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					                                                    Dream Building Worksheet                             Dare to Dream

What	would	your	life	be	like	if	money	was	not	an	issue?	As	most	people	grow	older	they	let	their	dreams	fade.	Nothing	
is	out	of	reach	with	this	business.	Remember	that	financial	independence	gives	you	more	options.	Check	the	items	below	
that	you	would	like	to	have	or	do.

	 Take	children	to	Disneyland             	 Go	on	a	mission                        	 See	a	Broadway	show
	 Continue	my	education                      B
                                           	 	 uy	snowmobiles	with	enclosed	        	 Hire	a	personal	gourmet	chef
	 Have	unlimited	time	with	family            			trailer                             	 Collect	antique	cars
	 Buy	a	luxury	sedan	                     	 Have	a	personal	assistant                 B
                                                                                     	 	 uy	a	large	karat	diamond	ring		
	 Start	a	special	hobby                   	 Build	a	gourmet	kitchen                   			and	necklace
	 Pay	off	all	my	debt                     	 Donate	to	special	charity	funds	       	 Use	customized	golf	clubs
	 	 ake	a	romantic	trip	to	the	           	 Diversify	my	stock	portfolio           	 Keep	a	healthy	saving	account
   			Bahamas                              	 Pay	tithing                            	 Own	a	cabin	in	the	mountains
	 Purchase	a	new	high-tech	computer       	 Have	a	custom	clothes	wardrobe         	 Take	a	fishing	trip	to	Alaska
	 Follow	my	favorite	team                 	 Get	a	housekeeper                      	 Purchase	a	home	theatre	system
	 Fire	my	boss                            	 Hire	a	professional	landscaper         	 Collect	fine	wines
	 Build	a	redwood	deck                    	 Buy	land	or	real	estate                	 Drive	a	4	X	4	off-road	truck
	 Have	a	hot	tub	with	gazebo              	 Install	a	home	gym                     	 Build	a	tennis	court
	 Establish	my	kids’	savings              	 Own	a	Harley	or	street	bike	           	 Be	a	politician
	 Give	to	charities                       	 Be	my	child’s	sports	coach             	 Have	a	luxurious	home	office
	 Buy	parents	a	new	house                 	 Get	a	daily	massage                    	 Take	a	big	game	hunting	trip
	 Climb	Mt.	Everest                       	 Fly	in	an	executive	jet                	 Drive	an	exotic	sports	car
	 Set	up	a	family	trust                   	 Restore	a	historic	home                	 Vacation	on	an	African	safari
	 Remodel	my	home                         	 Buy	parents	a	new	car                  	 Have	my	own	chauffeur
	 Start	a	college	fund	for	the	children   	 Send	children	to	private	school        	 Fly	a	personal	helicopter
	 Play	Santa	every	Christmas              	 Collect	fine	art                       	 Shop	Rodeo	Drive
	 Go	on	a	second	honeymoon                	 Own	an	antique	furniture	collection    	 Fish	on	the	deep	seas
	 Become	a	world	traveler                 	 Go	on	a	golf	vacation                  	 Be	a	private	investigator	just	for	fun
	 Write	a	book                            	 Take	a	Caribbean	cruise                	 Be	a	guest	on	Oprah	
	 Buy	a	sport	boat                        	 Scuba	dive	on	the	Great	Barrier	Reef   	 Race	NASCAR	or	NHRA
	 Eat	in	the	finest	restaurants           	 See	the	seven	wonders	of	the	world        B
                                                                                     	 	 e	on	Lifestyles of the Rich
	 Own	jet	skis	and	trailer                	 Visit	the	Grand	Canyon                       and Famous
	 Pay	cash	instead	of	credit              	 Go	to	the	World	Series                 	 Go	to	the	moon
	 Get	manicure/pedicure	regularly         	 Get	a	makeover                         	 Be	on	the	David Letterman Show
	 Own	horses	on	a	ranch                   	 Purchase	a	camper	trailer              	
	 Provide	for	extended	family             	 Relax	by	my	indoor	pool	and	spa        	
	 Purchase	a	new	car	every	year           	 	 acation	at	my	second	house	on	
                                              V                                      	
	 Travel	first	class,	not	coach              			the	coast                           	
	 Always	pick	up	the	check                	 Play	racquetball	on	my	own	court       	
	 Go	to	the	Super	Bowl                    	 Fly	a	personal	airplane                	
	 Sail	a	boat	around	the	world            	 Go	to	the	Indianapolis	500             	
	 Have	unlimited	use	of	a	cell	phone      	 Sail	a	50’	yacht                       
	 Home	school	my	children                 	 Go	to	the	Olympics                     	

                                                           13                                                    Starting Out

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