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Hard Rock Cafe study


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									Hard Rock Cafe study
   ‘Love all, serve all’
Provide special, unique
and memorable dining and
entertainment experience
          HRC strategies
1971 - first cafe in London
1979 - the cafe started covering its walls
with rock 'n' roll ephemera
1982 - Hard Rock Cafe began its
expanding and opened restaurants in
various parts of the globe
1995 – casinos and hotels, theme park,
festival, e-commerce
2008 – over 140 cafes in 36 countries and
Competing on Differentiation
Every cafe with unique set of rock’n’roll
Memorable visual and sound experience
Tweaking menus for local taste
Located in best and most visited locations
Developing e-commerce
   10 OM decisions - Layout
No 1 in the world with 92% name-brand
Millions spend to purchase rock’n’roll
memorabilias which circulate between
localizations thus making places’ look
different every time you visit them after a
   10 OM – Location selection
Careful considerations in looking for new
locations based on:
- Political Risk       - Currency Risk
- Social Norms         - Brand Fit
- Social Cost          - Business Practices

Recent location criteria:
  - 70% of guests are tourists: economic
  fluctuations susceptibility
  - Opening new cafes in not tourist destinations
   10 OM – HR & job design

‘People are important’
All crews make a
cooperating team that
shares enthusiasm both
for music and work.
Why they succeeded – good ideas
Global approach – locations worldwide
Own, recognizable style
Retail shops – 48% of income
Using well known brand in other markets –
hotels, casinos
Concentrated on music and things that
goes with it – memorabilias that can tell
their own story

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