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									Technology against crime By Mateo Isabella
Please note this material strictly confidential

Why should society care if they kill each other?

Why current initiatives will only make a little dent
• No financial benefit from the solution • Saving teenagers is a financial rewarding project • Teenagers lie that they need a knife to protect themselves when in reality, they are using it to pose • Some racist elements within law enforcement with their hidden agenda will always exploit the political stance to get more funding that will not necessarily generate results • Sentencing wont work because it is too expensive • Stop and search may cause a bit of a deterrence but its not where the problem lies. • There is still a huge perception that the gangsters are eliminating themselves We need a solution for raising alert and intercepting the incidence

• SOS is a system that provides, for the first time, the ability for mobile phone users to be able to generate an emergency alert indicating they under distress prior to the incident occurring. • The information provide and its usage can generate siginificant revenue for stream for a telephone in both the commercial and enterprise sectors • Typical scenarios include
– – – – – – – is a woman in a potential rape incident, a child being abused, a teenager in a imminent knife attack. High risk workers Bullied children Gang related crimes and victims Witnesses to events

The rationale
• Use of a mobile phone’s inherent capability and a mobile networks embedded technology to facilitate the curtailment of the widespread of crime in London and in the UK. • Create intellectual property rights from the solution to generate a wide range of potential benefits for the mobile company .

Stakeholder benefits
Sponsorship from ministries Support current school initiatives Linked to parents – USER INITIATED

Schools Current anti crime initiatives
Will provide significant advantage to organisations Currently active in anti-crime Initiatives


First to market A platform to support others Birth of R&D in proactive security sector Leverage current initiatives

Police Politics
Proactive capability Assistance in other areas

Phones Services Support Traffic generation Intellectual property right sales Training

Quick wins for politicians Financial support from political initiatives

Real life application of SOS
Normal alert silo

2nd alert silo Real time alert silo


User sets up a network of emergency contacts that are able to react in real time to their needs using some of the functions of SOS – USER INITIATED – for a child it may be parents & school, danger is imminent or currently active.
2nd alert silo are non real time alert that require immediate action but threat is real and requires mitigation as urgent as possible. – REQUESTED FROM NETWORK Normal alerts silos are run of the mill services that is provided with SOS

Exact location

Location area info

MSISDN & IMEI Legal intercept option Link

Request assistance

Urgent request
Imminent danger

MMS/Covert recording

Victim Or witness

Auto Voice recording Video recording

Link to Police & support groups


Witness enablement

Evidence acquisition

Activation code

One touch activation
Covert recording

Capture 10m range

Bluetooth capture
Report to server

Service overview
Location area information

Voice recording

Video recording

Hotkey activation

Covert automatic activation

Law enforcement agencies
Request categorisation & statutory requirements to access data

Intellectual property rights

Highly sensitive
Moderately sensitive Statistical & annonymized


Community support groups


Business opportunities
Law enforcement agencies
Police RIPA requests

Courts - Evidence
Other OpCo License Other operators

Intellectual property rights

Patentability Software sale Brand propagation

Bullying detection system

Schools/ community groups/parents

Knife reporting system Gang whistle blowing

Industry at large

Target offences SOS services

Location area information

Hotkey activated by Victim or witness

Ref: 123432 Mobile: 07812039867 Location: Vicinity : 1. 08777676545 /IMEI 887863746483 - 0.5m 2. 08877676578/IMEI 999889378373 – 0.5m 3. 08887765456 – 0.6m Voice recording: VR1.midi 10 mins Video recording: VDR1.wmv Network confirmation - location based services Video recording Voice confirmation

One touch activation

Voice recording

Voice confirmation

Further evidence

Further evidence FE1 -

Next generation SOS
Sale to the Security industry

SIM enabled CCTV

Local police

SOS nationwide POC

NDA – subject to patent SIM enabled street lamps

SIM enabled properties
car theft detection and monitoring system

Motorbike theft detection and monitoring system


Bicycle theft detection and monitoring system


Physical security detection system
Intellectual property rights

Identity fraud detection system

Possible considerations
• Recommend GPS enabled phone for parents buying phones for their school kids – Advice to parents.
– Parents buy the phones in their own names and give it to the kids to use, therefore the phone remain property of the parent and circumnavigates privacy restrictions for the solution to work.

• Keep core solution off the press or a masqueraded solution in order to have an element of surprise that will keep catching the perpetrators out

The End
• Property rights
– Full details of how the solution works can be discovered by acquiring a copyright license from Mateo Isabella – The request will initiate a project, based on your objectives which solution you would like to see for your jurisdiction. – Mateo Isabella, UK registered charity – – – 07812039867

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