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					 Hayling Island Community Board

             Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 8 November 2010 at 7.00pm
                      at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road, Hayling Island
Present: Community Board Members:
Terry Worrall                   Chairman/Resident
Zachary Allgood                 Youth Representative
Nigel Chilcott                  Faith Groups
Paul Fisher                     Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA)
Tony Higham                     Resident
Cllr Andy Lenaghan              Havant Borough Council (HBC)
Dale Norman                     Market Town Initiative (MTI)/Hayling Island Youth Café
                                Management Committee
John Perry                      Vice Chairman/Resident
Present: Others:
Helen Wood                      Community Boards’ Support Officer
Sgt Darren Ord                  Hampshire Constabulary
Sgt Steve Pratley               Hampshire Constabulary
Robert Selby                    Cycle Hayling
Cllr Leah Turner                Havant Borough Council (HBC)
Sue Underwood                   Cycle Hayling
3 Members of the Public
1.    Introduction and Apologies for Absence
      Terry Worrall welcomed everyone to the meeting.
      Apologies had been received from:
            Paul Dennison         Bridge Centre/Pride of Place/Resident
            Barry King           Resident
              Alison Clarke         Resident
              Nick Horten           HBC
2.     Action Notes from previous Meeting/Matters Arising
      The minutes of the previous meeting were approved subject to the following
       Item 4. The website providing crime data for all police forces and areas in the
       country, priorities, monthly updates, beat surgeries etc. should read maps.police.uk
      Item 5. Second paragraph should read ‘The Hayling Island County Councillor who
      attended all HAT meetings was Cllr Frank Pearce’.
      Proposed: John Perry          Seconded: Zachary Allgood                  All agreed
     Matters Arising:
     Item 3. The litter bin at the southern end of Sinah Lane had been emptied.
     Item 3. Brought Forward. It had been reported at the last meeting that litter bins       NH
     were full on the Billy route. Nick Horten would check who was responsible for
     emptying these bins.
     Item 3. Brought Forward. Tony Higham questioned why dog bins remained in                 NH
     place if normal bins could be used for dog waste as these were unnecessary and
     unsightly. Nick Horten to pass this to Gary Morton at HBC.
     Item 5. HAT Funding. Paul Fisher confirmed that Cycle Hayling would contact Cllr
     Pearce regarding possible funding.
     Item 6. Jane Biscombe confirmed that she had been unable to obtain the climbing          JB
     wall free of charge from HCC and would contact County Cllr Frank Pearce
     regarding possible funding from HATs.
     Item 9. Terry Worrall confirmed that he had received information regarding the
     creation of a Flood Plan for Hayling Island.
3.   Environmental Ranger
     Nick Horten had forwarded his apologies.
4.   Public Open Session
     Linda Woodage spoke of cold calling on her mobile phone. Sgt Steve Pratley
     suggested that she contacted her service provider who could bar specific numbers.
     Alternatively the SIM card or number could be changed.
5.   Youth
6.   Community Safety including Safer Neighbourhood Panel and Road Policing
     Unit (RPU)
     Sgt Steve Pratley introduced Sgt Darren Ord from the Road Policing Unit who
     provided information regarding the work of the unit on Hayling Island relating to anti
     social use of the road and speeding.
     Following every fatal or potentially fatal accident, the accident site was visited by
     the Casualty Reduction Partnership and any actions which could prevent future
     accidents were considered. These could include:
         improved lighting
         changing road surface
         signage
         speed limits.
     Following a recent motorcycle accident at Havant Road/Mill Rythe Lane which was
     still being investigated, this area would be considered in the near future.
     Speed and signage was being considered in West Lane, St Peters Road, and
     Church Road. Information was provided on numbers of drivers who had been

caught speeding, the majority of whom were eligible for Driver Awareness Training.
This educational training, reaffirming the rules of the road had been very well
received and had provided substantial impact. Where complaints of speeding were
received or accidents had occurred a speed measuring device was used to obtain
speed data, time of day, amount of traffic and amount of traffic over speed limit. It
would then be decided whether speed enforcement would be warranted. The
perception of traffic speed was often not backed up by figures obtained and speed
limits were generally observed. Anyone observing specific speeding vehicles could
report information to the Police. A pilot study was currently being undertaken
which would involve the SNT in speed enforcement and there was a short
discussion regarding the SpeedWatch system which had not been taken forward in
Hayling Island was considered to be a relatively safe area, apart from the
motorcycle accident there had been a pedal cycle accident but no other serious
The following discussion included:
    cyclists failing to wear safety clothing or use lights. It was confirmed that
       Portsmouth had undertaken a great deal of work regarding cycling which
       could also be potentially undertaken on Hayling Island
    20 mph limit in Portsmouth which had won awards. Cycle Hayling were
       proposing 20 mph limits
    the placing and need for signs and repeater signs (dependent on lamp
    concern over use of mobile phones
    rules regarding noise. Legislation was available for illegal exhausts but this
       was difficult to enforce
    future measures for Bacon Lane. This was not known – Sgt Ord to find out            DO
    use of money from fines etc. It was confirmed that such money funded the
       courts system.
Sgt Darren Ord was thanked for attending the meeting.
Sgt Steve Pratley provided an update on the three priorities and confirmed that
information regarding the priorities was available on the website: maps.police.uk.
where information regarding beat surgeries, SNTs etc could also be found.
Speeding. Discussed above.
Parking. More patrols and enforcement had been undertaken.
Youth Engagement. Beat surgeries with presentations had been held at Hayling
College before Halloween and Bonfire Night.
Hi Rock – Hayling Island Rock had reached the finals of the Peoples Millions and
would feature on Meridian on Tuesday 23 November 2010 and it was hoped that
votes would be given to the project which would provide funding for the climbing
wall at Hayling College – the project with the highest number of votes would win
the funding. A community day would be held on 23 November and a film, made
prior to this would be shown. The whole of the community would be targeted,
posters displayed etc in order to gain as many votes as possible.

     Crime overall was down from 111 reported incidents in October 2009 to 62
     reported incidents in 2010. This was possibly due to youth engagement and the
     breaking down of barriers, as there had been less anti-social behaviour. The
     biggest concern was the fear of crime. It was confirmed that there had never been
     a gang culture on the Island.
     Following a general discussion regarding future priorities with possible suggestions
     including targeting dog fouling and cycling on pavements it was agreed that the
     parking priority would be removed and that youth engagement and speeding would
     remain. Sgt Pratley confirmed that information regarding use of bins for dog waste
     would be advertised. He also confirmed that an owner not clearing up after their
     dog could receive an FPN for £50 but a dog owner who cleared up but did not
     remove a bag could receive an FPN for littering (£75).
     Sgt Steve Pratley was thanked for attending the meeting.
7.   Community Boards Review Meeting – 8 November 2010
     Terry Worrall spoke of the meeting attended that morning regarding the review of
     Community Boards but felt that issues raised had all been discussed in the past.
     The Community Boards were to consider putting together a Community Plan and
     Cllr Cheshire had assured those at that meeting that the Community Boards would
     receive the full support of Councillors, County Councillors and staff at HBC to put a
     plan together. Terry Worrall confirmed that he would wish to discuss this further
     with the Residents Association and MTI.
8.   Update on Workshops
     To be brought forward to the December meeting
     A presentation was provided by Sue Underwood from Cycle Hayling which had
     been formed in February 2010 and had grown from 3 founder members to 40
     members and was supported by Cllr Andy Lenaghan and David Willetts MP. The
     objective of the group was to encourage more people to cycle safely and to involve
     all sections of the community including schools, local organisations, businesses,
     residents, visitors etc.
     Current projects included:
         Safe cycling poster competition for schools
         cycle map of Hayling (this could be seen on the Paris – Hayling website)
         East Hayling cycle route to schools – using two existing footpaths and
           footpath leading to My Lords Pond. It was hoped that the surface would be
           improved. Landowners had given permissive access.
     Cycle routes to schools would involve:
         cycle route linking south east of Island to all five Island schools
         HCC and HBC providing support and potential funding
         all five schools actively supporting the project
         relevant landowners had already granted permissive access for cyclists.
     Longer term plans:
         safe route to schools and round-the Island cycle route

            training and awareness
            Hayling Billy Line and Bridge – link between Langstone section and Hayling
             Island section
            20 mph speed limit on residential roads and outside schools.
      Campaign for 20 mph speed limit:
         prompted by serious accident to child cyclist in Bacon Lane
         a wish to have open discussion with Police, residents and local authorities
         use Portsmouth as a possible role model.
      There was general agreement that there needed to be courteous driving and
      courteous cycling. The possibility of cycle maintenance training at Hayling College
      was also raised.
9.    Open Forum for Community Board Members
      Dale Norman confirmed that the address of a planning application listed in the
      Hayling Islander should have read 6 Wight View, Bembridge Drive, not 6
      Bembridge Drive.
      It was also suggested that if a planning application was submitted for Bacon
      Lane/Stamford Avenue, consideration should be given to cutting down vegetation
      on the corner of the land.
      There was a short discussion regarding the decline in the number of Community
      Board members and the need to recruit new members. It was agreed that it had
      proved difficult to obtain members from the business community and was
      suggested that all current members consider introducing new people to the
      Community Board at a meeting in the New Year. An item would be added to the            HW
      agenda for the next meeting.
      LSP Board Meeting. John Perry had attended the final meeting of the LSP Board
      on 14 October 2010. Topics included:
          An update on the key priorities and progress on the Sustainable Community
          a talk by Chief Inspector Schofield
          the future of Community Boards with quarterly meetings to include all
            Community Board members and the possibility of an annual Community
            Board conference
          an update on PACT (Police and Communities Together)
      Terry Worrall believed that, following the disbanding of the LSP Board HATs would
      be very positive.
10.   Date, Time and Venue of next Meeting
      Monday 13 December 2010 at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road, Hayling Island.


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