KMHS Fast Pitch Parent Meeting April 14_ 2004

					Allatoona High School
   Fastpitch Softball
2009 Kickoff Meeting

        2nd SEASON             2/4/2009

•   Head Coach – Troy Pirkle
•   President – Sean O’Shea
•   Vice President- Gary Watson
•   Co-Treasurers- Reed/Michelle Chambers
•   Co-Treasurer- Gary Watson
•   Secretary – Kim Lewis

•   Vote /Confirm 2009 Board
•   Diamond Club/Parent Role
•   Coach Pirkle Expectations and Key Dates
•   Realities of a growing program
•   2009 Must Haves / Nice to Have
•   Cost Estimates
•   Fees and Fundraising
•   Buccaneer Moms
•   Committees
•   Questions
•   Committee Sign Up
              Diamond Club Mission
• To work closely with coaches and administrative staff to
  encourage, student, parent and community attendance
  at AHS games.
• To create and atmosphere that promotes academic and
  athletic achievement and school pride.
• To enable coaching staff to dedicate 100% of time to
  coaching and teaching.
• To ensure that members provide support without
  attempting to become involved in coaching staff
• To provide financial support to Varsity/JV/Metro
   Program Goals and Expectations
• Expectations and Goals
                                     Key Dates
   Date        Activity                    Locations     Information    Cost

End of April   Physicals                      KSU                       $20
 June 8-11     Summer Camp                    AHS        8:30-11:30am   $100
               (4th-8th Graders)                            (M-Th)
June 15-18     Cherokee Team Camp          Twin Creeks                  TBA
June 22-23     Metro Tryouts                  AHS                       N/A
 July 6-7      (attend at least 2 days)
    TBA        Summer Workouts                AHS                       N/A

 Aug 3,4,5     Official Tryouts               AHS          Possible     N/A
                                                           2 a-days
  Aug 6,7      Official Practice              AHS          2 a-days     N/A

Mid-August     Buccaneer Moms Camp

Early August   Kickoff Social               6:30-9:30    Metro and HS

   8/10        First Day of School
 Realities of A 2nd Year Program

• We did an excellent job our first year.
• Can’t build everything at once…
• The market is saturated with schools and
  organizations seeking support.
• Current economic conditions require that
  we get started today!!
2009 Must Haves / Nice to Have
        Must Haves                    Nice To Haves
 •   Dugout Roofs/Doors         •   Windscreen
 •   Locker Room Frame-out      •   Fence Topper (tubing)
 •   Backstop Pads              •   PA System
 •   Dugout Fence               •   Helmet Rack
 •   Batting Cage (more work)   •   Bat Rack
 •   Softballs (10dz)           •   Bleachers
 •   Wiffles (6dz)              •   Another Tee(s)
 •   Throw down bases           •   Press Hut
 •   Rakes (2)                  •   Concrete slab behind
 •   Paint                          backstop/spectator area
 •   Field Liner/Chalk          •   Port-A-Potty’s (if nec.)
 •   Field Conditioner
 •   Mound Clay
 •   JV Uniforms
 •   Helmets
 •   Scorebook
 •   Metro Insurance
                              Cost Estimates
                 Item                  Est Cost                    Item           Est Cost
Banquet (Year end)Net                         300   Port A Potty Rental               500
Bat Bags                                      500   PA system                       2,000
Batting cage Rental (indoor)                  150   Padding behind home plate       2,000
Bleachers                                   2,450   Player fundraiser incentive       500
Block/Brick for locker room buildout        3,000   Player Meals                    1,000
Coaches Apparel                               500   PO Box                            120
Coaches Supplements                         1,675   Press Hut                         500
Concrete for Dugs/Slab (27yds)              1,000   Roofing/Doors/Lumber/Labor      6,000
Concrete for Slab(behind backstop)          4,000   Scorebook and Filler Sheets        65
Fence In Front of Dugout                    1,000   Season opening Social             150
Fence Topping Tube (250ft)                    200   Softballs                         600
Field Conditioner                             500   Sponsorship Plaques               300
Field Paint                                   200   Sponsorship Signs                 900
GHSA Dues                                      16   Summer Camp T-shirts              140
Helmets                                       300   Summer League Jerseys             330
HS Tournament Fees                            850   Summer League Registration        425
Metro Insurance                               225   Team T-shirts (Practice)        1,000
Metro Pre-season Scrimmages                   350   Travel & Hotel                  1,400
Metro Tournament Fees                         500   Umpire fees                       900
Metro Uniforms                              1,625   Uniforms                        1,000
Misc                                          350   Website                           425
Mound Clay                                    100   Wiffles                            50
                                                    Windscreen                      2,000
                                                    TOTAL ALL                      41,796
                                                    TOTAL MUST HAVE                33,161
      HS Fees and Fundraising

     $450                    $550

                          Metro Fees
                              PLAYER FEE

We welcome additional
fundraising support from
metro players and parents!!

                              Through Fundraising
                               Or Direct Payment
  Funding our Program
        in 2009

 2009 Commitment Fee and Fundraising Target

Player/Parent Commitment Fee = $450
• How does this fee benefit me and my child?
   – Provides player with first class equipment and uniforms, etc
      • Includes Helmet, 2 practice shirts, 1 game day shirt, 2 pairs
        of socks, bat bag, 2 pants, 2 jerseys, belts, underamour,
   – Provides parents with voting rights at all Booster Club
     meetings on any issues that require a group vote.

Fundraising Requirement = $550++
• Pays for all other budget items to include field equipment, facility
  build out etc.

            Meet your Commitment Fee and Fundraising Goal
         and receive 2 passes to all home games (varsity or JV)
     2 Allatoona Fastpitch T-shirts and child receives incentive TBD
                                Fence Signs
                                                                          ALLATOONA HIGH SCHOOL

•   4x4 FENCE SIGN                                                     BUCCANEERS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL
                                                                           SIGN SPONSORSHIP FORM

     –$350 (new sponsor)                        _____           4x4 FENCE SIGN                                           $350
     –$300 (renewal)                                            Sign will remain on fence for one
                                                                calendar year, website ad , and full page
                                                                                                                         $300 (Renewal)

     –Sign will remain on fence for one
                                                                ad in game-day program

                                                _____           2x2 FENCE SIGN AND SPONSOR BOARD                         $250
     calendar year, website ad, and full page                   Sign will remain on fence for one                        $200 (Renewal)
                                                                calendar year, website ad , and full page
     ad in                                                      ad in game-day program
     game-day program
                                                ALL SPONSORS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT EACH ALLATOONA HOME GAME. WE WILL GLADLY
                                                PUT YOUR BUSINESS LOGO ON THE SIGN (MORE THAN 2 COLORS —ADDITIONAL COSTS MAY

•   2x2 FENCE SIGN                              Your Name____________________________

                                                Company Name__________________________

                                                                                                            Business Phone_________________


     –$250 (new sponsor)                        City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________

     –$200 (renewal)                            Fax____________________                          E-mail_________________________________

                                                Please make all checks payable to: Allatoona Diamond Club
     –Sign will remain on fence and board for   Please give your check/info to your contact or mail to:
                                                Allatoona Diamond Clu b—Softball
     one calendar year, website ad, and full    3330 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 17 —PMB 171
                                                Acworth, GA 30101
     page ad in
                                                Would you like a receipt? ____Yes ____No       Allatoona Diamond Club Non Profit Tax ID # 80-0155183
     game day program
                                                Diamond Club/Player Contact_________________________

                                                Please staple your business card .
•   100% of all sign renewals goes              If you have logo ready artwork or jpeg please forward via email to

    towards fundraising goals                            Example 4 x 4 Sign

•   $50 of new sponsor sign goes
    towards production of the sign
    with the balance towards your
          Pine Straw Fundraiser
• Completed during the                                     Allatoona High School
                                                             Fastpitch Softball
  month of February.                                     2009 Pine Straw Fundraiser

                                 The 2009 AHS Fastpitch Softball Program would appreciate your
                             support for the 2009 season as we raise funds to support our goal of
                                                building a first class program.

• Bales will be delivered       In partnership with West Cobb Pine Straw we have developed the
                                                         following offer:

  within two weeks of               Type:
                                                      Long needle, clean and fresh pine straw
                                                      $4.40/bale (10 bale minimum)
                                    Timing:           Orders must be received by March 7, 2009
  March 7.                          Delivery:         Orders will be filled within 2 weeks of March 7.

                                    Order Quantity and Total Due:

                                    # Bale            Amt                 #Bale       Amt    #Bale        Amt
                                     10=                $44               30=         $132   50=          $220

• We make $1 per bale.
                                     15=                $66               35=         $154   75=          $330
                                     20=                $88               40=         $176   100=         $440
                                     25=               $110               45=         $198   150=         $660



• 100% goes toward          Subdivision Name___________________Phone Number__________________

                            Players Name:_____________________________________________________

  fundraising goal.         Please Place Pine Straw (anywhere within 15 feet of where they can park the

                            Make all checks payable to Allatoona Diamond Club. Return your order to the
                            player listed above or mail to the address listed below:
                            Allatoona Diamond Club—Softball
                            3330 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 17—PMB 171
                            Acworth, GA 30101

                            Allatoona Diamond Club Non Profit Tax ID #   80-0155183
             Georgia Dome

• Events are pretty much done for this year.
  We do have 2/21 and the ACC basketball
• New calendar will start in the fall.
• Each event is averaging $85-$100
  fundraising per person.
• There are participation requirements and
  we will also do this next year.
          City of Atlanta Book

• Each Metro and High School player will be
  required to participate and sell 10 books.

• Each player will receive credit ($10 each)
  towards their fundraising goal/player fee
  for any additional books sold beyond the
  minimum of 10.
                               Player Letter
                                                                         ALLATOONA HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                      BUCCANEERS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL
•   Each High School and Metro                                                    2009
    player will be provided an
    opportunity with letters to be sent     Dear

    to relatives friends. This can be       The purpose of my letter is to ask for your support of Allatoona High School Fastpitch Softball.
                                            Allatoona High School is a 2nd year school located in Acworth, GA . I will be a ____________
                                            during the 2009 fall season.
    applied to fundraising goal and/or      In Georgia, High School sports receive limited funding from the School District. Therefore, the
    player fees.                            burden of fundraising and developing a first class program relies on each sport’s ability to

                                            During our first year we began laying the foundation of our program but have much to
                                            accomplish in 2009. An example would be completing our dugout which currently lacks a roof. In

•   They will be provided once teams        addition to completing our dugouts and locker rooms we also need to make improvements to
                                            ensure the safety of players and spectators, to include padding our cement block back stops
                                            and erecting protective fencing in front of our dugouts.
    are selected.                           The area of Cobb County we are located in is saturated with many high school sports teams. All
                                            are vying for local business sponsorships. We are working hard to secure those sponsorships,
                                            but realize that to achieve our goals both on and off the field we will need your help!

                                            With this in mind we are asking you to consider supporting our program with one of the following

•   The letter outlines the status of our   cash donations.

                                            __________$50                 __________$100                    _________$200             Other_____________
    program and asks for support at
    the following levels:                   For cash donations in excess of $100, we will send you an Allatoona Buccaneer T-Shirt. We truly
                                            appreciate any support you can give our new program. We have a talented group of young
                                            athletes capable of great things and with your support we will achieve our goals.


                   »   $50
                   »   $100                 Your Name_______________________________

                                            Company Name__________________________
                                                                                                   T-SHIRT SIZE ____________________________


                   »   $250                 Address__________________________________________________________________

                                            City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________

                   »   Other                Fax____________________                       E-mail_________________________________

                                            Please make all checks payable to: Allatoona Diamond Club
                                            Please give your check/info to your contact or mail to:
                                            Allatoona Diamond Club—Softball
                                            3330 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 17—PMB 171
                                            Acworth, GA 30101

                                            Would you like a receipt? _______Yes ________No        Allatoona Diamond Club Non Profit Tax ID #   80-0155183

                                            Player Name: _________________________
                    2009 Expense Tally Sheet
     Player Commitment Fee - $450
     Fundraising Goal - $550

                                             Fundraising                        Total       Fundraising
Event                              Cost        Credit           Quantity       Revenue        Credit
Player Letters                   $    -         100%     5 letters returned @ $   150.00   $      150.00
Pine Straw                       $     -        100%           100 Bales      $   100.00   $      100.00
Fence Sign
                 4 x 4 New Sign $ 350.00     $    300.00          1           $   350.00   $      300.00
                 2 x 2 New Sign $ 250.00     $    200.00          2           $   500.00   $      400.00

Georgia Dome                                                      1           $    85.00 $         85.00

Atlanta City Coupon Book
(team fundraiser)                $   20.00   $     10.00          10          $   100.00   $      100.00
(This examples assumes 20
books sold with credit for 10)

             Fundraising Total                                                $ 1,285.00   $    1,135.00
   Buccaneer Mom’s Fastpitch Club
Purpose: To build relationships with fellow Buccaneer Mom’s, learn more about the
game of fastpitch, enhance relationships with local sponsors, coordinate all
hospitality, food and transportation related events and most importantly have fun.

All High School and Metro Moms are encouraged to join

Membership Fee: $50

Activities and Benefits

    • Buccaneer Mom’s Team Camp – Mom’s to attend 1 day camp with Coach
      Pirkle to learn and ask questions about the game. Food and drink to be
      served and with the day culminating with a scrimmage game, complete with
      signs, stealing, etc
    • Exclusive Buccaneer Mom’s Fastpitch T-Shirt and other potential goodies
    • No men allowed – Although we may show up at scrimmage if permitted
• Concessions- Coordinate scheduling for
  concession duties, maintain and manage
  product inventory
• Field Committee- Provide upkeep and
  maintenance on field
• Buccaneer Mom’s – Will coordinate all
  hospitality, food and transportation related

We need all parents to participate in minimum of 1 committee!

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