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									M Series Platform
     Superior Resuscitation Systems
M Series Offers Solutions
 Consistency that Builds
 Confidence and Minimises
 Training                               Operating Controls
  •   Simple 1-2-3 Defibrillation
  •   Increases Skill Retention
  •   Reduces Operator Error
  •   Decreases Training Costs
A 20-Year Commitment:            D900
                        PD1400, D1400
                        PD1600, D1600
                        PD2000, D2000
                             M Series
                         M Series CCT
M Series Offers Solutions
              A Better Way to Collect
                 Performance Data
              • Data transfer via PC card
                technology to ZOLL Data
                Control for case review and
              • Unit does not have to be
                removed from service
M Series Offers Solutions
      Products that Adapt Over Time
        Easy to add options as needed.
M Series Monitor

•   Small, Lightweight
    • Easy to carry
    • Easy to store
    • 5.2 kg
•   Bright screen for easy visibility
    • Easy to see under all conditions
    • See from all angles
M Series Monitor

•   Easy to Use
     • No deep menus
     • All controls are on front axis
•   Error correction increases operator
     • Tells user how to correct the problem… not
       just what the problem is
M Series Monitor

•   Best-in Class parameters
    • Provides more effective monitoring for sick
M Series Summary

•   Standardisation: Tools for everyone in every
•   Consistency that Builds Confidence: Uniform
    operating system & Dynamic error correction
•   Superior clinical results with patented biphasic and
    pacing waveforms
•   Upgradeable to adapt to changing needs over time
•   ZOLL = partner focused on resuscitation
MSeries Primary (AED)

•   2 steps to defibrillation
•   First responder unit
    designed specifically
    for hospital ward areas
•   Uniform operating
•   Uniform data
•   Battery, electrodes and
    accessories compatible
MSeries AED (Semi-Automatic with Manual

•   Two Steps to Defibrillation
    • Turn unit “ON”
    • Press “Shock”
•   Unit will automatically analyse the rhythm
    on power up, charge the machine and
    prompt the user to push the “Shock” button
    if required
•   Two button sequence to access manual
MSeries Advisory

        •   Three step sequence to defibrillation
            • Turn unit “ON”
            • Press “Analyse”
            • Press “Shock”
        •   Professional user who requires
            reassurance in rhythm analysis
        •   Configurable for automatic joule setting
            and charge
        •   Uniform operating system
        •   Uniform batteries, electrodes and
        •   Data management compatibility
MSeries Manual

•   Manual unit for the
    professional user
•   Fully configurable to
    select joule settings /
    automatically charge
•   Uniform operating
•   Compatibility of
    electrodes, batteries
    and accessories
•   Data management
MSeries CCT

•   First defibrillator designed
    specifically for transport
•   Colour screen
•   Bed hooks
•   XL Battery for long transports
•   Additional options IBP and
•   Uniform operating system
•   Uniformity batteries,
    accessories and electrodes
M Series CCT

               A defibrillator
               with physiologic
               parameters that
               let’s one
               assess vital signs
               of critically ill
               patients during
M Series CCT

•   The CCT is not a Transport Monitor:
     • No Central Station
     • No Clinical Information System interface
     • No telemetry
     • No electro-surgical unit immunity
     • No arrhythmia analysis
     • No wedge pressure calculation
     • No real time trending
M Series CCT
•   Who buys a CCT?

    •   OR/CVOR
    •   CCU/ICU
    •   ED
    •   Transport Committee, Code
        Committee, Equipment Committee
M Series CCT
               Standard Configuration
                    •   Advisory Defibrillator
                    •   Rectilinear Biphasic waveform
                    •   3 Channel, Color VGA LCD
                    •   VGA Output
                    •   XL Battery
                    •   SpO2
M Series CCT
•   In addition to the standard M Series features, the M
    Series CCT option can do the following:

     • Display three traces simultaneously
       (Trace 1 is always ECG).
     • Select which traces display in addition to
     • Connect to an external VGA display.
     • Configure displayed parameters by color.
     • Include invasive pressure and
       temperature as optional parameters (in
       addition to M Series optional parameters)
M Series CCT
•CCT   Display:

       •   Trace 1: Reserved for ECG     Note: In defib or
       •   Trace 2: Determined by user   pace modes, only
       •   Trace 3: Determined by user   two traces are
M Series CCT
    • VGA Output can be used to display
      waveforms on larger bedside,
      computer monitor or ambulance
•   Enabling VGA Output
    • Attach monitor cable to VGA output
      on front of machine
    • Press CONTRAST button
M Series Demonstration

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