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									          WELCOME                                                Message From The Owner
G   rafitti Hair offers a full complement of professional hair   First, let me say thank you for visiting Grafitti Hair. We ap-
services that leave you feeling renewed and on top of the        preciate the time you have taken out of your busy schedule
world. Our highly-trained stylists are some of the most          to visit us.
creative people in the industry and create innovative looks
                                                                 Here are Grafitti, we are committed to providing our custom-
that bring out the “beautiful you”. More than just a hair
                                                                 ers with the highest quality of service and always keep our
salon, we consult and give you tips and tricks to keep your
                                                                 customers first. I believe our clients should leave our salon
hair looking great. We also provide a broad selection of
                                                                 looking and feeling great. When you sit in any of our chairs,
your favorite brands of hair care products, including Aveda
                                                                 be assured that you are in the hands of highly talented styl-
and Design Essentials.
                                                                 ists who love doing hair. We also strive to make Grafitti Hair
You’ve come to the right place. Let the transformation           the preferred place to work, and treat our professionals like
begin.                                                           family.

HOURS OF OPERATION                                               I hope this brochure provides a wealth of information about
                                                                 our services. We look forward to establishing a long and

         TUESDAY: 9:00am—5:30pm                                  fruitful relationship with you. Thank you for your continued
      WEDNESDAY: 9:00am—5:30pm

         THURSDAY: 8:00am—7:00pm
                                                                 Janet Aiyegbusi
          FRIDAY: 8:00am—7:00pm                                  Grafitti Hair Salon
                                                                 A Division of Ranti Exclusive, Inc.
         SATURDAY: 5:00am—2:00pm

           SUNDAY: 12 Noon—5pm
                                                                                                                                  “Where Beauty Meets Art”
               14711 B Main Street
                                                                                                                                          TEL: 301-627-3707
          Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
                                                                                                                                       WEB: www.grafittihair.com
                 Tel: 301-627-3707                                                                                                    EMAIL: info@grafittihair.com
To Make An Appointment, Please Call Us.
                     Thank You.
                                           GRAFITTI HAIR SERVICES
             REGULAR STYLES                              TEXTURE & CHEMICALS                                    HIGHLIGHTS
Shampoo/Blowdry/Curl            $45            Touch Up                         $65            Cap                               $55
Shampoo/Wrap/Curl               $45            Full Relaxer                     $80            Half Foil                         $85
Wet Set                         $45            Partial Relaxer                  $20 & Up       Whole Foil                        $125
Straw Set                       $75            Texture                          $55            5-Foil Process                    $35
Flexy Set                       $65            Spiral                           $100                       (Additional Fees May Apply)
Sprial Set                      $65            Regular                          $85
                                                                                                       WEAVES & EXTENSIONS
Crimps                          $55                       (Additional Fees May Apply)
                                                                                               Partial Bond                      $15 Per Track
Pin-Ups                         $60                              TREATMENT
                                                                                               Full Bond                         $100 & Up
Press & Curl                    $55            Moisture Treatment               $10
                                                                                               Partial Sew                       $30 & Up
Cuts                            $25 & Up       Scalp Treatment                  $15
                                                                                               Full Sew                          $200 & Up
Trims                           $10            Protein Treatment                $20
                                                                                               Partial Fusion                    $300 & Up
          (Additional Fees May Apply)          Aveda Damage Treatment           $30
                                                                                               Full Fusion                       $600 & Up
                                                          (Additional Fees May Apply)
             NATURAL STYLES                                                                    Ponytail                          $65

Locks                           $70                                COLOR                       Hair removal                      $45

Re-Twist Locks                  $55            Rinse                            $20
                                                                                                           (Additional Fees May Apply)

Gel Twists                      $50            Semi-Permanent                   $35
Two-Strand Twists               $80            Permanent                        $50
                                                                                               $10 Off Any Service For Children Ages 3—10
Knots                           $65            Touch Up                         $40

Conrows                         $40 & Up       Color Correction                 $30 Per Hour

Individual Plats                $60                      (Additional Fees May Apply)
                                                                                                   “Where Beauty Meets Art”
          (Additional Fees May Apply)

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