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RSO Event Planning Guide - UTSA


									Events Management & Conference Services

Event Planning Guide
Registered Student Organizations

          Events Management & Conference Services (EMCS) functions as a service for registered student
         organizations (RSOs) that need space, equipment and assistance for meetings and special events.
        EMCS is responsible for reserving Main campus facilities and assisting RSOs in coordinating events
          on a decentralized campus. EMCS handles over 10,000 requests every year for many spaces on
        campus, including outdoor space. EMCS is designed to be a one-stop-shop for our students making
          the event planning process one more thing you can check off your list during a hectic semester.

        To coordinate successful events to include compliance with university policies and communication
         with campus events and service providers, contact Events Management & Conference Services.
                                       Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00 pm
                                           Saturdays - by appointment
                                  UC 1.02.04 (across from the UTSA Bookstore)

                                            MEET THE STAFF
                  Please work through your assigned Events Manager at

                                                    Laura Rivas
                                                 Assistant Director
                                                  (210) 458-6845
         Grace Fouts                                                                      Andrea Brown
       Events Manager                                                                    Events Manager
       (210) 458-4725                                                                    (210) 458-5113                                                   

         Mari Martinez                                                                     Danielle Garcia
Coordinator for Special Programs                                                          Events Manager
        (210) 458-6112                                                                     (210) 458-6696                                                   
                                                     Nikki Lee
                                                Associate Director
                                                 (210) 458-4150

  Events at the Downtown Campus, call 210.458.2700 & Institute of Texan Cultures, call 210.458.2275.

       The reservation form is online at
       Only registered student organizations in good standing may request space. The Office of Student
        Activities can assist you with the registration process. Visit for more information
       Events should be requested at least:
                         Major Events                                   1 -3 months
                         Events Requiring Services                      2-4 weeks
                         Regular Meeting Rooms                          1 week
                         Study Rooms                                    Day of
       Last minute requests are subject to availability and late fees may be imposed.
       Event changes and cancellations are subject to late fees. See the University Center Fee Schedule.

All programs, events and activities are subject to the following policies:
      UT System Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations
      UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures
      UTSA Student Organization Handbook
      UTSA Events Management & Conference Services Handbook of Operating Procedures
      Any department/unit, facility policies
      All Federal, state, and local laws governing The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Policies are available in the EMCS Office. An Events Manager can assist you with these guidelines for
successful event planning.

                    Open Reservation Dates
These dates allow for students to have first priority in requesting and reserving space in the UC. EMCS
does not HOLD reservations before the Open Reservation Date.
To schedule for:                     Summer             Fall                       Spring
Registered Student Organizations     February 1         April 1                    October 1
University Departments/Units         February 8         April 8                    October 8
University-Wide Events
                                     Same as RSOs, but up to one (1) year in advance
Sponsored Student Organizations
Joint Sponsorships
                                     Based on availability after reservation dates have passed
Special Use Events
                                     Only the Acacia and Wild Persimmon rooms are available on a
                                     walk-in, first-come, first-served basis for a period of two (2)
Individual Students
                                     consecutive hours. Individual students may not reserve meeting
                                     spaces unless through Special Use process.

      Classrooms in academic buildings can be requested after the Census date (10 school days after
        the start of classes each semester).

Events Management & Conference Services                                 Major Event Planning Guide

Great planning is essential to having a safe and successful event. This checklist was developed to assist
you through the planning process on the Main campus. Not all items on this checklist may be needed for
every event. This checklist is not exhaustive and may not include all items needed to plan specific

Meet with your organization members to work out the most important details beforehand and then
communicate through the EMCS event manager assigned to the event. Our professional staff will take
your request and information and arrange the details with campus service providers. All event details
must be confirmed no later than 2 weeks prior to your event. Bring this completed checklist to
planning meetings with your events manager.

Event Information
 Start planning 3-4 months in advance. Refer to the Open Reservation Dates to book space as early as possible.
 Make sure to review the University Calendar and building hours for specific buildings to determine if date is ideal for event.
 Consider maximum capacities of your requested locations. Fees and rooms found at the EMCS Website and HOP 8.06.
 You will be unable to schedule events during study days/finals or on any official UTSA holidays when the campus is closed.
  Holiday Calendar.
 EMCS has created a UTSA Space Contact Sheet that will give you all of the necessary contacts for reserving space on
 Classrooms in academic buildings can be requested after the Census date (10 school days after the start of classes each
 Check space availability on the UTSA Event Calendar and use the EMCS Calendar Availability Instructions for assistance.

Event Reservation #:___________________________________________________________________
RSO: ________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Event:________________________________________________________________________
Requested Location:_______________________________      Alternate location:_________________
Event Date/Day Requested: _____________________________ Headcount: ______________________
Event Time: ______________________________________      Access Time: _____________________
Event Type:     Meeting      Fair        Educational Performance  Social Activity
                Conference Ceremony Workshop Political              Lecture
                Banquet      Reception   Exhibit     Religious      Other
Event Open to: RSO member & guest         University  General Public
Description: ___________________________________________________________________________

EMCS Events Manager Contact (www.utsa.ed/events)
EMCS Events Manager:__________________________ Email: Phone:_________
Date of EMCS Planning Mtg.:_____________________________________________________________
Notes: _______________________________________________________________________________

Event Contact (Requestor must be only point of contact w/EMCS throughout event)
     ONLY (3) THREE AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES (the student organization event coordinators) of each organization may
      submit reservation forms. The organization must be in good standing with ALL University departments (e.g. OSA, etc.) and
      may not have any outstanding balances with the UC/other departments in order to make reservations. If you need
      information regarding your organization standing, contact Student Activities (UC 1.210).
     Complete the RSO Authorized Requestor Form with EMCS twice annually and before April 1 & September 1.
     If work is delegated among multiple members, create a distribution list of responsibilities and a deadline calendar, but
      ensure one member coordinates the entire event to stay on track.
     Determine volunteers to execute event.

Rep. #1Name: ________________________________________ Phone:___________________________
Email: ______________________________________________ Alternate: ________________________
Rep. #2 Name: _______________________________________ Phone:___________________________
Email: ______________________________________________ Alternate: ________________________
Rep. #3 Name: _______________________________________ Phone:___________________________
Email: ______________________________________________ Alternate: ________________________
Advisor: _____________________________________________ Account #:________________________

    Budgeting is essential in event planning. The event budget must cover all services needed for the event.
     Funds should be in your account prior to receiving services. OSA must approve all on-campus account charges.
     Items to consider (overtime, building hours, holidays):
             Facility Use       Parking            Resources          Insurance         Equipment (stage, tables, etc.)
             Housekeeping       AV Support                  
                                                     Security          Entertainment      Health Permits
             Food               Set-ups            Film License       Supplies           Advertising
 Use the attached Budget Planning Worksheet to track your estimated expenses.
 Watch account balances and check against your final invoices received and pay all event invoices on time.
 EMCS can provide an estimate worksheet during a scheduled event planning meeting.


Joint Sponsorship (University Policy: HOP 9.37)
  RSOs may not host an event with an off-campus organization, including any national, international or regional organization.
      Refer to Student Organizations Handbook for more information.
  Off-campus organizations include businesses, agencies, etc.

List all organizations involved in producing this event:
Student Organization(s) _________________________________________________________________
University Department(s) ________________________________________________________________
Non-University Organization(s) ___________________________________________________________


Risk Management & Safety (University Policies: HOP 5.19)
Successful events start with early planning and risk management. Use this tool to help in your event planning process to
manage and consider all risks related to events (e.g. financial, injury, liability, policy).
All events must be consistent with all University policies, including:
                                            UT Board of Regent Rules & Regulations
                                               Handbook of Operating Procedures
                                                Student Organizations Handbook
    *Any department/unit policies and procedures. Each facility will also have policies and procedures specific to their venue:
                   University Center, Housing & Residence Life, Campus Recreation, Athletics, Recital Halls
 For all emergencies, contact UTSA Police at (210) 458-4911.
  Mtg. with Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management/UTSA PD required (scheduled by EMCS)
  Risk Management Plan requested from your RSO                                 Certificate of Insurance required
  Complete the Student Activities Risk Management Planning Form and submit to EMCS
  Ask your organization, what risks are involved? What could go wrong? How can you manage those

Solicitation (University Policy: BOR 80103, HOP 9.10)
 Specific guidelines for solicitation are found in BOR 80103 and further outlined in the Student Organizations Handbook.
 Acknowledgement of thanks to donors is not considered solicitation.


Advertising (University Policies: HOP 9.09, HOP 9.37)
 No event should be publicized until a printed reservation confirmation (including a reference number) has been received
   from EMCS. Off-campus organizations include businesses, agencies, etc.
 Requestors advertising an event before receiving a confirmation assume all risk of advertising if the information is incorrect.
 Create publicity to include:
            Flyer/posters       Banner           Email lists        Invitations       Housing Announcements
            UTSA video          Social Media     Newspaper         
Get stamped approval on tangible publicity from Student Activities (UC 1.02.08)
 Hang posters/flyers in designated areas only and remove after event.
 Certain facilities may also have separate advertising policies (University Center, Campus Recreation, Athletic Facilities).
Notify EMCS of all high profile events.
 If you would like your event to appear on the UTSA Events Calendar, ask an EMCS Events Manager how to showcase your
 Advertising possibilities:__________________________________________________ (attach sample)


 All outdoor events must request/schedule a rain location.
 As the event host, rain location decisions should be determined the day prior to the event, to allow for setup, vendors, etc.
 Tent rentals should also be considered, and can be ordered through Facilities Services or an outsourced company. Tent
  rentals must be coordinated in communication with Facilities Services – Grounds Department.
 Check advance weather conditions at a weather website, such as

Rain site:_______________________________________    Date to decide move/cancel:_________
Who will determine:______________________________    Notify EMCS

 Events charging admission in auxiliary supported facilities will be assessed a facility use fee. (Campus Recreation, UC)
 Ticket sales are an available service provided at the UC Retail Center. Fees apply. If handling money at the door, UTSA
  PD/security may be required for the event.
 Based on criteria, UC may waive major event rental fee for (1) one major event per year. Speak with your events manager.
 Determine day-of procedures with members and EMCS events manager.
Fundraising $_______                 Ticket Price $_________               Currently in account: $______________
Donations $_________ Other $_________ Will vendors be charged for participation?_____
Requested (1) Fee Waiver for major events in the UC per year.

Food & Beverage (University Policies: HOP 9.16,
 All food items brought to campus must be communicated to EMCS, including caterers.
 A Food Service Release Form is required for all non-catered events with food. Forms are due 2 weeks prior to event.
 Anytime an event is advertised to the public and food will be present, a permit must be obtained from the San Antonio
  Metro Health Department, fees apply. Refer to their guidelines for all food handling on campus.
 If distributing food outdoors, please refer to the Food Solicitation Restricted Areas Map for locations near contracted food
  establishments. Food and drinks are not allowed in Academic Classrooms HOP 8.06.
 To order on-campus catering, visit or call (210) 458-7682.
 Confirm caterer is on Approved Caterer’s List
  clean up or restoration to a space needed after the event will be charged to the hosting organization.
 Potlucks are not allowed in the UC. See UC policies for more information.
 Grilling may not occur on campus without a sand trap and space reservation. Sand traps and trash cans be requested from
  Facilities Services at least 10 business days prior to event. EMCS will help completes these for you with a signature from
  Student Activities.
 Propane is not allowed on campus.
 To request alcohol at your event, complete the Permission to Service Alcohol Form at least 30 days prior.

    Food Service Release Form turned in (date)______________                          SA Food Permit Required
    Food / drinks will be served / sold to general public
    Caterer Options______________________________________________________________________
    Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________

Space & Setup (University Policies: HOP 5.07, HOP 8.06)
 Each building also has guidelines to reference for event usage: University Center, Campus Recreation, Athletic Facilities.
 EMCS can help guide you through all policies.
 Setup of outdoor events around the UC is supported by the UC Operations Staff.
 Setups for non-UC outdoor space, academic buildings, Convocation Center, Campus Recreation are supported by Facilities
  Services, which require a Work Request. EMCS will assist you with estimates for your budget.
 Don’t forget to request adjacent lobbies, common areas, etc. for your major events.
 A customized setup requires a diagram – no later than (10) business days before event to Facilities or University Center.

    Space 1st Choice:_________________________________                        2nd Choice:_______________________
Banquet            Conference                       Classroom                          Lecture             Conference U


Amplified Sound (University Policy: HOP 9.37)
 Amplified sound is permitted in designated locations and requires a request form to be completed through EMCS.

Submitted amplified sound request (date) ___________________________                            Approved Denied

Audio Visual Needs
Sound equipment in and around the University Center can be requested from the UC. See UC Fee Schedule.
 To request services for a Special Event in non-UC space, a Special Event Technology Request Form is required, with a
  signature from your advisor at least two weeks prior to event. Academic Technology does not support special events in
  outdoor areas or during certain times. In this case, A/V requirements would need to be outsourced.
DJ _____________________________                           iPod              Band __________________________
Greenroom requested                                        Reviewed technical rider with events manager.

Equipment Needs
 Depending upon the space used, event equipment is provided by University Center, Facilities Services and outside vendors.
 Consider these requests in your budget:
          Tables – guests, food, registration     Chairs           Podiums           Stage pieces, ramps
          Dry erase boards                        Linens           Easels            Trash cans        Recycling
          Flip charts                             Greenery         Pipe & Drape       Signage           Stanchions
          Centerpieces                            Coat Racks       Props              Water Stations    Stanchions
          Portable toilets                        Flags            Piano              Decorations       Dance Floor
 EMCS has a variety of rentals and services available for events. Speak to your events manager for event enhancement

Guest Speakers (University Policy: HOP 5.04, HOP 9.37)
 Advanced notification is required for guest speakers and a Guest Speaker Form is due to EMCS at least 3 days prior.
 Speakers may distribute literature to event attendees but may not staff a table/exhibit.
 Speakers may not solicit for an off-campus organization or business.
 Ensure you have communicated all guest speaker requirements (A/V, ADA requirements) to your events manager.

Guest Speaker:          No Yes __________________________________
Research possible speaker
Negotiate price quote
Get background information, biography, website and title of lecture
Complete Guest Speaker Form and submit to EMCS                      Form completed
 Review contract and arrange for payment
 Arrange for transportation, lodging, campus escort, parking permit
 Confirm arrival time (area/event)
 Send written confirmation of details to speaker and EMCS

Event Security (University Policies: HOP 9.37)
 A reasonable and nondiscriminatory fee for additional police may be charged for events that require additional police
  presence, and or charge a price for admission. All events are assessed based on nature and activity of event.
 See the UC Late Night Event policy for information on socials and security.

Wrist Bands Required #_________________                         Event Monitors Required #__________________
Event staffing list due to EMCS by______________  # of UTSA PD assigned_____________________
PD Requested                        No          Yes __________________________________ Form completed

 Disability Accommodations

  UTSA Disability Services has created an event planning checklist to accommodate guests with additional needs for your
  Use the appropriate standardized symbols on all conference/meeting promotion, registration forms, information
   materials, and facility signage. These symbols may be downloaded from the Graphic Artists Guild.

Event Parking (University Policies HOP 9.14)
  If non-UTSA guests will be attending, parking arrangements must be made in advance. Parking assignment should be
   communicated to your guests and vendors.
  The most cost-effective route for your RSO to invite non-university guests to your event is to direct them to a University
   self-pay parking garage.
  Event parking can be arranged through the office of Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) by submitting an Event
   Parking Request Form via their website at This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to
   the event.

Will non-UTSA guests be attending? No    Yes       Estimate # of cars:_____________________
Parking Requested:          No Yes __________________________________ Form completed
Lot / Garage Assigned: __________________________________________________ Fee:____________


   Vendors include any contracted/agreements you may need for this event. Vendors include entertainers, performers,
    caterers, etc.
   Communicate an EMCS Vendor Checklist to all non-university vendors.

Vendor:_________________________________       Contact:_________________ Arrival:_______
Vendor:_________________________________       Contact:_________________ Arrival:_______
Vendor:_________________________________       Contact:_________________ Arrival:_______
Vendor:_________________________________       Contact:_________________ Arrival:_______
Parking Passes and directions

                                                                                                                  10 | P a g e
Day of Event
 Arrive early to trouble-shoot location.
 Determine and distribute event assignments to volunteers – parking signs, registration table, etc.
 Consider these day-of items:
          Guest List, Sign-In Sheet    Nametags          Place Cards       Maps – campus/S.A.
          Event Schedule/Agenda        Flip charts       Markers           Scissors           Camera
          Registration Packets         Cash Box          Décor              Painters Tape      Contact List
          Directional Signage          Change            Planning Form      Sharpies           Pens, Pencils
 Have a successful event!


Post-Event Planning
 Pay all invoices.
 Complete an EMCS Event Survey.
 Send thank you notes.
 Complete file of all event documents, timeline, budget, correspondence and publicity.
 Assess your event & keep in event history file (see attached).

1. What were our event goals/objectives?

2. Were these goals accomplished? Why/why not?

3. What problems did we encounter? How were they resolved?

4. Did we have enough volunteers to execute the event?

5. How would we better prepare in the future?

6. Are we going to continue this event? Why/why not?

7. What changes would we recommend for the future?

8. List all names and contacts of event resources:

                                                                                                                   11 | P a g e
                     Event Budget Planning Worksheet
Event Title:                                   Event Date:
Budget:                                        Date Paid:
Anticipated Income

Admission Fee:



Other Income:

           Fees              Description of Services         Estimated $     Actual $
Facility Use Fee:
A/V Equipment:
Setup/Teardown Labor:
Risk Management:
Notes:                                                       Estimated     Actual Total:

                                                                            12 | P a g e
Event Service Forms
Based on your event requirements, multiple forms may be required for on-campus services. The EMCS
staff can assist registered student organizations in all forms, making it a one-stop shop for event
services. *Fees may apply for any of these services.
     All forms must be signed, dated, and include an account number in order to be processed.
     Room diagrams and paperwork are due in the EMCS at least two (2) weeks prior to event.
     Events are not CONFIRMED until receipt of all forms with EMCS.
     RSOs are encouraged to stop by EMCS to get help in completing the all event forms. The Events
         Management Office accepts these forms via:
              Delivery or campus mail to UC 1.02.04 (across from University Bookstore)
              Email to
              Fax to 210.458.6271

Academic Technology Special Event Form
         *Requesting A/V technology in facilities other than the UC, including computers, projectors,
         microphones, video conferencing, etc. Some services may need to be outsourced.
Campus Recreation Facility Request
         *Requesting use of Campus Recreation meeting rooms and facilities. Day passes may also be
Event Parking Request Form
         *Requesting non-university guests to park any time on campus. Spaces are determined by
         university calendar of events.
Facilities Services Work Request
         *Requesting event set-ups, furniture, grounds, grilling, plants, housekeeping in facilities other
         than the UC. Registered student organizations must complete this form with EMCS only.
Food Service Release & Information Form
         Bringing non-catered food items on campus. Signature is required of registered student
         organizations. These forms are filed with EMCS. All non-catered events preparing or distributing
         food on campus must comply with the San Antonio Metro Health Food Safety Guidelines.
Internet Access
         Requesting guest access using the Air-Rowdy wireless internet.
On-Campus Catering
         *Requesting Aramark dining locations and catering services.
Permission to Serve Alcohol Request Form
         Requesting permission to serve alcoholic beverages at UTSA sponsored events for faculty, staff
         and off-campus organization events not involving students.
Permission to Publicly Screen Films
         Must receive written permission from distributor.
Recycling Bins Request
         Requesting additional recycling bins at event.
Request for Off-Campus Speaker Form

                                                                                              13 | P a g e
       For registered student organizations only. Inviting an off-campus speaker to event.
Rowdy Mascot Appearance
       Requesting Rowdy at event.
Telephone Services Request
       *Requesting a phone for conference call, etc. at event.
UC Fee Waiver Request
       Registered student organizations may apply for one waiver per year when charging for event.
UTSA Ambassadors
       Requesting the UTSA student hosts for event.

    An EMCS events manager will determine the use and routing of the following forms:

Forms are completed by EMCS staff and should be completed at least thirty (30) days prior to event for
adequate routing. Additional paperwork may apply.
Communications Video, Photo, Comment Release Form
        Release form of event participants for the use in UTSA marketing materials.
Peaceful Public Assembly Request
        Requesting amplified sound, exhibits, etc. Form is completed by EMCS staff and should be
        completed at least thirty (30) days prior to event for adequate routing.
Police Department Special Event Form
        *Requesting security at event based on event activity and needs.
Release and Indemnification Form
        Required based on activity of non-university minor and/or adult event participants. These forms
        are filed with the internal event sponsor.
Summer Conference Housing Application
        *Requesting housing for event.

        Events Management & Conference Services is here to help you plan your RSO event on the Main
                                         Campus – plan early!

                                                                                           14 | P a g e

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