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					                             Assistive Adaptive Technology Resources
Alison     Several online storybooks; many of the early readers allow children to either hear the page read to them, or hear certain
Anderson   words on the page read.

           This is a researched intervention program called FASTT, which stands for “Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic
           Teaching with Technology”. It is designed to help students develop fluency w/ basic math facts. It differentiates
           instruction based on students’ needs.

           An easy to use, web-based to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.

Aberli     I like how this site takes low tech resources - easily attainable resources like highlighters, sticky notes and
           correction tape and gives teachers ideas on how to use them in the classroom to help children learn. It also
           provides tips for mid to high tech resources as well.

           Could be a great planning tool for teachers and students alike. Create to-do lists and stay on task. You can set
           it up on student's mobile phones, e-mails, and instant messenger programs. Students could use it to keep track
           of their own work, or the teacher can provide a to-do list for students to check online at home to make sure
           they're aware of due dates, prepared for activities, and that their parents have signed thier permission slip for
           that field trip.

           A great tool that gives students access to these programs that can be integrated into their learning:
            Paint and Draw
            Write
            Make Music
            Play Games
            Flashcards
            Notes
            Clock, Calendar, Calculator
            Kid-Filtered Dictionary

           This website allows students to create their own storybook with names they want to add and personalize the story. Students
           can also print out activities from this website.


           Students using this website can create books to print out at the appropriate reading level.


           Students can work with fractions on the website. Students can add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.

           This site has almost any type of graphic organizer you can imagine. All are printable, but can also be downloaded.

            Students can become a part of the online story by naming the characters. Students can also listen to the story read aloud
            and then print out the book to keep with them.


            There are several neat simulations, in both math and science, for grades 3-12. Very cool.

            I thought this was a great website because of the extensive glossary with math terminology that included visuals to go with
            the definition. It also links to the main search engine of the Harcourt website. You can find lesson plans of virtually any
            subject matter you want. This is a great resource of homework help for students.


            Measurement conversion is something I always struggled with in school. This website makes its simple.


            This website contains text-to-speech software. This is a very useful tool I could use when helping my students that are
            struggling readers.

            This would be great to use for students who are having difficulty reading because it is a collection of talking picture books.


            This website would be really useful because it has an extensive list of graphic organizers that have printable versions to
            them. It also gives the grade level that they are appropriate for and how to use them.


            This website is great because it gives the students a visual of how to manipulate fractions. It also has interactive games to
            test what the students have learned

            This would be great for students who need extra help with sounding out words. It assists in vocabulary, fluency
            and comprehension. It tracks student’s progress, which means I can go back afterwards and see how the
            student did and share this progress with parents and administrators. It also has a Spanish support allowing
            students to listen to and view words in Spanish.


            This site is full of “gizmos” to use in math and science lessons. A gizmo is an interactive simulation that makes
            key concepts easier to understand and fun to learn. This would be a great tool to use for students who are
            visual learners.


            This site offers a variety of tools to teach guided reading, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, etc. There are
           downloadable lesson plans, worksheets and leveled books.

Gerwing    Star Tech Program

           Ways to use sticky notes, highlighters, and correction tape with students

           Onion Mountain Technology

           The LoTTIE (Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education) Kit is a collection of low and
           mid tech tools designed for teachers, classroom aides, and support professionals
           to use with students (grades K-12) who have special needs (i.e. magnetic ruler,
           special grip pens with clips, and audible timer).

           LD Resources
           [ ]

           Tools like talking calculators and clocks, hand-held reference tools, tools for
           left handed people, highlighter pens and more.


           I like this site because I loathe math and fractions especially. I am a visual learner, so “seeing” the fractions helps me
           understand what I am doing. I'm happy to report that I got 3 of 3 questions right! My math confidence level was boosted!


           This website was shown to us in MOD II and I use it religiously. It is a great resource for reading material and
           assessments for students. I love that the site is easy to use and has a lot of material geared toward different interests.


           I like this site because it gives me all kinds of neat ideas for sticky notes, highlighters, and white out. These are three
           essential supplies for most elementary schools and now I have a variety of ways in which to incorporate them into my day.
           Who knew?

           This is a great website for literacy, thinking, and math skills. Students can create maps, webs, and diagrams for their
           reading material. This website can help students visually organize their reading and writing.


           This is a great online website for students who are learning to read. This website provides illustrated stories for kids of all
           ages. Students can follow along with the words on the screen. Students can also create and personalize the stories by
           picking the characters.

          This is a great interactive website for students. Students can learn math using online manipulatives. There are dozens of
          easy to use simulations.

Paulsen   This site is wonderful for the youngest of learners and ESL students. It is full of interactive activities. I thought the sign
          language section was wonderful.

          This is so cute. There are stories that are read aloud and are interactive. Each story has an interactive activity, take home
          activity, and reading lists. The reading lists connect the stories to other stories of similar themes.

          The creation of these books would be a great tool to use as a summative assessment project in any content area.
          This site provides lesson plans for different grade levels. It also has feel graphic organizers and printable.

          This website connects you to web math games that allow kids to be interactive while learning math. It also includes math
          lesson plans.

          This website is all about fractions. It shows you how to add, subtract, multiply etc. There are also has fraction games for
          students to test their skills.

          This website offers animated talking books for students. They take existing books and add animation, sound,
          music, and narration which can now be read to you. This would be a great resource for students who were
          struggling with reading or were visually imparied.

          Offers visual gizmos that help in student learning. They are easy to use simulations which are also able to be customized to
          fit your needs. All of it is related to state and national standards. You can use this to teach fractions, division, or decimals.

          This converts text files into audio files. So you can make any book an audio book. It can then be played on any portable
          device or computer.


          This is powerful multisensory reading program. 97% students from K-3 who use this program improve their reading and
          writing skills. Also, great support for ELL students with instructions in 10 languages.

          Great variety of materials. Excellent tools for teaching phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, reading fluency and
Smith     Subscription to a newspaper (with four different levels of instruction)! Great for Differentiated instruction.
              This software listens to children while they read and improves fluency and comprehension.

              Great FREE resources: clip arts, stapleless books, etc. Plenty of publishing resources.

              This summarizes the uses of post-its, highlighters, and correction tape. The post-its are especially good for the
              writing process. The article mentioned highlighting tape that can highlight info and then it can be pulled off.
              Correction tape can be used to cover up writing that needs revision or attention.


              The smudgeguard is a type of brace that a left hander can use to avoid getting ink, pencil, etc. on their hands.


              This is about a digital voice recorder and it is easier to use than an audio cassette recorder.

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           Sara Adams           Reading website/some schools use this as a supplementary reading tool and the website
                                has interactive games to help with phonics:

                                Free graph paper for math or other projects:

                                Handwriting printouts/ can print out cursive letters for intermediate and for primary can
                                print out letters for them to practice tracing:

           Mary Alison
           Anderson             Several online storybooks; many of the early readers allow children to either hear the
                                page read to them, or hear certain words on the page read.
                This is a researched intervention program called FASTT, which stands for “Fluency and
                Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology”. It is designed to help
                students develop fluency w/ basic math facts. It differentiates instruction based on
                students’ needs.

                An easy to use, web-based to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more

Kelly Basham
                Great for younger classes - geared for 1st grade

                Great for math terminologies

                free online source of printable graphic organizers in a wide variety of cognitive supports

Alexa Blasdel - This site has free online children's books. Some of
                them are click-a-word talking e-books.

       - This site has fun, interactive learning-to-read activities.
                Primarily for first-grade students.

       - This site
                has customizable, printable graphic organizers for all subjects.

Amy Caummisar
                great for handwriting practice

                digital library

                great resource for math

Amanda Cook
                Tons of graphic organizers to use in the classroom.

                You can compare, multiply, subtract, and much more with fractions. There are also
                games to practice.

                There are alphabet tracing guides, dotted lines, and number tracing as well.

Mary Melissa

Natalie Graeser Stationery Studio
          Graph Paper
          Math Glossary

Taylor Haydock     1. (web-based to-do list; task/time manager)

                   2. (5 strategies for encouraging young

                   3. go to low tech tools. click on assistive technology continuum. this
                   suggests low/mid/high tech devices to use if students have problems with tasks, needs,
                   and/or environments.

Amanda Jones
Alisha             Tips for using low tech tools such as highlighters, sticky notes and more in the
McWhorter          classroom.

                   Great site for primary and early readers. Lots of helpful reading tools, including
                   printing off books for students to read and keep.

                   Not cheap, but a great program for kids who cannot use a pencil to write. Funding for a
                   school could be pursued through a grant.

Anita Monks



Crystal Ollinger



 Stacey Rowan
                   This website builds student's thinking skills by using visuals.

                   I thought this was interesting, considering I don't know the first step one would take to
                   write a grant or who I would submit it to.

                   I think I have seen this webpage before, however, I really like it.
Martha Teston

                Great for making communication boards!!!!!!!!!


                Vocal training


                Speech impairment

Melissa White : free information management software for Windows
                   Evernote combines several recent tech innovations -- digital photography,
                ubiquitous networking, cheap storage and powerful image processing -- to make
                Gordon Bell's archiving ways possible for ordinary people.

                    The service runs on a desktop program that works on both Macs and PCs, as
                well as a Web client for mobile phones (souped-up mobiles with good Web
                access work best). The software is well-designed and easy to use, though I
                noticed some small bugs; these are to be expected, as Evernote is currently
                operating in an invitation-only "beta" mode. (The company gave Salon 3,000
                invitations to hand out to readers -- click here for yours.)

                   For now, Evernote is free. When the company launches it to the public --
                sometime during the next few months -- there will be a two-tier service, one free
                and one for a few dollars per month. The free version will limit how many notes
                you can add each month; the pay version will be unrestricted.

       :a free Win text to speech utility. add to Adobe
                Reader and your computer can read PDF files aloud . use with a web browser
                and the Internet "talks"

                NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices. This
                easy to use software can convert any written text such as MS Word, Webpage,
                PDF files, and Emails into spoken words. NaturalReader can also convert any
                written text into audio files such as MP3 or WAV for your CD player or iPod.

        : an extensive set of free online productivity tools,
                including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and database. online
                collaboration features are also included

                Zoho is a suite of online applications (services) that you sign up for and access
                from our Website. The applications are free for individuals and some have a
                subscription fee for organizations. Our vision is to provide our customers
                (individuals, students, educators, non-profits, small and medium sized
                businesses) with the most comprehensive set of applications available anywhere
                (breadth); and for those applications to have enough features (depth) to make
                your user experience worthwhile

                Liked this one too!
       : create
               stapleless books using this online tool

Williams       Graphic organizers used across curriculum


               Clicker is a writing-support tool for any subject area. Build sentences by selecting words,
               phrases and pictures; hear words spoken by realistic software speech before you write;
               and hear completed sentences spoken back to you


               This turns text into words that help individuals with dyslexia and other reading

Alice Zoller



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