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					                                                       2011CHEROKEE NATIONAL HOLIDAY "Jobs, Language & Community"
                                                                      EVENT AND COORDINATORS
EVENT                                        DATE               TIME                     LOCATION                 COORDINATOR/S                       PHONE                     E-MAIL
Art Show                                      9/2           1 pm - 8 pm    Armory Building                        Marie Smith                       x5524
Art Show*                                     9/3           10 am - 8 pm   Armory Building                        Cora Lathrop                      x3939
Art Show                                      9/4           10am - 5 pm    Armory Building
2012 Cherokee Calendar Signing                9/3            10am-4pm      Gift Shop Lobby                        Linda Taylor                      456-2793
Arts & Crafts                                 9/3           9am-3:30pm     Courthouse Square                      Rhonda Cochran x200 822-2529 ce   687-0201
Arts & Crafts                                  9/2            10:00 AM     Heritage Center                        Tom Mooney                        x6152
Arts & Crafts                                 9/3,4           11:00 AM     Heritage Center                        Becky Adair                       x6160
Arts & Crafts                                9/2,3,4         10am-9pm      West of Complex                        Lou Slagle                        x5544
Arts & Crafts                                  9/2           5pm-12am      Cultural Grounds                       Lou Slagle                        x5544
Arts & Crafts                                  9/3           2pm-12am      Cultural Grounds
Bingo                                          9/2            6pm-9pm      West of Complex                        Charolette Jackson                458-5009
Bingo                                          9/3             1:00 PM     West of Complex
Bingo                                          9/4             1:00 PM     West of Complex
Blowgun Contest                                9/3               1pm       Heritage Center                        Amy Davis                         453-5536
Gospel Concert                                 9/4           1 pm - 5pm    West of Complex                        Janie Carey                                      work 456-8698
Gospel Concert                                                                                                    Doug Bryant                       232-0835
Car Show                                      9/4              4-Feb   Cherokee Casino Parking area               Darla Miley                       207-3527
Cherokee Cultiral & Traditional Activities    9/3           1 pm - 5pm                                            Donna Tinnin                      x5728
Cherokee Families & Communities               9/3            1 pm - 7                                             Donna Tinnin                      x5728

Cherokee National Holiday Parade*             9/3             9:30am       Downtown                               Debra Lack                        453-5310
Cherokee National Youth Choir                 9/3           performing     several Holiday events see asterisk*   Mary Kay Henderson                478-4473
                                                                                                                  Kathy Sierra                      x5638
Cherokee National Youth Choir                                                                                     Kathy Sierra                      x5639
Children's Fishing Derby                      9/3          7:30am-12pm Pond east of Complex                       Valerie Diffee                    x5536
Children's Fun Days                           9/2           6 -10 Friday West of Complex
Children's Fun Days                          9/3,4                         12-11pm Saturday, 1-6 pm Sunday
CN Complex Open House*                        9/3            10am-4pm CN Complex                                  Annette Stinnett                  207-3879
5K Holiday Run                                9/3             7:30am  East of Complex                             Hillary Fry                       x7691
5K Holiday Run                                                                                                    Lu McMcCraw                       x5260
Fiddlers competition                           9/3            1-5pm        Job Corp Gym                           Jerry Bigfeather                  x5123
Free Feed                                      9/3           1pm-4pm       Sequoyah Schools Cafeteria             Shirley Ross                      x5581
Golf Tournament sponsored by Stage Stores    9/2,3,4         7:30 AM       Cherokee Trails Golf course            Tim Livesay                       458-4294       457-7077

History Exhibit                               9/3             1pm-7pm      Seminary Hall                          Donna Gourd                       x5641
History Exhibit                               9/4            12pm-5pm      Seminary Hall                          Joyce Connley                     x3964
Intertribal Powwow                            9/2               5pm        Cultural Grounds                       Beverely Barr                          
Intertribal Powwow*                           9/3               2pm        Cultural Grounds                       Charley Soap                           
Marble Tournament (finals)                    9/3             4:00 PM      Heritage Center                        Daniel Faddis                     x5224
Coordinator for Volunteers                                                                                        Gregg Simmons                     x5351
Cornstalk Shoot Competition                   9/3           Registration West of Complex                          Charolette Jackson                458-5009
Cornstalk Shoot Competition                   9/3             7:30am
Elders Fun Day*                               9/3            12pm-6pm                                             Virginia Tucker                           5627
                                                                                                                  Janet Ward                        x5327
                                                                                                                  Lou Slagle                        x5544
Gospel Singing                                9/2               6pm        West of Complex                        Janie Carey                       453-0314       work 456-8698
Gospel Singing*                               9/3             4:00 PM      West of Complex                        Doug Bryant                       506-4081       232-0835
                                                          2011CHEROKEE NATIONAL HOLIDAY "Jobs, Language & Community"
                                                                         EVENT AND COORDINATORS
EVENT                                            DATE             TIME                     LOCATION                  COORDINATOR/S                     PHONE                         E-MAIL
Horseshoe Pitch Competition                        9/3           9:00 AM     West of Complex                         Jody Slover                     822-2428
Jr. Miss Cherokee Leadership Competition          8/20           6:30 PM     Old Gym                                 Reba Bruner                     x5397  
Little Cherokee Ambassdors                       13-Aug          4:00 PM     The place where they play               Mandy Scott                     x3841  
Living Treasures Awards                            9/3             12pm      Courthouse Square                       Bill Andoe                      453-5153
Miss Cherokee Leadership Competition              8/27             7pm       Cornerstone Church                      Nancy Scott                     x5259  
Miss Cherokee Official Crowning                    9/3             12pm      Courthouse Square                       Nancy Scott                     x5259  
Nancy Ward Reception                               9/3           2:00 PM     Council Chambers                        Ruth Faulkner                   663-4637
Quilt Contest                                      9/3            9a-5pm     Sequoyah Old Gym                        Rhonda Stanley                  x5598  
Quilt Contest*                                     9/4           1pm-4pm
Seminary Hall Tours                                9/3         1pm - 6 pm    Seminary Hall NSU                       Donna Gourd                     x5641  
Softball Fast Pitch & Co-ed Tournament            8/26           6pm-1am     SHS Softball Fields                     Melissa Cloud          316-3760 x5572  
Softball Fast Pitch & Co-ed Tournament            8/27           9am-1am     SHS Softball Fields                     Gayle Miller
Softball Fast Pitch & Co-ed Tournament            8/28          9am-10pm     SHS Softball Fields                     Nemo Bush
Softball Tournament                                9/2           6pm-1am     SHS Softball Fields
Softball Tournament*                               9/3           9am-1am     SHS Softball Fields                     Sherwin Johnson                 696-5760
Softball Tournament                                9/4          9am -6pm                                             Crystal Bogle                   530-8777
State of Sequoyah Conference                                    reg. 10:30   Technology Bldg-NSU                     Richard Allen                   x5466  
State of the Nation Address*                      9/3            11:30am     Courthouse Square                       Linda Turnbull Lewis            458-9322
Stickball Game                                    9/2              7pm       Markoma Field                           Shane Dominick                          5521
Stickball Game*                                   9/3            9:00 PM     SHC Football Field                      Sharon Dry                              5518
Sunday Morning Worship                            9/4          10am-12pm     SHS Chapel                              Doug Carey
Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament              9/2              5pm       Markoma Gym
Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament              9/3            9:00 AM     Markoma Gym                                                             cell 316-3614
Traditional Indian Food Cook-Off                  9/3              5:00      West of Complex                         Pam Bakke                       x5347  
Traditional Indian Games play-off                 9/4            1:00 PM     West of Complex                         Louie Slagle                    453-1689
Veteran's Reception*                              9/3              4pm       the place where they play recep. Room   Rogan Noble                     x5695  
Veteran's Reception                                                                                                  Ellen Johnson                             5230
Watermelon Social                                 9/3           1:00 PM      Courthouse Square                       Lou Slagle                      453-1689

Administrative                             Felicia Wing       x5204
Meeting Minutes
                                                       2011CHEROKEE NATIONAL HOLIDAY "Jobs, Language & Community"
                                                                      EVENT AND COORDINATORS
EVENT                                           DATE           TIME               LOCATION           COORDINATOR/S   PHONE   E-MAIL
Budgets                                    Shay Smith        x5534
Cell Phones                                Trish Gifford     x5534
Concession Sales                           Louie Slagle      x5544
Construction/Maintenance                   Bodie Crow        x5747
Contracts                                  Brenda Crouch     x5214
Corporate Sponsors/Media                   Louie Slagle      x5544
EMS/Emergencies                            Martin Webb       458-5403
First Aide/Nursing Station @ Holiday Run
Food Handler's Class                       Lisa Smith-West   x5134
Grooming SHS Softball Fields
Holiday Director                           Louie Slagle      x5544
Holiday Volunteer Shirts                   Louie Slagle      x5544
Internet/Webmaster                         Tonia Williams    x5688
Media/Press                                Sammye Rusco      x3896
Purchasing                                 Kristy Rhodes     x5281
Risk Management/Loss Control/Safety        Shane McMahan     x5656
Security                                   Richard Carter    x5388
Signs                                      Louie Slagle      x5544
Traffic Control                            Richard
Trash Barrels
Tribal Council House                       Gayle Miller
Volunteer Coordinators                     Gregg Simmons     x5351
Annual Report Coordinator                  Barbara Neal      x5541

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