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					              October 2007

The All-Occasion Gem

Counting Down to
HoliDay SaleS
Introducing Red Box
Diamond Moments
Stuller diamonds are
the ideal opportunity
to build your business.
As a direct source
supplier, we are able
to offer you the largest
selection of melee
diamonds, complete
with competitive pricing
and just-in-time delivery.
Value-added services
like our mail-in matching
service can help you
level the playing field
with your competition.
Our overall value is
second to none.
Competitive pricing,
just-in-time inventory,
value-added services.

                                                                     The Ideal Choice
Stuller. The beauty of it all.


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                                 contents                                   OCTOBER 2007
                                                                                      Issue 770

                                                  sTullER & IndusTRy nEws
                                 6      catalog resources findings & finished jewelry
                                 6      new VP Clarke heads finished jewelry
                                 7      GMROI measuring return on investment
                                 8      what’s new pink commemorative ribbons
                                 9      what’s hot bold gold pendants

                                 10     Red Box Diamonds® diamond Moments®
                                 11     Black Box Gemstones® inventory control team
                                 12     diamond facets diamond right hand rings

  18 South Sea Pearl Ensembles   13     store strategy holiday countdown

                                                  TREnds & fashIOn
                                 16     a pearl’s travels in the hands of our pearl specialists
                                 21     alternative metals new in tungsten bands
                                 22     stuller studio customized beauty

                                                  aT ThE BEnCh
                                 3b     laser wire kits spooling around
                                 3b     stuller expert tiny robin
                                 5b     master’s touch showcase merchandising
                                 6b     inside stuller metal mold engineering
                                 7b     custom designs your creative bench designs
                                 7b     jewelry cases a place for every piece of jewelry
                                 9b     finding your new tool parts for every project

                                  On our cover: Citrine & Diamond Ring
                                 #64189; South Sea Cultured Pearl Strand

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  2b Beading Supplies
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OCTOBE R 2007                                                w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd   

notes from Chuck
As wE lOOk AROuND OuR                                             retailers to adopt, which can improve a store’s
respective environments, it is obvious that the only              bottom line and reduce the amount of dead
constant is change. When we review the variables                  inventory which is carried from month to month.
which most significantly affect our profitability,                Research suggests that businesses would be more
we too often only look at our competition.                        profitable if owners will:
However, the most critical operational impact                       • Seek out vendors who offer stock balancing
on profitability is usually having slow inventory                      programs;
turn rates. On average, the inventory turn rate                     • Find creative ways to finance the purchase
is less than one time per year for jewelry retailers.                  of slow movers to customers who really like
Ideally, inventories should be turning over at least                   them, but cannot purchase under current
once every 60 days, which will increase cash flow                      financing terms;
and allow the purchase and sale of other products.                  • Use alloy samples, together with a source
Jewelry sitting in the case or the vault for more                      such as Stuller Studio, which can provide
than 60 days will impact the retailer in several                       short-turn fulfillment for the customer’s
ways:                                                                  perfect piece of jewelry; and,
   • Reduces profits due to extra insurance and                     • Sell out slow movers for as low a price as
      tax costs, as well as immediate restriction of                   necessary, in order to clear them out in a
      cash flow;                                                       timely manner.
   • Hinders long-term ability to generate rapid-
      turn sales that contribute to the health of                 Holding on to a piece of jewelry indefinitely,
      the bottom line; and,                                       while trying to get a higher price, inevitably
   • Takes space that could be used for faster-                   costs more than ever anticipated. Focusing on
      moving pieces.                                              higher inventory turn rates can have a profoundly
                                                                  positive affect on the bottom line.
According to Idex Online Research, GMROI
(see reprint, page 7) is a great operating model for                                                                                                                   CHUCK LeiN

             CEO AND CHAIRMAN
             Matthew G. Stuller, Sr.                                                                                                      pRODuCt MANAGEMENt CONtRIbutORs
                 pREsIDENt/COO                                                        CONtACt us                                                Kathleen Blanchard, Diamond Fashion
                  Dr. Chuck Lein                                                                            Trissy Boutin, Packaging & Display
                                                                                                                              Nathan Button, Findings
  EXEC. Vp, MERCHANDIsING & MARkEtING                                                                                                                Chookie Diaz, Metal Fashion
                Harold Dupuy, G.G.                                             Stuller Standard Magazine                                              Dottie Lukaszeski, Metals
                                                                                     P.O. Box 87777                                                  Eleanor Lipps, G.G., Bridal
                                                                               Lafayette, LA 70598-7777                                               James Louviere, Symbolic
                    Kerry Hand
                                                                                      800.877.7777                                                    Mary Mouton, Mountings
                                                                                    337.262.7785 fax                                             Denise Quebedeaux, Color Fashion
                 EDItOR IN CHIEf
                                                                                                                                                 Virginia Stuller, Stuller & Paspaley
                 Miriam Werquin
                                                                                    pHOtOGRApHy                                                          Jodi Venable, Tools
                                                                   Frank Centrilla                 Maggie Hidalgo                                         Jim Wright, Tools
        stAff CONtRIbutING wRItERs                                 Noelle White                    Marie Vest
                                                                                                                                                      EDItORIAl ADVIsORy bOARD
         Keri Bolfer     Lori Carter, Mgr.
                                                                                      pRODuCtION                                         Joe Buttross, Exec VP, Diamonds & Gemstones
Leslie Dumatrait, D&G Asst. Marketing Manager
                                                                   Maureen Benjamin                Lori Bouillion                                  Linus Cortez, EVP, Finance
 Ramona Gautreaux, D&G Marketing Manager
                                                                   Leslie Dumatrait                Shannon Guidry, Mgr.                                Bob Cox, EVP, Sales
  Steve MacDiarmid, PR/Trade Shows Director
                                                                   Missy Kruger                    Brenda Landry, Mgr.                             Jay Jackson, EVP, Logistics
                                                                   Yolanda Laviolette              Robert Lawson                                       Jack McKay, EVP, IT
                                                                   Stephanie Pellerin              Kisha Thompson                              Ray Weiland, EVP, Manufacturing
   Sarah Bradshaw      Jacqui Cheramie, Director
   Susan Kiefer                                                                                                                                Chuck Bowman, BVP, Mountings
                                                                              CONtRIbutING wRItERs                                             Elizabeth Brehmer, BVP, Findings
         stullER stANDARD ONlINE                                   Claudia Rose                    Nancy Pier Sindt                         Michael Clarke, BVP, Finished Jewelry
Trenton Bolfer, Mgr.                Ron Domingue                   Deborah A. Yonick                                                             Joe Orlando, BVP, Gemstones
Kim Thibodeaux, Mgr                                                                                                  J.P. Walrond, BVP, Bridal Jewelry
                                                                                                                                         Darrell Warren, BVP, Tools & Supplies/Metals
                                                                                                                                                 Stanley Zale, BVP, Diamonds

                              The   ™, The Forevermark™, SIGHTHOLDER™, and DIAMOND TRADING COMPANY™ are used under license from the DTC (Diamond Trading Company)

OCTOBE R 2007                                                                                                                            w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd   

                Catalog Resources • Catalog Resources

  Time to take some deep            And, all the pieces are
breaths and make your               preset as shown and
final preparations for the          in stock for overnight
Christmas season. Your              delivery! Suitable for
best scenario is to have            counter use, the jewelry is
a well-merchandised,                shown at flattering angles,
classy-looking store                so your customer can see
with a knowledgeable,               side detailing. The book is
perceptive sales staff.             scheduled to be in stores
These catalogs, coming              in October.                                                                                   Finished Jewelry

soon, will help increase                                                                                                            Collection

your profits!                       Findings Book
                                      This is the month. The
Finished Jewelry Book               newly designed Findings
Our new Finished Jewelry            Collection for jewelry
Collection contains some            makers will be in your
of the latest hot stylings          store soon. See the full
in diamond and gemstone             article on page 9b. it’s the
color fashion. it’s sure to         only findings resource you
be a lifesaver this season.         need.

New Vice President
Michael Clarke Assumes Leadership of Finished Jewelry
  Michael Clarke recently joined Stuller as        Most recently, Clarke served as divisional      Clarke’s jewelry career began at People
vice president of finished jewelry.             vice president, merchandising at Birks &        Jewellers of Canada and transitioned
  “With Michael’s addition, this completes                                  Mayors Jewelers     into merchandising in 1984. Within 10
our full team of business vice presidents. I                                headquartered       years, he was promoted to vice president,
am excited to have Michael join our team                                    in Montreal,        merchandising.
and look forward to his future contributions                                Canada. Prior          Clarke’s experience also includes a five-
in a very critical segment of our great                                     to his nine         year tenure as a jewelry store owner/retailer.
company,” says Harold Dupuy, executive                                      years at Birks         He attended the University of St.
vice president of merchandising and                                         & Mayors, he        John Fisher in Rochester, New York and
marketing.                                                                  spent two years     completed the Canadian Jewellers Institute
  As VP of finished jewelry, Michael will                                   with Wal-Mart       studies earning the Graduate Jeweller title.
provide vision, direction and leadership,                                   Canada. He             “With more than 30 years of industry
including all business development                                          has also worked     experience and management, Stuller Inc. is
activities associated with selection,           for the Zale Corporation at their Dallas        proud to have Michael join our team,” says
procurement and sales of products within        headquarters in both the Bailey Banks &         Dupuy.
Stuller’s finished jewelry category.            Biddle and the Gordon’s divisions.

6 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                     OCTOBER 2007
                                                                                                                                                      STULLER NEWS

IDEX Online Research: How Low Can You Go?
Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of an IDEX   year. In other words, you sell one of these          GMROI Comparisons
Online Research article by Ken Gassman which              items each day of the year.                             When jewelers’ GMROI is compared to
will appear in the next several issues of The Stuller
                                                             Most jewelers would choose Alternative            some other mass market mainstream retailers,
Standard. Reprinted courtesy of IDEX Online.
                                                          1; after all, that’s how they currently do busi-     such as Circuit City (consumer electron-
   Jewelers’ margins are too high, and their              ness. Smart, savvy merchants would choose            ics), Lowe’s Companies (home centers), and
inventory turn is far too low, according to an            Alternative 2. Here’s why:                           Dillards (department store), it is clear that
analysis of jewelry industry financial data by               At the end of the year, Alternative 1 yields      the GMROI of jewelers is below the average
IDEX Online Research. As a result, jewelers’              total gross profit dollars of $100 on an inven-      of other mass market retailers. The graph il-
return on capital invested in inventory is                tory investment of $100.                             lustrates the disparity in GMROI.
abysmally low. Investors, banks, and accoun-                 At the end of the year, Alternative 2 yields
tants already know that. It is jewelers who               gross profit dollars of $365 on an inventory         Diamond GMROI us Hurting Jewelers’
don’t understand the problem.                             investment of $100. Clearly, Alternative 2           Financial Returns
   The “problem” can best be understood by                generates far greater gross profit dollars for the     Jewelers’ GMROI for diamonds is among
measuring jewelers’ GMROI – an acronym for                merchant.                                            the lowest of any of the product categories
Gross Margin Return on Inventory Invest-                                                                       that merchants carry, according to the most
ment. The concept is this: how much profit is             The Real World                                       recent data from Jewelers of America’s Cost of
being generated by merchants’ inventory?                     Retailing is inefficient, and our illustra-       Doing Business Survey. For diamond jewelry,
   A few savvy jewelers – and their bankers               tion assumes near-perfect financial efficiency.      the GMROI was 87.4 percent in 2005, the
– have embraced the concept of GMROI.                     Merchants would probably incur some extra            lowest of any category. For loose diamonds,
GMROI is typically calculated by divid-                   costs to keep their inventory turning 365            the GMROI was 72.2 percent, also a below-
ing gross profit dollars by average inventory             times per year, but there would be significant       average level. The table summarizes the
value, though there are some variations to                profit leverage, even after incurring these          GMROI for U.S. jewelers’ major product
the calculation, depending on which ac-                   incremental costs.                                   categories, ranked from the highest to lowest
countant is doing the books. The bottom line                 Further, jewelers’ bankers would probably         GMROI.
of the GMROI measure is that it provides a                take a dim view of a merchant who reported a
realistic view of investment returns on capital           gross margin of 1 percent.                           Profitability
deployed for inventory.                                      However, many businesses operate with a              In 2005, the sales mix of loose diamonds
   A high GMROI is desirable.                             gross margin in that range. Wall Street bro-         and diamond jewelry fell to about 48
                                                          kers typically take about 1 percent of the total     percent of the typical U.S. specialty jeweler’s
How GMROI Works: An Illustration                          value of each stock trade; that’s a 1 percent        revenues, according to statistics from Jewelers
   Here’s a real-life illustration of the power of        gross margin.                                        of America. In 2004, these two categories
GMROI to measure a jewelers’ real return on                  If the velocity of inventory movement is          represented about 50 percent of total sales.
inventory investment.                                     high enough, a smaller margin will generate          Unit sales were probably about flat, but heavy
   As a jeweler, you get to choose between                greater profits; that’s why most Wall Street         price discounting at retail likely accounted
these two alternatives. Both assume that you              firms and banks post generous profits.               for most of the sales mix decline.
buy an item at a wholesale (all-end) cost of
$100; both assume that you keep only one
item in stock (you’d need to deal with a sup-
plier like Stuller to make this work properly).
Which would you choose?

   * Alternative 1: You sell your $100 item
with a keystone (50 percent) gross margin,
yielding a retail price of $200, with an inven-
tory turn of once per year (this is the current
jewelry industry operating model).

   * Alternative 2: You sell your $100 item
for $101 (roughly a 1 percent gross margin),
but with an inventory turn of 365 times per

OCTOBE R 2007                                                                                                     w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd   
W H AT ’ S N E W

                                                     Making a Difference
                                                     Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry
                                                     Julie Ayers, RN, will never forget       Pourri, and designed a fleur-
                                                     the day she had to deliver a             de-lis lapel pin (R16788). To see
                                                     heartbreaking diagnosis of               product from other designers,
                                                     breast cancer — to herself.              visit and search
R16788                                               Drawing strength from the same           “awareness.” A portion of the
                       R41980                        hope and determination that she          sales of this beautiful jewelry
                                                     had encouraged her patients              benefits several funds, such
                                                     with, she is now a double                as Pink Pourri, and the Breast
                                                     survivor, joining the ranks of           Cancer Awareness family of
                                                     more than two million women              funds, which help in a variety of
                                                     who have beaten the disease.             ways, from funding research to
                                                     With the help of her husband             paying medical bills for patients.
                                                     Leo, an LPN, she founded Pink

                                             R16788 ss 27 x 23 Pink Pourri™ Breast Cancer awareness lapel Pin, $42
                                             R41980 Rose-plated Vermeil, Pink CZ 27 x 13 Breast Cancer awareness Brooch, $110
                                             R41981 ss 3.5mm Pink CZ 23.5 x 11.5 Breast Cancer awareness Brooch, $59

                      what’s new • what’s new
                                                                              She Deserves to shine
                                                                              Whatever shape, style, and size you
                                                                              like, we have the earrings to fit. Show
                                                                              her how to spoil herself with our new
                                                                              Moissanite stud earrings; select sizes
                                                                              are available with large friction earring
                                                                              backs. Don’t forget to order plenty from
                                                                              your friendly sales consultant, because
                                                                              once her friends see them, they are sure
                                                                              to want them.

                                     65782                                    Check out these magnificent pieces for
                                                                              yourself at

                                                                              Order your Moissanite finished pieces
                                                                              today; our friendly, knowledgeable
                                                                              staff is waiting for your call today at
          63265                                                               800.877.7777.

                                       65785* 14Kw 6mm (*2 1/2 CT Tw) Created Moissanite Earring, 1 $2,612 per pair
                                       65782* 14Kw 7.5mm (*3 CT Tw) Created Moissanite Earring, 1 $3,118 per pair
                                       63265* 14Kw 7mm (*3 CT Tw) Created Moissanite Earring, 1 $2,366 per pair

                                       *all pieces are available in 4mm-8mm

8 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                  OCTOBER 2007
                                                                                                                             W H AT ’ S H O T

   Engagement style
   To Fit All Diamond Dreams!
    Remember when you used to have no choice in the center diamond

    size your rings held? Well, our bridal semi-mounts allow you to
    customize the center stone to the size and head style that your

    customer wants, providing you with the flexibility of stone quality to

    meet your customer’s price point. it’s never been easier to purchase

    a semi-mount ring, show it off in your case, and send it home on a

    finger. See the full selection of our semi-mounts at                                                         62293

    or in The Bridal Semi Mounts Catalog, Vol. 64.

     60084 14Kw 1/2 CT Tw diamond semi-set Engagement Base, 111 $1,695
     Mounting #12660, 60084 14Kw ¾ CT Tw diamond Matching Band, 111 $2,095
     62293 14Kw 1/5 CT Tw diamond semi-set Engagement Base, 110 $753
     63886 14Kw ¼ CT Tw diamond Matching Band, 110 $595, Mounting #120416                           63886
     63886 14Kw 1/5 CT Tw diamond semi-set Engagement Ring, 32 $678 62293 14Kw 1/8
     CT Tw diamond Matching Band, 32 $492, Mounting # 120754
     Center stones sold separately on all pieces.

                          what’s hot • what’s hot
   simply Bold!
   Don’t let your store fall short on the high end
   of fashion. What’s hot? Our new bold gold
   pendants that slide easily on leather cord,
   equipped with a 14K clasp!

   Wear it to work or wear it every day, your
   customers can wear them anywhere. Show your
   customer their versatility, and you are sure to
   make a sale.

   Check them out for yourself at                                                                   83523

   Our friendly staff is waiting to help place your
   order today at 800.877.7777.

    83522 14Ky 16.5x15.75 Metal fashion Pendant, $261 (shown on
    Ch611, sold separately)
    83523 14Ky 16x16 Metal fashion Pendant, $287 (shown on Ch610,                                   83524
    sold separately)
    83524 14Ky 17x17.25 Metal fashion Pendant, $279 (shown on Ch615,
    sold separately)

OCTOBE R 2007                                                                        w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd     9

                                               what’s your story?

                                                               Stuller Introduces
                                                          Red Box Diamond® Moments
                   veryone has a story. Most                                                                A Couple’s Love – targeted at young couples who
                   people, if you ask, are happy                                                         are in loving, committed relationships
                   to tell about the significant                                                            Birth of a Child – directed at new parents
                   moments in their lives. Often                                                            Coming of Age – aimed at the parents of young
                   funny and heartwarming, the                                                           women
act of storytelling is a form of communication                                                              Happy Birthday – directed at the baby-boomer
whose roots date back to humankind’s ancient                                                             consumer or older generation X buyer
beginnings. While communication methods                                                                     Anniversary Moment – targeted at the baby-boomer
have advanced, the desire is still the same – a                                                          consumer
story makes a situation personal, it draws the                                                              True Luxuries – aimed at the female self-purchaser
listener in and focuses their attention on the
emotions of the moment.                                                                    The Red Box Diamond Moment marketing package includes the
   With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce a marketing package                   materials listed below. A comprehensive training guide and review
for Red Box Diamonds® with a core philosophy of the “Diamond                            quiz are included in your package. Successful completion of the quiz
Moment®” – someone’s personal story about their diamond.                                qualifies you for a complimentary listing as a Red Box Diamond
Celebrating truly significant moments with a Red Box Diamond                            retailer on, a consumer informational
brings together your customer’s unique diamond moment story with                        platform designed to drive business to your store.
the Red Box Diamond selling system, giving you the ingredients for a                       • 6 point-of-sale posters and counter cards
successful sale.                                                                           • 50 consumer brochures
   Diamond Moment stories help you create an environment where                             • An instructional video (on DVD)
attention is on the emotions of the special moment and the value-                          • An in-store promotional video (on DVD)
added benefits of the Red Box Diamond selling system, not on the                           • An advertising CD containing print-ready advertisements,
price. This approach also helps you sell diamonds throughout the year,                       billboard art, art for postcards, posters and counter cards, radio
not just during major holidays. Your customers will be encouraged                            scripts and training guide
to celebrate their Diamond Moments with a Red Box Diamond
purchase, building business for your store.                                                In partnership with Spot Runner, Stuller offers you the chance to
   Your Red Box Diamond Moment marketing package contains six                           customize your own television campaign, tailored to the specific needs
pre-selected moments, which you can promote throughout the year.                        of your locale for a nominal rate for both the ad and airtime schedule.
These moments have emotional resonance with key target audiences:                          With the Red Box Diamond Moment marketing package, your
                                                                                        promotions can be a profitable success. Call your sales consultant
                         Red Box Diamonds®                                              today and ask for KIT:90212:T, available for $64.95.
 Serial	      Shape	      Clarity	    Color	      Wgt.	      Sale/Ct	      %	off	rap	
 24264*	      Round	         VS2	       F	        0.56	      $2,589	        28.09%
 45610*	      Round	          I1	       F	        1.02	      $2,404	        36.75%
 47338*	      Round	          I1	       E	        1.54	      $3,064	        36.17%
 50417*	      Round	          I2	       J	        2.13	      $1,748	        30.08%
 15409*	     Marquise	       VS1	       H	        0.71	      $2,731	        33.38%
 52853**	    Marquise	       SI1	       F	        1.26	      $4,247	        25.50%
 53645*	     Marquise	       SI1	       D	        0.58	      $2,071	        30.97%
                                                                                           SHAPe OF
 60797*	     Marquise	        I2	       I	        1.63	      $1,425	        32.14%
                                                                                           THe MONTH:
 36898**	     Square	        VS1	       D	        0.50	      $2,090	        47.75%
 45964**	     Square	       VVS2	       H	        0.70	      $2,247	        47.75%
                                                                                           & TAPeReD
 52717**	     Square	        VS1	       F	        1.07	      $4,655	        34.44%         BAGUeTTe
 53955**	     Square	       VVS2	       F	        2.01	      $8,978	        38.09%         DiAMONDS
 54316**	    Asscher	       VVS2	       G	        0.51	      $2,100	        34.39%         saVE 5% On
 59134*	     Asscher	       VVS2	       F	        1.01	      $4,883	        34.89%         sTRaIGhT
 59996*	     Asscher	        SI1	       F	        0.70	      $2,850	        25.00%         & TaPEREd
 67463**	    Asscher	        VS1	       G	        2.06	      $8,265	        31.13%         BaGuETTE
 53235**	      Oval	        VVS1	       J	        1.26	      $2,898	        34.15%         dIaMOnds
 53928**	      Oval	        VS1	        G	        1.54	      $5,548	        34.73%         uP TO
 67222*	       Oval	        VS2	        H	        0.56	      $1,720	        31.22%         1/3 CT
 68302*	       Oval	         SI1	       D	        0.71	      $2,964	        34.13%         duRInG
Serial #s noted with * have Stuller grading report; those with ** have a GIA grading
report; those with *** have other report. Pricing is jeweler cost.

10 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                                   OCTOBER 2007
                                                                                                                                       ABOUT GEMSTONES

           committed to product availability

                                       The Gemstone Inventory Control Team

               s a true just-in-time supplier, our goal is to have what   confirms our supply of gemstones is on target for internal finished
               you need, when you need it. We take very seriously the     jewelry and Stuller Studio™ needs.
               trust that you have placed in us to meet your gemstone        Gemstone Receivers take the lead in ensuring that incoming
needs. The Gemstone Inventory Control team is committed fulltime          calibrated and serialized inventory is processed efficiently and
to the task of assuring the gemstones you need are available for fast     accurately. Speed and data accuracy are crucial in performing this
delivery!                                                                 important job.
   Ricky Badeaux, director of diamond and gemstone inventory                 The final group in this team, the Gemstone Inventory Laser
control, leads a staff of 18 associates who work diligently everyday      Specialists, carefully photograph and engrave serial numbers onto each
to meet our gemstone in-stock goal of 99+%. From planning and             of our Black Box Gemstones®. Black Box Gemstone® images are
ordering, to receiving and placing into final stock, the Gemstone         printed on our grading reports, and can be viewed online at,
Inventory Control Team ensures that our level of product availability     so you can see the gem before ordering.
meets this goal.                                                             When ordering gemstones from Stuller, you can be confident that
   Gemstone Inventory Control Auditors continually validate the           our Gemstone Inventory Control Team is working behind the scenes
accuracy of our serialized and calibrated gemstone in-stock levels        making certain we have the gemstones you need, when you need
through daily cycle counts. The Gemstone Planning and Buying              them. Experience the Beauty of it All™ with gemstones from
Group works closely with product specialists to ensure that our           Stuller.
systems reflect the most current trends in the marketplace, and also


                                                                                               Black Box Gemstones®
                                                                          Serial	     Shape	     deSCription	                  Clarity	      Wgt.	   Sale/Ct	
                                                                           101686	     AC	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.49	     $970	
                                                                           101687	     AC	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        1.51	     $970	
                                                                           100704	     BS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        0.92	     $575	
                                                                           101657	     EC	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        1.29	     $620	
                                                                           34731	      EC	     Color	Change	Garnet	             MODI	        0.96	     $590	
                                                                           27229	      HS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.63	     $550	
                                                                           34724	      MQ	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.25	     $620	
                                                                           101629	     MQ	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        0.57	     $415	
                                                                           101631	     MQ	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        0.57	     $375	
 COLOR OF THe                                                              101656	     MS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        1.01	     $640	
 MONTH: BROWN                                                              34722	      MS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             MODI	        2.22	     $910	
 ORdER yOuR                                                                101643	     OV	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.81	     $480	
 GEMsTOnE                                                                  101673	     OV	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.03	     $575	
 MaRKETInG KIT                                                             100703	     OV	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        2.67	     $1,240	
 TOday – GET 12                                                            101637	     PS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        1.41	     $970	
 “COlOR Of ThE                                                             101627	     PS	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        0.93	     $390	
 MOnTh” PROMOTIOns                                                         34730	      RD	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        2.98	     $1,810	
 fOR $44.95. ChECK                                                         100706	     TR	     Color	Change	Garnet	             SLYI	        1.32	     $575	
 yOuR dIaMOnd                                                              101638	     TR	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        1.73	     $970	
 & GEMsTOnE                                                                100705	     TR	     Color	Change	Garnet	             ECLN	        0.99	     $575	
 CalEndaR fOR
 MOnThly GEM                                                              All stones in October come with a Stuller grading report. ECLN (eyeclean); SLYI
 sPECIals.                                                                (slightly included); MODI (moderately included); HVYI (heavily included); DCLS
                                                                          (déclassé). Pricing is jeweler cost.

OCTOBE R 2007                                                                                          w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd   11

                  DPS diam nd facets

                                      Spotlight your diamond right hand rings
                         ince over 4.5 million women receive          about the latest designs.
                         diamond fashion rings each year, are            While exquisite Diamond
                         you getting your fair share of sales?        Right Hand Ring designs
                         The average price of these Diamond           are timeless, this year’s ring
                         Right Hand Rings grew by a whopping          collections work particularly
                         23% in 2006, indicating that these are       well with the latest fall
                         high-value sales indeed. Most diamond        fashions. Think about ways
                         fashion rings continue to be bought by       to create exciting news
                         men as gifts, although one-third are self-   around your own collections
purchased by single and married women. When they receive              of Diamond Right Hand
Diamond Right Hand Rings as a gift, women tell us that they           Rings. Consult fashion magazines to see what clothes and
were very involved in the purchase process, advising their men        accessories are in style this fall. For example, floral motifs are
about designs.                                                        very popular in jewelry, home design and fabrics this year.
                                        Women of all ages are         Sparkling floral rings are a perfect counterpoint to this fall’s
                                     acquiring these rings, but       structured dresses, adding a brilliant touch of femininity.
                                     many younger women                  The Diamond Promotion Service will continue to support
                                     have been jumping into the       Diamond Right Hand Rings with print advertising this
                                     category in recent months.       holiday season. Check out special display materials available
                                     We’ve learned that 60%           from In addition, you may want to take advantage
                                     of acquirers are married.        of the television commercial called “Shining Moments” that
                                     Therefore, 40% are single        Spotrunner has recently developed for independent jewelers. It’s
                                     women who receive these          a great way for your store
                    63376            rings as gifts or buy them       to tout the Diamond Right
                                     as a treat for themselves.       Hand Ring craze and bring
Whether they are gifts or self-purchases, the most popular            attention to your collection.
season for acquisition is the Christmas holidays.                        Your consumers will be
   Diamond Right Hand Rings appeal especially strongly to             seeing lots of news about
heavy owners of diamond jewelry, our best customers. Heavy            diamond fashion rings in
owners have already acquired 8+ pieces of diamond jewelry.            the fourth quarter, so it’s
Many of these women have more than one diamond fashion                time to figure out the best
ring in their jewelry boxes. They tell us that they like to wear      ways for your store to take
different diamond rings on different days – so there is always        advantage of the buzz.
room for another Diamond Right Hand Ring!
   To ignite excitement about these rings leading up to the
holidays, the Diamond Promotion Service has been working                    editor’s Note: This is part of a running series, written by Claudia Rose,
with fashion magazines. One                                           Director of industry Strategy, Diamond Promotion Service. DPS and Stuller, inc.

example is the Designed to                                            are separate entities.

Shine feature in the September
issue of Lucky Magazine.
To entice consumers, six
hot fashion designers have
created chic diamond fashion
rings. They include: Charlotte
Ronson, Cynthia Rowley, Tracy           63369
Reese, Rebecca Taylor, Jill
Stuart and Wenlan. Take a look
at these rings to see whether you have similar styles in stock.       The    ™, The Forevermark™, SIGHTHOLDER™, and DIAMOND TRADING COMPANY™ are used under
                                                                                                license from the DTC (Diamond Trading Company)
If so, keep a copy of the article handy to alert your customers

12 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                                OCTOBER 2007
                                                                                                                                       S T O R E S T R AT E G Y

                                         store strategy

                                                             It’s time to start
                                                         the holiday countdown
                        es, we know it’s still early fall, but that all-    If it’s print advertising, be sure you have the camera-ready material
                        important holiday selling season is already         well in advance. If you plan coop ads, work out the details with your
                        well underway. Experienced retailers advise         suppliers now. Remember, TV and radio spots are most effective
                        that the best way to be in top shape for the        closer to the holidays and should reflect the tone and style of your
                        season is to create a weekly checklist of items,    store. Special mailings, such as brochures and catalogs, should be
                        activities and plans to implement during this       sent out now.
                        critical three-month period.                           This is the ideal time of year to get in touch
                           First, take an inventory of your display         with customers and invite them
                        fixtures and materials. Are any damaged,            to some type of an
                        broken or in need of replacement? Will you          in-store event.
                        need additional items to show your new              Have your
                        holiday assortments, such as earring or ring        salespeople call
stands? If you plan to create a special gift case for a particular item,    their clients and
such as the three-stone ring or journey jewelry, do you have the            invite them
proper signage and enough display fixtures?                                 in for a
   Whether you are in a mall location or on a downtown street,              champagne holiday
the goal is to catch shoppers’ eyes as they hurry past. Maybe this          preview, or a Girls’
is the year to add pizzazz to your window displays, perhaps adding          Night Out followed
the element of motion to better catch their attention. Consider             by a Men’s Night Out
mounting a fabulous diamond ring or dangling earrings on a                  or a three-day special
revolving platform that sparkles in the light. Or, add an animated          event or designer trunk
figure or stuffed animal that will attract attention and amuse              show. Some retailers use
viewers.                                                                    this time of year to create a special evening sales event in which a
   Also high on the “To-Do” list are packaging materials, such as           portion of the proceeds benefits a local cause or charity.
gift wrap and ribbon, shopping bags and boxes. Be sure you have                Last, but certainly not least, take another look at your stock
an adequate supply of each, as well as a number of different sizes.         and see if you need any last-minute fill-ins. Be sure you have an
Remember, studies have shown that most people keep shopping bags            abundant supply of all the items in your holiday catalog, then
and boxes long after the gift has been removed. Use this fact to your       either display those pieces in one showcase or devise special tags or
advantage and reinforce your store name and logo in the customer’s          indicators that will highlight the featured styles. Learn what items
mind. Other housekeeping items to have in supply include repair             and styles your suppliers will be featuring in their ads and tie in
                                          envelopes, watch batteries        with them by displaying the pieces with special signage or a copy
                                                 and other bench            of the ads.
                                                      consumables.             Finally, to help those customers who have no idea what to buy, be
                                                           Now is the       sure to create special displays and gift suggestions, either by
                                                        most critical       category or price. Prominent cases labeled “Great Gifts for Under
                                                        time to review      $100 ($200, $500)” never fail to catch the eye– and cure the
                                                        your advertising    anxiety– of last-minute shoppers.
                                                        and promotional
                                                       plans. For
                                                       example, what
                                                       media have you
                                                       chosen for most of
                                                       your holiday ads?
                                                                                                                                  By Nancy Pier Sindt


OCTOBE R 2007                                                                                       w w w. s t u l l e r. c o m   ThE sTullER sTandaRd      1
jeweler’s voice
Excellent Quality
Diverse Styling
Anything is Possible with Stuller Studio!
Stuller Studio provides a strategic solution for increasing
your sales and customer satisfaction. Customers who
use the program agree:


   “Stuller Studio is a
   cornerstone of our
   company’s operations.
   Its excellent work really
   comes through for us and our
   customers, as every project is
   on time, on budget and exceeds
   expectations. Bottom line?
   Because of our strategic
   partnership with Stuller, our
   revenue cycle has dramatically
   improved allowing our profits
   and client base to double!                            ”
                   w. derek Engberg with Blaze diamond, little Rock, arkansas


                                   *Due	to	recent	developments	regarding	the	importation	and	distribution	of	irradiated	gemstones,	including	blue	topaz,	
                                   Stuller	is	temporarily	suspending	the	sale	of	Swiss,	London	and	some	Sky	Blue	color	topaz	loose	gems	and	jewelry.	
                                   Consequently	this	item	may	be	temporarily	unavailable	for	purchase.	Other	colored	stone	options	are	available.	See	
                         	for	further	information.


                              Would You Expect a 104-Year-Old Trade Association
                                   to Be Your Best Resource for New Ideas?

                                     hether you would expect it or              technologies, it provides insights into manufacturing, marketing, sales,
                                     not, Manufacturing Jewelers &              and business strategies to improve quality and efficiency. MJSA Journal
                                     Suppliers of America (MJSA) has            is free to all members.
                                     the solutions to the problems your             MJSA Press publications focus on the technical and business aspects
                                     jewelry business is facing in today’s      of making and repairing jewelry, from bench repairs to the latest
                                     global marketplace. Looking for            techniques for volume production. Like MJSA Journal, MJSA Press
                                     ways to increase profits and lower         books show manufacturers and retailers how to maintain quality, lower
costs? How about networking with some of the industry’s biggest names?          costs, and increase profits. Discounts on MJSA Press publications are
No need to look any further than a membership at MJSA.                          given to MJSA members.
   Founded in 1903, MJSA is a national trade association representing               In addition, MJSA members can reach their customers and prospects
companies from all segments of the jewelry industry—precious and                more effectively and affordably through the online or print Buyers’
fashion jewelry manufacturers, designers, bench jewelers, suppliers of          Guide. Through the Buyers’ Guide, as well as numerous requests to
the latest equipment and services, gem dealers, and retailers. Regardless       our office, MJSA annually provides more than 1.5 million referrals to
of their backgrounds, MJSA provides valuable information and                    member companies of potential customers seeking the best finished
opportunities to help them maximize their growth and profits.                   products, equipment and supplies, and services. MJSA members receive
                                                                                a free copy of the print Buyers’ Guide and are included in the referral
TRADE SHOWS                                                                     search engine online.
   MJSA Expo New York and the MJSA Trade Show for Jewelry Making                    MJSA Jewelry Academy’s acclaimed seminar programs provide
provide buyers with an array of the latest equipment, technologies, tools,      easy access to industry experts who can help improve your business
and supplies, as well as networking opportunities and valuable knowledge        techniques and income. These programs include customized training
to improve their businesses. MJSA members attend these shows for free,          programs, as well as the popular “At the Bench Live” series of
as well as receiving discounted booth prices for exhibiting.                    demonstrations at MJSA Expo New York, MJSA Trade Show for
   MJSA Expo New York, the key annual event, is the largest trade               Jewelry Making, and other industry trade shows.
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The show features more than 400 booths, an upscale designated area              maintains its workforce and competitiveness. The MJSA Vision Award
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attendees to network with colleagues from around the world. The                 whose work has a profound influence on the future of jewelry design.
MJSA Trade Show for Jewelry Making is a regional show designed for
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14 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                             OCTOBER 2007
 FA S H I O N                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       FA S H I O N

                                                                                                                        South Sea and Tahitian cultured pearls have already traveled halfway around the

                                                                    a pearl’s Journey                                    world when they arrive at Stuller’s shores. Their journey continues, however, as
                                                                                                                           they are incorporated into exquisitely-crafted pieces of jewelry by our skilled
                                                                                                                             and dedicated team of pearl specialists. The Stuller culture of teamwork and
                                                                                                                               innovation is apparent during all aspects of the creation of pearl jewelry.

                                                                                                                                      The Product Design and Development Team is inspired by the special
                                                                                                                                       characteristics and qualities of these organic gems. It is a challenge
                Metal Mold technology is used for                                                                                        to accommodate the amazing variety of shapes and sizes while
                creating molds for some designs like
                this item from the sea sprite collection.                                                                                  highlighting the pearl’s natural beauty. Our designers have also
                using our Cad/CaM software, items are                                                                                        created one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as the pearls
                programmed and then machined into                                                                                              that inspired them.                                                                                                             Quality assurance technicians
                metal molds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ensure that every possible quality
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               issue has been addressed to
                                                                                                                                                      The jewelry manufacturing process begins with…                                                                           achieve the perfect order. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               team also has its own expeditor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               who controls the workflow in and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        south sea cultured pearls
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               out of the cell. (James Jackson,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        are stocked un-drilled.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Qa technician, nadine savoy,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Our master setters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        evaluate the best drill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        location and confirm the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        best face prior to drilling.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (lance leblanc, Mike
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rowell, master setters)

The Model department creates silver                                                                         Our skilled metalsmiths
                                                         Item 66180 (mounting
masters and rubber molds on all designs                                                                     tumble and prep the items in
                                                         83825) is a 14KT south
that cannot be made using Metal Mold                                                                        preparation for polishing. (Mark
                                                         sea multi stone cultured                                                                                                                                                                           Caption here.
Technology. silver masters are detailed by                                                                  Boudreaux and arlene Tauzin,                                                             Pearls are strung in the
                                                         pearl pendant. This                                                                                                                                                                                all CaPs sECOnd
our skilled model makers in preparation for                                                                 metalsmiths)
                                                         pendant is bezel set with                                                                                                                   diamond and Gemstone
rubber mold production. (alecia hebert,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and ThIRd lInE
                                                         cabochon colored stones                                                                                                                     department using a
model manager)
                                                         and finished with a 12mm                                                                                                                    unique method that
                                                         fine quality Circle south                                                                                                                   appears knotless. (Kayla
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Caption here.
                                                         sea cultured pearl.                                                                                                                         Matte, Gemstone Qa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   all CaPs sECOnd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and ThIRd lInE

                                   Much care and effort is given to
                                   selecting and matching pearls for
                                   finished jewelry. special attention
                                   is given not only to the quality and
                                   color but also to the symmetry and                                                                                                                                                                                     Master setters set the diamonds and gemstones into the
                                   fit of each style into which the pearl                                                                                                                                                                                 blank mountings prior to the pearl installation. The fine detail
                                   is being set. (Tina deville, pearl                                                                                                                                                                                     and workmanship is clearly evident in the finished product.
                                   specialist manager)                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Eric Broussard, master setter)

                                                                     Our metalsmiths polish each piece                                                                                                                                                 Item 65025 is an 18KT seashell south sea cultured pearl
                                                                     leaving no surface unfinished inside                                                      Metalsmiths assemble each                                                               brooch, gypsy set with 41 Vs diamonds totaling ½ carat.
                                                                     and out. (Corey Fontenette, amy                                                           piece by hand to ensure the                                                                        Caption here.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The brooch is finished with a 14mm, baroque south sea
                                                                     Myers, Vicki Robert, metalsmiths)                                                         best possible solder joints and                                                                    all CaPs sECOnd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cultured pearl.
                                                                                                                                                               alignment. (May Mire, metalsmith)                                                                  and ThIRd lInE

 16 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                              OCTOBER 2007                  OCTOBER 2007                                                                             ThE sTullER sTandaRd          17



                         B                                                                                                                                H


Pearl Girl’s Delight!
Exquisite South Sea Cultured Pearl and Tahitian
selections in colors and shapes to match her whims…
A. 66177 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,             D. 66175 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,             G. 66180 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,
6X6 Genuine Turquoise, and 8X6 Genuine Red                5mm Genuine Peridot, and 8X6 Genuine London               6X6 Genuine Citrine, 6mm Genuine Peridot,
Coral Pendant, $537, (Shown with CH116 14KY               Blue Topaz Earrings, $1,134 per pair Mounting             8X6 Genuine Lond o n B l u e To p a z , a n d 6 X 6
16” sold separately $396) Mounting # 83822                # 83820                                                   Genuine Amethyst Pendant, $771 (Shown with CH116
                                                                                                                    14KY 16” sold separately $396) Mounting # 83825
B. 66178 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,             E. 66192 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,
6X6 Genuine Turquoise, and 8X6 Genuine Red                6X6 Genuine Turquoise, and 8X6 and Genuine Pink           H. 66184 14KW 1/8 CT TW Diamond Ring Semi
Coral Earrings, $1,149 per pair, Mounting # 83823         Coral Pendant, $522, (Shown with CH116 14KY               Mount, $467, 10.00mm Round/Near Round
                                                          16” sold separately $396) Mounting # 83822                Tahitian Pearl,  $944
C. 66174 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,
5mm Genuine Peridot, and 8X6 Genuine London               F. 66193 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,
Blue Topaz Pendant, $545, (Shown with CH116               6X6 Genuine Turquoise, and 8X6 and Genuine
14KY 16” sold separately $396) Mounting # 83819           Pink Coral Earrings, $1,092 per pair, Mounting
                                                          # 83823

“* Due to recent developments regarding the importation and distribution of Irradiated gemstones, including Blue Topaz, Stuller is temporarily suspending the sale of Swiss, Lond


                                                     B                                                            D






                                                                                                                                      Call 800.877.7777 to order.

     A. 66185 14KW 1/2 CT TW Diamond Pendant                  Garnet Pendant, $576, (Shown with CH116 14KY                            G. BRC351 14KY 7.50 Inch, Oval Link Bracelet, $631
     Semi-Mount, $1,248, 11.00mm Round/Near                   16” sold separately $396) Mounting # 83821
     Round Thaitian Pearl,    $1,800 (Shown with                                                                                      H. 66168 14KY 11.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl
     CH70 14KW 16” sold separately $101)                      E. 66186 14KW 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,                           and 6MM Genuine Onyx Charm,   $363
                                                              5mm Genuine London Blue Topaz, 5X5 Genuine
     B. 66182 14KW 1/5 CT TW Diamond Pendant                  London Blue Topaz, and 8X6 Genuine London Blue                          J. 66170 14KY 11.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl
     Semi-Mount, $519, 12.00mm South Sea Drop                 Topaz Pendant, $635 (Shown with CH521 14KW                              and 6X6 Genuine Citrine Charm, $383
     Pearl,    $1,236 (Shown with CH520 14KW 16”              16” sold separately $421) Mounting # 83821
     sold separately $169)                                                                                                            K. 66166 14KY 11.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl
                                                              F. 66179 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl,                           and 7X5 Genuine Turquoise Charm, $364
     C. 66183 14KW 1/8 CT TW Diamond Necklace                 6mm Genuine Citrine, 6X6 Genuine Peridot, and
     Semi-Mount, $565, 10.00mm Round/Near Round               8X6 Genuine London Blue Topaz Pendant, $643                             L. 66169 14KY 11.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl
     Tahitian Pearl, $1,131                                   (Shown with CH116 14KY 16” sold separately                              and 5X5 Genuine Peridot Charm, $389
                                                              $396) Mounting # 83824
     D. 66176 14KY 12.00mm South Sea Golden                                                                                           M. 66167 14KY 11.00mm South Sea Circle Pearl
     Cultured Circle Pearl, 5mm Genuine Citrine, 5X5          Sea Sprite Charm Bracelet:                                              and 7X5 Genuine Pink Coral Charm, $384
     Genuine Citrine, and 8X6 Genuine Mozambique              Call for assembly, setting, and stone pricing through Stuller Studio.

don and some Sky Blue color Topaz loose gems and jewelry. Consequently this item may be temporarily unavailable for purchase. See for further information.”







                                   Take Her On a Sentimental Journey
Every relationship’s growth is unique.       A. 121367 1-2.7, 1-2.0, 1-1.7 8-1.5 8.0mm Width          F. 83577 1-2.75, 1-2.5 1-2.2, 1-1.7, 1-2.0
But, they can all be expressed with a gift   3.96 DWT 7 14KW $424 $897                                22.75x21.25 1.39 DWT 6 14KY $157     $543
                                                                                                      (Shown on CH123)
of Journey jewelry. What a great way to      B. 121419 .50CT TW 1-3.6, 1-3.1, 1-2.7 1-2.4,
note all the great things that makes your    1-2.1, 1-1.9 1-1.7 1.82 DWT 6 14KW $215 $1283            G. 83816 1-3.4,1-3.2, 1-2.9 1-2.7, 1-2.4, 1-2.2,
relationship one-of-a-kind. And, each                                                                 1-2.0 22-1.7, 6-1.5 39x17.5 2.82 DWT 7 14KW
                                             C. 121369 1-3.2, 1-2.7, 1-2.2 1-1.5 8.25mm Width         $313     $2478 (Shown on CH123)
purchase starts you on your Journey toward   1.70 DWT 6 14KW $204 $674
another piece of Journey jewelry. Make                                                                H. 83793 1-3.8, 1-3.0, 1-2.7 1-2.0, 2-1.7, 44-1.5
a call to 800.877.7777 and your friendly     D. 83814 1-3.8, 1-3.3, 2-2.9 2-2.5, 3-2.2, 1-1.7 2-2.0   2.80 DWT 7 14KW $311 $2696 (Shown on CH74)
                                             1.27 DWT 6 14KW $162 $1966 (Shown on CH19)
account consultant will be happy to help                                                              J. 83738 1-2.7, 1-2.5, 1-2.2 1-2.0, 3-1.5 2-1.3,
you with your journey jewelry selections.    E. 121368 1-2.7, 1-2.25, 1-1.7 21-1.5 11.0mm             5-1.0 32.5x3.5 1.67 DWT 7 14KW $201        $936
                                             Width 6.64 DWT 7 14KW $686 $1592                         (Shown on CH128)
                                               A. 50760                                   B. 50755

                                                                                                                                       C. 50762
                                                                                                                                      (PVD Coating)
                               D. 50759

                                                 E. 50758                                                                           F. 50761
                                                                                                                                 (PVD Coating)

                                              G 50756

                                                            H. 50757
                                                                                                                      J. 50763
                                                                                                                    (PVD Coating)

Tungsten Carbide for the Rugged Individualist
Tungsten Carbide, the hardest metallic substance, is twice as hard as steel and four times harder than titanium making Tungsten Carbide
the perfect material for jewelry. Jewelry made from this hard metal will maintain its luster far longer than any other metal.

Black Tungsten Carbide rings created using a process called PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition, commonly referred to as Ion Plating (IP).
PVD is a vacuum-process technology of physically coating materials onto substrates. PVD coated films have high hardness, high wearing
resistance, good corrosion resistance, chemical stability and longer lifetime of the film. PVD coatings are also hypo-allergenic and
non-toxic. Black tungsten shows little to no wear. But, over time or in the presence of increased friction or abrasion, the black coating may
fade. This will not fade the ring’s polish.

• Band prices $216 each.
• Beautiful, comfort-fit bands with a white steel gray or black PVD appearance
• 10-day return policy
• Stocked in gents whole and half finger sizes 9 –12.5
• Due to metal hardness, these rings cannot be sized
• Lifetime size exchange policy for a $35 service fee
• Re-plating service on PVD styles is $45. It takes three weeks, and services carry a 2-year warranty.
• Rings altered from their original state cannot be returned. Includes engraving, drilling, stone setting and signs of obvious
 physical abuse.

Pricing is suggested retail.                                                                          Call 800.877.7777 to order.

                     Preconfigured Customized Jewelry
                                                                                              Tips from Stuller Studio
      Maximize efficiency by creating and                     3. Once you have configured the item, select    6. To access your Saved Configurations at any
   saving your virtual inventory before the                the Remember this Configuration text link.         time, simply log in to and hold your
   selling season heats up. Create up-sell and                                                                mouse over the My Account link. Select Saved
   down-sell opportunities by defining multiple                                                               Configurations from the Drop Down that
   price points for best sellers. Merchandise                                                                 appears. You will also find a link to Saved
   products in diverse gemstone combinations                  4. You will be prompted to give a name to       Configuration when you visit the Stuller
   to satisfy every customer’s unique tastes.              your customized item. In our example, we have      Studio page of our website.
   Consider your important repeat customers                configured the same 83676 14KY 1 CT TW
   and tailor styles to their needs before they            pendant in different diamond clarities to
   even walk in your door.                                 meet various price points.

   Creating and saving configurations is easy.                                                                   Use Stuller Studio, and you’ll save
      Visit us online at                                                               precious time for both you and your
   to place a customized order.                                                                               customer during this busy selling season.
                                                                                                              Configured items can easily be ordered
     1. Search to select the style you                                                            via the web or call a friendly Stuller sales
   want to configure. You can also use the Quick              5. You now have a virtual catalog to use as     associate to make your purchase.
   Order form or keyword search if you already             a reference and easy ordering tool. To select an
   know the number of the style you want to                item from the list, click on the configuration
   configure.                                              name. You will have the opportunity to
                                                           make changes to the configuration such
                                                           as indicating a finger size. You then click
     2. Click on Customize This Item. You will             on Add To Cart to place the item in your
   be guided through the                                   Shopping Cart.
   customization process.

   Product           Information
   Mountings                                                                                                    Finished Jewelry
   Pricing is suggested retail        in U.S.               stones from our exclusive inventory                 Pricing is suggested retail        in U.S.
   Dollars at a $600 gold market; $1,100                    within five days and are non                                      STULLER STUDIO
                                                                                                                Dollars at a $600 gold market; $1,100
   platinum, subject to change without                      returnable, non cancelable.                         platinum, subject to change without
   notice. Sold by DWT, plus labor and                                                                          notice. Sold by piece, not weight, with
   invoiced by exact DWT shipped, blank,                    Photography                                         stones featured. Many styles exclusive
   without stones. Most items available set                 Most products enlarged to show beauty               copyright of Stuller, inc. and strictly
        Stuller Studio with your choice of                  of detail.                                          enforced.

                                                                  Product Stone Codes
	 Stone	    	             	     AGtA
	 Code	     Stone	   deSCription	enhAnCement	CodeS

    1       Charles & Colvard™                       Man-Made, slIghtly tInted greenIsh yellow, good Cut, very hIgh dIspersIon                           syn
                                                     Created MoIssanIte - whIte
   32       dIaMond round                            slIghtly InCluded to IMperfeCt, soMe InClusIons May be seen wIth a good eye (sI2-I1) g-I   Color,       n
                                                     good Make

   110      dIaMond round                            InClusIons Can be seen wIth the unaIded eye (I1), g-I Color, average Make                               n
   111      dIaMond square prInCess                  soMe InClusIons May be seen wIth a good eye (sI), g-I Color, average Make                               n

22 ThE sTullER sTandaRd                                                                                                   OCTOBER 2007
	JouRnEy	SEllinG	SyStEm


                                                                  FEAtuRinG	toP	SEllERS	AnD	nEw	StylES

                                                                  A	full	line	of	FREE	educational	support	tools	has	been	created	to	help	you	make	
Journey	Diamond	Jewelry	continues	to	receive	substantial	
                                                                  the	most	of	this	exceptional	sales	opportunity,	and	comes	with	either	of	these	two	
marketing	support	from	the	Diamond	Promotion	Service.	            purchase	options:

                                                                  •	 Purchase	the	9-piece	Journey	Alloy	Kit	for	$199	From	left	to	right,	starting	with	top	row:			
Consumer	response	is	even	stronger	than	Past,	Present,	Future	    	 A.	83591		B.	83548		C.	83815		D.	83742		E.	83832		F.	83550		G.	83638		H.	83636		J.	83667
                                                                  •	 Purchase	the	9-piece	14K-gold	Journey	Diamond	Jewelry	Pendant	Collection.	
Diamond	Jewelry.	Stuller	makes	it	easy	for	you	to	be	ready	for	
                                                                     (Chains	sold	separately.)		From	left	to	right,	starting	with	top	row:			
customer	demand.                                                     A.	65307		B.	65432		C.	65839		D.	65446		E.	65838		F.	65435		G.	65395	H.	65394		J.	65398