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					Regardless of the gender factor (as well as other factors such as race, age and
employment), the mixing of the races today is not only difficult but almost impossible for
a certain person to say that he or she is or race, loses his hairs, no problem.

However, there are things that are myths about it, we will discuss some of them here and
now to discuss.

   With hats can cause hair loss
   This myth is from the back of another myth - that requires the use of a hat, thick hair
can lead to problems, but it makes the hair thinner, but not disappear completely.
Probably people wear hats soon started, the rumor began with the production of hats hair
   Blame it on your mother
   In fact, this may be true. Genetic predisposition may exacerbate hair loss, but only on
the mother's side. The gene comes from baldness begins at the age of 18 to 20 years,
while the gene pool of women are aged between 45-55, so if you lose your hair at an
early age more often because the father is. If you lose your hair later in life, blame your
   You can prevent hair loss, sex
   Sex is fun, but there is no magic cure or prevention of a problem that is largely
genetically determined. In fact, a number of substances that are released by the body
during sexual intercourse, there is still no scientific evidence that these compounds
effectively prevent or stop on the road. But if you have sex hairless and makes you feel
good - then go for it!
   The inclusion of substances
   The use of vitamins, minerals and steroids do not prevent or stop hair loss, once again,
many hair problems usually genetic. Therefore, there is little or nothing to be done to
prevent or even reverse this problem be. In addition to speed in case of men who suffer
from certain kinds of steroids actually improve the already genetically predetermined.
   Excess heat
   Some artists and other leaders claim that they have a strong lighting in their daily work
and the constant use of hair dryer experience, leading to problems with hair loss. While
this may be a degree of responsibility that does not cause hair loss problems, but it can
become brittle hair and thin, and can even lead to split ends

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Description: there are things that are myths about it, we will discuss some of them here and now to discuss.