also, The Pittsburgh             where she sings in the Motet Choir which
                                                    New Music Ensemble has selected Stacy as            performed in the San Francisco Bay Area
  Mary (Murrell) Bennett (JCC ’59–60)
                                                    winner of the Harvey Gaul Composition               during spring break. She enjoys her current
writes: “Quentin and I both ‘retired’ this
                                                    Competition. The new work will be pre-              job writing press releases in the Journals
year and are teaching as volunteers at the
                                                    miered by PNME during its 2008 season.              Division of the University of Chicago Press.
Evangelisches Hochschule für Kirchenmusik
                                                    Stacy’s new blog can be found at
in Halle, Germany. This whole area is a                                                                   Veda Igbinedion (WS ’96) graduated
musical and cultural mecca, and we are                                                                  from The Milton Academy outside of
enjoying ourselves tremendously. We’ll be                                                               Boston, where he sang with their a cappella
coming back to the USA in late July, but we          Owen Granich-Young                                            group, The MilTones, as well as
don’t yet have a destination. We sold our          (WS ’97–99)                                                     with his dorm group, Forbes Play.
home in Lincoln, Nebraska, and everything          graduated from Hampshire College                                He spent his junior year abroad in
we own is currently in storage, awaiting           where he became interested in                                   Beijing and this past summer in
instructions as to where it should be sent.”       sound work for film. He collaborat-                             Tokyo studying Japanese. He is
                                                   ed with two filmmakers to make                                  currently a senior at Williams
  Noel Benson (Felde) (JCC ’59–61;
                                                   The Nightingale Princess                                        College with a dual major in
64–65) bought an old electronic church
                                                   (                                Chinese language and East Asian
organ last year and plays it nearly every day;
                                                   which just won six awards at the                                Studies. He just returned from two
he plays viola in a good amateur orchestra in
                                                   Victorydance Film Festival, includ-                             weeks in Italy, performing in and
Zürich (, plays fiddle in his wife’s
                                                           ing Best of Fest, and                                   around St. Peter’s and the Vatican
folk music group (with Agi on                                                                  Stacy Garrop
                                                           Audience Choice awards.                                 with the Williams College Concert
hammered dulcimer), and plays
                                                           To view the collaborative’s                             and Chamber choirs.
chess with his son via the inter-
                                                           earlier work, go to www.ocdproduc-
net. He welcomes contact at                                                                               Dani Jodorkovsky (WS ’89–97) writes:
                                                  Owen is currently living                                                                                   “Life has been quite busy for me this year. I
                                                           in Northampton, assisting a
                                                                                                        graduated from medical school in May 2006.
As a Fulbright fellow in Riga,                             professor with a documentary
                                                                                                        After being in school for 20 years, it was
Latvia, Whit Bernard (WS                                   on 1970’s feminists
                                                                                                        about time to be done! I then started my res-
’00–02; TTI ’06; staff ’04, ’06)                           (
                                                                                                        idency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai
will be researching the emer-
                                                           In October, 2006, Dr. Mark K.                Hospital in New York City. I have never
gence of a musical avant-garde in
                                                           Greenwald (WS ’75–78) became                 worked this hard in my life! Besides the
the Baltic States, from the cul-        Whit Bernard       Director of the Substance Abuse              insane hours (waking at 6 am is a luxury), I
tural resistance movements of
                                                           Program at Wayne State University            have to deal with pretty intense medical and
the 1980s to the present. He’ll also be study-
                                                   School of Medicine in Detroit.                       emotional situations. My entire family,
ing composition with Peteris Plakidis at the
                                                                                                        including my brother, Gabe Jodorkovsky
Latvian National Conservatory. One of the          Thomas Hecht (WS ’78; faculty ’82–84;
                                                                                                        (WS ’86–92), has transplanted to New York
main goals of the project is to collect music,     visiting artist ’00, ’07) will be teaching at
                                                                                                        so I’m fortunate to be seeing them quite
and Whit hopes to be able to share some of         the Gold Country Piano Institute in June in
                                                                                                        often. I welcome any visitors to my humble
what he finds with the Walden community            Nevada City, California. He will also per-
                                                                                                        apartment and would love to hear from old
when he returns to the US in 2008. In the          form at Walden’s Teacher Training Institute
                                                                                                        friends!” She is at
meantime, his door in Riga will be open to         in August.
any and all Walden visitors!                                                                            Elizabeth Keller, (JCC) a member of the
                                                                    Trevor Hunter (TTI ’04,
                                                                                                        Philadelphia Trio since 1973, has presented
  Madeline Biddle (TTI ’05,                                       ’06) writes: “I’ve been working
                                                                                                        concerts and workshops throughout the
WS faculty ’06–07) got                                            on a project for the American
                                                                                                        United States and Europe, including frequent
engaged to Richard Bersamina                                      Music Center for almost a year
                                                                                                        appearances for the BBC in London and broad-
on March 3rd.                                                     now called Counterstream
                                                                                                        casts on Spanish National Radio and
                                                                  Radio, which just launched
Claire Chase (Visiting                                                                                  Television. She is currently head of the piano
                                                                  ( The
Artist ’06) and The                                                                                     department at The Baldwin School, in Bryn
                                                                  station features some of the lat-
International Contemporary                                                                              Mawr, Pennsylvania, and has been on the
                                                                  est and greatest in American
Ensemble are pleased to                                                                                 faculty of Franklin and Marshall College
                                      Madeline Biddle and         music, including such Walden
announce that ICE’s first CD is                                                                         since 1990.
                                       Richard Bersamina          alumni as Tom Lopez, Sam
now available on Amazon. It
                                                                  Pluta, Ned McGowan, and               Hilary Kole (WS ’87–92) has a
features music of Huang Ruo
                                                   Nathan Davis on the compositional side, and          page:
and is released on the Naxos label.
                                                   Eric Huebner (Antares), Claire Chase (ICE),
                                                                                                        Niko Korolog (WS ’06–07) had a compo-
In April, San Francisco’s public television        Dave Eggar (Flux Quartet), and Non
                                                                                                        sition performed in April on a Preparatory
station, KQED, featured Del Sol (Visiting          Sequitur on the performer side. If anyone
                                                                                                        Division recital at the San Francisco
Artists ’06) as part of its Spark! program,        associated with the school is on a commercial
                                                                                                        Conservatory of Music.
about arts education.                              recording and would like to be included in
                                                   station programming, I would encourage                 Alex Kotch (TTI ’06) writes: “I’ll be start-
Anouk Erni (WS ’98–99, staff ’02–03) is            them to submit their CDs to Counterstream            ing Duke’s Ph.D. program in composition
providing original music for the National          by requesting them through the site or mail-         this fall and will be attending Juilliard’s
Geographic Channel show The Dog Whisperer.         ing them to the American Music Center, to            European American Musical Alliance com-
See:       Molly Sheridan or me.”                               position program in Paris this July. I’m
                                                                                                        looking forward to Paris premieres this
                                                     Ofurhe Igbinedion (WS ’99–01) attended
  Stacy Garrop (WS ’87–88; faculty ’96) is                                                              September, by Trio Saxiana and Ensemble
                                                   The Putney School in Vermont, where she
the inaugural winner of the Detroit                                                                     Zellig, of a new piece of mine called Reduce,
                                                   was very involved in their music program,
                                               News and Goods (continued)
Reuse, Recycle, and I’m writing a piece for the        western New York. According to his faculty             Pittsburg, Arlington (VA), Philadelphia,
French saxophone quartet, Carré Mêlé.”                 profile on the school’s site, Newbrough “has           Towson (MD), Asheville, and Atlanta. Go
                                                       appeared at Carnegie Recital Hall, Sydney              to for details about
  Leland Kusmer (WS ’98–07) was a fea-
                                                       Opera House, the French Embassy in                     future gigs.
tured student composer in the Yehudi
                                                       Washington, D.C., Chateau de La
Menuhin Chamber Music Seminar and                                                                                     Cliff Reilly (WS ’06–07) and
                                                       Gesse near Toulouse, France, and the
Festival 2007 in May in San Francisco. This                                                                         Leland Kusmer (WS ’98–07) recent-
                                                       Van Cliburn Piano Institute. His
year’s festival, entitled “The Composer’s                                                                           ly performed at the Castro Theater as
                                                       recently released CD is entitled The
Mind — The Performer’s Voice,” was                                                                                  part of the San Francisco International
                                                       Sacred Tradition.”
intended to promote a better understanding                                                                          Film Festival. The two played hand-
of the creative-interpretive process. The               Loretta Notareschi (WS staff and                            bells in a chamber ensemble that
piano trio that Lee wrote at Walden in 2006           faculty ’97–05) writes: “I have accepted                      offered a new score by local music
— That We May Stand — was the required                an assistant professorship at Regis                           icon Jonathan Richman for a screen-
repertoire for all participating piano trios.         University in Denver starting in fall         Cliff Reilly    ing of The Phantom Carriage, a 1921
Lee is off to Swarthmore in the fall!                 2007. I will be developing the music                          Swedish silent film classic.
(Editor’s note: during a recent visit to Swarthmore,  theory and composition curriculum of the
                                                                                                                Vivian Adelberg Rudow (JCC ’50–51)
Lee won the treasure hunt that the school put on for  new music major there. I would love to get
                                                                                                              had a performance in late March of her
its prospective students. Walden is so proud!)        in touch with any Walden or JCC alumni in
                                                                                                              works “The Sky Speaks” and “Clouds” at
                                                      the Denver area.”
Ned McGowan (Visiting Artist ’01–04) has                                                                      Peabody’s Griswold Hall. The concert was in
a new website His new             TTI Director Patricia Plude (’77–07 fac-                honor of the 150th anniversary of the
CD, Hexnut, was just released, and is avail-          ulty; myriad administrative roles including             Peabody Conservatory of Music.
able at                   Executive Director) presented at the MENC               Additionally, her flute and tape work “Call
                                                      Eastern Division conference in Baltimore in             for Peace” was performed in Baltimore in
  Jo McIntire (JCC ’60) writes that he met
                                                      March. Her presentation was entitled                    early December, and her “Portraits of
his wife Sali at an anti-Vietnam War rally.
                                                      “Improvisational Music Theory: A Path to                Lawyers” received radio play in Amherst
He says “After JCC I continued to study the
                                                      Creative Composition” and utilized                               in December.
violin for several more years in Rome. I was
                                                      the assistance of Whit Bernard
involved briefly with the Rome Chamber                                                                                   Sally Rutzky (JCC ’62–64) writes:
                                                      (WS ’00–02; TTI ’06; WS staff
Music Academy and a summer course in                                                                                   “I will be in New Hampshire at the
                                                      ’04, ’06), Marguerite Ladd (WS
Gstad with Yehudi Menuhin. I                                                                                           end of August for a yoga intensive.
                                                                   ’99–02; TTI ’06; WS
went on to study engineering                                                                                           The yoga teacher, Ramanand Patel,
                                                                   staff ’05–06) and
and then became involved in                                                                                            was on my Iyengar Yoga
                                                                     Alex Kotch (TTI
agricultural cooperatives and                                                                                          Certification Committee many years
                                                                   ’06) for some demon-
subsistence farming.” Jo                                                                                               ago. He commented that my voice
                                                                   strations. Cindy
retired from the United                                                                                                was stressed, so I took voice lessons.
                                                                   Harkum (WS ’72–76;
Nations Development                                                                                                    Now I sing in a local oratorio society
                                                                   TTI ’04–05; board
Program and has been working                                                                  Vivian Adelberg and do one great choral work each
                                                                   ’02–07) and Seth
as a County Inspector for a                                                                          Rudow             year; this year we’re doing Schubert’s
                                                                   Brenzel (WS ’85–90;
state funded affordable housing                                                                                        Mass No. 6. Not bad for someone
                                       Jo and Sali McIntire        staff and administration ’94–07)
initiative ever since. He and                                                                                 who couldn’t sing alto at JCC, because she
                                                                   were there for her presentation.
Sali now live by the water in St. Augustine,                                                                  was a soprano! Being a divorce lawyer is very
Florida where they are both very involved               Teddy Poll (WS ’03–05) just received an               stressful, and yoga and singing are great
with human rights issues; their pet project           ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young                     antidotes. But they also require practice, so I
is geared to normalizing diplomatic rela-             Composer Award. Congratulating the award                don’t travel much.”
tionship with Cuba. He’d love to hear from            recipients, ASCAP Board Chair Marilyn
                                                                                                              Walter Saul (JCC ’68–71) is Professor of
old friends:                Bergman said, “The Morton Gould Awards
                                                                                                              Music at Fresno Pacific University. He is
                                                      program encourages talented young creators
Brendan Milburn (WS ’88) and a colleague                                                                      actively composing, and recently came out
                                                      of concert music. We congratulate the gifted
in his band GrooveLily are writing music                                                                      with his third CD, Songs of Requited Love, fea-
                                                      young composer winners who were selected
and lyrics for a new 55-minute musical pro-                                                                   turing the composer on the piano and
                                                      from amongst the 601 submissions… These
duction of Disney’s Toy Story! The show will                                                                  soprano Daphne Saul (his wife) singing. His
                                                      talented young people represent the bright
be performed on the cruise ship Disney                                                                        etudes From Alpha to Omega are available for
                                                      future of American concert music.”
Wonder, opening in April 2008.                                                                                interested pianists.
                                                      Laura Quist (daughter of Pam Quist) and
Arthur Monheit, wife to Diane, father to                                                                      On April 23, American Public Media fea-
                                                      Van Roberts were married in March at
  Gary (JCC ’72; WS faculty ’75–78, ’80,                                                                      tured John Weaver (JCC Faculty ’51–68;
                                                      Bonny Doon Beach near Santa Cruz, CA.
’97; board ’99–00) and grandfather to Clara                                                                   WS Visiting Composer ’97; Advisory
                                                      Officiating at the ceremony was Laura’s
and Erica Monheit (WS ’92–93), passed                                                                         Council ’02–07) on its Pipe Dreams program.
                                                      uncle, Mark Bucko. [Mark is married to
away on February 27. Present at the                                                                           Listen at:
                                                      Walden alum Liz (Layman) Bucko (WS
funeral were Walden friends Leo
                                                            ’73–76; staff ’79,’82).] Van and Laura              Asa Williams (JCC ’70–72) writes that he
Wanenchak, Ellen Bernard, Lynn
                                                            now reside in Indianapolis, Indiana               recently composed a piano piece entitled
Hebden, Helen Cohen, Arno and
                                                            with their little daughter Aria.                  Variations on Two Hymns. He was invited to
Ruth Drucker, Jephtha Drachman,
                                                                                                              perform it during the worship services at his
and the Kornblatts.                                           Ilana Rainero-de Haan (WS ’05–07)
                                                                                                              church, and he will be playing it again at the
                                                            and her mother Ruth Rainero (visit-
  Russell Nadel (WS ’00–01; TTI                                                                               upcoming reunion.
                                                            ing artist ’06–07) went to visit Lewis &
’05–06) has received his first paid
                                                            Clark College in Portland, Oregon.
commission for an original piece of
                                                            Ruth writes: “After the tour we
music, from the Vancouver Chamber
                                            Pam Quist moseyed over to the music building.
Choir of British Columbia. His Four
                                                            The secretary was able to track down a
Haiku for a cappella choir was premiered by
                                                      composition teacher who was just finishing
the VCC at their “Youth and Music” concert
                                                      up giving a theory exam.” The teacher
in May in Vancouver. He also had an origi-                                                                              Looking for old friends?
                                                      turned out to be Michael Johanson (WS
nal work for wind ensemble premiered in                                                                           Register at!
                                                      ’79–86), whose eyes got very big when Ilana
April by the Peabody Wind Ensemble, con-
                                                      told him she went to Walden.
ducted by Dr. Harlan Parker.
                                                      Alicia Rabin’s (WS ’88–93) band Golem
William (Bill-John) J. Newbrough (WS
                                                      Rocks toured with Balkan Beat Box during
’85) teaches music at Houghton College in
                                                      the month of April, with dates in New York,
                                             Faculty Spotlight: Aurora Nealand
                                   by Esther Landau       I was surrounded by musicians who had had years                 ble founded by clarinetist Ben Schenck in 1995 to
Walden faculty member Aurora Nealand has been             of formal training, which at the time was as                    play acoustic dance music from around the world; the
making music in community for as long as she can          intimidating as all get out.”                                   group is featured on our Concert Series this summer
remember. From her childhood days performing “The         While her pri-                                                                                        (see Concert
Crackers and Soup Show” with her brother (which           mary instrument                                                                                       Calendar). Aurora
consisted of banging on the piano and singing vari-       is currently the                                                                                      joined Panorama
ous songs about food) to her current work with the        saxophone, for a                                                                                      in 2006 during
Panorama Jazz Band in New Orleans, the one thing          while flute and                                                                                       Mardi Gras sea-
tying together the disparate components in Aurora’s       piano took prece-                                                                                     son when the
musical history is collaborative creativity.              dence. In truth,                                                                                      ensemble tradi-
                                                          she explains,                                                                                         tionally swells to
It was Tom Lopez who introduced Aurora to Walden                                                                                                                a 12-piece brass
5 years ago; finding not only quality musicianship        “Different instru-
                                                          ments fascinate                                                                                       band and brings
training, but a creative collaborative community that                                                                                                           their music to the
she could immediately relate to, Aurora was hooked.       me, so I’ve
                                                          become a bit of a                                                                                     streets of New
She says: “Learning about the art of teaching from                                                                                                              Orleans. (The rest
such masterful teachers as Pat, Pam, Leo, and Tom, as     professional dab-
                                                          bler in lots of                                                                                       of the year it is
well as my fellow faculty, has been an invaluable                                                                                                               generally a small-
experience. And having been through traditional           others: clarinet,
                                                          accordion, violin,                                                                                    er band of
music theory training at college, I can confidently say                                                                                                         clarinet, saxo-
that I think the musicianship program at Walden is        guitar, slide whistle, voice — each one has so many
                                                          distinctive beautiful characteristics about it, it’s hard       phone, trombone, accordion, banjo, tuba, and
one of the most effective and holistic ways to learn                                                                      drums). Aurora explains, “Because the band is so
and understand how music can be put together. It          for me to stick with just one.”
                                                                                                                          portable, being all acoustic, we play at a wide variety
inspires in me this desire to be ‘the complete musi-      By the same token, different genres of music fascinate          of events — clubs, festivals, weddings, funerals,
cian,’ one who plays, writes and improvises music.”       her: jazz, bluegrass, folk, rock, classical, electronic, car-   schools, soup kitchens, synagogues, Bar Mitzvahs,
“I find the most important thing about Walden is          toon, and noise. “Each genre has a stylistic nuance to          parades, crawfish boils, etc… We specialize in tradi-
the generosity of spirit and creative thinking it         it, but realistically, they’re all just ways of shaping         tional jazz of New Orleans, klezmer, Afro-Creole
inspires in us as a group. For me, music is primarily     sound. There’s a beauty that comes with learning to             music of Martinique, and music of the Balkans,
about community and exchange: a shared experience         master a style, but I think the most important thing            because those traditions are all interrelated, and have
with an audience, a space, fellow musicians, dancers,     is training your ears to be receptive to whatever you’re        similar instrumentation.”
etc. Walden manages to create a very lovely space for     hearing, and responding in a contributive fashion. I’ve
                                                          faked my way through a lot of gigs that way!”                   Looking back on her life so far as a developing musi-
all this to happen, where we’re all learning from each                                                                    cian, Aurora comments: “While I’m still searching
other, and teaching each other, and kicking each          Even her college major at the Oberlin Conservatory              for training and mentors, over the years I’ve come to
other into gear.”                                         included a patchwork of disciplines: Composition,               realize that music and art are much more about a per-
There was certainly an abundance of music in the          Jazz Studies, Electronic Music and a little Art                 sonal journey forward in one’s own time, as opposed
household as she grew up, but Aurora says she never       Installation/Theatre work, all under the rubric of              to being about competition or comparison to other
had formal music lessons until college. “Most of my       “Contemporary Music.”                                           people. We’ve all got something to offer, and we’ve
musical upbringing involved fooling around with my        Aurora’s wide-ranging musical interests make her a              all got things to learn; that sounds really cheesy, but
friends and playing in the school band. In college        natural fit with the Panorama Jazz Band, an ensem-              cheese can sometimes be true.”

                  Walden School, Ltd.
                    31A 29th Street
             San Francisco, CA 94110-4910
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                                                               Check it out at

     2007 REUNION JUST
     From June 22 through 24 alumni/ae
       of the Junior Conservatory Camp
       and The Walden School will con-
      verge on the campus of the Dublin
          School to reconnect with old
       friends and to make new ones. A
       scavenger hunt, a contra dance, a
          Composers Forum, a hike up
       Monadnock, and a concert by the
        Peabody Trio are all waiting for
     those who “come home” to Walden.
     Watch the next issue of Recitative for
       a special 2007 Reunion follow-up
       section with photos and updates
                  on alumni/ae!

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