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									disPatch   July 2011
                               Asheville Quilt Guild                                       Page 1
                                                                                                    July 2011

                                                                                              Volume 24, Issue 7


  The purpose of the Guild is to promote and                 PRESIDENT’S NOTE:
  preserve the art and history of quilts
  through education of its members, and to              As many of you know, I am now back in my
  inspire community involvement.                        condo after a fire early last November! It took 7
  The Guild depends on the cooperation of               months to rebuild but now I have a lovely “new”
  the entire membership for the success of its          place and am getting settled. Lots of friends
  projects.                                             came over to help so I have made good progress!
                                                        Many thanks to those who helped and to those
                                                        who had all those good wishes for me!
                                                        You will remember too that the Guild’s stash is
       Inside this issue:                               usually kept in my garage. It was “missing” for
       Bee Buzz .................................….10
                                                        those 7 months but is back now and we have
       Community Quilts......................... ..2
                                                        relieved Katie’s house from the more recent
       Guild Projects ……………………...11
                                                        collection. Thanks to many of you (including
       Lecture/Workshops……………. 8 & 9
                                                        Katie Winchell, Jean Karpen, and Viva Pizer who
       Membership…………………….. …..4                        literally spent days working on it!), the East
       Official Business ………………. 6 & 7                  Ender’s Bee and members of the Board, it is
       Special Events……………………….3                        better organized than it ever has been! (I would
       Ways & Means………………………5                           list everyone but I am afraid I would forget
                                                        someone as I have forgotten many things lately in
                                                        all of this!) It looks really pretty stacked on the
                                                        shelves! It really doesn’t smell of smoke either! I
            Member News                                 really appreciate all of you!!! It is nice too to be
                                                        able to get my car in the garage on these recent
                                                        stormy days!
Condolences to Marti Cummins, whose husband
                                                        I hope you know too that it is available to you to
Dennis recently passed away. Marti appreciates
                                                        come over to choose what you would need to
the support she has received from her many
                                                        make a community quilt. Just give me a call in
quilting friends.
                                                        advance - 664-0974.

Contact Neva Carlson at 252-1661 or                     Sara
nevacarlson@charter.net with your news items for
this space.
Page 2                                                                                   disPatch July 2011

                                    COMMUNITY QUILTS

  Good News! Sara Hill is back in her condo and most of the Community Quilt donated fabric is back on
  the shelves in her garage. Thanks to an army of Asheville Quilt Guild members who took time out of
  their busy weeks, it's all organized and neatly folded, and ready for you to come choose what you'd like
  to work with. So if you need inspiration, a backing, or some fabric for a binding, give Sara a call and go
  by! Why not take a road-trip to Sara's garage with your Bee and have a Community Quilt Challenge?
  And now that we've sorted through all of that wonderful fabric, Community Quilts has several
  opportunities to offer in the next couple of months:
  • The Challenge Bags that I told you about last month were very popular at the last meeting, but
      there are more, so if you missed it last month, stop by the CQ table at the next meeting and choose
      one for yourself or your Bee.
  • At the July meeting (and continuing until they are gone), Community Quilts will be selling “scrap
      bags” for $1.00, and using the money to buy backing fabric for community quilts. These are pieces
      that were not-quite a-full-fat-quarter, or small usable size pieces that we didn't have the heart to
      throw away. If you like to do crazy quilts, appliqué or paper piecing, these are for you! A gallon-
      sized zip-loc bag stuffed with wonderful pieces for your own next project (not for Community
      Quilts, unless you want to).
  • The August meeting of the Asheville Quilt Guild is going to be a flea market. When we sorted the
      donated fabric we found an abundance of “fat quarter-ish” pieces. Some may have a small piece cut
      out, some may be 1/2 yard pieces folded like a fat quarter. That's not what folks are usually looking
      for in Sara's garage, so Community Quilts will be selling those for “2 for $1.00”. Once again, these
      are for your own projects, not for Community Quilts (unless you decide to donate it when it's fin-
      ished). So bring your money and a tote bag, shopping bag, basket, backpack, rolling suitcase,
      wheelbarrow or whatever you like to use to carry home your finds. This will be a bonanza for your
      stash! Community Quilts will use the proceeds for buying backing fabric for members to use for
      community quilts.

  Happy Quilting!

  Katie Winchell, Chair
  Community Quilts
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You are invited to attend The Western North                      Online registration is now available for the
Carolina Quilters Guild at their July meet-                      AQS Quilt Show and Contest in Des Moines,
ing. The speaker is Wendy Butler Berns from                      Iowa, September 28 - October 1, 2011.
Wisconsin. Wendy has been quilting for close to twenty
years. Her quilts are known for her bold use of color,           Copy and paste this link into your browser's
unusual fabrics and may be contemporary art quilts or
                                                                 address bar to sign up now:
traditional with a twist quilts. The title of her lecture is
"Capering with Creativity". The lecture and meeting
start at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 21 at Trinity                https://events.americanquilter.com/getdemo.ei?
Methodist Church, 900 Blythe Street, Hendersonville.                         id=79&s=_0I40W4OV1
On Friday, July 22, Wendy will be teaching a class
titled "Out of the Block" at the Etowah United Methodist           We have a great line up of workshops, lec-
Church, 110 Brickyard Road, Etowah. If you design your           tures, and special events, but space is limited,
own blocks, would like to learn to design a block, or find                     so sign up today!
your creative side, this is the class for you. There are still
openings available for this six hour class which meets from
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You will not need a sewing ma-
chine. You will be designing your own block with paper                           Don’t forget
and pencil. The class is $35.00 and registration may be
sent to Diana Walgreen, 64 Wild Sage Court, Fletcher,
                                                                   Quilt Show entry forms are
NC 28732. Please include your e-mail address. Upon
                                                                         due august 1, 2011
receiving your registration and check, she will e-mail you
the supply list for the class. We look forward to having
your join us for this meeting and workshop.
                                                                             Entry Form.pdf

 Tiffany Inspired Art Show at Deerpark
                                                                    MAGAZINES FOR THE QUILT SHOW
                                                                 I will be collecting magazines, books, and patterns,
From now until August 29, seven AQG members                      that deal with quilting, at the July meeting. I will be
                                                                 outside the Folk Art Center from 9:30 to 9:45. My
will have wall quilts included in this special                   van is gray and I will be in the handicapped parking
mixed media art show (Connie Brown, RitaWil-                     area. This way you do not have to bring them inside
liams,Viva Pizer, Diana Ramsay, Cindy Shock,                     the FAC. Please put your items in a cardboard box
                                                                 as it makes them easier to handle.
DaleWilliams, Helen McCarthy). Watercolor,
photography and wall quilts inspired by                          We will have an area at the quilt show where we will
Tiffany stained glass are featured. When you visit               sell these donated books, magazines and patterns.
the estate remember to stop by Deerpark to see                   Betty Fauerbach
the art show.
Page 4                                                                                       disPatch July 2011

         JUNE/july                                                   MEMBERSHIP
     Block of the Month
                                                       The following new members joined the AQG in
                  Triple Rail Fence                    June: Charles Bowden, Ruth Christos,
  Two sets of three pieced strips are used to make     Dianne Griffith, Marisa Thomas. Please
  the rail fence. Cut these strips 2" wide: 2 dark     welcome them to the guild as you see them at the
  fabrics, 2 medium fabrics, and 1 light fabric        meetings.
  (need 2x as much of the light as you have for a
  dark or medium fabric).                              Those who renewed membership in June are:
  Sew in a 1/4" seam the two darks together to         Marcia Costello, Meg Manderson, Linda
  make one long strip and then add a strip of the      Medeiros, Barbara Preston, Edith Smith, Sharon
  light fabric. Press toward the dark fabric.          Smith, and Terry Williams.
  Sew the two medium colored strips together and
  then add a strip of the same light fabric. Press
  toward the medium fabric.                            Membership Information: I created fields in
  Cut each resulting strip 5" long. (This will make    the database for the committees on which mem-
  finished blocks of 4 1/2".)                          bers would be willing to participate. Information
  40 blocks of each set will make the center of a      was also collected on quilting interests. If com-
  quilt that is 36" x 45 1/2".                         mittee chairpersons would like to have a docu-
  If you are putting together the quilt top, look at   ment of any of those items, please email me as to
  the photo which makes the rail fence easy to as-     what you would want included.
                                                       Respectfully submitted,
  (Based on instructions from Rosemary Wilkin-         Kitty Etterman, Membership Co-Chair
  son's Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend)

  Note: This is a repeat of last months article.
                                                          Doing a block a month may win
                                                                   you a prize!
                                                        Each month at the Asheville Quilt Guild meeting a
                                                        new block is introduced. People bringing blocks,
                                                        quilt tops, or finished quilts of one of the "blocks of
                                                        the month" may put their names in the designated
                                                        basket. Every three months there will be a prize
                                                        drawing. All of our blocks will be added to the
                                                        charity quilt supply.
disPatch   July 2011                                                                   Page 5

                                                              Ricky Tims!
           Ways and Means
                                                           Still Time to Register!
                 July Update                    The Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar is just over two months
                                                away, and the chance to register for $179 has ended.
                                                But, don’t despair, you may still register as a small
   Our beautiful Opportunity Quilt is at        group (two to nine people) for $194 if you sign up by
 Asheville Cotton for July during the Shop      August 1. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime
 Hop and then to Quilters Quarters in           opportunity!!!
 Waynesville. I'd like to travel with it to     When: September 15 – 17, 2011
 other events. Please let me know if you        Where: The Crowne Plaza in West Asheville
 have suggestions.                              Cost: $194, if you had not already registered by June
                                                24 and if you are registering between June 25 and Au-
                                                gust 1 with a group of two to nine people; the price in-
    Please return your Opportunity Quilt        creases after that.
 ticket stubs and money to me at the meet-      Registration: The form is on our website
                                                www.ashevillequiltguild.org/Ricky Tims reg.pdf.
 ings or by mail at 45 Duff Lane, Waynes-       Complete the form and send your check directly to
 ville, NC 28786.                               Ricky Tims.

    Thanks to those who have donated wee
 quilts to our Silent Auction. It's a great     •   Members working on this event during the past year
 way to use "orphan blocks" and small               will have the opportunity to sign up first. A lottery
                                                    will be held at a Guild meeting to determine the
 UFO's.! Please keep them coming. The               additional ten or more needed as volunteers.
 proceeds of the Silent Auction will be         •   Most jobs require standing for at least 45 minutes,
 used to promote our Guild mission of               the ability to lift 25 pounds, and setting up and tak-
                                                    ing down the quilt show and shop.
 quilting education. We will offer profes-      •   Volunteers must be registered attendees.
 sional appraisals at no charge to the public   •   Volunteers work all three days and will be assigned
 during the Quilt Exhibit at the Folk Art           to one of two shifts – (1) beginning of each day’s
                                                    program through half the lunch break or (2) half the
 Center from Sept. 24, 2011 through Jan.            lunch break through the end of each day’s program.
 24, 2012.                                      •   Volunteers participate in the entire seminar and miss
                                                    NONE of it and are on duty only before the seminar
                                                    begins each day, during breaks, and during lunch.
                                                •   Volunteers receive a $60 credit at the Ricky Tims’
 Linda Nichols
 Ways and Means chair                           Other questions? Contact
                                                nemathewson@yahoo.com or
Page 6                                                                                                         disPatch July 2011

                                       OFFICIAL BUSINESS
    Asheville Quilt Guild Board Meeting – Draft                       No decisions were made.
                       minutes                                        Newsletter will be formatted for internet access
                     June 7, 2011                                     (eliminating columns on some pages).
  Board members present: Sara Hill, Janie Wilson, Angela              Future agenda items:
  Lamoree, Jean Karpen, Ann Garner, Sharon Smaldone,                  • Raising membership fees
  Barbara Swinea, Sherrie Traub, Peggy Newell, Linda Nichols,         • Charge for disPatch to be mailed.
  Barbara Pate, Katie Winchell                                        • Make-up of AQG Board
  The meeting was called to order at 10:03.                           The meeting was adjourned at 11:32.
  Minutes of 5-3-11 approved as printed.
  Treasurer's Report reviewed. No concerns.                           Jean Karpen, Secretary
  Website: Clarification – Business forms will be available on
  the website under “Contacts.” Other forms, which may
                                                                       Asheville Quilt Guild General Meeting Minutes
  change annually, will be found under the appropriate menu
                                                                                                June 21, 2011
                                                                      The meeting was called to order by President Sara Hill at 7:03
  Newsletter: New deadline for disPatch articles is the Tues-
  day before the Board meeting.
                                                                      Minutes of May 17, 2011 general meeting were approved as
  Folk Art Center: Janie (President-elect) will coordinate the
  room set-up, bleachers or tables & chairs.
                                                                      Treasurer's Report was approved as printed.
  Holiday Luncheon: It was decided to use the budgeted
                                                                      North Carolina Symposium: Sara gave a brief explanation
  $500 to supplement the cost of food. Vickie Lemonds
                                                                      of the NC Symposium. Betty Fauerbach moved, and Diana
  is coordinating the holiday luncheon this year.
                                                                      Ramsay seconded, that the Asheville Quilt Guild host the NC
                                                                      Symposium in 2018.
  • August meeting: Katie Winchell will arrange to have a
                                                                      Discussion followed; several questions were asked and
  speaker from the hospital.
                                                                      answered. The motion carried.
  • 2013 – We will not have Elly Sienkiewicz; we will ask Laura
  Wasilowski to present a program.
                                                                      • Drawing for the gift certificate for monthly blocks will be
  Community Quilts: Challenge bags will be available at the
                                                                      held in July.
  June meeting. Katie will make up scrap bags to
                                                                      • Community Quilts: Fabric has been organized and is
  sell in July. Information about sending quilts/supplies to Ala-
                                                                      available. Challenge bags are available tonight. Scrap bags will
  bama will be published in the newsletter so that individuals
                                                                      be sold at the July meeting. Fat quarters will be sold at the
  may make donations.
                                                                      August meeting.
  Library: Sharon will work with Peggy Tobin to explore op-
                                                                      • Quilt Show: We will need lots of volunteers! Anyone inter-
  tions for library issues – lost books, book return system, how
                                                                      ested in giving a demo during the show, please contact Nancy
  to increase use. It was suggested that the Mentor Chair em-
                                                                      Dalzell. In July, Betty Fauerbach will begin collecting books,
  phasize library to new members.
                                                                      magazines, and patterns for the Guild flea market table. Gift
  AQG Board: The new Board structure which was imple-
                                                                      Shop – Please see the newsletter for detailed information about
  mented in March, 2011, as directed by a change in the
                                                                      participating in the Guild Gift Shop.
  bylaws, will be reevaluated in the coming months. We will be
                                                                      • Ricky Tims: The deadline for early registration has been
  considering which appointed committee chairs should be
                                                                      extended to June 24, 2011. Volunteer lottery will take place at
  Board members.
                                                                      the July meeting.
  Tresner Award Committee: Barbara Swinea will chair the
                                                                      • Workshops: There are 4 slots left for the August workshop
  committee to set procedures.
                                                                      with Lyric Kinard.
  Ways and Means: Sharon moved that we no longer mail
                                                                      • Member Bees: Lamplighters Bee has changed its meeting
  tickets for the opportunity quilt. Sherry seconded and the
                                                                      time. See newsletter.
  motion carried. Members are still asked to sell tickets for the
                                                                      The meeting was adjourned at 7:37.
  opportunity quilt and tickets may be picked up at Guild meet-
  ings. Linda asked for ideas for fall fund-raising. One idea is to
                                                                      Jean Karpen, Secretary
  have members donate items to Ways & Means for the
  August Flea Market sale, with proceeds going to Ways &
  Means. Another idea is a UFO exchange.
disPatch   July 2011                                                                                   Page 7

                                    OFFICIAL BUSINESS
                                          Asheville Quilt Guild
                                         Treasurer's Report - June 2011
                       Budget Category       June, 2011               Fiscal YTD          Budget
           Donations                                        2.00               27.00                   0.00
           Guild Projects                                                                            250.00
              Ricky Tims                                                                           2,000.00
           Holiday Banquet                                                                             0.00
           Interest                                                                0.44              200.00
           Library                                                                                200.00
           Membership Dues                                260.00            1,980.00            6,000.00
           Quilt Show                                                                          33,000.00
           Ways & Means                                                       344.00            5,000.00
           Workshops                                   1,000.00             4,470.00            5,000.00
           Total Income                                1,262.00             6,821.44           51,650.00
           Accounting Services                                                377.46                 400.00
           Awards                                                                                  1,075.00
           Bank Charge                                                          6.50                  10.00
           Community Quilts                               100.08              204.97                 300.00
           Equipment                                                                                200.00
           Gifts and Donations                                                                        0.00
           Guild Projects                                                     268.85                900.00
            Ricky Tims                                                        476.54                650.00
           Historian                                                                                  0.00
           Holiday Banquet                                300.00              300.00                500.00
           Hospitality                                                                              200.00
           Insurance                                                                                 400.00
           Library                                                                                   150.00
           Membership                                      -4.00              501.63               1,000.00
           Mentorship                                                                                140.00
           Newsletter                                     82.68               306.16            1,500.00
           Programs & Workshops                        1,315.94             6,481.65           12,350.00
           Publicity                                                                              250.00
           Quilt Show                                     223.66              330.02           30,000.00
           Rent                                           175.00              425.00                700.00
           Subscriptions & Dues                                                                     350.00
           Supplies & Misc.                                                                          25.00
           Ways & Means                                   206.76              206.76                550.00
           Total Expenses                              2,400.12              9,885.54          51,650.00
           Excess or (Deficit)                        -1,138.12             -3,064.10

           Total Cash on Hand                        $30,726.62

           Angela Lamoree, Treasurer
Page 8                                                                                  disPatch July 2011

   Charlotte Warr Andersen Wed., 7/20 Machine Quilt Geometric                     $40 AQG members
                                      Patterns without Marking                    $55 non-members

   Lyric Kinard                    Wed., 8/17 Surface Design                      $40 AQG members
                                              Sampler Platter                     $55 non-members

   Are you an AQG member? Yes/no           Total Amount Enclosed $___________

   Indicate your workshop selection by circling the name of the workshop. If you are signing up
   for more than one workshop, please write separate checks for each workshop. Please date your
   checks with the date of the workshop and make payable to Asheville Quilt Guild.


   Phone:_____________________________ email:_______________________________

   Mail to: Charlotte McRanie camcranie@gmail.com 419-0199
         795 Lakey Gap Road
         Black Mountain NC 28711

   Cancellation policy: Workshop cancellations must be made with the workshop chair at least 14
   days before the workshop date in order for the registration fee to be refunded. Otherwise, you must
   find a replacement for your workshop space and notify the workshop chair.

                              QUILT SHOW GIFT SHOP NEWS
    Cindy Shock and Gail Holt will be co-chairing the gift shop this year and would like to encourage
    the quilters and crafter's of the guild to participate by bringing in items for sale in the shop. We
    will welcome gift items of good quality and high standards made by the members of the Asheville
    Quilt Guild without limitations of fabric only. This means that we will include knitted and
    crocheted items as well as quilt related items and other appropriate crafts. Please call or e-mail to
    obtain a crafter's #. Cindy Shock 828-452-5255, csscricket@charter.net /Gail Holt 828-456-4477
    gailholt@bellsouth.net. The policies and inventory form can be downloaded from the web site
    under forms at http://www.ashevillequiltguild.org/Business Forms.html
disPatch   July 2011                                                                     Page 9

   Lectures & Workshops
                                                      August Workshop: On Wednesday August
July Lecture and Workshop: Charlotte Warr             17th, Lyric Kinard, International Association of
Andersen will join us for the July 19th meeting to    Professional Quilter’s Teacher of the Year for
talk about “A Quilter's Progression.” With            2011, will present her most popular workshop,
over twenty years experience as a quilt teacher,      “Surface Design Sampler Platter.” (All levels wel-
she has some stories to tell! Come spend an           come) Students will create a small fabric collage
entertaining hour listening to the personal, laugh-   on batting, learn different surface design tech-
out-loud adventures of a quiltmaker who is also a     niques, and come home with a small art-quilt or
wife and mother, with some more serious insights      a book-cover. Techniques include printing and
into her process. Then on Wednesday, July 20th,       stenciling, stamp carving, screen printing, foil-
she presents the workshop “Machine Quilt              ing, photo transfer and beading. $10 fee for all
Geometric Patterns without Marking.” This             students. If you choose to buy a kit ($30) all
workshop involves symmetrical machine quilting        you’ll need to bring is scissors and either an X-
designs, many of them of sashiko origin, which        Acto knife or lino carving tools. Wear old
can be laid down without applying pencil or           clothes. There will be samples from the class at
marker to fabric. Using a domestic machine, tools     the Workshop table at the meeting. Check ‘em
and techniques, practice four quilting patterns       out! http://www.lyrickinard.com.
from Charlotte’s book, One Line at a Time, and
four patterns from its forthcoming sequel. Any
interested in this workshop will be put on the
waiting list. http://www.cwaquilts.com.

August Program: Quilter’s Flea Market Ex-
travaganza. (Tues., August 16)
Here’s an opportunity to clean out your sewing
space. Books, magazines and patterns may be do-                Additional information including
nated to the Quilt Show where they will be sold       downloadable supply lists and registration forms
to raise money for the Guild. On Tuesday, August      is available at the website:
16th bring the fabric you are done with, rulers,      www.ashevillequiltguild.org.
thread, scissors and other notions you have re-       Sign up for a workshop today!
placed or have no need for, those things you are
wondering what you were thinking when you                    Mark your calendars now:
bought them, UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and            September’s meeting will be a lunchtime
let’s make a deal. (One member said she bought a      POTLUCK at the Governor’s Western
feather weight at the last flea market! Think out-    Residence. And coming up in October Sue
side the sewing box!) This is your chance to make     Nickel’s will be here to teach Baltimore Style
room for new stuff and make a little cash! This       Applique by Machine. More details to follow.
will be a fun opportunity for conversation, hag-
gling, shopping, sharing, and coming home with
new ideas and inspiration and new stuff.              Peggy Newell
Page 10                                                                                              disPatch July 2011

                                                               Little Bee - 1st Thursday evening each month at
                                                               7pm in each other’s homes. Contact Cindy Lund at
  Are you new to our guild or to the area? Just starting on
  your quilting journey? Would you like to get to know         Fiber Arts Alliance - Anyone interested in art quilts,
  other quilters better, or find out more about quilting or    any medium, or any level is invited to join. 1st Tuesday
  guild activities? Would you enjoy a couple of hours of       each month at the West Asheville Presbyterian Church
  fun and fellowship with other quilters. Are you a current    at 690 Haywood Road. 12:00 brown bag lunch, 12:30-
  member who would like to meet and help new quilters          3:00 meeting. Contact Deborah Brown at 456-7662
  and members, or are you looking for volunteers for you       or email her at itsinourhands51@gmail.com or
  committees? If so, please join a Member Bee. Many            Meg Manderson at 683-6563 or email her at
  close friendships are formed as you share quilting infor-    megmanderson@gmail.com.
  mation in these smaller groups.
  You may also start a new group, maybe in your neighbor-      Quilts For Linus- The Linus Project is a nationwide
  hood or at a time more suited to your schedule. All it       volunteer project that collects blankets (quilts, knitted
  takes is a few other quilters to start. Contact me and we    and crocheted items) for traumatized and hospitalized
  can publish it here monthly. Visit one or more of the fol-   children. This group is open to everyone. We meet
  lowing groups. You are always welcome at any or all of       every 4th Friday from 1 to 3:30pm. We have lots of
  them. Bring a project you are working on, especially if      new fabric donated by Marti’s Patchwork Cottage.
  you need help or advice. Don’t forget your SHOW &            Come to select fabric to sew a community quilt at home,
  TELL!                                                        to help layer tops, to cut for kits or one that you want to
  Kim Thompson, Member Bee Chair,                              make (bring cutting equipment) or sew (bring your ma-
  628-1938 or lkbt94@aol.com                                   chine) with us. Contact Sara Hill at 664-0974 for more
                                                               information or directions.
  The Firehouse Quilters (North) - 1st & 3rd Thurs-
  day each month - 10:30 - 2:00 - Reems Creek Firehouse        East-Enders Bee meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of
  Community Room, Beaverdam Road, North Asheville.             each month. We meet in members homes from 1-3.
  Bring lunch. Contact Helen Kehoe at 281-2098.                Members living on the East side of Asheville or in Swan-
                                                               nanoa or Black Mountain are encouraged to join us.
  Beaucatcher’s Bee – meets every Tuesday 10 am-               Contact Maureen Kampen hyland77@yahoo.com
  noon, North Ashevillle Community Center, 39 E. Larch-        or Sally Gross-Holbrook at 686-4616 for more
  mont Rd (off Merrimon Ave). Annual Community                 information.
  Center Fee applies. Questions? Contact Mary Field at
  254-9128.                                                    Spring Mountain. The Spring Mountain bee meets
                                                               the second Tuesday morning from 10-12, teaching and
  Lamplight Bee Meets on the 4th Thursday of the               working on quilts and other hand crafts, benefiting the
  month at 6:30pm, Oak Hill Methodist Church 277 Oak           local community, the Asheville Quilt Guild and other
  Hill Drive, Candler NC. Call or email Betty                  charities. It is open to everyone, and the contacts are
  Fauerbach for more information at 627-9793 or                Kay Jenkins at 628-7900 or Kim Thompson at
  emfauerbach@charter.net (Note New Day)

                                                               Biltmore Lake Quilters meet the second and fourth
  South Asheville Bee - Meets at Earth Fare South com-
                                                               Thursdays each month from 9-1 at the Biltmore Lake
  munity room, 1856 Hendersonville Road, on the second
                                                               Clubhouse. All are welcome (you do not have to live in
  and fourth Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. Call Ann
                                                               Biltmore Lake). Contact Mary Rogers for more infor-
  Bordeau at 650-9708 or Alice Helms at 277-9223.
                                                               mation at 665-2602 or rogmarync@charter.net
disPatch    July 2011                                                                           Page 11

Dare to Bee - The purpose of the group is to challenge              Guild Projects
quilters to go beyond their comfort zones in a relaxed and
supportive Jennifer Haines 333-4251 or                       Norene Goard will be displaying her quilts at the
Jenuofroc@aol.com                                            NC Arboretum (2nd Floor Hall of the Education
                                                             Bldg.) during the months of July and August.
                                                             Many thanks to the WeeBees for displaying their
                                                             quilts during May and June!

                                                             Elaine Zinn
                                                             Guild Projects Chair

                                                             The quilt is a wonderful representation of the
                                                             natural beauty of our area and a testament to
                                                             the talent of AQG members

                                                             In light of the quilt’s popularity with guests, the
                                                             Southern Highland Craft Guild is having a post-
                                                             card of the quilt printed which will be for sale
                                                             at the Folk Art Center.

                                                             It was professionally photographed by Tim
                                                             Barnwell and the postcard is in the process of
                                                             being designed and printed.

                                                             The SHCG is also having a plaque made to hang
                                                             with the quilt recognizing the contributors. It
                                                             is an honor to have the quilt on display at the
                                                             Folk Art Center and the SHCG is grateful for this
                                                             generous gift. Once again we would like to
                                                             thank the Asheville Quilt Guild, and specifically
                                                             those members who designed and created
                        Photo by                             “Celebrating 75 Years of the Blue Ridge
                      Tim Barnwell                           Parkway.”

                                                             Contributors: Julie Bagamary, Georgia
It should come as no surprise that the quilt,
“Celebrating 75 Years of the Blue Ridge                      Bonesteel, Ann Bordeaux, Robin Brooks,
Parkway” has been very well received by Folk                 Connie Brown, Laura Casey, Donna Faber,
Art Center visitors. As you all know, the quilt              Norene Goard, Amy Harry, Yolanda Hall, Judy
was designed and created by members of the                   Heyward, Ira Inman, Maureen Kampen, Lynda
                                                             Kepler, Ellen Levine, Janice Maddox, Nancy
Asheville Quilt Guild and was given as a gift to
the Southern Highland Craft Guild and installed              Mathewson, Linda Nichols, Diana Ramsay,
as a permanent exhibition at the Folk Art Center.            Sharon Smaldone, Rita Williams.
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