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                                                 life + leisure

                                               hit the
                                      knee-deep in          Utah

                                             more snow, more skiing

                                             sky-high in BC
                                          doctors hit the backcountry
              winter wonder
              in Niagara Falls
              sweet treats in
              icewine + a crisp
              croustade dessert
              exotic dream cars
              anyone can drive

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                                                                  JUST FOR C         A   N    A    D     I   A      N
                                                                                                                          JANUARY/WINTER 2008                                    CONTENTS
                                                                 DOCTORS                                 life + leisure

                                                                JANUARY/WINTER 2008

                                                                   Editor and Art Director Barb Sligl

                                                                        Editorial Assistant Adam Flint

                                                                            Contributors Dr. Dara Behroozi
                                                                                         Dr. Mel Borins
                                                                                         Dr. Susan Biali
                                                                                         Yvette Cardozo
                                                                                         Dr. Holly Fong
                                                                                         Bill Hirsch
                                                                                         Lauren Kramer
                                                                                         Dr. Chris Pengilly
                                                                                         Dr. Neil Pollock
                                                                                         Manfred Purtzki
                                                                                         Dr. Kelly Silverthorn
                                                                                                                                                                     14        22
                                                                                         Corey Van’t Haaff

                                                                            Cover photo Lee Cohen/Ski Utah
                                                                Advertising Sales Manager Ruth Findlay
                                                                                                                          14 off the beaten track
                                                                 Senior Account Executive Monique Mori
                                                                                                                                  Plant your skis in Ogden, Utah, for more snow and less crowds
                                                                       Account Executive Trisha Chu

                                                                          Classified Sales Ninh Hoang                     22 backcountry getaway
                                                                              Sales Office Advertising In Print                   A group of physicians take an annual ski trip for a taste of
                                                                                           710 – 938 Howe St.
                                                                                           Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9
                                                                                                                                  unparalleled freedom—and no women allowed!
                                                                                           Phone: 604-681-1811
                                                                                           Fax: 604-681-0456
                                                                                           Email:                         COLUMNS                                           DEPARTMENTS
                                                                                                                          8 doctor on a soapbox                             5 January/Winter mix
                                                                      Associate Publisher Linh T. Huynh                      Courting commonsense                               where/when/what: places to go,
                                                                                                                                                                                things to do, and lots to see
                                                                     Production Manager Judy Huynh                        9 aqueous humour
                                                                                                                             Holiday hang-over                              27 CME calendar
                                                                    Circulation Fulfillment Joanne Nguyen

                                                                         Research & Sales                                 10 the wine doctor                                33 classifieds
                                                                           Development Adam Flint                            Icewine delights
                                                                                                                                                                            37 sudoku
                                                                      Founding Publisher Denise Heaton
                                                                                                                          11 the food doctor
                                                                                                                             Sweet treat                                    38 small talk
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      sunshine and
                                                                In Print Publications                                     20 the wealthy doctor                                                       lots and lots of
                                                                710 – 938 Howe St.                                           Need a Critical Illness Policy?                                          powdery snow.
                                                                Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9
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                                                                Printed in Canada.
                                                                                                                          36 tales from the trenches
                                                                                                                             Clothing woes

                                                                                                                                                               January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS         3
FROM THE EDITOR                                  SOUNDING BOARD

                                                 your feedback
fresh start                                      Send your thoughts and ideas to:
                                                 RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; NOVEMBER /DECEMBER           RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; OCTOBER 2007
 Another new year, another opportunity
 to reflect on past achievements and look         2007 I totally agree that we are in need of           Insurance companies have long been a pet
 forward to new ones.                            some more humour (also off-colour humour)             peeve of mine. I can sympathize with your
     Or maybe not.                               and am glad to hear that I’m not the only             thoughts but, sorry to say, I have no solutions.
     Why is it that everyone makes               one that finds being overly “politically correct”           I did ask the College once about this.
 resolutions (and amends…) come January?         tedious and boring, and the “politically              Apparently, when someone signs up for
     There is a logic to the timing, of          correct” very bland. I’m also very glad to hear       insurance, the fine print says they can ask for
 course—fresh calendar, fresh start. But why     that this was not always the case, as, coming         whatever information they want. They tend to
 do we need a blank slate for impetus? If        from South Africa, I assumed most Canadian            want more and more information as time goes
 anything, we likely find ourselves musing on     doctors were always that way: bland. Dr.              on. The one-page insurance form is so last
                                                 Janetta Rossouw, Brandon, MB                          century. It is at least a three-page document
 the same things each January rather than
 truly inspiring and growth-encouraging          RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; OCTOBER 2007 I read          now, plus they want a copy of your records
 to-do’s. Call it a holiday hang-over (see Dr.   with great interest your commentary on                and all the consultations. They tend to ask
Behroozi’s column on page 9).                    records. I think you are quite correct. I would       us directly now, and sometimes offer to pay
     This year, take stock of your life every    have thought with “universal” care in Canada          for it. Before, they used to write to the patient
month—while the everyday stuff is actually       that you would be immune to this. Here in the         and ask them to get the information from
happening. And be thankful. (See Dr. Biali’s     States this is a big issue. We get 4 to 5 requests    us! It pays to be on the alert when dealing
column on page 21.) Recognize your—and           per day. I am quite thankful that we use a            with insurance companies or they will take
others’—achievements and do a bit of             computerized record as if it amounted to more         advantage of you and the patients.
chest-pounding. (For some yes-Canada             than hitting the print key, I would need to                ICBC [Insurance Corporation of British
chest-pounding, check out the bestseller         bring on another staffer—just for records! Dr.        Columbia] is a special case. They have actually
Canada Firsts, which marks many “firsts” in       Ronnie C. Marrache, Waterville, ME                    revised their blanket consent some time ago.
this country).                                                                                         They are only entitled to information relating
                                                  RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; OCTOBER 2007 I share        to the accident, and any previous injuries
     And try something different. That            the issue of concern about our autonomy
could mean strapping on the skis for a jaw-                                                            that might be relevant to that accident. If
                                                  and records. Lawyers and their clients have          the patient has a lawyer, I just give them
dropping heli- or cat-ski adventure. Most         immutable privacy of information exchanged,
physicians tend to exhibit a slightly more                                                             everything and let the lawyer sort out what is
                                                  but not doctors. It bothers me that lawyers          relevant. Just have to be sure it is the lawyer
adventurous streak (almost mandatory to           and insurers will proffer the patient’s signature
survive the rigorous medical training!), and                                                           representing the patient. I find that actually
                                                 as a sign of consent but it is us doctors who         reading the consent form is essential, because
steep slopes are a calling to many off-call,     have to do the informing about what they
like the group of physicians that meets                                                                there may be limiting clauses.
                                                 have consented to.                                         I enjoy reading your columns. Keep up the
every winter for an all-male, all-ski getaway        Keep on writing. I believe your views
in the BC mountains (page 22). For a bit                                                               good work. Dr. R.J. Clarke, Delta, BC
                                                 represent those of the vast though silent
more tame ski adventure, Utah offers just        majority of us who share the same thoughts
as much snow with ski options that range                                                               RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; OCTOBER 2007 I agree
                                                 but are too damn busy to do anything about            that there is a deterioration in the benefit of
from tow ropes to double-black-diamond           it. Dr. Paul Bonisteel, New Harbour, NL
runs (page 14).                                                                                        the records for physician purposes as we are
     Whatever your calling, embrace it this       RE: DOCTOR ON A SOAPBOX; OCTOBER 2007                forced to avoid recording facts and opinions
year—test-drive exotic dream cars (see            This article articulated what I have long            in the record in case the record is read by any
page 12), sample new vintages, like ice           complained about—the ability of insurance            number of people including the patient!
wines (page 10), or whip up a new dish (Dr.       companies to request copies of the entire chart            I remember recognizing the change in
Holly Fong’s croustade dessert on page 11).       notes (as well as consults, investigation reports,   ownership many years ago. After 15 years
Yum.                                              etc.) and the patient blindly signing their          of post-high-school training, 1.5 hours of a
     Now make sure 2008 stays tasty year          permission to hand it over.                          thorough history and physical and discussion
round. Happy New Year!                               I believe that the insurance company should       with a patient, which was summarized in my
                                                  NOT have access to our chart notes—only              well-written medical oncology consultation,
                        Barb Sligl, BA, MPub      to the pertinent investigations and consults         the patient asked for a copy to take to the
                                                  that reflect the nature of the illness/disability     naturopath upon which he would expound
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Dara Behroozi,            in question. This should be part of the               knowledgeably about breast cancer!
our “Aqueous Humour” columnist. Dr.              confidentiality respected (and expected) in                 I have no ideas about how to reverse the
Behroozi is now Chief of Staff at Saint Paul’s   the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Sharon           trend until there is sufficient counter argument
Hospital in Vancouver, BC.                       McCutcheon, Sussex, NB                                about the rights of the profession. I am
                                                                                                       impressed with the diligence and energy you
                                                                                                       have given to your patients in protecting their
                                                                                                       naive request for exposure of content to third
                                                                                                       parties. Dr. Cicely Bryce, Vancouver, BC

4   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                                                what/when/where > january/winter
                                         books | food | shows | gadgets | places | getaways | gear…

                        Snow and ice bring a fresh
                        layer of beauty to Niagara Falls

                                 old is good. Especially when it          with shanties set up on the ice to sell                Today you’ll still be wowed
                                 transforms the spray and mist of         refreshments and wares. People walked           by the Falls themselves (the
                                 Niagara Falls into a blanket of frozen   on these ice bridges until 1912, when that      second largest in the world               go
                        shapes on surrounding trees, rocks, lamp          year’s frozen overpass broke and three          after Victoria Falls in Africa,
                        posts and railings. And the more cold the         people died.                                    measuring 188 feet high and
                        better; mounds of ice as thick as 50 feet              With recent milder winters, you’re lucky   2,200 feet across at Horseshoe Falls) and
                        can form and, if temperatures plummet             if you even get to see an ice bridge. Even      the fantastic formations they create. And
                        enough for long enough, you may get to see        more rare: seeing the flow of water simply       the “Winter Festival of Lights” highlights

                        an ice bridge stretch across the river.           cease. Most of the Great Lakes’ fresh           it all with special displays, fireworks and
                            The winter wonder of these icy                water (20 per cent of the world’s) flows over    outdoor entertainment against the illuminated
                        formations has always drawn a crowd. In           Niagara Falls, and only once has it stopped.    backdrop of the Falls (runs until early
                        1888 the local newspapers reported that           In the winter of 1848 the ice fields from Lake   January, but the illumination continues nightly
                        on one Sunday in February 20,000 people           Erie jammed at the river source and plugged     throughout the year). Experience the falls in
                        came to stroll and toboggan on the ice            the flow of water for 30 hours, allowing         a different light!
                        bridge. A winter community developed              people to walk the riverbed atop the Falls.     niagarafallstourism.com

                                                                                                              January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                 5
mix      january/winter

         art        museum hop in France
                    Starting January 1, 14 French museums and monuments will
                    open to visitors free of charge for six months. The plan is to spike
      attendance and “inspire desire—desire for artistic experiences and culture—
      in people who are not familiar with these places,” as said by France’s Culture
      Minister. > One participating must-see museum in Paris is the Musée
      National du Moyen Âge with its collection of medieval treasures (below
      right). The most famous museums in Paris—the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay
      and the Centre Pompidou—will also take part on a limited basis. > Other
      European countries have scrapped most museum entrance fees, including
      Britain as of 2001. The result? Nearly 30 million extra museum visits in the
      following five years… — B.S.
      > 1 LOUVRE The Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike is hard to miss with the
      constant crowd milling at her base, making her all the more arresting. louvre.fr
      > 2 MUSÉE NATIONAL DU MOYEN ÂGE Housed in two historic Parisian monuments
      (the Gallo-Roman baths and the Cluny Abbey), this museum showcases medieval art, from sculpture
      to intricate tapestries—The Lady and the Unicorn series, which inspired the bestselling book of the
      same name, is worth the visit alone. musee-moyenage.fr > 3 LOUVRE Théodore Géricault’s
      painting Raft of the Medusa is astounding for its size (16 feet by 23 feet) and depiction of an historic                     get Oslerian Eighty-seven years
      event in 1816 in which shipwreck survivors were marooned at sea for weeks before rescue; he
      studied morgue bodies to get the anatomy as realistic as possible. louvre.fr                               books             after his death, Sir William Osler continues to
                                                                                                                                   provide advice for generations of physicians.
                                                                                                                                   And now a newly discovered orientation
                                                                                                                 address to medical students in 1885 has produced 40 new
       1                                                                                             2           quotations for the revised paperback edition of The Quotable
                                                                                                                 Osler, published by the American College of Physicians.
                                                                                                                       Osler’s 1885 orientation address, delivered at the
                                                                                                                 University of Pennsylvania while he was chief of medicine,
                                                                                                                 adds to the aphorisms on life and medicine that are part of
                                                                                                                 his legacy. In one new quote, he cautions medical students
                                                                                                                 that, “In taking up the study of disease, you leave the exact
                                                                                                                 and certain for the inexact and doubtful and enter a realm
                                                                                                                 in which to a great extent the certainties are replaced by
                                                                                                                       Osler was born in Ontario in 1849 and graduated from
                                                                                                                 McGill University in 1872. He taught, practiced and performed
                                                                                                                 research at McGill University from 1874 to 1875 (where they
                                                                                                                 called the 25-year-old “the baby professor”) and is hailed as
                                                                                                                 a Canadian icon (see Canada Firsts on this page). He authored
                                                                                                                 The Principles and Practice of Medicine, which has sold more
                                                                                                                 than 500,000 copies and been translated into six languages
                                                                                                                 (and stood as the world’s standard medical textbook for more
                                                                                                                 than 55 years), and is still considered the most influential
                                                                                                                 physician of the 20th century. ACP Press; acponline.org

                                                                                                     3           first off In this first month of the new year, it’s
                                                                                                                 appropriate to reflect on some other firsts…and who
                                                                                                                 knew Canada was the forerunner of so many things? The
                                                                                                                 snowmobile, the electric light bulb, insulin (okay, that’s not
                                                                                                                 news to Dr. Banting’s fellow physicians), and basketball are all
                                                                                                                 discoveries and inventions that Canada can claim.
                                                                                                                      An entire section is devoted to medical achieve-
                                                                                                                 ments—from honouring pioneering figures like the father of
                                                                                                                                                                                     FROM TOP: MCCLELLAND & STEWART; ACP; B. SLIGL (3)

                                                                                                                 psychosomatic medicine, Sir William Osler (see above), and
                                                                                                                 developer of the first mobile medical unit, Norman Bethune,
                                                                                                                 to recognizing treatment breakthroughs like the carcino
                                                                                                                 embryonic antigen (CEA) test. And whether these accomplish-
                                                                                                                 ments are well known or not, the longtime bestseller that
                                                                                                                 outlines them, Canada Firsts, is still an inspiring read.
                                                                                                                      The book is American activist Ralph Nader’s salute to
                                                                                                                 the accomplishments of his “neighbour to the North” and a
                                                                                                                 celebration of some fundamental differences between the
                                                                                                                 world’s friendliest bordering countries. Canada’s national
                                                                                                                 identity may be elusive but reading about some of our finest
                                                                                                                 achievements calls for a bit of chest-pounding self-awareness.
                                                                                                                 Oh Canada! McClelland & Stewart; mcclelland.com — B.S.

  6   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                                                                                                                                    january/winter                                  mix
                                                                             give back
                                                                  Rethink and regift to
                                                                  charitable organizations
                                                                  Now that the traditional gift-giving
                                                                  season is over, some of us might be
                                                                  thinking about all that stuff we gave
                                                                  and received. Maybe we’d like to share
                                                                  some of that bounty or even rethink
                                                                  some of our gift-giving ideas for next
                                                                      Charitable donations are a great
                                                                  alternative any time of year and
                                                                  on any gift-giving occasion. But
                                                                  to make sure that your donation
                                                                  dollars go a long way and to a worthy
                                                                  cause, do a bit of due diligence
                                                                  at Charitynavigator.org. This
                                                                  independent website has already
                                                                                                                                                          Glenn Gould in the CBS studio, New York, circa 1955
                                                                  done the tough research for you with
                                                                  straightforward top-ten lists like “Ten
                                                                  Celebrity-related Charities,” “10 Highly
                                                                  Paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities,”
                                                                  and “10 Charities Worth Watching.” Or      Glenn Gould: The Sounds of Genius
                                                                  you can simply check out the rating
                                                                                                             A leisurely listen of Glenn Gould’s performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations
                                                                  of a particular charity like Doctors
                                                                                                             may just be the ideal form of some much-needed post-holiday downtime.
                                                                  Without Borders, which has a four-star
                                                                                                             These recordings are among the bestselling classical albums in Canada.
                                                                  rating (the highest) and organizational
                                                                                                             Sit, relax, listen. And, if you’re in Gatineau-Ottawa this spring, see why this
                                                                  efficiency (spending only 1.3% on           musician still inspires, delights and fascinates people worldwide.
                                                                  administrative expenses). Although             A comprehensive exhibition traces his development from Toronto child
                                                                  the site is American-based, assessing      prodigy to international concert star to recording- and media-artist pioneer.
                                                                  the financial health of over 5,000 of       Gould himself speaks to us through taped interviews, his writings and media
                                                                  the best-known US charities, it’s still    productions, and of course his music. The exhibition also features a rich and
                                                                  a great way to sift through myriad         varied collection of artifacts, including Gould’s beloved Steinway piano, the
                                                                  donation options, whether you’re           folding chair specially modified to fit his unusual playing position, and a
                                                                  looking for a charitable cause in          custom-tailored tuxedo and tails he wore on stage.

                                                                  medical research, the environment, or          The exhibition opened to mark the 75th anniversary of Gould’s birth and the
                                                                  wildlife conservation.                     25 anniversary of his death in 1982. Glenn Gould: The Sounds of Genius is on

                                                                      Continue the gift-giving spirit!       now until August 10, 2008 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau-
                                                                  Charitynavigator.org         — B.S.        Ottawa. civilization.ca; 819-776-7000 or 1-800-555-5621            — B.S.

                                                                                                                                               a different world view
                                                                                                                                  web            Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, using equal area
                                                                                                                                                 cartograms where territories are re-sized according to a
                                                                                                                                particular, isolated variable. The map on the left shows infectious and parasitic
                                                                                                                                disease deaths. And it makes obvious which countries and regions—now
                                                                                                                                shown larger—have a higher proportion of the world total of this variable. In
                                                                                                                                the territory with the highest rate of deaths, Botswana (with 19,642 deaths per
                                                                                                                                million people), 95% were caused by AIDS. AIDS caused about 85% of deaths in
                                                                                                                                the next 3 highest territories, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Sometimes, a
                                                                                                                                picture—in this case, a map—certainly is worth a thousand words…Check out
                                                                                                                                worldmapper.org to see how other variables are mapped out globally. — B.S.

                                                                                                                                             January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                          7
                                                         D O C T O R O N A S O A P B O X D R . C H R I S P E N G I L LY
      SPRING 2008
    Southern Health Centre
    will be opening another clinic
    at Scott Road/84th Avenue,
    Surrey, BC and offer you the
    opportunity to join our                              Let’s lose the pomp and get back to reality
    dynamic facility. We offer the

                                                             n the October edition of Just for                   This is getting to the real core of the
    • contempo designed                                      Canadian Doctors I discussed the subject       matter. The courts are powerful and entirely
      offices and exam rooms                                 of the accessibility of third parties to our   autonomous. They rule on points of law
                                                         supposedly confidential medical records. I          rather than on commonsense and what
    • flexible hours
                                                         requested feedback, and I got it. Thank you.       would be in the best interests of the patient.
    • EMR system                                              The general feeling was that nobody           They have pretty well usurped the law-
    • registered nurse                                   was happy with the situation. Several              making ability of the elected politicians,
                                                         physicians stated that they felt that they         who, if they make bad laws, will be voted
    • highly trained                                     could no longer record “the truth, the whole       out of office.
      professional MOA’s                                 truth, and nothing but the truth.” Many felt            The justice system should be in place
    • ample parking                                      they had to omit medically relevant material.      to maintain order in society. It should run
                                                              Several readers said that they had never      like any other government department or
       For further opportunity                           thought about the full significance of a            crown corporation.
     information please contact                          signed release for the information—the                  Increasing secularization seems to have
                                                         effect of this on other family members,            resulted in organized religion now being
           604-531-8707 or                               either directly or indirectly. Some readers        replaced by organized legal process. This
    info@southernhealthcentre.com                        did, in fact, contact their patients to see if     was brought home to me recently when I
    www.southernhealthcentre.com                         they realized the implication of the consent       was watching a movie set some years ago
                                                         that they had signed.                              in a church. There was utter silence. As
                                                              Overall the consensus was that the            the priest entered the church, everybody
                                                         quality and usefulness of the medical record       promptly stood. The priest and his
                                                         was compromised.                                   entourage were all in distinctive dress.
                                                              One physician wrote to me from the US              Isn’t that just like the courts? The judge
                                                         where he says he has about four or five of          and the lawyers wear decorative gear.
                                                         these demands each day. After reading that         Everybody stands as the judge enters. It
                                                         I didn’t feel so bad about my one request a        creates a fatuous aura of infallibility that no
                                                         week.                                              one will question, just as nobody would
                                                              I found it particularly ironic this week      have questioned the Church or the priest
                                                         when I had the latest bulletin from the            some 50 years ago.
                                                         CMPA. A group of physicians in Ontario had              Judges are simply highly trained
                                                         their main EMR computer stolen; the Privacy        university graduates like everybody else;
                                                         Commissioner insisted that every single            they can make errors, as we all can. They too
                                                         patient had to be informed of the potential        can be subject to prejudices and biases.
                                                         breach of confidentiality. It cost a great deal          It would be better if the judges and
                                                         in both physician time and dollars.                lawyers came to work in a plain business
         How do you feel about?                               Though it is insurance companies              suit, sat at a desk and made decisions
      • Paying tax on only 50% of your income
                                                         who are the principal beneficiaries from            based on commonsense—no pomp and
      • Making your mortgage tax deductible              gaining access to this confidential medical         no ceremony. Decisions that could be
           • Selling your practice tax-free              information, it would appear that courts are       reasonably debated and negotiated. I’ll go
• Using your medical corporation to its full potential   the main facilitators of the process. One of       one step further and suggest that these
                                                         my colleagues, a psychiatrist, sent me a copy      judgments should be reached within one
          Want to find out more?                         of a letter from an insurance company that         hour for “specialist judges” and 15 minutes
 Order your copy of this valuable financial              was quite frankly threatening. It was scary! It    for “GP judges.”
          planning tool today.                           quotes “the Supreme Court of Canada held                In the meantime our patients will be
     $99 plus shipping & handling                        that an insured implicitly waives his privacy      short-changed as their medical records will
                                                         interests in the clinical notes and records        be less than complete and less functional
                                                         of his treating physician when, as in your         than they could be.
           1-888-668-0629                                case, he enters into a contract of disability
         www.justfordoctors.ca                                                                              Dr. Chris Pengilly is Just For Canadian Doctors’
                                                         insurance…”                                        current affairs columnist. Please send him your
        Bookkeeping Services                                  I am wondering how I can go on from           comments at peng2004@telus.net.
           now available                                 here without sounding like an anarchist!

8    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                          AQUEOUS HUMOUR DR. DARA BEHROOZI

                                Holiday hang-over
                                The mayhem’s behind us…until next year’s festive season

           ow that we have chewed over the         amazes me is the ability that my loved ones       cereal, into the sink.
           last turkey bone and thrown out         and I have to consume food and material               The final act in this drama is restitution.
           the two-week-old brussel sprouts        goods. Our year-long concern for the envi-        This takes many forms. It involves saving to
(which we knew no one would eat but put            ronment and global warming is suddenly            pay the bills that start descending as soon
in a Tupperware box in the fridge anyway           abandoned in an orgy of eating and iPods          as the “fun” ends…to the self-flagellation
to grow mould), we can return to more              and never-to-be-worn tartan socks.                of dieting and treadmills to try and free the
serious matters.                                       I have also discovered that taking the        coronary arteries from the effect of several
     What did we learn from the festive            children skiing with a hang-over on Boxing        8,000-calorie days.
season? Regardless of the reason for               Day while my spouse is completing the                 The British philosopher Edmund Burke
celebrating—the birth of a prophet, the            traditional cycle of consumption at the local     said, “Those who do not know history are
festival of lights, the passing of the longest     mall is a very bad idea. After a couple of runs   destined to repeat it.” I would think that in
night of the year, or an excuse for self-          banging into the other hung-over parents,         this case he was wrong. We know and yet
indulgence in our strictly agnostic house—         the egg-nog starts to re-emerge from some         we repeat.
we always have the opportunity for deep            deep cavern where it was hiding. It has such          May this New Year be a good one for
and meaningful insights into our own and           a profound effect that I swear never to con-      you!
other people’s behaviour.                          sume it anymore and upon returning home           Dr. Dara Behroozi is Just For Canadian
     For example, once again I have learnt         liberate the remaining egg-nog, which in          Doctors’ humour columnist. He practises
that realizing at the last minute that I am        my frugal ways I had intended to use on my        medicine, plays soccer and enjoys single-malt.
“giftless” and sticking money into envelopes
is not appreciated as much as I would have
thought by the recipients. Or that putting
grown men with a life-long grudge and
a tenuous connection through blood or
marriage in a room for a prolonged period
of time, over-feeding them, pouring alcohol
down their throats and expecting every-
thing to go well, is…downright foolish. In
fact it is the perfect recipe for a family feud.
     It starts with harsh words, leads to a po-
litical argument and results in old wounds
being reopened. Finally bodies have to be
placed between them to prevent open con-
flict and the “celebrations” are brought to
an abrupt end. The hurt feelings take many
months to heal, but not so long that the
scene cannot be repeated in a year’s time.
     One thing that this season brings is a
chance to meet close colleagues in a less
formal setting…again and again. After the
fourth such get-together, having exhausted
all the small talk and aided by wine, we have
a rather-too-frank exchange in which we
either reveal something about ourselves
that we wish we hadn’t or, even worse, tell
certain colleagues what our true opinion of
them is. Ouch. Avoidance behaviour ensues
for the next few months.
     I remember again that I REALLY do not
like egg-nog. It is a waste of good rum,
which I will erase from my memory in time
for next year’s celebration. One thing that

                                                                                        January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS             9

Icy delight
Icewines are the sweetheart of wines

        here is nothing like the irrepressible     to bring for business contacts in China on an      the water turns solid leaving only the sweet
        smile of pleasure and enjoyment on the     upcoming trip, I knew that they were going         fructose-laden and -flavoured centre concen-
        faces of friends to whom I have served     to love him.                                       trated with aromas. If a freeze does not come
a terrific icewine for the first time. So, when my        First impressions are made from icewines’     quickly enough the grapes may rot and the
friend Morrey, a local successful entrepreneur,    elegant presentation in tall- and slim-shaped      crop may be lost. If the freeze is too severe,
asked me to suggest some Canadian icewines         bottles. And, then, when served chilled and        no juice can be extracted. One Ontario
                                                                     made well, icewines deliver      winery broke its pneumatic press in the
                                                                     a wonderful nose of fruit        1990s while pressing frozen grapes because
                                                                     and sweet essences and           they were too hard when the temperature
                                                                     finish with a long, refresh-      dropped far below -8.
                                                                     ing aftertaste. Some of the           Once the grape is harvested the rush is
                                                                     best icewines are produced       on to harvest and press the fruit while it is still
                                                                     in Canada, also one of the       frozen. Pickers work at night or very early in
                                                                     world’s largest producers        the morning, harvesting grapes within a few
                                                                     of icewine. Some are made        hours, while cellar workers work in unheated
                                                                     in British Columbia, but the     spaces, extracting the juice expeditiously.
                                                                     majority comes from the          Pressing the frozen fruit extracts only a tenth
                                                                     Niagara Peninsula, which         of the juice of unfrozen grapes but offers a
                                                                     creates the perfect climate to   rich taste that is truly one of a kind.
                                                                     produce this sweet treat.             The high-sugar level in the “must” (fresh-
                                                                          Icewine was first created    pressed grape juice before it ferments) leads
                                                                     in Germany in the late 1700s     to a slower-than-normal fermentation. It
                                                                     by accident, when a crop of      may take months to complete the fermenta-
                                                                     grapes partially froze during    tion (compared to days or weeks for regular
                                                                     an early frost. Initially con-   wines) and special strains of yeast are used.
                                                                     sidered a terrible accident,     Because of the lower yield of this grape must
                                                                     farmers were delighted           and the difficulty of processing, icewines are
                                                                     when they went ahead and         significantly more expensive than table wines
                                                                     pressed the frozen grapes        and often sold in half-bottle volumes of 375
                                                                     to avert waste and found         ml or even smaller.
                                                                     that the so-called ruined             Typical grapes used for icewine produc-
                                                                     grapes were a wonderful          tion are riesling, considered to be the most
                                                                     gift from nature. Germany        noble variety by Germans, vidal, highly
                                                                     began producing commer-          popular in British Columbia and Ontario, and
                                                                     cial quantities of icewine       the red grape cabernet franc. Icewines from
                                                                     around the middle of the last    white varieties tend to be pale yellow or light
                                                                     century, but, because of the     gold in colour when they are young and can
                                                                     less predictable and more        acquire a deep amber golden colour as they
                                                                     volatile climate in Germany,     age. The red varieties tend to have a light
Niagara Icewine Festival The 13th                                    icewine cannot be produced       burgundy or even pink colour like that of rosé
annual Niagara Icewine Festival takes place        every year, making it a rare and expensive         wines. Even though it is normal for residual
January 18 – February 3, celebrating one of
Canada’s most delicious exports, Niagara           commodity.                                         sugar content in icewine to run extremely
VQA Icewine. The festivities kick off with the          Ripe grapes have to be left on the vine       high (about 220 grams per litre), icewine is
                                                                                                                                                            NIAGARA GRAPE & WINE FESTIVAL

annual Xerox “Fire and Ice” Gala Evening           past regular harvest and into the winter.          very refreshing due to high acidity. Icewine
and Silent Auction in which 30 Ontario             Vineyards need to be frozen for several days       usually has a medium to full body with a long
wineries present over 100 award-winning
icewines, making it Canada’s largest public
                                                   to ensure the grapes remain frozen during          lingering finish. The nose is reminiscent of
Icewine tasting. Sample great wine and             picking and pressing. If they thaw at any          peach, pear, dried apricot, honey, citrus, figs,
food—with the winter wonder of Niagara Falls       point the sugary juice dilutes and the grape is    caramel, and green apple, depending on the
as the backdrop (see page 5). For more on          ruined; for the grape to be perfect, tempera-      varietals. The aroma of tropical and exotic
events along the Niagara wine route go to          tures must be at -8 degrees Celsius for at         fruits such as pineapple, mango or lychee
                                                   least 24 hours. As the grapes freeze most of       is also quite common especially in white

10    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                                                            T H E F O O D D O C T O R D R . H O L LY F O N G

                          varietals. Icewine usually has a slightly lower
                          alcohol content then regular table wine.
                          Some riesling icewines from Germany have

                                                                                                              Sweet treat
                          alcohol contents as low as six per cent.
                          Icewines produced in Canada usually have
                          higher alcohol contents, between eight
                          and 13 per cent.
                               Icewine is definitely much sweeter
                          than any other wine and does not go
                                                                                                              Up the ante with this croustade
                          well with a full meal. Some recommend

                          serving icewine with stinky cheese or foie                erving some ice wine at the end of a
                          gras, or with dessert at the end of a meal,               meal with friends makes any simple
                          or even as dessert. The dessert should                    meal feel special. Pairing the wine with
                          not be sweeter than the icewine. Icewine          a spectacular “wow” dessert will really up the
                          should be served chilled in a small cordial       ante. One of my favourite desserts does just
                          glass. Plan on drinking the entire bottle in      that but is so easy to make that it’s almost a
                          one evening in order to preserve the taste,       standard. Moreover, it can be made several
                          although it can be kept in your refrigera-        hours and even a day ahead.
                          tor for up to two weeks. With the price of            It’s a fruit-filled croustade with multiple
                          icewine you won’t want any to go to waste!        layers of crisp, paper-thin phyllo dough
                          Cheap icewine is not possible to make and         topped by scrunches of golden-brown
                          serious icewine will cost from $40 to $65         phyllo on top. The original recipe from the
                          per 375-ml bottle; these types of quality         late Jean-Louis Palladin called for a filling of
                          icewines made in Canada will have a VQA           prune and Armagnac. Like all good recipes,
                          symbol on the bottle, the “Vintner’s Quality      it has been adapted many times over to
                          Alliance” stamp.                                  accommodate circumstances and available
                               Tasty made-in-Canada recommenda-             seasonal fruit. Making it with apples will           with a clean, damp towel. Reserve the remainder
                          tions include Mission Hill Winery’s 2004          nicely complement the flavours of the                 of the phyllo dough.
                          Riesling Icewine ($60). It boasts flavours         Mission Hill 2004 Riesling and the Calona                 Place parchment paper on the pan. Lightly
                          of lemon-lime, green apple, guava and             Vineyards Pinot Noir ice wines.                      brush the paper and sides of the pan with melted
                          praline. Calona Vineyards Winery produces             When working with the phyllo dough,              butter. Lay a sheet of phyllo dough over the
                          a rare 2005 Pinot Noir Icewine ($80). A cop-      don’t worry about rips. Just place the               parchment and lightly brush with melted butter.
                          pery-gold colour, it offers flavours of cara-      straight edges of the dough along the ends           Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over the top. Repeat
                          mel, apple spice, ripe pineapple, mandarin        and sides. The torn pieces can go in the             with another sheet of phyllo over the first. Repeat
                          and brown sugar. Inniskillin Winery offers        middle. Always keep the dough under a                with a third layer. Bake for about 5 minutes until
                          a wonderful cabernet icewine ($88) with           clean damp towel to keep them pliable.               lightly brown. Remove from the oven. Brush
                          aromas of herbs and eucalyptus. Inniskillin                                                            with butter and repeat with three more sheets of
                                                                            apple croustade (serves 12)
                          also makes a vidal varietal icewine ($54)                                                              phyllo on top. Bake again until brown. Repeat this
                                                                            6 – 8 Granny Smith apples
                          that shows off flavours of tangerine and                                                                process again with three more layers of buttered
                                                                            3/4 cup fresh apple juice
                          orange blossom.                                                                                        and sugared phyllo, making nine layers in total.
                                                                            1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
                               My personal favourite is Mission Hill’s                                                                Reduce the oven to 350 F. Spread the apples
                                                                            1/2 cup sugar
                          2001 Estate Riesling Icewine ($80). It’s a                                                             evenly over the phyllo to a 1/2-inch from the
                                                                            2 1/2 sticks (about 310 g) unsalted butter,
                          bright, medium-gold colour with explod-                                                                edges. Brush edges with butter. Layer nine more
                                                                                melted and kept slightly warm
                          ing aromas of over-ripe apricots, honey and                                                            sheets of dough over the apples, repeating the
                                                                            2 packages (2 x 454 g) frozen phyllo dough,
                          brown sugar. Intense richness is countered                                                             process above.
                          by a fresh, cutting acidity that prevents                                                                   Increase the oven to 400 F. You may need to
                                                                            icing sugar
                          cloying sweetness and provides a dry finish                                                             lower the top rack by a notch. Lightly brush the
                          to the intense fruit concentration. Your          Peel the apples. Cut 1 to 3/4-inch slices. Bring     top layer with butter. Scrunch a piece of phyllo
                          palate is rewarded with a length that goes        apple juice to a boil in a large saucepan. Add       dough to make a rough, rocky shape. Cover the
                          on for minutes. It’s an outstanding wine          apple slices, 3 tablespoons of sugar and the         top surface of the croustade with scrunched-up
                          with harmony, finesse and elegance; the            cinnamon. Stir to coat apples and cook for 1 – 2     phyllo (12 – 18 sheets). Drizzle with butter and
                          quality of the 2001 harvest may be the best       minutes until apples just begin to soften. Remove    sugar. Bake until golden brown.
                          in a decade.                                      apples with a slotted spoon and set aside to cool.        Let cool for 15 – 20 minutes. Transfer to a
                               So for something different, or as a treat    Cook juices over high heat stirring frequently       serving platter. Top with several spoonfuls of
                                                                                                                                 sauce and dust with icing sugar. Enjoy!

                          to end a special meal, treat yourself to an       until reduced by half (about 6 minutes). Reserve
                          icewine. One of these simple treats is guar-      syrup for sauce.                                     Dr. Holly Fong is a practicing speech-language
                          anteed to put a smile on your face.                    Preheat oven to 400 F and set the rack in the   pathologist with three young children who is
                                                                            upper-third level. Cut parchment paper to fit in      always trying, adapting and creating dishes at
                          Dr. Neil Pollock is a member of the Wine
                          Writers’ Circle of Canada. He limits his          the bottom of a cookie sheet. Cut 18 sheets of       home.
                          practice to no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy       phyllo dough the same size as the paper; cover
                          and infant circumcision.

                                                                                                                  January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                11
MOTORING                   D R . K E L LY S I L V E R T H O R N

This is your year!
Exotic cars for everyone

    ’ve made my New Year’s resolutions.            effect per event. With a fleet of five cars, you    mix with all-wheel drive. The Porsche too
    Now, I’d like to make one for you!             drive each car 20 – 30 minutes, and then be-      makes a compelling case for itself. While the
        If you’re reading this column, I’ll        come a passenger for a similar duration. The      911-based GT3 lacks exclusivity and interior
presume you have some interest in cars.            WCD staff is busy snapping digital images,        panache, it scores in affordability, perfor-
Chances are you’re attracted to those with         en route to a photo DVD for each attendee.        mance, and perceived reliability. If I could
style, performance, and luxury. You recog-             Four of the five WCD cars reminded me          waltz, the Porsche would be my choice for
nize the storied marques such as Ferrari,          of crotch-rocket motorcycles. The Ferrari         the marathon dance contest.
Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini,       F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche GT3,               Which brings us to the fifth and final car
Mercedes and Maserati. How many of these           and Noble M400 all bring big grins and            in the WCD fleet-of-the-day, the McLaren-
brands have you driven lately? Ever?               instigate raucous behaviour. At least that was    Mercedes SLR. It is the biggest, most power-
    Good news—there is no need to                  the shared experience of our testers in 30-       ful, and most expensive car here by some
prolong your exotic car celibacy.                  minute stints in near-ideal conditions.           margin. Formula One technology abounds,
    In 2008, you can drive them all. Back-             I also contemplated the grin factor each      including its carbon composite body. The SLR
to-back. On world-class sports-car roads.          of the four cars would have garnered on my        garners the most stares of all these super-
Explore each car’s performance envelope in         marathon eight-hour drive home to Nelson,         models from passers-by, but the fewest kudos
reasonable safety. So why not make this the        BC. Like a sport bike, there comes a tipping      from our drivers after their 30-minute stints.

  Like a box of chocolates: sampling exotic sweet rides

year you find out what you’ve been missing?         point between 30 – 90 minutes in, where my            The McLaren-Mercedes, with its size,
     Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience is       middle-aged brain is addled by surfeits of        automatic transmission, and high-zoot
not available through your local auto mall,        adrenalin, noise, and precision demands. And      interior, is arguably more an eight-hour-
no matter how persuasive or connected              even more so than on a sport bike, sports         drive-honed Grand Tourer, than 30-minute
you might be. Rather, several American             cars are impeded by traffic and are a target       banzai sports car. However, the SLR’s poor
companies have launched business models            for envy, resentment and enforcement.             sight lines, difficult ingress/egress, butt-
of pay-to-play-for-the-day exotic-car fleets.            Weighing both the 30-minute and the          pinching seats, and odd brake/steering feel
Think of them as including you in the best         interpolated eight-hour experience, the           don’t endear it to me for either purpose.
comparison test any car-buff magazine              Noble M400 is the easiest to mentally relin-          What all five cars do is pique my interest
could muster.                                      quish. Its slight edge in pace and price does     in more back-to-back exotic car testing.
     World Class Driving is one such compa-        not compensate for its near-kit car levels of     How do the Audi R8, Ford GT, and Aston
ny. Its business model is to stage exotic-fleet     fit, finish, noise, vibration and harshness.        Martin V-8 stack up against the other hard-
driving events in all regions of the lower 48           Surprising to me, the Ferrari is next to     edged sports cars? Are my tastes, in fact,
states. They are even looking into staging         drop off my dance card. Despite its mys-          more suited to Grand Touring models such
events in Canada. I caught up with the WCD         tique and the thrilling first 15 minutes, the      as the Bentley Continental GT, Maserati
                                                                                                                                                       COURTESY DR. KELLY SILVERTHORN

team in Bellingham, Washington. Our tour           noise becomes wearing and the gear auto-          GranTurismo, Ferrari 599/612, or Aston
up the byways of the Skagit River Valley           shifts too violent for sustained cross-country    Martin DB9?
proved ideal for sports cars, with scenic,         travel. The car does feel close-coupled with          Fortunately, the current pay-to-play-for-
twisty, and lightly travelled roads.               good sightlines but, at the price, the interior   a-day marketplace allows me to answer all of
     The format for the $1,295 per person          is uninspired.                                    those questions. Doing so is one of my resolu-
half-day event: sign-in, insurance check,               The Lamborghini lingers on my list, with     tions for 2008. It could be one of yours too.
rules of engagement review, and driving as-        less intrusive noise, less violent shifting,      Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is a radiologist and Just
signments distribution. A 10-driver limit is in    an inviting interior, and the only car in the     For Canadian Doctors’ automotive writer.

12    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
 T H E T R AV E L L I N G D O C T O R D R . M E L B O R I N S

                              It’s wise                                                               to Just for
                              to retreat                                                              Canadian
                              Go away for the health of it                                            Doctors and
                                                                                                      don’t miss a
         ans Selye defined stress as the re-      medical prescriptions contain rest as an

                                                                                                      single issue!
         sponse of the body to any demand        important element in recovery. Intuitively
         made on it. It does not matter so       we recognize that when we are sick it is
much if the stimulus is positive or negative;    important to rest the body in order to help
the body has a response mediated through         fight the illness. If you have an infection, a
                                                                                                                                             D I A
the autonomic nervous system. When we            fracture, a heart attack or any other serious
                                                                                                               OR C                    A N A
                                                                                                        JUST F
are stressed out we can become physically,       disease, then time off from work is manda-                                                     lifestyle / leisu
                                                                                                                                                                 re / recreati

emotionally and attitudinally exhausted. As      tory to aid the healing process.                       SEPTEMBE
                                                                                                                 R 2007

physicians we can even lose our idealism              Historically the traditional healing
and our sense of caring and concern.             systems of ancient Greece and India (like
                                                                                                                     � FOR

                                                                                                            �������� � C
    Burnout can present physical symptoms        Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha) all empha-
                                                                                                               � ���
                                                                                                                                                                             A N

                                                                                                                                                                                 A D
of fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, tension in the    sized the need for rest to become healthy.                             ������������
                                                                                                                                                                                     I A
                                                                                                              ��������� ������
muscles, and continuously getting sick.          Greek shrines of healing were often located                  �����������
                                                                                                               ������������ ��������                              ����������
                                                                                                                                                                             lif ���
                                                                                                                                                                             ������le / le
                                                                                                                                                                                                 / recrea
                                                                                                               ��� ���������                                          ��������� ��                       tion
Emotional symptoms of burnout include            far from the village in scenic countrysides.                                                                         ���������
                                                                                                                                                                     ���������� ����

                                                                                                                      � relax
feeling apathetic, frustrated, resentful,        Greek physicians advised patients to travel                    ���������� ��

                                                                                                                                                         AL EDUCA
                                                                                                                                                                 TION CALEN
                                                                                                                            INUING ME
angry and fearful. If we are stressed out we     to these hospices to rest and get away from
                                                                                                                inside: CONT

may abuse drugs and lose our enthusiasm          the rigors of home life. Epidaurus was such                                    ���� ������
                                                                                                                               ����� ������ �   ��

                                                                                                                              ����� ������� ��
                                                                                                                                    �����                          ���
and sense of humour. We might have the           a hospice sacred to Aesculapius, the Greek                                    ����
                                                                                                                             ���� ������
                                                                                                                            ���� �������
                                                                                                                                 �� �



reduced ability to concentrate and even take     god of healing, and attracted thousands of                               ����
                                                                                                                                                  �                  � �


our anger out on our patients.                   sick pilgrims.                                                             CON
                                                                                                                                   ING M
                                                                                                                                             AL                EDUC
    Generally when confronted by an                   Avicenna, a renowned Arab physician,                                                                          ATIO
                                                                                                                                                                        N CA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      T #410

external attacker, we can choose to fight or      also recognized that a change of environ-
flee. Even though I have my second-degree         ment was important to help patients rid
black belt in karate, my teacher (Sensei)        themselves of disease and sent them on
always instructs me that to extricate or flee     healing journeys.
from a battle is usually a better choice than         Getting away helps us distance
fighting.                                         ourselves from the stressful parts of our
    To retreat means to withdraw into            lives. If doctoring has been overwhelming,
privacy or security. When we retreat we          your relationships too demanding, or your
usually seek a place of shelter, seclusion and   lifestyle unhealthy, then getting away can
asylum. In a battle we run from the enemy        be a tremendous relief. It helps restore your
and seek refuge from danger. The same            perspective, give you new viewpoints, and
applies when we take time off from our           allows you to develop new coping strate-
“normal” day-to-day existence. When we are       gies. Simply being out of your stressful
grieving or suffering from an overwhelming       environment can make you realize just how
stressor we withdraw as a way of coping.         crazy your life has been and increase your
    Sometimes when we are under stress,          resolve to make changes. Vacations are one
we become blinded or in denial about how         of the best ways to recharge your batteries,
poorly we are functioning. Even worse,           step off the treadmill of life and begin to
sometimes we may know what the stressful         see things in a different perspective. This
factors are but we are so overwhelmed            is especially true after the hectic “holiday”
we just can’t cope. We are in the midst of a     season just past.
battle but can’t seem to change our battle            So, to start this new year off right, I
plan to meet the onslaught or retreat from       highly recommend you consider treating
the skirmish.                                    yourself to a retreat. Go away before they put
    One of the oldest prescriptions for living   you away, doctor’s orders!
a balanced life comes from the Bible. By         Dr. Mel Borins is a family physician and freelance
keeping the Sabbath and making it holy, you      writer. He is author of the books Go Away Just
restock your mental, physical and spiritual      for the Health of It and Photos and Songs of a
cupboards. Interestingly, most modern-day        Pronoic Physician. Visit melborins.com.

                                                                                      January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                                                                                                    13
travel the world

                                    off    the
                                                 Plant your skis in
                                                 Ogden, Utah, for lots
                                                 and lots of powdery
                                                 white stuff—with little
                                                 cash and zero crowds
                                                 by Bill Hirsch + Yvette Cardozo

                                                 Over at Park City and Snowbird ski resorts,

                                                                                                          THIS PAGE: LEE COHEN/SKI UTAH; OPPOSITE PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: DAN CAMPBELL; STEVE LLOYD/SKI UTAH; LEE COHEN/SKI UTAH; SKI UTAH; GARY NATE; YVETTE CARDOZO; SNOWBASIN RESORT
                                                 the hordes have chopped today’s fine powder to
                                                 a trashy mess in minutes.
                                                       But here at Snowbasin, with 1,200 skiable

                                                 hectares and hardly 2,000 skiers on a Saturday,
                                                 the newly fallen snow is all ours. I’m with local
                                                 Jim Forster and he takes me off the Strawberry
                                                 Gondola to a spot called Dwayne’s World. Gnarled
                                                 old aspens, thick-trunked pines and hairy bushes
                                                 speckle the slope, leaving plenty of space for
                                                       We bounce through the trees, snow flowing
                                                 over our knees and flying weightless into our faces,
                                                 filling our nostrils.
                                                       And when we return, again and again, there’s
                                                 still plenty of untouched snow to be had.
                                                       “Sometimes, it’s so deep,” says Forster, “you
                                                 sink down and it totally covers you. You can’t see.
                                                 You can’t breathe. Then you come up, grab a peek
                                                 and some air and get buried again.”
                                                       Welcome to Ogden…the OTHER Utah.
                                                       There are actually two large ski mountains here,
                                                 hardly a half-hour drive apart. Powder Mountain
                                                 and Snow Basin are yin and yang…backcountry
                                                 rustic vs ultra luxe…but without the crowds,
                                                 without the frantic rush, without the wallet-
                                                 crushing experience you get at the more popular
                                                 Utah ski resorts.
                                                       And in between is Wolf Mountain, a beginner
                                                 hill where a family of four can ski for US$20…that’s
                                                 total, not each…on Monday night and students ski
                                                 for US$10 on Thursday (including a slice of pizza).
                                                       There are reasons people don’t flock here.
                                                 Though Ogden is only an hour’s drive north of Salt
                                                 Lake City, there are eight ski resorts even closer.
                                                 And skiing in Ogden is a mostly commuter affair.
                                                 With the exception of five very simple motel-like
                                                 rooms and a few dozen condo units on Powder
                                                 Mountain, you pretty much have to drive to the ski
                                                 hills from wherever you are sleeping.
                                                       But once you arrive, you get endless powder
                                                 (average 12.7 m a year), empty runs and staff that
                                                 is so happy to see someone…ANYone…that you
                                                 are treated like royalty.
                                                       Powder Mountain is like skiing used to be…
                                                 simple, rustic, basic. There are no frills here. No

   14   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS October 2007
                    travel the world

travel the world

                                                                                                                            tissue boxes at the lift stations, no gourmet
         don’t ski? no problem…                                                                                             mushroom salads, no leather sofas in front of
         non-ski activities for the whole family                                                                            huge stone fireplaces at the lodge. Just lots
   Dinosaurs look truly neat with snow on their heads. So, frankly, does all the old railroad paraphernalia scattered       and lots and lots of powder. And absolutely
   around the Golden Spike National Historic Site. And there’s much more to keep you (and the kids) busy between            no people.
   ski days in the Ogden area.                                                                                                   “We’re actually the largest ski resort in
                                                                                                                            the US…2,225 hectares,” says Group Sales
   > Starting with the dinosaurs, George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park (dinosaurpark.org) includes a working                      Rep. Carolyn Daniels. That’s bigger than
     paleontology lab, real dino bones, five acres of life-size dinosaur models (complete with sound effects), a dino        Vail, Colorado bigger than Whistler, British
     dig for kids. In short, this is an eight-year-old dino freak’s dream.                                                  Columbia. A busy, busy day…say Christmas…
   > Golden Spike National Historic Site (nps.gov/gosp/) is for the railroad buffs. This is where the                       is 1,500 people. The rest of the time, you’re
     railroad line finally joined up between east and west at Promontory Point. There are two full-size working              hard pressed to find 1,000 bodies on the hill.
     replica locomotives, walking tours, museums and more.                                                                  This means powder runs all to yourself, even
                                                                                                                            the day AFTER a huge snowfall. Sometimes,
   > If there isn’t a blizzard going on, Antelope Island State Park (utah.com/stateparks/antelope_island.
                                                                                                                            the emptiness is downright spooky.
     htm) is worth a visit. It’s a 28,000-acre island in the middle of Great Salt Lake with bison, elk, deer, coyotes and
                                                                                                                                 What Powder Mountain does especially
     lots of photogenic landscapes.
                                                                                                                            well is intermediate powder. This is where
   > The Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville is somewhat of a legend. It’s Utah’s oldest continuously running                you should come to learn the stuff. There
     saloon, dating back to the 1800s and has a delicious history of bootlegging and other nefarious escapades.             are incredible aspen groves where the thin-
     Today, it’s not only a great place for après ski, it’s a museum. Some 10,000-dollar bills line the ceiling, dating     trunked trees are spaced far enough apart
     back to World War II. The head of a beloved and huge (reputedly 135 kg) St. Bernard hangs over one booth.              and the slope is gentle enough that you can
     His name is Buck, by the way. Graffiti covers every square inch (including windows) of both men’s and ladies’           figure out the mechanics of turning in snow
     bathrooms.                                                                                                             that comes over your knees.
          The present owners, Heidi and John Posnien, have added to the legend, by concocting the Star Burger…                   Anxiety-free powder. Wow!
     two quarter-pound patties, a Polish knockwurst sausage, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes on a sesame-                   The lodge is a simple, well-worn affair that
     seed bun. And yes, there’s a secret sauce. Come hungry.                                                                reminds you of skiing, say, the backwash spots
   > Visiting a bunch of Trappist monks might sound a touch strange but these guys make this creamy,                        of Montana circa 1980. It sits nearly at the top
     flavoured honey that has become a local favourite. Trust us, you can’t stop at only one fingerful. Abbey of the          of the 600-vertical-metre mountain. From
     Holy Trinity, holytrinityabbey.org.                                                                                    here, other short lifts take you a bit higher but

                                                                                                                                                                                THIS PAGE: YVETTE CARDOZO; OPPOSITE PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: YVETTE CARDOZO; LEE COHEN; POWDER MOUNTAIN; YVETTE CARDOZO
                                                                                                                            most of the skiing is below.
   > Historic 25th Street in Ogden is the closest thing the area has to a nightlife. There are neat                              Most runs here are wide open and either
     little shops (mostly antique stores), pubs and restaurants. The Athenian (Greek food) has belly dancers                novice or intermediate. If you’re looking for
     during dinnertime Wednesday and Thursday. City Club is lined with Beatles memorabilia and has Beatles                  expert stuff, there’s a hike up Lightning Ridge
     impersonators Saturday nights. Brewskies has the best pizza on the street.                                             to probably the cheapest cat-skiing in North
           There’s also a chance for an historic walking tour (Ogden visitors bureau 1-800-255-8824) where you’ll get       America. But it’s not for the fainthearted. The
     to see such local quirks as the trapdoors that lead to underground tunnels between restaurants, used during by         US$7 fee gets you a ride on a rope BEHIND
     bootleggers prohibition to avoid the cops.                                                                             the snowcat. It involves putting your pole
   > The rodeo is a nice way to spend an evening. This is serious cowboy country and even the toddlers get into             through a loop and riding it, T-bar style. But
     the action. Stick around for “mutton busting” featuring kids five and under trying to stay atop sheep. Check            what you get in return is seriously untracked,
     with Golden Spike Event Center for the rodeo schedule (www1.co.weber.ut.us/gsec/calendar.php).                         challenging terrain.
                                                                                                                                 For those who want more luxury, there’s
   For more general info on Ogden and its surrounding area: ogdencvb.org
                                                                                                                            Snowbasin. Officially, it’s “Snowbasin, a Sun
                                                                                                                            Valley Resort.” That’s because both places
                                                                   PREVIOUS PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Big
                                                                                                                            were built by aging billionaire Earl Holding.
                                                                   flakes of snow keep everyone happy. >
                                                                   Backcountry boarding in Utah. > Kids tubing              Close your eyes and shake your head in one
                                                                   down a slope. > A skier sprays powder. >                 of the gilt-edged lodges and you’d swear you
                                                                   More powder, even in the spring. > Deep                  were at Sun Valley…same blond, peeled logs,
                                                                   in the white stuff on Powder Mountain. >                 same comfy leather sofas, same huge stone
                                                                   Shooting Star Saloon, the oldest continuously            fireplaces. Along with gourmet meals, endless
                                                                   running saloon in Utah and favourite après               swaths of marble, Italian burl ceilings and
                                                                   ski hangout in Huntsville, Utah. > John Paul             enough polished brass to give you a sunburn.
                                                                   Lodge, one of the upscale on-mountain                    Even the toilet plumbing is polished brass.
                                                                   lodges at Snowbasin Ski Resort, at the top of                 The gondolas, by the way, are hand-
                                                                   the John Paul lift. THIS PAGE Calf roping at the
                                                                                                                            washed on a regular basis.
                                                                   rodeo in Ogden, Utah. OPPOSITE PAGE, CLOCKWISE
                                                                   FROM TOP Base at Snowbasin ski resort during
                                                                                                                                 If you last visited here in the ’90s, you
                                                                   a typical epic snowfall. > Snowboarding                  won’t recognize the place. Back then, it pretty
                                                                   Utah’s renowned powder. > Fresh-carved                   much looked like Powder Mountain. But for
                                                                   track in powder snow at Powder Mountain. >               the 2002 Olympics, Holding sank $150 million
                                                                   Shooting Star Saloon owner Heidi Posnien’s               into an “extreme makeover” that included
                                                                   ‘star burger,’ an infamously messy combo of              three Sun Valley style lodges, two gondolas
                                                                   meat, cheese, sausage and what-not.

   16     JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
and much more.
     So today, you’ve got the architecture of
Sun Valley, the luxury of Deer Valley and the
prices of Montana…with Utah snow.
     Yet, the crowds are light.
     It’s Saturday when the weather finally
clears for us. On Friday, 35 cm of weightless
Utah snow fell on Snowbasin. Now the sky is
clear, the faithful are out in droves and every
powder-hound in shouting distance seems
to be lined up at the base gondola.
     Still, the wait is barely 10 minutes.
And when we get up top and head
for the Strawberry Gondola, the wait is
     Officially, the area is called Seven Sisters
or, sometimes WFO (Way Far Out). The locals
call it Dwayne’s World.
     Whatever, it’s absolutely empty. Sure,
there are tracks. But not many. We yo-yo
the Strawberry Gondola, still finding wide
chunks of untracked powder well into
     “White-trash heli-skiing,” one local grins.
     Yeah, I haven’t skied anything like this
since the Cariboos.
     There’s more easily reached expert
terrain here than       CONTINUED ON PAGE 19

                                                   January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS   17
T E C H W O R K S C O R E Y VA N ’ T H A A F F

Know-it-all patients
The well-informed patient could save valuable office time

        he great American biographer            what it was like from a consumer                        Knowitallhealth provides a multimedia
        A. A. Hodge said, sometime before       perspective to be faced with information           health library with more than 5,500
        his death in 1886, “He is wise who      that wasn’t easily understood yet was vital        streaming videos, transcripts and articles
knows the sources of knowledge—who              to understand.                                     written and developed by physicians, and
knows who has written and where it is to             “People are literally overwhelmed by the      features interviews with medical experts
be found.” Close to 100 years later, novelist   amount of health information on the web.           in a variety of disciplines. The state-of-the-
Kurt Vonnegut echoed this sentiment             Couple that with the difficulties people have       art streaming videos feature physicians
saying new knowledge is the most valuable       concerning the subject they are searching          speaking plain language, so the information
commodity on earth. The more truth we           and you have a perfect recipe for frustration      is easily understood. Even better, widely
have to work with, the richer we become.        and misinformation,” Sowerbutt says.               respected physician and media figure Dr. Art
     When that knowledge relates directly to    “Knowitallhealth provides a solid starting         Hister has signed on as a monthly columnist.
your health, or the health of loved ones, a     point for people looking for current and                The website is free and content includes
little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.      reliable health information on the Internet,       health alerts, health columns and even
You need the latest medical                     and the content is continually updated.”           a health services directory. There’s also
                                                     She says Knowitallhealth is a health          eBooks, which are beginner guides to
                                                information site for lay people.                   illnesses, available for a small fee.
                                                     “It’s one source—a go-to place. And                “The eBooks are interactive. We
                                                it’s one step up the food chain from the           researched the best sites in addition to

                                                A multimedia health library with more than
                                                5,500 streaming videos, transcripts and
                                                articles written and developed by physicians
                                                search engines—because we’ve done and              our own, and have provided reviews of
                                                continue to do the searches—and put                those sites with hyperlinks. People can
                                                the best sources of information we find             download these eBooks as pdf files. They
                                                together on our site.”                             include questions to ask your doctor,
                                                     But it isn’t just for lay people. Sowerbutt   a glossary of terms, an overview of the
                                                wants physicians to embrace the web site           condition including symptoms, diagnosis
                                                for their own learning and to assist them in       and treatment,” says Sowerbutt. “They are
                          information to help   educating patients. Office visits to acquire        like web maps—handbooks for health
you make decisions with your physician.         knowledge, she says, take up valuable              conditions.”
The problem is that your doctor may not         appointment time.                                       Sowerbutt wants people to be know-
have the time to explain everything to               “There’s no time to sit down and explain      it-alls when it comes to their own health.
you. Worse, doctors may not have time           all the ramifications of treatment,” she            Ultimately, providing patients with the
themselves to stay totally up-to-date with      says. “Plus, patients are often confronted         information they need immediately can lead
the latest developments for every condition     with new information, so don’t formulate           to better relationships with their doctors.
or disease—including yours.                     the right questions to ask. They leave the         The right knowledge, when understood, is
    It was for these reasons that Claire        doctor’s office in shock and think, ‘what           power.
Sowerbutt created and launched the              happens if this happens,’ and ‘how long will       Corey Van’t Haaff is the Just for Canadian
                                                                                                                                                    COURTESY KNOWITALLHEALTH.COM

knowitallhealth.com website. She found          the test take,’ ‘what are the side effects,’ and   Doctors technology columnist. She owns
there was a disconnection in people’s ability   ‘what if the treatment doesn’t work?’”             Cohiba Communications and writes extensively
to find and absorb health information. It was         Sowerbutt says there is lots of good          on business, medicine, law and consumer
more a problem of a wealth of information       health information on the internet but             issues. She can be reached at medicalnews@co
rather than a dearth.                           oftentimes, people cannot find what they            hibacommunications.com.
    Sowerbutt is the first to acknowledge        are looking for or don’t know how current
that she isn’t a physician. But, as a medical   the information is or whether or not it had
journalist for a dozen years, she understood    been screened by a physician.

18   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008

Powder Mountain. But there’s also plenty of
gentle intermediate and beginner stuff. The
mass of people ski the middle peaks where
the intermediate trails group together. Off
to the far left (WFO, WWFO, WWWFO) it’s
emptier. And off to the far right lies the John
Paul Express with double-black-diamond
(seriously expert) terrain.
     Up here, too, you’ll find the Mt. Allen
Tram, worth a trip just for the view.
     If you’re going to ski this, you’d better
be comfy with REALLY steep. This was the
start of the men’s downhill race in the 2002
Olympics. The slope is 40 degrees. Kinda
like falling down a wall. That gets you to the
super expert No Name area, which is where
the local powderhounds head after a heavy
     What keeps this place from turning into
Jackson Hole or Park City is the lack of on-
slope lodging.
     There have been rumours for a decade
that Holding would build a hotel here.
Among other things, he owns the Little
America hotel chain and Sinclair Oil.
But so far, there are no solid plans.
     “We like to say we’ll believe it when the
foundation is laid,” one Snowbasin ski host
     But that keeps the slopes empty and the
locals happy.
     And if you’re smart enough to head
north from Salt Lake City to Ogden instead
of south and west to the usual Utah spots,

you will be too.

    if you go
   Thanks to snowmaking, Snowbasin’s season is
   pretty much guaranteed from Thanksgiving to Easter.
   Powder Mountain, which spurns snowmaking
   and, in fact, advertises this with a drawing of
   a snowgun that has a diagonal line through it,
   usually operates mid November to mid April. >
   Compared to the more popular resorts, lift rates
   here are a bargain…$45 at Powder Mountain, $58
   at Snowbasin with both areas offering multi-day
   discount cards. > Wolf Creek, a much smaller area,
   focuses on the beginner and intermediate market
   and lures them with night specials (a family of four
   skis for $20, total, on Monday night). > Powder
   Mountain has five motel rooms and approximately
   three dozen condos on slope for rent at rates that
   range from $85 for the smallest motel room to
   about $300 a night for a three-bedroom condo. >
   The nearest off-mountain digs to Powder is Wolf
   Creek Resort; wolfcreekresort.com. The nearest
   lodging of any kind to Snowbasin is Lakeside Village;
   lakesideresortproperties.com. Both properties
   offer well-appointed, large condos, hot tubs and
   other amenities. MORE > Powder Mountain;
   powdermountain.com > Snowbasin; snowbasin.
   com > Wolf Mountain; wolfmountaineden.com >
   For more general info on Ogden and its surrounding
   area check out ogdencvb.org.

                                                           January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS   19

Your safety net
Should your corporation own the Critical Illness policy?

            any doctors are purchasing              for the employees of the clinic, which          if you do not become critically ill within a
            critical illness policies in addition   can include you, your spouse and office          10-year period. The annual premiums are
            to disability coverage. Even the        assistants. Under the GASP, the corporation     $1,200 for the basic benefit and $600 for the
best disability policy may be inadequate            purchases individual CI contracts for           reimbursement endorsement.
to cover personal and living expenses,              each employee, who then becomes the                  Consider the following scenarios.
especially when you are servicing a large           beneficiary of his or her own policy.                 scenario 1 > The corporation pays
mortgage. Medical breakthroughs offer us                 Setting up these grouped CI policies       both the insurance premiums and is the
the good news that the chances of surviv-           under a GASP arrangement provides               beneficiary for both insurance benefits.
ing cancer or a heart attack have never been        tremendous tax benefits, as follows:                  scenario 2 > The corporation pays
better. The downside is that survival can           > the premiums paid by the employer for         both insurance premiums but is the
create considerable financial pressure, since             the CI policies are tax deductible;        beneficiary for only the basic benefit.
you may only be able to work part-time and          > the premiums are not considered a             The shareholder is the beneficiary for the
could require additional capital outlays, for            taxable benefit to the employee; and        reimbursement of premiums.
items such as alterations to your home.             > lump-sum benefits received by the                   scenario 3 > The corporation
     The beauty of a Critical Illness (CI) policy        employee are tax-free.                     pays only the $1,200 premium and is
is that upon diagnosis of an illness, you                If you are an employee and a               the beneficiary for the basic benefit. The
will receive a lump-sum payment. You will           shareholder of the corporation participating    shareholder pays only the $600 premium
be able to utilize these funds without any          in the GASP, CRA may deem you to be a           and is the beneficiary for the reimbursement
restrictions, i.e. loan                                                       shareholder rather    of premiums.
repayments, medical                                                           than an employee,          The tax consequences are as follows:
treatments abroad
or in local private
                             A huge financial                                  and impose punitive
                                                                              taxable benefits on
                                                                                                    > The insurance premiums are not
clinics, or you can
use the money to
                              boost to your                                   you. The company
                                                                              would no longer
                                                                                                    > There is no taxable benefit to the
                                                                                                         shareholder, if the corporation receives
     If a decision is
                              hard working                                    receive a tax
                                                                              deduction for the
                                                                                                         all the benefits under the CI policy.
                                                                                                    > Any benefits paid to the shareholder are
made to purchase
a CI policy, the
                             staff when it is                                 premiums, and the
                                                                              benefits under the
                                                                                                    > If the corporation pays the insurance
question then arises
as to ownership.
                              most needed                                     policy would be
                                                                              taxable to you.
                                                                                                         premiums but the shareholder is
                                                                                                         entitled to receive the reimbursement
Should you                                                                        You can                of premiums, the shareholder has to pay
personally or your corporation purchase the         strengthen an “employee vs. shareholder”             tax on the benefits received. The benefit
CI policy? The tax consequences of owning           dispute by making the plan available to              would be equal to the premiums paid
the policy personally are straightforward.          unrelated employees of the practice. If you          by the corporation (Scenario 2).
The premiums are not deductible, and                and your spouse are the only employees,         > There is no taxable benefit conferred to
any proceeds from the policy are tax-               the chances of winning the argument is               the shareholder (Scenario 3.)
free. However, this option is an expensive          slim, unless you can establish that it is an
                                                                                                    In summary, the tax deduction of the
proposition, since the premium must be              industry norm in the healthcare profession
                                                                                                    premiums for critical-illness coverage is
paid with high-rate after-tax dollars.              to only provide this type of coverage to
                                                                                                    limited to a corporate-employee benefit
     Owning the CI policy in the corporation        shareholder-employees.
                                                                                                    plan, which must include unrelated
provides for some interesting tax planning
                                                    coverage for shareholders                       employees. Certainly from a tax point of
opportunities. The tax consequences of
                                                    The tax consequences of a corporately           view, there are incentives to set up such
a corporate-owned policy depend on
                                                    owned CI policy can be illustrated in           a plan, which not only provides tax-free
whether the coverage is for you as an
                                                    the following situation. Your medical           lump-sum benefits to you but also a huge
employee of the company or in the capacity
                                                    corporation purchases a CI policy for           financial boost to your hard working staff
of a shareholder.
                                                    your benefit as a shareholder. The policy        when it is most needed.
coverage for employees                              provides for the payment of a $100,000          Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki &
Your corporation, as the employer, sets up          basic benefit if you become critically ill,      Associates Chartered Accountants. You can
a Group Accident and Sickness Plan (GASP)           and the reimbursement of all premiums           reach him at manfred@purtzki.com.

20    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                                                                    LIVING WELL DR. SUSAN BIALI

                                                          The fine art of receiving
                                                          As a gracious gift beneficiary all you need is a simple “thank you”

          ow do you feel, when you find                                noble, socially appropriate way to “receive”      ordering something as well, so we didn’t
          something that would make the                               a gift?                                           even come close to the amount of the gift
          perfect gift for a good friend? If                                I’ve got this subject on my mind today,     certificate and lost a big chunk of it when
you’re like me, you do a little dance of joy,                         because my fiancé and I put my future              the bill came, because you had to either
thrilled at having found such a great gift. I                         mother-in-law back on the plane yesterday.        spend the entire quantity or lose the rest.
always love imagining the delighted look                              We flew her here as a surprise gift, to            We never told her, but if she’d known that
on the recipient’s face when they see it                              celebrate her birthday in fine style. She’s        she actually caused us to waste money, she
for the first time. Have you ever bought a                             a wonderful, hard-working woman who               would have been mortified. We didn’t enjoy
gift that you’re so excited about that you                            hasn’t known much rest or luxury in her           the dinner and left the restaurant feeling
decide to give it to the person early, well                           life, and we’d been talking about doing this      both sad and frustrated that she hadn’t let
before Christmas or their birthday, because                           for years, dreaming about all the things we       us do this for her.
you just can’t wait to see their reaction?                            would do to “spoil” her as soon as we had              If someone wants to pick up the check
      Now I’m going to flip this around. What                          the means and opportunity.                        at a restaurant, let them. Don’t shout “No!”
if you were the potential gift recipient in the                             Well, she wouldn’t let us. I even had to    and try to snatch the bill out of their hands,
above example? How do you normally react                              resort to trickery to get this tiny, determined   or try to physically block them from placing
when someone gives you a gift, particularly                           woman to allow me to help her with her            their credit card on the table. Does this
if it’s unexpected? Do you play the “No! You                          luggage. We were so excited to finally             sound familiar? I used to do that, all the
shouldn’t have! Why? You shouldn’t have                               have a comfy extra bed for her to sleep in,       time. For some reason it’s always been
spent your money on me—what did you do                                but she kept insisting that she preferred         a real challenge for me to receive from
that for?” game?                                                      the couch. She’d brought her own towel,           others. I felt that if I let someone treat me to
      Where on earth did we learn how to                              and didn’t want to use the extra fluffy one        something, I was being a bad person, taking
behave like this? Who was it that decided                             we’d provided especially for her. She even        advantage and not pulling my own weight.
that behaving in such an awkward,                                     brought a raw “freshly killed” chicken in         I would make such a fuss against someone
ungracious fashion was somehow the most                               a Tupperware container in her carry-on            else paying the bill that I would sometimes
                                                                      luggage, which she proceeded to cook              realize afterwards that I’d forgotten to say

                                    sudoku 2 harder solution
                                                                      for us as soon as she got into the house. (I      “thank you,” once all the fuss had subsided
                                                                      suspect this may have been why she was so         and they had finally paid for lunch.
                                     3 4 9 8 2 6 1 5 7
November/December contest

                                                                      bizarrely possessive of her luggage.)                  When someone gives you something,
                                     6 7 2 4 5 1 8 9 3                      Worst of all, I had a substantial gift      they’re actually doing it more for themselves
                                     1 8 5 3 7 9 6 4 2                certificate for one of the finest restaurants       than for you. As the Bible says, it’s better to
      solution from

                                                                      in town, which was given to me as payment         give than receive. Receiving something feels
                                     8 2 1 5 4 7 3 6 9
                                                                      for an article I’d written for a magazine.        good, but knowing that you were the giver
                                     5 9 4 6 3 2 7 1 8                We’d been saving it for a special occasion,       of something wonderful to another person
                                     7 6 3 1 9 8 5 2 4                possibly even for dinner on our wedding           is so much more meaningful and satisfying
                                     2 3 7 9 1 5 4 8 6                night, but decided to use it to invite her for    over the long term.
                                     9 1 6 7 8 4 2 3 5                the dinner of a lifetime instead. We made a            If someone offers to help you, let them.
                                                                      big deal out of the “surprise,” ushered her       If someone pays you a compliment, accept
                                     4 5 8 2 6 3 9 7 1
                                            Puzzle by websudoku.com   into the sumptuous restaurant and excitedly       it. Don’t tarnish the experience by arguing
                                                                      handed her the stupendous menu.                   or insisting that you’ll have to pay them back
                                    sudoku 1 easier solution                “I only want a salad and water,” she        later in some way.
                                    5 1 7 2 4 9 3 6 8                 insisted, making a face.                               Let people give to you. It’s easy: just
                                                                            We begged her to pick something else,       smile and say “thank you.”
                                    9 6 8 7 5 3 4 2 1
            solution from page 37

                                                                      anything. “Please, it’s your birthday, why        Dr. Susan Biali is a general practitioner, freelance
                                    4 3 2 6 8 1 9 7 5                 don’t you enjoy one of these delicious main       writer, inspirational speaker, and life coach.
                                    1 7 4 8 6 5 2 9 3                 courses, at the very least?”                      She’s also a professional flamenco dancer,
                                    8 5 9 3 7 2 6 1 4                       She refused. She, who enjoys herbal         and divides her time between Mexico and
                                    6 2 3 9 1 4 5 8 7                 tea most evenings in her own home,                Vancouver. Contact: susanbiali@yahoo.com.
                                                                      wouldn’t even accept one of those. So what
                                    3 9 5 1 2 7 8 4 6
                                                                      happened? Armando and I had planned our
                                    2 8 1 4 3 6 7 5 9                 own dinner choices based on her actually
                                    7 4 6 5 9 8 1 3 2
                                            Puzzle by websudoku.com
                                                                                                         January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                 21
Dr. Richard Blackmore, Family Physician, Langley, BC   Dr. Grant McCormack, Respirologist, Surrey, BC

Dr. John Rideout, Family Physician, Burnaby, BC         Dr. David Taylor, Professor, Vascular Surgery at
                                                                     Vancouver General Hospital in BC
   -pi                                                                                                                                               travel at home

      ste                          f
                                                                   in t

                                   a heli/cat-
                                   skiing Mecca in
                                   the world, it is British
                            Columbia. Long known for its                    ckc
                            legendary mountain resorts of Whistler-
                            Blackcomb, there’s another side to skiing in

                            this province, one that attracts people from the
                            world over.                                              y
                                 Backcountry or off-piste skiing is defined precisely by
                            what it is not. There are no crowds, no mechanized ski lifts and                   EN
                            no groomed ski runs for those who venture into the backcountry.
                            Access to the province’s remote mountain regions, where the                skiing              ER
                            powder skiing is at its finest, is by snow-cat or helicopter, and the       excursion
                            snowy slopes of these ranges are entirely untracked, ungroomed             to one of BC’s
                            and devoid of signs.                                                       mountain ranges.
                                 This is the very landscape where heli-skiing began in the             It wasn’t that they hadn’t
                            1960s, and it continues to this day in a terrain roughly the size of       enjoyed heli-skiing, but rather
                            Switzerland. “It’s the wilderness, pure and simple,” says Gregory          that cat-skiing was half the price and
                            Porter, a spokesperson for HeliCat Canada. “This is snow exactly as        no less magnificent.
                            Mother Nature has sent it.”                                                     Rideout has been at the helm of the
                                 “This province offers a world-class skiing or boarding                organizational activities, ensuring that over the next
                            experience,” he insists. “Over 90 per cent of the world’s heli- and        couple of decades, as the months before their departure
                            cat-skiing occurs in BC, for good reason. Nowhere else is there the        became weeks and then days, the doctors would feel their
                            choice of 13 cat operators and 17 heli operators. And nowhere else         adrenalin pumping in anticipation of those steep, uphill climbs on
                            in the world do all the ingredients conspire to make the perfect           the snow-cat, and the exhilarating rides down the mountain peaks
                            powder experience.”                                                        that would follow.
                                 John Rideout, 60, a family physician and partner at Capitol Hill           “I look forward to this ski trip every year so much I can’t sleep
                            Medical of Burnaby, BC, agrees. “The measure of how good the               the night before,” confesses David Taylor, a vascular surgeon at
                            powder skiing is here, is that it attracts the Swiss,” he says. “When      Vancouver General Hospital. “It’s like Christmas.”
                            the Swiss come to ski in another place, it tells you it’s pretty good.”         The doctors have logged hundreds of thousands of vertical feet
                                 Rideout’s first heli-skiing experience almost never happened.          over the years, and while each trip has been memorable, not all
                            It was 1985, and David Hilton, a Victoria-based cardiologist, had          have been uneventful. “One year we were rained out at 9,000 feet,
                            gathered a group of 12 experienced skiers to ski in the Kootenay           which washed out all the heli-skiing and snow-cat operations in
                            mountains with Kootenay Heli-Skiing. “I was excited, though a little       BC,” Rideout recalls. Undeterred, his group went fishing on Kootenay
                            nervous,” recalls Rideout. “But we were going with a guide who             Lake and warmed their torsos in the nearby hot springs.
                            was a personal friend of Hilton’s, a man who had an impeccable                  The mix of participants has changed with time and each year
                            reputation.”                                                               brings someone new, though never a woman. “We’ve always tried
                                 Days before the trip, disaster struck when a massive avalanche in to keep it an all-male affair, because once you introduce women
                            that very mountain range killed the company’s head guide, as well          to an affair like that, it changes the whole dynamic,” he explains. “It
                            as a neurosurgeon from Seattle. “That avalanche was so powerful, it        works so well as it is, you don’t mess with success.”
                            took out 14-foot trees as if they were twigs,” Rideout says. “You don’t         Always erring on the side of caution, Rideout is careful about
                            swim to the top of those babies.”                                          vetting each applicant. “I try to ensure his personality will fit in with
                                 While some doctors pulled out of the trip all together, Rideout       the group, and that he’s a good skier,” he explains.
                            opted to go. “I realized that as the next group in, we’d probably               Theirs is a tight-knit group of doctors from a variety of medical
                            be very safe,” he says. “We’d ski more stable terrain, better-known        backgrounds with a predominance of specialists. Some are master

                            territory and the guiding company would be extra careful. So we            athletes; everyone has an interest in sports, and some in sports
                            determined it would be a good time to go and that life needed to           medicine. “We enjoy each other so much, but we also have to look
                            go on.”                                                                    out for each other as partners each day and depend on each other
                                 That carpe diem attitude was to define the philosophy over the         to survive,” Rideout says. When that fails to happen, ugly accidents
                            next 22 years of a close-knit group of doctors from all over Canada        can easily occur.
                            and the United States who began what would be an annual cat-                    Rideout will never forget one such accident five years ago.

                                                                                                                 January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS             23
travel the world

                                                                                             The group had barely arrived at the mountain
                                                                                        when they lost Wayne Phillips, 40. “He was a
                                                                                        friend of one of the doctors, and had made some
                                                                                        unwise choices that day as to what he should do,”
                                                                                        Rideout reflects sadly. While skiing, Phillips was
                                                                                        tipped down into a tree well, where he suffocated.
                                                                                        Despite the lengthy revival attempts of his
                                                                                        experienced compatriots, including the head of
                                                                                        Stanford University Hospital’s ER, he could not be
                                                                                             Phillips’ death cast a pall on the group of skiers,
                                                                                        but they continued cat-skiing that year and the
                                                                                        years that followed—despite a handful of skiers
                                                                                        dropping out. Explains Rideout: “Wayne was a huge
                                                                                        enthusiast of skiing, and would have been the first
                                                                                        to insist that everyone else go back to skiing again.
                                                                                        And it’s rare that these things happen, especially if
                                                                                        you are respectful of Mother Nature and aware of
                                                                                        the dangers.”
                                                                                             For Rideout and his group, there is nothing
                                                                                        comparable to off-piste skiing. “It’s unchartered
                                                                                        territory, open terrain,” he says. “If you were an artist
                                                                  you’d be looking at a blank canvas. The beauty is the tremendous feel
                                                                  of freedom as the snow sometimes sweeps right up over your head. As
                                                                  a child I would lie in a field of daisies and wonder what it would be like
                                                                  to bounce on the clouds. That’s what powder skiing is like.”
                                                                       But the trip is about more than the skiing. Come evening, the
                                                                  doctors toast the day’s achievement with fine wines and a superb
                                                                  dinner around a table warm with camaraderie. Later, sore muscles are
                                                                  soothed in the hot tub and the day’s tales are exchanged and relived.
                                                                       “These are experiences you can’t buy,” Rideout insists. “What
                                                                  draws us all to this each year is the extraordinary camaraderie and the
                                                                  delightful isolation in a world of increasing complexity. Life is short, and
                                                                  we have to remember that we’re here for a good time, not a long time.
                                                                  I think some of my best moments have been skiing, and I hope to keep

                                                                  doing this into my 70s and 80s.”
                                    FROM TOP   The all-male ski
                                    group; Early morning in              if you go
                                    the Monashees; “This                MORE INFO > For more information and a list of heli- and
                                    is what it’s about”—Dr.
                                    Rideout and his brother             cat-skiing tour operators, visit helicatcanada.com SKILL > Heli- and
                                    savouring the “glory of             cat-skiing demand an advanced skiing ability, though intermediate
                                    powder”; Short climb                skiers who are physically fit can manage too, according to Gregory
                                    to access a fabulous                Porter of HeliCat Canada. “One needs the ability to descend a
                                    run called the Southern
                                                                        black-diamond run with complete control, though not necessarily
                                                                        at high speed,” he explains. “If you’re thinking of trying this, be sure
                                                                        to ski regularly at your local resort before booking a multiple-day
                                                                        heli- or cat-skiing experience.” COST > Expect to pay $250 to $750
                                                                        per day for cat-skiing and between $650 and $1,500 per day for
                                                                        heli-skiing. TIMING > Make reservations early, cautions Porter. That
                                                                        way, there are plenty of choices in terms of operators and terrain.
                                                                        And be sure to inquire ahead of time what the operator’s policies
                                                                        are when it comes to refunds for inclement weather that makes
                                                                        skiing highly limited or impossible. CHOOSING AN OPERATOR
                                                                        > First determine the duration of your experience, and then decide
                                                                        what kind of experience you’re looking for, be it a town or a lodge,
                                                                                                                                                    COURTESY DR. JOHN RIDEOUT

                                                                        says Porter. “After that, the details are the differentiating point.
                                                                        For example, the size of groups, the size of the operation and the
                                                                        travel distance to the mountain range.” CALCULATING RISK >
                                                                        HeliCat Canada sets world-leading standards that help manage
                                                                        the inherent risks involved in heli- and cat-skiing, working in
                                                                        conjunction with the Canadian Avalanche Association. BY THE
                                                                        NUMBERS > Over 90,000 skiers heli- or cat-ski each winter.

   24   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008

    in British Columbia, the heli-ski Mecca
Canada’s westcoast mountains have some of the most incredible heli-ski
terrains in the world…from coastal mountains in Southwest BC to the Rockies
in Northeast BC, and from icefields in gold-rush country in Northwest BC to the
Bugaboos in Southeast BC. Pick a place and go off-piste!
       Peace Reach Heli-skiing > In the Northern Rockies of British Columbia,
Peace Reach Adventures Ltd. boasts an average annual snowfall of 45 feet of powder, more
than 8,000 square kilometres of vast mountain wilderness, 1,100 vertical metres of skiing,
and over 200 heli-ski runs, including tree runs and wide-open bowls. And après ski there’s
pampering at Torwood Lodge. Transfer from Fort St. John, BC; peacereachheliski.com
Northern Escape Heliski > Nestled deep in the Skeena Mountains of northwestern
BC is 1.5 million acres (5,700 square kilometres) of heli-skiing terrain with deep, dry
snowpack. Runs average over 3,000 vertical feet and most surpass the magical “vertical
mile,” beginning in open bowls and glaciers and descending through old-growth forests to
pristine valley bottoms. Luxurious Yellow Cedar Lodge is your base. Transfer from Terrace,
BC; northernescapeheliskiing.ca             rk heliski > Now you’re in the spectacular
Purcell Mountains on the edge of southwestern BC’s legendary Bugaboos. With 1,500
square kilometres of terrain (with the requisite wide-open alpine slopes, scenic glaciers and
glade forests) and an annual snowfall of up to 11 metres, rk heliski is located at Panorama
Mountain Village. And driving from Alberta through snow-blanketed Banff and Kootenay
National Parks is itself worth the trip. Transfer from Calgary and Banff, Alberta; rkheliski.
com          Klondike Heliski > This heli-ski destination is near Atlin in northeastern
BC (“The Switzerland of the North”). Not only home to prime powder skiing, this area is
steeped in historic northern ambience: gold-rush fever, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog
sledding and Aboriginal culture. Plus, of course, the real reason you made the trip: a variety
of over 300 runs of up to 2,000 metres and 6,000 square kilometres of ski area. Transfer
from Atlin, BC; atlinheliski.com           Tulsequah > Tulsequah Heliskiing (TQH) is
also close to the border of BC and Alaska along the Tulsequah River north of Juneau. Access
to Tulsequah from Juneau is only by air, meaning your visit starts with a breathtaking flight
along the Taku River Inlet and the Juneau Icefields. The lodge is a renovated historic gold
mine, and you might just bump into some ski and snowboard pros on site for film and
photo shoots… Transfer from Juneau, Alaska; tqhheliskiing.com                 Bella Coola
/Pantheon Heli Sports > The snow pack at Bella Coola is among the biggest in
BC. And it’s more stable with low avalanche hazards, due to a consistent temperate climate
combined with reliable snowfall. Bella Coola Valley is set in what is known as the Great
Bear Rain Forest, home to some of the least-explored and most-dramatic mountains in
North America. Bella Coola Heli Sports’ base is the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, located in
Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, while Pantheon Helisports is based on the historic White Saddle
Ranch, a 1,300-acre working cattle ranch. See the beauty and drama of Bella Coola’s ski
terrain captured in the film Steep, just released in December (sonyclassics.com/steep).
Transfer from Vancouver, BC; bellacoolahelisports.com                Dream Catcher
Heliskiing > Dream Catcher Heliskiing is also based in Bella Coola, BC, and claims that
on a single day you might drop down a fluted rib, enter a nicely forested ski run, and then
spot a family of sea lions basking on the shoreline on your trip back to the heli-pad. What’s
more, you’ve got 1,800 vertical metres at your skiing disposal. Transfer from Vancouver, BC;
dreamcatcherheliskiing.com               Skeena Heliskiing > The Skeena Heliskiing
area is 8,250 square kilometres, making it the second-largest heli-skiing area in Canada.
Set in the northern interior of BC, this colder location has less rain and fog, and that means
more dry, fluffy powder and less off-days. Home base is Bear Claw Lodge, nestled on the
banks of the Kispiox River. Transfer from Smithers, BC; skeenaheliskiing.com              Mica
Heliskiing > A million acres of towering peaks, up to 2,300 metres of vertical and 20
metres of dry Rocky Mountains powder, giant alpine bowls, steep tree-skiing, and the best
“pillow” runs. Mica Heliskiing is set near the northern end of the Rocky Mountain Trench,
west of Jasper National Park. Accessible only by helicopter, Mica Lodge and a new deluxe
chalet are perched at 4,000 feet over looking the Monashee, Selkirk and Rocky mountains.
Ski and see! Transfer from Kelowna, BC; micaheli.com               TLH Heliskiing > The
base for TLH Heliskiing is Tyax Mountain Lake Resort (see November/December issue of Just
for Canadian Doctors) on the shores of Tyaughton Lake, just 200 km north of Vancouver, BC.
Set in the Chilcotin Mountains where glaciers and alpine bowls stretch forever. Transfer from
Vancouver, BC; tlhheliskiing.com

                                                                                                 January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS   25

              26   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008
                                                   honolulu / park city / kobe / ventura / colorado springs… | c a l e n d a r
                                                            A N INTERN ATION AL GUIDE TO
                                                                        CO N T I N U I NG M EDI CA L EDUCAT I O N
                                                   WINTER 20 08 + BE YOND


                                                                                              Find the spirit of aloha in the cosmopolitan, cultural, and almost-cliché beauty of Honolulu
                                                                                                                                         (CME events in Honolulu are highlighted in blue)
                                                   With its towering skyline, striking views of Ko’olau’s pali   tropical rainforest of Manoa Valley (where you’ll find the    the surf, play golf, visit the Honolulu Botanical Gardens,
                                                   (cliffs), famous sunsets, and even-more-famous Waikiki        University of Hawaii). And west of downtown is lively        hike Diamond Head and explore Hawaiian flora and
                                                   Beach, Honolulu draws everyone: the jet set, barefoot         Chinatown and the gravitas of Pearl Harbor.                  fauna in nearby Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, pay your
                                                   surfers, frost-fleeing families, and blissful honeymoon-             Of course, to fully experience that “aloha” feeling    respects at the USS Arizona Memorial…and catch the
                                                   ers strolling along tiki-torch-lit shores.                    and relive a bit of Gidget and The Big Kahuna, there’s       big cultural event of the year, the Honolulu Festival, a
                                                         Stretching along the southern coast of Oahu,            Waikiki, east of downtown. Waikiki, or “spouting             celebration of harmony between all the diverse peoples

                                                   Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city, home to more than          waters,” was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty          of Hawaii that draws thousands of spectators to sample
                                                   400,000 people. Also home to the legendary beaches            and saw its first hotel, the Moana Surfrider, go up in        the rich and vibrant blend of modern-day Hawaiiana.
                                                   and skyscrapers of Waikiki, it’s most visitors’ first taste    1901. Today there are more than 30,000 hotel rooms in        Aloha! — B.S.
                                                   of Hawaii. But it’s more than surf and sand.                  Waikiki alone; this small area is one of the most densely
                                                         There’s a vibrant downtown arts scene, home to the      populated in the US, and holds more hotels, restaurants      > Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau;
                                                   Bishop Museum and the Academy of Arts. And there’s            and shops than in the rest of Hawaii (just hit the main        gohawaii.com
                                                   the shopper’s paradise of Ala Moana Shopping Center           strip of Kalakaua Avenue).                                   > Honolulu Festival; March 14 – 16;
                                                                                                                                                                                honolulufestival.com; 808-926-2424
                                                   and the event hub of the Hawaii Convention Center.                  Whether you choose to channel Gidget or not, there
                                                   Better yet, just a mile from the city centre, there’s the     are limitless options in Honolulu: relax on the beach, hit

                                                   CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT A “hula show”; View of Waikiki and Diamond Head; Shaved ice is a popular Hawaiian treat; A flower shop located on Maunakea Street in Chinatown
                                                   displays lei made from fresh orchids and long-lasting tea-tree leaves; Aloha Tower Marketplace and downtown Honolulu skyline at sunset.

                                                                                                                                                            January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                          27
C M E calendar
   SPECIALTY            WHEN WHERE TOPIC                                         SPONSOR                 CONTACT WEBSITE
                                     Long Beach,      52ND ANNUAL MEETING OF
                        Feb 02-06                                                Biophysical Society     301-634-7114   biophysics.org
                                     California       THE BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY
                                                      MOLECULAR MECHANISMS
                                     Ventura,                                    Gordon Research
                        Mar 02-07                     IN LYMPHATIC FUNCTION &                            401-783-4011   grc.org
                                     California                                  Conferences
                                                      DISEASE CONFERENCE
                                                      16TH SCIENTIFIC MEETING
                                                      AND EXHIBITION OF THE
    Biochemistry        May 03-09    Toronto          INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY      ISMRM                   510-841-1899   ismrm.org
                                                      FOR MAGNETIC RESONANCE
                                                      IN MEDICINE (ISMRM)
                                                      2008 ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                                      OF THE CANADIAN SOCIETY    Canadian Society of
                        Jun 08-11    St John`s                                                           613-531-8899   cscc.ca
                                                      OF CLINICAL CHEMISTS       Clinical Chemists
                                                      HEART TO HEART:
                                                      COMMUNICATION SKILLS       University of Toronto                  events.cmeto-
                        Feb 09       Toronto                                                             416-978-2011
                                                      ESSENTIAL IN PALLIATIVE    Continuing Education                   ronto.ca
                                                      SNOWMASS 2008:
                                                      CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING
                        Feb 24-29    Village,                                    Lucy Smith              800-338-5901   edusymp.com
                                                      A MULTI-MODALITY
                                                      13TH ANNUAL UPDATE
        Cardiology                                    ON CARDIOPULMONARY         Society of
                        Mar 09-15    Whistler, BC     BYPASS OF THE SOCIETY      Cardiovascular          804-282-0084   scahq.org
                                                      OF CARDIOVASCULAR          Anesthesiologists
                                                      48TH CARDIOVASCULAR
                                                      DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGY
                                                      AND PREVENTION - FIRST     American Heart                         americanheart.
                        Mar 11-15    Springs,                                                            888-242-2453
                                                      NUTRITION, PHYSICAL        Association                            org
                                                      ACTIVITY, AND METABOLISM
                                                      CONFERENCE - 2008
                                     Ellicottville,   8TH ANNUAL DERMATOLOGY
                        Feb 09-10                                                Mary Sherman            330-325-6575   neoucom.edu
                                     New York         TUTORIAL
                                     Maui,            2008 WINTER CLINICAL
                        Mar 14-18                                                Conference Services                    online-reg.com
        Dermatology                  Hawaii           DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCE
                                                      85TH ATLANTIC
                        Apr 25-27    Quebec City      DERMATOLOGICAL             Isabelle Desloges       514-499-8920   sorelcomm.ca

   28    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS      January/Winter 2008
                                                                                                                calendar                 CME
SPECIALTY                   WHEN WHERE TOPIC                                        SPONSOR                  CONTACT WEBSITE
                                                        INVESTIGATIVE               European Society
                                        Kyoto,                                                               011-41-22-321-
 Dermatology                May 14-17
                                                        DERMATOLOGY (JOINT          for Dermatological
                                                        MEETING OF THE ESDR, SID    Research
                                                        AND JSID)
                                                        7TH ANNUAL PEDIATRIC                                                   canadiancriti-
                            Feb 20-24   Whistler, BC                                Zena Davidson            604-834-9362
                                                        CRITICAL CARE COLLOQUIUM                                               calcare.ca
                                        Nassau,         NEUROLOGY FOR THE NON-      Medical Education
                            Feb 21-23                                                                        800-421-3756      mer.org
                                        Bahamas         NEUROLOGIST                 Resources Inc
                                                        WMS WILDERNESS &
                                        Park City,                                  Wilderness Medical
                            Feb 23-27                   MOUNTAIN MEDICINE                                    800-627-0629      wms.org
                                        Utah                                        Society
                                                        2008 ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC
                            Feb 28-     Mont            MEETING OF THE              Canadian Society of                        transplant.
                            Mar 02      Tremblant       CANADIAN SOCIETY OF         Transplantation                            medical.org
   Emergency                                            TRANSPLANTATION (CST)
    Medicine                            Los Cabos,
                                                        14TH ANNUAL SPRING
                            Mar 05-08                   CONFERENCE ON HIGH RISK     Symposia Medicus         800-327-3161
                                        Mexico                                                                                 cus.org
                                                        DOCTOR, DOES THE PATIENT    National Education       866-685-6860      neiconferences.
                            Mar 16-22   Singapore
                                                        NEED TO BE INTUBATED?       Institute (NEI)          SEE AD PAGE 29    com
                                                        FAMILY MEDICINE: AN
                                        Sarasota,                                   American Medical
                            Mar 17-21                   EVIDENCE-BASED APPROACH                              866-267-4263      ams4cme.com
                                        Florida                                     Seminars Inc
                                                        TO PATIENT CARE
                                                        DEFINITIVE SURGICAL
                            Mar 31-                                                                                            cme.med.ubc.
                                        Vancouver       TRAUMA CARE (DSTC)          VGH                      604-875-5094
                            Apr 01                                                                                             ca
                                                        2008 UBC CENTRE FOR
                                                                                    UBC Centre for Health
                                                        HEALTH SERVICES AND
                            Mar 04-05   Vancouver                                   Services and Policy      604-822–4969      chspr.ubc.ca
                                                        POLICY RESEARCH
                                        Zermatt,        EUROPE OCEANIA MEDICAL                                                 conferences21.
                            Mar 15-22                                               Lorenzo Boccalbella      61-07-3254-3331
       Ethics                           Switzerland     AND LEGAL CONFERENCE                                                   com
                                        Miami,          CLINICAL ETHICS: DEBATES,   University of Miami
                            Apr 04                                                                           305 585-7715      med.miami.edu
                                        Florida         DECISIONS, SOLUTIONS 2008   School of Medicine
                                                        ETHICS, CULTURE, AND
                                        Houston,                                    University of Texas MD                     mdanderson.
                            Apr 26                      CHOICE: ONE SIZE DOES NOT                            866-849-5866
                                        Texas                                       Anderson Cancer Center                     org
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C M E calendar
   SPECIALTY           WHEN WHERE TOPIC                                       SPONSOR                    CONTACT WEBSITE
                                                 ASSOCIATION OF               Alliance for Academic
        General        Feb 27-     Miami,
                                                 PROFESSORS OF MEDICINE       Internal Medicine          202-861-9351       im.org
        Medicine       Mar 01      Florida
                                                 WINTER MEETING 2008          (AAIM)
                                                 HEALTH CARE AND
                       Mar 03-     Basel,
                                                 MANAGEMENT IN TROPICAL       Swiss Tropical Institute   41-61-284-8234     sti.ch
                       May 30      Switzerland
                                                 COUNTRIES HCMTC
                                                 13TH INTERNATIONAL
                                   Melbourne,                                                            011-61-3-9417-
                       Mar 05-08                 CONFERENCE ON CLINICAL       The Meeting Planners                          ozzawa13.com
                                   Australia                                                             0888

                                   Honolulu,                                  Continuing Education,                         continuingedu-
                       Mar 08-15                 RENAL REALITY 2008                                      800-422-0711
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                       Mar 28-                                                                           888-647-7327       seacourses.
        General        May 17
                                   Caribbean     SEXUAL MEDICINE REVIEW       Sea Course Cruises
                                                                                                         SEE AD PAGE 33     com
        Medicine                   Cruise
                                                 13TH ANNUAL MEETING
                                   Seattle,      AND EXPOSITION OF THE        American Telemedicine                         american-
                       Apr 06-09                                                                         202-223-3333
                                   Washington    AMERICAN TELEMEDICINE        Association                                   telemed.org
                                                 ASSOCIATION (ATA)
                                                 THE 6TH CHERRY
                                                 BLOSSOM SYMPOSIUM
                                                 - INTERNATIONAL
                       Apr 18-19   Kobe, Japan                                Kochi Medical School       81-88-880-2468     labrobo.org
                                                 CONFERENCE OF CLINICAL
                                                 LABORATORY AUTOMATION
                                                 AND ROBOTICS
                                                 THE SCIENCE OF VIRAL
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                                   California                                 Conferences
                                                 THERAPY CONFERENCE
                                                 MAINTENANCE OF GENOME                                   011-44-122-369-
                       Mar 04-07   Vallarta,                                  Abcam Events Team                             abcam.com
        Genetics                   Mexico
                                                 STABILITY                                               6000

                                   Madrid,       INTERPLAY BETWEEN            Genome Architecture in
                       May 02-04                                                                                            mc-gard.eu
                                   Spain         GENETICS AND EPIGENETICS     Relation to Disease
                       May 31-     Barcelona,    EUROPEAN HUMAN GENETICS Vienna Medical                  011-43-1-40-513-
                       Jun 02      Spain         CONFERENCE 2008         Academy                         8320
                                                 3RD ANNUAL AGING
                       Feb 15-16                 AND CHRONIC CARE             University of California   415-476-4251       cme.ucsf.edu
                                                 MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE
                                                                              Continuous Professional
                                                 ARE 1/3 OF ALL THE ELDERLY
                       Feb 27      Edmonton                                   Learning, University of    780-407-6346       cpl.ualberta.ca
        Geriatrics                                                            Alberta
                                                 CARE FOR THE ELDERLY                                                       mceconfer-
                       Mar 16-23   Caribbean                                  Cyril Light MD             888-533-9031
                                                 PATIENT                                                                    ences.com
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                       Apr 25      Toronto       CARE: HOW TO GROW OLD        Mount Sinai Hospital       416-596-4200       mtsinai.on.ca
                                                 THURSDAY EVENING
                                                 LEARNING SERIES - WINTER
    Hematology         Feb 28      Montreal
                                                 2008: ANEMIA DUE TO GI
                                                                              McGill University          514-398-3500       mcgill.ca
                                                 PAEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS                                                      med.ucalgary.
                       Feb 06-09   Banff                                      University of Calgary      403-220-8458
                                                 DISEASES                                                                   ca
                                                 THE SCIENCE OF VIRAL
        Infectious     Mar 02-07
                                                 VECTORS FOR GENE
                                                                              Gordon Research
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         Disease                   California
                                                 THERAPY CONFERENCE

                                                 6TH ANNUAL TRAVEL HEALTH
                       Apr 24-25   Winnipeg                                   WRHA                       204-940-2538       wrha.mb.ca

   30   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS     January/Winter 2008
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                                                                                  26TH ANNUAL MEETING OF
                                    Infectious          May 14-16
                                                                    Graz,         THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY
                                                                                                              Kenes International
                                     Disease                        Austria       FOR PAEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS                              0488
                                                                                  DISEASES (ESPID)
                                                                                  41ST ANNUAL RECENT
                                                        Feb 13-15   Francisco,                                University of California   415-476-4251      ucsf.edu
                                                                                  ADVANCES IN NEUROLOGY
                                                                                                              Continuing Education
                                                                                  TORONTO NEUROLOGY
                                    Neurology           Mar 01      Toronto
                                                                                                              & Professional             416.978.2719      utoronto.ca
                                                                                                              University at Sea/
                                                                    Hawaiian                                                                               continuingedu-
                                                        Apr 05-12                 NEUROLOGY REVIEW            Continuing Education       800-422-0711
                                                                    Cruise                                                                                 cation.net
                                                                                  INTERNAL MEDICINE:
                                                                    Honolulu,                                 Continuing Education                         continuingedu-
                                                        Feb 16-23                 OBESITY AND THE                                        800-422-0711
                                                                    Hawaii                                    Inc.                                         cation.net
                                                                                  METABOLIC SYNDROME
                                                                    Houston,                                  Baylor College of
                                                        Mar 01-05                 NEONATAL NUTRITION                                     713-798-8237      baylorcme.org
                                                                    Texas                                     Medicine
                                                                                7TH INTERNATIONAL
                                     Nutrition          Mar 30-     Wellington, DIABETES FEDERATION
                                                                                                              Management Services                          idfwpr2008.org
                                                        Apr 03      New Zealand WESTERN PACIFIC REGION                                   4162
                                                                                (IDFWPR) CONGRESS
                                                                                  2008 INTERNATIONAL
                                                                    Seattle,                                  Academy of Eating
                                                        May 14-17                 CONFERENCE ON EATING                                   847-498-4274      aedweb.org
                                                                    Washington                                Disorders
                                                                                  2008 CONGRESS OF
                                                                                  THE EUROPEAN BOARD
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                                                        Mar 05                    AND COLLEGE OF THE          EBCOG                                        ebcog.org
                                   Obstetrics/                      Portugal
                                                                                  OBSTETRICS AND

                                   Gynecology                                     GYNAECOLOGY (EBCOG)
                                                                    Atlanta,      PRACTICAL BREAST MRI        Institute for Advanced
                                                        Mar 07-09                                                                        914-921-5700      iame.com
                                                                    Georgia       (CME)                       Medical Education
                                                        Feb 27                    COMMON CANCERS              University of Alberta      780-407-6346      cpl.ualberta.ca
                                                                                  ISCO CONGRESS 2008 : IN-
                                                                    Amsterdam,                                MCCM Meeting               31-0348-44-
                                                        Mar 03-05                 TERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR                                                  isco2008.org
                                                                    Netherlands                               Management                 3251
                                                                                  CELLULAR ONCOLOGY
                                    Oncology                        New York,     TARGETED THERAPIES FOR      New York Academy of
                                                        Mar 14                                                                                             nyas.org
                                                                    New York      GASTROINTESTINAL CANCER     Sciences
                                                                                  SOUTHWEST ONCOLOGY
                                                        Apr 30-     Atlanta,                                  Southwest Oncology
                                                                                  GROUP SPRING MEETING                                   734-998-7130      swog.org
                                                        May 04      Georgia                                   Group
                                                                                  (SWOG) 2008

Photo: Paul J. Eisenbarth, M.D.


                                  For more information, please contact Physician Services:
                                                                                             email: medicine@gov.nu.ca

                                                                                                              January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS               31
C M E calendar
   SPECIALTY            WHEN WHERE TOPIC                                     SPONSOR                    CONTACT WEBSITE
                                    Wellington,                              National Education         866-685-6860     neiconferences.
                        Mar 02-08               SHOULDER INJURIES 2007
                                    New Zealand                              Institute (NEI)            SEE AD PAGE 29   com

                                    San           ARTHROSCOPY ASSOCIATION
                        Mar 08      Francisco,    OF NORTH AMERICA (AANA)    AANA                       847-292-2262     aana.org
                                    California    - 2008 SPECIALTY DAY
                                                  2008 ANNUAL MEETING
                                    Sun Peaks,
                        Mar 12-15                 OF THE CANADIAN SPINE      University of Calgary      403-220-8458     ucalgary.ca

                                                  ASIA PACIFIC ORTHOPAEDIC
                                    Hong Kong,                                                          011-64-3-364-    canterbury.
                        Mar 21-23                 SOCIETY FOR SPORTS         University of Canterbury
                                    China                                                               2534             ac.nz
                                                  MEDICINE (APOSSM)

                        Feb 24-                                                                         888-647-7327     seacourses.
                                    Caribbean     PALLIATIVE CARE UPDATE     Sea Course Cruises
                        Mar02                                                                           SEE AD PAGE 33   com
         Palliative                               BOLD STEPS: CREATING
                                                  OPPORTUNITIES              BC Hospice Palliative
                        May 23-25   Vancouver                                                           604-945-3574     hospicebc.org
                                                  BCHPCA ANNUAL              Care Association
                                                  CONFERENCE 2008

                                    Riviera       23RD ANNUAL CROSS
                                                                             University of
                        Feb 25-29   Maya,         SECTIONAL IMAGING                                     215-662-6982     upenn.edu
                                    Mexico        CONFERENCE

                                    Kauai,        16TH ANNUAL DIAGNOSTIC     Stanford Radiology CME
        Radiology       Mar 17-21
                                    Hawaii        IMAGING UPDATE ON KAUAI    Stanford Radiology CME
                                                                                                        650-473-5052     stanford.edu

                                                  14TH ANNUAL INTERNAL
                                                                             Continuous Professional
                        Apr 11      Edmonton      MEDICINE & RADIOLOGY FOR                              780-407-6346     ualberta.ca
                                                  PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS

                                                  2008 ANNUAL MEETING OF
                        Feb 27-     Kauai,                                   American College of
                                                  THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF                               510-704-8020     acpsych.org
                        Mar 02      Hawaii                                   Psychiatrists

                                    Orlando,      MEDICAL CME CRUISE ON      Psychiatry Review
        Psychiatry      Mar 08-15
                                    Florida       DISNEY                     Course
                                                                                                        416-237-1427     viewcourse.

                                                  BANFF INTERNATIONAL
                        Mar 16-19   Banff         CONFERENCES ON                                        800-884-7574
                                                  BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE

                                                  EMERGENCY & WILDERNESS
                                                  MEDICINE - WHERE
                        Feb 28-     Ushuaia,                                                                             peregrinead-
                                                  EVERY DECISION COUNTS      Peregrine Adventures       888-456-3522
                        Mar 09      Argentina                                                                            ventures.com
                                                  ANTARCTIC EXPLORER
   Rural Medicine                                 CRUISE

                                                  16TH ANNUAL RURAL AND      Society of Rural
                        Apr 17-19   Halifax                                                             877-276-1949     srpc.ca
                                                  REMOTE MEDICINE COURSE     Physicians of Canada

                                                  PACIFIC RIM
                                    Honolulu,     OTOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD
                        Feb 16-19                                            University of California   415-476-4251     ucsf.edu
                                    Hawaii        AND NECK SURGERY UPDATE
                                    Hong Kong,    5TH WORLD CONGRESS OF      Collaborating Centre       011-852-2632-
                        Apr 09-13                                                                                        cuhk.edu.hk
                                    China         SPORTS TRAUMA 2008         for Sports Medicine and    2798
                                                                             Health Promotion

    For feedback, requests or to have your course featured please email cme@inprintpublications.com

   32    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS     January/Winter 2008
positions / vacation properties / practices / locums | classified                                                                                                                                        ads
 positions available    positions available     positions available
ABBOTSFORD, BC – G.P./ F. P. required for two established               practice with special interest in women’s health. Renting lovely        want to do in a place that’s second to none (all bells and whistles
physicians run FP/walk-in clinics in Abbotsford and Surrey.             office in pleasant ten doctor building with Lab and Pharmacy.            included). Contact Terry Aitken, Family Physician, at 519-271-
Flexible schedule with 4-8 hrs shifts. Must be willing to do some       No hospital work, no OB, no call but available if desired. Reply to     7444 or 519-273-2233 or terence.aitken@gmail.com.
evenings and weekends. No O.B. or call. Net 250k based on a 25-         lianne.lacroix@shaw.ca.
30 hr workweek. Call Dr. Tom Konkin at 604-852-5186 or email                                                                                    REGINA, SK - Looking for a third family physician to replace a
tt.konkin@shaw.ca.                                                      KINGSTON, ON - Family physician (permanent or locum) required           30 year practice in a well established clinic. Alternate on-call,
                                                                        to replace outgoing physician. Congenial group of 10, modern            hospital calls if wanted. Newly renovated. Please contact Dr.
COURTENAY, BC - ValleyCare Medical is a busy 6-doctor family            clinic, fully equipped and staffed, part of larger FHG. Beautiful       Chapple 306 949-8840.
practice team with an associated walk-in clinic. We are looking for     Lake Ontario. Queen’s University with great CME and specialists.
interested physicians to join us on a full or part-time basis. We are   Small town atmosphere with city’s cultural activities and much
fully computerized and have excellent nursing and support staff.        more! Telephone Dr Ron Goldstein 613-530-0748 or e-mail                  vacation properties
Locum work is available. Contact Kari Alberti at vcmmgr@telus.          rgoldstein1@cogeco.ca.
net or 250-331-0500.
                                                                        LETHBRIDGE, AB - Campbell Clinic is seeking a family physician                 TOFINO VACATION RENTALS, INC.
GREATER TORONTO OR OTTAWA, ON - Family or ER physicians.                for each of their three locations: Lethbridge–south, Lethbridge–               Tofino’s Premier Vacation Properties Since 1998!
Part-time home visits with MedVisit. Evenings or weekends (no           west, and Coaldale (a rural community 15 kilometres east of              From luxurious beachfront homes & cabins on world-renowned
                                                                                                                                                    Chesterman Beach to cozy oceanfront condos on Tofino’s
overnight call) Net $200/hour. Experienced drivers available.           Lethbridge). Pharmacy, laboratory, and x-ray on-site in the two                              scenic harbourfront.
Telephone Dr Tom Burko 416-631-0298 (or 1 800 355-6668) or e-           Lethbridge locations. Excellent start-up conditions. Contact: Dr.
mail drburko@medvisit.ca. Website www.medvisit.ca/doctors.              Vincent Luykenaar, Executive Director vluykenaar@campbellclinic.
                                                                                                                                                              Toll Free 1.877.799.2779
INVERMERE, BC - Immediate opening for a full time GP in our                                                   For Jan 2008 issue of Just For Canadian
                                                                        ca or Chris Harty, Manager charty@campbellclinic.ca

family practice clinic. Obstetrics welcomed. No investment. Shared      OSOYOOS, BC – G.P./F.P. with emergency department shifts.
overhead. Rural Retention, on-call stipends and signing bonuses                                                             tours
                                                                        Physician retiring from 3 doctor clinic. Step in and take over. No
apply. The web site www.adventurevalley.com has info about                                                    Fax: 604 - 681 - 8149
                                                                        purchase fee. $300,000 plus income. Rural incentives. Excellent
our valley. For more information email invmed@telus.net or fax          weather and lifestyle. Call Dr. Rob Swan at 250-495-6565 or 250-        MEXICO - Bike Mexico fully supported, easy routes, colonial
250-342-6669.                                                           498-3005. Email: rpswan@telus.net                                       cities, ancient ruins and cactus desert Eastwind Cycle Tour of

KELOWNA, BC – Family Doctor slowing down, looking for
                                                                                                              Attn: Ruth Findlay
                                                                        STRATFORD, ON – Flexibility in Stratford. Here you can have it
                                                                                                                                                the Volcanoes Puebla to Veracruz for all fitness levels. Starts Feb
                                                                                                                                                23/08. www.eastwindcycle.com 902-471-4424
partner-associate to share well established medium-sized                all - a schedule that works around your life and the things you

                                                                                                                                                                                   continued on page 34

                                                                                                                                 doctors’                    marketplace
                                                                                                                                                                Companion Cruises FREE
                                                                                                               CARIBBEAN                                  NORWEGIAN FJORDS
                                                                                                                Palliative Care                              Cardiology, Infectious Diseases &
                                                                                                                 Feb 24 - Mar 2                              Practice Management Jul 28-Aug 9
                                                                                                                Sexual Medicine Review
                                                                                                                 Mar 28 - Apr 6                           TAHITI & COOK IS.
                                                                                                                                                             Travel Medicine & Primary Care
                                                                                                               SOUTH AFRICA                                                   Sep 27 - Oct 11
                                                                                                               SAFARI & TOUR
                                                                                                                  May 4 - May 17                          BLACK SEA & EGYPT
                                                                                                                  Botswana & Zambia Safari                   Rheumatology , Cardiology &
                                                                                                                  extension available                        Practice Management Oct 11 - 25

                                                                                                              1-888-647-7327                  www.seacourses.com cruises@seacourses.com

                                                                                                                          January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                                      33
ads     classified                                         continued
    locums wanted                                                office space
   ANTIGONISH, NS — Locum family physician
   needed for 4-5 weeks starting March 10,
                                                             and McCowan. Suitable for family physician,
                                                             naturopath, specialist, or optometrist. Please
   2008. Full family practice, regional hospital,            telephone Dr Samia Makhlouf 416 333-7203         New Brunswick
   ER and walk-in clinic shifts available if desired.
   Call 902-863-4468, 902-863-6669 or email                  SURREY, BC – Relocate or expand your office
   bbooth@ns.sympatico.ca.                                   to Surrey, BC. Located at busy intersection
                                                             of Scott Road and 84th Avenue, with ample
   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, NT –Opportunities                  parking. Space is available Spring 2008. From
   available for Rural GP/FP within our 8 Health             500-2500 square feet. Please contact 604-
   and Social Services Authorities. Practice in one          541-8794 for further information.
   of our 33 culturally diverse communities while
   contributing to an integrated team approach.                                                               Imagine . . .
   Hospital, clinic or community based. Minimum                  continuing education                         Practicing medicine in the heart of one of the best
   2 weeks +. Flexible, long-term rotations
                                                             The Medical Office Assistants’ Association of     teaching health authorities in New Brunswick.
   available. Exceptional staff support. Travel,
                                                             BC’s annual conference - April 25 & 26, 2008
   accommodations, paid travel days included.
                                                             at the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster,       Imaginez . . .
   Generous daily and on-call compensation. For
   more details and to discuss availability, email:
                                                             BC. There will be three physicians speaking on   Pratiquer la médicine au sein d’une des meilleures
                                                             topics ranging from Pandemic Preparedness,
   physicians@gov.nt.ca or call 1-877-241-9356.
                                                             TB Typical/Atypical and New Plastic
                                                                                                              régies d’enseignement de la santé au
                                                             Surgery techniques. Costs from $160 (for         Nouveau-Brunswick.
    office space                                              members) to $225 (for non-members). For
                                                             more information contact the Conference
   MARKHAM, ON - Office to share. Furnished                   Coordinator, Wendy Leach, at 604-507-5091
   and spacious office situated at Highway #7                 or email her at wleach@bcbio.com.

                     Classifieds: fax 604-681-8149 • tel 604-681-1811
                         email classified@InPrintPublications.com

employment                     opportunities
                   advert_mono3.375x4.75_ER.eps                       31/10/07       12:27:39
                                                                                                              www.serha.ca      506-857-5532     medstaff@serha.ca

        It is an exciting time of progressive change and rapid
         growth for the Peterborough Regional Health Centre
          (PRHC) as we look towards the opening of our new
         494-bed regional hospital in spring 2008. Currently,
                we have an opening for a full-time Emergency
                Physician (EP) as well as openings for locums.

                    Emergency Physician
                                                                  Full-Time and Locums
               As one of the busiest ERs in Ontario, the Emergency department is staffed by
           26 full- and part-time EPs, serving a regional population of over 300,000 people.
            PRHC maintains a full complement of specialist coverage, including Pediatrics,
                     Obs/Gyn, General Surgery, Psychiatry, Cardiology, ICU, and Hospitalist.
               We also have an excellent Diagnostic Imaging department that’s responsible
                               for X-ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, CT and MRI services.

            The ER department provides 24/7 coverage with up to nine scheduled shifts per
         24-hour period. Shifts typically consist of 7.5-8 hours of patient care with one hour
               designated for patient reassessment, chart completion and related activities.
            EPs can anticipate seeing, on average, 25-35 patients per shift. Remuneration is
                  based on an ED Alternative Funding Agreement (AFA) with the MOHLTC.

                                                               Peterborough’s a Great Move
          Within an hour’s drive of the GTA, Peterborough is a vibrant, thriving community.
           This gateway to the Kawartha Lakes region is home to industry, a university and
                college, plus there is easy access to a wide variety of recreational activities.
            Enjoy the opportunity to grow your career by joining an expert team at a large,
                              regional hospital. PRHC is the place to be for care and career.

         For more information regarding this challenging and rewarding position, please contact:

                              Kevin Kirkpatrick                   Office: 705-743-2121 Ext. 4218
                        Recruitment Consultant                    Cell: 705-749-4853
           Peterborough Regional Health Centre                    email: kkirkpat@prhc.on.ca
employment   opportunities
TA L E S F R O M T H E T R E N C H E S D R . M A R L E N E H U N T E R

The latest apparel
Clothes today leave much to be deciphered and desired…

    must confess that, at this time of my        was the fact that when you went out for             every school in Kenya, uniforms were
    life, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking   dinner, you dressed up. And if you were             the norm. Now, in this day and age and
    about clothes.                               having people over for dinner you knew              in North America, it is not so universal,
     I often look with some astonishment         that they were going to dress up. So it             which can lead to some students and their
at the clothes the young people are              was perfectly normal for the expatriate             families being pressured by the cost. And,
wearing—often wondering whether the              nurses to say to me, when I invited them            of course, young people are even more
males are going to lose their trousers or the    for dinner, “Can we wear our long dresses?”         restricted by fashion than are adults these
females are going to get awfully cold (and       and for me to respond, “Why, of course!”            days. There is a sort of exorcism from their
why does it seem to be a fashion standard             And this was in the middle of nowhere,         peers if they don’t comply.
to show their bra straps?)—but generally,        in rural Kenya.                                          Clothing in Cuba has changed a lot in
what does it matter?                                                        Looking back on          the past three decades, too. I’ve already
     Things were                                                       it, though, it was more       written about my husband being taunted

                              Now, it is a
different in the ’60s                                                  than just “dressing           by youths in Havana because he was
to ’80s. When I went                                                   up.” It was a sort of         wearing shorts (the temperature was

                              novelty to
to Kenya, where I                                                      reminder that we were         over 30 degrees but it was on the first of
practiced in a small                                                   part of the world,            May, which is an important date in Cuba).

                              see a young
hospital from the end                                                  not just in some              The taunting didn’t faze my husband at
of 1967 to the middle                                                  small outpost. It was         all, of course, but the interesting thing is

                              woman who
of 1971, what we                                                       important for each one        that now his shorts would go completely
wore was important.                                                    of us personally and as       unnoticed.

                              does not wear
Unfortunately, I had                                                   a group.                           And what bright young woman would
thought that I was                                                          My sons and I went       have worn slacks to school or college or

                              pants of some
going to go to India                                                   for a visit to India to see   university 40 years ago? Now, it is a novelty
and spent several                                                      where we would have           to see a young woman who does not wear

months in Toronto                                                      gone if the original          pants of some description—whether that
waiting for the news                                                   plans had worked out.         be jeans or something dressier. It doesn’t
that I had been                                                        It didn’t take long for       matter.
seconded to Kenya.                                                     me to decide to wear a             Oh, dear, what all of this implies is that I
Consequently the trunks for my sons and          sari in India. For one thing, there was a sort      am getting older and the world around me
me were still at home waiting for me to          of respect in that; for another, the breeze         is changing. What used to be sacrosanct
arrange for their transportation.                through those lovely folds of cotton was            regarding wearing apparel is no longer
     Of course they took another couple of       wonderful. Five yards around your waist             important. So what if your bra straps are
months to arrive. So my closet was limited       was a bit warm when you were sitting                showing or your trousers look as if they’re
and I wore street clothes with a white           in a bus, but walking around the lower              going to drop off in the middle of the
jacket (from the hospital) to make me look       extremities enjoyed the delicious breeze            street? For that matter, who cares? (Well,
like a “real doctor.” For some reason, in        that predominated. On the upper body                somewhere deep down inside me, I do.)
those days, that was not an unusual thing        there was this lovely cotton top, a sort of         Dr. Marlene Hunter is a well-travelled
to happen! Doctors wore some sort of             fitted chemise, that was also cool; the swirl        physician who is now director of Labyrinth
apparel that people recognized as “doctor        of soft, thin cotton material from the sari         Victoria Centre for Dissociation.
clothes.”                                        below was tossed up over the shoulder.
     In my trunk, though, when it finally              I loved being in a sari. There was
arrived, there reposed three pieces of           something so elegant about wearing one.
clothing—one could hardly call them              I brought four of them home with me, and
dresses, nor were they typical uniforms—         two of them are still in my dresser drawer
but they at least looked as if I had a           and even worn occasionally. (One of the
“position.” They were all the same style—        best things about a sari is that, if your
exactly the same—and one was pink, one           weight changes, you can still wear it.)
green and one yellow. Looking back on it,             I thought that my sons would object
it seems ludicrous.                              to wearing school uniforms, but they
     Of even more importance, however,           didn’t. It was simply the thing to do—in

36   JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008

                                         do you sudoku?
                                         Solve puzzle #2 for a chance
                                         to win a $50 VISA gift card!
                                         Sudoku is simple enough that anyone
                                         can play, yet difficult enough that
                                         anyone can improve at it. Unlike
                                         chess, a game that, once you know
                                         the basics, you know almost nothing
                                         about the game, with Sudoku, once
                                         you know the basics, you’re hooked.
                                         Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique                        Childhood doesn’t last forever.
                                         solution that can be reached logically
                                         without guessing. Fill in the grid                     Happy memories do.
                                         so that every row, column and 3x3
                                                                                                Remember how much fun it was to go outside and play? Capture that
                                         square contains the digits 1 through 9.
                                                                                                feeling again with two special Family Fun packages in two magnificent
                                         winner of last issue’s sudoku contest:                 winter wonderlands. The whole family will find endless entertainment
                                         Dr. Rod Ma, Vancouver, BC                              indoors and out, with exceptional service and memorable comfort!

                                                                                                Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello                                     Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu
                                               1 7   4 9 3
sudoku 1 easier solution on page 21

                                                                                                From January 2 to March 16, 2008                                   From January 2 to March 31, 2008
                                                                                                � Accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children
                                                 8   5 3   2                                      under 12 years (min. 2-night stay)
                                                                                                                                                                   � Accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children
                                                                                                                                                                     under 18 years (min. 2-night stay)
                                                                                                � Daily buffet breakfast and dinner**
                                          4        6 8                                          � One family admission to Omega Park
                                                                                                                                                                   � Daily buffet breakfast and buffet dinner
                                                                                                                                                                   � Choice of rental equipment for ice-fishing,

                                          1                9 3                                  � Sleigh ride (1 hr.) and another seasonal activity
                                                                                                � Access to Sports Centre, pool, skating rinks,
                                                                                                                                                                     snowshoeing or skating per day
                                                                                                                                                                   � Access to Multi-Sport Centre, skating rink

                                          8      9   7   6   4                                    cross-country ski trails and kids’ program
                                                                                                                                                                     and indoor and outdoor saltwater pools

                                          6    2             7                                  $400                   Per family, per night
                                                                                                                       Taxes and gratuity not included.            $319                    Per family, per night
                                                                                                                                                                                           Taxes and gratuity not included.
                                                     2 7     6
                                                                                                To reserve your Family Fun Package,
                                               8   4 3   7                                      call 1 800 441 1414 or visit www.fairmont.com
                                                 6 5 9   1 3                                    *Per room, per night in a Fairmont room. Upgraded accommodation available at additional cost. Subject to availability. Not applicable
                                                        Puzzle by websudoku.com                 to groups or convention delegates. Outdoor activities subject to weather conditions. **Kids’ meals selected from the children’s menu.
sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

                                                                   1              2   entry form (please print clearly):
                                            4   7 5                     3             NAME: __________________________________________________________________
                                                                                      ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________
                                            2 5 6                           1         CITY, PROVINCE, POSTAL CODE: _____________________________________________
                                            3 2     5                   9             E-MAIL: ________________________________________________________________
                                                                                      TEL: ______________________________ FAX: _________________________________
                                                                                      Sudoku Puzzle Contest Rules:                   1. Entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle.
                                              9 2                       4 3           Only correctly solved puzzles will be entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle & entry form to Just for
                                                                                      Canadian Doctors, 710 – 938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9 or by fax to 604-681-0456. Entries
                                            1       4                   6 9           must be received by February 1, 2008. 3. Prize: one $50 VISA gift card. Odds of winning dependent upon
                                                                                      number of entries. Winner will be contacted by telephone and announced in the February/March 2008
                                              6   2 9                     7           issue. 4. Contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice.
                                                                                      5. All entries become property of In Print Publications. Employees of In
                                          9     3                                     Print Publications and its affiliates are not eligible to participate.

                                                        Puzzle by websudoku.com
                                                                                                                                        January/Winter 2008 JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS                                                   37
S M A L L TA L K     doctors share their picks, pans, pleasures and fears

                          Meet this family physician, professor, writer, photographer, far-flung traveller…and black belt in karate.
                          A word to describe this multi-faceted doctor? Creative…
                   My name: Mel Borins                                 Why I was drawn to medicine: I get a good           My last splurge: Trip to Bali
                                                                       feeling inside when I can be of assistance and
                   I live and practise in: Toronto, Ontario            make a difference in someone’s life. In family      My closet has too many: Shirts
                   My training: Graduated from the University of       medicine I have an opportunity to connect           A big challenge I’m facing now: I am
                   Toronto; fellowship from the College of Family      with people over time. I enjoy communicating        redesigning my website, collecting all
                   Physicians of Canada; mentorship from the           with patients.                                      that I have written and all that has been
                   General Practice Psychotherapy Association.         My last trip: I spent the month of August in        written about me and compiling it so that
                                                                                               Bali, Indonesia, with       organizations interested in using me as a
                                                                                               my wife Bonnie. We          speaker can have easy access. (melborins.com)
                                                                                               attended ceremonies,        It has turned into a huge undertaking.
                                                                                               hung out on the             My guilty pleasure is: Lying in the sun
                                                                                               beach, visited with old
                                                                                               friends and watched         My favourite exercise/sports activity: I am
                                                                                               the sunsets. I gave a       a second-degree black belt in karate.
                                                                                               few lectures and had a      My favourite sport to watch: Hockey
                                                                                               chance to sing a song
                                                                                               I wrote with a full choir   My most precious treasure: My three sons
                                                                                               backing me up.              I’d want this item with me if stranded on a
                                                                                                The most exotic            desert island: My wife Bonnie
                                                                                                place I’ve travelled:      My secret to relaxing and relieving
                                                                                                The Island of Irian Jaya   tension: Taking time to withdraw and retreat.
                                                                                                in Indonesia was the       Following the advice of my book Go Away Just
                                                                                                strangest, most            for the Health of It.
                                                                                                isolated and most
                                                                                                unusual place I have       A talent I wish I had: A great voice
                                                                                                ever visited. Men were
                                                                                                                           My scariest moment: I thought I lost my
                                                                                                dressed only in penis
                                                                                                                           son Marc in a huge wave on Kuta Beach, Bali.
                                                                                                gourds and women
                                                                                                                           He just disappeared after an eight-foot wave
                                                                                                were naked except
                                                                                                                           smashed into him. I was frantic.
                                                                                                for grass skirts. The
                                                                                                culture was primitive      My fondest memory: My wedding day. I felt
                                                                       yet extremely gentle and humane. The natural        like a king. I was so happy.
                                                                       beauty of this distant land was breathtaking.
                                                                                                                           The word that best describes me: Creative
                                                                       The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a
                                                                       trip: My photos remain my best souvenir.            My biggest ego boost: Being promoted to
                                                                                                                           Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine
                                                                       A favourite place I keep returning to:              at the University of Toronto.
                                                                       Bali Indonesia has the most friendly, open,
                                                                       smiling people anywhere. The island itself is       I’m happiest when: I am with my family on
                                                                       exquisitely beautiful, the Hindu culture alive      vacation.
                                                                       and vibrant, and the woodcarvers, painters,         My greatest fear is: Dying
                                                                       sculptors were amazingly talented. It feels very
                                                                       close to paradise.                                  My motto is: Life is short, eat dessert first.
                   FROM TOP                                                                                                Live, love, laugh and be happy. A bird in the
                   The tribespeople of the Island of                   My dream vacation: I would love to take a           hand is worth two in the bush.
                   Irian Jaya in Indonesia • Dr. Mel Borins’ sons. •   year off and travel with my family around the
                   The doctor and his wife Bonnie.                     world and visit all my favourite places.            A cause that’s close to my heart: Doctors
                                                                                                                           Without Borders
                                                                       My favourite book: The Four Agreements
                                                                                                                           Something I haven’t done yet that’s on
                                                                       My favourite movie: The Graduate                    my must-do list: I would like to write a funny
                                                                       My favourite video: Bill Cosby Himself              musical comedy with a medical theme. I am
                                                                                                                           looking for a scriptwriter and producer.
                                                                       My favourite CD: My son David Borins’ first
                                                                       CD called Songs of Sense and Colour.                Projects that I am working on: am finishing
                                                                                                                           a new book called: Photos and Songs of a
                                                                                                                                                                            COURTESY DR. MEL BORINS

                                                                       The gadget or gear I could not do without:          Pronoic Physician, which is a book of my best
                                                                       My laptop computer                                  photographs with a CD of my most pronoic
                                                                                                                           songs. I am also writing and recording a bunch
                                                                       My favourite room at home: My bedroom
                                                                                                                           of funny medical songs, which I hope to
                                                                       My first job: I was a bellboy/office manager at      distribute worldwide.
                                                                       Taub’s Lodge in Port Carling, Muskoka, Ontario,
                                                                       for the summer when I was 15.

                   38    JUST FOR CANADIAN DOCTORS January/Winter 2008

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