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                                                                                                           November 2009

                                                    & Views
                                                     Academically Excellent!
                                                    Marlington is extremely proud once again to be the recipient of a designation
                                                 from the State Board of Education as “Excellent.” This achievement is the result
                                                 of hard work by our staff and students.
                                                    At the regular Board of Education meeting on Thursday, November 19,
                                                 2009, at 7:00 P.M., State of Ohio Board of Education Member, Mrs. Deborah L.
                                                 Cain, will be in attendance to present Marlington Local Schools an “Excellent”
                                                 Banner. The students, staff and community are welcome to attend for this

Delayed start Dates
                                                Message from the superintendent
    Monday, November 16, 2009                       As we settle into the 2009-2010 school year, everyone in the district seems to
    Monday, February 1, 2010                    be busy, and recently many of the successes of our students have been reported in
                                                the media. Hopefully you have had some time to spend catching up on all of their
   The purpose of the delayed start is          accomplishments. Let me take this opportunity to give you a quick update of the
to provide extra time for staff to work         challenges the district is facing.
together collaboratively on specific                Like many people these days, education, in general, faces many financial hurdles
                                                and uncertainties. With the threat of further cuts in education from the State of
goals to improve student achievement.
                                                Ohio, much of what may be in store for us here at Marlington would put us on
Classes will begin two hours later than         unfamiliar ground and increase our level of concern about the future. As a school
the regular start time. Buses will pick         district we have taken measures to maintain an academic environment that is both
up students two hours later than their          effective and affordable, but continuing that environment is becoming increasingly
scheduled pick up time.                         difficult in light of recent economic events.
                                                    Two years ago the Marlington School District was in a state of deficit spending.
                                                At that time we took action to address the budget shortfall. There were significant
                                                reductions of both classified and certified staff. We also eliminated some of our
                                                extracurricular programs and increased many fees. As a result of these reductions,
                                                we have been able to keep our district in the “black” without asking our
                                                community for more money.
                                                    Despite our proactive measures we will be in a state of deficit spending by
                                                the end of next year. Our board of education, acting on my recommendation, is
  table of contents                             asking the Marlington community to support the district with the passage of a
                                                replacement levy this November. This levy—Issue 50—is a tax increase, but will
                                                provide our district with the necessary funds to continue our academic excellence.
                                                    If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me, and I will answer
 District News .................1-6, 13, 16     or address them. On November 3rd, please come out and support your schools by
 Marlington Report Cards .........7-12          voting for Issue 50. Let’s keep Marlington excellent!

 High School ...........................13-15
                                                James Nicodemo, Superintendent
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                                                           Permanent improvement spending
   Administrative Office                                      The Marlington School District is fortunate to have a permanent improvement
                                                           levy that provides approximately half a million dollars each year for the district’s
   BOArd OF EducAtiON                                      capital improvements. Due to our aging facilities, the repair and improvement
cathy Krupko ......................... President
                                                           needs of the district greatly exceed the revenue raised by our current permanent
carolyn Gabric .................Vice President
Philip Francis ........................... Member
                                                           improvement levy. This shortage of funds requires our administration to evaluate
Mark ryan ................................ Member          and appropriate these monies by putting the safety of our students first and
don VanFossen ........................ Member              foremost. This year is no different. We have made every effort to address some
 (Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the third                 of the major repairs first. One of our improvements was the north parking lot at
Thursday of each month in the H.S. Library)                the middle school. This project cost the district just over one hundred thousand
                                                           dollars and is the beginning of our paving needs. Currently we are in need of a
                                                           new boiler at Lexington Elementary that
 Marlington Administration
          10320 Moulin Ave., N.E.                          could approach seventy
           Alliance, Ohio 44601                            thousand dollars. As you
              330-823-7458                                 can see just two projects
             Fax: 330-823-7759                             are requiring us to expend
          www.marlingtonlocal.org                          almost forty percent of our
    Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                    total budget for the current
James Nicodemo.............. Superintendent
Lea Packey ....Secretary to Superintendent
                                                              As we continue to go
Wendy Williams ......Curriculum Director                   through the school year we
Shelley Aumend ................... Secretary to            can assure you that we will address needs
                                     Business Office       that could affect the safety of students first
Gail Haidet ....................................EMIS       and then evaluate the remainder of the projects. As you travel throughout the
Sandra Moeglin ........................Treasurer           district, please be assured that we are trying to address as many of our capital needs
Sheri Bye ................ Accounts Receivable/            as possible with the limited money available.
                              Budgetary Secretary
Lisa Manos .................. Accounts Payable
Sheri Sickles .........Food Service Secretary               Where Your Permanent improvement Dollars are going!
Lori Yost ...................................... Payroll
                                                            Permanent Improvement Expenses 7/01/09 through 10/7/09
Jim Sukosd . Grounds Maintenance Supv.
                                  330-353-3985              High School practice field excavating, grading, etc.                    $ 19,000.00
Fred Millard........................ Maintenance            Moulin Center lease payments                                            $ 80,384.00
terry Green........................ Maintenance             Washington Elementary lentils replaced                                  $ 20,000.00
                                  330-353-2414              Lexington Elementary Tech Lab electrical service                        $    980.00
                                                            Middle School paving                                                    $ 19,525.00
                Bus Garage                                  District HB264 payoff                                                   $234,652.00
            330-829-1990                                    High School water pick up machine                                       $    895.00
      Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Pat Middleton ................Bus Coordinator               Middle School water pick up machine                                     $    895.00
Len Wartluft...................Supv. Mechanic               Washington Elementary Tech Lab electrical service                       $    980.00
James reinsel .......................... Mechanic
                                                            High School Home Ec. Labs electrical service updated                    $   1,300.00
News & Views is a publication of                            High School high speed floor buffer                                     $   1,076.00
Marlington Local Schools, a nonprofit                       High School Football/Soccer Stadium transformers repaired               $    833.00
organization. News releases, story ideas,
comments and suggestions should be                          Lexington boiler asbestos removal                                       $   2,665.00
addressed to News & Views, Marlington                       High School boiler control repair                                       $   1,963.00
Local Schools, 10320 Moulin Ave., NE,
                                                            Lexington engineer specifications for boiler repair                     $   3,600.00
Alliance, OH 44601. Circulation is
currently 7,600.                                            Lexington boiler replacement                                            $ 69,900.00
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treasurer’s report
By: Sandra Moeglin, Treasurer                                                               school closing
   The State mandates a Five-Year                                                           inforMation
Forecast be completed for each school
                                                                                                   WDPN 1310 AM
district by October 31st. This year
                                                                                                   WHBC 94.1 FM
proves to be more challenging than ever
                                                                                                   WHBC 1480 AM
before. With property valuations going
                                                                                             Cleveland Television Stations
down, the possible loss of funding due to
the State deficit, and the new evidence
                                                                                                   PLEASE DO NOT
based funding model, it is difficult to
                                                                                                CALL THE SCHOOLS!
know where to begin. In the past, as
                                                                                            We need to keep the phone lines open.
valuations went up and enrollment
remained stable, the resulting effect
was that the State portion went down
as the local share increased. Now with
valuations going down and enrollment
remaining the same and new legislation                                                    consUMer notice of
in place, the way that the State funds                                                    taP Water resUlt
schools has changed. Not only is the
State facing times they have never faced before, as a school district, so are we.
The State does not have the dollars to fund Marlington Local Schools, or other            Dear Consumer:
schools for that matter, at the rate they received last year. Marlington is receiving
approximately 1% less in State dollars this year as compared to last and within              Marlington Middle School is a
those funds 6% are coming from federal stimulus dollars leaving the State to              public water system (PWS) responsible
actually pay 93% of our previous year.                                                    for providing drinking water that
   We are planning for these decreases; but our concern is that the State Budget          meets state and federal standards.
was passed with dollars being received from video lottery terminals which were               A drinking water sample for lead
to make up for the budget deficit. A recent court ruling on VLT’s is jeopardizing         was collected at this location and the
these dollars. Therefore, from where will the money come to finance schools?              result is:
Governor Strickland announced three options to fill the deficit which is                  Amount of Lead in Water: ............ 6.1
approximately $850 million: 1) Raise the State Sales Tax; 2) Cut School Funding;                 Action Level for Lead:
or 3) Postpone reduction in the State Income Tax.                                             15 micrograms per liter (ug/L)
   Local administration has already begun planning for a reduction in funding
beginning 2010. A positive this year has been the revenue increase we received                     Location of sample:
due to open enrollment. However the State has not determined the funding                     Ten sites within school building
level for open enrollment beyond this school year. Currently, we will receive
approximately $5,700 per student. This amount could be cut in half the following                  Sample collection date:
year which would be a substantial decrease. Other continual considerations                          September 15, 2009
faced are aging buildings and school buses. Either of these could cost the District       PWS’s Lead 90th percentile value: . 6.1
thousands of dollars in one school year.
   The Five-Year Forecast is only one tool used by the Board of Education and                Our 90th percentile value for lead
the Administration in making decisions which impact the students of Marlington            does not exceed the action level,
Local Schools. As we face the upcoming challenges and look at ways to cut costs,          therefore, there are no actions being
we must remind ourselves to make decisions that are aligned with our Mission              implemented at this time other than
Statement:                                                                                sharing this consumer notice.
   In collaboration with staff, community, parents, and students, the Marlington Local
School District will develop lifelong learners who understand and apply knowledge, and
demonstrate excellence in pursuing the highest standards with effective intervention to
challenge every student.
   In doing so, we will be able to provide the quality education that the students
and residents of Marlington Local Schools have come to expect.
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curriculum Update
By Wendy Williams, Curriculum Director

                                           also contains information about
                                           educational and career opportunities,

                                           interests, high school coursework
eXPlore                                    plans, and the amount of help a
                                           student think he/she needs in seven
   Marlington has been afforded an         areas.
opportunity by the Stark Educational          This test also will be a help to
Partnership to give the EXPLORE            teachers and counselors so that            geMs
test to all our eighth grade students      they can effectively guide students,
for FREE! Three school districts in                                                       This school year the gifted GEMS
                                           advise the best course of study based
Stark County were chosen by this                                                      program is operating differently. The
                                           on student plans, deliver effective
group to give this test for the purpose                                               gifted intervention specialist at the
                                           instruction, evaluate student progress
of promoting college readiness. This                                                  middle school, darlene cribbs, is now
                                           and evaluate instruction. For school
assessment will be given to all eighth                                                full-time imbedded within the middle
                                           and district administrators this test
grade students in late October. The                                                   school classes. She is, therefore,
                                           will help document success in meeting
EXPLORE test is part of the ACT’s                                                     unable to help facilitate the GEMS
                                           academic standards, evaluate the
EPAS (Educational Planning and                                                        program. By law, a gifted intervention
                                           effectiveness of specific educational
Assessment System) along with the                                                     specialist can only serve 15 children
                                           programs, monitor progress toward
PLAN test given to sophomores                                                         at one time, so the Tuesday program
                                           desired educational programs, provide
and the college placement ACT                                                         that previously brought all the three
                                           career and educational planning and
test which is required by most Ohio                                                   elementary buildings’ gifted children
                                           verify student progress from Grades 8
colleges. The EXPLORE test is given                                                   together (which was approximately
                                           through 12.
to either eighth or ninth graders and                                                 30 children) could no longer happen
helps: identify career and educational                                                in the same manner. The gifted
                                                 College Credit College Credit Col
options, establish goals, determine        High Sc                                    intervention specialist, Judi Kneidel,
                                                        College Credit College Cre
courses needed to fulfill plans and                                                   is now serving third grade children
                                           High School
                                                                     College Credit   on Tuesday, fourth grade children on
evaluate educational/career progress.
                                           High School Credit High S
   All of these outcomes align well                                        College    Wednesday and fifth grade children
                                           High School Credit High School Cr          on Thursday at the middle school. A
with our district-wide Strategic
Planning goals, which include the                                                     cost saving measure was put in place
development of career pathways and         DUal creDit                                for these three days which allowed the
career exploration. The EXPLORE               Dual credit classes are underway        elementary children to ride the bus
test is aligned with the ACT and           with approximately 170 students            with middle school and high school
consists of four tests: English, math,     enrolled in the classes of precalculus,    students to come directly to the middle
reading and science. The math and          statistics, computer applications, and     school thus alleviating the necessity
reading tests each have 30 items and       survey history. These classes provide      of extra bus runs from the elementary
30 minutes to do the test. English has     students with the opportunity to earn      buildings to the middle school. Also
40 items in 30 minutes, and science        college credits and serve also to keep     it allows the children in the GEMS
has 28 items in 30 minutes. The            district money in the district rather      program to enjoy a longer time at the
EXPLORE Student Score Report               than paying for post-secondary classes.    middle school on their “day.”
will give students and their parents       The cost to the district for dual credit
information about their knowledge,         classes is much lower than the cost for
skills, interests, and plans. The report   students attending classes on a college
will tell students how they did on         campus.
the EXPLORE tests, and how they
scored compared to those of other
students across the nation. The report
Marlington local board of education                                                                                Page 5

                                 stimulus Dollars at Work for Kids
                                    The Marlington Local School District received over $750,000 in Federal Stimulus
                                 money which must be used to benefit students with learning disabilities and who are
                                 economically disadvantaged. These funds have provided an opportunity to purchase
                                 technology equipment including hardware, software, smart boards and projectors to be used
                                                           by the students.
                                                              With the budget cuts made over the past couple of years, the
                                                           transportation department was ecstatic to learn that a full-size
                                                           bus with a handicap lift was purchased and delivered this fall.
                                                               Our Level Literacy Director, Sharon Stroup, has been
                                                           busy putting an extensive reading program in place for the
                                                           elementary students.
                                                              The Stark County Sheriff’s office approached us this summer
                                                           with a grant to help defray the cost of a resource officer. These
                                                           stimulus dollars provided the funds required to bring back
                                                           Melissa Bogunovich to Marlington full-time. Mrs. Bogunovich
                                                           works with the administration on truancy, residency and
                                                           discipline issues as well as teaching safety to our elementary
                                                              The administration took this opportunity to purchase items
                                                           and services that will benefit the students of Marlington not
                                                           only for this year but for years to come.
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thank You for a Job Well Done!
   Beginning in January, 2010, the face of the Marlington Board of Education will be changing.
After serving the Marlington School District for twenty-three years, Don Van Fossen will be
embracing a new life, that of retirement. Don and his wife, Jo (formerly Loynachan), have been
married for 47 years and have a son, Scott, who graduated from Marlington.
   Don was born in Iowa and spent his boyhood days growing up on a farm. Don graduated
from Adel High School in Adel, Iowa and continued his education at Iowa State University,
obtaining a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. Don went on to study at the University
of Missouri at Rolla where he received his masters in engineering mechanics. In 1969 Don
moved to Alliance and worked 14 years for Babcock Wilcox Research Center and as a consultant
for the past 26 years.
   Don was first elected to the school board in 1985. Board Members have an awesome responsibility, that of providing a
high-quality education to each and every child, while at the same time overseeing taxpayer dollars. They donate and sacrifice
many hours to their schools and communities, which extend far beyond monthly meetings. There are hours of reading,
study, preparation, attendance at school functions and interaction with the community. Jim Nicodemo, Superintendent at
Marlington, stated “investing twenty three years of his life for kids speaks of the quality person that Don is. I know that he has
helped me grow as a superintendent and we will all miss him on the board.” Don was a very experienced board member who
will be missed. Words cannot express the gratitude and thanks that we give to Don for all of the wonderful years of services
that he has provided to our students, staff and community.

                                               Parent / teacher conferences
                                                  Parent/teacher conferences are an important way for parents and teachers
                                               to discus the progress being made by the students. You can help your children
                                               succeed in school by teaching them to also talk or confer with their teachers.
                                               Parents and students can become so used to teachers as authority figures that
                                               they forget what nice, creative, and flexible human beings most teachers are.
                                               Parents and students often simply accept a bad situation, assuming nothing
                                               can be done. The trust is, something always can be done. Naturally, not every
                                               problem can be resolved to suit everyone involved; but every problem has a
                                               solution. Learning to discuss problems and being proactive before problems
                                               arise is a skill every parent should teach their child.

                                               tips for Parents to Prepare for a conference
                                               Make a list of questions and comments to discuss as:
                                               √ What will be covered in the grade/subject this year? Can he/she handle the
                                                 course work?
    “Kids thrive when they feel the adults     √ Has my child missed any assignments?
in their lives see them in a consistent way.   √ Does my child participate in classroom activities?
So parents and teachers should try to          √ How does my child get along with his/her peers?
use the precious minutes of a conference       √ What can I do at home to help my child be more successful at school?
to reach an agreement about a child’s
strengths and challenges and to unite on       conference Dates
the best ways they each can respond to            Lexington                     11/19 & 11/24            3:30 – 8:30 pm
them.”                                            Marlboro                      11/19 & 11/24            3:30 – 8:30 pm
                      — Michael Thompson,         Washington                    11/19 & 11/24            3:30 – 8:30 pm
                       TIME.com Magazine
                                                  MMS                           11/19                    5:30 – 8:30 pm
                                                                                11/23                    2:45 – 6:45 pm
                                                  MHS                           11/19                    2:45 – 6:45 pm
                                                                                11/23                    5:30 – 8:30 pm
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  School Idling Policy Notification
  Protecting students’ health by Protecting them from Vehicle exhaust

   In accordance with the                    Why is idling of vehicles a                      savings per 180 school days would
Environmental Protection Agency’s            problem?                                         be $4,824.00.
(EPA) initiative to reduce air                                                             •	 idling vehicles can be easily stolen
                                             •	 Vehicle exhaust is hazardous to
pollution, Marlington Schools will                                                            or can cause damage if accidentally
                                                human health, especially children’s.
adopt a new district-wide policy that                                                         engaged.
                                                Children breathe more rapidly and
seeks to reduce student and driver                                                         •	 Today’s	cars	and	buses	do	not	
                                                inhale more pollutants per pound of
exposure to harmful fuel emissions by                                                         need to be warmed up, except in
                                                body weight than adults, and their
limiting unnecessary idling of school                                                         extremely cold conditions (below
                                                lungs are still developing.
buses, private vehicles, and delivery                                                         0° F). In fact, for modern diesel
                                             •	 Idling	wastes	resources	and	
vehicles and also to reduce fuel                                                              engines idling can actually be
                                                damages the environment. Burning
consumption costs.                                                                            harder on the engine than driving
                                                fuel needlessly costs money
                      This policy will                                                        down the road.
                                                and contributes to air pollution
                   apply to district-
                                                problems that harm plants and
                   owned school                                                               Parents and guardians are essential
                                                animals. For example, if we reduce
                   buses and vehicles,                                                     to ensuring the protection of children’s
                                                the total idle time throughout the
                   contracted vehicles,                                                    health from vehicle exhaust. We
                                                day by 30 minutes per bus, times 40
                   private vehicles and                                                    appreciate your support in following
                                                buses, we can save half a gallon of
                   delivery vehicles                                                       our new no idling policy when visiting
                                                fuel per hour per bus. If diesel fuel
                   on school district                                                      our schools.
                                                is $2.68 per gallon, the total district


  Clean Diesel School Bus Retrofit Grant
     Marlington Local Schools and Sandy Valley Local Schools received a Clean Diesel
  School Bus Retrofit Grant from the Ohio EPA and ARRA funds. This grant, in the
  amount of $96,450.00, will retrofit a total of 32 school buses. Twenty Marlington buses
  will be retrofitted with closed crankcase ventilation systems and four of those buses will receive diesel particulate filters. The
  school district was required to have a 5% in kind match. Our district match consisted of participation in the Stark County
  Diesel School Bus Clean-Up Project meetings, bus driver in-service on school bus idling practices, overseeing installation of
  the retrofits, publication of the Anti Idling policy in district newsletters, and facilitation of the grant.
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M Marlingtonhool
       High Sc

     Walk this Way!
         Check us out! If you have an opportunity, stop and see our
     project. The “Introduction to Landscape Design” class taught by
     Mr. Hippely has undertaken the project of constructing a 1,850
     square foot brick paver walkway. This is a major undertaking
     for this class, but the class has been up to the challenge and it
     is nearly completed. The driveway/walkway will connect the
     Michael D. Bach Garden with the 1,500 square foot walkway
     the students completed this past spring. The entire project will
     provide a beautiful walkway between the parking lots to the east
     of the horticulture center and the middle school and the soccer
     complex. The project is funded by the proceeds of the student-
     run greenhouse program under the direction of Mrs. Woods.
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         Mums the
   On Monday October 5, Mrs. Price’s reading classes planted mums as the culmination to the book Seedfolks. This book
features a group of people that end up crossing cultural differences to improve their community. Through donations and help
from the Marlington Horticulture Department, the students improved the appearance of the middle school and administration
building by planting mums. This has become an annual fall activity and through the generous support of our students and their
parents we hope to continue the tradition.
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          Marlington local schools
                                     will be on the ballot
                           tuesday, November 3rd
                                          issue #50
                             ViSit uS ON tHE WEB!!!

                         PuBLic NOticES AVAiLABLE

          Marlington local schools                                         Non-Profit Org.

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          10320 Moulin Ave.                                                      PAID
          Alliance OH 44601                                                 Alliance, OH
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                                         to:   ecr Wss
                                               Postal Patron

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