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					                                      2007 ABMA Annual Meeting
                                      Presentation summary to help you implement the
                                      strategies that were shared

                                                         What are you thinking about?

Your business is a tool to fund your life, a means to an end. Have a compelling enough life so that you’re driven to higher
levels of effectiveness - and happiness. Start with the end in mind.

Everyone wants better results – Everyone can achieve better results through Thinking, Planning, and Thoughtful

Define success for yourself, both personally and professionally, and help your team to do the same. The goal is for everyone
in the organization to see the path to their preferred future by effectively fulfilling their role in our business, if you can’t
connect the two its just work. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts when our team comes together toward common
goals and shared values.

Identify the #1 improvement that you can make in your business this year. Make this your focus strategy and schedule
specific time exclusively to work on it every week.

Take control, collapse infinity to a point. Of the infinite number of things you could be doing, what is the highest and best
use of your time right now?

Create a not to do list, and systematically start to eliminate distractions that keep you from your highest and best use.

Schedule appointments with yourself to work on your business not in it. Treat these appointments with the same respect
that you would show to your best client. What new K.A.S.H., Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits will you need to
acquire in order to take your business to the next level?

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Which is more valuable, time or money? Be gracious with people and ruthless with time.
You are the creative genius in your business. Be sure you are investing some of your Time, Energy, and Creativity into your
business, before you spend it all getting through the day.

Regularly conduct G.A.P. Management exercises. What Growth, Accomplishment, and Progress did you make this week,
month and year? Nothing builds confidence like a recent history of success. Savor your wins and they will give you the
confidence to step out in faith toward the next opportunity.

Evaluate your experience and learn from it, rather than repeat the past. Wisdom = Evaluated experience.

Have a prioritized priority list. Organize around your priorities. We all have obligations and commitments to others that
have to be honored. However, if we do not honor our commitments to ourselves and complete our highest payoff activities
they will be left to last and it will cost you dearly.

      Have fun helping more people enjoy the benefits that you and your company’s good work provide

If you see value in these ideas, but find yourself asking how will I integrate them into my daily routine and apply
them in my business, contact us for a complimentary consultation. We may not be able to make you a master of
results in 30 minutes, but what you gain from the experience may be just what you need to be well on your way.

This page is to help you apply what you learned at the 2007 ABMA Annual Meeting Presentation toward better results. Contact Steve
Konig at or (330) 225-0707 to schedule a complimentary consultation or to be included in further email tips and
ideas to help you grow and enjoy your business. Visit our website at for additional information.

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