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									    Program Manual

  We grant wishes to children with life-threatening
medical conditions to enrich the human experience with
                hope, strength and joy.
               Kids For Wish Kids
Program Overview
Kids For Wish Kids® is a program designed to give young people the
opportunity to help grant wishes for children facing life-threatening illnesses
by raising the funds necessary to make these dreams reality.

What is most appealing about this unique program is that the ideas for how
to raise the money needed to grant a wish come from the kids themselves.
They have complete ownership of the program and are responsible for
carrying it out. Developing a program to assist other children provides a
valuable learning experience for those who participate in the Kids For Wish
Kids program.

Kids For Wish Kids works best when it is the product of the children’s ideas
and energy. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona is happy to help
provide resources, ideas, and recognition, but the event belongs to the kids.
Parents, teachers and staff often serve as mentors, but the true learning
experience comes from the kids taking ownership of the program, and in
doing so, they understand the reasons for giving the gift.

Program Goals
   1. To increase awareness about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona
      and the importance of its mission to children with life-threatening
   2. To encourage kids to become actively involved in fulfilling the wishes
      of children with life-threatening illnesses through their own efforts.
   3. To foster the value of community service – using this program as a
      hands-on learning experience for kids.
   4. To provide an opportunity for kids to experience the positive feelings
      that comes with helping someone.
   5. To create school spirit or team unity.
   6. To help kids learn how to work together for a common goal.
   7. To provide interaction among students, teachers and parents.
   8. To give students a positive attitude toward philanthropy!
      The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona: 711 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020
                           602-395-9474 or

                                 Facts At-A-Glance

Mission:              The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona grants wishes to children
                      with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human
                      experience with hope, strength and joy.

The 1st Wish:         On April 29, 1980, a 7-year-old boy named Chris Greicius realized his
                      lifelong dream to become a police officer. Many of those responsible
                      for fulfilling Chris’ wish wanted to do the same for other children
                      with life-threatening illnesses. This is how the Foundation was

National History:     Founded in 1980 and headquartered here in Phoenix, the Make-A-
                      Wish Foundation is the largest wish-granting organization in the
                      world with 69 chapters throughout the U.S. and its territories and
                      many international affiliates. A wish is granted on average every 41
                      minutes in the US.

Arizona History:      We are the founding chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We
                      serve children throughout the entire state of Arizona.

Referral:             Anyone can refer a child to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona.
                      The child’s physician will determine whether or not they are
                      medically eligible to receive a wish.

Eligibility:          Children between the ages of 2 ½ and 18 who have a life-threatening
                      medical condition and who have not already had a wish granted are
                      eligible for a wish.

How Wishes            Once a child is deemed eligible, a team of wish granting
are Granted:          volunteers arrange to meet with the child to learn about the child’s
                      wish. Once the wish is determined, the volunteers work with Make-
                      A-Wish staff in granting the child’s wish.

Number of Wishes      The Arizona chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted
Granted:              more than 3,750 wishes since 1980 (last updated Feb. 2011) In our
                      last fiscal year, we granted 254 wishes.

Support:              Financial support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona comes
                      from individual, community, corporate and foundation donors. We
                      receive no government funding. In addition, more than 600
                      volunteers and 15 staff help support the Foundation’s mission.
Cost of a Wish:      The average cost of a wish is $7.500. There is no cost to the family in
                     fulfilling a child’s wish. Every expense is incurred by the Foundation.

                        Kids For Wish Kids
                               Project Ideas

Host a Penny War…Each grade level competes against each other
to collect the most pennies. Students are encouraged to put nickels,
dimes and quarters in the other grades’ containers in order to get
the corresponding amount of pennies subtracted from the other
grades’ total count.

Make-A-Wish Money Week…Each day of the week students bring
in change: Monday = Pennies; Tuesday = Nickels; Wednesday =
Dimes; Thursday = Quarters; Friday = Dollars. You may want to find a local
bank that is willing to count your change.

Build a Spirit Chain…students create a spirit chain in their school colors
with links sold for $1 each. Decorate the hallways, gym, library, classroom,
etc. You can create a contest amongst the different classes to see who can
create the longest chain. At the end of the competition, link all of the chains
together to show the combined school efforts.

                   Guessing Games… Fill a large jar or container with candy.
                   Charge participants to guess how many of the candy pieces
                   are inside the container. The winner gets the container and
                  all of the candy.

Sell “Wish Upon A Star” Cutouts…You can make your own or order them
through the Foundation. Cutouts are sold to students for $1 and students
can write their name and decorate their star. The cutouts are then hung in
the school to show your support for Make-A-Wish.

Teacher Picture Contest…Have teachers bring in their baby pictures or
high school graduation pictures, which are then displayed and students can
submit guesses for a donation. The student correctly naming the most
teachers wins a prize.

Create an Art Gallery…Student created artwork is sold during an
Open House or at an Evening of Art Event. Try finding a local frame
shop to donate framing for some of the artwork or a local gallery that
will help to promote the event by showing one or two pieces of student art
during the week of the sale.

Have a Pie-In-The-Face Contest… You can sell $1 raffle tickets for a
chance to throw a whip cream pie at the face of your favorite teacher at your
next assembly or sporting event. Be sure to have the teacher wear a large,
plastic bag over their clothes!

Hold a Dress Down Day…Students attending a school with a dress
code can contribute a small fee to wear casual clothes to school on a
designated day. Staff is encouraged to participate as well.

Hat Day…Students pay a small fee to wear a hat to school for the day. You
can incorporate a Best Hat Contest and have donated prizes for the winners.

Sell Candy-Grams…Students can purchase candy for another
student/teacher and fill out a card with a personal message. Goodies would
then be delivered on a designated day throughout the school.

Used CD / Book / DVD Sale…Students bring in used items to be sold at
             school. Each should be organized by category and priced to
             sell. (50 cents - $5) depending on the condition.
             Arrangements can be made in advance with a local church,
           school or shelter to donate the unsold items.

Plan a Car Wash…work with a local gas station or retailers with a large
parking lot to plan a Wash For Wishes. Ask your local radio station to donate
some advertising.

Coordinate a Student / Teacher Sport Event…Have a team of students
compete against a team of teachers in a sporting event. Funds are raised by
charging an admission fee, selling refreshments and/or hosting a 50/50 raffle
during the game. Volleyball is a great low contact sport for this type of event.

Best Seat in the House… You’ll need to find a sofa to use. Sell raffle
tickets to students for a chance to win the “best seat in the house” for
themselves and two of their friends to attend a school football
game. Announce the winner prior to the game and position
the sofa in an ideal spot to view the game. During half-
time, order pizza and soda for the winners.
Hold a School Marathon…Whether it’s a jump rope marathon, dance-a-
thon, walk-a-thon, jog-a-thon…the rules are all the same. You will need to
reserve your school gymnasium and ask a DJ to donate their services. Have
students obtain pledges from relatives and friends and ask local businesses to
make cash donations or donate food or gifts to use as door prizes for
participants. Determine a time frame, we suggest 6 hours. The student(s)
who raise(s) the most money can win a special prize.

                     Sponsor a Half-Court Shooting Contest…Sell
                     chances to shoot a half-court shot during basketball
                     season to students, teachers and parents. You’ll want to
                     obtain a big prize as an incentive. Ask local businesses
                     to donate your big prize – be sure to explain the contest
                     since the shot would have to be made for the donation to
                     be needed.

Care Packages…These are especially popular during the first week of
classes or exam time. Send order forms home to parents who can order
packages as a surprise. Packages may include: candy, chips, hot chocolate,
fruit, cookies, jokes, pencils, etc.

Design and Sell Calendars…Create a calendar. Collect artwork
from students to be featured in the calendar. You can sell
individual squares (dates) to recognize birthdays, anniversaries or
other special events for $3-$5 each. You can also sell ad space to
local merchants or school clubs. We recommend limiting ads to 3-
4 per calendar page. Once printed, sell the calendars for $10-$15
at sporting events, school functions and other activities.

Students’ Cookbook…Involve the whole school in writing a book of the
students’ favorite recipes. Ask each student to tell you 1) what their favorite
recipe is, 2) what ingredients they need, 3) how they make/prepare their
recipe, 4) how long it takes, and 5) have them draw a picture of what their
recipe looks like. Compile all the recipes into a book and sell to parents,
friends and staff.

Have a great idea for an event…Let us know and we’ll add
                       it to the list!
Kids For Wish Kids® Fundraising Response Form
Group Name: ________________________________________________________________
School: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: __________________________________
Teacher/Advisor Name: ______________________________________________________
Teacher/Advisor Phone: _____________________ E-mail: _________________________
Description of fundraising activity: ____________________________________________
Date and Time of fundraiser: _________________________________________________
Location of fundraiser: _______________________________________________________
Estimated Number of Participants: ____________________________________________
Estimated Donation Amount: __________________________________________________
How did you hear about the Kids For Wish Kids Program? ________________________
What resources, if any, do you request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation? (If any,
please describe):


Proposed by:                                    Approved by:

_____________________________                   ___________________________
Signature                                       Signature
______________________________                  Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona
Teacher or School Representative

Date: _________________________                 Date: __________________________
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona                   Phone: 602-395-9474
711 E. Northern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85020             Fax: 602-395-0722
       Kids For Wish Kids Fundraising Rules
Thank you for helping us make wishes come true! In planning and conducting your
                   fundraiser, please follow the following rules:

 We do not allow door-to-door or telephone solicitations.
 Please be careful when using the Make-A-Wish Foundation® name and logo. Note
  that “Make-A-Wish” is spelled with a capital “A” and with hyphens (not Make a
  Wish). Also, please do not alter our “swirl and star” logo by customizing it to your
  specific event. (Ex. Do not change the logo to read “Make-A-Cake”). Attention to
  these matters helps us protect our brand!
 The first time the “Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Arizona” or the “Make-A-Wish
  Foundation®” is used, the “®” must be present. All references must include the word
 Our mission is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical
  conditions. Please do not refer to the children we serve as “terminally ill” or “dying,”
  as these labels can instill a sense of defeat and be counterproductive as our wish
  children fight to overcome their illnesses. Many of our wish kids are able to beat
  their illness and we believe in the importance of keeping a positive mindset.
 In accordance with standards adopted by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, any
  solicitations relating to your event must specify at the point of solicitation, and in a
  manner acceptable to Make-A-Wish: (a) that Make-A-Wish is the benefiting
  organization; (b) the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will
  benefit Make-A-Wish; (c) the duration of the campaign; and (d) any maximum or
  guaranteed minimum contribution amount.
 Please complete the Projected Budget Form before the event and the Final Budget
  Form at the conclusion of the event. Keep careful track of the money you raise and
  send the money with the Final Budget Form directly to the Make-A-Wish
  Foundation of Arizona office within 30 days after the end of your fundraiser.
 Before distributing any promotional materials or press releases, each item must be
  reviewed and receive approval from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
 In order to avoid inadvertently jeopardizing existing relationships between Make-A-
  Wish and our donors, you agree to receive approval from Make-A-Wish before
  soliciting corporations, businesses, celebrities, sports teams, or individuals for cash
  or in-kind donations relating to your Event.
 If you would like any more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation or if you
  would like any collateral materials to distribute at your event, please contact the
  Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona office.
 We are delighted you are doing a project for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
               of Arizona. Please mail/fax the completed form to:

                          Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona
                        711 E. Northern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85020
                                 Phone: 602-395-9474
                                   Fax: 602-395-0722

                         Thank you again for your support!
Kids For Wish Kids® Projected Budget
Event/Program: _______________________________________________________________
Sponsoring Organization: ______________________________________________________
Budget Prepared By: __________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________
Projected Expenses                             Projected Income (Revenue)
                                               (List source of revenue and amount)
Facility Rental        $__________
Decorating             $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Catering               $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Entertainment          $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Supplies               $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Printing               $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Advertising            $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Mailing Costs          $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Other: _____________   $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Other: _____________   $__________             _____________________________    $__________

Total Expenses:        $__________             Total Income                     $__________
Projected Budget
Total Income                   $____________
                           -                              Additional Notes:______________
Total Expenses                 $____________              ______________________________
Total Revenue              = $____________                _______________________________
Donations to Other         -                              _______________________________
Charities / Amount Kept                                   _______________________________
by Sponsor                     $____________              _______________________________
Projected Total Donation                                  _______________________________
to Make-A-Wish             = $____________
 Please Note: Per the KFWK Fundraising Rules, sponsoring organizations agree to
   provide the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a projected budget along with the
                     completed and signed Fundraising Form.

Kids For Wish Kids® Final Budget
Sponsoring Organization: ______________________________________________________
Budget Prepared By: __________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________
Expenses                                      Income (Revenue)
                                              (List source of revenue and amount)
Facility Rental       $__________
Decorating            $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Catering              $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Entertainment         $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Supplies              $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Printing              $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Advertising           $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Mailing Costs         $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Other:_____________   $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Other:_____________   $__________             _____________________________    $__________
Total Expenses:       $__________             Total Income                     $__________

Final Budget
Total Income                  $____________
                          -                              Additional Notes:______________
Total Expenses                $____________              ______________________________
Total Revenue             = $____________                _______________________________
Donations to Other        -                              _______________________________
Charities / Amount Kept                                  _______________________________
by Sponsor                    $____________              _______________________________
Total Donation                                           _______________________________
to Make-A-Wish            = $____________
         Please Note: Per the KFWK Fundraising Rules, sponsoring organizations
         agree to provide the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the funds collected and
                 a final accounting statement within 30 days after the event.

       Promoting Your Event

 Promoting your event will increase exposure for the event and will help to raise its
attendance. This is your opportunity to shape the general public’s impression of your

Step 1: Know Your Audience
    Who do you want attending this event?
    Are you talking to classmates, the entire school or another group population?
    Are the people you are contacting strangers?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the images and text needed
in promoting the event as well as WHERE to promote it.

Step 2: Make Sure All Event Promotion Materials Include…
    The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Arizona is the benefactor of the event.
    Address, phone number or Web site address of the Foundation.
    The actual or anticipated portion of sales, admission price or net proceeds
      that will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. See Example Print Flyer
      and E-Flyer.

Step 3: Decide on Types of Publicity
    Mail
    Flyers
    Posters
    Newspapers (press releases/media alerts)
    Radio (public service announcements)

Step 4: Tips for Successful Publicity
    Be as brief as possible but include all important information (who, what,
      when, where, why and how)
    Address the media release envelope to a specific person, by name. Most
      Make-A-Wish releases go to the city editor of a newspaper or the assignment
      editor of a radio or TV station.
    Send releases to newspaper/radio/TV editors early enough (at least 4 weeks)
      to ensure maximum coverage.
    Publications often copy directly from your press release to create an article.
      Make sure the press release puts your best foot forward.
    Thank the reporter if you receive good coverage. A follow-up phone call or
      note will be remembered.
  Before distributing any promotional materials or press releases,
  each item MUST be reviewed and receive approval from the Make-
                         A-Wish Foundation.

                 How to Write…
        Press Releases, Media Alerts & PSAs

Media alerts, press releases and public service announcements (PSAs) are the
 most appropriate method of notifying the press about an upcoming event.

Media Alert
Media alerts are designed to arouse interest in your event and entice the
media to attend and cover the event. See Example Media Alert.
   Short (one page) and to the point.
   Single spaced.
   Must contain who, what, when, where, why and how – put these
      elements in the order that best tells your story but they should all be
      there (bullet points).
   Must list a contact person and the number where they can be reached.
      Make sure the number given will be answered and someone will be
      available to talk about the event.
   Must be dated.
   Should be faxed to TV news planners and news directors, radio news
      directors, city desks, pertinent beat reporters and editors at least
      three to five days prior to the event.
   If the event will provide an unusual photo opportunity (celebrity, dance
      contest) then your document should be entitled “Media Alert/Photo
      Opportunity.” This should be sent to the Photo Desk of newspapers
      and television stations as well as the above mentioned media.
   Follow-up with a phone call one AND two days before the event.
   In cases of short notice, media alerts should be faxed to news directors
      and city desks and followed by a phone call.
   The Make-A-Wish mission MUST appear at the end of all media alerts.

Press Release
Press releases are “released” on the day of your event or on the day you want
to make your announcement. See Example Press Release.
    Press releases can be given to the media prior to the event however, if
     your goal is to have media attend the event, we recommend the release
     be provided only the day of the event.
    Written as a news story from the writer’s point of view.
    Should be no more than 1-2 pages in length.
    Must be double spaced.
    Must contain the Make-A-Wish Foundation mission statement.
    Must list a contact person and number where they can be reached.
    Must be dated.
    Must tell when the material is available for release: whether “For
     Immediate Release” or “Embargoed Until (date).”

Public Service Announcement (PSA)
A PSA is a brief overview of the event to be read by an announcer on the air.
      It should be concise (10-20 seconds when read aloud).
      It should contain all pertinent information – who, what,
         when, where, why and how.
      Cost of the event.
      How to get tickets/for more information…
      Telephone number (if applicable).
               Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsorship is when you request the financial support of the local community
     to help cover the costs of your event. In exchange for their financial
 contribution, typically the company will get to have their name included on
   the posters, announcements or other materials that market the event.
    Securing sponsorship(s) is the sole responsibility of the group
                           coordinating the event.

  One example of creative sponsorship was at a recent bowling tournament
   held to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Businesses were asked to
  sponsor individual lanes at the event. This raised an extra $4,000 for the

General Guidelines

    JUST ASK! Approaching businesses may seem awkward at first, but
     the Make-A-Wish Foundation can help.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation can provide you with a “Letter of
     Authorization” you can present to a business, which may help your
     group acquire sponsorship.
        o Letter is printed on Make-A-Wish original letterhead.
        o Provides credibility and confirms legitimacy of the event.
        o See Example Authorization Letter.

    Do not take rejection personally!

    Potential sponsors can include:
        o The community you live in.
        o The business community to whom you have ties.
        o Charity truly does start at home…you might be surprised at the
           amount of support you get from familiar faces.
         How to Approach Sponsors

The Make-A-Wish Foundation cannot provide an event
organizer with sponsors

   Since the Foundation seeks donations from several areas of corporate
    businesses to fulfill children’s wishes and to support our internal
    Make-A-Wish events, we are unable to solicit for external fundraising
   The Foundation can act as a resource for developing a sponsorship
    strategy to suit your needs.

Clearly explain your relationship with the Make-A-Wish

   The event is to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation but is NOT being
    produced by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
   Sponsorship gifts may only be considered for a tax-deduction if the
    entire amount is directed to the Make-A-Wish Foundation or split
    between another recognized charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
   If any of the money is used toward the event expenses, the gift may no
    longer be considered tax-deductible for the organization.

Prepare materials for those businesses that don’t have time to
meet with you but want some information

   This information should describe the charity as well as the event.
   Provide an outline of the event and who will be attending.

Find a connection between the event and the potential sponsor

   Identify the benefit they can receive from sponsoring the event.
   Example: If you are hosting a basketball tournament and are
    approaching a sporting goods store:
       o Point out the majority of attendees will be sports enthusiasts.
         o The store could promote their business at the event.

Sponsorship is an alternative form of advertising

    Keep in mind: Your event is an opportunity for a company to reach and
     advertise to a specific audience.

       Raffle and Auction Information

Raffles and auctions are a great way to add excitement to your event as well
 as a way to increase revenue. A raffle or auction has the potential to be as
                    big or small as you want to make it.

5 Basic Points to Keep in Mind

Point 1: Determine how much the audience might be willing to spend before
you start to solicit items.

Point 2: Provide a variety of fun options for the guests to meet the different
spending ranges of your guests.

Point 3: Obtain one or two “big ticket” items that would appeal to a majority
of the audience and that everyone would like to win (e.g. big screen TV, hot
tub, airline tickets…).

Point 4: Always keep in mind, who is your audience? This will help guide
your prize and auction item selections.

Point 5: No item is too big or too small. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has
raffled off everything from a trip to London to a PSP (hand-held PlayStation).
The PSP was from a wish child and actually raised more money than the trip
to London!!!

     LAW! Each city has its own raffle requirements so you’ll want to
 contact your local city officials for details. Most often here in Arizona, if
  the prize is less than $500 you won’t have as many restrictions or guidelines to


   There are two kinds of auctions that can be held at an event:
                Live Auction and Silent Auction.

Live Auction:

This type of auction takes place during an event at a time when all the guests
are gathered together. An auctioneer is chosen to auction off the items while
attendees try to out-bid each other to win the items. The prize goes to the
highest bidder.

    Select an auctioneer – whether you hire someone or use a volunteer.
    Distribute a list of auction items, value of each item and minimum bid.
    Confirm price with winner.

Silent Auction:

This type of auction is held throughout the event but requires an exact
closing time, which needs to be communicated to guests.

    The items should be displayed at volunteer-attended tables.
    Individual bid sheets should be placed next to each item.
    If possible, a list of the items should be distributed to all attendees at
     the event as they enter.
    The bid sheet should include the name of the item, the fair market
     value, minimum starting bid and minimum incremental increase
     needed to proceed with the bidding. See example Bid Sheet.

Consignment Items:
A consignment item is any item lent to your auction for sale. If the item is
sold, the person who lent you the item receives the fair market value and you
retain any money raised above that amount. The fair market value is
NOT tax deductible. Only the amount over is considered to be tax
deductible by the IRS. This information MUST be disclosed to the buyer
at the time of bidding and included on the buyer’s receipt for tax purposes.

                    Hints for a Successful…
                        Silent Auction

  Silent auctions are a great way to bring fun and profit to special events.
  They do require time and planning, but you will find you can have a good
                               time doing it!

Hint 1: Recruit a silent auction committee and committee chair to oversee
this aspect of your event.

Hint 2: The silent auction sub-committee will then be responsible for:
   Securing gifts from merchants (e.g. two nights in a hotel, gift
      certificate to a local restaurant, electronics, jewelry, art, etc.)
   Securing services (e.g. landscaping, spa treatments, teeth whitening,
      oil changes for a year, etc.)
   On-site set-up (e.g. printing the place cards and creating a bid sheet
      for each item, arranging the items on the display tables, etc.) See
      example Bid Sheet.

Hint 3: On the night of the auction:
   Items should be displayed attractively on tables.
   Provide some low-key entertainment, like soft music, while guests view
      and bid on your items.
   Announce when there are 10 minutes left in the auction. Then have
      announcements every minute during the last five minutes.
   Officially close the auction at the pre-determined time so there are no
      discrepancies. Highlight the highest bidder on each sheet.
   Provide instructions on how the winners are able to pick-up and pay
      for their item(s).
          o You can announce the winners at the end of the event or post
             their names where they can be easily viewed.
    Be prepared to check out those winning the items. Keep in mind, the
     last thing you want is for your donors to stand in a long line to pay for
     their item(s). Make sure the process is fast and easy.

Hint 4: Distributing the prizes and collecting payment:
   Be ready to take cash, checks and credit cards. If you can’t take credit
      cards, have a billing form for the donor to sign. Keep in mind, tax
      deductions usually don’t apply for these items – check with your Make-
      A-Wish representative.

Hint 5: Following the event:
   Deposit your profits
   Send a special “thank you” to the donors of your auctioned items and
      the bid winners. Give them all a short report on what was raised and
      encourage them to attend next year and to refer their friends. For
      issuing receipts, call your Make-A-Wish representative.
   Ask your contributors in the “thank you” letter to contact you if they
      have an item for next year’s auction.

Tips for a successful event:
    The key to a successful auction is to have the items that will appeal to
      your audience. The more items they can touch and take home, the
    Be creative in looking for items. Ask for donations – if you have to pay
      for items, make sure to set the minimum bid at what you paid for the
    DO NOT ACCEPT JUNK. Utilizing members of your group can be a
      great way to secure items for your auction – however, you need to
      emphasize that you do not want junk that’s been sitting in their closet
      that they’re trying to get rid of.

         The cost of raffle tickets is NOT tax deductible


A car dealer donates a new expensive car to your group, which you’re going to
raffle off to raise money for your event. You sell tickets for $5, put all the
ticket numbers in a barrel and pull out the winner.

    Ticket buyers cannot deduct the price of the raffle tickets as a
     charitable contribution whether or not they bought one ticket for $5 or
     100 tickets for $500.
    The winner MUST pay taxes on the prize, in this case, the new car.
    The person donating the item may be eligible for a tax deduction.


The IRS assumes someone who buys a raffle ticket or pays to enter a contest
that awards valuable prizes has received value for their money – the chance
to win a prize. Therefore, it is not a deductible charitable contribution.
These rules also apply to bingo, gambling events and other games of chance.

Nothing should be said or done to suggest the price for a raffle ticket, contest
entry, bingo card, gambling event or other games of chance are tax
deductible. DO NOT refer to the price of a raffle ticket as a “donation” or
“contribution” and DO NOT call the buyer a “donor” or “contributor.” Avoid
these and other words that suggest a charitable contribution is being made.

   Tips for Getting Charitable Deductions
           from a Raffle or Auction

Internal Revenue Service Suggestions:
The cost of a raffle ticket is NOT tax deductible. The IRS assumes someone who
buys an auction item has received value for the price paid. In order to take a
deduction, the buyer will have to prove that:

     The price of the tickets purchased exceeded the item’s fair market value.
     The buyer knew this information before making the purchase.
     The buyer intended to make a charitable contribution in the amount of the
      purchase price less the item’s fair market value.

The event organizer can ensure auction patrons obtain any deductions they deserve
by following the IRS auction procedures. This should give buyers their best chance
at obtaining their charitable deductions.

Step 1: Publish a listing of items before the auction which:
    Includes a good faith estimate of the value of each auction item (may be
      different from the minimum bid).
    States the deductible charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes
      is limited to the amount paid for the item less the value of the item.
    Increases interest in the auction items.

Step 2: Provide copies of the listing to auction attendees
    If a buyer who received the listing buys an item for more than the fair market
      value* stated in the listing, the buyer can use your estimate of the fair
      market value to determine the deductible amount.
    The deductible amount is the purchase price less the fair market value.
    For the buyer’s tax records, the buyer should keep both the auction listing
      and a receipt for the purchase.

*If an unreasonable estimate of the fair market value is made and the buyer knows or has reason to believe the
estimate is unreasonable, the buyer can’t rely on your estimate. This can cause problems for the buyer and for the
sponsoring organization – so be reasonable.

Step 3: The buyer should receive a receipt that includes:
    The amount paid for the item.
    A description of the item and its estimated fair market value using the same
     value as in the listing created for the event.
    A statement that the deductible charitable contribution for federal income
             tax purposes is limited to the amount paid for the
             item minus the value of the item.

                  In-Kind Donations

What is an in-kind donation?

A donation of goods or services from a vendor is called an in-kind donation.
They are given instead of money because the specific goods or services are a
benefit to the organization or event. This option also enables companies who
lack the ability to give you cash to support your event/cause by giving you the
things you need for FREE.

   Raffle items
   Facility location for an event
   Anything from a $3 box of granola bars to a $3,000 computer

Guidelines to follow when approaching businesses for an
in-kind donation

    Clearly explain your connection to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Explain the event is to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona
     but is not produced by the Foundation nor are you employed by the
     Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is important for legal reasons.

    To ensure compliance with the law, document anything you believe
     could be an in-kind gift and state how it was used.

    Make sure you list the item, its value and the name and address of the
     donor on the In-Kind Donation Form. See In-Kind Donation Form.

    At the end of your event, submit the In-Kind Donation Form to the
     Make-A-Wish Foundation for processing.

    Don’t forget to thank your donors! Follow-up with a phone
     call or thank you note.
                          Guide for Speeches

Thank you for spreading the word about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and our
mission. Below is a suggested outline for you to use in preparing your remarks.

I. Thank You
     Special thanks to all the people who co-organized the event with you.
     Thanks to all who attended and supported the event.
     Express appreciation for their support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
II. How you got involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation
     What was it about the Make-A-Wish Foundation that drew YOU to give the
       gift of your time?
     Relate a short story about your experience or connection with the Make-A-
       Wish Foundation
     Use some colorful words to express how you feel when helping the Make-A-
       Wish Foundation (excited, delighted, enriched, happy, rewarded…)
III. Why it is important to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation
     As the Make-A-Wish Foundation strives to grant a wish for every child
       eligible, they need our help. The average cost of a wish is $6,750 and the
       Make-A-Wish Foundation does not receive any government funding. Your
       gifts ensure that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will continue to be able to
       Share the Power of a Wish®.
     The four types of wishes are:
           o I wish to BE…
           o I wish to GO…
           o I wish to MEET…
           o I wish to HAVE…
IV. About the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona (try to touch on three)
     Arizona is the founding chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, inspired by
       the wish of 7-year-old Chris Grecius who wanted to be a police officer.
     Our mission is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical
       conditions to enrich the human experience with strength, hope and joy.
       Wishes not only provide a brief respite from day-to-day medical concerns but
       also remind a child that anything is possible – even the future.
     The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona is a local organization that relies on
       people just like you, your neighbors, coworkers and friends to make wishes
       come true. Community support is vital to ensuring all eligible children have
       the opportunity for their fondest wish to be granted.
     As more than 3,000 families can attest, a wish is an important part of the
       treatment process for children with life-threatening medical conditions.
    For more information, you can visit or call 602-395-9474.
V. Closing
    Announce the grand total you made.
    Give a final thank you to all who came out in support
      of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

   Frequently Asked Questions

May we open a bank account to cash checks made out to
the Make-A-Wish Foundation or will you do that for us?

No. No party other than the Make-A-Wish Foundation may cash a check
made out to the Foundation. Please suggest to the group you are working
with to ask their participants or patrons to make checks payable directly to
the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona. These checks can then be
forwarded onto our office for deposit. Please appoint one person to send one
envelope containing all of the checks collected, within thirty days following
the event. Please keep in mind, when a check is made out to the Make-A-
Wish Foundation the entire amount of that check will come to the
Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is not able to use any portion of
that money to reimburse your group for any event related expenses. Groups
wishing to host events on our behalf are required to meet the financial
demands of their event. In order for your group to receive proper credit,
please note your school name and/or event name in the memo.

What do I do if a local business wants to support our event
but they need the Make-A-Wish Foundation Tax ID

The purpose of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Tax ID number is to have sales
tax waived when purchasing anything for the direct benefit of the
Foundation. Since the event in question is not being produced by the Make-
A-Wish Foundation, the IRS does not allow for the waiver of sales tax for
items going toward the event expenses.

More than likely, the local businesses want our 501(c)(3) letter which
identifies the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a legal charity in the eyes of the
government. Businesses will include this letter with their tax filings to prove
the charity they supported was legitimate. However, the issue of direct
benefit to the charity becomes involved again. If the item is to be used in the
production of the event that does not direct 100% of gross revenue to the
Make-A-Wish Foundation, then the donating business cannot be
acknowledged by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish
Foundation can provide a thank you letter that includes the statement, “Your
gift is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.” Again, it is for the
business to decide what deductions they will file and for the Make-A-Wish
Foundation to say thank you for their support. See Thank You For Your
Support Letter.

What do I do with the cash from the event?

All cash money collected the day of the event should be collected and given to
one pre-designated individual from the school or organization sponsoring the
event. This cash money should be kept in a safe at the location of the event
or in a locked box monitored by the designated individual until the money
can be counted and deposited into the sponsors account. Checks should be
given directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation or a single check from the
sponsoring organization should be sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation with
the grand total from the event.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation CANNOT accept any change from any kind of
“coin-raising” activity. Please ask the event organizer to cash in all change
and present it to Make-A-Wish in the form of a check.

Will the Make-A-Wish Foundation send Thank You letters
to the donors of the event?

Yes, if the sponsoring event provides the names of the donors at the event.
This can be accomplished by sending the individual donors check directly to
the Make-A-Wish Foundation (and the Make-A- Wish Foundation will
capture the names of the donors), send the receipts of the credit card
donations and supply a listing of donors of cash donations. Each donor will
receive a “thank you” for contributing to the fundraiser on behalf of the

Will the Make-A-Wish Foundation solicit those who send in

Yes, unless otherwise stated by the group sponsoring the event. The donors
from the event will be added to our mailing list and will receive a Make-A-
Wish newsletter and may receive our annual appeal mailing.
Will the Make-A-Wish Foundation get sponsorship for an
external event?

No. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is responsible for procuring sponsorship
for the internal events sponsored by the Foundation (Walk for Wishes, Wish
Ball, Derby Duck Race, Golf Classic).

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