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Nairobi Kenya


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Nairobi, Kenya
Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel | May 17, 2011
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conference information
3rd AnnuAl                                                       Topics to be discussed at the
East Africa trade & commodity                                    conference:

finance conference

                                                                 • Analysing trade flows in the East African region
                                                                 • What more can banks do to aid SME and corporate
                                                                 • Exploring the region’s growing oil & gas sector
                                                                 • Tracking appetite for trade & commodity finance risk
     Exporta returns to Nairobi for                              • Exploring the realities of investment risk
                                                                 • How corporates are using technology to drive
     the 3rd time to find Kenya at the                             operational efficiencies
                                                                 • Reducing risk and increasing liquidity in East Africa
     epicentre of the buoyant East                               • Facilitating trade through inward investment
                                                                 • What is the biggest hurdle to East African trade?
     African market. This increased
     spotlight is duly deserved as the
     region has forged an enviable                               Who should attend?
     growth record since the beginning                           • Trade, export and commodity finance heads and
     of the global crisis, with forecast                         • Corporate finance directors, CFOs and treasurers
                                                                 • Commodity brokers and traders
     levels expected to outperform many                          • Insurance underwriters and brokers
     other emerging markets. The ability                         • Export credit agencies
                                                                 • Multilaterals
     to utilise lucrative south-south                            • Solution providers
                                                                 • Lawyers and consultants
     trade flows due to geographical                             • Market analysts and policy advisors
     advantages, combined with a                                 There will be a special reception following the event
     stable trading environment, is                              where all delegates can continue the day's discussions
                                                                 and engage in further dialogue in a more informal setting.
     why commodity growth levels are
     expected to soar.
                                                                      Quotes from previous
     Among those providing expert opinion and unique
                                                                       east africa events:
     insight will be leading industry decision makers from
     local and international banks; export credit agencies;
     multilaterals; lawyers; commodity traders and many                 “Extremely good forum for
     other protagonists within the world of East African trade                networking”
     and commodity finance and beyond.
                                                                                        W. Kung’u,
                                                                                     Export Trading Co

     through peer-to-peer discussions.
     The format of the conference will enable delegates to
     contribute to vigorous panel discussions as well as gain
     individual perspective from case study presentations.
     As always, networking opportunities will be at the heart
     of the conference and can be used to develop new
     business contacts as well as expand industry awareness
                                                                      “An eye opener for companies
                                                                     in the region trying to expand /
                                                                   finance their commodity business”
                                                                                         S. esmail,
                                                                                      Afrisian Ginning
Agenda: May 17, 2011
08.00 Registration and refreshments                      11.45 Exploring the region’s growing oil              15.15 Factoring: Reducing risk and
                                                               & gas sector                                          increasing liquidity in East Africa
08.50 Chairman’s opening remarks                                Rolake Akinola, Oil & Gas Specialist,                 Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger, President,
       Megan McDonald, Director, Head Structured                Ecobank Capital                                       Fimbank
       Trade Finance SA, Standard Bank of South                 • Tracking the emergence of Uganda as East            • Profiling joint-ventures and collaborations
       Africa                                                     Africa’s key player                                   throughout the region
                                                                • The role of business partnerships and               • What products would best benefit regional
09.00 Analysing trade flows in the East                           regional cooperation in the development               SMEs and the market in general?
      African Region                                              of the oil and gas industry                         • Is factoring the ideal way for liquidity-
       Okey Oramah, Executive Vice-President,                   • The dependency on Kenya and Tanzania in               scarce companies to invest in growth and
       Afreximbank                                                gaining access to the Indian Ocean                    aid expansion?
       • Reflections on trading patterns for the key            • Analysing the rising levels of private              • Using emerging market knowledge and
         regional actors                                          cargoes of refined petroleum products                 expertise to develop efficient models
       • The gateway to Africa: How geographical                • What time frames are feasible for
                                                                  predicting large scale oil and
         positioning is facilitating lucrative south-                                                          15.45 Networking break
                                                                  gas production?
         south trade
       • How is pricing competition from other                                                                 16.15 Exploring the realities of
                                                         12.15 Panel discussion: What more can
         emerging markets affecting trade flows?                                                                     investment risk in East Africa
                                                               banks do to aid SME and corporate
       • Forecasting East African trade flows and                                                                     Jorim Schraven, Manager, Financial
         future pricing patterns                                                                                      Institutions, FMO
                                                                Moderator: Veronika Koroleva, Partner,
                                                                                                                      • How does the currency risk of Africa
                                                                International Trade & Export Finance, SNR
09.30 The role of commodities in driving                                                                                compare with other emerging markets?
      regional prosperity                                       Okey Oramah, Executive Vice-President,
                                                                                                                      • Case study: FMO’s credit risk experience
       Paul-Harry Aithnard, Group Head, Research,               Afreximbank                                           • Why is country risk in Africa so different?
       Ecobank Capital                                          Oti Ikomi, Group Head, Corporate Banking              • Examining product choice and portfolio
       • Increasing profit margins through the                  Products, Ecobank                                       management
         global rise in food prices                             Abubakar Ali, Treasury Manager, Gulf Energy
       • How rising export levels of tea and                    Dan Awendo, Chief Executive Officer,           16.45 Panel discussion: Facilitating trade
         sugarcane are challenging the dominance                InvesteQ Capital                                     through inward investment
         of coffee                                              Gwen Mwaba, Vice-President, Structured                Moderator: Megan McDonald, Director,
       • Analysing the impact of drought on wheat               Trade Finance, Standard Bank Plc, London              Head Structured Trade Finance SA, Standard
         and maize pricing                                      • What do corporates need? What do                    Bank of South Africa
       • Tanzania: Challenges in finding reliable                 corporates want?                                    Kudakwashe Matereke, Manager, Trade
         markets for rice farmers                               • Analysing corporate risk appetite for East          Finance, Afreximbank
       • Measuring the importance of regional                     African trade finance                               Lodewyk Meyer, Director, Banking and
         cement exports                                         • How can banks best tailor products to               Finance, Bowman Gilfillan
                                                                  facilitate trade?                                   Peter Kegode, Agribusiness Specialist, East
10.00 Panel discussion: Tracking trends                         • Corporate perspectives on infrastructure            Africa Brazil International
      for trade and commodity finance                             investment priorities                               Ove Nyström, Senior Underwriter, ICT
      since the beginning of the global                         • Scrutinising future challenges and how to           Middle East and Africa, EKN
      crisis                                                      overcome them                                       Jeffrey Midzuk, Director, Structured Trade
       Moderator: Francois Roux, Head of Trade,                                                                       Finance, Standard Bank of South Africa
       CfC Stanbic Bank, Kenya                           13.15 Lunch                                                  • Negotiating the various challenges faced in
       Ulf-Peter Noetzel, Director of Trade Finance,                                                                    trading commodities across East Africa
       Financial Institutions, Deutsche Bank             14.15 Case study: How corporates are                           and the continent
       Sekete Mokgehle, Global Head of Structured              using technology to drive                              • Profiling wide ranging projects, insurance
       Trade & Commodity Finance, Nedbank                      operational efficiencies                                 categories and beneficiaries of
       Veronika Koroleva, Partner, International                Jeremy Cross, Head of Trade, Misys                      multilaterals/ECAs
       Trade & Export Finance, SNR Denton                       • Reviewing the changing banking                      • How the explosive pace of specific sector
       • How are financial institutions uniting to                landscape and customer demands                        growth such as ICT is intensifying foreign
         increase liquidity for trade finance?                  • Innovations in technology: Cloud
                                                                                                                        investment appetite
                                                                  computing, mobile banking and the
       • The increasing emphasis on local currency                                                                    • Can the region establish itself as a true
         borrowing in order to match local currency                                                                     power within the current energy
                                                                • How will the financial supply chain be
         repayments                                                                                                     infrastructure network?
                                                                  affected by changing customer
       • Are borrowers moving towards corporate                                                                       • What is the biggest hurdle to East African
         rather than trade related facilities?                  • Opportunities for banks to build closer               trade?
       • Mitigating risk: The role of credit insurance            relationships with their customers and
         and PRI in trade and commodity finance                   expand their businesses                      17.45 Closing remarks followed by
       • Legal challenges in intra-regional and                                                                      evening networking reception
         international cross-border commodity            14.45 What challenges are the EAC                           hosted by
         trading                                               facing in implementing a common
       • Is the recovery in foreign direct investment          market?
         (FDI) essential in igniting trade finance              Paul Brenton, Lead Economist (Trade and
         appetite?                                              Regional Integration), Africa Region, World
11.00 Networking break                                          • Outlining recent research developments
                                                                • Measuring the impact of removing non-
                                                                  tariff barriers to trade
                                                                • How important is liberalising trade in
                                                                • Initiatives from the Bank to support
                                                                  integrated goods and services markets in
                                                                  East Africa
Event details
Venue details                                                                                                Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel

date:        May 17, 2011
venue:       Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel
             PO Box 58581 00200

tel:         +254-(0)-20-2265000
Fax:         +254-(0)-20-2216796

Drinks reception
date:        Tuesday, May 17, 2011
venue:       Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel
time:        17:30

Accommodation                                                                   Exhibition & sponsorship opportunities
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event, Exporta will inform you of how to book accommodation at                  or at
Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel.

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