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November 2004

                North West Leicestershire Promotions
                    BLUEPRINT 2004 - 2007

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                         North West Leicestershire Promotions
                               BLUEPRINT 2004 – 2007

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Jill Bindley, Partnership Development Manager
Leicester Shire Promotions Ltd
7-9 Every Street, Town Hall Square, Leicester, LE1 6AG
T: 07884 053 313
E: jill.bindley@l-p-l.com
W: www.goleicestershire.com

                                   North West Leicestershire Promotions
                                        BLUEPRINT HEADLINES
NWLP will clearly and firmly establish the North West Leicestershire area, together with its
distinctive tourism product and National Forest associations, within the broader context of
   the Leicester Shire tourism ‘destination’ and the wider East Midlands tourism region.

                                            NWLP will aim to deliver:

  1    distinctive tourism story for the North West Leicestershire area, a part of Leicester Shire’s destination story
 15%   growth in economic activity over 3 years through greater visitor spend
 20%   growth in visitor numbers over 3 years
 66%   sector inclusion in a ‘family’ of visitor information literature - Visitor Guide, map, activity guides, themed products
 80%   of tourism businesses using and offering online services
 85%   visitor satisfaction from stronger visitor service / customer care culture
 95%   inclusion in one, comprehensive, searchable online events database
100%   inclusion in quality scheme

                                            North West Leicestershire Promotions
                                                BLUEPRINT FOR TOURISM
Profile of NWLP

North West Leicestershire Promotions (NWLP) is a partnership of like-minded people and organisations with a shared ambition to improve the
business of tourism in our area.

Operational from late Summer 2004, it sits at the heart of a revitalised East Midlands regional tourism set-up, and is well placed to make a
valuable economic impact at the local level.

          Directed by a mixed Board of local public, private and voluntary sector representatives, which meets 2-monthly.
          Influenced by an area-wide Tourism Forum that is open to all in tourism.
          Facilitated by Leicester Shire Promotions (LPL) as co-ordinators and implementers of the agreed activities, and operating through a
           dedicated Partnership Development Manager.
          Delivering a 3-year Tourism Marketing Action Plan or ‘Blueprint for Action’.
          Carrying a practical remit covering grants, product development, visitor attraction, visitor services, industry services and networking
          Relevant to attractions, accommodation providers, key businesses, town centre management, night-time economy and heritage
          NWLP is a single focus for all aspects of tourism.

New Tourism

Tourism is changing.

The concept of tourism now embraces all manner of leisure pursuit, from undertaking activities to visiting attractions, attending events and
staying overnight. It includes the economic activity of local residents and their visiting friends and relations, as well as the traditional visitor from
outside of the area. There is currently a significant trend towards attracting domestic tourism and towards attracting greater ‘consumption’ of
tourism by ever more focused consumer segments. Underlying all this is a continuing growth in leisure and in the wider aspects of improving
one’s quality of life.

The national and regional tourism sector has been totally re-energised over the past 18 months to create a more focused as well as more
streamlined mechanism for enabling the tourism industry to flourish. We are currently part way through the ensuing local level changes that will
be necessary in order to inspire greater tourism strength on the ground. It may help if you keep in mind these ‘tiers of tourism’ – national,
regional, sub-regional and local – when considering HP’s local level Blueprint for Action.

Clarifying the tiers of tourism . . .

       National Tourism Level               Country        VisitBritain // Enjoy England campaigns

       Regional Tourism Level               Region         East Midlands Tourism // Destination East Midlands strategy
                                                           (one of 9 regional tourism bodies within England)

       Sub-regional Tourism Level           Destination    Leicester Shire Promotions // Destination Blueprint
                                                           (one of 5 Destination Management Partnerships within the
                                                            East Midlands)

       Local Tourism Level                  Area           North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action
                                                           (one of up to 8 tourism area partnerships within Leicester Shire)

The recent East Midlands tourism strategy, Destination East Midlands, was facilitated by East Midlands Development Agency in recognition of
the significance of tourism in achieving the Regional Economic Strategy’s ambition for the East Midlands to be in the top 20 of European
regions by 2010. The Regional Economic Strategy provides two specific targets for tourism: to raise visitor expenditure from 3.5 to 4.5% of the
region’s GDP by 2010, and to increase visitor value by at least 1.6%pa by placing emphasis on increasing overnight stays. Financial resource
will be channelled into initiatives that support this regional tourism strategy.

The new regional tourism approach is based upon two strategic strands.
       Going with the Grain: exploiting the natural assets of the region, in particular the ‘iconic brands’, and being realistic about the role
          and status of supporting assets, as well as about the relative insignificance of the East Midlands brand itself.
       Investing in Icons – Attract and Disperse: using the iconic brands to bring people to the region and then to persuade them to visit the
          less well-known places within the destination. The region’s iconic ‘attraction’ brands include the Peak District, Leicester, Skegness,
          Rutland Water. . . and the National Forest.

Successful implementation of the new tourism strategy demands better co-ordination at all levels, with key functional goals expressed as:
       Focus on sub-regional tourism stories rather than a regional brand
       Tourism marketing and information provision based on destinations that make sense to consumers
       The marketing of themes that apply across the region or parts of it
       Efficient systems of providing tourism information
       Better engagement and representation of the private sector
       More direct and straightforward means of delivering business support and training to tourism businesses
       More effective planning and co-ordination of events and major tourism developments
       Efficient and co-ordinated systems of data collection and dissemination
       Better use of resources and less duplication

At a practical level this means:

               Strong Regional Co-ordination: One new co-ordinating body called EMT (East Midlands Tourism) operating at the regional
               level, replacing HETB, and reflecting a more flexible and more streamlined functional remit delivering strong tourism co-
               ordination across the East Midlands region.

               Effective Sub-Regional Delivery: Five DMPs (Destination Management Organisations/Partnerships), each taking responsibility
               for a specific consumer-friendly tourism destination within the East Midlands. They will each work closely with their associated
               SSPs (the Sub-Regional Strategic Partnerships which are East Midlands Development Agency’s economic delivery agents) and
               will be responsible for marketing, product development, managing the destination management system, creating business and
               skills support schemes and collecting data. Our DMP is Leicester Shire Promotions Limited, who will work with Leicester Shire
               Economic Partnership SSP. It is currently the most advanced DMP in terms of developing its new frameworks across the
               Leicester Shire destination.

               Specialist Local Level Collaboration: A family of up to eight area-specific tourism partnerships each focusing on one of
               Leicester Shire’s distinctive tourism areas. These will be partnerships of like-minded people and organisations with a shared
               ambition to improve the business of tourism in their area. Their key function will be to provide support, assistance and
               representation for tourism businesses and operators. North West Leicestershire Promotions (NWLP) is one of these tourism
               partnerships, and it sits alongside the other area partnerships co-ordinated by Leicester Shire Promotions.

Leicester Shire Promotions has been actively involved in all the tourism changes at regional and sub-regional level. They have also been
working at the local level across the public and private sectors to establish appropriate as well as effective area partnerships. This Blueprint is
the result of the initial work undertaken in association with representatives from the area’s core tourism stakeholders and wider representatives
of the tourism community from both the public and private sector. Wider participation by more North West Leicestershire tourism businesses is
actively encouraged.

North West Leicestershire Distinctiveness

NWLP has identified the benefits arising from more cohesively and single-mindedly presenting the North West Leicestershire tourism product,
and in particular more clearly positioning it alongside the National Forest product. However, aiming to create a national profile for the North
West Leicestershire ‘brand’ is, in itself, an unrealistic and unaffordable goal. We must instead focus on defining and promoting the NWL ‘sales
pitch’. We refer to this as creating the North West Leicestershire ‘distinctiveness’, and it requires that we focus on just one specific aspect
around which we can link all the other facets of tourism. It is the central story that all partners can translate to fit their own needs.

In considering what this single-minded focus may be, we highlight the current ‘fragmentation’ of the tourism product. There is very little
connectivity between the individual elements of what quite easily adds up to a very strong portfolio of tourism and leisure products. Potentially,
we could simply bundle the elements together into a cohesive whole that seems as good as, if not stronger than, the sum of the parts. Consider
the diverse appeal of Donington as a race track, motor museum and event venue, Snibston Discovery Park, Moira Furnace, the Ferrers Centre,
Calke Abbey, Ashby Castle and canal, Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Conkers and the more widely recognised National Forest. There is
an unusually wide range of accommodation choices and styles to complete the picture too. So what should be the single-minded thread?

Creating a sense of place for North West Leicestershire, one that is distinctive as well as greater than the sum of these many parts, should
grow naturally out of this diversity of tourism strengths. However, the strongest possible association available to us is the very broad and
growing appeal of the National Forest. On balance it becomes crystal clear that we have no option but to use the National Forest quite single-
mindedly as the lead vehicle to carry and introduce our areas diversity story.

The Blueprint recommends that the North West Leicestershire distinctiveness should be built on consistent associations with the National
Forest and to interpret this strong story to work across a diversity of scenarios. Forest fun. Forest history. Forest festivals. Forest days. Activity
Forest. Even the family forest. Not to stand in the shadow of the Forest’s own work, but to wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of the Forest and
to add new depths and new facets that integrate the area’s many tourism products alongside this powerful hook.


This Blueprint is our operational plan for tourism.
As a part of North West Leicestershire Promotions, it is also your plan.
It is shared by all of us who have any type of role in tourism within the North West Leicestershire area. The main aims of the Blueprint are to
bring about more cohesion, consistency and focus.

This Blueprint identifies and prioritises the actions that will make most difference to the business of tourism. It is a Blueprint for the whole
tourism sector and as such embraces our collective ambitions. As well as stakeholder partners, the Blueprint also identifies our tourism
neighbours and the basis of working with them. It is also the catalyst for identifying, developing and funding new tourism initiatives.

                                           North West Leicestershire Promotions
                                    BLUEPRINT FOR ACTION 2004 - 2007
The Blueprint for Action is presented in five distinct Action Areas.

       ACTION AREA 1           - Tourism Profile
                                      Top-line statement of intent for the business of tourism across North West Leicestershire, as an integral
                                      part of the broader Leicester Shire destination within the East Midlands tourism region.

       ACTION AREA 2           - Tourism Leadership and Co-ordination
                                      Clarifying our role within the newly emerging tourism structures and county tourism destinations, together
                                      with the mechanisms and responsibilities for raising profile in a cohesive and integrated way.

       ACTION AREA 3           - Attracting the Visitor
                                       How NWLP will work with and through the nominated Destination Management Partnership (LPL) and the
                                       East Midlands region’s ‘attract and disperse’ tourism strategy in attracting visitors to the NWL area.

       ACTION AREA 4           - Services for the Visitor
                                      How NWLP will focus on integrating / co-ordinating / developing the NWL tourism product to ensure easy
                                      access to information and to deliver a high quality customer experience to visitors (and locals) whilst they
                                      are here in the area.

       ACTION AREA 5           - Services for the Tourism Industry
                                      How NWLP will engender closer working relationships between members of the tourism sector in order to
                                      raise quality, share best practice, develop the product, access funding and track performance.

The KPI references shown relate to those set by EMT for each of its DMPs (see attachment for more details of EMT 1 - 7).

North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action 2004 – 2007

Action Area 1: TOURISM PROFILE – Top-line statement of intent for the business of tourism across North West
Leicestershire, as an integral part of the broader Leicester Shire destination within the East Midlands tourism region.

                    North West Leicestershire Promotions

Goal                Our goal is to boost the business of tourism within the North West Leicestershire area.
                    We should strive to improve each specified tourism key indicator by a minimum of 15% over the 3 year period.

Operating           We will:
                           work together to achieve more.
                           divert resources to initiatives and projects that will deliver most effect.
                           better integrate to add value to existing activities.
                           identify and pursue new initiatives to move forward.
                           build distinctiveness for the NWL tourism product, and clearly position it within the Leicester Shire destination.

The Business of     We believe that the business of tourism in the North West Leicestershire area comprises:
                           an unusually diverse area offering contrasting interpretations of industrial heritage against flourishing forest,
                            quiet villages separating busy towns, rural byways crossing international flight paths, and country pursuits
                            alongside race technology.
                           over 50 accommodation providers offering between them over 400 bedrooms, as well as over 60 pubs,
                            restaurants and bars, a smattering of tea rooms, coffee houses and farm shops, and a wide range of
                            supporting facilities and services.
                           at least 8 specified visitor attractions offering everything from the most authentic English heritage with castles,
                            historic buildings and industrial museums, through to family focused fun in forests and discovery centres.
                           a diversity of events ranging from carnivals and canal festivals to farmers markets and guided walks, with a
                            contrasting choice of national level motorsport events and exhibitions.
                           a tourism workforce of over 2,000 people, employed in over 320 businesses, of which over 75% are small and
                            privately owned.

                       in excess of 4.4million ‘visitors’ every year (over 3 million being to this areas part of the National Forest),
                        spending over £60 million between them, with over 90% visiting for the day.

Key Tourism      Our plans address the following issues:
Issues               low awareness, knowledge and profile of the area as a tourism destination.
                     further raising the quality and value of the tourism product.
                     fragmentation of marketing and promotional effort.
                     absence of area-wide, higher profile initiatives.
                     changes within local, regional and national tourism mechanisms, and the associated bodies to deal with.
                     the regional approach to use more recognisable attributes to ‘attract’ visitors and then to ‘disperse’ them
                        around the region’s less well-known areas.
                     constantly evolving grants and funding opportunities, many of which are being passed by.
                     growing interest in domestic tourism.
                     the significant benefits of being associated with Conkers and the National Forest.

Key Ambitions    The tourism ambitions that drive this plan are:
and Milestones       raising the economic profile of tourism within the NWL area, both as a sizeable and growing business sector,
                        and as a quality of life, leisure based service opportunity.
                     offering a more distinct, better connected and well-rounded tourism experience.
                     attracting more visitors, staying longer, doing more, spending more, and spreading the word.
                     trialling new tourism promotion initiatives including:
                             Open top tour bus
                             Area Mini-Guide for locals and visitors
                             Joint promotions / cross-selling between stakeholders and with neighbours
                             Seamless communications with neighbouring areas/initiatives to encourage natural flow of visitors
                             Area-wide events programme
                             Distinctive area sales script based on family appeal, the National Forest and 5 core promotional themes.
                     attracting additional core funding to promote tourism in the area

North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action 2004 – 2007

Action Area 2: TOURISM LEADERSHIP AND CO-ORDINATION - Clarifying our role within the newly emerging
tourism structures and county tourism destinations, together with mechanisms and responsibilities for raising profile in a cohesive,
integrated way.
Ambition            Actions                                        Output and          Task       Funding     EMT KPI
                                                                   timeframe           champion
1. Profile          1.1 Draft the NWL ‘Blueprint’ as a partnership Draft Sept 2004 for NWLP       Core        1,6,7
To be recognised        vision to shape the 3 year priorities and  6 wks stakeholder
as a credible           actions of this new initiative, and build  consultation,
tourism area            recognition for tourism as a viable        Agree Dec 2004
                        economic activity

                      1.2 Inspire wide engagement with the              Target >> 40% of      NWLP        Core      1,6,7
                          Blueprint and use of the distinctive NWL      partners using
                          tourism story through ready availability of   consistent language
                          briefing material and guidance for use        by end 2005
                          alongside existing sales messages

                      1.3 Support actions of LPL in raising the         Support through the   NWLP        Core      1,4,6
                          profile of the destination in all markets     provision of data
                                                                        and information as
2. Collaboration      2.1 Run NWLP Tourism Forums – 2 pa, to            Apr 2005              NWLP        Core +    1,6,7
To work                   take the lead on delivering:                  Target >>                         In-kind
cohesively in order       cross-fertilisation of product knowledge     attendance and
to build a stronger          especially across attractions              participation grows
tourism industry          sharing knowledge and best practice          to 60+ by 2005
                          inspire NWL ambassadorship
                          addressing future issues of concern

                      2.2 Participate in the Leicester Shire Tourism    May 2005              NWLP, LPL   Core +    1,4,6,7
                          Forum – 1 pa, to:                                                               In-kind
                           crystallise NWL area distinctiveness
                             within Leicester Shire destination

                          interact with / cross-sell other areas
                           within destination
                          input to destination distinctiveness ie
                           build stronger presence for NWL
                           within Leicester Shire’s area portfolio

                   2.3 Participate in the National Forest meetings    Monthly                N|WLP       Core       1,4
                       to build a clear and integrated position for   involvement
                       the NWL area and to optimise the value of      Target >> clarity of
                       Conkers as a separate family attraction.       purpose by
                                                                      December 2004
                   2.4 Take the initiative in developing external     Target >> 2 pa         NWLP, LPL   Core       1,4,5
                       activities to join-up:
                        IT
                        print and
                        other promotional opportunities

                   2.5 Collate and maintain e-based library of key    Collate materials      NWLP, LPL   Core +     1,4,5,6,7
                       images, product details, events and            and establish by                   Partners
                       contacts etc, and make available to            Jan 2005, maintain
                       partners as required                           thereafter

3. Influence       3.1 Interact with:                                 Review of status at    NWLP        Core       1,4
To increase the         regional and national tourism                2-monthly board
impact and                 influencers – EMT, VisitBritain, emda      meetings
influence of
tourism in local   3.2 Annual collation of current and future NWL First edition August       NWLP        Core       1,4
and regional           tourism trends report, containing current    2005, annual
planning               and future issues and desired outcomes       thereafter
                       to form the basis of lobbying activities,
                       plus identifying and pursuing 3 tourism ‘hot
                       issues’ at any point in time:
                       eg Information points / signage / quality

                   3.3 Input to Local Plan and Regional Plan,         Nov 2004 and           NWLP        Core       1,4
                       based on issues identified in Forums           thereafter

North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action 2004 – 2007

Action Area 3: ATTRACTING THE VISITOR - How NWLP will work with and through the nominated Destination
Management Partnership (LPL) and the East Midlands region’s ‘attract and disperse’ tourism strategy in attracting visitors to NWL.
Ambition            Actions                                           Output and         Task      Funding      EMT KPI
                                                                      timeframe          champion
1. Product Clarity 1.1 Create the NWL ‘distinctiveness’ story         Draft Nov 2004,    NWLP, LPL Core         1,5,6,7
To achieve a            (based on National Forest life) – the         Consult key
single-minded,          condensed, concise, co-ordinated              stakeholders over
relevant and            proposition for tourism in the area (Attmt 2) Nov-Dec 2004,
emotive portrayal        who, what, where                            Agree Jan 2005,
of the NWL               key attractors                              Review annually
tourism product,         strengths
set clearly as one       character and personality
of the distinctive       fit within Leicester Shire destination
‘offers’ within the
overall Leicester   1.2 Incorporate the NWL story in to all                              NWLP, LPL Core         1,5,6,7
                                                                      Incorporate by Jan
Shire destination       Leicester Shire promotional activities –      2005, review
brand                   web, print, events, exhibitions etc – and to  progress annually
                        appeal to all suitable audiences eg family,
                        relaxing couples and rural activity types

2.Sales Messages 2.1 Develop 5 promotional themes built on:      Places to Visit        NWLP and    Core +      1,6,7
To provide LPL        Events & Festivals                        theme for late 2004.   partners    partners
with sufficient and       rural and quirky                       Fully worked
appropriate sales         arts and culture                       through set of
messages in order         local activity (inc equestrian)        themes by Feb
to attract interest   Food & Drink – tastes, country produce    2005
from audiences          and places to eat and drink
                      Family Fun Forest – history, heritage,
                        activity attractions of all types
                      Activity Forest– walking, cycling,
                        nature, environment pastimes
                      Discovery Forest – revealing the
                        undiscovered heritage and history

                       2.2 Develop / run key partner promotions, 2 pa   Apr 2005            NWLP +     Shared   1,6
3. Conversion       3.1 Operate a central enquiry receipt and           Apr 2005            LPL        Core     1,5
To efficiently          response facility                               Hotline operating
receive, respond to
and convert         3.2 Make and maintain thorough and easy-to-         Nov 2004            NWLP and   Shared   1,5,6
enquiries into          use Website integration / links                 Linkages made       partners
bookings and visits
                    3.3 Champion the development of an                  Nov 2005            LPL        Funded   1,2,3,4,5,6
                        integrated web booking facility

4. Promotions          4.1 Develop and operate an annual promotions First plan Nov 2004     LPL        Funded   1,2,3,6
To deliver                 plan for Leicester Shire, to incorporate
promotions to              NWL as a distinct area and which         Marketing ongoing
generate enquiries         addresses the needs of:
that will attract           external tourists                      Review annually
visitors from inside              PR
and outside of the                Advertising
area                              Consumer shows
                                  Partner initiatives
                                  Direct mail
                            internal residents
                            travel trade
                                  trade shows and events
                            group organisers
                                  trade shows and events
                            conference and event business
                                  trade shows and events
                            business travellers and their families

North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action 2004 – 2007

Action Area 4: SERVICES FOR THE VISITOR - How NWLP will focus on integrating / co-ordinating / developing the NWL
tourism product to ensure easy access to information and to deliver a high quality customer experience to visitors (and locals) whilst
they are here in the area.
Ambition             Actions                                             Output and           Task      Funding EMT KPI
                                                                         timeframe            champion
1. Access            1.1 Operate central contact number                  Nov 2004             NWLP, LPL Core    1,5,6
To provide easy                                                          Hotline operating
access to            1.2 Input to shaping and developing central         Target >> review     NWLP, LPL Core    1,3,5,6
comprehensive            information unit (TIC) and satellite            functionality
information, ideas,      information access points, including            annually
advice and               relocation of Ashby TIC
booking facility for
(locals and)         1.3 Champion development of a wide network Target >> 10 new              NWLP, LPL Funded  1,5,6
visitors once they       of IT terminals for visitors to access central businesses pa
are in the area          information (DMS based), deliver share of       online, 30 existing
                         destination’s IT target                         businesses
                                                                         e-volving online
                     1.4 Efficient system for distribution of literature Review by Jan        NWLP, LPL Funded  1,5,6
                         and information throughout the area eg          2005, operational by
                         receptions, libraries, attractions, kiosks,     Apr 2005
                         bedrooms, garages, service areas

2. Experience          2.1 Operate local area Bus Tours (open top)     Trial Sundays          NWLP, LPL   Funded   1,2,3,4,5,6
To spot gaps and                                                       Spring 2005
opportunities for                                                      >>target full season
product                                                                for 2005
developments to
enhance the visitor    2.2 Produce handy DL ‘Visitor Guide’ for use    Mar 2005 and           NWLP, LPL   Funded   1,5,6
experience,                by local audiences and visitors once they   annually,
encourage wider            are here                                    Target >> 250 K in
area                                                                   wide distribution by
familiarisation, and                                                   2006, cover price?

shape the
development of the   2.3 Inspire and co-ordinate a cohesive ‘Family’   For 2005              NWLP, LPL   Funded   1,5,6
products future          of visitor information print
                          Map                                         Annually              NWLP, LPL   Funded
                          Events & Festivals listings                 Seasonally (2)        NWLP, LPL   Funded
                          Activity guides (forest activities,         Annually              NWLP, LPL   Funded
                              walking, cycling, riding)
                          Ideas across Leicester Shire leaflet        Annually              NWLP, LPL   Funded

                     2.4 Champion central website for all              Target >> online by   NWLP, LPL   Funded   1,5,6
                         information and links – ref regional DMS      Mar 2005

                     2.5 Target local audiences (especially ‘new       Target >> mailer to   NWLP, LPL   Funded   1,5,6
                         commuters’) who know little about the area    all (new)
                         and need to be encouraged to stay at          households by May
                         home or stay local for leisure-time           2005

3. Satisfaction      3.1 Inspire ambassadorial behaviour through       Target >> open day    NWLP        Shared   1,4,5,6
To delight the           better knowledge amongst local audiences      by Spring 2005,
visitor and               Open days for locals / fam visits           annual refreshers
encourage both            Local media features
referrals and             Involve all attractions more closely
repeat visits             Overcome gaps in knowledge not gaps
                             in product

                     3.2 Smile Awards for Visitor Service Person of    For 2005              LPL         Funded   1,4,5,6
                         the Year – Leicester Shire

North West Leicestershire Promotions // Blueprint for Action 2004 – 2007

Action Area 5: SERVICES FOR THE TOURISM INDUSTRY - How NWLP will engender closer working
relationships between members of the tourism sector in order to raise quality, share best practice, develop the product,
access funding and track performance.

Ambition              Actions                                         Output and            Task         Funding   EMT KPI
                                                                      timeframe             champion

1. Quality            1.1 Embrace the new national grading system     Target >> all         NWLP, LPL    Funded    1,4
To continually            and introduce it as widely as possible      partners graded by
develop the quality                                                   mid 2007
of the tourism
product               1.2 Identify tourism sector training and        Target >>15 tourism   NWLP, LPL,   Core      1,4
                          development needs, match with database      businesses assisted   EMT
                          of providers, pursue as necessary           by end 2005

                      1.3 Develop and implement a customer care       Target >> agree       NWLP and     Funded    1,4
                          ethos amongst the tourism sector            customer care         partners     +
                                                                      values by Feb 2005,                Shared
                                                                      Review annually

2. Networking         2.1 Maintain NWLP as an active ‘Tourism         Launch Nov 2004,       NWLP, LPL   Core      2,4
To make the most          Network’ – to share knowledge,              Develop thereafter as
of the                    best practice and contacts; to help         an active component
opportunities to          cross-sell the product; and to be the NWL   of the Leicester Shire
work together as a        arm of the wider Leicester Shire            Destination Network
cohesive tourism          ‘Destination Network’ (new style
sector                    membership scheme)

                      2.2 Extend engagement to ensure all core        Target >> engage      NWLP         Core      2,4
                          tourism partners are involved (eg Ashby     wider support by
                          Town Centre Partnership) in order to        Nov 2004

                         achieve a representative sector

                     2.3 Set up and operate an intranet for sharing     Target >> operating      NWLP, LPL   Core     2,4
                         of information, briefings, feedback and        by Dec 2004
                         requests for input from amongst partners

                     2.4 Maintain contact with neighbouring areas       Target >> one new        NWLP        Core     2,4
                         and initiatives (in particular Donington       initiative with each
                         Race Circuit, Nottingham EM Airport, the       identified partner pa
                         National Forest, Snibston, Conkers ), both     Eg Donington
                         within Leicester Shire and beyond,             weekends, Airport
                         building closer working relationships          park’n’ride

3. Funds + Grants    3.1 Keep informed and aware of all potential       Maintain database        NWLP, LPL   Core     2,4
To exploit funding       funds, grants and other such opportunities     of grant and fund
opportunities to         and to share this information with             providers, and share
the fullest extent       members                                        information as

                     3.2 Develop joint bids amongst members as          Target >> 3 joint        NWLP, LPL   Shared   2,4
                         appropriate                                    bids pa initiated

                     3.3 Provide advice and support to applications     Target >> 25 bids        NWLP, LPL   Core     2,4
                         as necessary                                   pa assisted

4. Product           4.1 Undertake periodic reviews (SWOT) of           Maintain and             NWLP        Core +   4,5,6
Development              product ‘standardisation’ eg opening times     manage list of 10                    Shared
To identify              and seasons), product gaps and market          ‘live’ product
priorities for           opportunities. Identifying and working with    development
product                  appropriate partners in creating, reviewing,   projects
development and          developing and launching new product
feed in to               ideas as considered appropriate and            Identify and pursue      NWLP
appropriate              worthwhile eg                                  up to 5 initiatives pa
delivery channels               Forestscape package
                                Family Fun Days                        Deliver 3 major new      NWLP
                                Family Festival                        initiatives by March

                                  Snibston Specials                       2007.

5. Tracking          5.1 To provide data and to set up monitoring          Annual survey from    NWLP,       Funded   1,4,5
Performance &            mechanisms that will feed in to destination       Oct 2004              EMT, LPL
Trends                   surveys that quantitatively track changes
To monitor and           in visitor activity, attitudes and satisfaction
track performance        levels, also qualitatively to identify areas
relating to EMT          requiring development
baseline data, and
to identify new      5.2 To identify and address issues of                 Quarterly appraisal   NWLP, LPL   Funded   1
opportunities            sustainability and product guardianship,          with annual review
                         especially in the areas of product                and input to Oct
                         development                                       survey
                         eg Youth Hostel and more family


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set by East Midlands Tourism (EMT) on its Destination Management Partnerships (DMPs)

EMT1 Establishment of a full-service DMP

EMT2 To increase the level of non-government income

EMT3 To increase the level of trading income

EMT4 To increase the level of stakeholder satisfaction

EMT5 To improve standards of customer contact

EMT6 To improve marketing effectiveness

EMT7 To increase the value of press and PR activity


Proposal: North West Leicestershire tourism story – the distinctive proposition

Family time is precious. Make the most of it right here at the heart of the family friendly National Forest. There’s something to delight every
member of the family and something to satisfy every taste.

No need to be stuck for something to do either, as there’s a whole world of interactivity and fun to get stuck in to. There’s a surprisingly wide
choice of family focused attractions and a whole programme of festivals and events. All set within the country’s flourishing National Forest.


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