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									                      AMICUS                                                              TOURO LAW
                      CURIAE                                                             ALUMNI NEWS
                                                                                                                              VOLUME 4, No. 4

                                                                           Message from the
     CONTENTS                                                                                                                   SUMMER 2010

                                                                           Alumni Director
Alumni News
 2    Alumni of the Month
 3    Alumni Fellowship Program

Alumni Council News                                     Dear Touro Law Center Alumni:
 4    Welcome Newest Alumni Council
                                                        Greetings and best wishes to everyone for a very happy summer. This past academic year
      Alumni Council Profiles
                                                        has been a good one here at the Law Center and we are grateful for the continued help and
 7    NYC Law School Forum                              support of our alumni. A number of wonderful events and exciting programs have occurred
                                                        since our last newsletter edition. On March 2nd, our new Alumni-Student First-Year
 8    ADR Society’s Intra-School                        Mentor Program began with two Meet and Greet Receptions. This year’s Goods &
      Competitions                                      Services auction help to raise funds for 15 students to receive stipends for summer public
                                                        interest fellowships. With additional funding provided by the David Berg Foundation and
 9    Accepted Student Receptions                       other privately donated funding for other fellowships as well as work study funding, we
      Upcoming Alumni Council Events                    were able to provide more than $400,000 in work study money and fellowships to students.
                                                        With corporate and individual donations as well as state and local funding, Touro Law
10    Alumni Speakers                                   Center was able to develop two new clinics: Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Clinic
                                                        and a Veterans’ and Servicemembers’ Rights Clinic.
11-12 Alumni Mentor Programs
                                                        On April 21st, Ken Gormley was presented with the Bruce K. Gould Book Award. Our
13    Alumni Spotlight                                  innovative Court Observation Program has expanded to our newly developed Court
                                                        Collaborative Program, which continues to be a valuable resource for our students. Our
School News                                             students continue to do important work through the Student Hurricane Network in New
14-15 Externship Programs
                                                        Orleans and continue to receive awards and accolades through various local, regional and
      Summer Abroad Programs
                                                        national competitions. The Executive Board of our Alumni Association has been working
      Professor & Administrator News                    hard to increase benefits of association membership and our Alumni Council continues to
                                                        grow – with over two hundred members.
16    New Appointments

17    New Clinics                                       On Monday, June 7th, a group of Touro Law alumni were sworn in to the Supreme Court
                                                        of The United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the United
18    Loan Programs                                     States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the United States Court of Federal
      Stay Connected                                    Claims. It was an exciting day and congratulations to all who were admitted.

19-21 Student News and Competitions                     One of our goals for the office of Development, Alumni and Communications is to provide
                                                        our alumni with the most up-to-date information about the school, events and programs in
Community Corner                                        the most efficient way possible. I invite you to visit our new communication and social
22    Nassau County Coalition Against                   media networks that are listed in this newsletter. If you have not yet done so, I encourage
      Domestic Violence                                 you to please send in your preferred e-mail address to or
      Legal Resource Network                            contact me at (631) 761-7063.
Upcoming Events                                         I welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions you may have about the information in
23    Upcoming Event Schedule
                                                        this newsletter or any other programs or events you may be interested in. Thank you for
                                                        your continued involvement in the Touro Law Center Community and happy reading!


                                                        Kristin Matthews Director of Development and Alumni Relations
          TOURO LAW
          Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


                         Our Alumni of the Month program continues to recognize monthly one outstanding alum for his or her
                         contributions to the legal profession, the Touro Law Center Community and the surrounding communities.
                         Our alumni continue to excel in their profession and serve as role models for current Touro Law students
                         and the legal community. If you would like to nominate one of your fellow classmates, please contact the
                         Alumni Office at (631) 761-7063 or e-mail

                                      SEPTEMBER 2009                                          OCTOBER 2009
                                          MICHELLE COHEN, 2007                                   RICHARD LOPEZ, 1997
                                          Associate, Certilman Balin Adler                       Managing Principal,
                                          & Hyman, LLP                                           Drake Finance Group

                                      NOVEMBER 2009                                          DECEMBER 2009
                                          LOIS SCHWAEBER, 1992                                   MICHAEL MARKOWITZ, 1989
                                          Director of Legal Services of the                      Principal, Michael A. Markowitz, P.C.
                                          Nassau County Coalition Against
                                          Domestic Violence

                                        JANUARY 2010                                          FEBRUARY 2010
                                          ANDREA CALLAN, 2007                                    ROBERT KRONENBERG, 2003
                                          Director - ACLU,                                       Principal, Law Office of
                                          Suffolk County Chapter                                 Robert B. Kronenberg

                                         MARCH 2010                                             APRIL 2010
                                          HON. MARGARET CHAN, 1993                               GEORGE LIKOUREZOS, 1995
                                          Civil Court Judge,                                     Partner, Carter, DeLuca,
                                          Kings County Civil Court                               Farrell & Schmidt, LLP

                                           MAY 2010                                              JUNE 2010
                                          KELLY POOLE, 1991                                      JOHN C. ARMENTANO, 2005
                                          Partner, Rosicki, Rosicki                              Associate, Farrell Fritz, P.C.
                                          & Associates, P.C.

             2 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                            TOURO LAW
                                                                                                             Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                 AMICUS CURIAE

Touro Law Center is proud to offer its Alumni Fellowship Program for the 2010 - 2011 year. This
program was designed to respond to the realities of the current legal job market. Many recent grads
have had job offers deferred, others have received commitments that are contingent on passing the
bar (for May grads this means waiting until November), and some have still not found employment.

                                                                                                                  TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
This program will give alumni who are waiting for job commitments or still seeking full-time
positions an opportunity to hone their research and writing skills under the supervision of
experienced faculty members. For those alumni who participate, this valuable legal experience can
also be put on a resume—something desirable in the midst of a tough economy.

The positions are unpaid, but Alumni Fellows will earn valuable privileges beyond the legal
experience, including use of the Gould Law Library (with public access Westlaw); free membership
in the Alumni Association; free admission to Touro CLE programs after a certain number of hours
of service; special discounts on alumni events, such as the Annual Winter Reception; special
invitation to Touro Law events; and a Touro Law e-mail address and ID card.

Alumni Fellows will assist faculty by performing legal research, both for the preparation of courses,
as well as for their scholarly publications. For Legal Process professors, Alumni Fellows will help in
researching writing assignments or drafting sample memoranda. Alumni Fellows might also perform
other academic work, for example, abstracting faculty writings for electronic submission or doing
legal research for the administration.

Alumni Fellows will be expected to commit to a minimum number of hours each week, on a
schedule to be agreed upon with the supervising faculty member or administrator. This program
seeks to be an innovative way for alumni to get valuable legal experience as they ride out the
recession. To that end, the work will be limited to research and writing. There will be no direct
student contact.

Acceptance in the program is expected to be competitive. Interested alumni should send a brief
cover letter, resume, writing sample, and a reference from either a Touro Law faculty member or
administrator to Associate Dean Louise Harmon serves as the chair
of the Committee.

  Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                       3 R SUMMER 2010


                         Welcome Newest Alumni Council Members
                         Our wonderful Alumni Council continues to grow thanks to           throughout the year and have provided valuable input and
                         your generosity and commitment. Members of the Council             guidance for our students. Welcome to our newest Alumni
                         have participated in a number of events and programs               Council members (from September 2009 - June 2010)

                         William Barber                                    2006               Terri Minott                                             1992
                         Deidre Byrne                                      2008               Jacqueline Missick                                       2009
                         Scott Cohen                                       1989               Laurette Mulry                                           1999
                         Arnold DiJoseph III                               1983               Veronica O'Keefe                                         2000
                         Nancy Ellis                                       1994               Howard Rosenberg                                         1990
                         Steven Goldstein                                  1986               Christine Rubinstein                                     2002
                         Nancy Hark                                        2003               Donna Stefans                                            1999
                         Darren Marks                                      2006               Fred Vogeney                                             2006

                         Chris McDonough                                   1988               John Yetman                                              2008
                         WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT IT?
                         Please contact Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063 or e-mail
                         Members of the Alumni Council choose to assist with admissions (accepted student receptions), career services (mentor programs,
                         speaker series) and/or student organizations (guest speaker at student organization lunches and/or dinners). E-mails are sent out
                         periodically when volunteers are needed.There is no minimum time requirement for the program and all Alumni Council
                         Members receive free membership in the Alumni Association of Touro Law Center.To learn more about benefits of Alumni

                         Profiles of Some Alumni Council Members
                         Association membership, please visit Touro Law Center’s web site at

                         Alumni Council Members continue to serve as a great resource for students and provide valuable input and guidance
                         through attending Accepted Student Receptions, serving as judges for competitions and more. Members of the
                         Council are leaders in their profession and continue to excel in all areas of law. Please see below for some profiles of
                         our outstanding Alumni Council Members. If you are a member of our council and would like your profile included
                         in the next newsletter please e-mail
                         John Claude Bahrenburg ’83 is presently Chief Executive            matters including, among others, family law, personal injury,
                         Officer/General Counsel of Windwood Meadow, Inc., a                professional malpractice, lemon law, business transactions, cell
                         New York not-for-profit corporation serving as a business          sites, municipal law, animal law, elder fraud and abuse, real
                         provider and consultant for other not-for-profit corporations      estate and estates. The litigation matters range from
                         who are education and human service providers. His interests       homeowner-contractor disputes to multi-million-dollar tort
                         include alternate dispute resolution and he is married to          cases. He has been featured in Newsday, The Seattle Times,
                         Ronnie with three children: Kristin, a high school math            The New York Law Journal, VerdictSearch and other written
                         teacher in Milton, MA; John Vincent, a bachelor of fine arts       publications and has lectured for the Bar Associations of
                         candidate at Hofstra; and Tara, a freshman scholar athlete         Nassau and Suffolk County as well as appeared on public
                         lacrosse player at Endicott College. He serves as a Director of    television stations. Anthony graduated from Touro Law
                         the Moorings Cove Condominium Association, Congressman             Center in 1988 and remains an active member of the alumni
                         Tim Bishops Education Committee and presently is a member          Council as well as serving as a mentor for law students.
                         of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. He can be              Anthony has served as adjunct professor of the paralegal
                         reached online at                              program at the New York Institute of Technology, general
                                                                                            counsel for the Massapequa Water District, associate counsel
                         Anthony T. Ballato ’88 maintains a litigation and general          for the Manhasset-Lakeville Water and Fire Districts, and is a
                         practice for over 20 years and handles a diverse range of          hearing officer for the Town of Oyster Bay, arbitrator in

             4 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                            TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                             Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                                           AMICUS CURIAE
Lemon Law proceedings, member of the Surrogate Decision            Nancy Hark ’03 earned her law degree in 2003 where she
Making Committee for the Mentally Disabled, a court referee,       graduated summa cum laude, Valedictorian of the part-time
a trustee of the Jones Fund Adult Home in Bayville and has         division, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Touro Law
served as pro-bono counsel to Nassau-Suffolk Law Services,         Review. She received her undergraduate degree in Computer
various churches and not-for-profit organizations. He is a         Science from Hofstra University. Ms. Hark is an associate with
member of various Bar Associations in New York, New                the firm of Guercio & Guercio, LLP and her areas of
Jersey and Georgia as well as an officer of the Columbian          concentration are in education law and labor and employment
Lawyers’ Association and member of various charitable              law. She is actively engaged in litigation in school-related
organizations.                                                     matters and advises local school districts in the capacity of
                                                                   general counsel. Prior to joining Guercio & Guercio, Ms.
Anthony has always been committed to representing the less         Hark was a principal in the firm of Conway & Hark, P.C.
fortunate ever since his summer clerkship during law school        where she practiced in the areas of business law and labor and
with Nassau-Suffolk Law Services. Since opening his own            employment law. She was also an associate with Alan B. Pearl
solo practice of law in 1995, Anthony has represented              & Associates, P.C., a labor and employment firm. Ms. Hark is
numerous less fortunate persons and crime victims of major         a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association, the Suffolk

                                                                                                                                            TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
frauds. He has been successful in dealing with state and federal   County Women’s Bar Association and looks forward to
prosecutors leading to the arrests and convictions of scam         serving on Touro Law Center’s Alumni Council.
artists of various types and recovering millions of dollars for
their crime victims plus substantial punitive damages. Local       Darren Marks ’06 is an associate at the law office of Smith
papers have referred to Anthony as the advocate for the            Mazure, P.C. His legal practice focuses on contractual
underdog who is not afraid of taking the difficult or unusual      indemnification and liability defense of corporations, property
case.                                                              owners and managing agents. Aside from his legal work,
                                                                   Darren is a member of the Downtown Alliance, New York
Steven Goldstein ’86 worked at Rivkin Radler L.L.P. as a           County Committee of the Democratic Party and Treasurer of
paralegal/investigator while attending law school. In March        the Lexington Democratic Club. Darren is active in judicial
1986, he was hired as an associate with Morton H. Feder,           politics and has been elected either a delegate or alternate
P.C. where he became a partner in 1988. Since 1986, he has         delegate to the last four New York County Democratic
represented plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury and       Party’s Judicial Nominating Conventions. While in law
commercial litigation matters throughout the State of New          school, Darren presided as Chief Justice of the Student Bar
York and tried numerous cases to verdict in various courts in      Association’s Judicial Review Board and was a student mentor
the State of New York. Currently, he is the principle partner      to 1Ls. Darren resides in Battery Park and is an avid runner
in Steven F. Goldstein, L.L.P., and his client base consists of    and golfer.
several large corporations such as Kohl’s Department Stores as
well as several insurance carriers and private clients.            Kenneth A. McLellan ’95 is an attorney with Winget,
                                                                   Spadafora and Schwartzberg, LLP. He earned a B.A. from
Bethany Green ’08 is an Assistant District Attorney, Suffolk       Fordham University in 1991 and graduated Touro Law in
County District Attorney’s Office – criminal prosecution           1995. His practice focuses on professional liability litigation,
including investigation of criminal complaints; prosecution of     including defense of claims against attorneys, accountants,
criminal offenses by hearings and trials; interviews of            architects, engineers and insurance professionals. Mr.
complaining witnesses and responding law enforcement               McLellan's practice also involves securities defense litigation
agents; drafting legal memoranda in response to demands; and       and arbitration and the defense of financial services industry
representing the people in the interest of justice. Prior to       professionals and broker-dealers in customer disputes. He is a
graduating from law school, she was a legal intern with the        member of the Professional Liability Underwriters Society
United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New           ("PLUS").
York, as well as a legal intern at Bilello & Associates, GEICO
Staff Counsel. She received her B.A., cum laude, from              Natasha Meyers ’03 is the managing partner of the Meyers
Dowling College and her Master of Arts in History from             Law Group and is the founding member of the firm. She
SUNY Stony Brook. While attending law school, Bethany              concentrates her practice in the area of matrimonial and family
competed in the Willem C. Vis International Moot Court,            law, real estate transactions and corporate/business law. She
Vienna, Austria and was a member of the International Law          also represents the firm's clients in all facets of civil litigation,
Society, Suffolk County Bar Association and the Emerald            and is responsible for the firm's litigation practice. Ms. Meyers
Law Society.                                                       began her legal career at one of the largest law firms on Long

       TOURO LAW
       Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                            5 R SUMMER 2010


                         Island, where she concentrated in the areas of commercial         rated by Martindale-Hubbell. The law firm of Saltzman
                         litigation in federal and state courts. Ms. Meyers was admitted   Chetkof & Rosenberg LLP is listed in the Bar Register of
                         to practice in the state of New York in 2003 and was              Preeminent Lawyers in the area of Family Law. He may be
                         admitted to practice before the United State's District Court     reached by e-mail at
                         for the Eastern District of New York and Southern District of
                         New York in 2004. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from              Brad H. Rosken ’93 is currently the managing partner in his
                         Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in 2003 and           own firm, the Law Offices of Brad H. Rosken, PLLC. His
                         from Hunter College in 1997 with a B.A. in Political Science.     firm specializes in representing students with disabilities in
                         Ms. Meyers is an active member and director of the Suffolk        their struggle to obtain the proper and necessary services from
                         County Women's Bar Association, a member of the Suffolk           their local school districts as well as representing injured
                         Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, American         plaintiffs involved in personal injury actions. The main goal of
                         Bar Association, Women's Bar Association of the State of          representing children with disabilities is to ensure that these
                         New York, American Trial Lawyers Association of America,          children receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education
                         lifetime member of Madison Who's Who and a committee              (FAPE) in the most Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

                         member of the Suffolk County Women's Bar Association              possible. Mr. Rosken expanded into this area of law shortly
                         CLE program. Ms. Meyers also participates in the St. Patrick's    after learning his own son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
                         legal program in Huntington, which provides free legal            Prior to opening his own firm he worked for several different
                         services to the indigent.                                         plaintiff side personal injury law firms in Manhattan. He has
                                                                                           also argued and drafted briefs before the Appellate Divisions of
                         Lee Rosenberg ’86 is a partner with Saltzman Chetkof &            New York State. Before becoming a personal injury attorney
                         Rosenberg LLP in Garden City, N.Y. and has practiced in the       he was an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County. His
                         field of matrimonial and family law for over 20 years as a        last year in the District Attorney’s Office he was assigned to
                         litigator and appellate counsel. He is a Fellow of the American   the Narcotics Bureau where he handled narcotics-related
                         Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and of the International           felonies from their arrest through to trial. He graduated from
                         Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. He is presently Vice Chair        Touro Law Center in the spring of 1993. He is presently
                         of the Nassau County Bar Association Matrimonial                  admitted to practice law in all courts in the state of New York
                         Committee and is a Barrister of the New York Family Law           as well as in the U.S. District Court for both the Eastern and
                         American Inn of Court. Lee is also a lecturer and frequently      Southern District of New York. He is a member of the ABA,
                         published author, with articles on various topics in              American Association for Justice (formerly known as ATLA),
                         matrimonial law having regularly appeared in the New York         the Suffolk County Bar Association, Trial Lawyers Care,
                         Law Journal, Family Law Review, the New York State Bar            NYSTLA, COPAA (Council of Parents Attorneys and
                         Association Journal, Nassau Lawyer, the Matrimonial               Advocates), and CEC (Council for Exceptional Children).
                         Strategist and New York Family Law Monthly. He is Editor          You can learn more about Mr. Rosken’s practice at his web
                         of the Nassau County Bar Association’s “Recent Decisions in       site located at
                         Matrimonial Law”; a member of the Board of Editors of New
                         York Family Law Monthly; and Assistant Editor of the New          Tammy Shapiro ’02 is an associate attorney for Rosicki,
                         York State Bar Association’s Family Law Review. Lee is also       Rosicki & Associates, P.C. in Plainview, N.Y. She began
                         the General Editor of Lexis Nexis’ New York Consolidated          working at the firm in 1998 as a paralegal and practices in the
                         Laws Service Family/Matrimonial Practice Insights and             area of foreclosure. She is admitted to practice in the New
                         authored many of the Domestic Relations Law Practice              York Courts and the United States District Court for the
                         Insights as well as having authored the Filing and Drafting       Eastern and Southern Districts of New York. She is a member
                         Tips for Lexis Nexis’ New York Family Law Forms. He has           of the New York State Bar Association and the
                         lectured on complex divorce issues for the New York State         Nassau County Bar Association.
                         Bar Association and was also trained in divorce mediation by
                         the New York State Bar. Lee continues to be listed as a New       Sarah E. Simpson ’08 is Assistant Counsel to the Suffolk
                         York Super Lawyer in family law in the New York                   County Legislature. She is a member of the Nassau and
                         Metropolitan area which recognizes a very small percentage of     Suffolk County Bar Associations, the New York State Bar
                         attorneys within their field of practice. He was previously       Association, and the American Bar Association. While at
                         selected as one of the Ten Leaders in Matrimonial and Family      Touro, she received the following awards and honors: CALI
                         Law for Long Island for attorneys under the age of 45 and is      Awards for Academic Excellence in Legal Methods I, Civil
                         listed in Who’s Who in American Law. Lee is “AV” peer-            Practice Externship, International and Foreign Legal Research;

             6 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                           TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                           Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                                     AMICUS CURIAE
Touro Law Center's Award for Exemplary Contributions to            Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, and
the Quality of Student Life; 2006 Federal Clerkship Fellow;        Municipal Disability Retirement Pensions from the New
2007 Fannie and Samuel Glickstein Public Interest Fellow.          York City and New York State and Local Retirement
She was active in Touro's BLSA chapter, Phi Alpha Delta Law        systems. He serves as Chair to the law firm’s Municipal
Fraternity, and served as an appointed member of the               Disability Retirement Pension Department. Jordan received
Curriculum Committee from 2006-2008. She received a                his law degree from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law
Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Brandeis University in    Center in New York, and received his undergraduate
2005.                                                              Bachelors Degree from the George Washington University in
                                                                   Washington, D.C. He is admitted to practice law in the state
Donna Stefans ’99 has her own practice, Stefans Associates,        and federal courts of New York and is an active member of
Inc., located in Westbury, N.Y. Her practice focuses on            the New York State Trial Lawyers Association as well as the
providing services for financial and estate planning. Her          New York State and American Bar Associations, the National
experience as an attorney, with an extensive knowledge in          Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), and the New
taxation, gives her the tools necessary to help individuals        York Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health
accomplish their estate planning goals and financial needs. Ms.    (NYCOSH). Jordan is Disability Counsel for numerous

                                                                                                                                      TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
Stefans is a registered representative with Walnut Street          police and law enforcement associations throughout New
Securities, Inc. and holds Series 6, 7, 63, and 65 licenses. She   York State, as well as for utility worker and building trade
concentrates in: Individual Financial Management; Estate           unions. He is General Counsel to the Suffolk County Police
Planning; Eldercare Planning; Long-term Care Planning and          Benevolent Association Legal Benefit Fund, Suffolk County
Medicaid; Estate Tax Planning; Real Estate Processes; Life,        Police Columbia Association, and Fraternal Order of Police
Accident and Health Insurance; Special Needs Planning. Ms.         Lodge, Riverhead, N.Y. He serves on the World Trade
Stefans is an active member of the National Academy of Elder       Center Council Advisory Commission established in
Law Attorneys (NAELA), NYS Bar Association Committee               conjunction with the Mount Sinai-Selikoff and the
for Individuals with Disabilities, Suffolk County Women's Bar      NYU/Bellevue occupational and environmental medicine
Association and the Nassau and Suffolk County Bar                  clinics on Workers’ Compensation. Jordan initiated and
Associations. She is also the Vice-Chairman of the Financial       helped establish the Workers’ Compensation class curriculums
Planning committee of the Elder Law Section of the New             taught at both the New York City District Council of
York State Bar Association. In addition, Ms. Stefans is a          Carpenters Labor Technical College and the Empire State
member of the FPA, the Financial Planners Association, and         Regional Council Carpenters Apprenticeship Training
was a board member of the Broadlawn Health Partners                Program, where he is the regular lecturer. He has also lectured
homecare services agency. Ms. Stefans received her B.S. in         extensively in the areas of Workers’ Compensation, Social
Finance from the University of Scranton and her Juris              Security Disability, Personal Injury and Disability Retirement
Doctorate from Touro Law Center. Her experience includes           Pensions at many utility worker, trade union, and police and
judicial internship with The Honorable Judge Raymond C.            law enforcement training programs. He also lectures and
Radigan at the Nassau County Surrogate’s Court and the             works closely with the New York State AFL-CIO on its
Honorable Judge Gail Prudenti of the Suffolk County                Workers’ Compensation Navigator Program. Jordan is an
Surrogate Court. She has been in private practice for over 10      active columnist in magazines, newsletters and journals for
years.                                                             various utility worker, trade union, and police and law
                                                                   enforcement associations. Jordan is also an active member of
Jordan A. Ziegler ’91 is a senior partner of the New York          the Eastern Long Island Police Pipes and Drums marching
law firm of Brecher, Fishman, Pasternack, Walsh, Tilker &          band.
Ziegler P.C. where his practice includes Workers’

On Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10 the Law              Robin Berger ’90, Alison Epilone ’08 and Sanford
School Admissions Council held the New York City Law               Scharf ’09 who volunteered to attended the forum at the
School forum at the Hilton New York. Thank you to                  Touro Law table and meet with prospective students.

      Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                       7 R SUMMER 2010


                         On Tuesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 29, the              Dan Wilkens and Tripti Singh advanced to the final rounds
                         Alternate Dispute Resolution Society held their intra-school      which were held on Thursday, October 29. Brian Shupak and
                         client counseling competition. Thirteen student teams of two      Lisa Catapano placed first and Dan Wilkens and Tripti Singh
                         signed up to participate in the competition, which simulates a    placed second and went on to represent Touro Law Center at
                         law office consultation in which two-person law student           the Regional Client Counseling Competition that was held at
                         teams, acting as attorneys, are presented with a client matter.   Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Yeshiva University,
                         Brian Shupak and Lisa Catapano; Pallvi Babbar and Bella           New York, N.Y. Thank you to all of our alumni listed below
                         Borukhova; Brandon Kopcienski and David Adhami; and               who volunteered to help make this competition possible:

                         John Claude Bahrenburg                            1983             Steven Homayoon                                         1994

                         Scott Cohen                                       1989             Barbara Kelly                                           1993
                         Evan Cohen                                        1989             Gil McLean                                              2000
                         Debra Cohn                                        2007             Kenneth McLellan                                        1995
                         Jeffrey Donato                                    2000             Mark Murray                                             1989
                         Judith Donnenfeld                                 2002             Colin Rathje                                            2002
                         Richard Dubi                                      1990             Sherli Shadi Saed                                       1995
                         Leonard Feld                                      1986             Edward Taylor                                           1991
                         Bethany Green                                     2008             Jeffrey Warren                                          1989
                         Nancy Hark                                        2003

                                                                                           This past spring, 12 student teams competed in the Alternate
                                                                                           Dispute Resolution Society’s intra-school Negotiation
                                                                                           Competition. The top four teams that went on to compete in
                                                                                           the ADR Society’s intra-school final round were David
                                                                                           Adhami and Brandon Kopcienski; Patrick Loman and
                                                                                           Konstantinos Kapatos; Jessica Bryant and James Tsimis; and
                                                                                           Dan Wilkens and Tripti Singh. It was a close final round, but
                                                                                           the team of Brandon and David will go on to compete in the
                                                                                           ABA Regional Negotiation Competition this November at
                                                                                           Touro Law Center. Thank you to all of our volunteer judges
                                                                                           who helped make this intra-school competition possible:

                         Merik Aaron                                       1992             Cheryl Kitton                                           1984
                         John Claude Bahrenburg                            1983             Jennifer Lupo                                           1995
                         Debra Cohn                                        2007             Terri Minott                                            1992
                         Jeffrey Donato                                    2000             Janis Noto
                         Robert Greco                                      1990             Kelly Ann Poole                                         1991
                         John Andrew Kay                                   2005             Violet Samuels                                          1999

             8 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                          TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                          Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                                AMICUS CURIAE
Touro Law Center held two Accepted Student Receptions           in on a class, and most importantly, meet some of our
on Wednesday, March 17 and Wednesday April 28 to                outstanding Alumni Council Members. Thank you to our
welcome students who have been accepted to Touro Law and        alumni listed below for helping to make these receptions
provide them with an opportunity to visit the law school, sit   possible:

 Merik Aaron                                        1992         Edward Lannan                                  2005
 Leonard Badia                                      2007         Derrick Magwood                                2003
 John Claude Bahrenburg                             1983         Mili Makhijani                                 2007
 Debra Cohn                                         2007         Darren Marks                                   2006
 Jeffrey Donato                                     2000         Daniel Okrent                                  1995
 Brian Duggan                                       2005         Jacque Richards                                2005
 Indira Edwards                                     2005         Christine Rubinstein                           2002

                                                                                                                                 TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
 Richard Filiberto                                  1991         Violet Samuels                                 1999
 David Fischler                                     1990         Danielle Schwager                              1998
 Rachel Freeman                                     2007         Sarah Simpson                                  2008
 Thomas Gould                                       2005         Thomas Smyth                                   1994
 Carl Grant                                         1997         Harold Somer                                   1983
 Robert Greco                                       1990         Susan West                                     2003
 Robert Jacovetti                                   2006         Margarett Williams                             2005

                                                SAVE THE DATE
 John Andrew Kay                                    2005

       Upcoming Alumni Council Events - Volunteers Needed
     Sunday, August 15, 2010
     1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
     Alumni volunteers needed to meet with this year’s incoming class

     Sunday, September 19, 2010
     Alumni volunteers needed to help judge the Bainbridge Moot Court Competition

     Volunteer judges needed for preliminary, semi-final and final rounds
     Sunday, November 14 and Monday, November 15, 2010 at Touro Law Center.

          If you are interested in volunteering or attending any of these events, please contact
                    Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063 or

      Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                  9 R SUMMER 2010


                                      Alumni Speakers On Campus
                              Touro Law Center alumni continue to serve as role models and as a valuable resource
                            for students through various programs, events and competitions. Thank you to our alumni
                           who participated in the programs below this past academic year and shared their knowledge,
                                            expertise and experiences with current Touro Law students.

                         BARRY SMOLOWITZ ’84, Law Offices of Barry M. Smolowitz         ANTHONY BALLATO ’88, Anthony T. Ballato Esq.
                         September 16, 2009                                             November 18, 2009
                         Guest speaker in conjunction with the Suffolk County Bar       Guest speaker for the Italian American Law Students Association
                         Association committee on foreclosure and Touro Law Center’s
                         Real Estate Law Society.                                       JEFFREY GOODSTEIN ’97, Court Attorney Referee,
                                                                                        Office of the Administrative Judge, NYS Unified Court System
                         RAY NEGRON ’01                                                 January 26, 2010

                         Criminal Law Society Program                                   Chair of the Nassau Courts Summer Jobs Program
                         “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”                                         “Summer Jobs with Nassau Judges”
                         October 12, 2009
                         Captain Ray Negron joined JAG after graduating from Touro in   CAROL RYDER ’08, Law Office of Carol Ryder, P.C.
                         2002.                                                          Tuesday February 2, 2010 and February 4, 2010
                                                                                        “Animal Law for the Pet Lover” and “Animal Law for the Legal
                         WOMEN’S BAR ASSOCIATION                                        Professional”- The Italian-American Law Student Society
                         ROUNDTABLE SESSIONS:                                           welcomed Carol Ryder, a 2008 graduate of Touro Law Center, to
                         NOVEMBER 17, 2009                                              present two programs on animal law. The first, titled "Animal Law
                                                                                        for the Pet Lover" and the second titled "Animal Law for the Legal
                           REAL ESTATE:                                                 Professional.”
                           MICHELLE COHEN ’07
                           Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP                           DAVID GABOR ’86, Gabor & Gabor
                                                                                        AND DENISE MARZANO-DOTY ’94, Private        Practice
                           FAMILY/MATRIMONIAL:                                          March 2, 2010
                           MARGARETT WILLIAMS ’05                                       Nassau County Bar Association Informational Session
                           Touro Law Center and Matrimonial and
                           Family Law Attorney                                          DENISE SNOW ’95, Nassau Suffolk Law Services
                                                                                        ELIZABETH JUSTESEN ’06, Suffolk County Legal Aid
                           GOVERNMENT:                                                  LINDA MORRISON ’88, Linda S. Morrison, Esq. AND
                           KIMBERLY SNOW ’95                                            AVEMARIA THOMPSON ’00, Suffolk County Assistant
                           Nassau County Attorney’s Office                              District Attorney
                                                                                        March 10, 2010
                           PUBLIC INTEREST:                                             Women’s Bar Association Program
                           ELIZABETH JUSTESEN ’06
                           Suffolk County Legal Aid Society                             DANIELLE SCHWAGER ’98, Danielle I. Schwager, P.C.
                                                                                        March 11, 2010
                           TRUSTS/ESTATES/ELDER:                                        Career Services Office
                           DENISE MARZANO-DOTY ’94
                           Private Practice                                             JAMES VLAHADAMIS ’08, James Vlahadamis, Esq.
                                                                                        March 18, 2010
                           CRIMINAL:                                                    Solo practitioner, for the Hellenic Law Society
                           RONNIE LAMM ’03
                           Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office                    DAVID WILCK ’93, Partner, Rivkin Radler LLP
                                                                                        April 8, 2010
                                                                                        “Client or Clown,” exploring legal malpractice.

             10 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                           TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                            Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                                   AMICUS CURIAE
The Alumni-Student First-Year Mentor Program promotes           first-year
professionalism amongst first-year students as they make the    students’
transition into the legal profession. The Mentor Program        knowledge
provides students with the opportunity to meet practicing       beyond the
attorneys and expose them to different areas of practice. The   classroom by providing opportunities for alumni to share
program also provides a forum for mentors and mentees to        personal and professional insights and experiences with student
meet in person, enhance the quality of the student experience   mentees. The program began in the Spring 2010 semester
as well as provide a positive mentoring and professional        with a meet and greet reception. Thank you to alumni
relationship. In addition, the program seeks to expand          mentors who attended, and participated in the program.


                                                                                                                                    TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
2011 Program Overview:
• The 2011 Alumni-Student First-Year Mentor Program will begin in the Spring 2011 semester with a Meet and Greet
  Reception (dates and times to be determined)
• Mentors and students make a commitment to attend the Meet and Greet Reception. Alumni mentors invite their assigned
  student to the office for a day, to court to witness a proceeding and/or share sample pleadings, forms, etc.
• Your student mentee will provide you with a copy of his/her resume before the Meet and Greet Reception.
• Talk to your student mentee about law school – first-year jitters, preparing for final exams, legal writing assignments,
  offering perspective on grades and how to balance law school and personal time.

March 2010, Meet and Greet Reception                              March 2010, Meet and Greet Reception

Our Upper Division Alumni-Student Mentor program                decisions. The program began in the fall of 2009 and
continued during the last academic year. The program is         continued through the spring semester 2010. Thank you to all
designed to enhance a student’s legal education by giving       alumni who registered for the Upper Division Alumni-
him/her an experienced attorney guide to help the student       Student Mentor Program.
understand the practice of law and make informed career
                                   Registration forms are now available for the 2010-2011
                                     Alumni-Student First-Year Mentor Program and
                                     Upper Division Alumni-Student Mentor program.
                       SIGN            UP TODAY       – ALUMNI VOLUNTEERS                     NEEDED.

       TOURO LAW
        Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                  11 R SUMMER 2010


                            Alumni Mentor Programs-
                            Join Today!

                              How to Register:
                              If you are interested in becoming an alumni mentor, please complete the form below and
                              return it to:

                              • The Office of Development, Alumni Relations and Communications
                                225 Eastview Drive
                                Central Islip, NY 11722
                              • E-mail your information to

                              • Fax to (631) 761-7069

                              For further information, please contact
                              Kristin Matthews, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at (631) 761-7063 or

                                                                                 Cut along dotted line

                             REGISTRATION FORM:

                             Name:                                                                                   Class Year:
                             Business Name:
                             Business Address:
                             Business Phone:
                             Areas of Practice:

                             Employment Setting:

                             I would like to mentor a:
                             — First-year student (for the Spring 2011 Semester)

                             — A second-, third-, or fourth-year student (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Semesters)

                             — Both a first-year student and a second-, third- or fourth-year student

                             I understand that by volunteering, I will be placed in a pool of available attorneys and will be contacted if I have been
                             matched with a student.

                         12 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                          TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                           Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

Alumni Spotlight:

                                                                                                                             AMICUS CURIAE
Three Touro Law alumni were awarded 2009 Suffolk              Who for her leadership and excellence in legal services.
County Pro Bono Volunteer tributes during the 2009
Suffolk County Pro Bono Foundation Annual Recognition         Joseph M. Murphy ’00 has been nominated as a Super
Night on October 15, 2009: Gene Barr ’96, Dawn                Lawyers Rising Star for 2010 in the area of Family Law.
Hargraves ’99, and Karen Napolitano ’91. Acting
Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Spinner ’87 was given a         Nooshin Namazi ’93 was listed in the New York Super
special award for his dedication to the new Foreclosure       Lawyers 2009 - Metro in the area of Civil Litigation
Settlement Pro Bono Project.                                  Defense.

At the 2010 Annual Winter Alumni Reception – Thomas           Daniel Okrent ’95 was elected Vice Chair of the
Rosicki ’97 received the Exceptional Law School Service       Executive Committee of the Nassau County Department
Award; Matthew Daus ’92 received the Public Service           of Social Services Advisory Council for a one-year term on
Award and Indira Edwards ’05 received the Emerging            October 1, 2009.
Leader Award. In memory of Hon. Keith Romaine ’03,
the Keith Romaine Elected Official of the Year award was      Greg Rinckey ’98 was named Super Lawyer by New
created and presented posthumously to Keith, accepted by      York Super Lawyers-Upstate Edition- magazine under the
his father, Hon. Edward Romaine.                              criminal defense category in 2009.

                                                                                                                              TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
Christopher Vatter ’01 and Harris Zakarin ’95 were            Christopher Rio ’08 received the 2009 Young
nominated and received the 40 Under 40 Award from             Professional Award at the 2009 Volunteer Lawyers
Long Island Business News at an event that was held on        Recognition Event.
January 28, 2010.
                                                              Lee Rosenberg ’86 was named to the 2009 edition of
Christine Malafi ’91, Suffolk County Attorney and             New York Super Lawyers in the field of Family Law.
Kathleen Rice ’91 Nassau County District Attorney were
presented with the Paul S. Miller “With Liberty and Justice   Mitch Shelowitz ’91 was selected for inclusion in the
For All Award” at Touro Law Center’s 2010 “With Liberty       listing of the top 5% of business/corporate lawyers in the
and Justice For All” Dinner on June 15, 2010.                 Metro New York area by Super Lawyers 2009.

Congratulations to Shari Sugarman ’97 who was                 Barry M. Smolowitz ’84 was presented with the Suffolk
installed as president of the Suffolk County Women’s Bar      County Bar Association’s Director’s Award at the SCBA’s
Association on June 23, 2010. Also installed were Kim         102nd Installation Dinner on Thursday, June 3, 2010. He is
Smith ’03 as Vice President and Jennifer Mendelsohn           also a twice recipient of the SCBA President’s Award in
’91 as Recording Secretary, Laura Golightly ’01,              1994 and 2009, Award of Recognition in 1996 and the
Patricia Romeo ’95 and AveMaria Thompson ’00 as               SCBA Service Award in 1999.
                                                              Jordan Ziegler ’91 was listed in the 2009 New York
Brad Blakeman ’86, at Georgetown University's Annual          Metro Super Lawyers in the area of Workers’
Tropaia Awards Ceremony, received the Dean's Service          Compensation.
Award for the Semester in Washington Program for 2010.
                                                              Todd Zimmer ’93 has been voted 2010 Best Divorce
Danielle Chadonnet ’00, Senior Associate at Shebell &         Attorney in the Long Island Press.
Shebell LLC has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s

                                                                Class Notes
                                   Class Notes
                                Submit yours
                                                                Look for all alumni class notes in our next Touro Lawyer
                              • Recent ac
                                                                magazine. If you would like to submit a class note for

                                                                publication, please contact the Alumni Office at
                              • Family ad           ment
                                          and engage
                                                                (631) 761-7063 or e-mail
                               • Marriage

     Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                          13 R SUMMER 2010


                         2010 - 2011 EXTERNSHIP PROGRAMS

                                              Touro Law Center has a wonderful                   return, employers receive the opportunity to mentor and train
                                              externship program which offers students a         a future attorney, as well as the work the student produces
                                              “real world" experience in which they can          during the course of the externship. During the program,
                                              evaluate and gain a perspective and fuller         externship supervisors will speak with the students about
                                              understanding of what is learned in the            professional norms, ethical issues, litigation strategy, directions
                                              classroom. The externship permits an               or trends in the law. If you are interested in learning more
                                              enhanced understanding of how legal                about our externship program and responsibilities of the field
                                              theories, rules, and issues operate in fact, and   placement supervisor, please call me at (631) 761-7092 or e-
                         how lawyers and legal systems function. Our externship                  mail

                         program is free of charge because participating law firms and
                         legal offices provide students with the opportunity to work in          We are currently seeking and accepting forms for externship
                         specific fields of law, gain exposure to highly technical or            supervisors. I remain available to answer any questions about
                         unusual legal skills, practice in specialized courts, or perform        our externship programs and I’m grateful to you for your
                         legal work that calls upon unique talents or knowledge. In              consideration in offering this opportunity to our students.

                         This summer, five exciting summer abroad programs are                   first-time, Croatia. Daily blog posts are available by visiting
                         taking place in China, India, Israel, Germany and for the     

                         PROFESSOR AND
                         ADMINISTRATOR NEWS:
                                                         Touro Law Professor
                                                         in the Spotlight
                                                         The Aspen Publishers Company published “A Documentary Companion to Storming
                                                         the Court” by Professor Rodger Citron and two other authors. Some of you know
                                                         that Professor Citron has been working very hard on this book for the past year or
                                                         two, and now it is in print and being used by our first-year students, and first-year
                                                         students at New York Law, and hopefully soon by others. And, the six-page
                                                         Foreword is a wonderful essay by Harold Hongju Koh, most recently the Dean of
                                                         Yale Law School and now the Legal Adviser to the US State Department.

                 14 R SUMMER 2010                                                                                           TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                            Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

                                                                                                                              AMICUS CURIAE
                         THOMAS MALIGNO
                         Executive Director of the Public Advocacy Center and Director of Public Interest
                         Congratulations to Tom Maligno, who was appointed to the National Association for Law
                         Placement Board of Directors. This is particularly exciting, because NALP has grown tremendously
                         over the past ten years in response to the needs of law schools and law firms.

                                                                                                                               TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
                         MEREDITH R. MILLER
                         Associate Professor of Law
                         Congratulations also to Meredith R. Miller, who participated at a national two-day Spring
                         Conference on Contracts on a panel on Contracts at a Systemic Level. Her talk was on a paper
                         forthcoming in the Missouri Law Review: Contract Law, Party Sophistication and the New Formalism.
                         The paper identifies a trend (in scholarship and case law) that separates the world of contracting
                         parties between those who are sophisticated and those who are unsophisticated.

                         LEIF RUBENSTEIN
                         Assistant Professor of Law
                         Congratulations to Leif Rubenstein, who was named by the Suffolk County Bar Association as the
                         Pro Bono Attorney of the Month. This is the third time he has been honored. The award specially
                         mentions that even though he is here at Touro Law full time, he has “not given up his extensive
                         commitment to the Pro Bono Project.” The article about Leif, in the current issue of The Suffolk
                         Lawyer concludes with these words: “The Pro Bono Project deeply appreciates Leif I. Rubenstein’s
                         continuing and exemplary commitment to its work as well as his decision to pass on his knowledge
                         to the next generation of attorneys. He well deserves to be Pro Bono Attorney of the Month once

                         LINDA HOWARD WEISSMAN
                         Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement
                         Assistant Dean Linda Howard Weissman received the Top 50 Most Influential Women in
                         Business Award from Long Island Business News on May 20, 2010. She has also received an award
                         from the Association of Fundraising Professionals in recognition of her family’s dedication to
                         advancing ethical and effective fundraising across the generations.

Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                             15 R SUMMER 2010

                                NEW APPOINTMENTS:

                                                    Brett Gilbert is Touro Law Center’s new                                    Touro Law Center Dean Lawrence Raful
                                                    Director of Alumni Career Services and                                     is proud to announce Margarett
                                                    will focus solely on the needs of Touro Law                                Williams ’05 has been named the new
                                                    Center’s growing alumni base, by providing                                 Assistant Dean for Career Services at Touro
                                                    individualized counseling to alumni                                        Law Center starting July 1, 2010. She
                                                    regarding career planning, goals, options                                  received her BA from Adelphi University,
                                                    and opportunities, and job search strategies.                              where she graduated summa cum laude, and
                                                    He will review and edit alumni resumes                                     her JD from Touro Law Center. She
                                                    and cover letters, and conduct alumni mock              practiced employment law upon graduation from law school,
                               interviews; use email groups and social media to keep alumni                 but quickly pursued her interest in family law. She practiced
                               up-to-date on current events relevant to their job searches and              matrimonial and family law at Winkler, Kurtz, Winkler &

                               the legal employment market; conduct surveys of alumni in                    Kuhn, an AV rated law firm. She then returned to Touro Law
                               order to better satisfy their career services needs; and work                Center in 2007 as the Director of Employer Relations where
                               with other Touro Law Center offices and bar associations to                  she worked to create awareness of the law school’s innovative
                               create educational and professional programs and workshops                   programs designed to integrate academic and experiential
                               for alumni.                                                                  learning by combining content-synthesizing courses with
                                                                                                            placement in the Federal and State court systems.
                                                           Touro Law Center Dean Lawrence Raful is
                                                           proud to announce Charlotte Taylor has
                                                           been named the new Assistant Dean for
                                                           Student Services at Touro Law Center.
                                                           Charlotte D. Taylor was formerly the
                                                           Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs and
                                                           Student Support Services at DePaul
                                                           University College of Law in Chicago, IL.

                                                       Upon the death of Touro’s President                where he served on the faculty and as an administrator for the
                                                       Dr. Bernard Lander, Chair of the                   past 19 years. He has worked as a teacher, research scholar
                                                       Touro College Board of Trustees Dr.                and scientist, administrator and clinician. He has held
                                                       Mark Hasten announced the                          numerous senior level administrative positions at
                                                       appointment of Dr. Alan Kadish as                  Northwestern, and also at the University of Michigan, where
                                                       President and Chief Executive                      he held various appointments prior to joining the faculty at
                                                       Officer of Touro College. In                       Northwestern. At Northwestern, Dr. Kadish served most
                                                       succeeding Dr. Lander, Dr. Kadish                  recently as senior associate chief of the cardiology division,
                                                       becomes only the second President                  the Chester and Deborah Cooley Professor of Medicine, and
                                                       in Touro’s history. Dr. Lander                     director of the cardiovascular clinical trials unit. He also
                                                       founded Touro College 40 years ago                 served on the finance and investment committees of the
                             and led the institution through tremendous growth until his                  Northwestern clinical practice plan. He received his M.D.
                             recent passing. In his new role, Dr. Kadish will have overall                degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at
                             administrative responsibility for Touro College, including all               Yeshiva University and his postdoctoral medical training at
                             of our colleges, schools and universities throughout the                     the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard
                             United States and in Europe. Currently we are educating                      Medical School, and at the Hospital of the University of
                             17,500 students at 29 schools and colleges in four states and                Pennsylvania, where he was a fellow in cardiology. He is
                             overseas. A prominent cardiologist on the national stage, Dr.                board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and
                             Kadish comes to Touro from Northwestern University,                          cardiac electrophysiology.

                         TOURO LAW
                         Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                                  16 R SUMMER 2010

                                                                                                                                                     AMICUS CURIAE
                                 This past spring, with funding     Touro Law Center has launched the Senior Citizens’ Law
                                 provided by the U.S.               Program, providing legal services at no charge to residents of
                                 Department of Health and           Suffolk County 60 years or older. Touro Law Center alum,
                                 Human Services and the New         Denise Doty ’94 is the Senior Attorney for the program.
                                 York State Office for the          Legal Services provided include income/nutrition benefits,
                                 Aging through the Suffolk          health/long term care, housing/utilities,
                                 County Office of the Aging,        guardianship/neglect/abuse and consumer.

Touro Law hosted an open house for the new Mortgage                 for foreclosure defense, assist in the preparation and filing of
Foreclosure and Bankruptcy clinic on March 19, 2010, where          both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions and
community leaders and advocates as well as funders joined           appear at hearings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The Clinic will

                                                                                                                                                      TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
together to celebrate the establishment of the new clinic.          provide free legal service to members of the local community
Speaking at the event were: Touro Law Dean Lawrence                 while offering students the opportunity to learn about New
Raful; Senator Brian X. Foley, who successfully secured major       York State foreclosure law and federal bankruptcy practice.
funding for the clinic; the Honorable Jeffrey Arlen Spinner,
Acting Supreme Court Justice; Executive Director of the
Central Islip Civic Council Nancy Manfredonia; and Clinical
Director and Professor of Law Leif Rubinstein.

The only legal clinic of its kind in New York State, the
Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Clinic at Touro Law
will allow students to work under the supervision of
experienced faculty representing clients in a wide range of
legal matters. Through training and weekly seminars, students
will negotiate mortgage modifications, appear in New York
State Supreme Court at Mandatory Foreclosure Settlement
Conferences, research and draft litigation documents necessary

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced a final                   new mobile clinic, veterans across Long Island can rest easy
Congressional passage of $100,000 to create a Long Island           that they finally have the help they deserve.”
legal advocacy clinic for veterans. Touro College Jacob D.
Fuchsberg Law Center will use the funds to create a legal
advocacy clinic for veterans to help with a myriad of legal
issues and obstacles to obtaining benefits to which veterans are
entitled, including insurance, housing, education, family issues,
and jobs. The mobile clinic would serve all of Long Island.

“When men and women risk their lives they deserve the best
possible services, and this mobile clinic will go a long way in
providing them with the legal resources they need when they
return,” Schumer said. “Oftentimes, veterans find themselves
drowning in legal issues and it can seem overwhelming to
simply obtain the benefits they are entitled to. But with this

17 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                                 TOURO LAW
                                                                                                                  Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


                          A new loan repayment assistance program for civil legal aid           For additional information, please visit:
                          attorneys is now available. Funds to eligible civil legal   
                          assistance attorneys will be available on a first-come, first-serve   legal-assistance-attorney-student-loan-repayment-program
                          basis. Applications are available now and are expected to be
                          due by August 16, 2010.

                          The John R. Justice Student Loan Repayment Program (JRJ)    
                          will provide 10 million dollars in loan repayment assistance to       relief/John-R-Justice-Student-Loan-Repayment-Program for
                          state and federal public defenders and state prosecutors who          additional information.
                          agree to remain employed as public defenders and prosecutors
                          for at least three years. Please visit

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                                                          Learn what’s happening daily at Touro Law.
                                                          Follow members of Touro Law’s Tweet Team.

                                                           Join the Touro Law Center Alumni Group on Facebook

                                            f              Touro Law Alumni Facebook page

                                                           Stay in touch with colleagues and friends


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                         If you wish to unsubscribe from TLCAlert, please write to
                         from your e-mail account and put “UNSUBSCRIBE TLCAlert” in the subject line.

                         TOURO LAW
                         Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                        18 R SUMMER 2010

                                                                                                                                                  AMICUS CURIAE
Touro Law Review and Moot Court Board started the first           The Student Colloquium Committee, made up of Law
Student Colloquium series in the fall 2009 semester. Each         Review and Moot Court staff, selects two student authors
Colloquium is a unique opportunity for students to present        from anonymous submissions each semester.
papers they have written to both the faculty and student body.

The final round of the 27th Annual Bainbridge Moot Court          Bainbridge, eligible second-year students write appellate briefs
Competition was held at Touro Law Center on Wednesday,            and participate in oral arguments before panels of distinguished
September 23, 2009. Andrew Bernstein, a second-year full-         judges.
time student, won the competition. Mr. Bernstein prevailed in
a close decision over fellow second-year full-time student

                                                                                                                                                   TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
Ashley Hall before an audience of faculty, students, families
and friends in the auditorium. At the conclusion of the finals,
the Judge George C. Pratt Award for contributions to Moot
Court was presented to Professor Lewis Silverman. Canadian
Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella served as
Chief Justice of the finals bench. Joining her were the
Honorable Thomas M. Hardiman, Judge of the United States
Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and the Honorable
Joseph F. Bianco, Judge of the United States District Court
for the Eastern District of New York. In the competition,
named for former Touro Law Center Dean John S.

Touro Law was represented by the teams of Mechelle Buksar         Dan placed second in the preliminary round and placed
& Patrick Loman and Lane Bubka & Daniel Hallak at the             second overall and competed in the National Competition
Regional Competition of the ABA Law Student Division              held at Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. They
Negotiation Competition in November 2009. Twenty teams            advanced to the semi-final round just missing the final round
competed at Brooklyn Law School this past fall and Lane and       in a close decision to Boston Law School.

During the month of February 2010, Touro Law student              Touro Law Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) held a drive for a Haitian
organizations joined together to raise approximately $1,800 to    orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, called "His Home for
help the families of students who were directly affected by the   Children." The orphanage is home to approximately 125
disaster in Haiti. The students held bake sales, a “Hearts for    orphans, from birth to age 13. Additionally, many local
Haiti” fundraiser, and a dinner where all food was donated by     children visit His Home for Children for meals. The students
students, faculty, staff and the school.                          collected donations of formula, vitamins, children's medicines,
                                                                  diapers, and gently used clothing and toys.

19 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                              TOURO LAW
                                                                                                               Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


                                  In February, Touro Law students Madeline Klotz and Laura           competition. Touro Law students William Murphy and
                                  Aviles took second place in the Whittier Law School National       Ashley Hall advanced to the quarter final rounds at the
                                  Juvenile Law Competition, held in Costa Mesa, CA. They             Regent University Law School National Constitutional Law
                                  beat out teams from 20 law schools around the country, and         Moot Court Competition in Virginia Beach, VA.
                                  Ms. Aviles was awarded First Place, Best Oral Advocate of the

                                  The Student Disaster Relief Network (SDRN) sent 12                 the Mississippi Center for Justice in Biloxi, MS. Mississippi
                                  students to do work in Louisiana and Mississippi during their      Center for Justice is a nonprofit, public interest law firm

                                  2010 Spring Break. The students split up into four groups.         committed to advancing racial and economic justice. The
                                  One group worked with Common Ground Relief and the                 third group worked with Health Law Advocates (HLA).
                                  Meg Perry Center for Environmental Peace and Justice.              HLA provides free legal assistance to income-eligible
                                  Common Ground Relief is a non-profit organization that             individuals who live or work in Louisiana and have difficulty
                                  provides relief for victims of hurricane disasters in the gulf     obtaining health care or insurance coverage. The last group
                                  coast region, and long term support in rebuilding the              worked with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS).
                                  communities affected in the New Orleans area. The Meg              SLLS offers low income people free aid for civil legal issues,
                                  Perry Center for Environmental Peace and Justice is dedicated      including problems with income taxes and predatory home
                                  to political action, environmental peace, and social justice for   loans.
                                  the people of New Orleans. The second group volunteered at

                                  Touro Law's Alternative Dispute Resolution Society                 competition, and the regional competition followed with
                                  participated in the American Bar Association Regional Client       twelve law schools competing from New York and
                                  Counseling Competition in February 2010. Students Lisa             Connecticut. The Touro team was able to advance all the way
                                  Catapano and Brian Shupak represented Touro Law. The               to the final round of the two-day competition and came in
                                  competition began in the fall with an intra-school                 third place in the region.

                                  Approximately 25 Touro Law students volunteered to                 moderate-income community members who cannot prepare
                                  participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)          their own tax returns. This year, Touro Law Center was a
                                  program. Through this public service project, sponsored by         VITA site, allowing students to work with community
                                  the United States Internal Revenue Service, students are           members and file tax returns directly from the law school.
                                  trained as volunteers to offer free tax help to low- to            The program is overseen by Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

                         TOURO LAW
                         Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                         20 R SUMMER 2010

                                                                                                                                                AMICUS CURIAE
Phi Alpha Delta competed in the 2010 P.A.D. Law School            Touro Law placed sixth. Professor Lynne Kramer helped
Mock Trial Competition on March 4, 2010 in Las Vegas.             prepare the team during the weeks before the competition.
The competition housed 31 teams from across the country.

Four Touro Law students participated in the Willem C. Vis         "pre-moots," and engaged in countless hours of practice--both
International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition.            between themselves and with teams from other schools.

                                                                                                                                                 TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS
After six months of being immersed in the Vis Moot                Throughout this process they developed as a team and as
competition they participated in oral rounds in Vienna,           individual future lawyers. Unfortunately, the team did not
Austria. Along the way, they submitted lengthy legal              advance to the final 64 (253 teams from 61 countries
memoranda on each side (in December for Claimant and              participated).
January for Respondent), participated in three major

During the spring 2010 semester, first-year students attended     the risks of alcohol and substance abuse, mental health, and
two Mandatory Continuing Orientation Mental Health                the confidential resources available to them through the LAPs
sessions.                                                         at each of the local bar associations. They also addressed
                                                                  related issues that might impact on Character & Fitness for
The first session was on stress relief. Students read Lawrence    admission to the bar, and disciplinary matters involving
Krieger’s The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress. The students   lawyers with substance abuse and mental health problems.
then journaled about the reading and attended a small group       Each session included one person from a local Lawyer
discussion session. They were asked to answer the following       Assistance Program, a representative from the Character and
questions in their journal: What reactions did you have to        Fitness Committee and someone to share their personal
reading The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress? What is/are      struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse. We also showed a
the greatest sources of your stress at the beginning of your      documentary from American University, Washington College
second semester? What strategies have you developed to            of Law, produced and written by David Jaffe, Getting Healthy
handle stress?                                                    Staying Healthy: Taking Care of Yourself Today for a Better
The second session was on the Lawyers Assistance Program
(LAP). A panel of professionals from the local Lawyers            The program will continue with sessions being planned for
Assistance Programs spoke with each first-year section about      Fall 2010.

21 R SUMMER 2010
                                                                                                             TOURO LAW
                                                                                                             Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


                                Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s
                                Light the Night Walk
                                October 23, 2010 at Ducks Stadium
                                Join the Touro Law Center team or learn more about Light the Night or make a donation, please visit

                                 Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence

                                 Legal Resource Network Calls on Attorneys to Help Victims of Domestic Violence
                                                                                 The Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence recently
                                                                                 launched a new public service initiative, The Legal Resource Network.
                                                                                 The program is designed to recruit and train a network of attorneys willing
                                                                                 to represent victims of domestic violence on a no-fee, pro bono basis.
                                                                                 One of the first initiatives of the Legal Resource Network was to publish a
                                                                                 website where attorneys can volunteer:
                                                                                 Those attorneys will reap a variety of rewards, including CLE credit,
                                                                                 litigation experience, professional development and public recognition.

                                                                                But the greatest beneficiaries will be a segment of the Nassau County
                                                                                population in urgent need of legal services, the victims of domestic
                                                                                violence. Though it is impossible to know for sure, because most incidents
                                                                                go unreported, it is estimated that at any given time there are 100,000
                                     Nassau County residents at risk for domestic violence. Last year, nine people in Nassau County were murdered in
                                     family violence incidents, and three of them were children. The Network is funded by a federal grant secured
                                     through the work of Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a tireless advocate for the victims of domestic violence.
                                     Congresswoman McCarthy brought the funding to the Coalition with the support of Senators Charles E. Schumer
                                     and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Congressmen Gary Ackerman, Peter T. King, and Steve Israel.

                                     The Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence provides a wide range of services to victims of domestic
                                     violence and sexual assault, including a 24-hour hotline, counseling for adults and children, an emergency safe home,
                                     and legal services. But with only five staff attorneys to service a county with a population of over 1.3 million, there is
                                     a long backlog of clients waiting for assistance in certain practice areas.

                                     Legal Resource Network
                                     Mission Statement:
                                     “The Legal Resource Network seeks to recruit pro bono attorneys and provide the training and resources necessary
                                     to successfully represent victims of domestic violence in civil legal matters.”

                         TOURO LAW
                         Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center                                                                            22 R SUMMER 2010

                                                                                                                                     AMICUS CURIAE
                   MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
                   Annual Susan M. Dietrich Clyne ’88 Memorial Golf Outing
                   Honoring Frederick C. Johs, Partner at Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP
                   Hamlet Golf and Country Club • Commack, New York
                   For additional information please contact Aimee Pearlman at (631) 761-7064
                   SUNDAY, AUGUST 15, 2010
                   New Student Orientation - Welcome Reception
                   1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
                   Alumni volunteers needed to meet with this year’s incoming class
                   For additional information please contact Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063

                   THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 AT 6:00 P.M.
                   CLE EVENT
                   The Immigration Reform Debate: Getting Beyond the Rhetoric
                   For additional information please contact Barbara Hakimi at (631) 761-7005

                                                                                                                                      TOURO LAW ALUMNI NEWS

                   SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2010
                   Bainbridge Moot Court
                   Alumni volunteers needed to help judge the Bainbridge Moot Court Competition
                   For additional information please contact Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063

                   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2010 AT 5:30 P.M.
                   Director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Security Project
                   For additional information please contact Aimee Pearlman at
                   (631) 761-7064 or

                   FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2010 AT 8:30 A.M.
                   THE 22ND ANNUAL LEON D. LAZER
                   SUPREME COURT REVIEW
                   For additional information please contact Barbara Hakimi at (631) 761-7005

                   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2010 AT 7 P.M.
                   ALUMNI REUNION 2010
                   Celebrating the Classes of 1985 • 1990 • 1995 • 2000 • 2005
                   For additional information please contact Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063

                   SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 AND MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010
                   Volunteer judges needed for preliminary, semi-final and final rounds
                   For additional information please contact Kristin Matthews at (631) 761-7063

23 R SUMMER 2010                                                                                  TOURO LAW
                                                                                                  Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center


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